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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Episode 13
by | December 12, 2011 | 170 Comments

Not to state the obvious, but this drama really hinges on Jung Il-woo — and not just because he’s adorable, but because he brings depth to Chi-soo that is indispensable to the show. There are definite moments of the ridiculous in the plot — you know, just one or two — but it’s his reactions that tell us how seriously to take it, and him. He’s like a barometer of absurdity, if you will. Funny how the most outrageous character of all can also be what grounds the crazy in something real, something we can feel and understand.


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EPISODE 13: “Gloomy Sunday”

Kang-hyuk drops the bomb about being Chi-soo’s brother. Far from being surprised, Chi-soo asks if he means he’s that you know from Japan. Kang-hyuk confirms: “I’m the son of the man our mother loved before she met your father.”

Outside, Eun-bi pounds on the door, increasingly frantic. Ba-wool and Hyun-woo wonder at her panic (“That’s not the bathroom” — ha), and she wails that the boys are about to come to blows over her. Bwahaha.

Chi-soo sneers at Kang-hyuk’s parents’ hokey love story and wonders why he’s only sharing this news now if he’s known all this while. Kang-hyurk replies that he’d seen no need to share before.

Ba-wool winds up to charge at the door, and leaps forward to ram it in — at which point Kang-hyuk opens the door and catches a flying Ba-wool in his arms. Aw, it’s an accidental hug.

To their surprise, Chi-soo and Kang-hyuk walk out calmly, unharmed. Declaring that it’s too loud for their conversation, they head outside, declining offers of help from the others. Eun-bi declares that this is a matter for the adults and sends Ba-wool and Hyun-woo back to bed, only to have Chi-soo and Kang-hyuk tell her to step aside as well: “You’re the loudest of all.”

Banished from the brothers’ conversation, Eun-bi explains that they’re fighting because they both like her. Ba-wool expresses his disapproval (“Are you bragging?”) and starts to scold his noona, but Hyun-woo steps in to defend her. Their argument boils down to They’re Six Years Apart vs. Age Is Just A Number (And We’ll Be Adults Soon Anyway), followed by a round of But They’re Completely Different vs. So Are You And So-yi, But You Like Her.

Then their argument takes a turn, cutting Eun-bi entirely out of the loop as Hyun-woo says he’s disappointed in Ba-wool for being narrow-minded (“I thought you were free-spirited!”) and Ba-wool retorting that Hyun-woo’s clueless (“And you acted so smart!”). Oh no, is this bromance on the rocks? Quick, someone knit a sweater!

The brothers resume their talk outside, with Chi-soo explaining his lack of shock by saying that chaebols have their ways of dealing with stuff like this — secret children, black sheep, People Who Must Not Be Named. Kang-hyuk sighs that he’d been holding back on asking Chi-soo to back off his woman because he was his kid brother, to which Chi-soo retorts, “Which is why I took her from you.” Kang-hyuk returns, “Which is why your mother left. Because you have no idea how to care for people, the selfish Cha family.” Ouch, though probably a little true.

Chi-soo fires right back that that’s the difference between their fathers: Selfishness is attractive in a capable man, while Kang-hyuk’s untalented father has nothing to his name but his pure spirit. Crumpling his water bottle in his hand, he warns Kang-hyuk that any more insults to Cha Sung will get him hurt. Kang-hyuk takes the bottle, blows it full of air again, and says that he doesn’t care if he’s hurt, but if Chi-soo hurts innocent other people, he’ll have to be there blowing on their wounds (aka, fixing the damage).

By “innocents” he means Eun-bi, whom he describes as old-fashioned. If she were to learn the truth, she’d hide, or run. Chi-soo snatches back the water bottle and crumples it again and says he knows her better, so cut the know-it-all act and keep his trap shut.

Eun-bi frets on the phone to Dong-joo, looking for sympathy in the wrong place since the only advice she gets is, “Just enjoy it!” Eun-bi argues that she’s in no position to enjoy this; she’s so wound up she can’t sleep. Cut to: Eun-bi sprawled in morning light.

Chi-soo wakes her and she fusses over him, checking for bodily damage. He asks how she could sleep in such a situation, and she protests that she definitely waited up late for a phone call. He leans in, all cheeky with an expectant smile; “From who, me?” She stops to consider this, and he grumps, “Or Onion?”

She asks what he’s so cranky about, and he pinches her lips together with his fingers, saying it’s only natural since these belong to him now, reminding her that they kissed and she said he made her heart boil over. Ba-wool storms up, “You kissed?

Hyun-woo interrupts with another problem, and the gang comes inside to see Kang-hyuk taking down Eun-bi’s bedroom door, so as to prevent more nighttime visits by other men. That’s so petty of him, but it amuses me.

Eun-bi talks it out with Dong-joo again, who reiterates her “Enjoy it” mantra. She adds that it’s not fair to expect the woman in the love triangle to always be torn up about it, or that, for example, if two teachers date at the same school, it’s always the woman who’s negatively affected. You know. Hypothetically, I’m sure.

When Eun-bi comes back to a tense ramyun shop, she has four men jumping down her throat: “Where were you?” She says she needed some air, and Kang-hyuk decides that they all need a break to recharge, so tomorrow (Sunday) will be their day off.

Ba-wool suggests playing baseball with noona, only to have Chi-soo interject that he’s taking her on a date, only to have Kang-hyuk interject that he was planning on taking her on a date, to which Hyun-woo defends his friend as having spoken up first, which gets an indignant Ba-wool backing up Kang-hyuk’s claim.

Fed up, Eun-bi calls an end to the squabbling. Pointing in turn, she designates Kang-hyuk as Bachelor No. 1, and Chi-soo as Bachelor No. 2 (let’s just hope she’s not a Vampire Prosecutor fan): “I’m going to date both of you.”

The brothers posture to each other, both throwing around their egos a bit, confident that they’ll win out in the end. Chi-soo says Eun-bi’s just playing hard to get, and tells him that in all the dramas, the girl always chooses the skilled bad boy. Ergo, Chwa.

