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Me Too, Flower: Episode 12
by | December 27, 2011 | 38 Comments

We get some more plot movement, but I’m afraid my heart feels a little cold. Winter’s hit and Snow Queen Hwa Young’s bitchiness is freezing my love for this drama.

Episode 12

After Bong Sun and Dal hang up, Hwa Young tells Jae Hee to mingle with the guests. He should get to know the Chairman’s daughter. He reluctantly gets up. Dal asks Hwa Young why she’s pushing Jae Hee towards the Chairman’s daughter, and Hwa Young replies that the daughter is someone who matches Jae Hee’s status. Neither Dal nor Jae Hee’s girlfriend are worthy of being with Jae Hee.

Dal holds back tears and mutters that the daughter was just lucky to meet rich parents. I feel a twinge of pity for her. Jae Hee wanders over to where Dr. Park and the Chairman’s daughter converse about exhaust pipes. He turns to his “friend” and bluntly makes fun of him for stealing money and getting away with it.

He makes everyone uncomfortable and Hwa Young steps in to diffuse the tension by introducing Dal. The “friend” compliments Dal on her beauty and gives her his business card, saying his company might need a model in the future. The Chairman’s daughter asks for Jae Hee’s business card, and he replies that he doesn’t carry one. He abruptly leaves, ignoring the laser beams flashing from Hwa Young’s eyes.

At Jae Hee’s departure, Dal’s rich ex-boyfriend arrives and starts to rip on Dal for being a gold-digger. He asks how she attended this event; did she finally grab a big fish? Dr. Park tells him to stop and Dal runs out, but not before colliding with a waiter. She stands in the cold trying to find a taxi, which is when Jae Hee sees her. He gets out of his own taxi and tells Dal that he’ll drop her off.

Back in the bakery, Hwa Young asks why Dr. Park stepped in to help Dal and he replies that he just wanted to. Just then, Hwa Young gets a phone call from her assistant about another news report about the noise marketing stunt. She heads to the office, leaving Dr. Park lonely and bored.

Jae Hee answers a phone call from Bong Sun and Dal looks on in jealousy as he warmly assures Bong Sun that he’ll be at her house soon. She’s cooked a meal for him and he tells her he wants some egg rolls. After they hang up, Dal notes how different he seems when he speaks to his girlfriend.

Bong Sun finds that she’s run out of eggs, so she heads to the neighborhood market to buy some. On the way back home, she notices Jae Hee get out of the taxi. He runs to the other side and opens the door for Dal, who suddenly ambushes him and pulls him aside for a kiss. He pushes her off but she steals another kiss. Okay, so he drags Bong Sun by the arm this way and that, but he can’t stop Dal from manhandling him?

Bong Sun stares in disbelief and falls to the ground as Jae Hee and Dal break apart. They turn to see Bong Sun and Dal calls out “unni,” which shocks Jae Hee. He runs to Bong Sun and Dal gasps in surprise after realizing that Bong Sun is the “other woman.”

Jae Hee tries to convince Bong Sun that he didn’t know she and Dal were sisters, and that what Bong Sun saw is a misunderstanding. He was just dropping Dal off at home and has no interest in her. Bong Sun avoids looking at Jae Hee, and she tells him that she doesn’t know what to believe.

She brings up his cardigan and he yells that Dal just borrowed it. Nothing happened between them. Bong Sun tells him to shut up; he’s the same guy who bought Dal a bag and dropped her off before. Hwa Young was right; Bong Sun doesn’t know much about Jae Hee after all. There’s no end to his secrets.

Bong Sun tells Jae Hee that he’s no different from those rich men who drink with women hanging on their arms. Jae Hee’s temper flares and he tells her that she needs to stop with the accusations. If his girlfriend won’t trust him, who will? He snaps that he doesn’t need a woman who distrusts him. Oh no no no. You bad boy. That’s how you’re going to solve this situation?

Dal thinks back to Jae Hee’s note to Bong Sun and scoffs at how absurd everything is. Bong Sun stomps in and orders Dal to leave. Dal holds her head up high and responds that she needs her clothes. Bong Sun asks when Dal started to meet Jae Hee, and Dal retorts that it was before she moved into this crappy house. She also adds that she slept with Jae Hee at his apartment.

