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The Musical: Episode 12
by | December 7, 2011 | 51 Comments

We’re back! Again. One of the benefits of having a hiatus is that the first ten minutes of the episode is spent on recapping the past 11 episodes. (Less for me to write!) One of the downsides of having a hiatus is that you really need those first ten minutes of recap. (Grr.)

However, some progress is made – especially on the Yoo Jin front. Yoo Jin – Yoo Jin – Yoo Jin – the least musical of all the characters and yet the most entertaining to watch. (Something is a little wrong here, writers…)

So instead of hearing Jae Hee’s response to what-is-basically Sung Ha’s confession of love, we go to the more important story at hand: Eun Bi learning of her neighbors, Yoo Jin Young AKA Mr. Laptop, and his ailing wife Sun Hee. Granny also sends Eun Bi over to their home with some soup, and Jin Young recognizes Eun Bi through the Granny’s stories. He invites her inside, as he has some dishes to give back, and so she waits in the living room, oblivious to the photos around her.

Jin Young returns with a plastic container full of cookies and suddenly they hear Sun Hee’s frenzied screams from the floor above. Jin Young drops the cookies in shock and hurriedly excuses himself. Eun Bi quickly picks up the cookies (5 second rule!), and it puts her to eye level with some of the photos on the side table – namely, one of Yoo Jin. If the fact that his photo is next to a loving couple isn’t a big enough clue, perhaps… the similarity in the eyes?!

Time to fish for more details from Granny! Granny confirms that Jin Young came from a rich family and they have one son. Alone in her room, Eun Bi remembers how Yoo Jin spoke of being abandoned by his parents and being forbidden from seeing them by Grandpa. Clues are coming together, and she waffles on her decision to call Yoo Jin.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jin is busy on a lunch date with Grandpa, Uncle, and Jae Joon. Grandpa is more interested in their knife-cut noodles; Uncle is more interested in helping Jae Joon present his idea on the expansion into China. Guess who wins out in the end? Yoo Jin – who keeps his mouth shut and just agrees with Grandpa that knife-cut noodles are best when you have a cold.

Despite having Ra Kyung’s words resonate in his mind about “staying around is harder than leaving,” he still ends up texting Eun Bi. And, forgive me if I’m wrong, but they’re pretty flirty: “Having knife-cut noodles is best when you have a cold, and I thought of you,” or “Are you feeling better now? When you come to Seoul let’s have it together.” Like dude, if I were at the receiving end of those texts, I’d think, “You like me!”

Eun Bi sounds like she’s reciprocating, too, saying that he should come to Daegu and she’ll take him to a good noodle place. However, we know that she has ulterior motivations when she asks him to come to Daegu.

Jae Joon catches Yoo Jin busily texting someone who does not seem to be Ra Kyung, and he relishes at the scoop. He gets even more excited when Yoo Jin tells his grandfather he’s going to have to cancel a meeting in favor of going to the “countryside” for an “urgent meeting.” A meeting that brings a huge smile to his face.

Time for Jae Joon to go tattle-tale to Ra Kyung! Immediately, Ra Kyung looks up Eun Bi’s address, having a very good idea that that is where Yoo Jin must have gone. However, she also notices that Eun Bi lives in Daegu, which makes her doubly worried. She hesitates, but makes a call to Eun Bi, asking if she’s going to meet with Yoo Jin. Based on Eun Bi’s reply, she speeds over to Daegu in her car.

After a nice shower, Sun Hee asks Jin Young for some cake. Though her head no longer hurts, she also doesn’t recognize him, calling him “Ahjussi” instead. As she relishes her cake (and makes me want some too), Jin Young combs her hair lovingly.

Eun Bi meets with Yoo Jin at a cafe, and he’s clearly more at ease than she is. He admits that he rushed over to Daegu spontaneously mainly because he missed her, not because he wanted knife-cut noodle. Eun Bi is surprised, but she doesn’t seem as put-off or awkward as when Jae Hee admitted his feelings for her. I will attribute it to the fact that she has more pressing issues on her mind… like how to nicely break the news to Yoo Jin. His mother’s condition gnaws at her, preventing her from even enjoying a slice of cake.

