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Me Too, Flower: Episode 8
by | December 10, 2011 | 65 Comments

Wah. The sweetness of this episode makes up for the bipolar mess from the one before. The snappy dialogue between Bong Sun and Jae Hee made their bickering fun, but it can’t beat adorably mushy scenes of affection. I could watch this all day.

Episode 8

Hwa Young’s assistant grabs Bong Sun and tries to force her to kneel in front of the snobby witch of a customer, but Jae Hee shoves him off. He drags Bong Sun away while Hwa Young grits her teeth in anger. Outside, Bong Sun tells Jae Hee that he shouldn’t have done anything: “You help me now but I know you’ll hurt me again later. I don’t trust you. I never will again.” With that, she turns away from him.

Jae Hee chases after her and they eventually end up at the overpass that overlooks the Han River. Jae Hee grabs Bong Sun arm and asks her to stop running from him. He has some people to protect and is responsible for, but he wants to be with her. If she can help shoulder his burden, he’ll cross the bridge with her.

His earnest pleading shakes Bong Sun. Jae Hee leads her to his bike and they take a drive. As the trees whip by, Bong Sun reflects on her dream to cross over the bridge. They stop at a small town and watch the sun set over the ocean. It’s a quiet, sentimental scene after all the shouting matches and physical fights between the two.

They rent a small cottage and Bong Sun comments that Hwa Young dislikes her for a reason she doesn’t understand. Jae Hee answers that Hwa Young just overreacted because the haughty lady in the store is a long-time VIP member. He assures her that Hwa Young has no ill feelings towards her.

Bong Sun knows that’s not true, and says that Hwa Young seems to loathe every inch of Bong Sun’s body. She asks Jae Hee not to work for Hwa Young anymore, which makes Jae Hee reply that he’s going to quit the parking attendant job soon enough. He has a ten year plan for his future but he refuses to disclose what it is to Bong Sun.

This prompts Bong Sun to reevaluate her sanity for following Jae Hee. He asks if he’s that untrustworthy and she nods. She points out that he has yet to prove that he can uphold his word of taking care of her. He talks big while actually doing nothing. Ooh. Yes. Confrontation.

Jae Hee sits in front of the fireplace and motions Bong Sun to join him, embracing her as he lists off the things he’ll do for her, most of which have to do with feeding her properly. Kek. He inquires if she still doesn’t believe in him and Bong Sun replies that she does, despite her proper judgment. “Whenever I listen to you, it seems that even paper flowers have a fragrance.” His promises sound so sweet that she falls for them even though they can be broken easily.

Later, Bong Sun informs Jae Hee that she met Mr. Bae as she was searching for his home and she comments that ahjusshi seems like a dependable father figure. She slowly confesses that, like Jae Hee, she lived by herself as a young teenager; her parents are alive but they all live separately.

She then asks how he lived without his parents. Wasn’t it scary? She admits that she was scared to be alone, which brings tears of empathy to Jae Hee’s eyes. He starts to sob and Bong Sun quickly holds him. She murmurs that she understands. It’s achingly beautiful, seeing these two loners find comfort in each other.

Dal barges into Dr. Pervert Park’s office and badgers him for information on Jae Hee. He refuses, which causes her to steal his phone in retaliation. She runs into the women’s bathroom and threatens to throw his phone into the toilet unless he talks.

He follows her inside but hides his head in embarrassment when another lady catches him in the lady’s bathroom. Dal continues to make empty threats until she notices a strange silence. She tries to open the door but finds that Dr. Park “locked” it from the outside with a broomstick. Lol.

A girl opens the door for Dal and when she ventures out into the hallway, Dr. Park grabs her into an arm lock and wrenches the phone from her. If she asks nicely and refers to him as Doctor Park Tae Hwa, he’ll let her go. Yeah. Not going to happen. She kicks him and stomps away.

Jae Hee and Bong Sun eat noodles in the morning with their feet interlocked and she asks who the people he’s responsible for. Are they more important than her? He says yes and she immediately pulls her feet from his. Haha. She tells him that she has to be more significant in his life than them. He just smiles and locks her feet again.

They head to Bong Sun’s house and she refuses to get off the bike. She holds him tight and says she doesn’t want to leave, which makes him carry her to the door. She fusses that she can’t press the code to get in, before Jae Hee coaxes her to go home and sleep. Bong Sun doing aegyo? Is the world turning the other way?

They wave good-bye and she closes the door…only to yank it back open to give Jae Hee a hug. She tells him that she feels sad because she likes him so much. An uninvited guest watches their interaction from afar: Does she have a tracking device on Jae Hee or something?

Madam Oh opens the garage door in her car when suddenly a hand slips over her mouth. Jae Hee sits in the passenger seat and tells her that he’s going to upload a post on Twitter (pft) about how the wife of Congressman Kim goes around returning used handbags. Can she imagine the rumors that will swirl afterwards?

He asks her why she does that but she deflects his question with one of her own. Who is he? Smart-ass Jae Hee replies that he’s someone who knows the power of Twitter. Lol. It’s funny because it’s ridiculously true. Twitter has marred the reputations of many celebrities and politicians. Oh, the power of social networking.

He gets out of the car and tells her to stop commanding people to kneel. That makes their legs hurt.

