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Vampire Prosecutor: Episode 12 (Final)
by | December 18, 2011 | 132 Comments

Ooh, I love this ending. Since most of us have found the final reveal regarding the big bad somewhat expected, I’m thrilled to realize it wasn’t actually the final reveal — hello, twist!

This finale managed to do a tricky thing: Tie up the loose ends to satisfy the seasonal mystery, while leaving room open for that Season 2 the PD once again affirmed is on the table. And why not? The story supports it, as do the ratings — the final episode also brought in a series high, with a 3.34% ratings average that included a 4.3% high.


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EPISODE 12: “Finale, Part 2”

Vampire on the run. Tae-yeon drives, weakened from lack of sustenance and fighting visions of blood. Mm, yum. Then it’s visions of the recent past, being framed by Prosecutor Jang.

Prosecutor Jang is now in charge of the case, and a new victim has turned up. Soon-bum argues that this proves Tae-yeon couldn’t have been the guy, but Prosecutor Jang says it could be a copycat, or an accomplice. Dammit, why couldn’t Tae-yeon argue that last night?

Soon-bum says that Prosecutor Jang sure talks like he wants Tae-yeon to be guilty, which gets turned around on him: Does Soon-bum want Prosecutor Jang to be guilty? Ooh, can I answer that? Pick me, pick me!

Prosecutor Jang asks sarcastically if they really think he’s a vampire who drank all the blood from those bodies, and when you put it like that, the only sane response is to say no, of course not. He assures the team that he’s here to find the real killer and the truth. And this is the point when he gets the call that Tae-yeon has escaped. That calls…for the whole goddamned SWAT team, apparently. Yeesh.

Even Jung-in thinks her boss is being excessive with Tae-yeon, while Soon-bum can only clench his jaw with frustration. It gets worse for him, with the young-faced SWAT team leader talking down to him and calling him by one of Soon-bum’s old nicknames, Mapo Wacko.

Prosecutor Jang is feeling pretty smug because Tae-yeon grabbed some case files on his way out, among them a CD he’d planted for the express purposes of tracking him down. Dayum. He must’ve been plotting this entrapment for a while to think that far ahead.

Tae-yeon sneaks into the latest crime scene, where the others were earlier today, and takes a taste of the victim’s blood. In the vision: A hand holding a bloody business card — Tae-yeon’s — with the handwritten note he himself had scrawled on it: “Please give me a call.” It’s the card he’d stuck in the Bread Lawyer’s door when she’d gone missing.

At Manhunt Central, Dong-man looks wistfully at that group photo they’d taken a couple weeks ago (at Love Village, appropriately), then starts when his computer screen beeps. It’s the tracker finding a signal from the CD, and he hurriedly covers his reaction from Prosecutor Jang, who is, alas, too eagle-eyed to miss it. Dong-man blusters that it’s nothing, that he was just exercising his eyeballs, but there’s no fooling the boss.

How much do I love that Tae-yeon’s team is loyal to him, despite attempts to make him into the big bad vamp? Further proving that point is how Jung-in and Soon-bum jump into their car to find Tae-yeon before the SWAT team can.

Tae-yeon sits in a PC room reading through the info on the file, taking in the info on him, his sister, and the blood doc. As he scrolls through the info, the SWAT team bursts into the PC room where the CD is transmitting and apprehend their quarry… who turns out to be some kid. Tae-yeon had given him the CD and asked him to email the info on it, HA!

What makes it funnier is that Tae-yeon’s actually just around the corner, in a different PC room. He walks off in broad daylight while pissy SWAT leader kicks over some garbage. The only person to catch a fleeting glimpse of him is Jung-in, who keeps her reaction contained as Prosecutor Jang arrives on the scene. SWAT leader reports that they lost him, and Soon-bum smugly corrects him — he didn’t lose him ’cause he never had him in the first place.

That leaves only one place for Tae-yeon to turn: blood bar. Ha, it’s actually named Club Blood? Why are we only seeing this now? We could’ve had eleven episodes of punny goodness. Tae-yeon staggers in, seriously weakened, and drags himself to the bar — where Dr. Blood gasps in pain, stabbed in the gut.

Tae-yeon rushes to stanch the wound, and Doc gasps, “All the blood got stolen.” Geez, so Jang’s playing hardball, is that it? Outside, SWAT officers surround the club, guns drawn.

Tae-yeon wants to get him emergency medical treatment, but Doc tells him it’s too late. He knows he’s not long for the world and warns that Tae-yeon’s in danger. He insists: “Drink my blood. Drink it, and catch that bastard.” Damn, that’s touching. Tae-yeon refuses but the doc pleads, like it it’s a favor to him in his last moments, and with the SWAT team storming the building, Doc grabs Tae-yeon and begs.

