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SNSD’s Yuri up for Fashion King alongside Yoo Ah-in
by | December 17, 2011 | 159 Comments

With one female lead rumored to be Shin Se-kyung, idol singer Yuri of SNSD is now the leading contender for the other female lead to romance Yoo Ah-in in upcoming fashion drama Fashion King.

According to a statement by an SM Entertainment rep on the 17th, Yuri has received the offer and is positively considering taking it, which would mean that she’d be joining groupmates Yoon-ah and Sooyoung in taking on acting projects in the new year. (Yoon-ah’s got the melodrama Love Rain on her slate, Sooyoung has TV Chosun’s Speed.)

Let’s hope Yuri proves to have more affinity for acting, since I’m pretty sure there are a lot of Yoo Ah-in fans who’d howl in indignation to have his next drama marred by an awkward co-star. And I’m pretty sure by “a lot” I mean many more than just me. To her credit, Yuri’s got sitcom experience (2007’s Unstoppable Wedding) so it’s not her first acting gig ever, though it would be her drama debut.

Most initial reports stated that Yoo Ah-in was not a lock to play Fashion King’s fashion king, but it’s looking like his casting is pretty close to confirmed at this point. The drama follows the success story of a young man who starts his business in the Dongdaemun Market and climbs, presumably, to much greater heights. It airs next year on SBS.

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159 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. River

    I don’t know why, but I have a particular dislike for her. I like SNSD moderately; it’s just her…
    I hope she can act, in any case.

    • 1.1 Alvina

      Perhaps because SM fashioned her to be the next Yoona? I think every one of those girls switches their turns in the limelight…like a rotation system or something.

      • 1.1.1 miss unknown

        I agree to this! LOL…it seems like that for every time SNSD promotes in my opinion…It was Taeyeon, then Yoona, then Tiffany, Jessica, then Seohyun…I guess it’s Yuri’s turn?! I seriously hope Yuri’s got the acting skill! I was kinda hoping for Moon Geun Young’s return to dramaland already!

      • 1.1.2 Love_it__ownit

        You might be on to something about SM trying to make her out as the next Yoona…I always thought there was something that felt just off with her and now that I think about (and with what you said), I think you’ve nailed it: it’s like she trying to be this image/person who is not her.

        Anyways, I hope she can act too. Somehow, I have a feeling Sooyoung and Jessica will have no problems with their roles. Yuri? Not so sure. LOL.

    • 1.2 Ani

      I like some of their songs, never cared for them one way or the other and never bothered to try to learn all their names unless they do something that makes them stand out since there are 9 of them. *sigh* Is it bad that as a fan of TWDR I really want Shin Sekyung to take this? If Yuri does gets casted I’m willing to give her and this drama a shot but seriously, how can you say no to this? The best of luck to the those involved with this drama.

      • 1.2.1 Ani

        Someone just pointed it out and I reread the article and it says “other female lead”. Aha! Got it. Now I don’t mind as much if Yuri gets the role as long as it’s playing second fiddle. Phew. Hey, they all need to start somewhere, and taking the lead – as in the main female romantic interest – is not a place to start. That just leaves us with the story to worry about.

        • conan

          I read in the original Korean article that they’re still looking for the heroine so that’s good! Yuri will only be either a second lead or a supporting. I hope the latter. Idols should learn from the bottom up from now on.

      • 1.2.2 marshyul

        Yuri has been offered alot of times already and she has been turning them down coz she’s too busy with her music career..,That’s why no official news is out if she is gonna take it coz they’re still considering the filming schedule and SNSD schedule; and see if she won’t affect the schedules and that she can always come to their group’s events…I’m actually proud of Yuri being always having to prioritize her group’s schedule than a fame for herself..

    • 1.3 Anne

      I’m sure that sones will be watching this drama…
      And that pretty much means that if she can’t act, a whole fan club will be behind her and our comments will become irrelevant. “-___-

      I want to watch this drama… and I’m a fan of Yoo Ah-in.
      So I just hope she can act so she won’t ruin this for me and fuel more of my dislike towards SNSD.

  2. yuri-lover

    She can’t act but can only offer cuteness. /shrug

    • 2.1 pabo ceo reom

      Oi. I don’t have a good feeling about this either.