Kang-hyuk says that might be true for ’93 roosters, but ’81 roosters have moved past that. He adds a rule to their date-off: Until Eun-bi makes her final decision, “no skinship.” Whaaa? Are you trying to sink this show, Mr. Pillar? Just ’cause you’re a sexy panda doesn’t mean that others can’t have libidos more in rabbit territory.

Eun-bi considers the new dress she bought with Dong-joo, as well as the new advice: “Dating is like shopping. If you don’t try it out firsthand, how will you know if it suits you or not?” Time to try ’em on, both dress and date.

So-yi’s friends ask what she’s going to do on this Sunday, wondering if she’s been ditched by both Chi-soo and Ba-wool, since neither have been around. With a confident smile to prove that she’s still got it, So-yi calls Ba-wool and aegyo-pouts to him to come right away… then loses the smile after her friends leave, showing us that the call is still ringing. Haha. I love frustrated So-yi. So. Much.

Over on the other end, Ba-wool is fighting with himself — literally, hand over hand — over whether to answer her call. He insists he can’t pick up, and when the call goes to voicemail, So-yi lets out a squeak of frustration. It is so satisfying. Panning down to his phone display reveals a whole log of calls from her.

Hyun-woo warns that he’s risking losing her, but Ba-wool states that it’s all part of the push-pull. Which makes sense, given that the relationship has been horribly skewed the whole time, with him leaping to do So-yi’s bidding. Ba-wool snipes at Hyun-woo, asking if he has no friends to be spending his Sunday knitting, and Hyun-woo snipes back at him to mind his own business.

Eun-bi comes out decked out in sexy black dress for her date. Kang-hyuk is waiting, and the screen captions him like a contestant in a dating show, listing his stats, which include “Body size: Pillar” and ending on “Kiss success rate: 1 attempt, 1 failure.”

Kang-hyuk takes her to another ramyun shop on their date, but one glance at the chef at the counter leads to angry voices and challenging poses. Ramyun Chef levels a ladle at Kang-hyuk and declares, “How dare you… the hidden son of my father!” Whaaa-? Wait, is this for real? I actually kind of hope it is, because it takes the whole Chi-soo kinship thing and turns it on its ear.

Kang-hyuk assumes a fighting stance, the boys grab chopsticks as weapons…and Eun-bi jumps in to knock down the chef. That’s adorable, stepping in for your not-quite-man.

As soon as the chef drops, Kang-hyuk drops the ‘tude, though, and hurries forward in concern. Turns out they were just joking. HA!

The fight gives a different couple a chance to escape unseen — Dong-joo’s here with Coach, on a sorta-date of their own. She tells him she forgot everything that happened “that day” due to drinking too much, trying to see how he’d react, and he says the same thing, feeling disappointed. Now they rush out holding hands, and decide to take this to Round 2 for drinks.

It appears that Ramyun Chef actually is Kang-hyuk’s half-brother, but the animosity was the joke. They both laugh that birth secrets are best referenced in serious tones, for entertainment value. Chef-bro asks for an introduction, surprised to hear that Eun-bi’s Korean: “That’s surprising. He never dates Korean women.”

Chi-soo asks his father why Mom went back to Japan. Dad replies that her heart had been hurting, and she wanted to go back to where she came from before she died. Chi-soo clarifies that he was asking something more specific: Why she didn’t love Dad through the end?

Dad: “If I knew, why would I be like this?” He adds that one thing Mom had particular difficulty with was the food — everything Dad liked was stuff she didn’t, likening it to a lion eating grass.

On their walk home, Kang-hyuk explains that his decision not to date Korean women stems from his parents: Mom was Korean, to the dissatisfaction of Dad’s Japanese family, and the family opposition is what led to their split. As the product of that relationship, he’d decided it was too painful a path and determined that he was best off not falling for a Korean woman.

Eun-bi tries to comfort him, though she makes a muck of it and laughs that he probably can’t understand a word she’s saying: “What I mean is, it’s just the two of us here, but I’m Korean and you’re Japanese, and I’m sorry.” He takes her by the shoulders and says, “It’s just the two of us here — can we just be a man and a woman?” Rawr.

She stumbles in her heels and he holds her up, finding her so cute he has to pinch her cheeks. He calls her “Yang fatale,” as in, you heart-breaker, you. At which point an objection arises: “That’s breaking the rules!”

Enter Bachelor No. 2. His stats include “Kiss success rate: 3 attempts, undefeated.”

Chi-soo reminds Kang-hyuk of their no-skinship rule and gestures Eun-bi away for her second date, with him.

Chi-soo pulls up to a fancy hotel for dinner, and she tries to play it cool like she’s totally at home in a place like this. Over a steak dinner, he tells her she can stop with the playing-hard-to-get, Yang fatale routine now. Just admit she likes him.

To his utter shock, she answers that she’s not playing a role, but is doing her utmost to suss out how she really feels. He’s incredulous, saying that he kissed her, cooked ramyun for her, and admitted he likes her: “Naturally you should like me.” In fact, she’s pretty much hit the life jackpot to have won his interest.

And just like that, he instructs her to quit the shop and move out, since he’ll secure new living quarters in his hotel and a position at Cha Sung. Oh, sigh. You mean so well, and yet, there’s the perpetual fumble on the dismount.

Eun-bi looks disappointed with that and takes her first bite of steak, tasting it for a moment before spitting it back onto her plate: “This beef just doesn’t suit my taste.” Aw. Familiar words.

He follows her out to stop her, at which point she asks if he would be able to comply were she to give him the same instructions: move out and live with her at the ramyun shop. Naturally he doesn’t see the reason for that, and answers that Cha Sung is a better workplace, and the hotel tons bigger than her tiny room: “I want to make things better for you.”

And the thing is, Chi-soo’s entirely earnest. For him, it’s simple economics: “I have more money than you, so I can do more for you.”

Eun-bi sees that he means well, and with one hand to his chest, she tells him his heart is good: “I didn’t see that, and just got angry.” And yet… She says she’s too materialistic to strip everything aside and just see his heart. As she starts to leave, he tells her that if she really goes, it’s really over. He won’t keep holding onto her.

Chi-soo entreats her to come out from her place to meet him, since he can’t stay there in her world. He promises to shower her with the good life, and she tells him sadly not to talk “like a lion eating grass.”

