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Me Too, Flower: Episode 11
by | December 25, 2011 | 26 Comments

The last cat is out of the bag and we’re given more evidence as to why “Bong Sun > Hwa Young.” Jae Hee climbs a baby step towards freeing himself and Dal toes the slinky slutty line.

Also, Happy Holidays!!

Bong Sun rushes out past Jae Hee and heads to her car downstairs. As she pulls out the garage, Jae Hee stops in front of the car and slips into the front seat. She doesn’t say anything and continues to drive. She turns the emergency lights on and swerves from lane to lane on the highway as she and Jae Hee try to control their emotions. My driver’s ed teacher would’ve cried at the number of traffic violations that just occurred…

Jae Hee drops the bomb that he killed Hwa Young’s husband, which causes Bong Sun to slam on her brakes. She stares at Jae Hee as he informs her that Ah In and Hwa Young are the people he needs to protect for the rest of his life. She breaks down and Jae Hee reaches over to embrace her as tears flow from their eyes.

A while later, they sit at a café and Jae Hee recalls the first time he met Hwa Young. He was seventeen and was working at Mr. Bae’s company while Hwa Young was managing the clothing shop she had inherited from her father. Hwa Young recruited Jae Hee and they started working together. He met Ah In’s father and had admired his modesty and goodness.

Bong Sun heaves a sigh and tells Jae Hee that she needs to leave and pick up Maru. Before she leaves, she tells him that the death of Ah In’s father was an accident. Jae Hee isn’t obligated to care for his family forever… But she cuts herself off when Jae Hee looks at her and she walks away.

Hwa Young and Dal meet at the Han River so Hwa Young can inform that Dal that she has an invitation to a party. I was expecting some serious conversation to happen but no. They discuss Jae Hee’s girlfriend and Hwa Young bashes on Bong Sun’s lack of style. She states that Bong Sun is a stupid, frumpy woman who doesn’t know how to appreciate beauty. !!!

Dal wonders what this woman looks like and Hwa Young suddenly asks to see Dal’s cell phone. She hesitates and Hwa Young stops the car to take Dal’s cell phone, which has been recording this conversation. Hwa Young kicks Dal out of the car with a warning: don’t cross her.

Jae Hee and Hwa Young converse about bringing Dr. Park in for company counseling sessions to give sales employees who deal with difficult customers some stress relief. Hwa Young is adamantly against the idea but Jae Hee stubbornly declares that he’s going to talk to Dr. Park anyway. He also informs her that he’ll be moving into a different apartment on another floor or building.

Hwa Young’s eyes widen and she immediately asks if Officer Cha told him to move out. He shakes his head and says it’s his decision. She swallows her anger and calmly requests that he attend an upcoming party that Perche is hosting. He declines, but she presses that it’s his duty. All he has to do is eat some bread and drink a glass of champagne.

He replies that he doesn’t like bread (lol…his inner Tak-gu would disagree) and that he won’t be attending. He gets up to leave which is when Hwa Young’s frustration bubbles over. She tells him that he can’t move out nor can he leave her side…unless he returns Ah In’s father, her youth, and her heart. I kind of understand the husband part but youth and heart? Ugh. I hate when people use the “take responsibility for the fact that I do crazy things because I love you” card. It’s called agency, woman.

In reality, Hwa Young just tells Jae Hee that he has to attend the party, and he reluctantly gives in. Darn. It’s the return of the dreaded fake-outs.

Bong Sun goes to therapy and asks if Dr. Park knows Hwa Young. He replies that they’re cousins, which surprises her. She brings up Jae Hee and Hwa Young’s strange living conditions and Dr. Park’s answer is interrupted by Hwa Young’s entrance. Bong Sun can direct any questions to her directly.

They both order Dr. Park outside and he slinks away quietly. Bong Sun throws the first barb, stating that she always felt that Hwa Young was jealous of her. Hwa Young’s smile disappears and she cuts to the chase. Bong Sun needs to take her grubby, undeserving hands off of Jae Hee stat. Bong Sun smirks and comments that there’s usually an envelope of money or a hair-pulling session in these situations.

