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The Musical: Episode 13
by | December 16, 2011 | 39 Comments

Not quite the “solid episode” I was looking for, but we finally did move forward with Eun Bi and Jae Hee. I started off thinking this episode (and the rest of the series) was going to be about Yoo Jin because they focused on him and his family so much. So thank goodness we turned back to something more “musical-centered” – such as Gu Jak, Eun Bi, and Jae Hee’s story lines. Not to mention – Sung Ha has reached the end of my patience. In three episodes! Who would have thought!?

The Yoo family rushes into the hospital to find Sun Hee unconscious, and in need of a surgery. She had run out onto the street and gotten into a car accident. She injured her head, and caused her brain to hemorrhage. The doctors quickly wheel her into the operating room, but are unable to do much – because of the tumor in her brain.

Yoo Jin – whose nerves are already quite on edge – snaps. He wants the truth from his father – what disease does his mother have exactly? It’s a malignant brain tumor, according to the father, and because it’s on the brain stem, there’s not much the doctors can do in removing it. She was given three years max to live.

Jin Young explains that they hid it from him so that he may live out his life burden-free. But what does “burden-free” mean exactly? Yoo Jin doesn’t really think that his life working at the company, doing whatever Grandpa asks, is “burden-free.” What do his parents know about preserving his future? What is this wonderful “future” they keep talking about? Yeah – I’d agree that he got the short end of the stick in this one, not being able to be with his mother at all and having to work for a company he probably didn’t intend to be in. He stalks off, pushing Ra Kyung away as well.

Late at night, Yoo Jin is in the mansion playing his mother’s large musical box. His grandfather wanders in, wondering where all the sound is coming from. Yoo Jin confronts him; Grandfather always taught him that once a goal is set, one must find the most efficient and lowest cost way to reach it. Is this how he used Yoo Jin? He wanted a successor for the company, and since Jin Young backed down, he took Yoo Jin instead, and made sure that Yoo Jin knew nothing about his mother’s illness to keep him by his side.

Grandpa can’t deny what he did, and answers bluntly: he did it for the corporation. He’s not going to live much longer, so he needs to make sure that the corporation will survive. A corporation is an entity that will outlive everyone, and it has an obligation to the people who work in it, to the consumers, to the government. It’s a bigger world than just the Yoo family, and Grandpa knows that sacrifices must be made; he can’t always just think about the family’s happiness over the bigger picture. Quite Machiavellian, his thinking.

Eun Bi returns to Seoul and gets a call from Kang Hee to meet up. Kang Hee is fishing for information – did Eun Bi know about Jae Hee’s new gig for the record company? Did she also know about Ahn Sung Ha? Eun Bi denies knowledge of any of them, as she hasn’t seen him in a while, and Kang Hee wonders how they broke apart. Eun Bi is unable to answer, losing herself in her own thoughts about how she rejected him over her passion for musicals, so Kang Hee backs off. She’s been there, done that.

Joon Hyuk arrives at Gu Jak’s restaurant early in the morning to find Gu Jak awake already. Or more like, still awake, having never slept. Gu Jak was rewriting the script for “Gumiho” so that the male lead is a playboy with trust issues, and the gumiho character is one who’s never known love. Joon Hyuk practically slaps Gu Jak in the head – why is he writing the story of Jae Hee and Eun Bi!? Does he miss them that much?!

Gu Jak heads over to Jae Hee’s home, trying to ring the doorbell but getting no reply. Sung Ha catches him at the front door, and she calls his cell, just to check to see if he really is Gu Jak. Taking him out for coffee, she explains that Jae Hee hasn’t completed the title song for the pop girl group’s album, and since he’s under contract, he won’t be able to do anything for Gu Jak for a few years. He can’t know about “Gumiho” getting back on his feet, for the consequences will be too great. This lady is shamelessly cutting off everyone from Jae Hee’s life!

When she returns to his home, she finds Jae Hee experimenting with the title song. Quickly, Sung Ha recognizes that he’s simply refashioned Do Hwa’s song in “Gumiho.” Jae Hee doesn’t like being called out that way – especially since he clearly misses musicals and Eun Bi. At least Eun Bi misses him and the “Gumiho” production as well. More flashbacks!