Dong-joo and Coach spot Eun-bi leaving the hotel sniffling back in tears, and wonder at her busy dating life. The closeness reminds them of that other night, and both admit that they hadn’t forgotten after all, skulking back behind a bush to repeat the kiss.

Chi-soo sits in front of the saddest dessert ever, eating alone, replaying Eun-bi’s words: “You’re a lion, but why do you keep trying to eat grass?”

Once home, Eun-bi thinks back to all of Chi-soo’s sweet gestures and faces her reflection in the mirror, calling herself a coward.

Kang-hyuk watches Eun-bi sleep and tucks her into bed, resisting his urge to brush aside her hair (it’s his rule, after all), settling for setting the hairpin on top of her hair. Turns out she was awake through it all, though, and she looks at the pin with a smile.

Kang-hyuk heads out for a run (to work out his sexual frustration? That’s so cute), coming back some time later to see a fancy car pulling up in front of the store. It’s Daddy Cha, who has received the disturbing report that Kang-hyuk is the son of his lost love. Hm, this can’t be good…

Meanwhile, Chi-soo arrives at Eun-bi’s bedside and watches her sleep, then pats her head. Eun-bi murmurs, eyes closed, “Boss, why did you come back instead of going to bed?”

This brings out Indignant Chi-soo: “Onion was here?!” The reason for his presence: He’s done a little investigating online, and shows her his cell phone, set to a page (like Ask Yahoo) where he has asked, “Can lions eat grass?” Turns out, according to the responses, sometimes lions do. Aw, how like him to cling to the literal for hope.

Eun-bi urges him to leave quickly before the others find out, but he resists. Lying down next to her, he declares, “I’m going to sleep here tonight.” He agrees that he’s crazy to spend the first night of his life sleeping without a bed, and grabs her tight to keep her with him.

She flails and ends up elbowing him in the chest, then reminds him that they’d agreed to end things. He asks, “Does that work for you? Can you be okay without seeing me? I can’t do it.” He declares that he knows it’s crazy for a lion to eat grass, or to mix caviar into rice, “But I don’t know about all that — I just want to hold you.”

Melt. What’s a girl to say to that? And now he uses her name for the first time — not intern, not eebbeunie — entreating, “Eun-bi-ya.”

And so, they give it a try. Lying side by side, they’re adorably nervous, like young kids who’ve never even held hands, much less danced around much hotter innuendo for weeks, months on end. Her head rests on his arm as a pillow, but that’s their only point of contact with a huge gap of space between their bodies.

Chi-soo’s other hand makes the tentative journey over her shoulder, carefully landing over her torso, but Eun-bi flips out on him and he ends up stuttering that she touched his chest, so why can’t he return the favor? Hee. So it’s “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” he?

She retorts, “Is a woman’s chest the same as a man’s?!” He insinuates that there’s not much difference between theirs, at least, which gets her huffy. But before she can get up and leave, Chi-soo pulls them both down together, her face turned into his chest: “Now I’m really holding you.”


I can’t help but feel for Chi-soo, even though I still think he’s all mixed-up about what it takes to be a boyfriend or a provider. He still thinks in terms of money, like he did when he tried to pay off Hyun-woo’s father’s debt, because, well, that’s the only way he has any agency in this world. If he doesn’t solve things with money, he has to own up to the fact that some things are out of his power, and that just does not compute for his grand Chwa brain.

In fact, it’s the same sort of thinking that has stunted Daddy Cha, which makes Dad not just the cute teddy bear of a dad who gets jealous of cartoon characters but a truly sad cautionary tale. I didn’t actually think Chi-soo’s mother’s story was going to have as big of a role as it has, but now that we see the story behind that fractured relationship, there’s a bigger message that’s emerging for Chi-soo: Don’t repeat your father’s mistakes, if you want to avoid his fate in becoming a morose, befuddled, lonely man.

I love that Chi-soo is trying, though, despite the way he sometimes trips things up for himself with his big gestures. He means well though — he just wants to Fix It, using the only tools he’s ever known — which Eun-bi finally recognizes, and when he’s told lions can’t eat grass, he doesn’t just let that put an end to things but tries to find a way so that they can. Maybe Dad never tried hard enough to see outside his bubble, which is why Mom had to leave in the end, because he wasn’t meeting her halfway. I hope Chi-soo’s the kind of guy who realizes that love can’t be an all-or-nothing, your-world-or-mine proposition. You’ve gotta figure out how to eat your caviar with rice if you want to be together. (Thankfully, there’s sushi.)


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      I agree that Chi Soo is farther along maturity-wise than Joo Won at this juncture, but please please please scriptwriters, stopping bogging us down and get on with it!

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      But as a viewer? It IS quite frustrating. This drama is ending soon and there’s no resolution anywhere in sight. ARGH! It’s sad watching Panda go through this though. Which is another reason to be frustrated. A heart will hurt more if it holds on to false hope for too long.

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      Yeah, it’s definitely spinning its wheels a bit. If the format can derail a drama so awesome as this, it’s one more tick on the side of the j-drama format. Come oooon, Korea! Also, I still love it, but it would be helpful if they had conversations relating to each other, rather than about why they can’t step out of their societal levels.

      Also, what the HELL with the misogynistic door-removing, Panda? On one hand it’s somehow endearing, but on the other, UUUUUUUUUGH.

      • 12.4.1 CoffeeWithCinnamon

        Psst. “misogynistic door-removing” is actually very consistent with the character. He’s self-appointed himself a husband who’s supposedly “taking care” of Eunbi by trying to take over her agency because he obviously knows best. I’m afraid Panda-lovers will hate on me into the next year, but truth is Kanghyuk is one of the more chauvinistic characters I’ve seen recently. And, he’s supposedly mature AND allegedly a good guy. Which just makes me mad. He’s NOT a good guy. He’s patronizing and self-important and misogynistic and his general attitude towards women is abhorrent. Worse even, it is glorified in a way by the show, making him a sort of role model for Chisoo. Seriously? Seriously??

        • aardvarksmile

          Seriously :D. Take the “women” part of your statement put “people” and you get ChiSoo. Is it any better?
          And actually, KH wasn’t really shown around women to call him a misoginist – he usually interacts with (flower)boys.