Hwa Young tells Bong Sun that she doesn’t know Jae Hee enough. Jae Hee is a good person, but he has a dark side to him that she’s probably unaware of. Wrong, but continue. Hwa Young comments that Bong Sun glows like a blooming flower lately because she’s in love. But how long does she think that love will last? She advises Bong Sun to come back down to reality.

Bong Sun returns that Hwa Young is the one who can’t understand Jae Hee. She calls her out on the tight grasp Hwa Young has on Jae Hee’s neck. Hwa Young shoots back that Bong Sun can love or do whatever she wants; she will never let go of Jae Hee. Bong Sun offers that Jae Hee isn’t an object that can be passed around and that Hwa Young has no authority over Jae Hee anymore. She’ll be beside Jae Hee now.

Hwa Young smirks and tells her that they’ll have to wait and see. Bong Sun grabs Hwa Young’s arm and Hwa Young immediately shakes her off, as if Bong Sun is unworthy of touching her. Outside, Tae Hwa tells Hwa Young that she’s on the verge of losing his respect. She responds that she doesn’t need his respect and that he should just mind his own business.

Bong Sun heads to Jae Hee’s office and she holds her arms open towards Jae Hee, saying that he has three seconds to come to her. He cautiously walks to her and she embraces him while asserting that he’s not alone now. She pats his back and says that he just had bad luck; he doesn’t have to cry anymore.

They sit on his work desk and he asks why she’s suddenly acting like she understands everything. She replies that she doesn’t, but she’s trying. He gives her a piece of good news: he’s moving out. The catch is that he’ll still be near Hwa Young and Ah In. She asks him if he has to work with Hwa Young, and he responds that she’s not a bad person. No, but you have to admit she’s a little bit crazy…

Bong Sun admits that while she’s accepted Seo Jae Hee the man, she’s still having a hard time swallowing his different background and situation with Hwa Young. She’s thought about what it would be like to fly in private jets and wear designer clothing, but she always came to the same conclusion. To live large later would mean giving up parts of her simple life now, which scares her.

Jae Hee promises that he’ll work hard to preserve the things that are precious to her. They embrace and Bong Sun apologizes for not being able to help him finish painting his office. Aw. She is one of the sweetest heroines to walk about in K-dramaland.

Dal comes to get her cell phone from Jae Hee, but he says that she left it at home. She attempts to help him finish painting the wall but ends up moving her mouth more than her arms. She asks if his girlfriend is pretty, and he replies yes. She’s beautiful inside and out.

Jae Hee’s answer miffs Dal and she makes a disgusted look at his back. She gets the brilliant idea to spill paint on herself and asks to go to his place to clean up. At Jae Hee’s apartment, Dal spots Hwa Young spying and they lock eyes. Hwa Young gives Dal a cold smile and walks away. Seeing Hwa Young flusters Dal, but she moves to fulfill her “Seduce Jae Hee” plan anyway. Ick ick. This part is so painful to watch.

Luckily, Jae Hee rejects her advances and admits that she seemed cool when they first met. Now she’s just acting creepy. He flatly tells her that he has a woman now and that he has work to do. She can stay as long as she wants though. With that, he walks out with a box of supplies.

The next morning, Jae Hee shows up at the police station with a stack of pizza boxes. Bong Sun mutters that she’s embarrassed and the other officers tease her. They wonder if they’ll ever see her do some aegyo and Jae Hee answers that she’s an aegyo monster. Puhaha.

Jae Hee gives a bunch of hot packs to Bong Sun and comments that they need to take a picture together. Right then, Hwa Young calls and informs him of an emergency. Ack. Why does she always ruin every cute moment? There’s been a lack of the cute already.

An article by a woman named Jo In Sook has been circulating the Internet, and it points to the self-marketing ploy that Perche pulled with the diamond bag. The article states that it got this crucial information from a local police officer. Hwa Young suspects Bong Sun as the officer and Jae Hee quickly shuts her down. Bong Sun would never do that. Oh no. Why do I feel my heart breaking already?

