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Salaryman shoots some wacked-out promos
by | December 2, 2011 | 120 Comments

javabeans: So… this is the title and poster shoot for History of the Salaryman. WTF?

girlfriday: What? What on earth could possibly be the concept of that?

javabeans: Maybe we can try to figure it out….


Emily the Strange Gets Married?


Tim Burton goes to Korea?


Lara Croft: Wedding Crasher?


IRIS meets Road No. 1: The uncut version?


East Side Story?


Shala pompai hakuna matata polei polei YA!


Annie Get Your Gun… away from the zombie bride?


Corpse Bride: The Musical?


Guys and Raggedy-Ann-Dolls?


Rumble in the DMZ?


Chorus Line Goes to War?


Singin’ in the November Rain?


girlfriday: I like this game!
javabeans: We need a Newsies reference. Everything needs a Newsies reference. Proud and defiant, we’ll slay the giant, let us seize the day~! Open the gates and seize the day, don’t be afraid and don’t delay, nothing can break us, no one can make us give our rights away~!
girlfriday: Okay, we’re stopping now.


120 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. malta

    WTH? Now I have to watch this!

    • 1.1 diorama

      Right there with you. Not sure if these posters scream “Everyman’s Regular Day at Work”, but I’ll give it a shot, if only for Hong Soo Hyun, who looks FIERCE.

      • 1.1.1 Selli

        I agree, Honh Soo-hyun looks awesome, and I love her ^^

        But…I don’t know. It seems like a mess XD It’s a little scary. What’s with all the war allusions? It looks like a city after it’s been bombed. Or a city where anarchy has taken over or something.

      • 1.1.2 poo

        Totally with you! Hong Soo Hyun is d only one who is looking amazing in almost all the pics…rest of dem are just a big mess

    • 1.2 Ami (i'm lapar too)

      Binkan The Salaryman??????? http://bit.ly/snPYAB

  2. ena

    …What has happened to the brains behind “Giant”? Clearly they have lost their mind.

    …Maybe these are just for fun?

    • 2.1 otk

      idk if they exactly lost their mind but ART DIRECTION LOOKED WICKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD~

      definately checking this out!

  3. Dramafever

    I don’t know if I am going to watch this one. *shrug*

  4. mellowyel

    LOL. I feel like I would get it if it wasn’t for Jung Ryeo-won. Like, somehow they’re all soldiers in the rough corporate war, fighting to survive, or they’re the resistance or something. But, with her thrown in, I just get confused :/

  5. diaana

    Wow… I know why I love this site. “Never fear! Javabeans and GirlFriday are herrre!” Everything needs a Newsies reference.

  6. Gwinna

    Lol, that is pretty weird. It looks like a Goth, Korean version of Les Miserables. I was thinking of watching this since I loved Giant, but now I’m not so sure….

  7. Angel

    Haha these are really WTF. Love your hilarious, witty comments!

    • 7.1 cv


      yup… love the wtf comments too!

      Is this suppose to be a rom-com or just plain com? hahahahahha—- tooo funni!

  8. gummimochi

    LOL. Loved the High Kick 3 reference =)

  9. Nadia

    This is ridiculous. I hate Lee Beom-su.

  10. 10 sugarpunch

    omg yes i totally don’t get it? Salaryman……. Redhair corpse bride…. song and dance. I hardly would use these words in the same sentence…

  11. 11 Rachael

    ….Now I really want a Korean post-apocolyptic musical drama. Zombies or not remains to be seen, but I want one.

  12. 12 JoAnne


    Please put a warning that says this is NSF people who need a potty break.


    And aside from that…how AWESOMELY nuts does this look?

  13. 13 Alyssa

    Love the Newsies reference 🙂 I’m a little mystified by these promo pictures. What is this drama even about?

  14. 14 Banu

    hahah Tim Burton goes to Korea, Emily the Stange, Lara Croft.!!! your awesome.. totally true..hahahah

  15. 15 Venus

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! omg you guys are just awesome!!! i’m in tears here!!!! Lara Croft, Corpse Bride, East Side Story!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO ….

    but really WTF is that!!!! I mean WTF and I though FH2 promo pics were godawful!!! this take the cake…..

  16. 16 crazedlu

    what.. is this?? ha. whatev. looks fun anyways.

  17. 17 -K

    Spaceballs? Oh shit! There goes South Korea!

    • 17.1 anais

      Or Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

      • 17.1.1 Mystisith

        HAHAHA ! that was a good one. Miss MJ so much 🙁
        Well since they look more asian than californians to me i thought of the stephen chow movie : Crazy Kung Fu ( i’m waiting for a Axes Gang and a crazy ahjumma wearing haircurls, smoking hard, AND kicking butts.

  18. 18 ninsarama

    PUAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man your commentary! My stomach hurts!!!

  19. 19 queencircles

    What the….

    no matter how I look at it… I can’t understand what’s going on.

  20. 20 hpn88

    LMAO. That shoot was a riot but with those captions I totally lost it. Ridiculous

  21. 21 Jomo

    Hmmmmm…Have we ever had a sing-a-long podcast?

    I want to have a NEWSIES sing a long podcast now.

    JB will lead us carrying the banner!

  22. 22 JD


    • 22.1 alua

      Me too! Hilarious. Hope the actors had as much fun taking these as I had reading JB and GF’s hilarious captions!

  23. 23 Biscuit


    But It might be like MSOAN, where theres a weird intro and goes into normal. Okay, so MSOAN wasn’t normal either. But I mean the fantasy intro… stuff.

  24. 24 Noelle

    Omg I needed this. And yes everything indeed needs a Newsies reference. Christian Bale. Yum.