Ra Kyung visits the hospital and takes over the watch shift from Jin Young. She confides to a sleeping Sun Hee that she was jealous of her – she too had wanted that happy marriage to Jin, but she finds herself questioning if that’s even possible anymore.

The next morning, Yoo Jin is in Sun Hee’s room, working, when suddenly she wakes up. And she remembers Yoo Jin! She apologizes to him, and the mother and son embrace. Aww… The thing is though, the doctor can’t explain the miracle of how she got her memory back, and the MRI has shown no improvement. If anything, Yoo Jin and Jin Young will have to enjoy this precious moment while it lasts.

When Ra Kyung revisits the hospital, she comes upon Yoo Jin greeting Eun Bi and her grandmother. He had invited them because Sun Hee kept raving on and on about Grandma’s kimchi. However, Ra Kyung doesn’t know that, and so, feeling slighted, she walks away. Sun Hee thanks Grandma for everything, knowing that she doesn’t have much time left. She hopes that Grandma can look out for Jin as well.

Ra Kyung solves her depression by going out for drinks with her coworkers. They end up at Gu Jak’s restaurant, where they get treated to a show from the Acapella boys – and they’re joined by none other than Joon Hyuk! Dang he looks might slick too in his black get-up, and he rewrites a verse, singing “Ra Kyung! Angel! Everything that I’ve dreamed of!”

Yeah – how can a girl not fall for that? Once they’re sufficiently drunk, her coworkers tell her to ditch Yoo Jin and just go for Joon Hyuk. He’s not going to give up anyways, and he can sing and dance. Dreamy enough?

Yoo Jin takes his mother out for some fresh air outside. Over some coffee and a slice of chocolate chiffon cake, mother gives son some advice. He must try to be happy – figure out what it is, and then go for it. He should also apply the same philosphy towards marriage – marry someone for himself, someone he loves, and not because of outside forces. Hmm… guess Sun Hee wasn’t quite all that asleep when Ra Kyung confided in her…

As Yoo Jin steps away to get some tissues for his mother, Sun Hee lets out her final breath.

Yoo Jin returns to find his mother lifeless in her wheelchair. Poor guy is in denial from shock, and from behind her, he calls out to her: “Mom, I brought you tissues. Mom, if you’re done with your coffee, let’s go back upstairs?” And he breaks down in tears, clutching on to his mother.

Practice for “Count Monte” ends, and Sang Won advises everyone to take care of their health as the performance is in a few days. They all do a team cheer, but Eun Bi is the most lackluster at it. She contemplates visiting the folks practicing “Gumiho,” as Bok Ja had told her about restarting practice.

Eun Bi wanders to Jae Hee’s home, but refuses to go in. Yet Jae Hee catches her outside, having returned from a trip to the grocery store. She just wanted to tell him that Do Hwa’s song is great, and that if she ever were to get back on the “Gumiho” production… A phone call interrupts her thought. It’s Yoo Jin, calling to inform her that his mother died. Jae Hee leaves, perhaps feeling a little slighted that she’s worried about Yoo Jin over him.

When he gets inside his home, he is greeted by a freshly showered Sung Ha. Dang this girl is just… Anyways – she finally tells him that she met Gu Jak, but she sent him away so that Jae Hee wouldn’t waver and help him. She was just trying to help be the bad cop so that Jae Hee wouldn’t have to do it. But Jae Hee’s reached the limit of his patience, asking if getting involved in his personal life like this is part of the contract.

Sung Ha says no, she just wanted to do it for him, because she’s the one who’s chasing after him now. She wraps her arms around him, and leans in for a kiss, but Jae Hee pulls back. It’s the end of Aggressive Sung Ha! He leaves the house, and calls up Ra Kyung to find out where Yoo Jin is burying his mother. Heh – thing is, his mother’s death is news to her, and she isn’t too pleased to hear from Jae Hee that he found out through a call Eun Bi received. She sits in her office, stunned, while Jae Hee makes the trip to Daegu.

