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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Episode 15
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This drama’s no fairy tale, but there is a certain analogue to be drawn with Chi-soo the corporate prince, shut up in his lofty tower. The fairy-tale scene in this episode played for some humor and some foreshadowing, but the symbolism works beyond the most obvious: Chi-soo can’t and won’t find his way out of his gilded cage, and if he doesn’t want to spend his life lonely — but fabulously dressed in his unwrinkled, pristine outfits — he’d best find a way out. Or at least, to meet his princess halfway.


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EPISODE 15: “Nothing Happened”

A fairy-tale princess runs toward a castle, chased by soldiers. Up in the castle, her prince calls down to her to run toward him, up the tall staircase. She trips over her gown and falls, asking her prince to help her.

Prince Chi-soo raises an arm toward her…to wag his finger at her, saying he can’t. His clothes will wrinkle. So Princess Eun-bi is dragged away, with a sad ballad (from Secret Garden) marking the moment.

Eun-bi wakes up in her man-pile, except the two rival-brothers are nowhere to be seen. She looks around but can’t find Chi-soo, because he and Kang-hyuk have relocated to a cafe to discuss the business proposal Chi-soo found, which his father is using as a threat against the ramyun shop. The message: Chi-soo breaks up with Eun-bi, or the shop goes kaput.

Chi-soo says he’ll take care of it, all cool confidence in his ability to counter Daddy’s play. He even scoffs at Kang-hyuk for worrying over “a little thing like this.” Oh, I foresee some word-eating in somebody’s future.

Eun-bi’s still rattled from her dream (and Chi-soo’s lack of assistance) and takes another dose of stress-relieving medicine. Then she’s called to meet with Daddy Cha again, where he offers the bribe: Leave Chi-soo alone, and he’ll give her a full-time teaching position at the school. It’s sad that even though he’s doing the typical Overbearing K-Drama Parent manipulation, coming from this dad it seems based more on misguided logic than classism: “If you have stability, then you can take care of yourself. And then you won’t need Chi-soo.”

Eun-bi confesses her dream to Daddy Cha, telling him that Chi-soo didn’t help her, and when she woke up he was gone. She’s been looking for him all morning to no avail, and strangely, “Without Chi-soo by my side, I felt afraid. That I might not see him again.”

Dad concedes that she’s probably gotten attached to Chi-soo, but she says that’s not what it feels like. “Having held in my hand the thing I’m supposed to give up, I learned one thing for certain: I can’t push Cha Chi-soo away anymore. I want to go forward with Chi-soo — I want to date him.”

She walks out of the Cha Sung building feeling free… just as Chi-soo walks in to see his father, just missing her in the revolving doors. Auuugh, damn you, symbolism!

Eun-bi races back to the ramyun shop and approaches Kang-hyuk, her decision made. He can sense it and deliberately keeps the topic mundane, but she grabs his hand and dives in, telling him that she did see him as a man, and that he made her heart flutter. She didn’t want to let go of him or his warm hands, knowing he was a good man.

“But Chi-soo is like magma,” she says — hot and unpredictable. So no matter how much she tried, she calls herself Chi-soo’s yang-eun-nem-bi (silver pot): “Even if you try to cool it, it keeps boiling.”

Kang-hyuk asks what she’ll do if it turns out that heat is a fire pit that burns her all up. She answers that she still wants to go (to) there.

Chi-soo confronts his father with an easy attitude, ready to wheedle him into ending this standoff. He starts to say the he just wants to date Eun-bi for a while, but gets cut off by his father angrily throwing a cup and getting stern, for once. Daddy Cha says he didn’t let Chi-soo refer to him as “President Cha” to cultivate a lack of respect, but to remind him that he would inherit the company. He says that Chi-soo had be prepared to watch how his decision shakes out, like it’s an ominous threat.

Dad’s secretary presses something into his hand as Chi-soo leaves, asking him to return home. They’re two coins, for the subway, but even more hilarious is that Chi-so has absolutely no idea what to do with them. He watches everyone zip through with their subway passes, and hesitantly holds up his hand to the sensor — holding the coins, of course — but no go.

