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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Episode 12
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Hey, Yang Eun-bi, what do you put in that kimchi of yours? I hear it’s hot. It’s kimchi-making day at the shop, which turns out to be a party in more ways than one. When you’ve got a room full of people with all their love wires crossed, and a flurry of nicknames mixed in for good measure, there isn’t much you have to do to bring it to a boil.

EPISODE 12: “Yang Eun-bi and the Flowers”

So, possibly-half-brothers-who-share-a-mom-GAH cook ramyun together, and Kang-hyuk points out that Chi-soo’s got perfect taste, just like him. Chi-soo asks if it means he can cook ramyun well, and Kang-hyuk says it means he can cook anything he wants, really really well. (He calls him Choi Chi-soo, his own name, but that seems to be a fake-out, since he then promptly calls him by another surname right after that, as is his habit.)

Chi-soo scoffs that it’s not really something he needs, since he’s got Daddy’s wealth coursing through his veins, which pretty much trumps any other trait he might have been born with. Kang-hyuk asks why he’s interested in making ramyun all of a sudden then, and Chi-soo smiles, “I said that I’d take your wife.”

Kang-hyuk throws the onions in a tantrum and stomps off, which would already be hilarious, but his giantness makes it extra ridiculous.

He lies in bed and talks to the photo of Mom, whining, “I thought I was the only one you gave perfect taste to, but you gave it to that kid too? Chhhh.” Oh, so you DO KNOW? Aw, man, now I’m even more disappointed, ’cause I wanted his kindness to Chi-soo to not be motivated by this knowledge.

The next morning Chi-soo heads out bright and early, and confuses Dad more than ever when he says he can’t be late for school. At Eun-bi’s house, the boys are rushing out the door as well, but Kang-hyuk stops them, repeating his mantra: missing first period is fine, but missing first meal is not.

They all sit down to breakfast like a cozy little family, and in walks Chi-soo to taunt them. Eun-bi gets up, startled that he’s here, and he just coos, “I wanted to see you all night.” He complains that she didn’t answer her phone, and that it’s fine now that he’s seen her. He turns to go with a trademark wink.

He adds on his way out that they shouldn’t eat smelly soybean paste first thing in the morning, and the boys wonder what he means, since there’s no such thing in their food. Eun-bi hurriedly checks her breath, remembering that she ate some last night before bed. They marvel that no one could smell that accurately, and Kang-hyuk sighs, “Tongue Chi-soo can. He’s the Ramyun King.”

Is it wrong if Tongue Chi-soo sounds, yunno, wrong to me?

As they hang laundry, Kang-hyuk tells Eun-bi about Chi-soo’s perfect taste, and she scoffs that there’s no way he has such a talent. Kang-hyuk says it’s possible if he inherited from someone, but then he’s quickly distracted by the bra he’s holding in his hand.

He just stares and stares, and Eun-bi gasps and swipes it from him as soon as she notices. She does remember something she wanted to show him, and they head inside.

She struggles to reach for an old album up on top of a dresser, and Kang-hyuk comes up behind her… and picks her up to get it herself. Hahaha. That’s adorable. And hot.

They sit down and look at Eun-bi’s dad’s old album, and she shows him pictures of her dad with his parents. She sighs that all her dad passed on to her is his temper, which Kang-hyuk points out is sexy, but she wishes she inherited something better like perfect taste.

He counters, “That’s why our kids will be perfect.” Mmm-hmm. She scratches her chin nervously in response.

She asks about his mom, so it’s timeline time: She passed away when he was 25 (so when Chi-soo was 13). He says she held on longer than they expected, since she was told she wouldn’t live more than a year. She lived with him in Japan for three years before she passed away. So she would have left Chi-soo when he was 10, for everyone keeping track.

At school, Ba-wool calls Chi-soo out to the schoolyard for a brawl. All they need is some tumbleweed and a pair of pistols, with all that posturing going on. Ba-wool demands for Chi-soo to stop whatever he’s thinking of doing with noona, whether it’s a game or revenge.

Chi-soo says he’s not thinking either of those things, and in fact, he can’t think of anything at all – when he isn’t with her, his mind goes blank, and when he’s with her, his mind goes even blanker. Ha. Ba-wool gapes, “That’s how I am when I’m with So-yi!”

Ba-wool can’t believe it, and tells Chi-soo to go see a doctor. Hahaha. I love that they’re pretty much equally matched on the compute-emotion-scale. Chi-soo says he’s been there, done that, and his doctor told him that he’s reached the fifth and final stage: Acceptance. HA.

So he’s going to give it his all, and really try with her. Ba-wool guffaws, saying that Hwanung can’t like Eun-bi noona. Hwanung is supposed to be with a fairy, or an angel. “Eun-bi noona isn’t even human. She’s a bear!” Hee. But Chi-soo won’t budge, so Ba-wool says whatever, he can try, but his noona will never reciprocate his feelings, because Chi-soo’s not her style.

Chi-soo points out that they’re beyond style anyway: “She’s not my style either, but I became like this.”

Eun-bi receives a cabbage delivery from the neighborhood cabbage vendor ajummas, who continue to supply the store out of loyalty to her father. As she speaks to them, Hyun-woo comes bounding up, calling her “Teacher,” and she explains how she knows him.

And then Ba-wool comes running up, calling her “Noona,” and they ask if she has a brother. She says no, he’s just a dongseng she knows, and then Kang-hyuk comes up, calling her “Wife.” The ajummas start getting upset that she got married without inviting them, and then Chi-soo comes up, puts his arm around her, and says, “Jagiiiiiiii!” Ha.

Now they’re REALLY confused. They ask who this one is, and Chi-soo answers, “She’s my jagi. My Eebbeunie. Right, jagi?” Kekeke. The ajummas are like, so you live with a former student, a dongseng you know, your husband, and your boyfriend? All under one roof?

And then rather than explain it all, Kang-hyuk just calls them a modern, unconventional family. Well I’d say. Eun-bi runs away, mortified, but then trips and falls not five feet away. The boys all panic: “Jagi!” “Wife!” “Teacher!” “Noona!” And rush to her all at the same time.

She just keeps running as fast as she can, and the boys all turn back to the ajummas. Kang-hyuk adds, “Well she only sleeps with me.” Pfft. Chi-soo glares. I love that they’re still competing, in this fake universe that they’ve just invented.

Ba-wool watches So-yi practice, still accompanied by Teddy Girlfriend. He stews over Chi-soo’s crush on Eun-bi noona, and So-yi tells him not to worry, since Eun-bi’s just disposable slippers to Cha Chi-soo, who’ll eventually move on to shoes that fit him perfectly. “How far could he possibly go wearing slippers?”

Ba-wool doesn’t get what she means, asking if she’s going to take Chi-soo back if he comes around again. She reminds him that Chi-soo is her left arm, and Ba-wool has a fit, and rightly so.

But then Eun-bi calls him back to the store, and So-yi’s anger flares, that he’s ditching her here to go run to his noona. “Do you like her or something?” Ba-wool shouts, “Yeah, I do! So what?” He says he’s going to do what she does, and like two people at the same time – Front Eun-bi and Back So-yi, mimicking her Right Ba-wool / Left Chi-soo thing.

Yay, Ba-wool! He storms out, leaving So-yi fuming in a jealous fit. Haha. Karma! As soon as he gets outside, he catches his breath, and ponders the newfound knowledge that So-yi gets upset every time he mentions Eun-bi noona.

The ramyun team finds themselves swimming in a sea of cabbage, the result of horrifying the cabbage ajummas, to the point that they ran off, leaving them this massive heap of cabbage to deal with. So it’s kimchi time, and Kang-hyuk says they need to divide into two teams, one for sauce-making, and the other for cabbage-handling.

He suggests a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide teams, and when Chi-soo says they can count him out, Kang-hyuk says there’s no need for games then, since he’ll be a team with wifey. Ba-wool grabs her other arm, “No! I want to be a team with noona!” Chi-soo suddenly perks up, suggesting they play the game after all.

He totally cheats to try and get on Eun-bi’s team, but it backfires on him, and the brothers end up on one team, to their equal dismay. Kang-hyuk sighs that it’s uneven, but it’ll do, and So-yi walks in to say she wants to help.