Bong Sun tells her to shove it; Jae Hee would never do that. Dal calls Bong Sun a hypocrite for going out with a rich man and laughs that Jae Hee is going to dump Bong Sun soon enough. They start screaming and pulling each other’s hair until Bong Sun yells that it doesn’t matter anymore. She and Jae Hee are through. Dal can keep the bastard.

A heartbroken Bong Sun goes back to her room and sobs on her bed. Sigh. Give her a break, Writer Kim.

Jae Hee comes to Hwa Young’s office and announces that Perche needs to call a press conference. He’s going to apologize and admit that the company was behind the noise marketing ploy. Hwa Young adamantly refuses. Doing that would tarnish Perche’s reputation and she’s worked too hard to let the company hit rock bottom.

He replies that they have reap what they have sown. Hwa Young might have started this, but he’s also responsible for the mess they’re in. She pleads for him to give her a day. She’ll figure something out. Ugh. I’m sure she will. And sure enough, after Jae Hee leaves, Hwa Young calls the company lawyer. Jae Hee, you still have way too much faith in this woman.

Dal opens Bong Sun’s gate just as Jae Hee rings the doorbell. She asks if he really likes Bong Sun, but he brushes past her without answering. Dal sighs that at least Bong Sun is loved by someone.

Bong Sun trashes the meal that she slaved over (which makes my heart hurt. All. That. Food…) and Jae Hee tells her that they need to talk. Bong Sun replies that she doesn’t have anything to say, nor does she want to hear his excuses. He gives her a warning: if she says they’re over one more time, then he’ll really break up with her. Tsk. You know that’s going to backfire on you.

She responds that she wants to sleep, and Jae Hee shouts that he trusted Bong Sun and defended her against Hwa Young. She asks why and he reveals that an article about Perche’s marketing stunt is circulating. The reporter claims that she received inside information from a neighborhood female officer. Bong Sun denies that it was her, and Jae Hee wonders if she’s telling the truth. They bitterly separate, stewing over their hurt feelings.

Bong Sun and the other officers practice shooting targets, but she finds herself distracted from yesterday’s events. She misses the bull’s eye repeatedly while Maru shows off his awesome shooting skills. Later, as they do stretching exercises, Bong Sun asks if Maru could kill someone for her, and he replies that her relationship is much too dramatic. I’ll say. They haven’t even gone out for a month and she already wants to murder him.

Dal bursts into Hwa Young’s office and informs witch lady that Bong Sun isn’t her blood sister. Hwa Young is slightly taken aback by that but she keeps calm. Dal snides that she’ll never forgive Hwa Young for setting her up and stabbing her pride. Hwa Young smiles and reminds Dal that she’ll have to give up her car, clothes, and car before doing anything rash.

Dal goes to see Dr. Park and requests a consultation. She provides an analogy:

There’s a hungry beggar who meets an ahjumma who sells hotcakes. The ahjumma tempts the beggar with a hotcake, but she throws in a muddy puddle. The beggar has two choices: pick up the hotcake and eat it or refuse it and keep some self-respect. Which one should the beggar choose?

Dr. Park responds that it’s up to Dal’s…er..the beggar’s principles. The beggar chooses based on what’s more important to her, and that’s what shapes who the beggar becomes. Dal responds that he’s supposed to choose for her! He responds that it’s not his job to choose. He’s merely a guide. She huffs that he’s useless and leaves after telling him to watch her luggage.

Maru and Bong Sun visit a convenience store and she asks why he always buys disposables razors. She can buy him an electric shaver. He immediately declines and she notes his strange behavior. In the patrol car, she inquires if he has a crush on the cashier girl at the store, and he gives a sheepish smile. He asks if she’s still fighting with Jae Hee, and she advises him not to fall in love. It’s too complicated. He shakes his head and replies that he wants to fall in love at least 100 times. Hehe.

They notice a bunch of protestors outside of Perche and Bong Sun recalls her encounter with the journalist. She belatedly realizes that she did slip a little bit of information and decides to visit Jae Hee, who is conversing with the parking manager about the sudden drop in customers.