Maru and Bong Sun try to head back to the station, but the car won’t start. Maru tells Bong Sun to go out in back and push the car, which is really just a way for her to see the special event he prepared. He urges her to open the trunk, where she finds balloons, a poster, and roses. She heaves a sigh and walks over to the driver’s side to tell Maru to get out, but he refuses because she’s going to hit him. Aw.

She comments that he has the worst possible timing and that she’s not good for him anyway. She thanks him but firmly rejects his proposal. Slowly, his smile dissolves and he looks at her with sad puppy eyes. She says she’d like to assure him that a good person will come along…but they’ve all disappeared. He’s young though, so keep looking. Okay, that’s just cruel.

He asks if she’s acting like this because of Jae Hee and her eyes light up at the mention of him. Maru covers his face to hide his hurt. He never had a decent shot at winning Bong Sun over but that doesn’t make his heartbreak any easier.

Bong Sun gets home to find her father waiting for her. He scolds her for staying out late and she retorts, What’s it to him anyways? He glowers and announces that he’s spending the night. Reluctantly, Bong Sun goes upstairs to bring his highness blankets and as she lugs them out of a bag, a picture frame falls. It’s a portrait of young, cheerful Bong Sun and her parents. Dad has an awkward “cheese” smile while Mom just looks stiff and unhappy.

She stares wistfully at it, but Dad’s booming voice distracts her thoughts. He nags about scratches on the floor and orders her to stop dragging chairs around. He’s worse than a typical ahjumma. She goes back to her room to sleep but sleep evades both of them and Dad soon tells Bong Sun to make him ramyun. Ugh. Is he allergic to boiling a pot of water or something?

Dad slurps down his noodles as Dal bursts in complaining about the cold. She immediately freezes at the sight of her stepmom’s ex-husband and he beckons her towards the table. He asks what she does for a living and why she’s still in his house. She replies that she’s a model and that she plans to move out soon. Dad grumbles in disapproval, which makes Bong Sun jump to Dal’s defense. Bong Sun tells him that there’s no need to make Dal feel guilty. It’s their business, not his.

Dal slips into her room as Bong Sun confronts Dad about his treatment of Mom when they were married. She tells him that he was always nagging and never thanked Mom for anything. This sets Dad off and he spouts that her mother was lazy and ignorant of all the hardship he had to go through to make money. She replies that he never communicated his issues properly to Mom; constantly yelling doesn’t help people understand what’s wrong.

At that, Dad chucks his cup at Bong Sun and he gets to his feet cursing his ex-wife. He threatens to sell the house and mutters that she’s just like her good-for-nothing mother. She shoots back that she’s his daughter too, remember? He grunts in reply and stomps out like the true gentleman he is.

The next morning, Bong Sun visits the restaurant Mom works at, and she asks Mom if she never had a moment of happiness with Dad. Bong Sun brings up the memory of a family camping trip and she insists that Mom definitely laughed then. Mom replies that there were good times; one can’t live in sadness or happiness forever.

She explains that Dad was talented and hard-working and he obtained numerous promotions in a short period of time after he became a police officer. But then he got stuck in the same position for many years. As time passed, his dreams slowly disintegrated and he turned into a bitter, miserable man who took his anger out on Mom because she was the closest to him.

Tears pool in Bong Sun’s eyes at Mom’s story but she blinks them away. She starts to walk away, but Mom stops her. She thanks Bong Sun for visiting her and confesses that she kept her distance because she was scared of Bong Sun. In addition, she brought Dal to her house so Bong Sun wouldn’t be alone. Bong Sun’s touched by the heartfelt explanation, but she remains standoffish and mutters that the japchae didn’t taste very good and Mom enthusiastically assures her that she’ll try harder next time. Aw. They’re slowly but surely making their way towards reconciliation.

Jae Hee finds Bong Sun sitting alone on a park bench and when he calls out her name, she looks up and immediately hugs him. She asks him to call her a good daughter and nods when he inquires if she met Mom and Dad. He hugs her and says he’s envious; at least she can still see and touch her parents. She replies that she used to think that life would be easier without parents. She still can’t forgive them now and wonders if that makes her a bad person. He assures her that she’s not. Otherwise, he wouldn’t like her. I love that how he manages to say such sweet things without the cheesiness.

Jae Hee approaches Hwa Young to tell her that he and Bong Sun are dating. She masks her hurt and coolly says that he doesn’t have to report that to her. She does, however, slip in a warning about how unpredictable Officer Cha can be. She reminds him that he still has an image to uphold and that the company is just as important as his relationship. She asks if Bong Sun knows about Jae Hee’s alter ego and he answers that he’s going to tell her everything soon. I see the gears turning in Hwa Young’s head already.

During therapy, Dr. Park analyzes the relationship between Bong Sun’s parents and concludes that they have incompatible personalities. Dad must be an S who likes to solve problems by doing while Mom is an N who dreams and thinks about solutions for a long period of time. She asks how two people that are so different from each other dated, married, and had a child. He tells her that people have a tendency to look for characteristics they share with a lover to explain their feelings.

She reflects on her conversation with Jae Hee about living alone as a young teenager and wonders out loud if she’s doing the same thing. Dr. Park grimaces and sniffs that she’s making him jealous. He presses for details about Bong Sun’s new boyfriend but she just smiles in return.

Hwa Young sees Bong Sun leaving Dr. Park’s office and she races to her cousin to ask him if Bong Sun is his patient. He nods and she tries to squeeze out information about Bong Sun’s condition. He tells her that he’s bound to a rule of ethics: patient confidentiality. Extra awesome points for Dr. Park today. I’ll even overlook the “I’m jealous of my patient’s boyfriend” comment.