Kang-hyuk readily takes her on their team, calling her Hap-nyun. They’re like, that’s not her name… “Really? Wife always calls her Baek-Hap-nyun.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Omg, I’m dying. [Basically Eun-bi takes her nickname and adds “nyun” at the end, as in “girl/bitch,” depending on how harshly you want to say it, and Kang-hyuk has just assumed that it’s a proper name. Hee.]

Chi-soo smirks, happy that she may have called So-yi that out of jealousy. Behind her, Dong-joo and Coach appear too, ready to help. Yay, kimchi party! Dong-joo swoons at the array of pretty boys, calling it a flower patch. She turns to Eun-bi, asking which flower she’s going to pluck (ha) – the sunflower (Kang-hyuk) or the rose (Chi-soo)?

She warns against rose-picking, as she might end up bleeding, and Coach offers that sunflowers are best. Dong-joo agrees, and asks if she’s gotten anywhere with Kang-hyuk. Eun-bi says they’ve held hands, and she thinks she felt something, not a tsunami, but a wave.

Dong-joo says that a wave is enough, demonstrating that you can grab a guy’s hand and feel absolutely nothing, taking Coach’s hand. But the charge startles them both, and Dong-joo runs to the roof. She tells herself to get it together – it’s certainly not the first hand she’s held, but her heart won’t stop racing. Coach sneaks up and asks if she wants to break for a drink.

Eun-bi works on a batch of radish kimchi, and then needs a second opinion on the seasoning. She feeds a piece to Hyun-woo with her hands, but he doesn’t know. Ba-wool is next, and So-yi watches with a stinkface on, as he asks for another and another, all smiles at his precious noona.

He doesn’t know either, so she offers So-yi a piece, but she declines, and then Chi-soo opens his mouth, ready for a taste, and she passes him right by for Kang-hyuk. Chi-soo feels totally kimchi-slighted, watching Kang-hyuk smile and eat her kimchi, suggesting she add more chili flakes.

She runs to the kitchen to grab more, and Chi-soo walks in behind her, whining adorably like a little puppy, why she gave Onion a taste and not him. She says, with a package of chili flakes in her mouth, that she’ll give him some when they go back then, and he says no, he wants a taste now…

And then he reaches for her kimchi-covered hand, and sucks her finger, licking the seasoning right off. Oh holy hell. Are you trying to kill me, Cha Chi-soo? You saucy little bastard.

He tells her it needs more salt, and she runs out of there in a daze. Out in the front of the store, she takes a moment to gather her breath, wondering what’s wrong with her. She forgets about her kimchi-covered hands and clasps her cheeks, wondering why her face is so hot.

She remembers the calming medicine and goes rummaging in the drawer in a panic, and Chi-soo startles her all over again when he catches her in the act. He picks up the little capsule and asks if she’s still going to argue that it’s head not heart, that she feels nothing, when it’s clearly got her rattled.

She stutters another denial and gets up, and he pulls her close by the waist. Rawr. He leans in close, “Do you need another taste to season?” And then he goes in for another taste of her kimchi, kissing the streak of sauce on her cheek. Humona. I know kimchi tasting has always been hot, but I’m pretty sure it’s never been THIS hot.

Bells ring in her head, as she loses all motor function, literally floored by the kiss. Startled, Chi-soo grabs her arms as she falls to the ground. Kang-hyuk walks in right at that moment, wondering why Eun-bi is kneeling on the ground and pleading with Chi-soo. Heh.

The team goes to the sauna to recuperate from the kimchifest. So-yi gives Eun-bi the hairy eyeball, while Chi-soo stares at her with his puppiest look ever, and Kang-hyuk sighs. The camera pans out to show Ba-wool hard at work massaging Eun-bi’s legs, which is what So-yi is fuming at.

She catches up to Eun-bi and tells her to stop playing around with Ba-wool’s heart. Dude, HELLO, kettle? Pot? Ring a bell? Eun-bi points out as much, saying that at her age, it should be enough to be pure of heart. She taps her chest, saying that pure love is what she should be concerned with, and not playing games.

So-yi counters by asking where all that purity went then, when it comes to Eun-bi. She says that she is pure of heart when it comes to Ba-wool, and offers that Eun-bi’s the one who’s left pure love by the wayside to become like everyone else, growing old and then counting people by their position, marrying off based on profiles at a matchmaking agency.

Haha. It’s infuriating how right she is. So-yi says that she’s technically turning Chi-soo away based on his qualifications too, because he’s not what she wants on paper – moderate wealth, average, stable guy to marry. Well, she’s not wrong.

Meanwhile, Chi-soo and Kang-hyuk sit across from each other in the sauna, all fired up in yet another macho contest. This time Kang-hyuk offers up that the winner who can endure the longest wins Wifey. Chi-soo doesn’t like that rule, since it won’t matter if he wins or loses – he’ll still have Eun-bi.

Kang-hyuk wonders if he’s lived his whole life that way, having everything he’s ever wanted. “Then what about a mom?” Chi-soo flares up at that, saying that she died when he was young, and he doesn’t NEED a mom, since he has Dad. Kang-hyuk muses that there’s no such thing as a child who doesn’t need his parents.

Eun-bi waits outside, re-swooning at the kimchi kiss. She rubs her cheek as if trying to remove the memory, wondering, “I scrubbed off the dead skin, but it won’t go away.” I’m pretty sure you’re gonna need more than a shower to rub out that memory.

Daddy Cha’s secretary shows up to ask for a meeting, and brings her to see Dad. He asks if she went to the pool, and she says no, she went to scrub off her dead skin, and that Chi-soo went too.

Dad wonders if they’re already at that stage in the relationship, and she jumps to clarify that they went to separate baths, yunno, for the nekkid part. Dad is adorably jealous, of course, since he’s never gone to the bath with Chi-soo.

He says that Chi-soo came home the other night “having made something,” and says that he made a girlfriend – her. She quickly denies it, saying that Chi-soo’s just young, but Dad says it’s already done, and just asks her to help speed it along, otherwise, someone will get hurt.

She thinks he means her, and assures him that she won’t be hurt over something like that, but he clarifies that he’s scared that Chi-soo will get hurt. Aw. He says that he knows women like Eun-bi very well.

He describes her as rice, and ramyun, and warmth: “Men like us are bound to fall for women like you. Because caviar has never experienced warmth.” He describes caviar as cold, and that it has to be eaten with a special little spoon. It can’t be grabbed at with plain chopsticks, otherwise it’ll spoil.

Aw, it’s a sad little metaphor that speaks to the reason why he fell in love with Chi-soo’s mom, but also the hurt he carries because of it. It’s both sweet and all twisted around, because he thinks that the two will never mix, will never work out, despite knowing what Chi-soo lacks by being caviar.

Eun-bi says she understands what he means, and adds that she doesn’t care for caviar anyway. On her way back, she asks Dad’s secretary why Chi-soo and Dad live at the company and not in a home, and he says that’s all they know. She asks about Chi-soo’s mom, and he says she passed away, in Japan.

Eun-bi returns to the store to find Chi-soo waiting for her, and no one else around. He says the other guys went to go eat beef, and she screams, “Without ME?” But he stops her, saying they have other things to taste. Rawr. Are we moving on to toes now?

She puts up a hand covered with an exfoliating mitt in defense, but Chi-soo just thinks she’s being kinky now, and sends her gulping. He laughs and reminds her that she’s the one who said he’d have to learn to make ramyun if he wanted to date her, and so sits her down to cook for her.

Aw. It’s his first real selfless gesture. Though, I suppose he thinks that cooking ramyun is a way to her heart, but well, it kind of is. She watches curiously as he makes the ramyun just the way Kang-hyuk taught him, a little impressed. There is something really satisfying about watching him work so hard at something.

She gets lost in her thoughts, thinking back to his confessions, and he brings her back to reality and presents his ramyun, eagerly awaiting her verdict. She goes to take a taste, and then notices a cut on his hand. Suddenly she gets up from the table and walks out, saying that she’s not hungry anymore. Aw, is it ’cause of what Daddy said about Chi-soo getting hurt? These people and their literal minds.

