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The Musical: Episode 14
by | December 23, 2011 | 35 Comments

Well now, looks like this is going to be the second to the last episode for The Musical. Word has it that the series may end at 15 due to the poor ratings. Honestly, I can’t be that surprised – it’s at a terrible broadcast hour, and the story has been flagging in the past few weeks. But WHY must they do this NOW when the story just picked up again!? We’re finally back to the musical part of The Musical! 

Oh well. I demand a time jump. If episode 15 truly is the last episode, I want a time jump. I’ll deal with the choppy editing.

Our leads kiss. So… all is good in the world? Well, Eun Bi does leave her home the next morning a little happier, and chooses to believe in Jae Hee’s promise that he will get them all back together for “Chungdamdong Gumiho.” Perfect timing for Gu Jak to show up too; he wants to meet her to ask a favor. The musical will be performing this coming weekend at a competition in Daegu where, if they win, they could receive the funding necessary to put on the play. Gu Jak desperately needs Eun Bi to perform Do Hwa’s song; not only would it help clinch the win, but it’s his only way of resuscitating Jae Hee’s song even though he’s not around.

Jae Hee is also up early that morning and working on notes for every member of the girl group’s song sheets. Sung Ha is positively alarmed, feeling with each passing minute that she’s losing her hold on him. She wants him to go to the studio, and be present, but Jae Hee won’t. Yoo Jin is also back at work after his mother’s funeral, and his first visitor is Chairman Suh, Ra Kyung’s father. Dropping by suddenly, Chairman Suh just wants to give him some advice about value and timing. He tells Yoo Jin that timing is more important when dealing with women, and similarly, real estate investment requires good timing. So – if Yoo Jin wants to break up with Ra Kyung now, at a time when both are set to marry and Chairman Suh is about to invest in his company, he will lose both the girl and the investment. What a way to put a dude in a bind.

Eun Bi heads over to meet Sang Won and Kang Hee in the hopes of getting permission for the weekend off. Too bad they beat her to the punch: Kang Hee has a prior obligation this same weekend, so Eun Bi will have to take over as the lead for the weekend performance. (Perfect timing!!)  Kang Hee also adds that it’s during times like these that her subs have usually gained notice and gone on to successful careers. Great – what a way to put a gal in a bind. It doesn’t make her feel better when Bok Ja calls about a late night practice, and Eun Bi wishes she were there. Ra Kyung and Yoo Jin spend an entire night thinking in their respective offices. While Ra Kyung can’t forget that he went to another woman for solace, Yoo Jin remembers his mother’s last words about seeking happiness, no matter what. Ra Kyung makes the first move, and asks for a lunch meeting tomorrow.

When they meet, both look worse for the wear. As they sit and eat (or more like nibble), Ra Kyung notes that Yoo Jin is not a person who generally is kind to others, but he is to her. Therefore she thought he must have loved her, but it’s now clear that he was caring for her out of habit. Speaking frankly, Ra Kyung tells him he will lose a lot if he were to break up with her. However, she is no longer going to stay by his side if he’s going to continue hurting her feelings. SHE is breaking up with HIM first. And it’s because of Go Eun Bi. Yoo Jin tells her that Eun Bi isn’t a reason to not get married, but for her it is. He told her he hated Eun Bi, and yet it’s obvious he doesn’t; now she can no longer trust him.

BAM! Yahoo! Girl grew a spine! But then Yoo Jin admits that this is for the best; he wants to be happy, and being married to her would have been more out of obligation than out of happiness. Ouch.

I don’t blame her for calling out Joon Hyuk afterwards to stay by her side and make her feel better for the rest of the day. After all, what Joon Hyuk really wants is for Ra Kyung to be happy, not necessarily be her boyfriend. But poor girl: she falls in the middle of the street crying quietly, and sings mournful songs in the private karaoke stalls, telling herself that Yoo Jin lost something good.