She insists on finding out what’s wrong with Bong Sun and he tells her that Hwa Young is the one with a mental condition. LOL. He asks how long she plans to keep Jae Hee chained to her side. She dodges the question and brings up one of her own. Is he still feeling suicidal lately? He quickly responds that he’s stopped having those thoughts a long time ago. He asks her what’s wrong with her (many things) and she tells him that she doesn’t know.

One thing does bother her, though: Why are kids these days so pretty? Even fat and ugly girls seem charming. They just have a certain light around them. She spent countless hours trying to figure out what that light was and now she knows; it’s youth. Recently, she saw a girl in love whose “entire body was emitting a fragrance like a blossoming flower.” Hwa Young comments that the girl’s beauty angered her. It seemed like the girl was mocking Hwa Young with her happiness. I’m having flashes of the Evil Queen in Snow White now.

She heads back to work and sees the invitations to the launching party for the diamond bag. She calls over her assistant and informs him that she wants to invite the next-door police officers. Or more specifically, Bong Sun. Crap.

Dal shows up at the police station and asks for Bong Sun. Maru gapes at the pretty and stammers that Cha sunbae is in the bathroom. As she walks away, Maru sighs that it’s a shame Dal is Bong Sun’s sister… Yeah. My sympathy for you just disappeared. Bong Sun and Dal head outside to talk right when Hwa Young drives into the parking lot. She proceeds to showcase her second best talent after glaring: eavesdropping.

Bong Sun scolds Dal for wasting money on designer clothes and shoes. She needs to learn how to save what she earns. Dal argues that she’s a model and needs to dress appropriately. Also, the clothes are knockoffs anyway. Kek. In any case, Bong Sun tells her that she’s not giving her a penny so she should just go home.

Dal badmouths Bong Sun as she walks away from the station but is stopped by Hwa Young, wanting a chat. Dal initially refuses and tells the ahjumma to leave. Unflustered, Hwa Young replies that she can provide Dal with a way to earn money for real designer clothing. Dal perks up at that and the two talk about modeling for Jae Hee’s company in a café.

Hwa Young commands Dal to stand up, turn around, and then sit down as she scans her from head to toe. Hwa Young asks who she lives with right now, and when Dal responds “unni,” Hwa Young’s lips curl into a smirk. Step two in her devilish plan is to hand the party invitation to Bong Sun, who turns it down. Hwa Young smiles at Bong Sun’s predictability and tells her that a seat is reserved anyway so she can come whenever she wants.

Dal calls Bong Sun that she won’t be home for a couple days and Bong Sun warns her to refrain from doing stupid things. Spoken like a true older sibling. After they hang up, excitement bubbles up in Bong Sun. She has the house to herself, eh?

This means that she can cook a proper meal for Jae Hee. The two go on the cutest date ever to buy groceries. Bong Sun happily tells the market ahjummas that she needs more ingredients because there’s one more mouth to feed. Wah. They’re ridiculously adorable.

On their way to Bong Sun’s home, she mentions the invitation to the launching party. She tells him that she wasn’t planning to go but she’s changed her mind. She’s going to attend and find out how materialistic Hwa Young’s world is. She mentions that the products Hwa Young sells are copies of foreign designs anyway. Uh-oh. Jae Hee stops in his tracks and challenges her assumption. Does she know the painstaking effort that people put into creating those bags?

She tells him he’s overreacting and he covers up his slip by quickly changing the subject. You could just tell her it’s because you designed the stuff she just dissed. Just saying.

Bong Sun cooks dinner while Jae Hee goes around fixing doors and rickety tables. It’s like they’re married already. They sit down to eat and Bong Sun tells Jae Hee that they have to pray first. She calls God, Buddha, and Allah to thank all of them for giving her the chance to share this warm, delicious meal with someone she loves. The only other thing she asks is for this moment to last forever.

Jae Hee tears up at her words and begins to eat. He thanks her and confesses that this is the first time he’s ever had a home-cooked meal. She smiles and tells him to eat more.


Omg. Words cannot express how giddy this episode made me feel. There’s so much cuteness but we also get some significant breakthroughs. Bong Sun opens up to Jae Hee about her parental problems and Jae Hee finds the courage to tell Hwa Young that he likes Bong Sun. I’m still waiting for Jae Hee to trust Bong Sun enough to inform her of his “I feel like a murderer” problem, but I understand that it’s going to take some time. That’s not a conversation that you have on the first date.

What I don’t get is why he keeps hiding his other identity from Bong Sun. It’s obvious that Hwa Young is going to spill the beans before him, which aggravates me to no end. I hope he has a damn good explanation for not being honest. Maybe he thinks she’ll turn away from him because of his wealth or something, but avoiding the subjects will only make her feel more betrayal when the truth is revealed. Gah. Curse Hwa Young and her bitterness towards young love. She’s ruining all the fun.

It’s unfortunate that Hwa Young is so attached to Jae Hee because it prevents her from seeing how beautiful, intelligent, and independent she can be without him. She’s consistently afraid that he’s going to leave her because she thinks he’s the key to her survival, but he’s not. First, she forgets that the company would have a hard time functioning without her work. She’s acting like she’s some parasite who lives off a host. Jae Hee’s designs may be the foundation of the company but she makes up the infrastructure. He’d be just as lost without her as she would be if he just disappeared, which makes them business partners.