          And please believe me, as much as I love Kang Hyuk, I DO NOT hate you ๐Ÿ˜‰ cheers!

          • CoffeeWithCinnamon

            OK. So Chisoo is a kid. He needs educating. Not that adults don’t need that, but when you’re 30, being ignorant about your own privilege and sexism is that much worse, yano. I don’t mind when a guy who’s barely legal is not all that aware of the workings in the society, because he’s not been exposed to it much. I do mind when ignorance is being claimed by adults as an excuse, but even more so, I mind when nobody even bothers with an excuse and sexist behavior is written as “proper” and “right” and something to strive for.

            Plus, it’s the way writers choose to paint their characters. I mean, they basically scream how horrible Chisoo’s privilege is (which isn’t wrong, obv, and I’m in total support of his learning a lesson or a hundred about how to treat people), but they’re not penalizing KH for his misogyny. They’re not addressing it at all. They actually make it look like it’s so normal it’s not even a problem at all.

            And the sole act of calling Eunbi wifey and then how he moved himself into her house and just basically took over the role of the patriarch is more than enough proof of his sexism. I mean, sure, strip all agency from the woman and choose to be her “husband” before you’ve even talked to her once. Make all decisions for her, tell her where to work and how to deal with her life and what is the right way to operate. It’s cool with us womenfolk. We don’t like to make our own choices at all. Menfolk are so much better equipped to run our family business and they know what to do with our legacy better than us. Ugh.

            I don’t hate you either. I actually kind of like you, although I don’t even know you=). I’m just saying, I don’t like it that crap like that gets to just fly by and nobody cares. Even if the show is just entertainment media with not much value beyond that. I know I shouldn’t expect it from a romcom, but it’s also kind of horrible that these romcoms give the next generation of girls expectations and ideas, kind of like Disney and Buffy and Star Wars did to me. And my rant has veered so far off topic I should probably shut up and apologize to JB and GF and everyone else who’s had to suffer through my rambling. Sorry.

          • jubilantia

            No, CoffeeWithCinnamon(! Don’t be quiet! That’s a really great comment. You have a point, aardvarksmile, but I think CWC wins this one. Although Chi-soo with his tackling is not kosher either.

            Anyway, I think it’s totally on topic. If we don’t expect gender equality from our pop culture, we can’t expect it in life. It’s a mutually perpetuating cycle. You’ve done a good job of articulating the vague unease I’ve gotten from Kang-hyuk, so great job. I’m still able to enjoy the drama, but like lots of things, I have to turn that part of my brain way down, which is a bummer.

          • ripleyfell

            Agreed, CoffeeWithCinnamon. I may fangirl over Lee Ki Woo’s hotness, but his character rubs off all wrong. It’s as if he EXPECTS Eunbi to come to like him, out of nowhere. I mean, has it been explained why he calls her wifey? Or how he even knows her?

            To me, all he seems to do is infantalize her. Chisoo’s bothering her? Oh, I’ll take care of it – even though she hasn’t asked for help. And the fact he broke them apart makes it even more mind-boggling. She’s an adult who hasn’t claimed that she’s dating either one of them so where does he get off telling Chisoo off for the exact same thing he’s doing? It may not be physical and straightforward like Chisoo, but the whole “Nice Imma-Protect-The-Chick Guy” passive-aggressive schtick comes off even worse IMO.

            And yeah, Chisoo is a kid – a kid who grew up living in an office skyscraper for heaven’s sake. He’s bound to get a few things wrong. Kanghyuk The Amazing Adult is presented as an all-around awesome dude. But, no. No guy who takes the door off a woman’s hinges out of pure jealousy is awesome in any way or form.

            To be honest, I wish he wasn’t the love interest. He’s interesting as a weird dad-figure – I feel like the more chauvinistic points of his personality come out when Eunbi’s presented as his “wife”.

            BTW where’d all his quirkiness go to?? That was one of the best parts of the show!

        • jubilantia

          Oh, I agree that it’s consistent with the character, but I don’t have to agree with the action. I don’t think he’s quuuuite as bad as you’re saying, but he’s definitely got some issues.

          • CoffeeWithCinnamon

            eh, I was mad so I might have been a little harsh on him=) He’s got a few redeeming qualities. He is very sexist, but not all bad, I’m sure. If he’s willing to work on the issues, so are we, LOL=)

        • Steph

          Yeah, the door removing was kinda WTF for me as well. If someone tried to do that to me I would be seriously pissed.

          It’s like, what gives you the right to strip away my privacy just b/c you’re jealous? Not cool.

        • yakuna

          hear hear!!!!

        • muirin

          Thank you for putting my thoughts about this character so eloquently into words.

          • CoffeeWithCinnamon

            Thank you=)

        • sol

          THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
          You mentioned exactly why i dont like this guy…people seem to be unable to see past the pretty face to the really controlling person that KH is…
          He gives me the creeps…
          I prefer immature but no secrets Chi Soo to smile at you while re-writing your life KH.
          And why did they think that removing the door of a bedrooms of a woman that lives with a bunch of men would be a good idea???

        • Len

          I’m sorry, sexist? Really?! He calls her his wife because frankly he is adorable. I do not believe it has anything to do with patronizing or misogyny, if it was a girl doing the same thing, calling the guy she admired when she was younger (remember how he refers to her having a sexy temper? i.e. he was interested in her before her dad was all you should marry her) her husband, it would be just as adorable. He has a crush on her, and I truly do not think calling her wife or removing her door is him having a negative attitude toward women. He removed the door because Chi Soo was not playing fair in vying for Eun Bi’s affection, continuously forcing her into hot corners and yeah it might have been a little petty as javabeans said, but hey Chi Soo is the king of petty in this drama. Also, I do believe her protection is in his best interests, and he hardly seems as possessive as all his talks about owning her and being her husband without consulting her may seem. I myself am really strict when it comes to sexism, I watch out for it all the time in dramas and the general media. Honestly though, I think you are shooting blanks here, Kang Hyuk is just an extremely cheeky little cutie, and might I add he has completely respected Eun Bi’s space, he has never once pulled her down or pushed himself against her or FORCED HIS LIPS ON HER like a certain someone I could mention.