While the ramyun crew unpacks a Christmas tree to decorate, Kang-hyuk gets called away and lies (poorly) to get away. It’s the subway station, because Chi-soo has been detained for throwing a fit when he couldn’t get through the gate, yelling, “Why am I the only one who can’t get through?!” and shouting at the security cameras, “I’m CHWA!” Hee.

On the bus ride home, Chi-soo asks Kang-hyuk what his father’s redevelopment project means. Kang-hyuk asks if he wants the answer for youthful ears, or the one for an adult. I don’t know why, but it breaks my heart a little that Chi-soo asks for the youth-directed answer; either because he knows the answer and wants some optimism, or (in my opinion more likely) because he knows he isn’t ready to handle the truth.

So Kang-hyuk tells him that the redevelopment means a cleaner result, because they’ll be replaced by new buildings and roads. But then Chi-soo asks for the adult version, and Kang-hyuk replies, “It means a cleaner result — because everything will get swept away, leaving no trace.”

Kang-hyuk advises Chi-soo not to tell Eun-bi about the redevelopment plans, because she might end their relationship? Chi-soo wonders if Kang-hyuk’s actually worrying about him, and Kang-hyuk lies (awkwardly), “W-why would I worry about you? I’m worrying about Wifey.”

At home, Eun-bi practices her aegyo-face, preparing for how to tell Chi-soo her decision, even throwing in a High Kick “puing-puing” for good measure. (HA!) But no, aegyo is not her forte, and she figures that a sudden outpouring will just make him cranky and suspicious. So she turns to the internet for advice, naturally.

The first reply to her question? “One IU song will do the trick!” Haha. There’s an invisible caveat to that, though — you should probably be able to carry a tune, and Eun-bi’s dragging it along by the hair at best.

Chi-soo catches the tail end of her warble, and Eun-bi hurriedly grasps for composure. Just as she starts to ask for a moment with him later, they’re interrupted by the boys. Ba-wool storms in, takes a deep breath, and then fires a volley of literal words at Chi-soo (“You disappear without a cent or a car and come late at night…”), which hilariously bounce of Chi-soo’s head.

Even more hilariously, Hyun-woo bats at the them like they’re ping-pong balls, which alternately the wackiest thing he’s done so far and incredibly cute. Hee! I love this drama’s flair for manhwa whimsy.

They head down to dress up the tree, having waited for Chi-soo, and add decorative balls on which they’ve drawn themselves. Can they be any cuter?

Apparently they can, because Ba-wool complains that they’ve left Chi-soo off and draws him an ornament, too. He draws a basic happy face wearing a lopsided hairdo and labels it CHWA.

Kang-hyuk watches as Eun-bi approaches Chi-soo a bit awkwardly and asks for a chat later, knowing what she means by that. So moments later when a foul smell wafts through the air, he feigns innocence as he holds up his socks, saying a tree can’t forget its Christmas stockings. HAHA. Oh man, it’s too sad when you’re being mature and thoughtful, but when you’re being petty and immature, I’m in love.

The crew takes a moment to be sentimental about the tree, feeling a sense of familial togetherness that they hadn’t expected to find this year. Chi-soo pokes at their reactions, but Hyun-woo says it’s because he’s so happy — if not for this ramyun shop, he would’ve been caught by dad’s loan sharks and probably illegally divested of a few internal organs. Chi-soo drops an ornament, the implication not lost on him.

Then Ba-wool adds that he would probably have slept in subways, gotten dragged off, and forced to join a circus. Then the news reports of Cha Sung’s redevelopment plans, showing buildings being demolished, and Eun-bi clucks in sympathy for the people displaced as a result. Chi-soo loses his hold on the tree and almost causes it to tumble, but Kang-hyuk keeps it from falling. The words aren’t lost on him as Ba-wool exclaims, “You could’ve destroyed it!” Hyun-woo adds, “If not for the boss, we would’ve been in trouble!”