He chases her out, asking how she could refuse to even give it a taste, when she can see how hard he worked, how he’s covered in sweat, and he HATES being sweaty. Ha. She yells right back, asking why he’s cutting his hand, and getting sweaty, all to make her ramyun. She refuses, and tells him to go home.

He picks her up and takes her inside the house, and they argue some more. He tells her she’s scared – that’s the real reason. He pulls her by the wrist and says they’ll find out right now, what they are. She pulls away and tells him to get out.

“You’re afraid that you’ll eat that ramyun and discover that I’m not cup ramyun, but the real thing!” She finally admits it:

Eun-bi: That’s right. I’m scared to death. You said it’s your first time, feeling chest pain, and nausea. Well it’s not mine. I’ve felt that before, and I know how crazy hot it boils, and how dangerous it is. And I know myself. I’m a Yang Eun-nem-bi [her Silver Pot nickname], so I boil faster, and hotter, than everyone else.

She says that’s why she’s trying not to be Yang Eun-nem-bi, to make more adult, sensible choices, but he keeps shaking her. “You keep turning me back into Yang Eun-nem-bi. It’s starting to boil for real. So I’m scared. I’m scared to death!”

He hugs her tightly, patting her on the back, telling her it’s going to be okay, actually giving HER comfort. It’s like a freakin’ miracle up in here.

He says it’s okay, over and over, and tells her to calm down, because when she gets mad, he starts boiling over, because she’s so pretty when she’s mad. Ha. He closes his eyes and hugs her tight, smiling. She closes her eyes.

And then he asks, “But… when did you last wash your hair?” Hahaha. I love a show that knows when to undercut its own romantic moments.

Cut to Eun-bi, out of the shower, and Chi-soo blow-drying her hair. HA. He complains that she’s the kind of woman who forgets when she last bathed, enough to walk around with smelly hair, and she sighs, saying that she didn’t have time what with his dad hauling her away…

She catches herself and says no, backtracking. But they’re interrupted by Kang-hyuk’s voice, calling for Wifey. Eun-bi panics and shoves Chi-soo down on the floor and covers him up with a blanket. She lies down just in time, as Kang-hyuk opens her door.

He asks if she wants ramyun since he’s cooking for the boys, and she says no she’s tired, so she’ll just sleep early tonight. Kang-hyuk: “Really? Then me too!” and makes a move to join her. Ha. And rawr.

She stops him, saying she’s REALLY tired tonight, so he smiles and tells her to dream of him, and leaves. Outside, he murmurs, “Did I just tell her to sleep with Cha Chi-soo and dream of me?” He shakes his head as he walks away. If you knew he was there, were you planning on jumping right on top of him?

Inside, Chi-soo comes out from under the blanket, coughing from being suffocated. He demands to know, “Why do I have to hide? And do you ACTUALLY sleep with him??” She rattles off all the reasons it’d be a disaster if they were discovered like this – Kang-hyuk would throw punches, then Ba-wool would get involved, throwing So-yi into a tizzy, and so forth.

He scoffs that she’s making it sound like she’s such a popular person, and she tosses her hair, “Well it’s true.” He asks if she’s really going to taste Kang-hyuk and him at the same time, and she counters why not.

He says fine, and then flips on top of her, making her heart leap to her throat. He leans in for a kiss, saying that she can do as she wants, but there’s a chance he’ll get mad. She closes her eyes and he leans in…

And then Kang-hyuk bursts into the room and throws Chi-soo off. He yanks Eun-bi out and tells her to go eat ramyun with the boys, and then goes inside, locking the door behind him.

Chi-soo asks if he’s here to throw punches again, but he just presents him with the picture of him with their mom. Chi-soo stops short and takes it in his hand.

“Cha Chi-soo, I’m your hyung. And that woman is my wife. So I’m the only one she sleeps with.”


What Kang-hyuk means to do is protect them both, as Chi-soo’s hyung and Eun-bi’s guardian, but I love that he’s not above being cheeky about it, and turning Chi-soo inside-out in the process. She only sleeps with me. Pfft. Eun-bi’s kind of past needing to be rescued, since she can clearly handle Chi-soo herself, but Chi-soo DOES still need some rescuing, mostly from himself. And in that respect, I love that Kang-hyuk is around.

The thing is, I find the half-brother detail to be unnecessary. I prefer when ragtag families form out of friendship when there are no blood ties, and no real reason for a group of people to love each other like family. It gets me in the heart more. I don’t hate that they have to be brothers, since it doesn’t ruin anything or change the relationships that much, but I don’t like it because it feels unnecessary. I think their relationship would’ve been plenty heartwarming without the direct kinship, and for me, even more so. I liked the idea that where his real father failed Chi-soo as a parent, his new ramyun family would provide the kind of tough love and support he’d need to become a human being.

The family unit is forming nicely though, with Eun-bi and her flower patch, all “Noona” here and “Wifey” there. It’s so cute that they each have a different name for her, speaking to the various ways in which she’s loved. I’m happy that Chi-soo’s making steps toward learning how to show love, rather than just dealing with how to feel love. We’ve followed him to the point that he’s accepted his feelings, so now it’s time for him to figure out what it means to express that love to someone else, like slaving over one perfect bowl of ramyun just for her. It’s the first time he hasn’t acted out of selfish desire for what he wants, and though Eun-bi tossed it out to him as a metaphor, his literal interpretation ends up meaning more.

I like the various ideas of taste in this episode, to take a taste to see what someone is like, and the ways that Chi-soo’s, er… talent could be extended for people and not just food. I especially like that his intuition forces Eun-bi to confront her fears. There are so many ways that Eun-bi’s name works in puns and metaphors, but I really like the idea that because she’s a silver pot, aka because she’s her, her love boils faster and hotter than other people, and that scares her and keeps her guarded. I love how she describes choosing the sensible thing as what she thinks is right, but that it’s Chi-soo who’s forcing her to be herself. Chi-soo’s tsunami love scares her, sure, but it’s her own boiling heart that scares her more.


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    This is really setting it up so that EB is gonna have to make a clear decision between the two of them.

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        im no expert but the second lead doesn’t usually get the girl. its hard to explain instead kdramas usually evolve over a time period in which the the character traits of a second lead becomes the traits of main lead. like one percent of anything/shining inheritance arranged marriage plot point cold rich guy get the girl. then switch to mary stayed out all night also arranged marriage plot point artist gets the girl. i see it as the drama plot point gives different character focus.
        a kdrama that takes the whole student/teacher relationship into more focus biscuit teacher star candy the second lead gets the girl if you count the main lead on who the female first fell in love with, ice girl father and son both fall in love with same girl during different time periods (a somewhat similar kdrama plot that is in the making again with geun suk) and what happened in bali the whole rich son/pauper girl the second lead also gets the girl…but that one depends on how you interpret it.

      • 7.1.4 Angela

        Didn’t the writers change How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor and Queen of Reversals both from the main male leads to number 2, since he was so beloved by fans. And in both cases #2 was Park Shi Hoo. He’s too yummy to be #2 in my book, anyway. Not sure if it’s happened in other dramas or not, but both of those the posters showed Park off to the side and someone else with the female lead. Dream High wasn’t that blatant about who was the lead in the posters, was it?

        • Angela

          ok… just looked at the Dream High poster and the center is Go Hye Mi and Song Sam Dong, with Jin Gook to the right of Hye Mi… so the poster follows the “rule” of main/final romantic pair in the center, too.

          • t-berry

            yup..at first i thought sam dong is the second lead since his appearance start in epi 3..and his character much like kdrama 2nd lead (good heart, clingy to main lead, always give support to her etc) and also the main lead did not kiss him first but jin gok..(usually the main lead couples kiss first) but suddenly in the middle of the drama everything change!!i love it..it was the first drama that i do not know which one should i root for the heroin.. both of the male leads is so good!!

      • 7.1.5 linz

        dream high

      • 7.1.6 MiMi

        I wanted to reread this recap so I came here, then saw this comment. Did you not hear about Park Shi Hoo?! He’s been second lead but then gets the girl. In one drama, the writers changed the ending just because it was Park Shi Hoo. Check out How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor and Queen of Reversals. They’re both a bit long but it’s good. I guess he kinda is a second lead in Prosecutor Princess. You’ll get hooked on him fo’ sho! Especially in Family Honor… Now excuse me as I go to sleep tonight happily, even though I should be studying more for my finals this week. Do not ever take Biochem!