Kang Hee has Facebook! But she switches windows to a news site and spots an article about Jae Hee signing a contract with a record label. Sang Won also heard about this, adding that Jae Hee did it because they owed money to the musical producer. She’s dubious that he would have done something like this, but the article seems pretty official…

And it’s as official as it gets, because Sung Ha wrote it. Jae Hee himself is shocked that such an article was written up, but Sung Ha assures that it was necessary. She could tell that there was some history between Jae Hee and Eun Bi, and she also knows that this article will help keep Eun Bi away from him. I guess this is her way of marking her territory! Jae Hee can’t believe how aggressive women can be. (Dude – you dated one before, remember?)

OK back to the cafe. Eun Bi and Yoo Jin speak at the same time to fill an awkward silence – he mentions her cold, she mentions his mother. He’s curious as to why she mentioned his mother, and she finally comes out and poses a hypothetical scenario: what if his mother were sick, and because she didn’t want to go to a hospital and didn’t want rumors to spread, she and her husband ran off to Daegu to essentially hide from everyone else? And what if Yoo Jin’s father didn’t leave the company because he didn’t want to work, but because he wanted to stay with his wife and take care of her?

This freaks Yoo Jin out – why is Eun Bi supposing this situation about his mother? After all, he calls and speaks to his mother every so often. Really? He’s spoken to her directly? Yoo Jin is forced to think back on his last conversation with his father, where his mother “supposedly” went on a trip and had discontinued service for her cellphone. He never actually heard his mother’s voice.

On top of this realization, Yoo Jin gets a call from Ra Kyung, who worriedly asks where he is. Immediately he asks her: when she visited his parents, did she find out about his mother? Ra Kyung tries to explain, but that’s confirmation enough for him; she knew, and she hid it from him. He hangs up on her.

Yoo Jin wants to see his parents. NOW.

Jin Young and Sun Hee are actually having a quiet, peaceful night for once. Eun Bi rings at their doorbell at a late hour, and Jin Young lets her in… except there’s one more person – Yoo Jin. Jin Young is at an utter loss for words, and on top of that Sun Hee calls for water from within the living room. Um…busted?

Yoo Jin heads inside, and Eun Bi makes to leave. However, he grabs her hand – he’s going to need her for a little bit longer right now.

He goes inside and sees his mother thank Jin Young as “Ahjussi.” She’s also acting like a younger child, and it’s a painful sight for him to see. And on top of all this, when Sun Hee finally notices Yoo Jin, she asks her husband, “Who is he?” Ouuuuuch.

Yoo Jin’s eyes go red, and he struggles to call out to his mother; Eun Bi has to even hold on to his arm in support. Every time Yoo Jin calls out, “Mom,” it freaks out Sun Hee even more, to the point where she goes into hysterics and collapses on the sofa. Jin Young begs Eun Bi to take Yoo Jin away, and she has to drag him off.

Once Sun Hee has been put to bed, Yoo Jin bitterly confronts his father for hiding this from him. Jin Young believes there was nothing Yoo Jin could have done, especially having been only a student then, but Yoo Jin insists that he still should have known. Maybe they could have sent her abroad for treatment! Yoo Jin wonders if Grandpa knew about it, and because he didn’t approve of Sun Hee’s family, had her sent away? Knowing how ruthless Grandpa can be, he figures that Grandpa wanted Sun Hee sent to a far off hospital, and for Jin Young to stay behind and continue working. But because Jin Young didn’t want to leave Sun Hee, he left the company and the family too.

While it is true that there were disagreements between Jin Young and Grandpa, the actual truth is that Sun Hee herself wanted to leave. She knew that she was going to end up not recognizing anyone, and she wanted Yoo Jin to at least be able to live his life burden free. But Yoo Jin isn’t that grateful; “So that I could live in the battlefield every day – that’s the life you wanted me to live?”