    • 2.2 am

      As much as I love Yuri, I absolutely agree with you. Girl can’t act even if her life depended on it.

      Let’s just say she does take on this drama, I hope I’m wrong because nobody wastes a drama where Yoo Ah In is in.

    • 2.3 Love_it__ownit

      Sadly you spoke the truth. I’ve never thought that she could act. Too much exageration. But we’ll see in this one, I guess. πŸ˜‰

  3. lenrasoon


    my vote definitely goes to Shin Se-kyung.

  4. rianna

    snsd’s taking over dramaland eh? yoona in love rain, i love her as a person but no, i still don’t like her as an actress. sooyoung in speed, srsly whyyyyyyyy?! and yuri along side with yoo ah in?! damnnnn, sme knows how to market dem artists by making people see them EVERYWHEREEEEE.

    • 4.1 MISSKFANZ

      sooyoung can act dude..she better than yoona..
      even yoona admit it

      • 4.1.1 sonesanon

        Actually, Yoona would never say that she was better than any of her bandmates even if she won all the awards in the kcinema. It’s simply is not her nature, so I wouldn’t read too much into that ^^

  5. Jomo

    I got nothing.
    If she can’t act uri YAI will NOT be happy, nor will we.

    • 5.1 anna hae


      • 5.1.1 Sate Ayam

        2nd that!
        or 3rd that?
        whatever! *pouts*

      • 5.1.2 momogi

        4th that.

        Pretty face or idol fame just useless if she can’t act.

  6. waterfight

    I don’t want to be mean but can production companies/directors/whoever make the decision give the leading roles to actors and actresses before they give it to an idol. I mean I’m not trying to say that an idol can’t act but I would like them to prove themselves by taking on supporting roles before getting a lead role — just like how rookie actors/actresses get their start.

    • 6.1 rianna

      idols has a huge fanbase.. fanbase = ratings. business is business.. sad but true.

      • 6.1.1 foraredrose

        There are plenty of actresses with fanbases too. And I’m sure that even fans will notice if their idol is not suited to the job at hand (acting). I think it’s going to take a ratings tank in order for the production companies to see that this is not the answer.

        • rianna

          yep, you’re right.. but not that much fanbase outside korea.. we all know that these production companies want their product to be bought by the different countries.. and knowing that these ~idol~ aka the ~hallyu stars~ will give them that, they’ll pick them more than those actresses πŸ˜€

          i want another fbrs casting tbh.. no idols just good story and osm actors.. but they end up selling it to maaaaaany countries and they got osm ratings..

      • 6.1.2 hmm

        idols doesn’t generate ratings. For example, Yuhno in Heading to The Ground.

        • Lola

          Exactly. A good story, good acting and good chemistry generate ratings.

        • Ace

          *wince* @ yunho. stop “acting” please! mostly fast-forwarded his scenes in the poseidon episodes i cared to watch b4 i stopped.

    • 6.2 rianna

      them getting the lead role makes it idk.. make their fanbase anticipate?

      • 6.2.1 nell123

        Actually, I’m willing to bet that SM Ent. paid/invested money in the project to secure her role in the drama. Considering the they don’t have any real acting talent among their ranks, I think that’s how most of their idols get their parts.

        • rianna

          looool. there is this idol im really really want to see act though.. sandara~

          • akcina

            she was in The Return of Iljimae πŸ˜€

        • Gandalf

          They did that for poseidon/Athena

    • 6.3 Ani

      I like that suggestion. Start with beginner roles. Start from the bottom and then work your way up. Prove your worth.

      • 6.3.1 marshyul

        LOl…YUri has been doing that… She started at the bottom……SM din’t pay those producers…lol…why would they waste a lot of money when alot of producers have already been offering Yuri to take roles, even before…but she rejected it all..

        • Ani

          Hey hey. If you read comment 1.2.1, I said she can have at the role as long as it’s not the main female romantic lead role. And even if your precious Yuri started at the bottom musically, I don’t think jumping to a lead role for an acting career counts as starting at the bottom. I love idols who have made it big acting wise (some may or may not be Yoon Eun-hye, Yoon Kye-sang, Lee Seunggi, Sung Yuri, read here), but that doesn’t mean I am always so willing to embrace them all when they haven’t proven themselves. I always advocated for idols to be given a chance (considering they suffer just as much as newbie actors, and are usually aspiring thespians who had to take the idol route to receive recognition) as long as they earned the casting fair and square.