So as one couple ends, another forms. Jae Hee catches Eun Bi in his neighborhood store, and immediately he can tell that she came all this way to visit him, but wasn’t sure if she should call him first or not. Hee. Miffed that he figured her out so easily, she opts to leave, but he stops her and invites her back to his home for some coffee. With his back turned to her, Eun Bi takes this opportunity to speak her mind. Singing next to Kang Hee was her biggest dream, and yet she found herself thinking about Jae Hee nonstop. She admits she doesn’t know what love is, never having loved or been loved by someone. But she’s kind of taking a leap of faith with him now, because he’s willing to give her that love, and she wants to accept it now. Embarrassed, she knocks her head into his back.

Heehee. So cute – I’d probably do the same if I were confessing too.

But Jae Hee has other women in his life to deal with too. Kang Hee asks for a meeting in a cafe – she will loan him the money to pay back the debt, and to remove himself from his contract with the recording company. She also knows someone in that company and will make sure he doesn’t pay a penalty fee. When did she become so nice!? Her reasoning though is that she cannot imagine a world of musicals without Jae Hee, and vice versa. But he rejects her offer. He chose his path, and he will figure out his own way out of it.

Now on to the cutest but weirdest interlude: Kwang Suh brings over some more homemade kimchi and side dishes… FOR BOK JA! He warns her to not share the anchovies with Eun Bi too! I guess their little jaunt after sending off Eun Bi to Daegu resulted in this! So cute that he’s now interested in her. He even cups her face out of worry that she’s lost too much weight from all the stress of rehearsing for the musical!

AAAAND that’s when Eun Bi arrives! They jump a mile apart, afraid that Eun Bi caught them. It’s ok – she’s only mad that Kwang Suh didn’t shut the fridge properly. When Bok Ja hears that Eun Bi is going to be the lead actress for “Count Monte,” she discourages her from coming to the Daegu competition. It’s better to just not show up than to receive the ire of Kang Hee and be kicked out of the musical world forever. Eun Bi then gets a call from Yoo Jin to meet up.

Yoo Jin just wants to be happy even if it means going against his grandfather, and Eun Bi is supportive of his new outlook in life. AT this point, it’s clear that she only views him as a friend. However, Yoo Jin has different ideas. He wants Eun Bi next to him so that he can have the courage to go down this new path. He’s not saying they should be a couple right away, but he does want to be with her eventually. UHMMMM… *twiddle fingers*

Back at home, Grandfather gets a call from Chairman Suh about the kids’ breakup. Grandfather laughs it off, but as soon as Yoo Jin gets home, he yells at his grandson to marry Ra Kyung. They desperately need Chairman Suh’s investment, and they need to open business in China – it’s for the good of the company! He also wants Yoo Jin to quit the Amour Fund, stop running musicals, and go to China. But at least Yoo Jin stands up a little straighter and refuses; he will continue working with musicals and “protect the stage” of the “starving artists.”

Sung Ha hesitantly approaches Jae Hee at his home that evening, broaching on the subject of leaving for America earlier than planned. This is her way of trying to keep him with the record company rather than letting him stray towards the musical-folk. Jae Hee doesn’t want her to worry about all that, since he’s finishing up the writing. That doesn’t ease Sung Ha’s mind at all, and the very next day an article goes out about him leaving with the group Flower for America early. Sung Ha really crosses the line a lot.

Jae Hee heads over to his bank, where he meets the manager who is terrified of his sister. He wants to take out all the money in his account, but she shrinks back and adamantly refuses. So he basically threatens her: he will move to another bank who will accommodate his wishes. Is the manager so afraid of the money inside his account, that she won’t even entertain the possibility that he will make more in the near future, and thus invest back into her bank? Good point – she gets the money ready for him.

It’s finally the weekend. Gu Jak waits nervously at the train station, hoping against hope that Eun Bi will show. She’s at practice for “Count Monte” though. At the same time, Jae Hee presents 1.15 million to the record label president and Sung Ha, along with all the songs for the first album. He has contractually fulfilled his promise for one album, and will pay the penalties for breaking the contract early. Sung Ha is outraged, knowing that she’s losing Jae Hee to musicals and Eun Bi.