In the midst of their fight, Ra Kyung arrives. “Go back,” Yoo Jin spits out angrily, but Jin Young says he asked Ra Kyung to keep her mouth shut. Yoo Jin leaves for his mother’s room without another word, and Jin Young invites her to at least stay in the guest room for the night.

Meanwhile, Uncle catches Jae Joon sleeping instead of studying about the market in China. He berates his lazy son for not even taking his Chinese lessons, as this might ruin his chances of heading the project in China. But Jae Joon isn’t so worried. Isn’t it that for the expansion in China, they need Ra Kyung’s father’s help? And the reason why he’s helping is because Ra Kyung and Yoo Jin are getting married; but what if they’re not?! Now that’s a thought for the two to chew over…

Eun Bi is back home, feeling bad that she might have done the wrong thing. Her grandmother reassures her that she did, but Eun Bi isn’t so sure. “Am I not good at knowing how people feel?” she wonders aloud. “Am I careless?”

Granny has the best response: “It’s not that you’re careless. It’s that your priorities are different from others.”

Ra Kyung has a restless night, worried about all her issues with Yoo Jin. She goes over to Sun Hee’s room, where Yoo Jin is keeping a constant vigil by her bedside. She turns to leave him alone in peace, but then hears him talking to someone. She creeps back to the door and listens to him bidding Eun Bi good night. In the privacy of her own room, Ra Kyung cries, heartbroken to see that Yoo Jin would go and call another woman instead of going to her in his time of need.

She gets a message on her phone from Joon Hyuk, who asks her if angels keep their wings hidden beneath their bed while they sleep; if so, then Ra Kyung’s bed must be humongous. It brings a small smile to her face, to know that she’s being appreciated by someone else out there. She calls up Joon Hyuk and asks if he could cheer her up this once over the phone.

The next morning, Jae Hee wakes up to hear someone going around his house – it’s Sung Ha again. That apron is really becoming a part of her everyday outfit now. He wonders why she’s being soooooo nice to him when they only have a contract with each other, even though he knows the reason why. What if he had a lady friend beside him in the bed!? Wouldn’t she be embarrassed? Sung Ha: “Then I’d make breakfast for two!”

She brings up a tray for breakfast, but at the top of the stairs she pauses. She wants an answer to her question: “Will you come, or should I go?” He has no reply, still. She’s surprised that he refuses to respond to her direct question, and constantly changes the topic, because the Jae Hee she knows would never turn down a girl. He’s using their work and their contract as an excuse for why they can’t be together. Sung Ha wonders if it’s because of Eun Bi…

But in general, Sung Ha has accepted that Jae Hee doesn’t want to come to her, that he just wants to be friends. So fine – they can be friends. But as she leaves his bedroom loft, she adds that since he won’t come to her, she’ll go to him.

Back in Daegu, Jin Young checks up on Sun Hee, and finds Yoo Jin sleeping on the bed. Sun Hee is not in bed though, so he begins checking around the house, and every single room. Sun Hee is nowhere to be found. His frantic search for Sun Hee wake up Yoo Jin and Ra Kyung, and they all immediately rush out. Jin Young calls the police to report her as missing as well.

Eun Bi and Granny have a bit of a cozy, cuddly morning (even though Eun Bi didn’t get a good night’s sleep), with an adorable back hug. That’s all interrupted when they hear that Sun Hee is missing. They head to the station, and Granny sweet talks an investigator she’s known since he was little into helping them find Sun Hee as quickly as possible.

But rather than sitting idly, Jin Young and Yoo Jin figure that they should go to all the places where Sun Hee frequents – which is, the park and the hospital. Granny and Jin Young head to the hospital, and Granny suggests that Yoo Jin go with Eun Bi to the park, since he doesn’t know where it is. Well that’s a bit awkward for Ra Kyung, who becomes a third wheel in this search for Sun Hee.

When they reach the expansive park, Yoo Jin and Eun Bi quickly split up and start searching. Ra Kyung finds herself feeling lost, not knowing where to start in this search.