Eun Bi arrives at the hospital and finds Yoo Jin sitting outside, a funeral band around his arm. He’s mulling over his mother’s last words of being happy, and it’s clear he’s starting to rethink his position in his family and his relationship with Ra Kyung. When Eun Bi brings over his mother’s last meal – coffee and a chocolate chiffon cake – for Yoo Jin, he grabs hold of her hand. “Can you stay with me, just for a second?”

It is like this – hands held over coffee – that Ra Kyung catches the two of them in the hospital when she finally heads over. And when Jae Hee enters the hospital, he sees Ra Kyung looking at the pair. And then Eun Bi looks up and sees Ra Kyung walking away… and then sees Jae Hee! Oh my God – everyone just sees each other and stares, and does nothing. Ra Kyung just leaves the hospital as quietly as she came.

The sooner she and Yoo Jin acknowledge the end, the better.

Eun Bi finally returns home late, and none other with Jae Hee. He had given her a ride home so that she could pick up more clothes to stay overnight at Daegu. Bok Ja gets the hint and heads out to give the two of them some private time – hee. Eun Bi and Jae Hee sit in the couch quite awkwardly, until Jae Hee finally asks the important question. If it’s too hard for her to answer, she can just nod or shake her head.

“Do you love Yoo Jin?”

Eun Bi can’t answer, but Jae Hee feels he deserves one. So he rephrases the question: “Did you miss me?” Eun Bi nods. “Have you thought of me without thinking about musicals?” Eun Bi nods. “Have you ever thought that I missed you so much and got all the way here, even though I don’t understand why?”

Eun Bi: I thought you moved on.

Jae Hee: Do you love Yoo Jin?

Eun Bi: No… I just thought I could understand how he feels and how hurt he is.

Jae Hee: Do you love me then?

No answer – and Jae Hee sweeps in for a kiss on the lips.


I will say that the last kiss is so awkward – it’s almost reminiscent of the Full House kiss – where the two leads just have their lips touch, and then freeze.

Moving on.

The drama with Yoo Jin and his family finally ends! While Yoo Jin is an awesome character, we’ve dwelled on him and his “romance” with Eun Bi long enough that it’s made me wonder what is going on with this drama. With the death of his mother, I hope Yoo Jin takes a more proactive approach to his life, and I hope Ra Kyung comes to terms about their relationship. Thankfully we’re getting put back on the right track. “Count Monte” is about to begin; “Gumiho” is coming together; Jae Hee and Eun Bi are reunited. Even I’m happy the two of them are together, because they’ve done enough angst-ing to last me a lifetime. In addition, I never expected to get so irritated with Sung Ha’s character. She started as a refreshing character – someone who knows Jae Hee well, is a confident young woman, and had the best qualities of Kang Hee and Eun Bi. But then, she got really pushy. She started to control Jae Hee’s life, and she was becoming a little arrogant with her “I know what’s best for you” attitude. She’s the girlfriend of nightmares.

Sung Ha did serve a purpose though. She acted as a catalyst for all the other characters to confront themselves. Eun Bi had to admit that she liked Jae Hee after seeing Sung Ha; Gu Jak had to realize just how badly he treated Jae Hee; Jae Hee had to come to terms that he’s not really cut out for pop music when his true passion is in musicals. It’s like, she was the nice breeze of fresh air through an open window… and then carried in the toxic car fumes right after that. So you just had to close the window and shut her out.

While slow, I do appreciate these last few episodes enough to realize that these characters needed to grow and realize what their individual dreams were. I think everyone’s been placed on their respective paths now, and so all they have to do is go forth! Three episodes left to impress me, but at least episode 14 looks promising.


39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mei


  2. Gaeina Lee

    “..We’ve dwelled on him and his “romance” with Eun Bi long enough that it’s made me wonder what is going on with this drama..”

    Me too, wondering of the outcome and then I started to root for them… Now, am still shipping for YJ+EB… Not merely because they look cute together, but because they understand each other and find solace in one another… Which is endearing… — Unfortunately, not to the writer… /sigh

    Oh well, I’ll help YJ to heal his broken heart then… 🙂

  3. howforwardsale

    I guess Jae Hee is taking the fact that Eun Bi didn’t move her face out of the way as a confirmation that she does love him? o.O …ARGH!!. There has to be a happy medium… I foolishly thought Sung Ha was it. That’ll teach me to doubt a OTP.