Dal stares at her own advertisement and comtemplates her hotcake dilemma. Young Hee approaches her for an autograph and Dal readily signs the notebook. She looks at the poster again and decides to pick up the hotcake and eat it. As she moves to the exit, Bong Sun comes down the stairs. The stepsisters glare at each other, and Bong Sun tells Dal not to eat too many eggs at the sauna. She farts too much already. Kek.

Jae Hee tries to get a hold of Hwa Young when Bong Sun walks in. They both apologize for their harsh words. Bong Sun admits that she accidently confirmed that the noise marketing was initiated by Perche to the reporter at the launching party. Jae Hee assures her that she doesn’t have to worry; he’s handling it.

Bong Sun heads back to the police station, but gets a call from her sunbae that she’s being sued by Perche for slander. She stomps back into Jae Hee’s office and demands to know if he filed the lawsuit. If not him, was it Hwa Young? He stands dumbfounded at her outburst and she tells him to ask his business partner about what’s happening.

Dal meets with Hwa Young to tell her that Bong Sun wants to break up with Jae Hee. She muses that Hwa Young wants to hurt Bong Sun because Jae Hee loves her, not Hwa Young. As a result, Dal gets pelted in the face with water and Hwa Young tosses her a handkerchief. Dal coolly tells Hwa Young that she wants to continue modeling; otherwise, she’s going to tell Jae Hee about their partnership. Hwa Young responds that she’ll keep Dal as a model…for now.

Bong Sun’s sunbae tells her that she needs to wait for the court’s ruling to know whether she’s guilty or not. She insists that she’s innocent, but her sunbae responds that her word alone can’t solve a lawsuit. He advises her to work it out with the other party. If only it were that easy.

Bong Sun comes back to the station and gets a warm greeting from her cuddly, reasonable father. He stopped by after seeing the news report because he was so worried about her. She rolls her eyes and goes up to the kitchen area with Dad hot on her heels. Bong Sun’s supervisor wonders why Jae Hee is suing his girlfriend.

Dad yells at Bong Sun, asking her how she could create such a mess. Is she stupid? He tells her that whether or not she’s done something wrong is not the point; it’s the court’s ruling that determines her innocence. Bong Sun responds that he’s not even worried about her. He’s worried about what’ll happen to his reputation among police officers.

She reminds him that she’s not a child. She’s over thirty years old and this is her workplace. He has no right coming here and embarrassing her in front of her colleagues.

Dal goes to Dr. Park’s office and tries to persuade him to let her stay the night. He kicks her out, but she waits outside until he relents. He asks if she has no friends and she nods her head. Aw. I understand why but that’s still sad. Dr. Park stays overnight as well because his apartment is under construction.

Jae Hee goes to the police station but the police chief tells him that Bong Sun already left. The chief asks Jae Hee if they could talk and they head to a cafe. As they drink tea, the chief tells Jae Hee that rumors of the lawsuit have reached the top dogs in the police department and Bong Sun might lose her job. He asks Jae Hee to reconsider his actions for the sake of Bong Sun.

Bong Sun barges into Hwa Young’s office and declares that this lawsuit move is low, even for her. Hwa Young smirks and replies that there’s an easy solution: If Bong Sun admits her guilt, then Perche can retract the lawsuit. Perche’s reputation will be salvaged and Jae Hee can perserve his life’s work.

Jae Hee walks in and yells at Bong Sun to go outside, but she refuses. She’s done being treated like a rag doll by him and Hwa Young. They have no right to rule her life. She whirls around and challenges Hwa Young to try her best at proving Bong Sun’s guilt. Before she leaves, she firmly states to Jae Hee that their relationship is no more.

He replies that they’ll talk about it later and Bong Sun tells him that there’s no need. She walks out and Hwa Young yells that this is all Bong Sun’s fault. Jae Hee shoots back that this is Perche’s responsibility. Hwa Young cuts Jae Hee a (completely ridiculous) deal; she’ll retract the lawsuit if Jae Hee breaks up with Bong Sun. He hesistates, and then declares that he’ll break up with Bong Sun.