          Also, if we are going to be fair here, I would really really like to see Kang Hyuk lay one on her like Chi Soo did, I do not believe that would be violating her rights as an independent woman, or not more so than Chi Soo already has, and she could easily protest if she wanted to. But honestly, how can she know there would be no tsunami with kang hyuk if she didn’t test it out?! I can see no other advantage that Chi Soo has over him other than continuously violating her personal space and making Eun Bi all hot and bothered. I would bet anything if Kang Hyuk pulled a move like that kimchi kiss, Eun Bi would have little qualms about finally ditching Chi Soo.
          But of course, as this is a korean drama, the second lead will never get the big makeout session, and my poor baby will end up alone ):< CURSE YOU RULES OF KDRAMA.

    • 12.5 Mystisith

      I T.OT.A.L.LY agree on this.
      I hate undecisive people and two timers evenmore. Maybe except some particular mรฉnage ร  trois where everyone involved has discussed it and feel confortable with the choice : I don’t think korea has become so openminded in one night. I agree that when you consider entering a longlife love relationship you ponder the plus and the minus between 2 possibilities. But let’s be honest : the wawering – do i like him ? do i like him not ? who’s the one i prefer ? – doesn’t work at all for me. When you dislike someone you don’t ask yourself for months ” what’s the feeling in my heart ? Why ? Is it socially acceptable ? You just hate that person and you accept it immediatly for what it is. Period. Love is also for me that crystal clear. Point me one person, i can tell you if it’s frienship, lust or love or gratitude or admiration, or a blend of all that ( with the exact prportion ). Do people have so much trouble reading their hearts ???

      • 12.5.1 scarlett

        Do people have so much trouble reading their hearts ???-we people do =) cause we tend to rationalize our feelings/emotion and don’t just let go of whatever our hypothalamus dictates.

    • 12.6 Lahlita

      Heh, sorry everyone. My feelings, I do not hide them well. I used to be calm and articulate like you, then I took an arrow in the knee. My apologies to Javabeans and Girlfriday for raining curses and capital letters all over their internets. This site demands a higher level of self-expression, and I’ll try not to do that again. My humblest apologies yet again. *bows deep and kisses ground*

      But really, this is ridiculous. In episode 14, Eun-bi had better do something definite before I reach into my computer and slap her into next week. What is up with her characterization lately? Wishy-washy, unable to do anything for herself, being dragged here, being pulled there, being groped, being picked up, being put down, being kissed, falling to the ground when kissed. No standing up and taking command like she used to … it’s disgusting.

      Anyway, Girlfriday’s recap is next, which equals automatic bliss. I’m sure she’ll have a good reason for why Eun-bi’s overfull heart leans one way while her empty head leans nowhere; something about pain and fear and trust and other feely-type nouns. But until then, Eun-bi is working my last nerve.

      And that was the last bit of negativity I will spew regarding this drama. I’m sure no one wants a repeat of the latter half of Cinderella’s Sister. Yikes.

      • 12.6.1 Ani

        This site demands a higher level of self-expression

        Hahaha. I’m pretty sure jb and girlfriday have used their fair share of swearing on this site and they don’t condemn those who decide to use expressions that’ll make any pirate blush as long as it’s not used to direct insults at fellow commentors. Besides, given the state of things in the drama, I’m surprised more people aren’t swearing up a storm.

        P.S. Memes For the Win.

        • Lahlita

          Memes are WINNING. I used to be full of win, then I took an arrow in the knee.

          (Sorry, that arrow in the knee stuff just cracks me up. It’s so friggin’ random.)

      • 12.6.2 campaspe

        I nearly choked trying to hold back my laughter(I’m in the public library) when I read “then I took an arrow in the knee.”

        But, I think Eun-bi has always been sort of wishy washy. This is what happens when you try to be someone you are not. She is trying to be all mature and whatever, but she’s really the passionate, impulsive, Eun-bi(We got a taste of this Eun-bi with Chi soo at the school, but she has since disappeared). I kind of think she has been lost since the first episode when she goes to the fortune teller to try to find out if she will pass her exams. This is not a sign of someone with a lot of confidence. She is so busy trying to do the proper thing, she doesn’t take the time to decide if it’s the right thing.

        • Shukmeister

          Campaspe – Succinct and correct. The fired-up sparkling woman with the unicorn tail has faded into girlish whimsy, and I’m sad.

          Lahlita – Please do not tempt the writing gods with a Cinderella’s Sister ending [shudders violently, downs a glass of good Chianti].

    • 12.7 Steph

      Lol, um, I was about to say what Lah said but she done good so …ditto. Just choose already. I mean, even I know who I’d choose at this point. I think, as a woman, we generally know whats up, who we could see ourselves with for the long haul and who we could just see ourselves with (because they are ridiculousy hot and make us batshit crazy puddles of gah gah).

  13. 13 Z

    It’s Episode 13… why are the writers still trying to convince us that Kang Hyuk has a chance? I mean, I’m rooting for him of course but it’s just going to hurt me more when he’s finally dismissed. I can’t take that kind of emotional turmoil.

    • 13.1 Steph

      Lol, but so true. I’m Team Husband all the way, but just stop torturing me and put me out of my misery.

  14. 14 la dee dah

    Aw pooh, I’m still team Kang-hyuk.. sigh..

    • 14.1 la dee dah

      Oh, forgot to say, thanks for the recap!

      Had to note, my favorite part was when Eun-bi knocked Kang-hyuk’s friend out, and he started chest compressions on him! Ha!

  15. 15 creampuff007

    sushi… like kang hyuk! Pleeease choose Kang Hyuk. PLEEEASE. (sigh, but of course, we all know the ending.) I just think Kang Hyuk is more suited for Eun Bi. He knows how she rolls, he’s hotter, more caring, hotter, and he’ll definitely make her more happy and not as insecure (did I mention that he’s just hot?). It’s not because he’s safe, or because she’s materialistic in trying to match up into her own standards, but it’s because I don’t understand why anyone would like an immature guy who throws money around, bullies her, doesn’t take her feelings into consideration, and has so more years of growing needed to be done, albeit he is trying. Dramas always portray them to be the winner, I hate that.