Jae Hee meets with the journalist, who asks for an exclusive interview. If he does one, then she’ll take the article down. Before the interview begins, Hwa Young calls. Omg. Hwa Young asks the journalist where she got her information, and she replies that it was a female officer at the scene. Hwa Young’s eyes light up and I scream at my computer screen. Nooo…..

Jae Hee meets with Bong Sun and he nudges her head over and over again without informing her why. She tells him she’s going to beat him up if he continues and he just smiles. She asks what’s going on and Jae Hee just advises her to visit his company’s website tomorrow at 2PM.

The next day, Jae Hee introduces himself to the rest of the world. He tells female colleagues to call him oppa and announces that his door is open to everyone if they have questions or concerns. Oh, you’re just asking for a flood of girls to come in now. He also brings Dr. Park next to him and declares that Tae Hwa will be the personal counselor for Perche’s employees.

He also informs the viewers that a new system for calculating salaries will be implemented soon. These new announcements cause Hwa Young’s temper to rise, but it’s not until Jae Hee talks directly to Bong Sun that she explodes. He addresses his bad-tempered girlfriend, saying that he’ll never forget that meal she cooked for him or the promise he made to her in his office.

Dr. Park and Jae Hee head towards the company party together and they throw around harsh comments about each other’s style. Apparently Jae Hee looks like a beetle and Dr. Park looks older than ever. Lol. Jae Hee asks why Dr. Park is going to the party and Tae Hwa snaps that it’s because he’s a chaebol. His dad has more money than Hwa Young’s dad and he has more connections.

Jae Hee concedes that Dr. Park’s upper arm is thick with money and influence, and Dr. Park returns that it’s not just his arm that’s thick. Jae Hee looks down to a certain manly area on Tae Hwa’s body and Tae Hwa immediately smacks Jae Hee. Think more sophisticated thoughts. Hahahaha.

Hwa Young drives Dal to the party and advises Dal to talk to the best-looking man at the party. Even if Dal isn’t Jae Hee’s, he’ll probably feel some jealousy. Highly doubt it but Dal agrees anyway. When the girls pull up, Tae Hwa wonders who the woman next to Hwa Young is, and Jae Hee responds that it’s their main model.

Tae Hwa opens to the passenger door to reveal Dal, and they both gape in half-surprise, half-exasperation at each other. As they walk into the party, Tae Hwa comments that she looks like a totally different person. Dal responds that she’s always been elegant. They call each other names like the mature adults they are until Dal slips in a final insult and runs away.

Hwa Young introduces Jae Hee to a chairman’s daughter, who says that she’s talked about him with a lot of other people. Jae Hee wonders who these “other people” could be as well as why the daughter needs to open up a bakery. Isn’t she rich enough already? Hwa Young saves the situation by saying Jae Hee has a unique sense of humor.

As they walk around the bakery, Hwa Young asks why he brought Tae Hwa into the company without her consent. He replies that he was too lazy to persuade her into agreement so he just did it anyway. Puhaha. Well, it is his company. Dal sidles up to Jae Hee and tries to flirt, but he continually shoots her down. A frustrated Dal then tries to incite Jae Hee’s jealousy by fawning over Tae Hwa. Hahaha. Oh man. Wrong tree, Dal. Wrong tree.

Jae Hee laughs that Dal and Tae Hwa would make an interesting couple and offers his support for their relationship. He walks away and Tae Hwa smirks that Jae Hee already has a girlfriend.

Other party guests gossip about the noise marketing incident while Jae Hee talks to Bong Sun on the phone. As they converse, Dal leaves her phone on the table in front of Jae Hee for no reason other than to move along the plot. He asks what Bong Sun’s doing, and she replies that she’s doing laundry and cleaning.

He says he’s jealous of the clothes and vacuum cleaner because they’re next to her right now. Ack. My goosebumps have goosebumps. He tells her he’ll visit her soon and they hang up. Bong Sun sifts through the laundry and notices a cardigan that looks similar to one Jae Hee wore before. She calls Dal to ask where the sweater is from, but a man answers the phone.