        • MeeisLee

          I don’t think Park Shi Hoo is the second lead in Prosecutor Princess, he and Kim So Yeon have couple promo pictures and his name is the first male name listed on the character list.

          I haven’t watched Queen of Reversals or Perfect Neighbor but I if Park Shi Hoo is in it, I can already see why the ending was changed. Once you see him in a drama, you’ll become a fan.

          I feel almost certain Chi Soo and Eun Bi are going to end up together but I’m still holding on to a glimmer of hope for my Kang Hyuk because I might be suffering from second male lead syndrome.

      • 7.1.7 Ennayra

        I know one!

        Queen of Reversals.

        I didn’t actually watch this drama, but it got an extension and something else happened, and so Park Shi Hoo’s character wound up getting the girl.

        • Ennayra

          Oh, Mimi already said it. Lol

      • 7.1.8 Len

        The exact same thing I have been asking everyone ever since I started this infernal drama!

        I do realise I am two weeks late in this comment thus I doubt anyone will read it but I only got on the FBRS boat two days ago and am up to episode 13 and it’s past 1 o’clock in the morning and I just had to vent my views somewhere.

        In all my years of kdrama watching (and okay there haven’t been that many) I have never once wanted the heroine to get with the second lead more. I have liked second leads better than the mains occasionally in past (You’re beautiful for instance) but never ever to this extent. Imagine the cute ramyun shop they would own!

        First of all, I have never seen a second lead be upfront about his intentions so early on in a drama (and okay, I guess I can understand her hesitation in taking him seriously as he is so cheeky, but come on, in real life I think she’d develop an interest much much earlier in the handsome, at times shirtless young man who is not only able to cook but was set out by her father to marry her), so whereas in most dramas the girl gets with the main guy pretty much solely because the second lead was too passive in his pursual (<–is that a word? it's too late for me to come up with a better one) / too cautious for fear of hurting her that he did not show the same 'passion' which makes the girl fall for the main guy, there is not such a reason in FBRS.

        In this drama, the second lead was not only adorable and unbelievably hot but also upfront with his interest in her, they were on a date for goodness sake when Chi Soo had to come and lay his lips on her! I mean, it's not that I hate Chi Soo. I admire his development and can clearly, clearly see how much he's grown to love Eun Bi and how much he has grown as a person. I would have totally supported his OTP had they not made the second lead just so darn lovable! And caring and awesome and unbelievably attractive (that and the fact that Chi Soo can act like a total *@!#*%(!* even more so than other pretentious male leads of past, or perhaps he just seems that way because he keeps getting in the way of husband and wife).

        Also, I really do approve of the brother relationship, and I disagree with you girlfriday in it being unnecessary. Personally I cannot stand those second leads that hold back from confessing their love for the girl or being more than her protector because they think she can only be happy with the other guy, or they can't help but approve of the other guy. I think so much more of Kang Hyuk because of this relationship; the fact that he holds back from whooping Chi Soo's ass for trying to take away his wife from right under his nose due to having to take care of him as an older brother.

        As the series is finishing this week, and from what I have heard, it seems pretty definite that my ship is approaching rapid and imminent wreckage; drama gods, please please please PLEASE let the second lead get the girl for once. I know it has happened rarely in past, but I have never wished it more and I promise never to wish it ever again. Just please let my baby get with Eun Bi! I truly, truly think it would be the best thing for her (not necessarily for Chi Soo, but as javabeans said, he could still get a skill out of this and find a new purpose in life/hopefully a new love) and I honestly do not think I could survive the hurt Kang Hyuk would feel by an alternate ending. I can already feel the tears starting 🙁

        Finally, what is a main lead anyway? Just because he came first and we are made to see his transformation over the course of the drama, that does not mean he will be the one to win the heroine's heart in the end. This is cable after all, anything could happen (PLEASEEEEEEEEE!).

        (keep in mind anyone that does read this that I have only finished episode 12 and thus have no knowledge of upcoming events. Although I have a feeling from glancing over some things that ep 14 is going to be extremely traumatic for my ship. Please let me be wrong. If I am wrong, and if they do end up together in the end, my joy will be unimaginable and everlasting)

    • 7.2 Birthday Girl

      You know the brother thing is interesting. “I think their relationship would’ve been plenty heartwarming without the direct kinship, and for me, even more so.” I can’t help but remember 49 days when the lost siblings popped up again. It would have been plenty heart warming without it and I agree with you. Which makes me think it’s a cultural thing. Perhaps the American-ness in us that values a kinless family whereas [thinking back on the Asian side of my family] bloodties are of the utmost importance.
      I like to think that the point of it happening in 49 days is more metaphorical and so far I was treating FBRS use of the lost siblings in the same way. But seeing how the last scene played out it seems like it may be an important plot device that makes Cha hesitate. Reminds me of some older dramas where the ‘wife’ falls for the younger brother; which makes this drama endearing because it seems to take a whole bunch of dramas and mix it up with a touch of reality [thinking weird non-perfect guys who don’t give Eunbi the romantic attentions she desires].

  8. ilikehim

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    • 8.1 Em

      OMG. Me too!!!
      But Ba Wool is 1000x more adorable.

      PS: TSUNAMI LOVE lol. It’s so intense!

    • 8.2 bunny

      I completely agree. he totally looks like park jaebum.. but cuter =)

      • 8.2.1 luvCCS

        hah! i thought i’m the only think that bawool is totally JAY’s doppelganger.. he’s totally adorable.

    • 8.3 modestgoddess

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    I thought they coul be brothers but then disarded it cuz the story that KH told Eun Bi in the train…I believed that the mother died when he was just a child…but, I guess I like it.
    They been brothers…
    Well…Its a final conflict, a woman, two brothers…

    Excuse my english…but Im a spanish speaker.

  12. 12 Ani

    I’ve been trying to figure out who it is that my dearest Crazy Chicken reminds me of, and I figured it out from the last episode. He seriously reminds me of young Matsujun, mostly from his Gokusen days with his Hanadan hair. All the more reasons to love him now, although he’s lovable without the comparison. I love how he has figured out how to make Soyi jealous. Serves her right.

    I love that Panda is doing his best to hold together and protect this new family of his. I kind of figure he’s not going to get Eunbi, which makes me sad for him. But it’s ok, there’s still time for them if they want to go that way. If not, than for the love of all that is good, just send him my way.

    • 12.1 Alvina

      ehh. But we knew Panda/Pot couple was fruitless from the beginning. It’s nice that they gave something meaningful for him, other than simply “funny goofball second lead”.

      And, I see MatsuJun but more… Kimi Wa Petto, than Gokusen. Right now, he’s more like “Ducky” from Playful Kiss.

      • 12.1.1 Ani

        I think it’s because of his round cheeks and big lips. Gives off a total Matsujun vibe. XD

        And yeah, Second Leads don’t get the girl unless said Second Lead is Park Shi-hoo. Heh. But seriously, I’ll take Panda if Silver Pot no want. Just sayin’. X)

    • 12.2 jubilantia

      Oh you’re RIGHT. And that explains at least part of my soft spot for him, because Gokusen was my first Asian drama EVER. I had watched the anime and seen that there was a live action on Wikipedia or something. I thought, “Heh, live action anime? This sounds like the worse idea EVER. I’ll just try one episode for the lulz..” Aaaaand cue addiction.

      Panda is going to break my heart, but I think he’ll be okay. He’s just so mellow that it’s hard to be too worried.

      • 12.2.1 Moko

        this sounds sooooo much like my own story. I just don’t remember which anime made me watch the real …. wait….
        I think it was BOF …. 😯 it was BOF??? nonononono wait wait wait wait…. *stuck in memory*

    • 12.3 yamapisukii

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  13. 13 Fiercediva

    Man, Eun Bi’s kimchi brings all the (flower) boys to the yard! She must have saved a planet instead of a nation in her previous life! I wonder what this show has in mind for the tsunami if these last two episodes are part of the “boiling” buildup. And thanks so much for the sunflower/rose translation; it fits so nicely with Chi Soo’s cooking injury being kind of like a rose thorn scratch. Also loving the Swan being jealous over adorable Ba Wool!