    • 6.4 Anne

      This would happen in a perfect world where companies don’t pay for roles and actors get roles cause of talent.

  7. sora

    I love Yuri the most in all of SNSD, so I hope she proves herself like Yoon Eun Hye did …. Yuri aja aja fighting!!!!!

    • 7.1 bd

      YEH has only proved herself in one project thus far (“Coffee Prince”).

      Her acting since then hasn’t improved and in fact has regressed.

      • 7.1.1 diorama

        Mmm, wouldn’t go that far. It’s true she was at her best in Coffee Prince and hasn’t been able to achieve that level since. She’s pretty limited, and she’s awkward when miscast, but in the right role (re: CP) she’s fantastic. I think, though, her main problem lies in picking decent projects. Out of her five dramas, three have been stinkers (imo).

        • collegegirl

          I agree with you! she’s a good actress but her drama choices recently where not good! Maybe if she agreed to be the leading lady of Lee Min Ho for Personal Taste, I think she would have been great (not that Son Ye Jin was not good). Yoon Eun Hye is well known for taking her character into a new level of studying and she embraces her character very well… but like what you said, her choices lately were not outstanding…

          • momosa

            Am I the only one who felt the screen sizzled when she cameo in Personal Taste? At that point, I wished she had taken that role (not that Son Ye Jin was not good).

        • bd

          Yeah, YEH is limited, but that’s exactly my point.

          W/o a good script, a good character and a PD who knows what he/she is doing, YEH is lost as an actress.

          Sure, a big problem has been that YEH has been picking some bad projects (she nearly missed out on “Coffee Prince” as well if a prior commitment hadn’t fallen thru), but even in bad projects, good actresses don’t come across as over-acting as YEH has done in pretty much all her projects save CP.

          And I’m saying this as someone who really roots for YEH and knew of her before she started acting (back in her X-Man days).

          • itsme

            bd, are you one of ex YEH’fans who turn into anti-fans ? cause I read all of your post always bashing YEH whenever the topic about her came up. And it seems you’re a passionate one, always belittle her whenever you’ve got a chance LOL
            I know as an actor YEH is far from perfect, but she’ll improve cause she have talent. The problem is her choice of her latest projects. For a top actress she’s too kind and loyal. Thrown away some good project for a messy one in the name of loyality & compassion. If you call her “bad actor” because of that so be it, but it didn’t lowered my opinion about her as a talented actress and especially as a good human being.

        • am

          I don’t think YEH is ‘limited’ although I think she has to be carefully in picking out dramas.

          @momosa GAWD! I FELT THE SIZZLE AS WELL!

  8. Noelle

    Hopefully she can act and they’re not overlooking an upcoming actress just for ratings.

  9. Ace

    Tsk. Though Yuri’s in my top 5 members I like in SNSD because of Invincible Youth 1, isn’t this a bit too much SME? Anyway, let’s just see if she (and Sooyoung) can act. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Yoona, on the other hand…nope. =P If both those 2 can’t prove themselves, then wouldn’t that give SME the agency with the most idol/actors who can’t act? (Not including Siwon, Kibum, and Heechul) πŸ˜‰

    • 9.1 rianna

      jaejoong and yoochun can act even sulli! lol

      • 9.1.1 Ace

        Jaejoong and Yoochun’s not with SME anymore. Sulli? Haven’t seen her enough so can’t judge. Maybe Krystal. She’s in High Kick 3, right?

        • rianna

          yep. she’s also a good actress. they’re still ~from~ sme bb ;~~;

        • pigtookie

          krystal’s making a good choice by building up experience from sitcoms, and her role isn’t too demanding.

        • Combray

          Sulli’s the best, she was a child actor before she became an idol.

      • 9.1.2 Snoopy

        They arent with SME

        Though Jaejoong did escape the mess that was poseidon

        Atleast Thank You SME for that

    • 9.2 Leila

      I remember watching Sooyoung in Hello School girl before even knowing she was in SNSD. And I thought she played her part pretty well.

    • 9.3 sonesanon

      well yoona can act too but she did make a bad choice in agreeing to do ‘Cinderella Man’….and does anyone gets reminded of ‘Cinderella Man’ with ‘Fashoin King’?