Eun-bi goes out looking for Chi-soo, but he’s off on his own, writing down a list of all the things he’d lose: credit card, cell phone, and Woo Hyun-woo. Flashing back to recent conversations, he adds two names: Kim Ba-wool and Onion.

Turns out he’s holed up in the bathroom to work out his pros-and-cons list, and when he emerges Ba-wool and Hyun-woo are in a panic to use the toilet. (They assume it’s a constipated noona inside, haha.)

Chi-soo keeps to himself as he works out the problem, but all he finds are dead ends. His lawyer can’t fight Cha Sung, and urges him back to his castle; “Princes outside their castle are public disturbances.”

Without bus fare home, Chi-soo calls So-yi — he can’t ask the ramyun crew to borrow money, and he’s afraid of Eun-bi finding out that he’s been cut off. He asks So-yi why she dated him, and she admits freely that she liked his nice car, nice clothes, and expensive presents. He asks if she would’ve dated him if he were just a normal high schooler, and she laughs, “Why would I? I would’ve just dated Ba-wool then.” Oh, okay then. Is that supposed to make me feel better about our Ba-wool being wasted on you?

She wonders if he’s afraid of Eun-bi not liking him without all those things, but it’s the opposite: “I’m afraid she will.”

Eun-bi spots him at the cafe, though, and sees So-yi leaving. She instructs him to meet her at the gym later — heh, so you can seduce him with your volleyball uniform?

But at the ramyun shop, a crew of black-clad men pull up, ready to hear Chi-soo’s decision. Will he go with them, or will they begin demolition? Hyun-woo adorably takes cover behind Ba-wool, while Kang-hyuk greets the men as expected guests and invites them inside for ramyun. Chi-soo tells them he’ll be right back, and heads off to meet Eun-bi.

She shows off her serve, while Chi-soo thinks of all the reasons he can’t be with her — like how son-of-god Hwanung can’t date a mortal, how Kang-hyuk worries for Eun-bi, how Dad is threatening to bulldoze over the shop.

Eun-bi stops her spike demonstration to tell him that she practiced volleyball for five years, weathering the bruises and injuries, unable to stop “Because when I held the ball, my heart raced. So I’m going to hold onto you now.” She surmises that it may take five years for them to settle into their rhythm, and that things may get tough down the road. But she takes his hand anyway.

Only, it’s Chi-soo who pulls away, saying he came here to break up with her.

She chases him out, and now it’s an echo of that other night, only their situations are reversed. He points out all the difficulties she just described, and reminds her of the advice to think of what he’d be losing. Well, he wrote a list, and he’s dozens of losses to one gain, and Eun-bi’s the only thing in that pro column. “To gain you and spend my life riding subways and buses — I don’t know if I can do it.”

This is all so sudden, and she can’t understand. Holding a hand to his chest, she says, “You’re still burning hot, here.”

He pulls her hand away and says in a hard voice that he doesn’t like her anymore. Putting a hand to his heart, he says, “Nothing happened here, and nothing will in the future, either. So come to your senses and return to your place.”

As he leaves, he presses something into her hand — the nametag she’d given him the last time they were in this situation.

Chi-soo concludes his surrender with his father’s henchmen, and heads toward their car. Kang-hyuk stops him to say that there are other solutions, adding, “You’re not alone. There are five of us.” Aw.

Chi-soo rejects his attempt to help, saying that he’s leaving because he’ll turn to poop if he stays. Kang-hyuk asks what he’ll do about his “other poop” (Eun-bi — how strange it is that a slur became a mark of quasi-affection), and Chi-soo tells him to take care of it.

Both brothers fling around the “Why are you doing this? You don’t care about me” question, but Chi-soo gets in the last word: If he doesn’t want to turn Eun-bi into their mother, let him go.

Eun-bi drinks with Dong-joo and assures her that nothing’s the matter, that nothing happened. Chi-soo returns home to Dad, who confirms that nothing happened with him, either. The phrase, which serves as our episode’s title, doesn’t literally mean that nothing happened but speaks to the end result: The game has not changed, the settings are back at default, order is restored.