Jae Hee states that Dal is busy at the moment, and Bong Sun hurriedly apologizes. Jae Hee and Bong Sun both cock their heads to the side as they try to figure out why the voice on the other line sounds so familiar.


I think the writer has checked out a little bit at this point because other than the cute couple moments and the witty banter, this episode was mostly just filler. The beginning was great and the scene in the car where Bong Sun and Jae Hee cry together killed me. Her feeling of betrayal and his helplessness mixed together and my heart went out to both of them.

My dislike for Jae Hee rescinded a lot with this episode because he’s finally calling some shots. I like that he’s finally using his power to stand up to Hwa Young. Ignoring your partner and announcing a bunch of policy changes right away might not be the best business tactic, but Jae Hee’s company changes aren’t out of selfishness. He truly cares about each employee and wants them treated correctly, because he’s been through customer service hell himself.

On the other hand, Hwa Young has just been utilizing anyone and anything possible to get her way. It’s slowly going to unravel, especially with this noise marketing incident. It’s going to be refreshing and a little scary to see such an elegant, cold woman slowly lose control. Han Go Eun is amazing at showing Hwa Young’s insecurities, fury, and haughtiness in a single scene.

The part where she slams her computer screen and calls Jae Hee is haunting. Her eyes are teary, her hands shake, and anger just radiates from her body, but her voice remains composed. It’s really a shame that YSY looks so young, because sometimes I feel like I’m watching an aunt and nephew fight whenever Jae Hee and Hwa Young scream at each other. Otherwise, their dynamic and interactions would be much more riveting to me, especially because both are amazing actors.

Also, can I just say that I love Bong Sun? She has such a kind heart that she’ll try to understand and accept an otherwise WTF situation because she thinks about how much suffering Jae Hee felt when the accident happened. But she’s also not some self-sacrificing, noble idiot who lets Hwa Young (and Dal for that matter) walk all over her.

She accurately sizes up Hwa Young, who (rightly) feels threatened by Bong Sun. Bong Sun has seen how cruel and calculating Hwa Young can be and she isn’t afraid to call Hwa Young out on her crap. Bong Sun even places herself as a shield to protect Jae Hee from Hwa Young. It’s unnecessary and she’ll probably end up getting hurt, but I find Bong Sun’s declaration particularly moving because it’s a testament of who she is as a person.

Hwa Young’s immoral actions against Jae Hee light up Bong Sun’s deep sense of justice and she immediately jumps to protect the people she cares about. Her stubbornness and prickly temper might turn off a lot of people, but Bong Sun is one of the more admirable heroines that I’ve had the pleasure of getting acquainted with. Interestingly, she’s much more afraid of being alone than she is of rich, powerful aristocrats who can ruin her career at the snap of a finger.

What half-frustrates me and half-kicks me in the gut is her unwillingness to see what an amazing person she is. The title of the drama refers mostly to Bong Sun, who’s a beautiful, blooming flower. Unfortunately, flowers (and humans) can’t always see their own beauty because they’re always surrounded by other flowers. Hwa Young has a similar problem, only she’s slowly turning black from the inside out.

We haven’t focused on Bong Sun’s depression of late, so it’s hard to say if she’s slowly being “cured.” We don’t see her sleeping at odd hours, eating too much, or crying without reason…but that might also be because we’re spending so much extra time on stuff that I don’t particularly care for. I’m waiting to see when Bong Sun realizes that she’s one hell of a catch. Hwa Young and Dal have nothing on you, girlie.

Lastly, I like Dal so much better when she’s bickering with her sister and Dr. Park. This whole seduction thing really disturbs me, and it’s not just because of my inner feminist. I just picture her as a snake curling itself around Jae Hee’s body and it is so not sexy. Ick.


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  1. Joshua_Ahjussi

    Thank you so much orangy and Merry Christmas!

  2. YBisTOP

    Is this drama good?