  10. 10 yellow

    i dont care who she would be as long as i can see goroh again in my kdrama!!!! cant wait to himmmmmmmmm!

    • 10.1 Sate Ayam

      YAI will be my sole reason to watch this drama!

  11. 11 Nikki

    I like Yuri the most of all SNSD members, therefore it’s a given that I am rather looking forward to her acting debut – it’s going to be interesting.
    And hey, let’s give her a chance – there are enough Korean actors and actresses who are also solely casted since they are good-looking (or other, erm, peculiar reasons) and prove to be the exact acting-failure everyone expected them to be.

  12. 12 Aya

    so much hate and insecurity up here, smells real good

  13. 13 jen

    for once i rather have unknown actresses and not an idol. granted, most are good, but not all. a MAJORITY are not good at all!

  14. 14 Melissa

    ugh noooooo stop casting idols who can’t act in dramas!!!!!!
    ruins the drama experience for me wahhhh D:

  15. 15 pigtookie

    oh dear, i had no idea it was with yoo ah in.

    from snippets of variety shows, i think sooyoung would be good for comedy, but i’m afraid yuri may overact. i think she’s well suited for variety, dancing, and modeling, and is interested in acting, but taking a lead role may not be to her best interest in terms of how much attention she would be getting from the media and critics… and those lovely netizens.

  16. 16 Haydn

    i’d rather have shin se kyung. πŸ™‚

    • 16.1 Cammaynn

      Really? Nooooooo….not her, but SNSD Yuri is better! ^_^

  17. 17 purexorange

    I think we should give her a chance. She might be good at acting, you never know~

  18. 18 lilypunk

    i’ve always thought yuri’d be able to pull an EXCELLENT bitchface that’d make her a fabulous other girl. she’s totally got potential, as does sooyoung. i don’t mind who’s the lead girl here, both would look gorgeous opposite yoo ah-in. yoona…. lol i’d give my life for her or something but she really needs a hell of a lot of work before she’s not completely jarringly bad.

  19. 19 hmm

    It’s Cinderella Man… just with a different actor and different SNSD member. Cinderella Man Ver. 2, if you must call it.

  20. 20 milkmustache

    I love SNSD, but I cringe when I see SO MANY articles of them getting roles in dramas now. πŸ™

  21. 21 ughhh

    no please, not a SNSD girl. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE.

  22. 22 tinabobina

    I’m jealous of any girl that gets to kiss yoo ah in, haha

    we’ll see how this turns out!

  23. 23 marshyul

    there are two female leads…one is the innocent type and the other one is the sort of the arrogant type…I think sekyung will get the innocent type while Yuri get the other..and Yuri would totally be looking uber gorgeous and amazing having that arrogant look on her face..

    • 23.1 Lola

      Oh, really?

      That just might work, actually. Just as long as she isn’t the lead.

  24. 24 Lola

    I’m surprised that Dramabeans didn’t post the recent report of idols taking over roles from rookie actors and the acting agencies’ growing concern. It’s becoming a huge issue because they have less opportunities to grow as actors.

    Instead idols, many of whom should remain idols, are given roles. They don’t have the emotional depth to carry the role (YoonA). They fall flat on their faces.

    It’s annoying. I don’t watch dramas to watch idols. I watch dramas for the chemistry, for the story and the acting. Watching a drama is like being temporarily transported to Korea. I wish casting directors realized this.

    Idols should do light-hearted sitcoms and leave the heavy stuff to the ACTORS. It seriously makes my blood boil that a potentially talented and gifted young actress lost out on this role because of this idol-girl.

    Some idols can act (Uee, Eunjung, TOP) but the vast majority can’t hold their own.

    I do think, like someone else pointed out, that SM and various other agencies invested money into the production of these dramas to secure roles.

    (Note: SM has horrible actors. They lost their best three when DBSK broke up. Everyone else is laughable. More looks then talent.)

    • 24.1 lilypunk

      lol you think TOP can act? he’s fucking gorgeous but he’s really quite average.

      SM does have bad actors, except siwon is decent and sulli’s very young right now but she is actually their best and i think she’s got a good chance of having a successful acting career later in life.

      • 24.1.1 Lola

        If you read my comment again, I never said TOP was one of the country’s finest. I did say he can act. And he can. He’s lacking, like many young actors are. But he has a lot of potential to mature and grow. He can become a very fine actor.