I really wish I had something interesting to say besides “omfgsomeonekillHwaYoung.” I’m running out of things to call Hwa Young. I guess I should thankful that she’s actually an effective villain. Or…maybe it’s the other way around. I honestly don’t know anymore. I’m relieved that the conflict actually makes sense in the narrative though.

Bong Sun did confirm the noise marketing ploy, which gave the journalist confidence to run the story. The lawsuit seems ridiculous because Hwa Young the biatch is the one who pulled the bag theft fake-out, but it’s also not a crazy plot device that the writer threw in out of desperation. Jae Hee’s noble idiot dilemma makes some sense. I loathe it but it serves a point.

The lawsuit can actually do some damage to Bong Sun’s career, which prods Jae Hee to figure out his priorities. Bong Sun’s job is her source of income and pride. He’s willing to give up his company’s reputation to save Bong Sun’s job because she’s more important to him than anything right now.

Hwa Young’s “solution” to the news report fiasco does save Perche’s reputation and retracting the lawsuit will allow Bong Sun to keep her job. The immense downside is that Bong Sun remains guilty, which would kill her own sense of justice. In addition, the fact that she was sued can’t be erased easily. Her colleagues won’t look at her in the same way, even if she is innocent.

This make-up and break-up game is making me dizzy, but this separation might not be a bad thing. Some time apart gives Jae Hee time to set Hwa Young straight and for Bong Sun to realize that her worth doesn’t come strictly from Jae Hee’s love. In the police station, she essentially blames herself for her sucky love life. She tells herself that she shouldn’t have expected much from her life; she’s always been like this. But her dysfunctional relationship with Jae Hee stems from the middling monster of a third wheel. Maybe some alone time will allow her to re-evaluate her far-from-hopeless life.

On another note, Dal’s metaphor exemplifies how self-absorbed she remains. She neglects the fact that the “muddy puddle” her hotcake fell in is her relationship with her sister. Now, Bong Sun isn’t easy to get along with and they’re technically not blood-related, but Bong Sun has been feeding and housing Dal for months even though she’s not required to. Dal helped Hwa Young drive a nail into another woman’s heart…and for what? Clothes? Is she happy in the company of snobby chaebols who constantly belittle her? I feel no sense of gratitude from her and her spoiled princess personality is shaped by her pushover of a stepmother. I’m not even going to touch the topic of Bong Sun’s parents. Ugh.

I’m just disappointed that Dal hasn’t shown a lot of growth. I thought that being under Hwa Young’s reign of terror would help her realize how empty her materialistic aspirations are. She shows flashes of depth, and it’s to Seo Hyo Rim’s credit that I’ve liked her for this long. But that’s the problem. All we see are flashes. I base my attraction to a drama on whether or not I feel for or connect with the characters. So far, I’ve only found Dal mildly amusing. I don’t expect her to volunteer at an orphanage and give all her clothes to charity, but she’s starting to grate on my nerves.


38 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. DP

    I can’t wait for today’s episode

    • 1.1 sophie k

      Is tonight’s episode the last? Or is there an episode 16?

      • 1.1.1 DP

        I red from several sources that tonight will be the final episode.

        • sophie k

          thanks DP!

  2. sophie k

    I felt really betrayed by this episode. It left me with such a bitter aftertaste.

    And if one scrutinizes the episode, the writer seems to be hitting the replay button. Similar scenarios are repeated again and again, with only slight differences with the emotions and issues involved. For example:

    Jae Hee and Bong Sun break up again.
    Dal gets thrown out of the house again.
    Hwa Young and Bong Sun have a my-eyes-are-crazier-than-thou competition again.


    • 2.1 sophie k

      The only amusing relief one can get from this episode seems to be Dal The Scary Ghost who manages bunks in with Psychiatrist Ahjussi by spooking him out.

      • 2.1.1 MsB

        That scene was the saving grace for what was a depressing episode. The biatch got her wish! Good job of getting me to hate you more.

    • 2.2 Kim Yoonmi

      Don’t forget the Big Misunderstanding and the uncharacteristic “Noble Idiot Syndrome” from the writer too. The writer quit just as the actors got their sense of orientation and started to really adjust to their roles. I just can feel her quit on this drama. She’s already thinking of her next one.