Additionally, she’s relies on Jae Hee’s guilt to keep him from leaving her. She tells him that he needs to accept that her husband’s death was an accident but her actions contradict her words. She insists that she’s looking for a nice woman for Jae Hee to marry, but we know that those are empty words because no woman will ever be good enough for Jae Hee besides herself. If she really wants to absolve him of guilt, she needs to let him go. I got chills when I saw her self-assured smile after Jae Hee announced that he won’t marry until Ah In grows up. She’s happy that he feels obligated to stay next to her. But that’s the key thing: obligation. He promises to stay by her side out of duty, not love.

If she keeps acting like this crazy, green-eyed batlady, she’s going to lose Jae Hee’s friendship. Right now, Jae Hee considers Bong Sun as important to him as Ah In and Hwa Young, but there’s the chance that Hwa Young’s scheming ways could tilt the scale towards Bong Sun. I don’t see her stopping anytime soon which is too bad. She’s going to end up hurting Jae Hee the most and the respect levels that she commands from her cousin and Bong Sun are going dip down into the negatives. Could she have been any less haughty towards Dal? Granted, the animosity wasn’t one-sided and Dal is a bratty opportunist but damn. She was like a cat playing with its food.

It’s at times when she interacts with “lower class” people that she feels superior and totally in control, but there’s an underlying insecurity as well. She holds a grudge against young, fresh girls like Dal which frustrates me. She’s far from being old and ugly and she has her own womanly “scent” as well. It’s just being covered up by the stench of her hatred towards other women.

I sense some turmoil ahead for our happy couple, so I’m glad that we were given some quieter scenes between Jae Hee and Bong Sun in this episode. Bong Sun is on her way towards healing the fractured relationship with her family (even if her father is a misogynist who treats her like a slave) and she’s brightening up into the blossoming flower that incites Hwa Young’s jealousy. It’s Jae Hee’s turn to air some of his issues, but me thinks he needs a kick in the pants. Anyone care to volunteer?


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  1. reeen

    This episode was sooo sweet and realistic… Nice to be able read your recap already! 🙂

  2. Cam

    Whooo ~ ~ ~ <3 That's NICE and Thanks for this recap, Orangy911 🙂

  3. Dodo

    This ep was my favorite so far specially the trip was so romantic and I re watched this ep because I really liked it. thanks for the recap Orangy911 🙂

  4. malta

    The first half of this episode made me melt into a puddle. It was so cute and I was rooting for the OTP sooo much. They so belong together, it actually makes me physically happy to see them realize their feelings for each other.

    I love this OTP. If this continues, they are going to be right up there for me with my other favorites, namely Go Eun Chan/Han Guyl and with Bong Woo Ri/Cha Dong Joo.

    I can’t wait for Ep. 9 and 10 which I’m still waiting for subs for. This drama is a late surprise of 2011. You never know when a great drama will come along.

    Thank you for the recap!!! 😀

  5. Sam

    Another great episode and recap! I love this drama!

  6. jusash

    MANY THANKS for recapping! 🙂

    Loving this drama, and looking forward to viewing and reading each instalment.

  7. Joshua_Ahjussi

    One of the most perfect drama episodes I have seen.

    Thank you so much for your recapping efforts.

  8. AquaaM

    I squealed so much in this episode because of the cuteness! I’m mad that Jae Hee is going to hurt Bong-Sun again when she finds out about him being rich, probably through Hwa-Young. Let’s just hope Bong-Sun doesn’t it make it too harsh for him because of that, since both have already gone through so much, I don’t want to see more sadness n guilt.
    As for Dr. Park, since the beginning it felt like he seemed to have a little crush on Bong-Sun, but I was thinking maybe it was nothing. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get hurt in the end like Maru did.
    I’m still loving this show as much as I did from the start and I can’t wait to read your next recaps!

  9. Jomo

    Thank you vey much for the beautiful recap of a gorgeous episode!

    I like what you said about JH/YSY:
    “I love that how he manages to say such sweet things without the cheesiness.”
    (Reminds me PIE/Chul-su that way.)

    He’s so darn cute and genuine with BS. Oh yeah, except the part about his true identity. But he couldn’t pass the opportunity to defend his life’s work when she dissed him. Although he has never lied directly about his relationship with HY. He ignores the questions – every single one of them – that BS asks.

    Even though Dal is being put forth as a possible contender for JH’s affections, and HY is confusingly competing for JH’s attention as well, after this episode, neither woman has a chance.

    We see how important BS’s hidden warmth is for JH. He craves the comfort and security her no frills, or no nonsense way of life offers. The doctor tells us BS is someone who needs to see, touch, smell, taste and hear something to believe it.

    JH’s pretty smelling words are alluring to BS. The personality test showed she is attracted to people with big imaginations, but if he cannot deliver on his promises, BS will be crushed and JH will be OUSH!

    In a very short number of episodes, I have started caring for these two as if they were my children. All the ahjumma’s in SK (and some on soompi) have picked JH as the perfect son-in-law. I agree! I just want these two crazy kids to be happy together. Snuggling under a blanket somewhere in his cavernous apateu, or in a tent in the French countryside. They don’t want the rest of the world to intrude, but as we well know, we are only half-way through the series. The question is how ready are they to deal with the hell that is about to break loose and break them apart?

    What does not kill them, hopefully makes them stronger!