    • 2.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Slow warm up pitch, that turns into a curve ball, but we still are waiting for a fast one that burrows into our hearts. My best estimation of it. You really have to power through the first few episodes to get hooked, but when you’re safely with the drama, it pulls the Big Misunderstanding three time over, to go into a sleeper episode, and then it’ll be cut short–I think the writer gave up on this drama at this point and is thinking of her next one, which is such a shame since the actors are working so hard to make it work and shore up the deficit. Not this writer’s best drama.

      If you like slow warm up pitches that go to the heart, Fermentation family is a safer ride and doesn’t shuffle away the makjang, but presents it up front. (A little uneven on adoption representation though).

      Fast ride that pulls you into a bubble world? That’s Best Love.

      Something that slowly boils, but you can’t quite understand why… Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

      Mind bender, then you have Tree with Deep Roots.

    • 2.2 Hipployta

      This drama is fab…and when I see your user name I can only think of Big Bang and the band YB

      • 2.2.1 Hipployta

        To clarify

        YB being Young-Bae aka Taeyang and TOP being TOP of Big Bang

        And YB being Yoon Do Hyun’s Band

  3. sophie k

    Thanks for the recap! I think one of the reasons why I like this show this much is because of Bong Sun.

    She differs from the stereotype of poor-girl-who-meets-chaebol, and who is always unbelievably bright and cheery. She has her own grumpy, depressed, insecure moments, which are very real.

    • 3.1 Silver

      Yes, I agree with you. Bong Sun is troubled, insecure but also tough (atleast she likes to think so). She is a character I could easily connect with. Everyone who suffered during childhood and experienced loneliness will see glimpses of themselves in Bong Sun’s character.

  4. Noelle


    thanks for the recaps!

    • 4.1 chaostea

      AGREED !!!!

  5. Jomo

    Thanks for the recap.

    I felt like this was like a domino with-an-extra-set-of-middle-dots episode.

    The first half matched the last half of 10 wherein JH gets outed and we finally close down his shell game.
    The middle part with BS facing down HY then comforting JH – I liked that part the best.
    Then, for some odd reason, the reintroduction of distrust at the end to start a whole new reason to be mad at each other just when things seem to be back on track.

    The SR flirting with JH made me more uncomfortable than even the HY/JH scenes. I never understood why JH is attracted to her. If they wanted us to think he was a ladies man before meeting BS, I wish we had more evidence. I wish they had had the club lady names Sharon Stone drop us a hint. For example, when he kept turning down all the girls she brought over, she could have commented, “You were never this picky before.” That would tell us meeting BS had started to change him slowly, but he was still fighting the habits a player had. I always felt that they cut something out there.

    I agree with your BS love, and that she IS the person who could take HY in any fight any where any time to protect JH, not the other way around. BS doesn’t NEED JH to complete her as a person, but he certainly is good for lovin’ and playing around. Jae Hee is kinda like how Sam Shik was to Sam Soon in MNIKSS; if Jae Hee never came into Bong Su’s life, she would have been fine. She, on the other hand, saved him in both stories.

    • 5.1 alua

      The flirting… ugh. I have no respect for someone who will flirt when having clearly been told that JH already has a woman and that he is not interested in her (Dal).

      That said, JH was much.too.slow in responding to her trying to kiss him at his place.

      • 5.1.1 jusash

        Same here. Poaching when you know he’s taken is an ethical sistahood no-no. I don’t believe in the all’s fair game theory.

        The girl is as low-life scum for me, as is HY:

        1) Dal had known JH had someone – HY told her and JH he told her himself

        2) Dal was right there in the car and heard JH talking to BS very tenderly about dinner and was even envious.
        So no excuses. Hearing them in conversation should makes it even more taboo (in my bks, it takes the faceless other party to a more personal level).

        And for Pete’s sakes, what does Dal proceed to do next, just minutes later after alighting from that car-ride? Grab the dude for forced kisses.

        3) After the whole blow up between BS and JH with Dal’s kissing as catalyst … what does this shameless creature do?

        Dal lies to BS about JH … packs her bag and on her way out of the door, bumps into the coming-to-apologize JH. And she still has the sheer audacity to ask …. if she (Dal) even stands a chance at this point (!!!) = like WTF?!? Does this girl have any sense of shame? Embarassment? You now know the other party is your sister, hullo.