The president has to tell her to shut up for once and drag her outside. To the president, it’s a good deal – they got a good amount of interest on the penalty fees upfront, and an entire album of Jae Hee’s songs. He wants to accept Jae Hee’s offer, especially since it works out financially, and Sung Ha can’t give him a valid reason not to. Sorry – “I love Jae Hee and want to elope with him in the States” is not a good enough reason.

Gu Jak’s musical company are rattled with nerves, knowing that it’ll be difficult to impress with Sang Mi’s song, and not knowing who the judges are. And guess what! The judges include Yoo Jin and Kang Hee! (Of course!) At least Jae Hee joins them a little late to give them all that extra boost of confidence.

Back at practice for “Count Monte,” Eun Bi is mightily distracted with thoughts about “Chungdamdong Gumiho,” repeatedly missing her cue to sing one of Mercedes’ songs. The lyrics take on a new meaning for her; as she sings “This is the reality / I have nowhere else to go,” it sounds as if she’s forced to resign herself to the idea that she’s part of the cast of “Count Monte,” and she can’t help “Gumiho” even if she wants to. Life sucks. At the judging table, the president of the competition notes that he’s most excited for one of the productions because it won the preselection round. Yoo Jin sneaks a glance at his program and realizes it’s “Chungdamdong Gumiho.” He smiles.

The group files out from the dressing room to the stage, and suddenly a voice calls out for them to stop. It’s Eun Bi! She just made it!

Kang Hee is shocked to see that the next performance is “Gumiho,” but she’s even more stunned to see EUN BI take the stage as Do Hwa! Dressed in a silk gown, Eun Bi makes her grand appearance, completely owning the role that Kang Hee vacated. The judges watch a small scene where Do Hwa’s love interest gives her a scarf that matches her sky blue dress, and then she breaks into “Do Hwa’s Song.” Oh yeah – the judges are won over. But wait til they get behind closed doors and are forced to vote!

The judges all want “Gumiho” to win, which makes Yoo Jin quite happy. Unfortunately, Kang Hee is nowhere to be found, and so she can’t voice her opinion on this matter. Kang Hee hunts down Eun Bi for a private chat. She’s pissed. off. How could Eun Bi abandon the stage that Kang Hee entrusted to her? How could Eun Bi return to the musical that she claimed to have given up, in exchange for being Kang Hee’s sub? How could Eun Bi so selfish!? Kang Hee swears that she won’t let “Gumiho” win, and she won’t let Eun Bi even near the world of musicals again. She’s going to blacklist Eun Bi because, frankly, she has that much power.

So when she returns to the discussion table, Kang Hee raises the point that Gu Jak does not hold the rights to “Gumiho.” Therefore, they must be disqualified. Yoo Jin sits quietly at his seat, texting. Gu Jak’s cast mope in the dressing room, knowing that all hope is lost since Kang Hee is the judge.

But just as they are all about to cast their votes, a secretary comes in with some papers for Yoo Jin, which he then distributes. It’s a legal document that states the rights for “Chungdamdong Gumiho” have now gone over to Gu Jak’s company.

Heh. Revote, anyone?


See – we just got back to the obstacles of “Chungdamdong Gumiho”! And that’s where I like the drama to be – I want Kang Hee to be her manipulative self, and for Gu Jak’s team to regroup and try their best despite the likelihood of failure. It took a while for everyone to reach this point in their lives where all they want to do is support a home-grown musical and see it on the stage. I guess it’s really all about timing!

But speaking of timing, this drama has the worst timing in making the exciting stuff happen now.

While I can understand that it would take a while to reach the point where everyone has grown enough, this is a relatively short drama, and they need to make the most of the time they have. I guess I’m really having issues with the pacing. I feel like this will be the opposite of You’ve Fallen For Me, where the last two episodes of that series fell flat, the middling episodes of The Musical fell flat, and it will only pick up in the last two.