  10. 10 Niki

    I’ll kick Jae Hee for you. Lying is something that totally makes me tick…and that’s no exception for Noble Idiocy as well. Lets hope that Jae Hee will be able to save his ass if this blows up…coz i really think he and Bongsun makes a super adorable couple~~♥

  11. 11 Mystisith

    Asssaa !!! Thank you Orangy !

    This is the most beautiful and touching and romantic episode i’ve ever seen in K dramaland. And i’ve seen a lot believe me. Nothing extraordinary like fairytale heroism or sexy exhibitionism.
    Just simple things that bring down happiness : watching a sunset with the one you love, sharing ordinary moments like eating together or relaxing by the fire as cats. Bong sun has bravely crossed her bridge, and i can imagine how frightening it must have been for her. Specially when the man she decides to follow is so blurry and evasive. Poor Jae hee can’t resist so much warmth and affection. And even if i hate seeing him in tears, he needs to cry. He’s a mere mortal, lost, lonely and scared. That entire part is so well written, so simple and so well acted that it doesn’t turn voyeuristic. I can’t tell if the two of them are accomplices in real life or if they are just very good at playing comfy intimacy, or maybe it’s just a touch of grace. Well done anyway !
    The ” sorry , sorry ” customer just made my day : YSY / JH is very good at threatening people with a big innocent / devilish smile on his face. Someone will need pills to sleep tonight, YESSS !
    Bong Sun’s father makes my skin crawl almost as the psycho dad of Man of Honor : Let’s lock them in a cupboard with golf clubs so they can kill each other. I’m sorry if i shock filial DB readers, and poor orphan Jae Hee, but i don’t think that bloodline allows you to behave so bastardly. I would have erased him from my environment and changed the passcode. Better alone than in bad company. Now, at least we know who gave her the flamed temper.
    Hwa Young starts her introspection : yes ! it’s about time. But on the other hand she keeps digging the hole she will fall in later. I seriously need to think if i want to give her a hand out of it.
    Reminds me of an unknown movie : fear, anger, aggression, Dark Side or something…
    Dal doesn’t interest me no more : sorry for the actress. She’s a kind of younger carbon copy of HW. And i think she’ll end up with Maru after a good disappointment and a few Dr Park sessions.
    Now what i want to see next is jealous Jae Hee VS cocky Pink chicken. I want a fight kindergarten style, with biting ( BS can teach you JH… ), hair pulling and all, like in Protect the Boss. Everyone driven to the police station ! YEAH !!
    Me Too Flower : I LOVE YOU !! I said it, and i feel so much better.

    • 11.1 Mystisith

      PS to myself : The last picture of the couple looking at each other and smiling with tears in their eyes is so enchanting. I want a poster the biggest possible, to expose in my sitting room.

    • 11.2 asianromance

      yes, we need a Jae Hee versus Pink Chicken fight!

      I’m still holding out hope for Dal. She needs a few more seconds or lines in each episode to show that she is growing fond of Bong-sun. The writer missed an opportunity in episode 8 to have Dal feel for Bong-sun after the episode with Bong-sun’s father. But all she does is comment on how he’s scary. I thought slightly better of her in episode 10 though. I don’t think she’s like a younger Hwayoung. Hwayoung is very closed off and cold. While Dal shows everything and her temper flares hotly.

    • 11.3 ladida

      I loved this episode too! Kim Do Woo just has a way of writing really good “date episodes” for all of her dramas. She had them for What’s Up Fox? and Kim Sam Soon, too, and they’re all these very sweet, very romantic episodes that also manage to avoid simple fanservice (not that I have anything against that) and move the story forward.

      She also always writes great lead characters (maybe at the expense of her other characters?). I love how complex both Bong Sun and Jae Hee are. Like you said, Bong Sun is caring and warm and affectionate, but her ability to care is related to her propensity to suspect people’s motivations, and I think that her openness in this episode comes from the same place as her bluntness and prickliness. And you description of Jae Hee is perfect. He’s been most honest with Bong Sun and the Ajusshi, but he never shows the entirety of who he is to anyone. It’s like he compartmentalizes himself because that’s the only way he knows how to deal with his life.

  12. 12 Lise

    ok that woman be old!!! couldnt they find a slightly younger (looking) actress to play her role…looks like total cradle snatching to me! otherwise cute cute ep!

  13. 13 bjharm

    I do not know about him being truthful but for what he is..lol
    I mean how is she to trust someone who when and if she find out, isnt who she thought he was at all. He says I feed and look after you..for her that means a lot as she think he poor, but as he is rich what does that really mean then? The whole relation just tilts. He word mean less or are half truths.
    For a smart guy he heading for a lot of hurt and hurting others as well, the one he promised to protect.
    On to her father, it clicked on me he may well be much like that old grand father she goes and sees, he is lonely in other words and him snapping complaint and orders is his way of getting attention..just an idea.

  14. 14 sophie k

    Does anyone have an interpretation of what is the symbolism of “flower’ in the drama?

    Last episode Hwa Young mentions that girls in love seem like flowers, and this episode Bong Sun mentions the fragility of flowers.

    Is it that everyone can be a flower ie. beautiful etc, to some other person? Or that promises, love can be fragile like flowers?

    Will appreciate your insights!!

    • 14.1 sophie k

      oops I mean this episode too for Hwa Young

    • 14.2 hi

      Sophie, I think it means that BS is a human and specially a woman even her feminine aspect is not tangible and obvious like other girls in her age …
      or may she DESERVE to be loved by somebody eles ..