    • 13.1 IzOcha

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    • 13.2 Kyuri

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      (kang hyuk + kimchi would have been 101 times hotter though…. We love you panda!!!)

  14. 14 Raitei

    Finally, an upfront, somewhat-daring move from Pillar. Seriously, I think he should stop being too giving toward Chi Soo; it’s the fastest way to lose the girl–even faster than being all clingy like other hateful second leads are.

    I really want Kang Hyuk to experience happiness, but that probably won’t happen if he keeps on covering for the 2 important persons in his life at the same time. I don’t want him to lose without a fight, so it’s refreshing to see him show more gusto for the love competition (if I can even call it that).

    • 14.1 soserious

      funny how kang-hyuk just swoops eun-bi out of the room. HAHA. but dayum he was fierce when he said “you’re my brother, and you can’t sleep with my wife.”

    • 14.2 MARTIAN

      I still ship Kang-hyuk, solo or not <3 he is just so.. adorable D: Maybe whoever we ship says a little bit about each of the commentors just like how Eun bi's choice of the two of them says about her – Kang hyuk being the safe sensible choice and Chi-soo being the odd-ball, boiling hot choice. I like how he just KNOWS what is happening without seeing anything, its like he is psychic o__O

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      Cute vid!


      Oh my sweet lord,
      That person did a slew of WBDS vids and now I am crying AGAIN at my desk.

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    I don’t care at all about the age difference just keep it coming! The scene with the ajummas almost killed me “She only sleeps with me” HA

  21. 21 soserious


    THIS EPISODE WAS TOO AWESOME. Favorite scene had to be…TOO MANY. but i LOL’d so HARD when the ajummas came and they though eun-bi was such a fox with all those men…

    and aw for chi-soo’s character development, making ramyun for eun-bi and all. i loved the whole kimchi scene too. i’m telling you, too much awesomeness. i have to watch the episode again to relive (and calm) the amazing that is this drama.

    i swear, this drama will be the end of me. can’t believe only 4 episodes left!!!

    • 21.1 mimiko

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    Thank god for relaxed cable rules too…can you imagine Chi-soo sniffing Eun-bi instead of full contact? It would be way strange…

    BTW: MJP, you are fast on the keyboard. I’m impressed.

  24. 24 maya

    Will there be any hope for us KH shippers? It seems that EB and CS are gonna end up together. What are they gonna do to KH? I am gonna cry me a river if KH becomes a lonely pillar at the end.

    • 24.1 allen

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  25. 25 Cruelsummer

    Love it so much! Thanks for the recap.

    I have been a staunch Team ChiSoo member since day one. I never and I mean NEVER have second lead syndrome. Second leads do nothing for me, bring on the cavemen! But for one fleeting and scary moment I started to think that maybe Kang-hyuk would be end game. I like the fact that he’s a nice guy, but he doesn’t have all the answers either. He’s just as lost as Chisoo and Eunbi, he’s just better at hiding it. Despite my developing fondness for the second lead, I will be crestfallen if Chisoo and Eunbi don’t happen.

    I hope the brother storyline doesn’t kill the show. Although I expected it, it’s not really doing anything for me.

    I really want to see how Coach and Dong-joo develop. I love how they interact.

    • 25.1 kbap

      I’m okay with the brother story line, I guess it does have a part in having Eun-bi finding out about his mom earlier…though what that does to the story is a complete mystery to me. Anyways, I’ve never had second-lead syndrome either! I stick firmly to the first pairing ’cause I know how it’ll end up (usually) and I kind of eye the second leads as enemies. Well, I know I won’t in Moon Embraces Sun thingymajig 🙂
      Anyways, I kind of hope that the brothers thing will just…well, not ruin things. And maintain this awesome drama. (This is gonna be a favorite for a while). I actually think it’s OK if not made too dramatic (which I don’t think so, knowing that this drama cuts off the touching/romantic scenes with humor, such as Eun-bi’s hair. Hee.)

      • 25.1.1 Sonia

        They should totally have Hyun-woo fall for her and swoop her away from the two brothers. LOL. It would make for too awkward family gathering anyways.

        But seriously, I hate that they are going this route. It’s like the most overused drama cliche ever and it’s getting old. Can’t we for once have some bromance without kinship (oh and all the saint like kids being born to cheaters and wife-swappers) . aaish.

        • Sonia

          P.S: Wouldn’t it be funny if Eun Bi dad also had cruch on Kang Hyuk’s mom? lol lol lol. That would totally be a cherry on the awkward cake.

          • kbap

            OMG it’d be like Baker King (kinda) but so much more INTENSE. And then Hyun-woo’s dad comes in and declares that he’s actually Chi-soo’s dad….
            Uuuuh. Erm. Nevermind. That’s kind of weird.
            I actually don’t really hate the route they’re taking, though I’m really wary of it. If they do it right, do it nice, and solve all problems with Chi-soo and Eun-bi (my bias right there) together, and it’s not a huge crying fest and etc. etc. then I’d think it’s fine…hehe. The situation would have to be huge to not satisfy me. Well if it doesn’t turn out lame. That’s harder to fulfill, lol.

          • alove

            kbap, I totally thought about Baker King every time the topic of Chi Soo’s smelling/tasting ability came up. Lol.

    • 25.2 jubilantia

      I’m the same way about second leads. It’s weirdly easy for me to just shut down any hope from the beginning. Plus, they never have the heroine waffling at all, so it’s partially the writing. I mean, Eun-bi seems to be making herself feel attracted to KH, when in reality I don’t think there would be much forcing.

      The brother stuff does annoy me, if only because it takes away time from the personal growth plotline.

  26. 26 Carrie

    This Rom-Com sure is full of comedy! I laugh just at reading the recaps. LOL

    Hmm, I know this is probably an unpopular opinion but I’m not sure I like how the Eun-Bi – Kang-hyuk – Chi-Soo triangle is starting to go.
    So she runs around with Chi-Soo, letting him kiss and lick her up, then go on dates with Kang-hyuk?
    I know she is guarded and at times, she is pretty level-headed but she really is just WAY too easy! She needs to make up her mind instead of playing around and going wherever the wind goes.

    Think about it, she would have been kissed by Chi-Soo 2 times already had he not wanted to kiss her.
    One night she’s allowing Kang-hyuk to kiss her and then, in the morning, she is being kissed by Chi-Soo. O.oOo

    LOL, that girl. I love her but she needs to know what she wants instead of letting HER decision be made by OTHERS.

    • 26.1 zgznoona

      I think the problem is that what she wants, and what she thinks she needs are two different men. She obviously desires Chisso, but She sees him as a selfish brat. While she believes the best choice for her would be Kang-hyuk, because he feels safe and stable.
      Therefore her heart pulls her one way, her common sense another.
      She should let her heart lead, but that is just my opinion.
      Chisoo has shown how much he has matured in just one episode, and he can do so much better if they let him grow next to Eun-bi that challenge him to get out of his comfort zone

    • 26.2 Fiercediva

      Did Kang Hyuk actually succeed in completing a kiss yet onscreen? For someone acting like he has a wife who should be faithful to him after one movie date/dinner, I’ve yet to see a kiss, a prpopsal, a ring… I don’t even think he finished giving her the hair clasp, did he?

      • 26.2.1 Jomo

        No kisses, sadly, from the tall passive man.

    • 26.3 coolrepublica

      Did you not read the recap? She is head over heal for Chi-soo but that kind of love scares her because he is kind of younger than her. But she can’t stop the tsunami. Sleepy guy is stable and makes her feel a bit more secure, but he doesn’t do anything for her heart. To say that she is easy because she is trying to figuring out her feeling is unfair. Anyhow if having Chi-soo lick my finger and face the way she got hers licked is easy, sign me up. I want to be easy yesterday.

      • 26.3.1 Cruelsummer

        IKR! Some say “easy” I say “lucky”.

      • 26.3.2 Carrie

        The kind of “love” for Chi-Soo that’s a tsunami feels more like lust to me at this point. I don’t doubt they’re not attracted to each other but this “love” is just pure infatuation and infatuation is something that blows up intensely but fades as quickly as it has blown up.