As for Sang Won and Kang Hee back in Seoul, Sang Won is surprised that they don’t have a milk delivery, and no note from Kang Hee’s ardent fan. Kang Hee doesn’t think much, and it’s funny that Sang Won is more affected by not having a milk from this “special fan,” even though the notes aren’t directed to him. He tries to set up a movie date with his wife, but Kang Hee brushes him off, saying that she’s going to be busy. And we all know what that means…

Unable to get in touch with Jae Hee, she decides to just head over to his house. She bumps into Sung Ha outside the door, and Sung Ha knows all about Kang Hee. She won’t let Kang Hee go in, since she’ll be interrupting Jae Hee. Kang Hee scoffs – does this woman know who she is?! And she wonders if Sung Ha’s really the music producer or a maid. Sung Ha doesn’t bite. She also tells Kang Hee point blank that Jae Hee is purposely avoiding her calls, and therefore she won’t bother taking a message from Kang Hee. She excuses herself so that she can tend to something on the stove. Whachaa* That’s a bitch slap right there.

Once inside, Sung Ha betrays her cool demeanor and starts letting out her frustrations on having to deal with a diva. Jae Hee wonders what’s wrong with her, and Sung Ha admits to meeting Kang Hee outside the house, and that she kicked her out. “I don’t understand how you fell in love with a woman like that,” she says, “but I guess I’ll find out when I get to know you better.” Jae Hee smiles: “When you find out, please tell me too.”

Kang Hee can’t lose this round, and so she calls a contact to check up on Jae Hee’s contract and find out more about Sung Ha. Sabotage?

Gu Jak is still drinking himself to a stupor, so Joon Hyuk knows that the only way to get Gu Jak to start working on the show again is to have a lead actor. He brings in Cho Sung Woo – who based on Gu Jak’s change in demeanor, seems to be a very very talented singer.

Thing is – Gu Jak doesn’t remember that they’ve met before.

Later that evening, Kang Hee calls up Eun Bi, who’s in a car with Yoo Jin and Ra Kyung. Kang Hee wants to know if Eun Bi heard anything from Jae Hee, and honestly, she hasn’t. Kang Hee is skeptical, but she reasons aloud that Eun Bi should have nothing to hide from her, and so she will believe her, for now.

Sung Ha gets ready to leave for the night, and she sees Jae Hee sleeping on the sofa. She lays a blanket across his body, and then leans in to kiss him softly. Woooo that girl is forward. She pouts that he should just live with her (because what, that would make it more convenient for her so she doesn’t have to shuttle back and forth?) As soon as she leaves, Jae Hee’s eyes flutter open, but he doesn’t dwell too much on the kiss.

Gu Jak is super excited that Sung Woo has decided to help them by singing a demo of the song during a music festival; if he does so, it’s likely “Gumiho” will get a whole bunch of new sponsors. He’s also promised to be a lead actor, as long as Gu Jak follows their contract from years ago…

Sung Woo pulls out a small napkin – a contract for 1000 Won, instant noodles, and kimbap in return for acting in his play. Gu Jak is so excited – Sung Woo really won’t mind getting paid like this?

Actually, I’m excited – Sung Woo really doesn’t mind getting paid just that much?!

So happy, Gu Jak calls up Jae Hee to share the good news, but Jae Hee chooses to ignore that call. He wants nothing to do with the musical now that he sold his soul to a recording label.

Yoo Jin, his dad, and Ra Kyung all rush to the hospital – they just received a call that Sun Hee is at a hospital in the ER. Sun Hee has her head bandaged, and her dirty face suggests she fell outside and wasn’t found until much later. Jin Young rushes to find a doctor for the full story, but Yoo Jin starts crying: “Mom! Wake up!”