  4. beenlurkingjustbecause

    Has anybody noticed Jae Hee wrinkling his nose whenever Sung Ha says something he does not particularly like?

  5. Noelle

    All right! Thanks for the subs. Off to read.

  6. Noelle

    Hmm. I’m starting to lose interest but I will stick it out. Kang Hee is like a declawed tiger now. The only upside is that Ra Kyung is letting Yoo Jin go and Gu Jak has learned that he hasn’t been as great a friend as he thought.

    With Jae Hee and Eun Bi all I could say was finally and it wasn’t that satisfactory. That kiss was lame.

    • 6.1 Mystisith

      Thanks for the report Kaedejun, since i’ve stopped watching at ep 12. Too much great shows out there to stick with a uh… boring and disappointing one.
      Agree with you Noelle : really lame kiss. I mean, if Eun Bi loves Jae Hee or feels just a little attracted to him, she hides it well.
      Digressing a little bit, but can someone tell me why korean actors are so good at playing smitten gaga in love faces ( even the worst inexperienced idol ) when it seems to be impossible or painful for the girls ? Cultural thing ? Discrimination in acting lessons ? I would like to understand.

    • 6.2 poo

      Yes very lame, amean they are nt even school kids…seriously these people should watch Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and get some kissing lessons 😛

  7. tessieroo

    Worst kiss I’ve seen in 2011 k-dramas.

    • 7.1 Taber

      NOPE, Man of Honor between the two leads was the worst kiss ever! I felt that they were real brother then sister.

      • 7.1.1 Cruelsummer

        What’s disturbing about the Man of Honor kiss was that the leads had some chemistry up until that very moment. How is that even possible?

        And yes…that kiss from ‘The Musical’ was absolute garbage. I gave up about three episodes ago, but watched ep 13 because I heard there was a kiss. Waste of my time.

        • jbb

          Maybe Lee Min Ho had something to do with it… lol

    • 7.2 poo

      ikr! I mean they are nt even school kids…seriously these people should watch Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and get some kissing lessons 😛

      • 7.2.1 anglvue

        amen! totally agree with you!

  8. nothing personal

    Interesting take on SA’s character. I agree with her being a catalyst but her purpose is done. She got people moving, now it’s her turn to move…out of JY’s life.

    Some people are saying there’s no episode 16. SBS is busy with the awards show as its year ender. TT_TT

    Looking forward to your next recap, kdj.

  9. cv

    I hope so…….next episode better be good.

  10. 10 Birdie

    Ku Hye Sun is at her best in those quiet emotional moments. I thought she did that beautifully with those big expressive eyes in the scene just before the kiss. And then the kiss disappoint as it was just press lips. Aargh.

    At least we are getting back to the Musical and there is moments forward in the plot. The next 3 episodes better be solid and please give us a good ending.

    Thanks for continuing to recap this drama, Kaedejun.

  11. 11 Margie

    This drama started off strong for me. I really felt drawn in, and I enjoyed the fast pace at which the storylines were unfolding. But then somewhere around episode 8, the drama started to lag and certain issues between the characters became dragged out without a clear sense of direction. Also, Eun Bi’s lack of emotional growth & social awareness really began to grate on my nerves. Sadly, I decided to finally call it quits after episode 10. I will, however, continue reading your recaps because I am still curious how the story will end.

  12. 12 Thatgirl

    I hate this DRAMA! I hate it! I hate it! I HATE IT!!!!! How can you give all these sad touching scenes to the 2nd lead and give him all these couple scenes with the female lead, and then have the Male lead and the Female lead end up together?!

    *Sigh* Why does Ku Hye Sun only play girls who piss me off?! If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve already stuck with this Drama for 13 episodes, 13 weeks, I would have abandoned this horrible drama already!!!!