    • 15.1 Raitei


      Exactly. It’s bad enough that we know she’ll end up with Chi Soo, but like 7 said, trying to show us that Kang Hyuk is being given a chance–that he actually stand a chance–and then constantly slapping the fact that it’s always Chi Soo who’ll triumph on our faces, that’s what I hate.

      Seriously, I cried for Kang Hyuk the last 2 episodes because I was so heartbroken for him. Yes, he is bound to get hurt ’cause he’s so obviously the second lead, but this is already torture. TORTURE! D’:

      • 15.1.1 Ani

        *shares her Kleenex with her fellow shipmates* It’s the meanest thing anyone could do: prolong the inevitable. If you’re going to break his heart in the end, than gorramit, don’t wait until the poor man is high on hope.

        • nonski

          super agree shipmate *sobs*

          been away for sometime, really busy in RL and can just read and leave but now i have to leave some comment.

          a little frustrated with the show, nearing end and still we are stuck with the push and pull with both panda-eunbi-chi s00… argh!

          seriously tho, i did not see eun-bi with chi-soo atm… i am still stuck with my noona-dongsaeng predicament about this two,,, coz let’s face it, he’s still a high schooler after all ๐Ÿ™ if there is a time jump, then maybe, just maybe…

          • aardvarksmile

            It’s a WYSIWYG in relationships, isn’t it?

    • 15.2 Len

      COMPLETELY COMPLETELY AGREE. I hate this so much. I have never wanted a second lead to get with the main girl more. I mean honestly, I wouldn’t have minded the main guy getting the girl if only they had made him a little more lovable and the second lead not quite so darn lovable!!

      I will go down with this ship. And I won’t put my hands up and surrender!!

      I have also teared up on multiple occasions these last few episodes, because this is just unbelievably heartbreaking. They torture us so! I know he will never end up with her, even though this is cable and I thought that might somehow increase his chances (for the shock factor as cable has a lot less to lose than free tv) but sadly I can see little hope in the waters ahead. :'( :'( :'(

  16. 16 alove

    That last bit about mixing caviar with rice (but thankfully, there’s sushi) – BRILLIANT! Totally didn’t even think about that.

  17. 17 Sofluffy

    Thanks ! Now I can stop refreshing the page and go to bed, dreaming of … sushi ^_^

  18. 18 DMKO

    Oh Man, Chi-soo is so sweet and earnest. I just love him!

    Thank you JB for the great (as always) recap!

  19. 19 jojo

    Thanks, JB…love Chi-soo, but find Kang-hyuk a little smarmy.

    • 19.1 Jomo

      So why exactly is there a no skinship rule?
      Wae? Wae? Wae?

      Why is KH sending all these mixed signals?
      He is showing frustration after he leaves her, but doesn’t make a move while he is with her?

      I am having trouble understanding where the Pillar is coming from. The only thing I can think is he is a lot shyer with woman that he is letting on, or has had so little experience with them that he doesn’t know what to do…

      What I do NOT want to see, as if to make up for his earlier hesitation is a surprise passionate kiss in Ep 15 to show us what he has been keeping inside all this time. A kiss so brilliant, it wipes the memory of CCS’s earlier, adolescent attempts from her memory. The writers would be saying that we underestimated his love for YEB, and that he was just respecting her, and not crowding her. I would not be happy with that because it is deceptive, and a little preachy.

      • 19.1.1 Cruelsummer

        Jomo- Your last paragraph is exactly what I’m afraid of. It would piss me off royally if that happens because it makes no sense at all.

        As a sidenote: Although removing the door was cutesy for a drama, if that happened to me in real life I would be livid. That’s disturbing. EunBi is an adult and no more than a few months ago KH was a complete stranger. He has a lot of nerve to be removing doors and whatnot.

        • Jomo

          Ooooh! I know. Control freak, I’m thinking.

          It is ironic by removing the door, he is failing to keep CCS out!

          • Cruelsummer

            …and this is why I love ChiSoo. He just really can’t be bothered to give a damn, lol. It’s all about getting to his EunBi by any means necessary.

        • jubilantia

          AMEN. The door thing pissed me off.

          • jubilantia

            Oh yeah- Removing phone batteries =/= removing doors

            I know it’s more thematically obvious to make a big gesture, but DAMN, Drama, the feminist movement called and we want our autonomy back, please and thank you.

          • Shukmeister

            Amen, sista.

          • Kil

            AMEN. The door thing has CONTROL FREAK stamped all over it. I would be royally pissed if it happened in real life.

            I really don’t think Kang Hyuk is as nice as people make him out to be. I mean whats with that whole, “I’m your brother, therefore you cannot be with Eunbi.”?! What happened to free will?

            Sailing on the Chwa/Eunbi ship all the way!

      • 19.1.2 couchpotato_md

        I don’t think Kang hyuk is a lot shyer with women than he is letting on, or has had a little experience with them that he doesnt know what to do. i think he just never met a woman who he could really fall for and be emotionally invested in before. His flippant flirtatious comments in the plane and in the radio store proves that he knows how to make the moves on women and knows what women wants to hear.
        But i guess, he sets Eunbi apart from other women, so he doesn’t give her the empty flirtatious one-liner his been spewing to other females but is showing her more consideration as the situation fits.

        • Jomo

          Ahhh! Good observation, there!

        • Cruelsummer

          My newest theory on Kang Hyuk is that he sees his Mom in EunBi. Hear me out:

          She’s got that warm rice, ramyun cozy thing going on.

          She’s Korean (which he normally steers clear from)

          He protects her like some china doll (which is really unnecessary a lot of the time)

          He claims that he KNOWS her, but how is that possible? I can’t think of one conversation that they’ve had about her likes and needs. She’s had a ton of those with ChiSoo (even if they were in the form of screaming matches).

          I suspect that his dream of loving and cooking together with EunBi was planted by EB’s father who wanted his daughter to always have a place to come home too and KH’s Mother who was chasing an old dream of her warm and cozy love with KH’s Dad. This occurred to me during his plastic bottle “I’ll repair what you damaged” speech. He was probably there to repair his Mom and thinks that by intervening he’s saving EunBi from that kind of misery.