Hrm. This episode was a mixed bag for me. While I was really happy that Yoo Jin reunited with his mother, this episode overall fell flat. It was easy to fast forward through because there were plenty enough flashbacks, and the other characters didn’t really move forward. Kang Hee: we barely saw her, and she’s back to being snoopy and wanting to break things up between Jae Hee and Another Girl – same old. Jae Hee and Sung Ha: though Jae Hee pretty much rejected Sung Ha’s advances, it hasn’t stopped her from pursuing him, and it repeatedly happened from last episode to this. Gu Jak and the “Gumiho” production: we don’t get a a new nugget of information until the last ten minutes, when miraculously a well known singer has decided to help the production for a measly pay of 1000 Won (or $1), instant noodle, and kimbap. The singer isn’t even asking for Jung Il Woo on the side!

There was a mini breakthrough with Eun Bi’s character when she wonders about how she’s affecting other people. Is she being careless around them? Or as I would put it, is she leading the guys on? I wholeheartedly say yes, and perhaps this awareness of her character might help her be mindful of the decisions she’ll have to make in the future. Though she was a good catalyst in reuniting Yoo Jin with his mother, it’s her that brought Yoo Jin all the way to Daegu, not anything else. She’s got to realize at some point that Yoo Jin is kinda, maybe falling for her. And since I don’t think Eun Bi feels the same way, she’s got to do something to stop it soon.

Once again, an episode where I think Yoo Jin is basically carrying this series on his shoulders. I mean seriously – he’s not even the main character, but he gets all the best conflicts? And he executes the melodrama quite excellently? I need 4 solid episodes, Drama. I’m serious. No more delays, ‘kay?


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  1. Elena

    I love this drama. Thanks for the recap.

    • 1.1 Dee

      me too…i really love this drama..can’t wait for next episode….from Japan

      • 1.1.1 fan

        I like and all, but i’d like to see more musical stuff. It is becoming like regular drama. BTW can we have a recap for What’s up someday please? looks like more musical drama to me.

        • Jess

          I double that question. What’s Up =)

  2. Alvina

    I agree with you kaedejun! I think we’ve all thought this from the start, but Park Ki Woong is such a compelling actor who adds depth to all of the roles he plays. The way he acts out YJ makes that character more interesting, more mysterious. You want to hold him but you also want to see him succeed.

    That’s the difference between YJ and JH I think. At this point, because JH has already reached that top, any conflict that he has simply does seem like… much. 🙁

    • 2.1 Alvina


      Anyway, who else is just reading the recaps at this point? I find myself just watching clips or ff-ing through this drama because, really, it’s kind of going nowhere.

      • 2.1.1 Mystisith

        Same feeling here. I loved the first eps. It was funny and cute and all. Now i feel like it’s a complete other story : the tone is getting dark ( another story of young person touched by dementia… geez, we already have enough of that on other shows, i’d like to offer a medical dictionary so at least writers use a “fresh” pathology. ). AND it’s completely out of subject
        here : I’d rather have an angst situation about cast and crew of the play. It’s called The musical isnt’it ? The part about financials and production issues are more relevant except that ( for me ) it’s boring like a family banquet for a 3 years kid, even if it brings the slave contract dilemma. I had the same problem with Midas, must be allergic to economics. And finally the loveline(s) are like rivulets that disappear in the desert and never reach the sea. It smells like work in progress or chaotic production mirrored in the drama itself. The result is that i feel saddened because all actors are good and the characters are appealing, but really the story is too much like a mix of different and incompatible tastes. I will watch the remaining eps, but only for Daniel Choi ( who was so good in Baby-faced Beauty ) and co. Maybe if i don’t have high expectations will be pleasantly surprised…

        • sleeplessinwgtn

          I share your sentiments. The Musical has veered away from what I thought the main storyline is, i.e. the highs and lows of staging a musical. It’s now delving into some totally different plots – dementia of the mother of a supporting character and how the family hid it or shunned away from it. This storyline deserves another drama.

          It’s becoming what I would call chop-seuy. I hope it comes back to the musical storyline. You’ve spent one whole episode on Jin’s family, let’s go back to EB and JY.

        • Mila

          Agreed! The show started out great then it slowly became kinda boring…. 🙁

          • Birthday Girl

            agreed it’s boring now. Falling for You started off great too… and then ugh..

