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Dream High 2 unveils its idols-within-the-drama HershE
by | December 25, 2011 | 62 Comments

After casting a slew of idol stars in its high school-age cast, Dream High 2 has put a trio of its leads into an idol group within the drama. The stars who make up the fictional drama threesome are T-ara’s Ji-yeon, Sistar’s Hyo-rin, and newbie Ailee, Wheesung’s protégé who made a splash on MBC’s program Singer and Trainee.

In the drama, the girls make up the idol group called HershE, which I suppose takes the place of Group K in the original series. (Groan at the group name; they’re girls — her, she — we get it.) HershE is the group that transfers to Kirin Art High School and ends up teaming with a boy group already at the school.

I sort of love the description of Ji-yeon’s character as a “terrible actress” who dreams of becoming “Cannes Queen” (a la Jeon Do-yeon). Hyo-rin, on the other hand, lives up to her real-life reputation playing an outstanding vocalist, while Ailee’s character has lots of talent but gets tripped up by her thoughtless actions, making her an idol with a reputation for being conceited.

Dream High 2 premieres on January 30 on KBS.

Below is the poster, flipped:

Via Star News


62 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. YaNa

    Oh My Gosh! I can’t believe it. AILEE is going to be in this drama. She’s AMAZING and also HYORIN. I’m going crazy.

    • 1.1 Yannie

      Ha ha we basically said the same thing lol

    • 1.2 sugarpunch

      Hyorin is really really good. but i have a feeling she’ll be the antagonist…. not really familiar with the rest though:)

    • 1.3 Sonia

      Is Hyorin the one in Sunny?

      • 1.3.1 Sonia

        Wait. never-mind. she is the one who does (or did) a show with Jay Park right? Ahh wouldn’t it be cool if Jay Park could do a cameo? But of course given that it is JYP production, that’s not gonna happen. :S

      • 1.3.2 biankoy

        nope, Kang Sora is the girl from Sunny, Hyorin is from the idol group Sistar and she was indeed amazing with Jay Park in Immortal song 2.
        but I’m wondering what happened to Kang Sora, I hope she’s still in the show.

        • dapinaymrs

          Yes, she is.
          They’ve already finished the first reading of the script and apparently they already filmed the first episode with JYP in it.
          Stills posted on allkpop showed her with a messy hair, a tag (that I wish I knew what it meant) and JYP’s shoe in her hands being polished.

  2. Yannie

    Awesome! I love Ailee and Hyorin!!! I can’t wait

  3. adette

    ohhh, “her + she”… all I could think of was chocolate.

    • 3.1 tigerfist

      hahah ditto. glad i’m not alone.

      • 3.1.1 mnstpdu08

        I second that.

        • muchadoboutlove

          me three.

          • jossy

            haha I’m number 4…
            btw I love hyorin the girls got some killer vocal chords, I liken her to Christina Aguilera… Powerful voice!

    • 3.2 Countdown

      Me, too. At first I thought it was Hershey. LOL.

      • 3.2.1 Abbie

        I, too, thought they meant the chocolate. lol

    • 3.3 K

      First thing that came to my mind too. Hershey chocolates. Lol.

  4. Meh.

    Totally agree.
    All I could think was… “Hershey’s?”

  5. Meh.

    Totally agree.
    All I could think was… “Hershey’s?”
    Korean shows never fail to amuse me with their weird English names.

  6. foraredrose

    Chocolate! Was what I thought too haha

    I like the flipped poster a lot better… and they look a little too old to be high schoolers? Probably due to all the make up though.

  7. kaigou

    HershE is hardly the best, but S.H.E. was already taken.

  8. Q16

    lol chocolate thoughts

  9. Brenda

    I hope they make fun of the group name within the drama because i can’t see anyone taking it seriously.
    I’m loving how quickly we are getting random shots of Dream High 2, it’s making me giddy with excitement and hopeful for some interesting characters, heartfelt moments and great singing/dancing performances!

    The poster is interesting, is the flipped image meant to look so… derpy? XD *twiddles my thumbs*

  10. 10 IZ

    Urgh, the poster is horrible ! Come on, surely they can take time to make the poster look decent enough.

  11. 11 Noelle

    They do look older. Hopefully, in the show they look more the targeted age. Any word of JYP being in this series?

    • 11.1 foraredrose

      JYP is in! Playing the wonderful Yang Jin Man 🙂

  12. 12 mnstpdu08

    I hope they can pull off the high school look in the drama. They look a lot older than “high schoolers” I hope JYP is in it. I’m anxious to see it, but some what dreading it too because I’m not a fan of Hyorin. I wish I never had gotten into kpop because it has totally distorted my views. I saw Dream High without knowing anyone, so I totally loved them as singers/performers.

  13. 13 akosirhenz

    I’m so excited about this :DDDDDDDDDD

  14. 14 luckysix

    boy group? but until now, I can only see Jinwoon? Hmmm..

  15. 15 ramyunsooni

    Haha, wow. I feel incredibly dumb for not even catching the “clever” name of “HershE.” My mind was just full of thoughts of chocolate like so many others.

  16. 16 peter

    wow, my fav hyorin since IS2… definitely watch this bookmarked already my list. 🙂

  17. 17 cv

    Can’t wait to see this now…. great singers for sure!