        I think Siwon is worse then T.O.P. I haven’t seen anything Sulli’s been in. Didn’t know she was an actress.

        • Kgrl

          I beg to differ. Some idols only seem like they can act b/c their first few roles suited them, while others was blatantly obvious of their lacking talent b/c the role did not cover up their acting flaws.

          Give most of these idols something that veers off of their natural persona and it’s like deer in headlights. Acting takes experience, time, and effort, not just natural affinity. I don’t have a problem with idols acting as long as they attended appropriate schooling or have the experience to truly integrate with their characters before taking on lead roles.

        • abc.123

          sulli started out as child actress. she is the young lee bo young (princess sunhwa) in ballad of seo dong/seodong yo (jo hyun jae, lee bo young) back in 2005/2006

        • alexe


      • 24.1.2 song pong

        Top was ok in “Into the Fire”. Pretty good, even.

    • 24.2 bd

      Eunjung acted before she became an idol.

      As for TOP he’s decent in acting and in the looks dept. – so I guess that puts him ahead of most male idols.

      • 24.2.1 bd

        Yuri has the nicest overall physique along w/ Seohyun, but she’s not one of the more interesting members of SNSD to look at (if this is what producers are basing casting on).

        Saw Sooyoung in a shor clip and it seemd like she was decent.

        Of all the members, I’d like to see what Taeyoon could do on the acting front (and yes, Yoona is pretty flat as an actress – based on what I saw of her in “9End2Outs.”

        • Ace

          I’d love to see Taeyeon too (though I find that she looks way different now compared to last year…her makeup maybe? πŸ˜‰ ) plus Sunny and Jessica. I actually prefer the “small” SNSD members. They’ve got bigger personalities. My brother’s got a crush on Hyoyeon who I think has the most non-Korean male fans among the members.

        • Ace

          I just bet they’d push for Tiffany to try acting next. I think I’d actually prefer Yoona to her. Not Tiffany please!

    • 24.3 ...

      I have read somewhere that getting an idol instead of a newbie actor is cheaper for the companies that’s why these entertainment agencies take advantage of it. I mean, I wouldn’t be quick to put on the blame on just the idol because it’s not like they go around hunting for these roles, it’s the agency who decides most of the time.

  25. 25 cuteNuna

    first, i don’t care about anything as long as i can see uri yoo ah in on screen again!
    2nd, i don’t mind idols being cast in dramaland as long as they can act well. so far i enjoy yoochun in SKKS n miss replay, jeajoong in protect the boss.. and don’t forget eric moon is member of shinwa, yoo eun hye & eugene also former member of girlband.. so we just wait and see until this drama airing so we can make a comment about yuri acting.

    • 25.1 sonesanon

      I love dbsk, but I think Yoochun is their best actor. Jaejoong was bad most of the time in protect the boss, I thought.

  26. 26 red

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!….my hate just sank at this news…please yoo ah in jump ship!….

    why cant she just start as a second lead at least and then build up their resume…why!

    I dnt care if yuri’s a decent actress or not….but i would like a more experienced actress acting next to yoo ah in…and im pretty sure he would feel the same

    • 26.1 red

      oh …wait read it again…..so she would be playing a second lead role….thats good to hear…just hope they keep her screen time to a minimum

      • 26.1.1 mnstpdu08

        LOL. Your reaction is hilarious. But totally agree with you.

  27. 27 mnstpdu08

    I was disappointed when I saw it on Soompi and I’m still disappointed. allkpop reported that she was offered the lead role; I hope it’s incorrect. I’ve never seen Yuri act, so I can’t comment on her abilities, but I am getting really tired of these idols who are trying to break it into the film/drama industry. It’s really sad that the Korean industry is selling itself by giving lead parts to idol-wannabe-actors/actresses. I don’t have a problem with giving them supporting roles, but lead? They should leave that to the real actors and actresses. I can only pray that Yuri will be better than YoonAh. But it’s not too late for Yoo Ah In to decline this role; I really, really want to see him decline it.

  28. 28 bluetsukky

    Another SNSD member, on another drama, *sigh*. I actually like Yuri, but acting? I don’t really know. I am particularly excited for this since this might be YAI’s comeback, but the casting, aside from YAI of course, is getting…bad I guess. But who knows? Maybe Yuri’s better than Yoona, or any other members of SNSD in acting.