With a tear running down his face, Tae-yeon vamps out. When the SWAT leader comes upon the bar, the doc is dead. But Tae-yeon’s still in the club, and two officers corner him. Tae-yeon wipes blood from his mouth and easily fights them off, strong again. The club’s the perfect place for this kind of closed-quarters fighting that favors Tae-yeon, since the officers trickle in one by one and get immediately neutralized.

He grabs the leader, hand to throat, and gives him a warning to convey to Jang: “Stop chasing me down. When the time comes, I’ll find him.”

He leaves the club, only to find one more person waiting for him: Jung-in, who levels a gun at his back and asks him to stop this. She urges him to handle this a different (legal) way: “We’ve done well together all this time.”

He turns back and approaches her, then places a hand over hers — a moment of connection, bringing tears to her eyes — and lowers the gun. With a wry smile, he tells her to carry around a real gun rather than a gas one, then walks away.

Jang loses his temper at the news, and SWAT leader promises to get Tae-yeon for sure next time. But he adds that Tae-yeon is no average opponent, and asks for permission to fire. Jang gives it — just don’t kill him.

That night, Jang gets a call on Tae-yeon’s cell phone, which was surrendered as evidence. He picks up and asks, “Where are you?” We don’t hear any more to the exchange.

Another dead body turns up near the river, his throat bearing vampy fang marks. The call to Tae-yeon’s cell came from the dead man’s phone, which is one more tick against him. But we know — because we saw in the moments before the dead guy was attacked — that this is the work of our elusive vampire, not Tae-yeon. The attacker was holding the same bloody business card last seen by the previous victim.

Tae-yeon sneaks in a call to Soon-bum, which isn’t all that sneaky because it’s being tapped by the prosecutor. Oh, please tell me you know this, Tae-yeon. He asks for a favor and Soon-bum gets blood samples from the most recent victims from the coroner, whom he swears to secrecy. Soon-bum then makes the most obvious exit from Manhunt Central ever, trying to play off his rendezvous as work-related research.

Jang lets him go easily — never a good sign — and the moment Soon-bum leaves, he mobilizes his team. Cameras monitor the crowded shopping center, with men in plainclothes on the ground. Jung-in’s shocked at the level to which Jang is pursuing Tae-yeon, but he tells her a good prosecutor has to be sharp enough to think this far ahead.

Soon-bum’s dense enough to think he’s safe, as he assures Tae-yeon when he gets the call. Tae-yeon, on the other hand, replies: “Me? I’m someplace else, naturally.” Haha. And phew! He directs Soon-bum to give the package to a man nearby who knows where to find Tae-yeon, which doesn’t seem like that much more clever an evasion — but for now Jang orders his team to wait, wanting to know where the man leads them.

Soon-bum approaches that stranger, who says he was just following somebody’s instructions, and surprises Soon-bum by clocking him in the face. The SWAT agents descend on the stranger, ignoring Jang’s insistence to stand by, and Soon-bum spots the cell phone that gets dropped in the scuffle. He answers the incoming call — and to Manhunt Central’s extreme frustration, they can’t hear it. Because it’s not Soon-bum’s bugged phone. Booyah! Okay, now that IS clever. I knew my hot vampire would come through.

Turns out Tae-yeon is in the mall after all, watching all this unfold. He chides Soon-bum (“I told you to be careful!”) and then triggers a switch — which knocks out the cameras covering Soon-bum’s location. It takes a few moments for the SWAT guys to restore functionality. Tae-yeon directs Soon-bum into a store, which gets him immediately tailed by agents. Tae-yeon jokes, “You’ve got nine tails on you — what are you, a gumiho?” Now for him to cut each tail, one by one.

Soon-bum doesn’t have the nerves for this and wants to just hand over the package to Tae-yeon directly, which is why he is not the head of his unit. Tae-yeon argues that Soon-bum can’t hand Jang proof of his abetting a fugitive, which earns him a gushy, “Tae-yeon-ah, I like you so much!”

So Tae-yeon directs Soon-bum round and round the shopping mall, then sneaks up behind his tails to knock them out, then disable their cameras. Jang stews in his control room, knowing Tae-yeon’s there but watching each camera go out in turn.

Jung-in realizes that the men have been given permission to use live ammo, and challenges Jang on the call, who ignores her. Tae-yeon disarms the men, then disables their guns, smooth as you please. Jang’s blood pressure goes up a few notches.

This leads everyone to the parking garage. Soon-bum huddles, agents prowl with guns out, and Tae-yeon literally walks up to one and taps him on the shoulder. Haha. Down he goes.

One more agent downed, one more camera line cut. And then, the last agent comes up behind Tae-yeon. Caught.

Tae-yeon lifts his arms in surrender, but the agent is either dumb or doesn’t realize Tae-yeon’s more dangerous up close because he lets him back up toward him — at which point it’s an easy thing to knock him out.