          Gosh this was long…sorry.

          • jubilantia

            Hoooo yeah, there are Mommy Issues all up in this drama. (Yeah, about comment length- just look me up on some of the other episodes- I’m the one with the novel.)

            I think you’ve got some great points, and I think Chi-soo has some of the same feelings too.

      • 19.1.3 a_fan

        What’s wrong with a passionate kiss? She then gets to close her eyes. Closing one’s eyes is the best way of solving problems…

        As for the taking off phone battery, it is possible to remotely turn on a mobile phone – as long as the batteries are not dead or removed.

        • Jomo


          I don’t mind the kiss, but why wait so long?
          It’s just not realistic that a man who is supposedly so attracted to her that he would keep passing up chances.

          I have been complaining carefully this whole time about KH, but really I am complaining about the writer team’s treatment of him.
          I am all for enigmatic. If a character says something ambiguous, you look for context clues, or wait for more actions on his/her part to give it full meaning.
          But I don’t like when they say ONE thing, then DO another, and we are left to guess his true feelings.
          He said she should listen to her heart and NOT push CCS away automatically, right?
          Why remove the door, then?
          He can’t trust EB because he is afraid she will listen to her heart? But you just told her to listen to her heart.

          Counting down to today’s ep…

  20. 20 Venus

    I totally agree JB CS is trying but he is not there yet, he doesn’t see the big picture, he wants that Eubin crosses to his world, instead of meeting her half way, he needs to step it up or he is going to miss the train all completely.

    Till then Eubin won’t pick CS, she want a partners and somebody whom she can be herself, and not just give and get nothing in return.

    Loving the show!!….

  21. 21 Leina

    Squeeeeeee! Now, I’m finally all caught up on the episodes, and am super happy for Chi Soo’s gradual transformation! It will definitely take time, but I appreciate that his earnestness is now making Eun Bi look past the cluelessness and appreciate his (bumbling) efforts at becoming, well, a fully evolved human.

    This is the first time that I am convinced that the Kang Hyuk ship has already sailed, far away from Eun Bi. I get that he’s perfect for her — more suited, cerebrally, to Eun Bi. But IT’S JUST NOT THERE. Eun Bi gives it away with her micro-movements (a credit to her acting chops). She just responds, intuitively, to Chi Soo, and he just evokes emotions from her in a way that Kang Hyuk doesn’t, and can’t. I also cling to the hope that Chi Soo will have a moment of realization — that love need not be all-or-nothing, and if a time jump is required to make that happen, so be it.

    And, one last thing, I love you, JIW!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks, JB, for the speedy (and insightful as always) recap! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 21.1 klove

      You are SPOT ON with what I wanted to say. I SERIOUSLY AGREE WITH YOU.

      Kang Hyuk is the perfect man for Eun Bi. But she does respond very differently to Chi Soo. In a way that she gives out more emotions.

      Chi Soo does need to have a moment of realization that not everything can go his way. And that realization should come in the next epi if need be. Lol.

      Thanks Javabeans!! You are da best! <3

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    Thank you so much for these recaps.

  25. 25 pigtookie

    lmao sushi.
    this drama manages to cleanly interject meaning and substance into their cliches and ridiculous plot points, one of the perks of this year’s rom coms.

  26. 26 IzOcha

    Thank you!

    Two things: 1) yes, sushi… The rice caviar thing has been driving nuts since the beginning of the metaphor. Perhaps the characters are each unaware of this food? 2) Far more of concern: Jung Il-woo’s angry, disgusted face [screenshot ramyun13-00021] looks like my Mom. This is comparable to when she, my mom, pointed out that Danial Craig looks like her cousin. Completely ruined the current Bond as an object of desire. Kinda got creepy. I don’t want to overlap my mom’s face and Jung Il-woo. I hope I will soon be able to unsee it.

    • 26.1 IzOcha

      Its only cause of the angry, I think. Otherwise no obvious resemblance.

      • 26.1.1 Lahlita

        Ha! All I thought when I read that is that your Mom must be really handsome. ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. 27 Noelle

    NOOOOOO! Kang Hyuk, man I’m sorry but I believe unless you kiss Eun Bi both of you will never know if there will be bells or not.

    Remember the fortuneteller never finished! I’m still holding out for a second lead miracle.

    • 27.1 IzOcha

      Or Ba-wool

      That would be unexpected.

  28. 28 21

    Awww! The ending of this episode looks cute! I still haven’t started watching this drama yet but it looks pretty good so far!

  29. 29 Cruelsummer

    I don’t know how much more my heart can take. I just keep having this horrible feeling that she’s going to end up with Kang Hyuk, which would ruin this whole experience for me.

    Sometimes ChiSoo is just so cocky and so completely sure that she will be his, that it makes me wonder if it’s just the writers screwing with us. They’ll totally flip the script and make her choose KH. I would hate to spend my hard earned money flying out to Korea to beat the brakes off of some poor writer for breaking the heart of a 19 year old fictional character.

    Thanks for the recap…even though I’m becoming horribly bitter with EunBi’s indecision.

    • 29.1 Lena

      I agree completely! I keep having this ominous feeling that the writers are just jacking with us and in the end she’ll either choose Kang Hyuk or neither one of them! I’d be an ungodly level of pissed! If they break my Chi Soo-ya’s heart though I’m flying to korea to kick some TvN writer asses!!!!!

  30. 30 dommicky

    I can never get enough of this drama. first i watch the raw episode on the release day. then i read dramabeans summary to see what i missed. Can’t wait to watch it again tomorrow with subs so I can fully understand the story.

    • 30.1 flowerboyaddict

      wow , you’re actually same with me ! it’s kinda freak isn’t it? but I just can’t help it

      • 30.1.1 dommicky

        i know im addicted to this one. i just finished watching the sub on kimchi. it makes it all better.

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    Dramabeans is def. the best site for recaps that I’ve seen because you are all so clever with how you turn a phrase – and of course knowing exactly why caps to include. (such a cute picture of him with the drill)

  34. 34 tomobuddy

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    love your blog so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. 35 couchpotato_md

    more than the KH- EB and CS-EB date…

    I LOVE the BW and HW bickerings scenes. So CUte!!!.

    and the DJ and Coach date, so funny!