But aside from all this negativity, I’m really glad that Ra Kyung and Yoo Jin split up. They may have been a couple for a very long time, but quantity of time does not equate to quality. I’m proud that Ra Kyung finally stood up for herself and broke up with him, no matter how painful that must have been. I’m also icked out that, immediately, Yoo Jin went to Eun Bi and practically confessed to her. Not cool, dude.

Now all that’s left is perhaps a time jump, a performance or two, a Kang Hee crashing and burning, and another round of “Do Hwa’s Song.” I am severely tempted to do a drunken recap of episode 15. Just sayin’.


35 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Leona

    and they end it earlier… ohh well the ratings 🙁

  2. Sole

    I don’t get it. This series has completed filming like a year ago. All it’s actors have moved on to multiple projects. How are they gonna cut an entire episode from a series that fully filmed 16 episodes completely? Are they gonna do a 2-hour broadcast or will they leave the last episode up online? Ugh… I’ll be super annoyed if it goes unfinished!

    • 2.1 Yumi

      I know.

      I hope there is a way to get access to the series the way it was designed to be seen.

      The raws of 15 aren’t out yet so I’m dreading the possibility that 15 wasn’t broadcast this week.

  3. TiaC

    Thanks for the recap!

    First off: Yes on the drunken episode 15 recap! I think a few of us will have to watch the episode and read the recap in that state, anyways, the way this drama was going. I was thisclose to dropping it a few times, but stayed out of loyalty to the fun that was in the first episode. Although this episode wasn’t as bad as its been, and I too am excited that we got past all the side messes and are back to the titular musical.

    I gotta say, I think Kang Hee was totally justified in her indignation at Eun Bi’s actions. Eun Bi was completely unprofessional, even if her heart does lie with Chungdamdong Gumiho.

    And what the hell happened to Sung Ha? She went from fun character thrown into a mess of plot lines to being herself a mess, crazy eyes and all.

    • 3.1 Sisa

      Hah, crazy eyes, that’s what i thought too!

  4. Yasmin

    Hehe! I gave up on this ages ago and I am now just reading the recaps! Although ep 13 & 14 i have been watching RAW just to know the gist of it. This drama has been on for too long, and while the first part was good it got really draggy in the second half. I think a better use of my time would be to watch What’s Up? instead 😀
    At least we know what the end here is gonna be…no surprises there!

  5. Yumi


    It’s all film and in the can.

    Why, why, why.

    shorten the run.

    This series was a victim of abuse by whoever was responsible for it’s broadcast situation.

  6. tintin

    If this time slot is such a curse anyway, I don’t think the ratings is the only cause for shortening it’s length. Goo Hye Sun, as most of us know, has been working nonstop (no pun intended 😉 ) and appears to be globe-trotting from one venture to the next possibly limiting her time and this could have created a reason to close things down early way back when. I have no way of knowing though and ‘The Musical’ seems to have been “in the can” for quite some time. Anyway, television’s loss has not affected the popularity of the drama, or it’s stars, as far as the internet goes as it has been doing quite well with loyal viewers at several sites. A pity to rob the series’ loyal, and exceedingly patient followers of what might have been. Perhaps a “director’s cut” will appear as was the case Seo Woo’s ‘Tamra, The Island’, which was popular with viewers, but did poorly in the ratings. It’s a pity to have this one cut short. Everyone in the cast has been superb. It was also nice to finally see Goo Hye Sun dressed up like a woman once again! When she’s in the right outfit (and often times not), she has the ability to make everyone else in the room dissappear. 🙂

    Thanks for the recap, kaedejun!

  7. Birdie

    The Musical had not much luck from the beginning of the production , starting without a time-slot, funding problems, having to change the story, the stop and go and of course the poor time-slot of its airing, the 1 episode per week.