      From the Writer of MNKSS and What’s Up Fox, I expected a lot better… but I guess by the time this episode aired she knew the story was up for murder.

  3. Jen

    I just don’t know how long I can keep wanting to watch this show. I loved the first few episodes, but not it just feels so frustrating.

  4. Alicia

    I almost wanted Jae hee to tell Hwa Young “fine I’ll end my relationship with Bong Sun but this is the end for us too”..
    I would be like Ha! In your face XD

    I agree if it wasn’t for the fact that Seo Hyo-rim playing Dal, I would be over and done with Dal. There hasn’t been any change from ep 1 to now.

  5. nuri

    i laugh at Maru and BongSun scene at the convenience store. they played Beast song!

  6. Coma

    Great recaps! Congrats orangy911!

  7. Suzi Q

    Don’t know how Dal can mend her relationship with Bong Sun.Is she too materialistic to wake up and smell some coffee?She was willing to break up Jae Hee’s love for a car, jewelry, and some beautiful clothes. She’s willing to eat the dirty hotcake at the expense of everyone. I hope she gets some scruples in the end.
    Can’t weak and stupid Jae Hee gets some guts and tell Hwa Young to take a flying leap into the Han River? Getting tired of his secrets and wrist grabbing of Bong Sun.
    Low self esteemed,Bong Sun, keeps breaking up with Jae Hee, but keeps going back for more bad treatment from him.I would be depressed too with Jae Hee’s behavior.
    The story keeps going around and around in a circle with very little progress.I’m getting dizzy. Hope they can end this drama that makes some sense.

  8. anicheung

    I also agree — if not for Seo Hyo Rim, I would have already filed Dal under the “I really could care less about this woman” category and focused more on our main couple. Dal actually started grating on my nerves the moment she started the whole Plan Steal Jae Hee from his Girlfriend mission. I had figured Dal to have more pride than to succumb to Hwa Young’s games, and I really didn’t want that cliche to take place since Miss Creepy Possessive has already got her hands in everyone’s business, especially Jae Hee.

    I’m still sticking with this drama series if only because I want to see our couple find a way to solve their problems and rekindle those darn cutesy sweet moments. To be honest, this is one of the few couples that I’ve actually gotten giddy over in a long time. So I’m kind of getting tired of the break-ups and the temporary get back together only to be followed by another break up. Jae Hee needs to get his act together quick if he really wants Bong Sun back, and dragging her around demanding that she lay trust in him doesn’t help his case. I mean, if someone were to keep that many secrets from you, would you be able to unconditionally trust him?

    • 8.1 trotwood

      “To be honest, this is one of the few couples that I’ve actually gotten giddy over in a long time.”

      This is th reaseon that I am sticking with this drama and waiting anxiously for new episodes to be put up with English subs on mysoju, which has only up to this episode. The recaps have helped because I read them first and then decide which episode to watch all the way through. These two characters as infuriating as the script makes them act, seem to have a real need for each other, unlike some other couples (even the ones I have liked). They have such chemistry, and YSY is playing this part to the hilt. He can capture evey single emotion in a glance or a facial twitch. We also have to hand it to Han Go Eun for playing this part, which really does not give her anything but a one-note “be crazy witch.” Some actresses would have pulled back out of embarassment by now, but she is all in, as if she is thinking “this is crap, but I am a proefessional and will eat it with gusto.”

    • 8.2 meix2

      The OTP breakups may be repetitive but must be resolved to move the story along. Misunderstanding 1- secret identity; Misunderstanding 2- relationship/’living’ with HY|; Misunderstanding 3- relationship with Dal. Even the BS’s involvement in the stolen bag arc was set up in EP9. So all in all, things make sense… uh… at this point.

      (IMO, I think the headscratching/ headbanging doesn’t actually start until Ep13/14).

      <> LOL. I, like you, have nothing to say about her ‘parents’. Maybe except expletives.