        Haha, anyways, I KNOW, I know that this is just way over-thinking on my part as it is just a drama.
        It’s just I always have a thing about girls being too easily swayed just by a cute little word or move of a guy who can’t commit and overlooking a guy who will really love and stay by her.
        Yes, I’m probably going down with this ship most likely 😉

        • jubilantia

          You’ve got a really good point, and I’ve felt the same thing. The only real conversations EB and CS have had have been why they can’t have each other, who likes who, but not why. No hopes, dreams, anything. The challenge will be to see if they have Chi-soo grow enough to help that lust mature into something deeper. Here’s hoping!

          • what_life

            hear, hear!!

        • tarianantatoer

          to be fair with Chisoo or to any lusty-younger man out there ^^, aren’t we supposed to give em the benefit of the doubt too?

          For me the drama is about ‘just be truth to yourself’ just like appa told her to. She chose to quit her job rather than be bullied, and I’m sure with the time jump, since a hwanung gotta have a high school diploma too, she will choose that boiling-tsunami instead of the reasonable simmering-wave. IMO it’s not about lust, it’s about yunno..luv ^^ you gotta have it if you wanna be boiled for years and years to come, simmering just doesn’t cut it. Sure we think it is a matter of choice, but the thing is the drama is trying to show us that there is the right choice..nope scratch that, there is the truth choice. There is no possibilities here. And yunno what they said about truth ‘it doesn’t have to make sense, the truth is the truth’ and who said this one ‘from time to tome we stumble over the the truth but most of us pick ourselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened’. ^_^

  27. 27 Hypatia

    It is funny how So-Yi questions Chi-Soo’s committment to Eun Bi (while explaining to BaWool) that Chi-Soo can’t run that far with mere slippers on! Little does she know that Chi-Soo ran oh so far, and not just with slippers on- he was full-on geared up for nap time! 😛

    • 27.1 Jomo

      Good catch!
      One by one, all of CCS’s rules are disappearing.

      Girls who cry in front of him are oush!
      He doesn’t like to get things on his clothes.
      He doesn’t like the smell of food. Food cooking maybe cause it reminded him of his mother?
      He certainly never imagined being interested in only ONE girl.

      Surprising changes.

  28. 28 DMKO

    Oh my gosh, this episode was so sexy, yummy and hot!
    Not only can he kiss the stuffing out of you but now he can cook too? Out of my way he is all mine!

    • 28.1 zgznoona

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      I’m pretty sure the line of girls waiting for those hot kisses get longer and longer

      • 28.1.1 kbap

        and longer and longer and longer. I’m signing on my cousins while I’m at it, too. They’ll thank me later.

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  31. 31 via

    Im not sure whats going on here?! whose first then?! Chi soo or Kang Hyuk?! Whose leaving who?! I mean did Kang Hyuk mom get married first have Kang Hyuk and leaving her family to be with Chi soo dad? or the other way around? since Kang hyuk older than Chi soo, it means that she was delivered Kang Hyuk first with other man? then having an affair with chi soo dad then having chi soo too. Then she came back to Kang Hyuk father, raised Kang Hyuk and passed away in Japan. Is that the story?! Maybe somebody would know the answer then?

    • 31.1 zgznoona

      Kang-hyun first, Chi-soo second

      Then when mom was dying, she left Chi-soo and stayed with Kang-hyun

    • 31.2 Jomo

      what zg said.
      Theory is she was all happy being rice with KH’s father, but got swept off her feet by Caviar Chairman Chacuzzi.

      So she left KH’s dad?
      Married the Chairman? (Maybe not- he refers to her has his woman never his wife.) She births CCS, stays for 13 years crying over a photo, guessing it is KH rather than the husband. Goes to Japan, reunites with KH and dies three years later.

      • 31.2.1 Sonia

        Chi-soo, don’t repeat history. You will spend your life being saddie daddie with junior Chi-soo, while Eun Bi will have finally seen the light and run off with Kang Hyuk. 😛

      • 31.2.2 Carrie

        My thinking is that KH’s father probably died.

        • via

          hehehe… still guessing I suppose… maybe in next episode everything will be clear.. huh can’t wait for next episode then..

        • zgznoona

          He did died indeed while his mom was living with Mr. Cha. KH went to live with EB’s dad , and then to lived in Japan. When mom discovered she was dying left the Cha family to be with KH

          • JoAnne

            I’m going crazy trying to figure this out. Where was EB when KH was living with her dad, if he was? They’ve spent the last 5 years living apart, but not entirely – she did see him sometimes. KH was just living in Japan anyway. I keep wondering how, when he was a kid, EB’s dad knew him but EB didn’t – and her mom only died 5 years ago. Only answer I can come up with is that he knew EB’s dad when EB was a really little girl or baby, in which case he didn’t have anything with KH mom…or before EB was born, in which case KH was 5 or less. But then also – someone figured out when KH mom left him…I think it was 10 or so? And he knew EB dad after that point…so he was 10-ish, EB was 4-ish. I think? You’d think if the dad was that involved with a kid, his own family would have known. I hate those kind of dangling mysteries. It makes the plot point but it’s nonsense.

      • 31.2.3 what_life

        if i remember correctly from ep 5, KH’s mom left him to his dad while she went off to daddy chacuzzi n then KH’s dad passed away. Then EB’s dad took him under his wing (which btw, how is it then that EB never knew KH til her dad passed away but he knows of her prior? KH n EB’s dad seems close. she knows bawool but not KH? perhaps KH’s narcolepsy was worse then…)

        the thing i don’t understand also is… how KH’s mom could leave KH behind for daddy chacuzzi. perhaps love for ur partner may fizzle but love for your own child? seriously? unless she was threatened to leave her son or her prev husband begged her to leave him behind, i can’t fathom a respectable n responsible mother doing that. i wonder why KH doesn’t have any resentment toward his mom n daddy chacuzzi.

        the parents story can warrant another TV show of its own. lol.

        • JoAnne

          I’m with you, that’s the other thing that’s puzzling me. How could she leave her son like that? I don’t think it will turn out to be so simple. All her men remember her very fondly, so she doesn’t seem like the kind of woman who would abandon her child for another man.

          • Werefoxter

            not for her own sake but hoping the child has better options, maybe?

          • what_life

            JoAnne, good pt above abt EB may be too young to remember KH. I’m going to try sort out the timeline. Pls bare w/ me… ^^

            Currently, CS is 19, EB is 25, and KH is 31.

            KH was 12 when mom had CS. So she must’ve left him when he was 11 or earlier… unless she had an affair while still married to KH’s dad. She then left CS when he was 10 and went back to KH who was then 22 (n possibly already living in Japan) — how did she manage to find him? 3 yrs later she died. 6 yrs later, KH returned to Korea to take over EB’s dad’s shop.

            At the age of 22, KH is already in Japan. EB was 16 at that point. At the age of 20 (according to her dad’s exclamation when he 1st saw her back again) EB left home because she had that fight w/ her dad.

            Now, we don’t know when KH’s dad died, but between the age of 11 and 22 KH must’ve gotten close to EB’s dad. EB will be b/w 5-16 yo. She should’ve seen him at some point no? N at some point, would be old enough to notice n remember him? Perhaps, she’s just too busy being a self-absorbed teenager at that point. Afterall, she did always try to avoid the shop. But how could she not know him while he knows about her and her “sexy” temper? I also wonder when the contract was drafted n why the father worried so much abt dying early that he had to sign a contract to leave her n the shop in KH’s care.

            I’m really curious abt what happened in the past. Because I believe it had shaped these 3 individuals (CS, KH n EB) w/ the shortcomings that each is struggling w now: CS – emotionally challenged; EB – identity crisis; KH – passivity n avoidance. But I’m afraid with the time constraint (4 epis left) n so many issues unsorted, we’re not going to get a good look at the past… Ok, I’m done over-analyzing.