  36. 36 Jomo

    OMG! This was a great episode! There was so much to talk about!

    Thanks for the recap and calling a sushi a sushi.
    Why are we listening to love advice from, as you pointed out, a sad and lonely man? CCS- Keep asking Yahoo!

    Did not understand this:
    If she were to learn the truth, sheโ€™d hide, or run. Chi-soo snatches back the water bottle and crumples it again and says he knows her better, so cut the know-it-all act and keep his trap shut.
    Do they mean that EB would not like the fact that they are brothers? Why would that make a difference to her? Oh, cause she doesn’t want to be the cause of family discord?

    Loved the faces and noices BW made in the loo between pushing, hearing CCS’ voice and then straining again. I laughed out loud the 4X in a row I played it.

    You mentioned the first time he used her real name and *sigh* it was worth the wait. So much yearning in his voice.

    Right after she left the restaurant, and he followed him,
    didn’t he pause as well after she called him Chi-soo-ah?
    I saw a new look on his face. (Although she yelled that through the door, too, at the beginning of the ep. Maybe he didn’t hear it?)

    I believe the date flashback proves who is on her mind and who was NOT. We saw CCS, but not KH, as she removed her make-up. She just isn’t spending the same amount of brain time on the Pillar. He is oush.

    Last things:
    1. Tango music from SoaW was played throughout in bits.

    2. Was the woman reading about Bach No 1 and Bach No 2, the same narrator as in RoI? It sounded like her, but I didn’t know where to check online.

    3. My latest fanvid: Scenes through Ep 10.
    Hope you like.


    • 36.1 Shukmeister

      I rewatched restaurant, and caught the look you were talking about on CS’s face. You’re right, I think it did shift something inside him. Not being Korean, I sometimes miss the banmal / friendship paradigm shift in
      their conversations.

      I have to say, although I’m beginning to hate the scriptwriters, I absolutely adore [up to level eleven] whoever is in charge of the music in the background. From Bruno Mars to the theme from “Exodus”, they have controlled my emotions through most of this series’ run.

      They’ve included a boatload of subtle (and not so subtle) lampshading for other dramas.

    • 36.2 DMKO

      Thanks Jomo, that was fun and full of yummy Chi-soo, just the way I like it!

    • 36.3 Lucy

      I’ve noticed the tango too, and I thought that was perfect because it’s the whole indecision thing, push and pull, the turmoil of feelings put into music. Very well sellected!!!

      Finally, someone said that rice and caviar can make an excellent dish – Sushi!! Honestly, I don’t know why they talk about this food as if it were impossible to mix them.

    • 36.4 Mystisith

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    • 36.5 TmB

      Yes, the narrator from Return of Iljimae, that made me laugh.
      I watched ROI because of Dramabeans ‘ recommendation. I am forever grateful. “Iljimae! Iljimae!” echoed in my head for weeks.

    • 36.6 facebook.com/SimbiAni

      Aahh, why is this vid “private”?? I wanna see!! Especially as another cmter said it’s to Garth Brooks, & classic country music is sooo under-vidded! Is there a reason for the going into hiding?? Would love a link to the rest of your vids too.. xoxo

  37. 37 soserious

    i still have this weird hope that she’ll end up with Kang-hyuk. and also not.

    it’s like some parts of the episode, i’ll be like, she might end up with kang-hyuk!!! and then she’ll be with chi-soo and it totally flattens my hope. not that i don’t like chi-soo…but i totally caught the second-lead-syndrome.

    i can’t wait for tomorrow.

  38. 38 ainossd2

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  39. 39 westpointer

    I like Kang-hyuk too, he is a ideal husband for Eun-bi. But what I have to say is that Chi-so and Eun-bi are just meant together,in the way they look at each other, their body language and more that tells all. They make such a cute couple.

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    “Not to state the obvious, but this drama really hinges on Jung Il-woo โ€” and not just because heโ€™s adorable, but because he brings depth to Chi-soo that is indispensable to the show.”

    …and this would be why Jung Il-woo is my favorite actor, k-drama or otherwise! Cannot wait to see what he brings to Moon That Embraces the Sun…

  44. 44 tarianantatoer

    Thank you JB for the recap. 13 episodes in, and this is the first time I want to jump ship. Ottoke the other ship has sunk. After the araso-*pats*-hug in episode 12, weโ€™re back here again? *sigh* Note to Eun-bi, just take that internship program again, youโ€™ll make a great teacher. And to Chi-soo, thereโ€™s a kitten in my neighborhood likes to eat grass too, so get the ship moves will ya.

  45. 45 lilium

    thanks so much for the superfast recap! you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 46 Haydn

    i don’t know about anyone else… but…
    i dislike chisoo. ๐Ÿ™
    i guess he’s just not my cup of tea. (i’m more a kanghyuk type! LOL) i’m 1000000% rooting for kanghyuk ๐Ÿ˜€ i squeal and giggle to myself whenever he says ‘wifey’ teehee. i think they’re so cute together~ pleaseeee pleaseee drama gods! LET THEM BE TOGETHER!

    • 46.1 karon

      hadyn honey…*clutches hands* I also prefer kanghyuk types ;; there’s just something off putting about young brats (albeit deep brats…)

  47. 47 westpointer

    I love the scene when Chi-soo ask Eun-bin to be with him, and Eun-bin said to him with tears in her eyes “you are a lion, but why you are trying to eat grass? Doing that, you might get constipation”, they really tear heart apart…

  48. 48 westpointer

    Eun-bin looks so pretty tonight!

  49. 49 DeeDee315

    Chi-soo & Eun-bin still win the prize for best kiss of the year, but after tonight & Ep6 of Brain, the doctors are a close 2nd. Who knew that if you blew bubble gum you would feel that much better. Really nice drama, if you haven’t boarded the Brain bandwagon already.

  50. 50 neener

    Nice episode!!

    I just simply love this “Thankfully, thereโ€™s sushi.”

    meaning they can be together!!! yatta!

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