  9. Abbie

    This show is grating on my nerves too. WTF? I’m getting whiplash from all the times Bong Sun and Jae Hee have broken up and gotten back together. And Hwa Young is such a crazy psychopath that I find her annoying more so than evil. Lady, get a freaking life and focus on your son and not a guy who could be your son. Geez.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911.

    • 9.1 alua

      The problem with the constant breaking up and getting back together is that the more often it happens, the less convincing a ‘happy ending’ will be. More like the breaking up cycle is a sign that they do not make a good couple, because they can’t communicate, can’t work out their problems, etc.

      I mean, I like this couple, and love B.S. but I’m not sure if they do end up together that they really can have good, lasting relationship…

      HY – agree with you. Just sick of her character.

  10. 10 Noelle

    Thanks for the recap! Off to read.

  11. 11 Noelle


    Someone please give Jae Hee some balls to stand up to Hwa Young! The way outta of this is for Jae Hee to give his own press conference or talk to a reporter and just lay it all out to clear Bong Sun and knee Hwa Young in the baby maker so she can stop her scheming. God he should just leave her. I mean she has a brother. Let him be the uncle/father figure to his nephew.

    • 11.1 giddy


      Jae Hee can clear it all up by having the press conference–Perche may take a hit, BUT they can pay penance, OR, Jae Hee can go off and start a new brand with the ajusshi that taught him. He wants to stick with him while Hwa Young is enamored with foreign brands–here’s the perfect opportunity to break free and start fresh with his own company and woman of his choice.

      Good question: why isn’t uncle more involved in A In’s life?

    • 11.2 alua

      Yes, exactly.

      I mean, Hwa Young was the one who pulled the fake theft. Jae Hee should never have let her get away with this from the start, but now HW wants a lawsuit for something she started herself? Excuse me?

      That’s when you say, regardless of how indebted you feel to that person, ‘Lady, you have you got a screw loose.’ Every time Jae Hee says ‘WE need to take responsibility’ it drives me crazy. He doesn’t need assume responsibility for HY’s psychotic idiocy, he just needs to make clear he is going to let everyone know the truth.

      And break all relations with that woman. She’s bad news and that will never change. Hmmm – thinking this, really makes me wonder how this drama can end. It can only make sense with a full break-off of relations between JH and HY (she’ll never accept BS), or otherwise JH and BS don’t end up as a couple.

  12. 12 jusash

    THANKs orangey!

    Waiting for final episode – if only to see our couple work things out … somehow (pls let plot be fluidly convincing for us sticking it out thus long).

    @ anicheung

    >>> To be honest, this is one of the few couples that I’ve actually gotten giddy over in a long time.

    Yes, for me too. They have that special wonderful spark that hasn’t been present in many of this yr’s line up of couples .. for me at least.

    As for Dal likening her choice to a beggar and hotcakes – gimme a break. That’s hardly the same basis for comparison.
    It’s food or starvation for a beggar …. what’s Dal’s reason for walking away from pride and self-respect? It’s not like she’s going to be nekkid or anything.

  13. 13 1aco

    This show lost it’s sharm around ep 8 or 9.. and I agree with sophie K comment that they keep on “hitting the replay button”. The biggest problem this show has it is that it goes in a circkel and ends were it startet without any change… ahhh I really wanted to like this show to the end and not to abandon it…

  14. 14 Alice20

    Jae Hee’s pride/short temper/whateverthehell is REALLY annoying.
    A guy gets caught in a VERY suspicious situation with another woman.
    Correct behavior: Fall to your knees and explain the entire situation until your mouth falls off or your gf accepts you back (whichever comes first).
    Jae Hee’s behavior: “It’s not like that…*taps foot, gets angry*… well, I can’t be with someone that doesn’t trust me… *walks away*
    WTF. The man’s not even trying to comfort her or reassure her. He’s too busy being petty and caught up in his self-pride.

  15. 15 Lilian

    I. Love. This. Heroine.

    Cannot express that enough.

  16. 16 alua

    “Okay, so he drags Bong Sun by the arm this way and that, but he can’t stop Dal from manhandling him?”

    I was totally unconvinced by that too.

    And, if you recall, the previous episode had Dal unable to paint the walls properly because she was apparently ‘too weak’.