      I’ m flower too for me means
      I’ m human too and deserve to be loved!

  15. 15 nuri

    I’m a bit yelling in this episode “tell her already!!”.

    about Maru, I find him cute when he’s easily change his attention to Dal. Maybe I just have spot soft for Ki Kwang.

    Its a good episode. There are times that I still think Yoon shi-yoon too young for the role and for Bong-sun, but they fit somehow.

  16. 16 sophie k

    And just another observation, it’s a reversal of roles when Jae Hee is with Hwa Young vs Bong Sun.

    Jae Hee’s the pillar of strength for Hwa Young, being by her side to comfort her when Ah In’s ill etc.

    On the other hand, Bong Sun seems to be Jae Hee’s pillar of comfort, when he can let his tears flow freely from the hurt and fears of his past. Sweet.

    • 16.1 Jomo

      Oooooh! Good observation that he relies on her even though he is the one promising to take care of BS.

      Materially, he won’t have a problem doing that as bjharm said up there. He’s got the cash. But emotionally, he needs someone to love him completely with no strings. HY is the puppet-master-of-his-universe!

      • 16.1.1 sophie k

        Yeah, I’m really touched by this drama – how Jae Hee and Bong Sun will heal each other through love.

        It sounds so cliche – that love overcomes everything, but somehow this drama does it in a way that is heartfelt with its own share of comedic moments. Love.

    • 16.2 ladida

      Oh yeah, it is! I love how this drama shows them supporting each other and opening up new avenues of emotional expression with one another (bong Sun acting all cute, Jae Hee crying.) Your observation just reminds me of how many roles Jae Hee is playing, and yet he is all of them at once.

  17. 17 E

    Loved this ep. There were so many sweet and tender moments they almost made me forget about the impending doom bound to follow, as in typical kdrama fashion. And at least we officially know BS is a sweetheart and a good girlfriend.

    But yeah, I can’t believe HY doesn’t get it. Does she seriously think she’ll win JH by sabotaging his relationship? That’s why I find her real feelings toward him somewhat ambiguous. I wasn’t always convinced she was interested in JH romantically (had a feeling the writers backed off on that plot device a bit once they changed actors).

    The highlight was definitely that devilish little laugh BS gives when she finds out she and JH get to be alone. Girl had me dying 🙂

    • 17.1 kdramalover

      I liked that smirky smile too.

  18. 18 Duh-duh

    Hwa Young needs to get laid, and remarry. Period.

    Btw, what is she to him ? His sister-in-law ? Leave the poor boy alone, woman.

  19. 19 Suzi Q

    All sweetness and coziness for Jae Hee and Bong Sun in this episode doesn’t hide the fact that he is acting as a scumbag. Bong Sun is so fragile emotionally, and she has admitted she likes him so much.He hasn’t been honest with her and lives 2 separate lives. She will feel like she got kick in the stomach when she finds out the truth. Doesn’t honesty and trust count in a relationship from the beginning?
    Does Jae Hee have to play act that he’s poor to test Bong Sun’s love? Hwa Young would gladly grab and lock him up and throw away the key and keep him from seeing other ladies especially Bong Sun? Hwa Young is a scary witch.
    Did Jae Hee stick his foot in his mouth when he said he would wait until Ah In grew up before getting married? Why is he dating Bong Sun? Is BS suppose to wait around for another 10 years for him to make up his mind? Is that part of his 10 year plan? Jae Hee is one confused lying fool.

    • 19.1 mimiko

      I can’t believe how cute this episode was, but I think you’re totally right ! where does BS really fit in his life?! He’s hiding waaay too many things from her. I guess that’s why they put the cuteness now because the next episodes will be darn dramatic. I would imagine it like this : BS finding out “by accident” from the evil witch. she is too hurt to forgive him, meanwhile, my gut is telling me that our flower boy would probably be swayed a bit by BS sister..

      • 19.1.1 bjharm

        if he gets ‘interested’ in BS sister then he is indeed a true heel, I can not see him doing that on top of everything else, there a limit to even blind love on BS part. That betray of trust on top of his lies would just about kill off anyone trusting blind love! At best I can see him, perhaps take on a oppa like role, that due to his lies may lead to a misunderstanding

    • 19.2 asianromance

      I love how much JH so earnestly loves BS, but I don’t think his offer to take care of her is all that he believe it’s cracked up to be. He’s just carrying too much baggage. I know BS’s got her own baggage (which is why they jibe so well together), but I also think it’s because she’s got her own baggage that she needs not have to shoulder someone else’s baggage as well.

      • 19.2.1 ladida

        Totally agree. It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be because first off, Bong Sun is financially stable and can take care of herself. She’s not some destitue heroine who needs to turn into a Cinderella so that she can pay off her father’s debts or something. I think his earnestly caring for her is worth way more than his offer to “be responsible” for her because that’s actually what she needs: someone she can sit down and have a meal with and talk to.

    • 19.3 ladida

      “Jae Hee is one confused lying fool.” Hahahaha. I think that’s the best and most concise description of him I’ve read. We all know ish is gonna hit the fan next episode.

      I think he’s dating her because he does genuinely like her, and even though he’s dishonest with her, he’s a person who recognizes what he likes and wants and always goes after it. He’s actually pretty arrogant that way, which strangely adds to his cheeky charm.