Eun-bi stumbles home drunk and is met by Kang-hyuk, whom she refers to as “Pillar Husband” now. She says that being dumped by Chi-soo is what she deserves for dumping Pillar Husband, and tells him about her dream. She laughs about it drunkenly, wondering how her dream could’ve been so accurate: “Today I held out my hand like this to Cha Chi-soo, but he shoved it aside.”

She sinks to the ground, starting to cry, holding her heart: “I felt like this was tearing.”

She’s not alone in that, of course, and Chi-soo deals with his own torn heart. Eun-bi cries that her heart is still in turmoi, “But that guy says nothing happened for him.” And he sits soothing his own heartache, telling himself over and over, “Nothing happened.”


Chi-soo, a Rapunzel? Aside from an attachment to his hair, who’d’a thunk it? Normally in these kinds of stories you argue that the Exalted One’s separation from the lowly citizenry is for the safety of the shut-in — he’s too precious to mingle with the plebes, he can’t risk danger because he’s too important. I think the lawyer makes the keen point, though, that this is a prince who can cause trouble to others just as much as he could find himself the victim of it.

A sad thing to hear, but now that Chi-soo’s starting to see the world outside and realize he can’t do anything now, as the powerless pawn of his father, it’s something to consider seriously, because there’s truth in it. Completely fatalistic, but true. Ish.

Of course, what that fails to take into account is people’s abilities and desires to change, or to claim agency over their own actions, which I don’t suppose lands on Daddy Cha’s radar as a possibility, given his own inability to deviate from the script. The world told him he was caviar and that he couldn’t eat rice, and when his attempt live outside his comfort zone ended badly, he basically gave up trying and shut himself up into his Cha Sung bubble. It’s why he’ll mourn his wife till the day he dies, but probably would make the same mistakes all over again because in his mind, life is what it is. You can’t fight fate, so you may as well accept your part in the play and act it out as best you can.

This is why I find myself rooting for Chi-soo to break free, not (merely) to win his love but to claim himself. If you’re going to be an asshole by choice, fine, go ahead. It’s your prerogative. But if you’re going to play the part of one because somebody told you you had no choice in the matter, then you’re basically a puppet and you’ll never be able to cut the strings. I just want Chi-soo’s journey to enable him to cut the strings.


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      I don’t think his wealth was his main concern. I think that’s just what he told EunBi to make her go away. He knows that if his Dad takes away the shop his brother, the kids and EunBi would all be hurt. He sacrificed his love for his make-shift family.

    • 16.2 ilwoo fan

      I don’t think he’s giving up because of that, because it says in the review that he just doesn’t feel like he could give Eunbi a decent life. He mentions how he doesn’t want her to end up like his mother, so I think it’s more of him believing that he can’t accommodate Eunbi’s lifestyle.

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    Hated the parallel scenes of pain! Hated to see her optimism popped like brand new bubble that doesn’t even get a chance to float. Hated hated that he hurt her. NOBDODY hurts my Eunbi. Hated that Chairman Cha wins this round. Hated that it has to hurt that much before you can grow up.

    I said in an earlier episode that CCS cannot get YEB just because he is used to getting his way. Why Chairman Cha selected this moment to follow through on his threat to be a dad, and refuse him, I don’t know.

    I am hoping for a happier ending tomorrow.

    • 32.1 tarianantatoer

      Eunbi made me cry last night, 15 episodes in and I’ve been gushing over Jung Il-woo forever, I think I owe LCA this: “잘했어요 Lee Chung ah-sshi!! Eunbi = ♥♥♥♥”

  33. 33 Ani

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    On the other hand, I love how Kanghyuk is doing his best to try to hold together this makeshift family. It’s cute, and I hope they manage to bring it back together – which I’m sure will happen. I think.

