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Drama Special kicks off the new year with Amore Mio
by | December 29, 2011 | 20 Comments

Heads up for a 4-episoder coming our way, part of KBS’s Drama Special anthology series, called Amore Mio and starring Park Gun-il. He’s an idol — member of the boy band Supernova — but I’m more familiar with him as the mysteriously creepy high school student he played in Hon. He’s also got a few other dramas to his credit, including this year’s sageuk King Geunchogo.

In the drama, Park Gun-il plays the selfish and timid fiancee to Mirae, played by CSJH’s Dana, whose father will be played by Jung Woong-in (Coffee House, SNL Korea). With her wedding approaching, Mirae stumbles across a clue pointing to father’s unbelievable hidden past, and she begins to pursue the lead in search of answers to the mystery.

Although the series is more about the heroine than Gun-il’s character, apparently his involvement in the drama has led to rather massive interest from his Japanese fanbase in particular. A source from KBS Media explained being surprised at the number of inquiries and requests from Japan regarding overseas licensing, considering that Drama Specials tend to be small affairs. Never underestimate the power of idol love.

Expect Amore Mio to have a strong melo bent; its writer, Lee Sun-hee, has churned out some real tearjerkers like Thorn Birds and Father’s House. In Father’s House (another Drama Special mini-drama), she explored the relationship between a father (Choi Min-soo) and his son (Kim Soo-hyun) when Dad gets out of prison to find that a one-night stand has saddled his family with their baby, and the two develop a tight bond as the son grows up. In Amore Mio, she’ll be depicting father-daughter love as Mirae finds out more about her father’s past and why she’s never had a mother. Ack, daddy-daughter stories never fail to reduce me to a sobbing mess. Prepare the tissues.

Directing is PD Kim Young-jo of King Geunchogo and Cinderella’s Sister. Amore Mio airs its first episode on January 1.

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20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. alua

    Am I terrible to say that I’m more interested in Lee Sun-Hee’s Father’s House than Amore Mio?

    • 1.1 momosan

      No, because Father’s House is an awesome show. Go watch it.

      • 1.1.1 alua

        Do you know where I can find it?

        • momosan

          streaming with subtitles? mysoju.com
          not streaming, the episodes in the usual places but are probably listed under KBS specials, then under Father’s House.

  2. Sate Ayam

    Hmm…..I hope it’s gonna be good.

    • 2.1 Falconland

      i love Father’s House. you will be compelled to watch it to the end.

  3. Alvina

    Omg, Hon will forever haunt me. That was one creepy as heck drama >_<

    I've seen Park Gun Il in some things, both dramas and variety shows, and am looking forward to this special. Seems like a cute short 😀

  4. Aya

    Supernova’s japanese fanbase?


    • 4.1 kka

      I’m not sure why you’re laughing… but just in case you didnt know, supernova are BIG in japan. To have a solo concert in the yokohama arena is not easy. It’s not tokyo dome but still significant.

  5. Noelle

    The title is bugging me.

  6. Laica

    Never seen him act, but he looks unsettlingly like Kim Hyun-joong in the top picture.

    • 6.1 mrs.handtowel

      I thought the same thing!

    • 6.2 moidiom

      I totally don’t think so. They look very different to me.

  7. estelgrace

    Eh. I’m old school. Don’t care about Supernova or all the new popcorn idol groups these days.

    I’m more interested in CSJH’s Dana. I’ll be waitingaround for this drama to appear in RAW for that fact alone. Not to mention for the crew as well.

    • 7.1 iraaa

      Supernova IS kind of old though in Kpop terms. They debuted in 07 but has never been really popular in Korea. They have a bigger fanbase in Japan.

      Also, I’d be more interested if CSJH’s Lina is in it. Sorry, bias showing =)

    • 7.2 SJ

      seems like you’re not old school enough.

  8. Alixana

    I love that guy and I think he’s got an amazing potential for a superb acting career! He was sooooo good in Hon, I loved him in that drama to bits.
    And he is so good looking, I hope his acting career will kick off after this and that he’ll get some significant leading roles.

  9. moidiom

    Japan loves Supernova, or better known as Choshinsei!! Geonil became my favorite member of CSS because of his role in the Seeya video “Crazy Love Song.” I wish they’d make that into a movie even though the ending is very sad.

  10. 10 kayl

    It’s because supernova are MASSIVE in japan, like no joke.

  11. 11 JESS

    anyone knows where can I watch this drama special with english subs?

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