      But yeah, I’d like a detailed description of this ten year plan.

  20. 20 Femshep

    I wonder if BS’s parents’ relationship will be used as comparison/foreshadowing for her and JH’s relationship. Its pretty clear that BS and JH are a reflection of what her parents used to be like, and the S&N personality.

    As a child with divorced parents myself, I do use my parents as examples of relationships I don’t want. But then again, my parents’ relationship also make me reluctant of getting into a relationship, in fear of it turning out to be like theirs.

    • 20.1 sophie k

      Yes! I played that part on her parents’ personality analysis a second time… That did seem like some kind of foreshadowing.

    • 20.2 ladida

      Oh no! Hopefully they’ll be able to learn from her parents’ mistakes and make it work. They’re too cute not too.

      Hahaha. For the US-ians out there: Too cute to fail.

  21. 21 Asama

    what a word invested page!!!!!

  22. 22 Sate Ayam

    Awwwwhhh…I can’t stop giggling watching this episode. So cute! Good chemistry!

  23. 23 Drina

    The cuTeness of this episode blew me away although i knew all the lies JH kept from BS will complicates them,,
    It’s the sweetness before the bitter, morning li9ht before dark stormy nigHt. I really hope them both will soon find happiness and peaceful mind through love.
    HY and Dal are nO different, they will do anything to make JH theirs. And poor BS, all the JH lies plus duo witches’ scheming scenes will make her trust towards JH disappeared little by little and finally (my God, nO!) separate her from JH.,
    BS act adorably childish in front of JH (didn’t want to let go her hug in his waist, wouldn’t get off from his bike, lazily pushed her houSe pasSword, rushed to hug him ti9htly again after a second she close the door and said with heavy voice how much she like him..) OH my Gosh, CuTeness overload! Too sweet, BS..
    Perfect Couple, luV them so so much:D

    • 23.1 Mystisith

      BS displaying her kid aegyo whith the “chiro” has become my new reference. In her place i would have glued myself on that bike and the poor boy would have never been able to lift me up.
      Now tell me something guys : you get your very loved and affectionate boyfriend at home for the first time, with noone to disturb, and what does he do : Fixing the house ??? LOL. Me thinks he needed to keep his hands and mind busy… Skip the dinner you double faced people, we all know how this will end.

      • 23.1.1 ladida

        Hahahahaha. You know us drama fans so well.

  24. 24 kit

    thank you so much for the recaps! i’ve been reading them weekly, but i never started watching – until, uh, that is yesterday, where i marathoned like ep 6-10 hm.

    sometimes this drama frustrates me and there are a million things that could be done better, but there’s a strange charm to it.

    • 24.1 Mystisith

      My feeling is that this show is a little miracle, and BS Lee Ji ah / JH Yoon Shi Yoon couple is just magic. So many hardships of all kind ( on and behind the stage ). Since Korea loves so much about flowers, an image comes to my mind right now : Two wild rose trees growing entwined in a junkyard.
      Just enjoy the fragrance and get lost in contemplation.

  25. 25 hi

    The crying scenes made me cry out ,

    the same pain bother both and this is the reason jae hee interested in her

    it’s too realistic and easy to understand

    Tanx orangy . i’ll keep waiting for ur graet recap …
    stay tune

  26. 26 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, orangy911!! While Me Too Flower isn’t my favorite drama of the year, I feel the most invested in Bong-sun’s character than all the other drama characters I’ve watched this year. I can’t bear to see her getting hurt and when she’s happy, I smile like crazy.

    I’m sad that the ratings are low, because there are so many great things about the drama. Even with the bad marketing and the casting issues, I can see why this drama has such low ratings. It’s hard to write a good summary of the plot. The conflict is more internal than external. What can one say about it? It’s a simple boy meets girl story, in which both have psychological issues. Their workplaces are next door to each other and live somewhat in the same neighborhood, but can avoid each other if need be. Nothing is throwing them together but their attraction to each other.

  27. 27 Annoyeeeed

    Her character annoys me so bad, such a pushover!! Like she should hav kicked him at the beginning of this epiosde for dumping her!!! She should have rejected him and made him feel sh*t tooo!!! But no, she stands there smiling like an idiot when he ever so happens to look at her… argh! I don’t know! This is making my jaw hurt! xD

  28. 28 Fafa

    it is very beautiful to see them help each other when ever the one needs it.
    thanks for the recap. this was my fav episode till now.

  29. 29 innuendo

    kwang pyong died on 7 december in 1444, and ep.19 was aired on 7 december in 2011…

  30. 30 mehbleh


    What is the name of the song that plays in the last scene? The one when Jae Hee is fixing her house and shes cooking?

    I am in LOVE with it but cant find out who its by….

    • 30.1 piggy68gal

      It is ‘Too Much Tears’ by miss A’s Suzy.

  31. 31 Drina

    I like almOst all the ost in M2F..
    Dreaming – B2sT, I hope you cAn be – Taru, LOve is You, Too Much Tears, they’re all nice and easy listening:D

    @Mystisith: lol, that’s why i think perfEct guy who’s extremely wealthy, absoluTely kind, loving, caring, faithful, pRotective, polite, funny, charming, cuTe, are just exist in kdramaland.. Sad buT true, isn’t it?

    • 31.1 Mystisith

      …And that’s why i never draw a line between dramaland and real life : If a virtual perfect guy can make me feel good in real life, then i welcome him arms wide opened.
      $$hugs my PC$$.