  3. geenah

    Thank you I’ve been stalking this one for days for recap and finally it’s here…Thanks so much.

  4. Birdie

    This drama really started with a bang for me. I loved all the characters and musical pieces, but the last 2 episodes lagged for me. Maybe it was because the production was not done in a few months. It was on and off for a whole year. The slow airing of the episodes did not help.

    Thanks for the recaps, Keadejun, and I am with you requesting for 4 SOLID episodes.

  5. zeyy

    thanks for the recap!! 🙂

    anyone know the real name of the well known ‘singer’??

    i’m pretty sure he was in ‘its okay daddy’s girl’ but i couldnt find his name!

    • 5.1 moose

      his name is Park Sang Hoon. finding his name was pretty easy on It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl wiki page, so idk why you couldn’t find it.

  6. Niema

    I honestly think what is getting to me is the one episode a week thing. It may be selfish but I am so used to the 2 episode arcs that still follow a story line while this is straight with it’s own thing going on. I hope that made sense. I still can’t help but NEED TO KNOW what happens.

  7. Janet

    Did anyone notice that the Yoo Jin actor did a cameo in Me, Too Flower – he kinda had blonde/brunette (?) hair, which was weird….

    • 7.1 yumi

      I think he is filming FULL HOUSE 2 and is sporting blonde wavy tress. The hair in ME TOO FLOWER looked like a wig. So I assumes it was necessary to cover all the blonde.

  8. Noelle

    Alright lets see how Eun Bi will disappoint me this episode. Off to read =) Thanks for the recap!

    • 8.1 XD


  9. yumi

    Eun Bi’s “I’m not good a knowing how people are feeling?” is a welcome recognition. I have been very worried about Eun Bi’s lack of understanding about human beings from the moment she met Christine. Her lack of insight into Kang Hee and everyone who has any particular feeling towards her makes me think she lack emotional intelligence. The heroine in You Are Beautiful is similarly dense.

    These protagonist denseness/density :^) makes me appreciate Me Too Flower’s Bong Son picking up on Hwa Young dislike so early in the process.

    I am looking forward to the prospect of a super bitch slap down between Kang Hee and Sung Ha. Sung Ha was so efficient in putting Kang Hee in her place it was a joy to watch. And I am hoping that Sung Ha does not turn out to be mentally/emotionally unbalanced.

    • 9.1 kdrama filipina addict

      I agree about Eun bi finally recognising that there are humans around her who FEEL things and that she might have an effect on those feelings. There are two stereotypes in kdrama land thats starting to tire that :-

      1. The main girl has “NO” idea that the guys like her (I think this is to supposed to denote innocence and lack of cunning or malice but actually it just says: “its ok to be emotionally backward and play around with guys) and
      2. The main girl has to have ugly short HAIR – is it really necessary show??? I dont get why the main girl always has to have short unkempt hair what for? cos it will make her more likeable, would we only like the main girl if she didnt care about her appearance???

      rant over. Yoo Jin is super cute and Im really shipping for him and Eun Bi, they just understand each other so well, he doesnt overwhelm or frighten her and she also understands him a lot and is able to just get him and support him the way he liikes. but i know that somehow JY and EB will find each other again as this is a kdrama after all lest we forget. If that is the case, I hope to see JY and EB have some serious screen time together to make that reunion more believable as I dont think theyve spent half as much time together as YJ and EB have.

  10. 10 yumi

    I meant to say thanks for the recap.

  11. 11 margie

    lol! agree with you in this one, need solid episodes and no more delays..anyway, he might be the second male lead but i do like him, i wouldn’t mind if he and eun bi ended up together, either man will be good hehehe..thanks again for the recap, greatly appreciated all your hard work..

  12. 12 margie

    two series that i have been following lately, THE MUSICAL and ME TOO FLOWER….good shows..

  13. 13 FlexibleSamurai

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Kaedejun

    Yoo Jin is the only interesting and cohesive character in this show.

    The others are poorly written and their actions don’t add up.