  29. 29 soiia

    I like Yuri from SNSD, she’s actually one of my bias, but I’d rather see Yoo Ah In and Shin Se kyung romancing instead. When I read about Shin Se kyung being casted (contending, I know), I was a lot more excited. Now I’m just worried this drama might waste YAI -_-

  30. 30 Narae

    if its for the sake of rating,please don’t!!!
    I’d prefer a low-rating-drama but with good-quality-drama,rather than high-rating but suck-quality..
    imho, its fine for anyone to act even an idol,but bfore they got the main lead they need to improve their acting skill, dun let a good drama bcme a waste.. *coughidolwannabeactorfailcough*

  31. 31 Mary

    What’s the char desc?

    If it is an arrogant model or actress or kpop idol being outfitted by YAI fashion king then it might not be too difficult a role for an idol to start with. πŸ™‚

    • 31.1 mary

      Let’s hope that the role is a perfect fit for her personality. πŸ˜€

      Sometimes, a well-matched role helps in making a newbie-actor likeable.

  32. 32 Alice20

    Yoo Ah In’s such a good actor. I don’t want to see him in some super cliche drama. πŸ˜› Especially with an idol actor we’re not sure can act.

  33. 33 anna hae

    not backing up Yuri per se but she’s up for the second female lead a.k.a the other girl so the main female lead is still the rumored Shin Se-kyung..

  34. 34 Cam

    Wow, that’d be good for her to work with Yoo Ah In in a new drama. Ah….I’ve noticed that everybody who comments seem like they’re not satisfied and bit of disappointed because of idol singers are not really skillful at acting like that. =/ Well, I PRAY PRAY that SNSD Yuri will work hard and try to motivate us to keep watch, of course. Rigggght, it’s exactly like Yoon Eun Hye had do that before in that successful drama “Goong” and “Coffee Prince”, oh yeeeaaa….. (nods) Dooooon’t wooorrry and I am sure that Yoo Ah In and other casts will help Yuri to SOOOOOAR to a skillful acting. πŸ˜‰

    FIGGGGGHTING, SNSD Yuri!!! (Honestly, I really look forward to watch Yoo Ah In and SNSD Yuri romancing each other than Shin Se Kyung….) Ooo….Soorry, Shin Se Kyung fans, I didn’t meant to, my apologize….but it’s my opinion view, ofc. ^_^

    • 34.1 Zoya

      True. πŸ™‚ I expect that SNSD Yuri will prove her acting skill to us in a new drama with Yoo Ah In. YEP!

      My, I am glaaaad for her & Reaaally like her! (thumbs-up)

    • 34.2 marshyul

      me too…i would really want to see Yuri in something like that…Yuri has been uptight when it comes to men… so it’ll be interesting if she does some little romancing with the leading man..

    • 34.3 bleh

      maybe you can watch yuri in variety show playground and clapping and jumping all you want. or you want she act with man can you just pull out the money and produce a sitcom where you the snsd fans can watch the drama alone.

      we are talking about real drama here not some playground for kids who clapping and jumping all around.

      that why Lee Min Ho hates idols who get easyly get a lead roles in drama..

  35. 35 js

    noooo. shin se kyung please!

  36. 36 sPark*

    I really wish casting directors would look for more newbie actors than casting idols. I like idols, but I wish they would stick to what they’re good at. I know some idols intend to act, but their company sticks them in a group to gain exposure first. However, if they don’t have the talent to survive on acting alone, then maybe acting is not for them? Also, I don’t mind when they’re cast in sitcoms, (and maybe daily dramas and weekend dramas for side characters), but main roles especially dramas (and movies) are another story.

    I hope Yuri is good at acting because I don’t know if I can watch something even with Yoo Ah In if I can’t watch one of the main characters.

    Also, idol actors do bring in viewers, but bad acting keeps away more viewers than those actors end up bringing in. Oh wells, the casting isn’t confirmed so we shall see.

    Honestly, I can’t say I’m too excited for the drama itself… Only Yoo Ah In :X

  37. 37 Alyssia

    Seriously! I just read an article two days about how idols are taking rookie actors jobs. Just because these girls star in like one sitcom does not mean they have enough experience to take on a lead role. Seriously!