  6. jandoe

    still totally in love with this show but if the writer really have given up on this (as suggested by one of the commenters here) then hot damn, I’m gonna be really pissed. This show is such a gem to me, even right now in all its Hwa-Young-evil-manifests scenes.

    Thanks for the recap!

  7. ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap. I was accidently sucked into this drama from ep 8 and now after it ends will start from ep 1. Nuts huh? Pity the plot sort of went nuts as I loved ep 8.

  8. hi

    What keep me fall for this drama at a glance is screenplay of early episiodes(which failes in last episodes) : a blindsiding dialouges which made me laugh loud and think deep .Even if that guy jea hee remaing to low level job i love their interacting ,their bickering and their strong chemistry . And second reason which is still remain in both two lead actors: a sweat child like aspect of their characters. Their child like manner raise sincerity even if the show could be better wrote.

    I agree you orangy BS ‘s character and her feelings is so intersting . Her honesty and lovely inner ego make her realible and stunning for all of us .

    And for last : people who sacrifice all of their life for others fo protect them , always need someone who protect their poor and lonely ego like jae hee.


  9. Mystisith

    I agree about Dal portrayed as a disgusting snake. HY is mean because of her bad mental health, and because of her husband’s death. But Dal acts with a clear mind ( as far as we
    know ). Why can’t she stay true to herself ? Quit your job of minion and go find yourself a wealthy ( and available ) man on another pasture. Wait, She’s not a snake : Snakes have their own beauty and are useful in ecosystems. She’s just a parasite.
    Few thoughts of mine :
    – A man using pizzas as bribery cannot be conpletely bad. Even more if he likes painting his office in flashy yellow color.
    – I definitely got a crush on Dr Park, and not because of what Jae Hee said in the car. If he ends up with Dal or HY i will throw a tantrum.
    – I want a Boss like Jae Hee : Understanding, who cares for his employees and who doesn’t think too seriously about himself. And who’s incredibly good looking.
    – I want Bong Sun as a friend. Sometimes i want to strangle her, but she sure has principles and heart.
    – I want Bong Sun and Jae Hee together.
    Damn, this show really knows how to get me infuriated, but it’s like a heavy drug you can’t live without.

    • 9.1 alua

      Well, I suppose the question is what is “true to herself” for Dal. She is supposed to be materialistic, in which case she is actually being true to herself…

      I think the idea is that she is young and immature and can’t help it… but I’m not buying it. I don’t see any point in her character, which just isn’t interesting in any way – just hell annoying.

  10. 10 seattlebabe

    For some reason the actress playing Hwa Young seems to have gotten herself into the stereotyped acting as a seducer. Maybe that is the director’s instructions but just gives me the creep…perhaps that is her way of strutting around. Its true though that she looks stunning and plays it to the hilt, but her face looks like she is eternally crying,or thinking of some devilish ploy,mysterious or going crazy.

    If she has a comedic or light role in a Kdrma, please tell me because I am interested to see how she fared in it.

  11. 11 jusash

    MUCH THANKS for this wonderful Christmas pressie Orangey! Hope you are enjoying a cosy festive season yourself.

    Totally with you guys that the fiesty, fiercely- independent Bong Sun character with plenty of heart + conscience … is totally talking to me too. Though her beginning (strike) scene was almost an immediate bail out for me – BS got me soon at the start with the: “ahjjushi, you dropped your eyes on the road”. I wish I could be as blatantly face-on confrontational as BS.

    Their bantering is enjoyable … as is their intense unwavering eye-lock high-tension interactions are as good, if not even better as than their candy floss romantic moments.

    @ Mystisith:

    – Loving Dr Park too, hangups et al. Dal and her filthy habits so does NOT deserve him – in all ways, be it characterwise or her actual slobby ways.
    Just bec she wants $$$, does not mean she should get a NICE guy with the moolah. She deserves that chaebol slimeball that put her down at the party — she’s not above being so lowdown herself.