  25. 25 Jomo

    Now that I have actually digested this, I’m thinking:

    I don’t care – Why isn’t Uhm Tae-woong in any of these pictures?

    Mad Max Beyond Gwangju

    Al Capone and The Untouchables sing Chicago (musical)

    Just another Cosmo Shoot

    How the hell did Jung Ryeo-won get a hold of my mother’s wedding dress? I’m not even kidding. Just shorten the sleeves and it is the same!

  26. 26 Lina

    Love the Newsies reference! That alone made me come out of the woodworks to post. Thank you for starting my weekend off right.

    And thank you both such a wonderfully addicting site *^_^v

    “I say, that what you say, is what I say.” -Spot Conlon

    • 26.1 Lina


    • 26.2 Jo sno

      Newsies! 🙂


  27. 27 Nika

    LOL/ I am laughing so hard my stomach hurts.
    But I agree with mellowyel. This must be some kind of fantasy about how are they fighting in a corporate war, smth like this. I saw a pictute of Jung Kyeo-Woon where he was in a gim and boxing/training and it didnt look like WTF whats going on. Anyway I have a faith in a production team and at least it certainly looks like fun

  28. 28 mskololia

    You gals are still a mess….Newsies. ROFL

  29. 29 sm1leitsamy

    LOL you guys are hilarious

  30. 30 dulcedeleche

    Can it PLEASE be a musical ? pretty please?

  31. 31 Arhazivory


    lol. Those stills are super weird but awesome. I was always interested in the normality of this drama and now that it seems to be mixed with the quirky, I think I’ll be tuning in. XD

  32. 32 Hahaha

    Ha ha ha…in the first picture, the actors look as confused as we are!

    Good or bad sign?

    • 32.1 Mystisith

      Imagining myself talking with an extra on the set :
      – Did a schmuck bomb Korea Stock Exchange ? –
      – IDK.
      – Where’s the director ?
      – IDK.
      – Got a script ?
      – IFDK !
      – OK : Let’s improvise.
      My fav pic : The girl with both guns crossed on her chest singing : one for the belly, two for the shoulder ( cover for Elvis Presley one for the money, two for the show – Blue Suede shoes ).

  33. 33 haprils

    dang it! now I have newsies stuck in my head! haha!

  34. 34 Soso

    Omg… I’m laughing my head off at work. Wow, based on the photos, I thought the show was starring some kind of weird zombies or vampires in either in an apocalyptic Korea or post military coup Korea. Love your captions!

    • 34.1 mrmz

      LooooL Well wtv it is… gave me a good laugh during my crazy time studying for finals!! No clue what the concept of the show is, but they all seem so into it 😛

  35. 35 Trina

    WTF!!! I so can not believe the brains from Giant come with this concept.. Hrmmm… I think this should be a musical like from West Side Story with the singing and dancing… Ohhh… they should have the Devil Daddy from Giant be the villian for the twenty episodes of this drama… Oh make it even better is the Devil Daddy of Giant go singing and dancing in this drama too and of course have them singing and dancing in a HOT Shower Scenes…… LOL… XD

  36. 36 Trina

    By the way, WTH is Shala pompai hakuna matata polei polei???? 0_O

    • 36.1 crysalide

      A dialog from High Kick. Kye Sang & Jin Hee tried this magic chant when something went wrong. like Abadacadabra!

      • 36.1.1 alua

        Didn’t know the High Kick thing and perhaps that plays on something else, but ‘hakuna matata’ is The Lion King of course… and I sort took the whole “Shala pompai hakuna matata polei polei” as some sort of Bollywood reference? Whether that is what JB and GF intended, I don’t know but the picture would certainly fit some Bollywood dancin’….

        • Trina

          oh yeah.. i forget about that part of Lion King… So, it is a bollywood with high kick with West Side Story of singing and dancing….

      • 36.1.2 Trina

        thank you for clearing that up… now i understand…

  37. 37 tegami

    maybe this is all just a dream sequence???

  38. 38 vic

    hahahahaha obviously they wanted to make something never made before , and it worked haha . creative bastards 😀 !

  39. 39 Swye

    Ladies, have you gone back to read your commentary on City Hunter (before the premier)? I read it a couple of days ago, and you were uncannily close to how the actual story unfolded. This might also turn out just he way you think it will. LOL

  40. 40 Steamy Bun

    LOL! normally I’m not too judgmental but this is freakin weird! Anyway whatshisname from Romance Town looks good.

    • 40.1 Steamy Bun

      btw what’s up with JRW’s nose in that pic with the keyboard?!

  41. 41 Aly

    My jaw just hit the floor… along with the tiiiiiny chance I’d ever try to watch this! :O

    Everything about those pictures sucks!

  42. 42 aznative

    Maybe someone was watching Gilbert & Sullivan and got ideas for a photo shoot?

    Oohh, I’d so love a Korean version of the Pirates of Penzance!

  43. 43 Jules

    I think “East Side Story LOL” looks absolutely ridic, not that the rest are any better lol

  44. 44 Tom

    Looks more like “The ROKy Drama Horror Picture Show”

  45. 45 C

    What IS that? Madness…

  46. 46 anotheraddict

    Thank you for being so frickin’ hilarious! You really brightened my sucky day:D

  47. 47 Linda165


    This kind of reminds me of that other post making fun of the City Hunter posters.

    Hummm… I wonder whatever happened to that show…

  48. 48 Cynthia



  49. 49 Linda165

    And why Jung Kyeo Woon doesn’t look like Jung Kyeo Woon in any of these pictures??

  50. 50 Nheony

    I must say the posters gave no clue as to what the drama is about, but at least it piques your interest well enough that you want to watch it just to find out what the connection is between the seriously nutty promo posters and the dramas storyline.

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