    SME does have alot of power in this industry huh. They can pull lead roles for all their stars. Even if they are so horrible at acting..cough cough Changmin…

  38. 38 bengal

    Oh crap.
    I hope YAI jumps ship.
    It feels like SM is using JGS and now YAI to promote their idols and it doesn’t feel fair to JGS and YAI fans.

    • 38.1 Sate Ayam

      “It feels like SM is using JGS and now YAI to promote their idols and it doesn’t feel fair to JGS and YAI fans.” — Nooo….I guess you’re right!!

      • 38.1.1 red

        yes!….with YAI’s personality and how seriously takes acting theres no way he would be happy with some idol with one acting gig to her resume as his leading lady

        at least i dont hate her as much as yoona..so if this was to continue then i wouldnt never watch it

        • Sate Ayam

          with YAI sassy personality, there’s no way he would want to promote idols :p

    • 38.2 booboosback

      at least JGS & Yoona are equally popular…so who’s using who? but I get your point about Yuri, lol.

  39. 39 Brenda

    I am cringing at this so much. Granted i’ve only seen maybe one or two episodes of Unstoppable Marriage but from what i recalled it was rather vapid and not enough development to actually determine whether she can act even though i am told that she really can not…

    I am not looking forward to it, if she really is playing a leading role i will probably drop it all together. Despite saying this i’m not against idols acting, i like it when i can see that they CAN act but i do wish dramas weren’t plagued by idols, it seems to lower the quality and take away jobs from rookie actors that would jump at the opportunity and would probably do a better job.

  40. 40 Mel

    SM does not have the power to choose the lead actors nor do they have the power to pay broadcasting companies to hire their artists. Some people give them way too much credit.

    A slew of idols entering the k-dramas and everything essentially boils down to all their performances next year. They need to majorly step it up and prove themselves or it’s going to be a disappointing 2012.

  41. 41 IZ

    I also want Se Kyung but i think she needs to a lil break. She’s been working on so many projects this year.

  42. 42 Alexx

    YEEESSSSSSSS!!!! YAYAY for Kwon Yuri ~ ~ ~ That’s greaaaatt!! Jeez, everybody’s comments seem like they’re not happy with her cuz’ she’s, like, ‘newbie’ idol-actress, mm.
    *(jumps so excitedly w/ clapping)* I can’t wait to watch Yuri with Yoo Ah In romancing together as a leading main roles ~ ~ ! ! ! ! (crossing fingers) plleeeeaassee let Shin Se Kyung in SECOND lead role (supporting role)

    • 42.1 Alexx

      Oh, right…..I don’t know if Shin Se Kyung will able to join this drama or not…..(shrugs) If not, they might search another second ‘supporting’ female role. Hm πŸ˜‰

    • 42.2 red

      oh yes cast the newbie in the leading role and the serious actor in the supporting role

    • 42.3 bleh

      maybe you can watch yuri in variety show playground and clapping and jumping all you want. or you want she act with man can you just pull out the money and produce a sitcom where you the snsd fans can watch the drama alone.

      we are talking about real drama here not some playground for kids who clapping and jumping all around.

      that why Lee Min Ho hates idols who get easyly get a lead roles in drama.

  43. 43 conan

    I don’t see why these idols are treated as if they are seasoned pros. A lot of them has barely any acting credits in their pockets yet they were given first/second lead roles. I think if the idols really do want to transition into acting, they should start out as any other rookie actors: from the bottom. Or if they do get a lead role, it shouldn’t be so significant, like Taecyeon’s role in Cinderella’s Sister. I think that was a smart move from the producers. It was a “lead” role, but the character didn’t have much complexity. He was sweeping for half the time anyways.

    The sad thing when idols with no acting background whatsoever take over the main roles is that the drama ends up becoming really unbalanced. Yoo Ah-in, who I consider a heavyweight actor of his generation, will have to carry so much of the drama himself if a newcomer like Yuri is the opposite lead. If Yuri turns out to be very good, then that’s great. Lucky for them. But if not, it’ll just be a sad situation. The heavyweight player will be pulling in the charisma, but there won’t be any chemistry, which will be a shame. I’m not saying Yuri shouldn’t play in the drama at all, but I hope she gets a less significant role.