    – Jae Hee as boss
    ME TOO! But nevermind the goodlooking part – it would be too distracting, and what if we get greedy? All looky-looky, no touchy thing could be a problem. But definitely a perceptive boss who notices the tiny details himself, knows what’s going on, is hands-on, has empathy and doesn’t rely on backstabbers for wrong info is a definite PLUS.

    – Bong Sun friend with principles and heart.
    I want a gf like that too. Not many, just one solid person like her will do. To boot, not materialistic or pretentious with agenda. She’s the type who’d drop everything to do anything for you. (and I’d do the same for her). Definitely a dying breed these days, esp if you don’t share a long history and bond together.

    @ seattlebabe:

    >>>> the actress playing Hwa Young seems to have gotten herself into the stereotyped acting as a seducer. — > just gives me the creep … perhaps that is her way of strutting around — >she looks stunning and plays it to the hilt, but her face looks like she is eternally crying,or thinking of some devilish ploy,mysterious or going crazy.

    I am biased for sure. Maybe it’s her being typecast in her roles. But I am definitely getting the wrong negative vibes from watching Han Go-eun in anything.

    She ALWAYS gives me the impression she thinks she’s so darn smart and sexy. While that is NOT a bad thing, to me she projects that air all the time in her sneering half-smile, haughty above-it-all expressions in ANY drama I see. And yes “the strutting”, which is not always graceful with Han Go-eun too.

    That’s the way I read her anyway, and that turns me right off.

    There are many actresses out there who are intelligent and sexier. for eg: I enjoy the ‘obviously satisfied with herself’ Kim Hye-soo’s extroverted confidence because I don’t get the same patronising and condescending vibes from her.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a smooth-sailing 2012 ahead everyone! 🙂

  12. 12 Taber

    I think this is the best recaps you have done on this drama, you stated your opinion and follow-up with reasons behind your train of thought, when you entwined your personal opinion in a review it good for the reader to see where you coming from and where you going with it. I agree with you about this episode, I love Bong Sun’s so much in this drama but especially in this episode. I’m a person that enjoys a drama for its characters then the storyline. Bong Sun character is the kind I love the most, she up there with Attic Cat character (RIP), Hateful Words Once Again and Lover in Prague to name a few out of a very tiny list. Bong Sun strength, weakness, intelligence, confident and fearless is so captivated to watch and the actress acting does the character justice every time. It’s very rare to see main lead actress in k-drama having self respect and demanding respect for being human being regarding of social status. Thanks for the recap I enjoyed reading this one.

  13. 13 Alice20

    Just to clarify: both Hwa Young and Jae Hee own the company, right? They’re co-CEOs? Cuz hearing that Jae Hee wanted his position to be ” designer” and hearing that Hwa Young “invested” in Jae Hee when he was 17 confuses me as to who has the authority in the company.

    • 13.1 Taber

      They are co-owner, Jae hee was working behind the scene. I get the feeling they equal ownership but you know K-drama the age vs. anything is a major factor and since Hwa Young is older he tend to let her take the lead. I understand respecting your elders, but even that got a limited but the automatic respect for a person who a couple of years older than me without taking in account that person character just not going to happen in Taber world!

  14. 14 oramylove

    i totally love this episode to pieces particularly when BS tells JH the what ifs and whatever happens… getting old together stuffsss…. very few dramas have this lead actress who can stand up on her own!! go girl! go me too flower!!! thanks orangy911!!!

  15. 15 Abbie

    The writer isn’t the only one checking out. I am too. This episode was so boring. It’s losing a lot of the things that drew me in in the first place. Like the cuteness and Bong Sun’s struggles with her depression. What happened?

    But, anyway, thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

  16. 16 ninji

    I’m still in this. Bong Sun is truly amazing in the k-dramalandscape. I think she’s my favorit female lead this year.

    Thanks for the recaps, I just love to watch and read at the same time.

  17. 17 MsB

    “My goosebumps have goosebumps.” Thanks for the laugh! This was a good episode! The phone play was so cute!

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