    Made no sense. And made me annoyed at JH. One thing to be surprised by a kiss, another not to be able to stop it for quite a bit, AND and prevent a second one. Ughhh.

  17. 17 Mystisith

    Pick one :
    1 : The writer has been asked to rewrite the story starting frop ep 9. Makjang. And major fail.
    2 : The writer has been switched starting ep 9. New one loves to use melo and cheap stunts. Has no sense of humor at all, and no sense of romance at all either, to top the cake. Major fail.

    If i didn’t like this couple so much, i would have dropped that massacre. How crappy !

    By the way, does anyone know an example of a show that got better because of a massive rewriting in the middle of its run ? And / or who got better ratings because of that ??
    If yes, please share with me.
    If no, TV channels should really consider abandoning that stupid solution. When a show starts slow in his rating, you’d better trust the viral Net recommendation that will go between viewers.
    Here at the end, you don’t gain much new ones, and you loose half of the fans from the first minute. Not sure it’s a good calculation.

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      By the way, thank you very much Orangy. Brace yourself for 2 more cold days ” sorry : meant episodes “. then reward at ep 15. Holding your hand and lending you my shoulder til the end.

  18. 18 Soso

    It’s amazing how dramas seem to consistently tank towards that 12th or 13th episode. I had so much hope for this show because instead of wowing me from the beginning, it built itself up episode by episode to be a good drama and now we have episode 12. I’m scared that this is the downward spiral towards death.

    The only thing that prevented me from getting more annoyed and slamming my laptop closed is that I’ve really grown to love Bong Sung and Ja Hee… they’ve built in so much good will that I’m willing to forgive this episode. But show, please end well. Please!!!

  19. 19 Jomo

    Thanks for the recap on this colder episode.
    I agree with everyone on hating the “lather rinse repeat”-ness.

    Part of the problem is that we adore JaeHee. What I mean by that is YSY is playing him so lovable that even when he does crappy or cowardly things, we still want to like him.

    It amuses me that none of the commenters go so far as to say “JaeHee is such a jerk!” for the way he is acting, for the continued lies and misguided believe in the sh8t HY is pitching.

    From a character growth perspective, it would make more sense if we could see HIM suffer more, not BS, as a result of their continued break-ups. When he confronted BS after the big reveal and her rejection of him, he asked “Can you live without me?” He was really asking himself, “Can I live without you?” WE know that, but he is so confident to the point of arrogance that he won’t say it out loud.

    One break up episode – focus on BS
    One break up episode – focus on JH
    Yet another break up episode – focus on both of them dealing with the possibility of life without the other.

    I would really have liked to see him reflect at this point on his relationships with other women. Leaving that out has been the biggest mistake the writer made in this show. Yes, HY has been the most important woman in his life. Yes, she is the second lead that BS has to get around. But other than the fact that BS makes him crazy and made him dinner, which he said nobody has ever done for him, WHY is BS so special to him? What would happen to him if he loses her? I still don’t know.

    • 19.1 Mystisith

      Jomo, how could you call Jae Hee a jerk ? Mitchoso ? :).
      The poor guy has the sky falling down on his head constantly : The stolen bag issue, Dal kissing him etc. Nothing is his fault ! His problem is precisely that he is too kind of a man : He wants to spare the egg and the omelette. When what he should do is like someone wrote before me, cutting all ties with HY, Dal and Perche. He’s so bad at rejectind people…
      Now, as much as i love Bong Sun, her distrust of Jae Hee gets on my nerves too. She acts as ” i trust you BUT… give me proofs i’m right to do so “. You just don’t trust someone at 50 %. And you don’t trust someone for a reason nor a goal. You have to do the blind jump in the unknown, there is no compromise. And that’s why it is so scary. But there is no other way to trust someone.
      If she had done that, i don’t think Jae Hee would have taken her for granted and treated her like a winning prize. And at least, even if JH was rotten, by now she would have her certified answer, and she could start fresh without him and regrets.

      • 19.1.1 Jomo

        I know he is not a jerk! That is the problem. We are too sympathetic to him to get mad at him for the way he acts.

        Can you think of another first lead male or female that lied (by omission, granted) that much and we still loved this much?