      • 31.2.4 Anduril

        So, the full timeline with ages (CS, EB, KH)

        (NB, 0, 5) EB-Dad leaves Japan
        (0, 0-5, 5-11) KH-Mom Leaves
        ?(1, 7, 13)? KH-Dad dies, KH moves to Korea(relatives but not mom?) and meets EB-Dad ?
        (10, 16, 22) KH-Mom leaves to Japan
        (13, 19, 25) KH-Mom dies, EB leaves home
        (19, 24, 30) time of show

        So KH had to have been saved by EB dad while EB was too little to remember/care (6-10yrs?). JoAnne I think its plausible that a young girl might not remember one kid 6 yrs older than her, who was probably one of many in her dad’s shop. Also, KH knew EB enough to remember her “sexy temper” (ep 3)

        • Angela

          A quick side note… EB says she remembers her dad talking about the great food he had in Japan with KH’s mom & Dad when they’re looking at the pix (from the box on the high shelf)… may EB’s dad learned ramyun from KH’s folks (so before he married EB’s mom). And I agree she may not have recognized this handsome man as the older kid from her childhood. Could also be the writers didn’t really close all the holes in the back-story. 😉 Regardless… it’s all good fun and I love reading the comments here. Glad I’m not the only one obsessing over small details! 8)

  32. 32 junie

    OMG…can i have Kang Hyuk to pick me up everytime…and give me his teddy hug…Aww…

  33. 33 pauroro

    Chi-soo’s character growth is astounding!

  34. 34 jambo42

    I don’t think I’ll ever look at kimchi in the same way ever again! (….mind blank…)

  35. 35 Sonia

    I had actually suspected that they were going for some family secrets when the same song reminded Kang-hyuk of his mother and Chi-soo’s dad of his wife.

    • 35.1 kbap

      Hmmmmm, same. I like how the drama’s not too draaaagged out and takes many episodes for the hero to find out. Yay! Neat and clean and concise in two episodes. Obviously it’ll take some time to work it out, but at least Chi-soo already knows. (I hate ignorant people in drama they are so…oblivious. Too oblivious.) 🙂

  36. 36 Z

    I SERIOUSLY hope this isn’t one of those stories where Mom leaves her family to die of cancer because she would rather have them think she’s a bad person than to have them suffer (because they are gonna suffer either way, HELLO!!!!). Obviously it didn’t work since the Cha men know she died in Japan, at least Daddy does. Seriously, it’s a ridiculous plot device and so overused. Praying that’s not th case here.

    • 36.1 Cruelsummer

      I friggin’ hate that running-off-to-die alone storyline. I almost stopped watching ‘Dream High’ over that foolishness.

      • 36.1.1 Z

        Right? Has that ever happened in real life? I mean, I know it’s just a drama but can we please ground it in something plausible? There are thousands of reasons why real women leave their families every day… can we not borrow one of those?

  37. 37 ava

    Love it! Thanks Javabeans! Now my week is complete.

    • 37.1 ava

      Oh crap. It should have been “girlfriday”! But thanks you two for the wonderful caps!!

  38. 38 umalily

    I may have squealed a couple of times here! I want kimchi.

  39. 39 Ace

    I love this show.

  40. 40 junie

    I swear to god that KIMCHI KISS is making my knees weak…so sexy…..never thought that kimchi could be this ‘HOT’…. screw the age difference! I don;t care…

    • 40.1 kbap

      Same! Halfway through this series I just stopped caring. I just NEED to see them together! 😉

  41. 41 cv

    thank you much for recap! 🙂 Yeyey!

  42. 42 ladymarmalade

    I want Kang Hyuk for Eun Bi, pls! C`mon girl, younger guys are trouble, 5 years from now, you`ll see Chi Soo cheating on you coz you`re old and saggy! He`s still young, so obviously, hormones are raging and the fire is hotter but gets bored easily. And as much is I love JIW, his character, just like the long lost half brother, is overused. It`s been done so many times that I find it very annoying now. lol So pls, make this one a lil diff. Let the good guy have the girl and not the robot one. Let this experience be a lesson for him while KH & EB end up together. PLEASE PD!

    • 42.1 Sonia

      Same. I want Kang Hyuk and Eun Bi together. As much as it might be fun and thrilling to be with Chi-soo, I can’t help but feel like it’s going to be like a short lived torrential rain… It starts suddenly, makes you dripping wet in a matter of minutes, but it can end just as quickly as it started. Whereas, Kang Hyuk’s love feels more comfortable, something that grows with time. There might not be sparks flying everywhere when she is with Kang Hyuk, but their relation has the potential of being the kind where each is a a comfort for the other, like you can’t not see the other person. Chi-soo has a lot of passion, yes, but that’s just hormones and you ain’t gonna have that raging hormones all your life. yo. I can’t, for the love of god, see Chi-soo and Eun Bi having a heart to heart conversation about life, about anything really. But I can see that with Kang Hyuk, and how CAN you be with someone who cannot communicate well with. Hormones will last you just so much.

      • 42.1.1 Sonia


      • 42.1.2 TammieR

        I concur with you two. While it’s great to have the heart race etc., there is something even better that happens when you have found someone who you connect with on a deeper level. After nearly 29 years of marriage, I can say that I’m way happier now than I was at the beginning, and he made my heart pound then (and still does) *blush*. There is something about the comfort of true love.

        I vote Kang Hyuk. I’m irritated that we have seen him really making any physical advances. Maybe if he laid a big smooch on her in the next episode, there would be more people shipping them! Come on KH! Man up!

        • JoAnne

          Right…everyone who thinks KH is comfort and not sexy…wait a few years. He’s the sexiest kind of guy of them all.

        • Len

          Agreed! IF ONLY THEY KISSED. JUST ONE KISS and I would be satisfied. At least that way, even if she hated it, she and we could be sure of her true feelings. The only advantage Chi Soo has over Kang Hyuk is physical aggression ):<

    • 42.2 what_life

      Can I join this sinking ship?
      I don’t understand why Eunbi craves for a tsunami. Tsunami swoops in, knocks you over and retreats as quickly as it comes and leaves only devastation in its wake. A wave, on the other hand, comes in all shapes and magnitudes depending on the season but it’s always there. N who says wave is not exciting? Surfers always seek wave but not tsunami.

      Okay, enough metaphors… at this stage, I can’t see Eunbi and Chisoo as a lasting couple yet. Chisoo may be the better lover, but can he also be the better companion? Can’t have one but not the other if he is touted to be the soulmate. He is slowly transforming to a human being but will he ever get there n meet Eunbi half way n be happy? Eunbi always struggles w her identity. Can Chisoo help her assert who she is and not rob her off it? I hope the writer can convince me in this department in 4 episodes remaining. Heh… i know this is a korean drama filled w/ fluff n i shudn’t over-analyze but still… -_-;;; kang hyuk is too good to waste.

      kang hyuk… come on… up your game. crank the heat n let that simmer come to a boil. don’t let eunbi scratch her chin all day!

      • 42.2.1 tinabobina

        I don’t really have a side, both seem pretty good to me, (in dramaworld!) but I have to agree, kang hyuk needs to step up his game. Chi soo is doing all this stuff and kang hyuk just talks and talks. He’s not going to win her over just by calling her wifey! He needs to step up to the plate, I think he knows how to play the game

        • seeyathecat

          but I think that is part of his charm, is that he doesn’t have to do anything.

          That he is always going to be there no matter what.

          He is someone you can always go to and will always be there for you.

          Someone you can always count on.

          When ever you need help he will come running.

          you know all those good sayings
          personally, I love him. He is a cutie.I’ll take him home.

      • 42.2.2 min

        I agree with this 100%. Chisoo is just too young and has yet to discover himself let alone help confused Eunbi find herself. She needs the “poll” or the “wave” that is constant and stable in her life. I really can’t see Chisoo and Eunbi having any meaningful conversation.
        And I want kang hyuk to step it up for real! Can’t just hand her off like that! I think he actually had a chance and messed it up.

        • IZ

          Ohmygod, you people on dramabeans :’) I thought i was the only one shipping them. Agree 100 % !!

    • 42.3 Pitch

      “younger guys are trouble, 5 years from now, you`ll see Chi Soo cheating on you coz you`re old and saggy! He`s still young, so obviously, hormones are raging and the fire is hotter but gets bored easily.”

      There is a lot of stereotyping going on here. The way this show is written, that is clearly not the case. Eun-bi hears “bells” with CS, which according to the the fourtune teller lady from ep. 1 indicates that they are “soulmates”. This show is about them overcoming their various differeneces and shortcommings to be together, I doubt something as insignificant as wrinkles will play a role in their relationship.