    The first 8 episodes were pretty good, and enjoyable. Then it was downhill for a while, now it is back on track, it is ending . I really do not see how they can give us a satisfying ending with so many loose ends. I agree. Only a timejump will do the trick. We all could debate on how well the characters are written and developed, as some got more attention than others, but the acting from all the cast were solid.

    Thank you, Kaedejun for sticking with the recaps to the end. Have a joyous holiday season and happy new year, everyone.

  8. cv

    thanks for the recap. I hope the final episode wraps up all the problems into a nice package…otherwise…what the heck? started out good, went out downhill.

  9. Thagirl

    Lol! This episode had me ranting up a storm!!!!! Not that I haven’t already been ranting about this drama for the past 3-4 weeks. I have made the conscious decision that this will be the last episode I watch. Despite what I said last week about not abandoning this drama because I’ve already invested weeks into watching, this episode was the last straw.

    So, here’s what I said when I finished watching this episode.
    Never in my history of watching Dramas have I wanted the main character to lose SOO BAD!!!! Never have I been so angered by the fact that everything works out for the main character that I want to cry! Seriously! I want to cry right now. There are so many things wrong with this drama!!!!

    Serious, I wanted to cry, REALLY Bad.

    I’m sure that in very drama it seems like the Heroine always gets everything handed to her, but am I the only one who feels like its too damn obvious that EVERYTHING just falls into place for Eun Bi? Its like the Kdrama GODS have just favored only her, and making everything work out for her. She barely had to work for anything!!!!

    By the end of this episode I wanted Kyung Hee to win so bad! This is really unprofessional of Eun Bi and Kyung Hee has every right to win this one. Like seriously! I know that the Gumiho team is Eun Bi’s team, but she abandoned them! And now the Monte Carlos Team is counting on her, and she ditches them?! You know, I never actually understood why she left the Gumiho team for Monte Carlos anyways…..

    And as for the MUSICAL, I am the kinda person who wants what she wants, when she wants it, and if I give up wanting that thing, don’t even bother giving it to me cause then I take it as an insult. The Musical part of this drama was my favorite part, so all this time I just wanted them to go back to the Musical and Jae Yi being happy, but to give it back to me in the last hours of this stupid series after you’ve already pretty much killed the last couple episodes, is like a slap to my face!!!!!

    Once again, the only thing I liked about this episode, and the only thing I like about this whole series now is Ra Kyung and Joon Hyuk. I am so happy she finally dumped Yoo Jin!!!! Yes she cried forever about it, but its appropriate for that kinda situation, so I’ll accept it. Lol! It never would have happened, and I know that Ra Kyung would have never went with it since she should know that Yoo Jin will be there and he’ll be a judge and he is he investor, BUT a really big part of me wanted Joon Hyuk to bring Ra Kyung along to the competition and have her take Eun Bi’s place (as an understudy if you will) and sing her song and save the day!!!! Eun Bi can come back to Gumiho and be the lead, but since she had another Musical to do Ra Kyung should be her understudy. Lol! JUST WISHFUL THINKING.

    Oh well, I think I am done with my ranting… I THINK… Thanks to everyone who put up with my ranting, I don’t think I’ll be watching the last episode, I’m done. You won’t be hearing from me anymore.

    Last time I heard, they weren’t actually quite done filming this drama, and since it couldn’t get a aire time and date, Production and Actors and Actresses also abandoned this drama. So maybe thats why the drama is ending early.

    • 9.1 Birdie

      I might be wrong, but I heard that production did stop, and they finished filming the last 4 episodes in August 2011 when they finalized an airtime from SBS.

      This drama is ending early because of the awards show happening. This drama sure had a bum deal.

      Although we disagreed, I do not mind your ranting. I hope you will watch the final episode since you had invested 14 hours in it already. I am quite sure they cannot wrap it well with so many lose ends and having to cut a whole episode, maybe satisfying at least.