      • 19.1.2 alua

        Well, because this is a drama we know a lot more about Jae Hee than Bong Sun does – we know he has some definite flaws but that essentially he is a good person.

        But if you look at it from Bong Sun’s perspective, I don’t think we can blame her for not trusting him. We can blame her for saying “I trust you” and then in fact not trusting him (i.e. being hypocritical – don’t say it if you don’t mean it), but I can certainly understand why she would not trust him.

        It’s not like they have known each other for particularly long – she barely knows this guy, yet there have been a significant number of situations that are red flags relationship-wise. They are really bad at communicating with one another (which is at the basis of a relationship imo), whether we talk in terms of lying or ‘withholding information’. Not that everything has to be revealed, but Jae Hee has again and again withheld information when it made no sense to withhold it or when there was no obvious reason to do so (other than being an artificially created dramatic device for the writer of course).

        I may be too critical but I did once have a relationship with someone who did turn out to be a lier (and a jerk :-)), and, being older and wiser now, I would give a person one chance, maybe two, but beyond that? No thank you – not worth investing (wasting?) one’s time and energy, better to move one, start afresh.

        Of course, we know Jae Hee is not a ‘jerk’ because we know plenty about him, his guilt towards HY, all that background, but Bong Sun does not. So from her one-sided perspective she has got every reason not to trust him, and to move on. There are other people with less baggage out there (including significantly less toxic baggage than HY).

        Unless you believe there is only one soulmate in life of course.

        Bottomline: I think I’m annoyed about the writer creating stupid kinds of conflicts that now make me waver whether I really want Bong Sun and Jae Hee to end up together. Or if they do, HY has to be totally out of their life for good (like moving on the other side of the world).

  20. 20 Mystisith

    To answer your question, no i can’t find another character that i loved so much may it be a liar or a killer or whatever.
    Truth is, even when we learned about “wrong” things ( see, even saying something hurtful about Jae Hee scorches my mouth… ) he said, i could never leave his side. I’m a girl and i should be on the girl side, but i just don’t feel that way. Hopeless me.
    I don’t know. There is some kind of magic at work here. A anti-hatred and grudge shield that prevents us from closing our hearts at him. Maybe his beautiful cat’s eyes that hypnotize you ?

    • 20.1 Jomo

      Oh, I am pretty sure his pretty everything is a shielding device!

      • 20.1.1 jusash

        While we’re really forgiving to JH … it’s true we know everything that is to know about him.

        BS was pretty upfront and direct about herself. What you see is what you get. JH on the other hand .. way more guarded (avoidant?) repeatedly about spilling the whole truth – even when opportunities presented themselves. He preferred to gloss and skim over the moment, rather than take the initiative to go further in depth.

        He needs someone to trust him 100% but JH himself is a weird paradox who blew hot and cold sometimes.

        If you revisit ep 1 (I did – while impatiently waiting for ep 15 since last wk) … he was teasingly-close (to the pt of uncomfortably-intimate) with HY too, sitting there nonchalantly with HY, in his bathrobe.
        Wrong body language = wrong signals dude!

        On top of his secrets being outed one by one … JH’s also always making light of the serious … teasing BS (even after their intense kiss, and also denying their relationship rt after going serious).
        The whole picture BS is left even by ep 11 … is still not all 100% secure or solid. Who can blame her? It’s not like she has an easy history herself.

        To BS’s credit, despite being shocked and hurt by Dal’s’ attack’ on JH … BS still chooses to believe in JH, over Dal about their relationship – what more can the dude ask for? Get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness dude – not deliver ultimatums which you so do not mean!

        But all’s well now. *spoiler* Just finished ep 15 – sweet!

        • violet

          I agree.In fact I think it’s JH who doesn’t trust BS.he hides his real identity from her,then immediately believes the reporter about her(BS) being the leak and doesn’t even ask her about it.Also, do you remember his reaction when he saw her in Dr. Park’s office?he also jumped to conclusion,and they were just hugging not kissing like him and Dal(and twice at that!) still he has the nerve to blame BS for not trusting him,when he was caught in the act.What a jerk!(that’s right, I said it!)

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