    I loved the manhwa moment when words were bouncin og CHisoo from Bawool’s yelling and Hyunwoo hitting them. Hahahahaha. Such a major jdorama thing. Another reason why I like FBRS. X)

  34. 34 Krishma

    I love Kang Hyuk soooooo much!!
    I hope he gets an amazing happy ending.
    To be honest throughout the drama I was hoping he would kiss Eunbi and then say something like ” I was wondering what it was like to be the bad boy for once…”
    Idk, but this drama gives me conflicting feelings and I just love it! I can’t believe it’s going to be all over tomorrow 🙁
    I wish I could speak Korean though so I wouldn’t have to wait for subs…

  35. 35 tarianantatoer

    This is probably the first time that I buy the noble idiot act. He did it not only for the girl but for his “new family” and more importantly I hope he did it for himself, he needs to find his own way first. Crossing my fingers for great finale. Thank you JB, I hope we will read your take on the finale too.

  36. 36 MJP


    I find it very interesting that you sort of made an allegory when you finished with:

    “This is why I find myself rooting for Chi-soo to break free, not (merely) to win his love but to claim himself. If you’re going to be an asshole by choice, fine, go ahead. It’s your prerogative. But if you’re going to play the part of one because somebody told you you had no choice in the matter, then you’re basically a puppet and you’ll never be able to cut the strings. I just want Chi-soo’s journey to enable him to cut the strings.”

    How do I arrive at my definition of allegory based on that paragraph? You wonder. Well if you look at the lyrics that Jung Il-Woo sang for his 49 Days OST Puppet/Scarecrow, maybe you will agree with me. To me, it’s almost as if Cha Chi-Soo is the one singing the song for 49 Days.

    Lyrics for Puppet/Scarecrow

    I try to feel you at the tip of my fingers
    I try to feel you at the tip of my fingers

    But I forget. I always forget that I can’t touch you.
    Do you know? Because you live in the one room of my heart,
    No one else will do.
    Even the memories are lost, even the warmth is gone… now.

    I’m a scarecrow standing on one foot

    I’m a sad scarecrow, my heart aching without you.
    In the harsh wind, I keep swaying
    Even if my body scatters apart

    If you’d come to me some day

    I want to embrace you with my arms wide open.
    I’ll wait for U.
    I’ll wait for U.

    Even when I try to send your voice away,
    It lingers in my ears. It keeps lingering and I think of it again,
    So that the time you were here can’t flow away, I block the way.

    I’m a scarecrow standing on one foot
    I’m a sad scarecrow, my heart aching without you.
    In the harsh wind, I keep swaying

    Even if my body scatters apart
    If you’d come to me some day
    I want to embrace you with my arms wide open.
    I’ll wait for U.
    I’ll wait for U.
    Don’t wanna let you go (let U go) Don’t wanna let you go (let U go)
    Don’t wanna let you go (let U go) Don’t wanna let you go (let U go)
    As if a nail has pierced me, as if my breath has stopped, here…

    Words I couldn’t say then, words I’m saying now, though it may be too late
    My Love
    I love you, I love you, My Love

    I’m a sunflower that only looks toward one place

    Without you, I’m an ash-covered child with nowhere to go

    In the harsh wind, I keep swaying
    Even if my body scatters apart

    If you’d come to me some day
    I want to embrace you with my arms wide open.
    I still love you.
    I still love you.

    translation credits to: http://kurobukubota.blogspot.com/2011/03/lirics-ost-49days-scarecrow-jung-il-

    • 36.1 yakuna

      love this song from 49 days…..as well as the ost for FBRS..”someone like you” that jeong il woo wrote the lyrics himself….this guy is talented..he could play the piano so well as seen in his fan meeting in japan where he sang and then played the piano…’love affair’….

  37. 37 ainossd2

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  38. 38 Brittni

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  39. 39 Suzi Q

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    Thanks for the speedy recaps.
    CCS is trying to save his make shift family because when each person was discussing what the ramyun shop meant to them while decorating the XMAS tree, it finally sunk into CCS’s head.CCS has been a prince locked away in an ivory tower, and he is finally trying to take some misplaced sense of responsibility.He is not a noble idiot; he is a stupid idiot! CCS is not alone. Like there are 4 of them who could possibly have a better solution?
    OOh.. one more episode.One of my favorites for this year.