  43. 43 darkskyes

    i agree with u that i find the whole brother thing unnecessary cuz i like bonds being formed not through genetic connections or tragedy like more kdramas xD

    • 43.1 apple freeman

      i guess, the brother-link may have some implications from KH’s side. KH mentioned he promised her mum something….. and also YEB’s dad to protect her…….from the previous few eps, it seems that there is a struggle psychologically and emotionally inside KH. He is angry when CCS takes her wifey directly from his eyes and he also lost his temper by throwing the onions to the sink. when CCS said “he cooks raymen in order to win his wifey”…….this is very rare as his personality is calm, considerate and caring…..

      KH is a good and responsible man keeping promise with heart……that is to protect her wife (as YEB’s dad’s will) and to re-union with his brother (as part of her mum’s will).

      However, it is also heartbreaking to accept the fact that his brother likes his girl (wifey) and most importantly HE, durning his first dating, “witnesses” their hot and deep KISSES (twice) in a public area……..he knows better than anyone that CCS and YEB are falling to each other intensively (boiling inside) because of their true feelings (not thinking). He is too considerate and acts even involuntarily inside to give up/ or withdraw…….remember, he wraps CCS and YEB’s Hands, and says if CCS is a better man than him, then he will acknowledge it………. that is too COOL to himself…….if he keeps his wife, then he will be in rival with his brother. Clearly, He is struggle inside whether to strike for his love or his brotherhood……..I can feel how hard it is to encounter this situation

  44. 44 sorcy79au

    Oh yeah! I called it! And I knew, Kang Hyuk knew too! GOD I’m good!
    Can’t wait to watch the ep!

  45. 45 coolrepublica

    Great recap. Watched it twice today with no sub. I was surprised with myself on how much Korean I actually understand now after years of watching dramas. But it was nice to have my suspicions confirmed.

  46. 46 Laya

    /sits down and fans self while hyperventilating.

    Thank *puff* you *puff* for *puff* the *puff* recap! *long puff*

  47. 47 westpointer

    Love this drama to pieces. Every single scene seems perfectly shot and executed. All the guys and the girl so hot, and supernature , except Baek-Hap-nyun. This is torture waiting for the next week episode.

  48. 48 Alvina

    This drama is so ridiculously one couple sided that it’s just hurting me to watch sometimes haha.
    It’s like, a manhwa, where you absolutely know the couples but you cant help but think of “what if” situations.

    That said, for a high school kid, Chi Soo absolutely WORKS it.
    And Eun Bi, dayyymmnn. I think her father is sending her good karma waves from heaven or something haha 😀

    Also, need more Hyun Woo/ Crazy Chicken please?!

    • 48.1 Do-ra-ma

      It’s like you got exactly into my head and typed out my thoughts!

      It reminds me of the Japanese manga Ouran High School Host Club in terms that the OTP is soooooo obvious, but the potential for the “what ifs” with others is everywhere. But, still…gah!

      There really is no excitement for me with this show in terms of the romance department. We KNOW who it’s gonna be in the end. But, I don’t think I’m watching it for that anymore – I’m watching it for all the other relationships. And the crack.

  49. 49 Jomo

    Thank you for the recap. So nice to come home to.

    So I have a problem here with something.
    Daddy Cha says EB is rice, and ramyun, and warmth:
    “Men like us are bound to fall for women like you. Because caviar has never experienced warmth.”

    The last person, EB’s ex, who said she was like ramyun insulted her…He put in the context of always being there for her, making her sound quotidian.

    So is it a bad thing or a good thing? Or like anything, depends on the source? Daddy Cha definitely made it sound like CCS Oma left because she was sick of the caviar life. Are we more worried that YEB would not be able to live with CCS because he is caviar?

    The mouth and the thumb, the kiss on the cheek – best use of JIW’s potent inherent hotness ever. They didn’t make it too hardcore – it was nice and fast – but the impact? Oy!
    Watched it bunches already. They really make this voyeurism enjoyable, don’t they?

    The number of electrons jumping back and forth between these two is crazy high. Resistance is futile. (Did I just make a physics joke?) I believe that attraction like that happens for a biological reason, and won’t wear off.
    It doesn’t mean they won’t want to KILL each other after a few years if they don’t establish other connections. The desire to be together needs to equal the amount of work both sides are willing to put into the relationship.

    Can CCS continue to grow before YEB’s eyes? Can he turn into the man she deserves? Doesn’t he have to graduate high school first?!

    That means time jump, or possibly a wistful gazing into the future before the end of this drama. What else is there?

    • 49.1 Alvina

      haha, the physics joke is much appreciated.
      And the fact that they seemingly dont need school, Chi Soo anyway, kind of irks. Me thinks that while the boys are away, it should give Kang Hyuk ample time to play.

      But it doesn’t 🙁

      • 49.1.1 Jomo

        Exactly! Seriously, he is co-habitating. He could walk into her bedroom and seduce her any time, but he hasn’t even kissed her yet. So he is done – I have given up on him.
        It is ep 12 already, man! Doesn’t he know his time is running out?

        I wonder if it is possible for her NOT to choose one or the other? Has that happened in a drama yet? My Love Patizzi?

        • tarianantatoer

          Not to choose? Between Hwanung and Panda is that even possible?

          Wae a healty sane Yeoja will do that? Borrowing Chisoo’s words “are you a yeoja or a kkondae” (Yay learning new word)

          Tho’ in reality most woman will choose to be a yeoja with the Hwanung that moment and be a kkondae and play house with Panda later on. As for me Chwa all the way ^^

        • Alvina

          I feel your frustration Jomo.
          From what we’ve learned from gems like Attic Cat, Full House and 9E2O is that once the guy and girl are in one house together, they ~should~ be having a love/hate relationship or contract romance.

          Alas, we have that trope in competition with the “Forbidden relationship” trope of highschool/rich boy with older/poor woman.

          Which K-drama cliche shall win?

          I, too, have given up. We know that if two brothers fall in love with the same woman, it’s doomed 🙁

    • 49.2 kbap

      I think that Chi-soo will grow up. Well as far as I know he’ll probably graduate high school, lol. But yes. They really need to connect in more than one way, more than tsunamis of love and love boiling over (and more than because it’s Eun-bi, she boils over faster). I think there might be a time jump, but I would be all frowny face if that happened. Well, not really, but I’d prefer no time skips. No time skips and I’ll be all smiley. 🙂

    • 49.3 apple freeman

      agreed, even though 2 persons is connected intensively (has feelings of loving each other), it is only the start of a relationship BUT it doesn’t guarantee anything if they do not respect each other and commit themselves for……i think love or being in love is not a static but dynamic and ongoing process……

      just like the process of creation of new raymens, if one is customer-focus/ lover-focus and make with heart, the taste will be great and highly surprised /appreciated by those who are going to eat……..it is so touching……one can feel the warmth heart from a bowl of hot ramyun…..

      i think somethings have to be clarified before the end of this drama:

      1.dad cha’s traumatic love story did has negative impacts on CCS’s attitude towards love, life and self-image etc (i feel that CCS is cool outside but warm inside, unfortunately, it is hard for him to express himself fully and cannot accurately communicate well with others………As a result, he looks down on other people, and he builds and lives in his own castle………he is also lucky as he starts to love someone and can experience something totally different, eventually, he learns a lot from this process

      2. YEB’s dad has his own sad story with wife, and being misunderstood by his daughter, as a result, YEB left his dad and is reluctant to see him for 5 years. What are the reasons? His loss of wife and YEB’s loss of mum has both negative impacts to their life. It may helps us to understand why YEB is hesitated to be loved and not feeling secured to start a new relationship with man

      3. It is a bit sad that most of the guys/kids experience hardship during their childhood in a way that they do not have enough family care and support/ parents’ love etc. They all treasure the love and care from/among their real families (instead of the fake family). Are there any messages, the writer wants to show us, like the meanings of LOVE, FAMILY, RELATIONSHIP and commitment????

      Look forward to seeing such a wonderful drama with stimulating theme and good ending…….

      a coin has 2 sides

  50. 50 keenoi

    wow!! this is fast. thanks alot JB <3 <3

    this episode is too much with hotness. i think i have to work my butt out to get focus on my work today *sigh*

    • 50.1 Alexaxu

      you mean *girlfriday right?

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