  32. 32 ladida

    I love your analysis of Hwa Young. She *is* an essential part of the company and I think Jae Hee recognizes that, but I don’t think she does. She’s obviously smart and resourceful and clever, but for some reason she’s caught up in her age, which I don’t totally get because she’s so elegant in dress and sophisticated in the way she carries herself that I’m like, you don’t even *need* to be haughty with Dal, ’cause you’ve got an appeal all your own.

  33. 33 MARTIAN

    Said this last episode review but I’ll say this again. Hwa Young sounds so psychotic there talking about pretty women and their scents when they are in love. She gives off such a serial murder vibe in front of Dr. Park :S Its almost as if by the end of the show, Hwa Young either is gonna have a mental break down, or she breaks through. The break down would be exciting to watch but … extremely disturbing perhaps with the 5 episodes left of broadcast. Hope everything will go well

    • 33.1 MARTIAN

      but that being said you are right. No matter what happens, their business partner ship is what makes the company float and without one or the other, it will collapse. Of course I think Hwa Young will beable to get throguh without the company (other companies would be out to scout a corporate woman with her abilities) and the same goes for Jae hee. But now matter what happens, they are tied to each other as long as they are in the business together, unless Jae Hee willingly gives it all up for Bong Sun, but even so, he obviously loves Ah In enough to have tried to give up bong sun (although he couldn’t) but it says so much about how deeply he feels for the chiLD. Ther are so many possibilities to how this show will end because all the characters are so irrevocably tied to each other that anything is inevitable D:


  34. 34 Sisa

    I’ll kick him in the pants, but once he’s down i can’t guarantee my hands is gonna stay off him.

    Anyway, i really enjoyed this episode, seeing Bong sun so happy makes me super happy too. They really are cute together.

  35. 35 Abbie

    Great episode! Thanks for the recap, Orangey911!

  36. 36 jazzy

    I appreciate the effort, but the racaps for this drama are really behind. Episode 11 and 12 both just came out, however the most recent recap is from episode 8. I get that the drama is getting low ratings, but for the sake of the fans, please send us recaps faster.

    Thanks, love dramabeans.

    • 36.1 orangy911

      I want to be able to recap every episode as quickly as possible, but I have other priorities, especially because it’s final exam season. I’m trying the best I can to catch up so please be patient.

  37. 37 Ennayra

    The only reason I started to watch this show was because of those two or so sentences at the beginning of the recap which appear on dramabeans main page. Orangy911 seemed like she was having too good a time for me to pass this one up, so I started watching during a small break in my finals week.

    And now I’ve watched 8 episodes and I just finished the last essay in my finals week! Yay! And reading the recaps and everyone’s comments is half the fun.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever liked a K-drama heroine this much before. Usually when the male lead is mean and manipulative I don’t get too upset, b/c I know it’s only temporary. But not this time! When Jae Hee broke up with Bong Sun in Ep7, I called him a jerk over and over and I meant it. Nobody mess with Bong Sun!

    This is my first drama with Yoon Shi-yoon and Lee Jia (I don’t really do makjang) and I like both of them. So go, drama, go!

  38. 38 MsB

    This was a beautiful episode; however it forebodes for the worst to come as is the norm in the months since I started watching Korean dramas. As I feel something bad is coming in the next episode; I think I will take a break until episode 14-15 are available.

  39. 39 Brian

    Wow, the scene where Bong Sun recites her prayer is just precious. I’m not religious but the purity in her words was so touching. She doesn’t ask for much but what she does ask for, makes her totally endearing. There’s little wonder that Jae Hee breaks down and starts crying himself. I really think that when he says he hasn’t had a home-cooked meal like this, he really means he hasn’t had a meal that was made with love and caring like that of a family, just to feed each other, to nourish both the heart and the body. That was to me, the most touching scene in an episode of warm hugs.

  40. 40 SUJUfan1

    thanks for the recap!
    and i love how this couple actually progresses unlike so many other dramas whose couples never progress.
    i like how jae hee is able to say things so bluntly and not keep it in for several episodes. thank god they both confessed in an early episode!

  41. 41 Sponge

    I’m still continuing to like this drama, i’m so suprised. I think its the writing in the dialogues that keeps me invested (while other parts may make me feel detatched like the evil second female lead & the plot devices), i love how i feel connected because the dialogue is relatable, and not exactly drama dialogue – does that even make sense? All the characters may make stupid decisions but then there are times the leads will do what I would do (i still often do shout ‘babo’ at the screen though haha).

    Also, i love how bongsun bullies maru, even though i really felt so bad when he was rejected, poor thing 🙁 and i love the little details of her sort of clumsiness that fits her character and is SO RELATABLE. they’re so cuuuuteee, i’m really worried that since its only ep 8, there is gonna be alot of frustrating angst, please – no!

  42. 42 necessarily anonymous

    “I’m still waiting for Jae Hee to trust Bong Sun enough to inform her of his “I feel like a murderer” problem, but I understand that it’s going to take some time. That’s not a conversation that you have on the first date.”

    Six years ago the car i was driving was in an accident which killed two people. i fell asleep at the wheel, it doesn’t matter to me, but I learned later a medical condition probably caused that).
    I still feel like a murderer, but these are not words I have the ability to say out loud to anybody, not even my spouse, not my doctor, not my pastor- not anybody.
    The mere thought of speaking that truth aloud is a bottomless chasm of agony.

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