    [That Kiss was HORRIBLE!!!! It was even worst than the Boys Over Flower kisses that I hated so much. Now I know who’s at fault. No offense to Ku Hye Sun]

    I went from LOVING this drama, to being infuriated with it; not being able to decide who I shipped Eun Bi with, to not wanting her with anyone. I actually miss Bok Ja. I miss all the singing. I AM SO ANNOYED!!!

    The only thing I like about this drama right now, is Ra Kyung and Joon Hyuk. Damn Joon Hyuk was soo COOL!!!!

    • 12.1 Birdie

      Have you not watched the bts of BOF? The director only wanted touch lips kisses. He even scolded them in one of the bts for opening their mouths. The director usually discusses with the actors what kind of kisses he wants before filming. So I would say it is the director’s fault when it come to lame kisses. Sure- there are different ways of doing passionate kisses- some better than others.

    • 12.2 asarako

      I think Eun Bi’s character is her first time to Love and it would sound questionable if the person really know how to kiss and JH who knows how doesnt force himself.

      and what make it lame is she smile while being kiss its my first time to watch that kind of kiss hehehe

      • 12.2.1 kfilipina drama addik

        I agree with you both..and yes i saw when the director told lee min ho not to open his mouth hehe so cute!!! Kisses are all down to the director, they tell the actors if they want it done passionately or softly, aggressive/intense or cutesy/playful, it depends on the scene as well.

        As this is the first kiss and according to Eun Bi’s character (whos scared of love/intimacy) i think the kiss fits in well. If you noticed the kisses between JH and KH were passionate and mouths open cos that relationship was all passion/lust no substance. With Eun Bi, she doesnt really know love, until now that is. And shes got 0 physical experience with the opposite sex esp from ep 2 when JH kissed her on the cheek and then tried to kiss her on the lips but she put her hands up to her mouth. Shes kinda like an inexperienced baby and hes trying not to scare her cos he knows she can run away at any moment if pushed too far.

        SO all in all, i think the kiss was character appropriate but im hoping that a more passionate solid kiss is yet to come!!!

        • Mystisith

          ?? ” Eun Bi’s scared of love / intimacy “.
          Can you precise when we’ve been told that ?
          1 – In first episode Eun Bi was in second year of Medicine studies. If you can’t bear touching human bodies ( unhealthy ones on top of that ), i don’t think you would choose that path.
          2 – When you choose to become actress and furthermore musical actress, you’re supposed to interact with men and to have love scenes sometime. And dancing implies holding you by hand / waist / hips… If i was intimacy phobic i don’t think i would choose that job either.
          3 – What’s her age ? 22, 23 years old ? At her age even if you’ve never been kissed before, you’ve seen kisses elsewhere : in dramas for example…, or in public places.
          4 – If you like the guy, you don’t clench you teeth and you don’t frown like he’s stinking.
          5 – If you don’t like the guy, you move away or you push the guy with your hand. Or you say “no, excuse me, i’m sorry etc…. “.

          One or the other : Frigid character but we didn’t know until then, or bad acting, or bad directing.

  13. 13 Duh-duh

    I just lost my will to watch this drama.

    Damn it, I want musicals, not some lame kiss, and boring melodrama (melodrama can be good, but this is lame).

  14. 14 mimi

    Too bad about the kiss. we know he can kiss from the flashbacks. i think it is her or the director bc we know lee min can kiss too bof

  15. 15 Suzi Q

    They should go back to drama school and learn how to kiss like they’re in love. One of the most passionless kisses ever. This kiss really was one of the worst.

    What’s with JH? Sung Ha washes her hair in his apartment, and he doesn’t react?When did his apartment become hers? Hey! That stupid witch should wash her hair at her own home.

    SH is his music manager, not his lover.She is becoming a control psycho.JH should wash her out of his life. When did he become a spineless wonder? Sung Ha is so irritating that JH should finally get fed up with her meddling, gets some guts, and show her the door in the next episode.

    For a drama called “The Musical”, it has lost it direction and got bog down with too much time spent about Yoo Jin’s mom’s medical problems and Sung Ha’s sneaky machinations. Hopefully, maybe we can see something in the vein about a musical in the final episodes. Or has the boat sail on this drama already… and it’s sunk.