    • 9.2 fmv

      you sound like you are very much in love with choi daniel and is jealous of KHS or you sound like Bae kang hee’s character in the drama. lol.

      • 9.2.1 Thatgirl

        Honestly, I’m not really all that in love with Daniel Choi. I had crush on him in the beginning of this drama, but after a while he just became…. ok… I still like him. But my ranting has nothing more to do with him than the fact that he is Jae Yi, that’s it. x)

        In fact, I actually started watching this drama because of KHS. Boys Over Flowers is my ultimate favorite drama of all times! But I hated her in it. I thought she was horrible as Jan Di, but netizens swear KHS really is a good actress, Jan Di was just written and directed really badly. So I started watching this drama to give KHS a second chance. But nope. I think she was better in this drama, but still not a good actress to me….

  10. 10 cv

    so i watched episode 15, is that the last episode? Looks like it…Is this suppose to be a 15 or 16 episode drama?
    Looks like 15 is the end…

  11. 11 NeeNee

    Man, how sad if 15 does end up being the final episode when there is too much they left to tie up in the final stretch. This series could have been so much better if they basically cut out the middle and married the first few episodes with the last few.

    Given the previews for 15, I don’t think there is any way to salvage it all and make a truly good ending that won’t fall flat, but we’ll see.

  12. 12 oi

    really don’t like them to shorten this drama 🙁

  13. 13 tessieroo

    LOL at parents who show up to threaten about marriage and throw money around. (sorry, that always cracks me up – it’s ridiculous) And why did we have to see that LAME kiss all over again? Poor Daniel Choi. *sigh*
    Yes, you might need to be drunk to recap the last episode as I’ve heard there’s yet another lame kiss in that one.
    I’ve enjoyed your recaps on this drama very much so thank you! 🙂

    • 13.1 Mystisith

      Poor Daniel Choi. Exactly. How did he get into this ? Sometimes you better stay at home instead of signing anything. Do someone know about his next project ?

  14. 14 ais

    I hope they won’t shorten for the sake of the fans. The ratings might not be good but a drama must be properly wrapped up. All the best to the cast and crew. I salute their hardwork.

  15. 15 bjharm

    yes the entire thing been under some kind of evil curse in Korea. Even after they finally got made no one wanted to air it. I think it took Baby Faced Beauty success for Daniel Choi to finally get it to air or it could still be sitting on the shelf some place. It funny how many Korea drama are flops in Korea at the time of airing but are really liked by viewers outside!

    • 15.1 Birdie

      I don’t think the Musical got to air due to Baby Faced Beauty success. From what I heard, it so happened that SBS was looking for something to fill the slot vacated by the cancellation of its unsuccessful variety show. Then they finished filming episode 13-16 in August 2011.

  16. 16 MJ


    Merry Xmas ranters and/or ravers.

    Earlier today I just finished watching The Musical RAW Episode 15. Sad to say episode 15 is the FINAL!!!!

    No episode 16 for The Musical.

    Kang Hee lost her voice in Episode 15 and her career is over with as an Opera singer.

    Episode 15 – Eun Bi and Jae Hee both tell each other Love You.

    Yoo Jin handed in his resignation to his grandfather. Then, later in episode 15 I think his grandfather took Yoo Jin back in to the company because the other grandson is not doing a good job.

    • 16.1 Ahjumma

      I don’t really care for this drama but did you really have to blab about what happens in ep 15? Anyway, I’m glad the pain of this drama is ending.

  17. 17 Fabmari

    This drama starts up really strong but goes out really wimpy.

    I was not even interested before it was air, but got on board after I read the review of the first and second episode. Half way, right after the Count Monte drama appears, it was downright spiral.

    In the end, Ra Kyung is the only character I ship for.

    Thank you, Kadaejun, for sticking till the end. I love reading your view.