  18. 18 kate

    I can’t wait to watch this. I hope they keep revealing pictures… but it’s only been the girls photos so far that are revealed. I hope we get to see Jinwoon soon 🙂

  19. 19 Hipployta

    We love Hyorin and, since I love Eunjung, of course we support T-Ara’s maknae Jiyeon! Ailee…that song with Wheesung was awesome so good luck!

  20. 20 jyyjc

    I’m so excited for ailee seriously. I mean, I don’t know if she can act but heck more than half of the season 1 cast were noobs.

  21. 21 appie

    No offence but I rather have “proper” or even rookie actors as leading =/
    To me, Kim Soohyun as Song Sam-Dong stole the show, more convincing that our idol actors. But meh, I’m open minded, will watch it.

    • 21.1 appie


    • 21.2 djes

      oh, you’ll get Kang Sora ( of blockbuster movie “Sunny” ) as the leading actress, not these three idols.

    • 21.3 mk

      Jiyeon’s a pretty good actress, I wouldn’t be worried about her.

    • 21.4 alua

      Agree with you… This feels very idol-ish…. too idol-ish and that makes me worry.

      Hopefully some of them will be good. One ‘real’ actor isn’t enough.

      Nor do they look high-school-ish at all.

    • 21.5 Biscuit

      There may be alot of idols, but this IS Dream High. DH1 was full of idols so I wouldn’t expect much from it’s sequel.

    • 21.6 sara

      me too, of course that poster looks good but so old. I am not really empressed by it. I wanted some rookies to get fame and attention through the drama =( also there isn’t really a male that makes me addict to it =/

  22. 22 boey

    ‘…a “terrible actress” who dreams of becoming “Cannes Queen”…’

    Lol! Two words: Sophie Devereaux. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  23. 23 dapinaymrs

    JiYeon seems to be the wild card in the group. Ailee and Hyo-rin both have powerful vocals. Let’s see how they act though (anticipating with a slight cringe).

    A boy group? I wonder who is going to be in it…

  24. 24 foolmoon

    Aiilee..! Saw her singing Beyonce’s Halo and fell in love with her soulful voice. I wonder how is the show gonna use her talent, hmm..

  25. 25 Unnursvana

    HershE isn’t that weird, I have heard weirder names for a Korean idol group.

  26. 26 jessie

    Every time I look at Hyorin, she always reminds me of Jung Juri. They really resembles each other LMAO

    • 26.1 SARAH

      Thought I was the only one hahaha

  27. 27 Alexaxu

    Snds’s Genie+The Boys inspired poster??

    or is it just me? ._.

  28. 28 Kayano20

    Super excited for dream high and I just wanna know who is going to be the scened stealer. I hope they start the Drama 2012 season off right because 2011 just got good after 5 boring months.Is Dream High going to be recapped on dramabeans too?

  29. 29 baesbabe

    I like the ensemble except Jiyeon. Hopefully I’ll come to like her better through this drama.

  30. 30 Kim Yoonmi

    Hershey? Maybe it’s a pun? Like the chocolate bar… so sweet that it’s addictive?

    • 30.1 Jumbalaya

      Haha thats funny that’s what I was thinking at first until I realized that her+she made more sense…. I dunno If they like Hershey bars in Korea…

  31. 31 Sun

    The poster does look a bit cheap but Jiyeon looks hot 😛
    I dunno why people are worried about a full idol cast. Come on, this is Dream High. It’s not that it was unexpected.

    I think they can make them look like highschool students if they tone down the makeup, and in any case, haven’t you seen how some those 16-18 year old idols look? (Tia from Chocolat, for example) There are teens that look like teens, teens that look like kids and teens that look like adults. And it’s not like they’re doing it like Romance Town and 49 Days, where they used the adult actors to play themselves in the high school flashbacks lmao (especially the Romance Town flashback, that was hilarious)

    • 31.1 Sun

      *it’s not like /fail

  32. 32 YBisTOP

    Wow. ailee!! I remember her through youtube. She is a great singer! I can’t believe shes casts on Dream High 2. Shes going to be sucessful!

  33. 33 Lady Seoul

    They soooo don’t look like their in High School. Lol. What a poster.

  34. 34 Cabbage

    Many questions pull at my mind:
    Will the music be as kick-ass?
    Will the boys be as hot?
    Will it be able to sweep us up with surprise twists, if we already predict surprise twists?
    Will they fall back to k-drama cliches or pull some new and original character interactions, like DH 1?

    But the real important question: will they be able to afford heating this time?

  35. 35 absolute

    thanks for flipping the poster. i literally flipped my laptop upside down before scrolling down and seeing it, haha.

  36. 36 Steamy Bun

    wait, so the leads in this are already successful-ish? What about the underdog theme?

  37. 37 DH2

    Can’t wait to see Jiyeon!

  38. 38 ^_^

    At first I wasnt so excited but all the stills and posters are making me super hyped for DH2

  39. 39 Jea

    I wonder whether it will come out as great as the first season…
    i don’t want put much expectation from the idols cast but
    hopefully Kang So Ra can pull it out like Kim Soo Hyun did…

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