  16. 16 Czmych

    This kiss vas really crap. Or maybe I just have got used to something better after watching Flower Boy RS T_T

  17. 17 rozes08

    I watch all her (GHS)dramas and she is not a good kisser. All the same. Maybe she doesn’t want to do it properly. So I really feel bad about her new drama “Take care of us, captain” coz JJH is a good kisser.

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      I love planes, i love the actors hired for TCOUC but damn, now i get anxious and torn… Is it too late to change female lead ??

    • 17.2 kfilipina drama addik

      as much as i always try to defend her cos i have a soft spot for her since BOF, i have to admit your right. shes a rubbish kisser *sigh* i wish someone would show her how. and that hair!!!! arggghhhh i think her hair is worst character on that show its like the hairstylist just didnt get round to her or something?!?! horrible haircut

      • 17.2.1 Birdie

        I disagree about her being not a good kisser. It is just so far, the kisses are pressed lips, as instructed by the director. Also do not forget all her characters seemed to be innocent ones. I feel she has an innocent look and the directors cast her in those roles . I bet in real life she is a pretty hot kisser! LOL

        I agree about the hairstylist . She should be fired- one of the worst hairstyle…

  18. 18 Fafa

    Why don’t I feel happy about this episode’s ending? BC I was hoping Eun Bi would end up with Yoo Jin!

  19. 19 Newbie

    Hated the way this episode ended!! I just don’t buy Eun Bi with Jae Hee, it seems forced and awkward. Totally buy them as brother/sister, teacher/student etc. Romance NAH!!!!

    Just watched episode 14 Raw and can’t wait for the subs of this one. It seems it’s really picking up steam for the next couple of episodes.

    By the way I’m a newbie to Kdramas, can someone please explain the “come to me…go to you” bit? I basically get that’s it’s about “being together romantically” but why is presented in this way?????

    • 19.1 Mystisith

      Hello Newbie. Nice to see you here.
      When you talk about ” come to me…go to you “, i suppose you talk about the “push and pull love strategy ” ? If so, you should ask the question in the Open Thread, i’m sure some Elders could give you stisfactory answers. :).

  20. 20 sara

    this peek can’t be called a kiss 0.0 it looks horrible and not romantic at all >_< how lame!

  21. 21 Schmazel

    IMHO, I think what they were trying to show with the kiss is that Eun Bi no longer avoids Jae Hee, like how she has every time he has tried to kiss her previously. She has confronted and have become conscious of her feelings for him and now doesn’t mind him kissing her.

    Well, that’s just how I see it. 😀

  22. 22 L

    The lack of plot and character development, plus zilch chemistry between leads has doomed this series to the read-but-don’t-watch category of dramas. I’m starting to get why some netizens don’t like GHS. I’ve never seen her in a swoon-worthy kiss! (not even in BOF, where she gets to lock lips with the yummy Lee Min Ho.) It seems like she’s a frigid piece of ice in these scenes.

  23. 23 Minty V

    *sigh* for the first half of this drama i was really rooting for it and enjoyed watching it… where did all that potential go?

    and i don’t feel Eun Bi’s character… why must she be that way? — her reactions (or non-reactions?), her awkward laugh, her weird grunts, her horrible wardrobe… please give her decent clothes to wear, so tired of her dozen layers of sweaters and jackets over skinny jeans 🙁 i’m torn on who to blame, GHS or the director for such a non-endearing female lead 🙁

    still, i am watching… hoping for a good last few episodes to wrap up the drama…

  24. 24 Flo Oy Wong

    After taking a break from the first 10 episodes of The Musical I returned to finishing it. What a disappointment! While Yoo Jin is an interesting character the exploration of his broken relationship with his ailing mother took away from the main story line. I was surprised that the writer or writers put so much emphasis on Yoo Jin/Sun Hee issue when the conceit was supposed to focus on the Count Monte/Gumiho shows with Eun Bi’s wavering between the two of them. Another weak addition to the script was the appearance of the manipulative record producer. If a catalyst was needed to move the other characters forward a more creative way should have been explored.

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