  18. 18 Suzi Q

    Sick and tired of Goo Hye Sun’s rendition of Do Hwa’s song. Dang!She should stop singing that song! She sang it so badly too many times in the drama. She is off pitch, has a weak voice, and doesn’t have a good singing range. She should stick to acting. She is constantly mugging and running her hands through her hair. Bad acting and most irritating gestures!
    This is suppose to be about a musical, yet the one person who is a musical star, Ok Joo-hyun is under utilized. She has a powerful singing voice and can really knock off a song! She should have sung more. She got lost in the middle of the plot when the story shifted from the musical to nowhereville with the sick mom story.
    Finally, they went back to the musical story line at the end, but who cares?Too late. I’m watching What’s Up which is about musicals too which is SO MUCH BETTER.

  19. 19 ChoiSun

    I already saw the last episode of The Musical.
    The Final Redemption is FORGIVENESS and LOVE.
    I have gathered so much wonderful life lessons from this drama.
    I sincerely hope that it will do well in Japan and will have better ratings.
    Well the writers cannot show that much repeats when Japan tv will show 4 episodes a week!
    One thing is that this definitely deserved a few more episodes like 24 episodes.
    I seriously feel cheated by SBS.
    They did not care much about the drama and I feel bad for the actors who worked so hard for this drama to be successful.

    And for me the kiss was so cute and hot<3
    If you want to see it, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edGFhV3CQEM

    • 19.1 midori

      Hah! Just watched this kiss and he’s so cute! She can’t kiss for shit though. What’s with the kissing you is painful expression? Wiping her mouth after he kissed her is just wrong.

      • 19.1.1 ChoiSun

        But you have to think it was her ‘second’ kiss with him so it is natural that she got this kind of expression. She is embarrassed but she ‘likes ‘ it at the same time.
        It would be weird if they suddenly would share a passionate kiss together, especially when they just started their relationship and she never had a boyfriend before.

    • 19.2 Mystisith

      Thanks Choisun ! I LOVE that kiss (es). So heartwarming.
      Since we talk about forgiveness, i bow here ” tchesso hamnida ” for everything bad i said about this show ( and all the others… ). Sorry, sorry, sorry. And i promise in the next year i will try to control my outbursts of rage. Well no guarantee, but really i’ll try. 🙂

  20. 20 edna

    I like this drama in the beginning…but ep. after ep. tha drama has really boring! and i don’t that her character is the same as boys before flower! but daniel is so cute.

  21. 21 via

    JB or GF, maybe you can recap another drama now.. I want to read your recap about “Colour of Woman” I think this drama have a potential to be good since Jae hae is in it and lee so kyung too.. can you consider pleaseeee…

  22. 22 abby

    It’s really a pity if ep.15 is the ending, the way i look at it the title doesn’t seems to fit-in. The leading character doesn’t have enough time to show what they work on at the beggining of this drama. Instead they focus more on the problem of kang hae rather than on the conflict of being a musical actress on the stage of eun bi. The emphasis is not shown so accurately in so many episode..But then i congatulates all the participant they are good on doing their parts.Acting wise only some needs to be polished. BUt i am not satisfied the way the story goes. I want them to wrapped up the last episode at least and want to see the leading character on the stage.. That’s I can say MUSICAL at last….

  23. 23 Betty

    Oh men! I was hoping to see better end… but looks like they cut the best part I like it was fun to watch , i said my rating was there.. Congratulation to the actors good job.

  24. 24 Flo Oy Wong

    I wanted to write this critique at the end of the 15th episode posting but I couldn’t find it. So, here are my ending comments about The Musical. I watch K dramas primarily because the narratives are usually compelling. I was hooked at the beginning with the fascinating conceit, which by the middle of the drama descended into a fuzzy mess in spite of the fine acting. I also look for transformations within characters that explain the human condition through lessons learned. That didn’t happen for me in The Musical. When I finished Dream High I was left with such a good taste in my heart when the characters bonded after some competitive acrimony. The Musical’s taste in my heart is a bit tart in spite of the interesting back story. The parts did not finish up with a compelling whole.

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