  14. 14 luraaa

    I’m kind of wary if I should watch this show or not because it’s on my watch-list now. Based on your recaps, I’m kind of getting bored reading it because of the story. So I really appreciate your time in writing this show because if I’m getting bored with it by reading, how much more when I watch it? So thanks for the efforts, kaedejun.

    However, I love Park Ki-woong so I’m going to watch this because of him.

  15. 15 Fabmari

    Yes. The episode fell flat. Really boring and predictable.
    The only thing I enjoyed is the bitch slap SungHa gives KangHee. Suddenly I think she is the better one for JaeHee.

    • 15.1 juzz

      yupe …. me too thought Sung Ha is the best one for Jae Hee. I hope they could be together at the end 🙂

    • 15.2 Nooooo

      No way. JY needs another manipulative/controlling woman like he needs a hole in the head. His sister, KH, and now SA? Give this guy a break.

      The bitch slapping was pretty awesome, but I think SA’s gonna rue the day she messed with KH. It’s on.

  16. 16 Thatgirl

    Eun Bi is soo ANNOYING!!!!! Where does she get over sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong?! Mind your own business, woman!!!! What ever is going on in Yoo Jin’s family, is their problem! WTF do you have to do with it?!

    I hate Yoo Jin for what he’s putting Ra Kyung through, but Yoo Jin and Eun Bi kinda makes a good couple.

    This Drama really isn’t going the way I was expecting…. Its kinda becoming boring… Lets focus on The Musical, Eun Bi, Jae Yi, and Kang Hee please.

    After everything Yoo Jin has put Ra Kyung through, they better not end up together at the end!!!!!!!

    • 16.1 Birdie

      Eun Bi was not wrong or annoying to tell Yoo Jin. They are good friends. She did think about it hard. Knowing how much YJ misses his parents and also having the wrong idea why his parents left him, she decided to tell him the truth. It I were him, I would prefer to know the truth.

      YJ and RK relationship is at a stalemate even before EB. Therefore if they resolve their issues or go separate ways, it is better to know now than after marriage.

      I like it to go back to the Musical too.

      • 16.1.1 Thatgirl

        No she didn’t do the right thing, it was no where near her place to do something like that. Now she just fucked everything up. It was not up to her to decide something like that. Yes Yoo Jin had a right to know, and yes if it were me I’d like to know too, but its not about knowing or not knowing, its about who gets to spill the beans. Eun Bi had no right to be that person. Obviously she didn’t think long enough if it didn’t even hit her how much this Yoo family would be hurting. When the time was right the cat would be let out of the bag; even I felt the this secret was prematurely revealed.

        She should have gotten to know his parents first, get a feel of what the situation was, and how everyone felt. They had good reasons to do what they did, how dare she, an outsider, disregard the parent’s feelings and wishes and do something like that?! She just turned this Yoo Family’s life upside down. They were all living their lives at a constant rate. No, none of them were happy but happiness isn’t an option right now.
        GOSH! This girl!!! Argh!!! She’s so annoying!!! She gets more and more annoying every damn episode!!!! Argh! *Sigh* She frustrates me!!!! Honestly, this sounds so mean, but something really super bad, really needs to happen to her!!!!! -Worst than being physically hurt- Something like, her mom left cause her mom really didn’t want her. Lol! Excuse me, I am so evil.

        Just… Just… Just go back to the Musical. Go back to Hong Jae Yi being cute and lovey dovey, I miss those episodes.

        Yoo Jin and Eun Bi should end up together, they are good together, and they deserve each other. Jae Yi and Ra Kyung are too good for them. In fact, My GOODNESS Ra Kyung!!!! Just dump the dude already!!!!! He doesn’t deserve you!!!!

        • Birdie

          Sorry I disagree. As the doctor advised, YJ’s mom is deteriorating fast. His dad is at the end of the rope. He has no support. The timing of YJ finding out is right- in fact it should have been earlier. YJ’s dad has good intention, but YJ’s mom needs professional care and she is not getting it. So don’t blame Eunbi for the situation the family is in.