  40. 40 Noelle

    What happened to his buddies? I thought they would eventually start working in the store. But I have to say I love this small family of 5 that I can live with them not being in it. I hope some of them get other parts in the other flower boy shows to come.

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  42. 42 bunny

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    Honestly, in the real world, KangHyuk is SUCH a better catch!! ChiSoo's still in high school… that's not cool, EunBi… not cool…

    • 42.1 VanillaSalt

      Yeah I had the same exact thought about CS and EB together in the beginnine. I was like “uhm do realize you’re dating a kid right? at least wait till he graduates.” to be honest, i still kinda think that, but they are so cute together that i can’t think of anyone else that would fit with her.

    • 42.2 Linda165

      That’s why a time jump is needed in today’s episode. Something we all knew from the beginning.

  43. 43 Linda165

    OMG! Man-pile. Best two word combination of the year!

    • 43.1 Jomo


      • 43.1.1 Linda165

        That is my new New Year’s resolution, to get me one of those 🙂

  44. 44 Werefoxter

    OMG Edward Scissorhands reference ( cue the music in the dream and he cannot touch her cause he´ll hurt her). so…”Goodbye”

    as a Tim Burton fan I much love it.

    • 44.1 Cruelsummer

      Oh yay..I couldn’t put my finger on where I heard that music before.

      Love it so much.

      • 44.1.1 Werefoxter

        yeah, to me it is what indicates that ” if you start hearing Edward Scissorhands music even in korean dramas, it must be christmas time!”
        and all the references between not fitting into a certain kind of world, born to eat caviar” is very similar to how Edward couldnt fit in. one had the wrong kind of hands, one has the wrong kind of stomach, I suppose. but are raw and immature and cant find their place or purpose. will this have a happier ending than “ES” though? I hope so. He cant stay alone in that castle and let Eun Bi grow old without him. He cant just become some story that doesnt even feel real. someone give him the stomach that can digest ramyuon and is immune to caviar

    • 44.2 Shukmeister

      The team that chose and implemented the BGM for this series deserve a gold-plated ramyun bowl.

      The music has been perfect throughout the series! Love it!!

    • 44.3 Jomo

      Oh great! Thanks for reminding me.
      ES to me was such a painful watch I cannot even think of it without crying…Here I go again…

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    i love intern she is one of the most strong headed female protagonist i have seen, she juggles with the two brothers cause she knew that it was not time yet and she was getting to date two hot guys at one time who would have been able to stop themself in front of two well mannered hot looking guys and when the time and realization struck to her she just let it out to everyone her life is not going as she wanted it to but she is not crying out loud in every episode making us feel sympathy on her poor conditions ,,,,,,,she is so cool about eveything and taking life as it comes rather than sitting there and contemplating and ranting……. i hope this drama has a directors cut version as well where the director explains about the drama and tells us what he was intending to show from different scenes………..so that we are more clear about the drama if it does have one i am intending to buy the dvd for this drama….can’t wait for ep 16 psyched……………..

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    But bcos tomorrow is the end, I guess mine is :'(

    Anyways, my gratitude as always <3

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    With a tall handsome pillar in the place of the sassy sister..
    please do not let mr.Pillar be the sister/cupid.. My heart is already in shatters by his thoughfulness..

  48. 48 DMKO

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  50. 50 Dorotka

    I liked how Chi Soo reached his Noble Idiocy decision… that he evidently started caring for people around him as the remarks of the boys reached his heart… and he added their names to the list. I loved the list, how he goes from the bank cards to his friends…
    I think he is trying his best to figure out the problem. And I think reaching his NI decision just corresponds to his young age… age of big emotions and gestures… so he is not able to listen to his hyung about other possibilities…

    …wonder what the final episode brings…

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