    • 43.1 Combray

      Funny thing with Taec, in the end his character was the one bright light in that drama lol.

  44. 44 sakit perut

    it’s frustrating to see idols getting all the acting gigs.. and they can’t even act.. except for a few.

    i’m probably be guessing if Yuri gets this, her acting will be bloody stiff. i can’t have another KHJ.

    and i don’t get production companies saying if we get idols to act, ratings will be higher.. but if the drama doesn’t live up to their expectations.. who’s gonna pay the price?

  45. 45 Ruthie

    mehhhh…not sure about this… i definitely prefer SSK! geez what’s up with all this idols coming up with big roles without that much experience with acting.

  46. 46 melonhead

    tangent: Yoo Ah In looks like he could be a younger Janghyuk. Or maybe that’s just me watching too much Tree with deep roots…

  47. 47 meldjd

    i am an elf so i know sms tactics and i can gurantee that they def paid for her role. she didnt audition like any real actresses. no, she wanted to be in a drama so her daddy, sm town, just paid the production team the ammout. snsd are sms precious princesses. they get whatever they want without trying or hard work. hence why i never accept their talent in the music industry or acting. i hate seeig idols act. theres a reason you are a singer first and if you have no experience. do not take the freaking lead. take somethig minor like hara did in city hunter. she was important, but her role was not the lead and did not make the audience want to punch her face.

    • 47.1 yaya

      that is not particularly true, some sm idols have to turn down good acting offers because of their schedules and oversea activities. I know that as cassie..

      you elfs are too pressed with snsd relevance..
      I’m not even sone. but the girls were like nobodies for 2-3 years after their debut, and uh their MVs, outfits etc were rather cheap, sm started to put effort and money in them only when they got it big..

    • 47.2 ath

      No hard work?, i’m not a SNSD fan but that’s just pure BS and you know it. They started with full of anti because Suju&dbsk fans hates them, dream concert blackout incident? They didn’t gain massive popularity until 2 years later with gee. Now they have to work harder after dbsk left since they’ve become SM new money maker.

      Are you saying that’s not hard work? They manage to survive even with so many antis that you can’t even see at any other idols. Half of the members trained more than 5 years. I just can’t with people hating on SNSD when their concept and formulation are based from SUJU.

      If SNSD have dicks, thing would be reacted differently. SMH at you. SNSD hate should be over by now.

    • 47.3 Combray

      LOL would you like an ice pack for your bruised butt.

    • 47.4 Gandalf

      Bitter much?

      Do you also want to punch Donghaes face in since he’s second lead in Skip Beat?

      Its possible that SM does support productions resulting in their idols being cast

      Possible examples being Poseidon/Athena/Paradise Ranch
      i dont know if the situation is similar for Love Rain and Heading to the ground

      I’m far from being an SNSD fan and i have no idea what Yuri would be like as an actor’

      I know that she’s not good at Singing/Rapping so maybe she’s trying to diversify while she can because once she hits her late twenties the idol thing isnt really going to work out for her and she lacks the musical talent to have a future as a singer beyond SNSD

      ^ but this goes for half of Suju *cough*Siwon/Donghae/Heechul/Kibum *cough* as well

  48. 48 marshyul

    I bet if Yuri takes this offer, she’ll do great in it… She has been offered for a lot of times already, and she has been turning them all down…It’s the time to make another step in the industry…She has been through alot of CFs, appeared in MVs, supporting actress in a movie and supporting actress in a drama…Yuri has been studying acting too…Even with their busy schedule, she still managed to go to school..just to learn acting…I know alot will criticize her since this is her freaking first lead role, but I know, she’ll be able to overcome those challenges and treat those criticisms as lessons and encouragement..

  49. 49 cuteNuna

    haha it’s funny to read all of your comment.. what is wrong with idols being actor? in my country is commont doing that but in opposite direction..manny actor/actress trying hard to be idols so they are received manny critizied by their average/bad voice..so my point i don’t mind yuri acts with yoo ah in.. maybe she can pull out this role but if she don’t..i don’t know the rest of history.

  50. 50 Sate Ayam

    “..since I’m pretty sure there are a lot of Yoo Ah-in fans who’d howl in indignation to have his next drama marred by an awkward co-star. And I’m pretty sure by β€œa lot” I mean many more than just me.” — THIS!

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