          • sam

            yup, I agree with you.

          • Thatgirl

            I don’t blame her for their family’s situation, I blame her for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. If this were the real world, I’ll bet everyone would have been so pissed off at her. But its not so I know everyone is going to forgive her and she is going to get off scotch free. And… I might be wasting my time watching this drama…. *Sigh*
            -Just go back to Hong Jae Yi stupid drama! His parts are always the more fun-

        • XD

          lol at the evil part.. Eun Bi character PISSED me off since ep 3..

  17. 17 Suzi Q

    Yoo Jin’s marriage to Ra Kyung was doomed from the get go.She should wake up to reality that YJ doesn’t love her. Why is it always these fiance dimwits who want to hang on irregardless and go into a miserable marriage in these dramas?
    Sung Ha seems to be a third wheel.The plot went south with her addition.Sung Ha reminds me of the Glen Close character in ” Fatal Attraction”. Love me or else even if you’re not interested, and I will control your life whether you like it or not. Can’t wait for Kang Hee to confront Sung Ha and duke it out!
    So far, what happen to the musical story line? It’s beginning to become a confusing mess. Jae Hee is such a passive wuss that he’s deserves to lose Eun Bi to Yoo Jin. How can JH let Sung Ha kiss him while she thought he was asleep. EEUW! She is coming off like a aggressive psycho.

  18. 18 kdramalovers

    Thanks for the recap, I’m only following recaps and not even watching the episodes…not until it’s all out. The delay is really bumming me and I don’t want to wait weeks more just in case of more delays!

  19. 19 Sean

    Hopefully no more delays!!! Cannot wait for the next episode!

  20. 20 fmv

    thanks for the recap. everyone here is so affected… this is a drama….will see what the next chapter is…lol.

    • 20.1 angelica borja

      it means that we are reallly interested with the drama thats it..

  21. 21 foolmoon

    Thanks for the recap. The last episode thought was interesting, I don’t think most of the part was really relevant to the main story of The Musical. I’m kind of disappointed here. Well, let’s just see what the next episode is gonna be …

  22. 22 angelica borja

    THANK YOU FOR THE RECAP..For me each episode was so interesting it just so happened that it is shown only once a week so it seems so dragging but once i start watching the episode for the week i can.t help but appreciate this drama and until now i couldn’t understand why SBS did not air it on the days that dramas are being aired and instead had aired it on days that reality or variety shows are on..

  23. 23 mar

    i love yoo jin!!!

  24. 24 Fafa

    although i am enjoying his i think the title has nothing to do with the story! Yoo Jin’s story is my fav!

  25. 25 Kimmi

    this show is falling flat for me, but hoping to see more Yoo Jin and Eun bi together is the only reason y im coming back. Is it so wrong of me to want them together so bad?!!?! lol

    • 25.1 EJNA

      Sad thing is it seems the love interest of Eun bin is going on another direction…. just saw ep 13 kiss scene with daniel choi and it really pissed me off why they have to progress it towards that direction… I really want yoo jin and eun bin to end up together… hope there’s still a chance that this will happen given the fact that there is only few eps ahead… Episode 13 is really a turn-off for me… 🙁 so sad.

      • 25.1.1 Anime1234

        Please mark spoiler information for those of us who are trying to avoid it. Thanks.

      • 25.1.2 sam

        yeah..it sucks 🙁

        • sam

          i mean Yoo Jin and eun Bi not getting together.

  26. 26 kdramafan89

    I loved the first couple episodes because they were funny and there was a bit of chemistry between DC & GHS’s characters. I also didn’t like Yu Jin. 13 episodes later the tables have turned. Yu Jin is now my favorite character because he is the only one who has had any character development. All the rest of the characters are still the same. I wouldve liked to have seen a major personal and professional change in Eun Bi. By now she should be strong in all aspects. Also I dont see that chemistry anymore between the main characters. I honestly forget that this drama is even about musicals because of the nonexistent musical storyline. Still though this drama is above average and is good enough to watch once.

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