Tae-yeon finds Soon-bum and they make the hand-off. Soon-bum gives him one interesting clue the coroner lady picked up on. Upon examining all the bodies unearthed at that mass grave, there were two types of fang indentations: one set large, one set smaller. They conclude what we already know, that two vamps are on the loose.

Soon-bum adorably asks what he can do to help, and Tae-yeon tells him not to die. Soon-bum adds that if he needs blood to drink, let him know — he’ll be happy to draw some of his own. Omg, that’s so cute.

Soon-bum leaves him with words of confidence: “We’re always on your side.” That stops him — the use of that word “we,” which Jung-in had also used outside the club. Huh. So the Lone Ranger isn’t so alone. Tae-yeon says, “Those are great words to hear.” They split up, and Tae-yeon heads out…and gets a gun to his back. One last SWAT agent after all, this time the leader.

Tae-yeon whirls, just as the gun fires. Bullet lands in his shoulder. Enough to hurt, but not to stop him.

Soon-bum finds the defeated team at their car, all wearing a matching set of bruises, and can’t help chuckling. He gets a slap for his cheek (hur hur), but I’m thinking it was worth it.

Tae-yeon steals into a medical office for bullet removal, then turns to the blood samples. First vial: Victim’s dying eyes saw a sign for Hana Gosiwon. Second vial: Nambu Gosi-hagwon and a student’s nametag.

Prosecutor Jang takes a literal bloodbath at home — what, is this the equivalent of rich people bathing in Perrier? Ha. He flashes back to recent killings, and for the first time we see the face behind the vampire’s hood. As we suspected, it’s Jang who sank his teeth into Tae-yeon’s sire (lawyer Park Hoon) years ago and killed him, and also who kidnapped Bread Lawyer.

By now Tae-yeon’s doubled over in pain, dealing with the blood-vision side effects, but he moves on to vial three: Another dying victim gives him a glimpse at the same nametag, and then her face. Tae-yeon’s sister, alive. Wait, what? How can this be? What does this mean? The vamp is going around killing people, who saw her in her last moments? Oh crap. Is this what I think it is? Smaller fangs, oh shit.

Jang emerges from his bath and dresses. Turns. Freezes to see Tae-yeon in his home, glaring. Both men vamp out as they fight hard, and as we know, Mr. Hoody’s just as strong, if not stronger.

Tae-yeon demands to know what he’s done with Yeon-ji. Jang argues that they have to join forces to track her down — if not, they risk the world finding out about vampire existence. Tae-yeon argues that he saw his sister’s corpse, but Jang says it disappeared. Tae-yeon asks if Jang turned his sister, and gets back an explanation for two ways of vampire turning: Either you receive vampire blood (as Jang did), or you become a vampire’s first victim. Like what happened when newly turned Jang escaped the hospital, stumbled across a young girl outside, and turned her.

(Side note: Is there hope for Doctor Vampy after all? Season 2, here we come?)

And that’s when the problems started, because Yeon-ji had a thirst for feeding. Tae-yeon is horrified: “So you locked her up in a warehouse, like a dog?” But Jang argues that that’s the best he could do, feeding her society’s “bad blood” that had slipped through the cracks of the justice system, and that letting evildoers go corrupts society.

Tae-yeon argues, “That’s why there’s the law! And we’re prosecutors who protect that law!” Jang: “We’re also vampires who need human blood to survive.”

More fighting. Both sides fall, exhausted. Jang says that the complication arose with the abduction of Bread Lawyer, whom he’d kidnapped to take for Yeon-ji’s feeding. But the girl had found Tae-yeon’s card in the woman’s wallet and recognized her brother’s name. After seven years of never attempting to leave the warehouse, Yeon-ji bolted, looking for oppa. Oh, why is this so sad?

Jang reminds him of the significance of the recent murder sites, like Hana Gosiwon — it’s the boardinghouse where they lived while Tae-yeon was studying for the bar. Nambu Gosi-hagwon is the law cram school where Yeon-ji had gone daily to find oppa. Then an apartment building — which was where their former orphanage was located.

And the fourth location? The Han River, a place Yeon-ji had never been to, where Tae-yeon had promised to take her on a day off.

Jang says he wasn’t trying to track him down to arrest him — he was trying to find him so they could track down the girl as soon as possible. Arguing that it’s safer for Jang to bring her to his home than for Tae-yeon, he asks for more places where Yeon-ji would go.

Tae-yeon sheds silent tears throughout Jang’s explanation, and tells him the name of a pier. It’s the site of the peaceful flashbacks we’ve seen scattered throughout the drama, with Yeon-ji and Tae-yeon smiling happily, where they’d gone the day before she died. That also explains why Jang couldn’t find her, because that’s not something that would’ve turned up in his research.

Jang thanks him and staggers off to find her, promising to let him know when he finds Yeon-ji. He leaves Tae-yeon sitting in shock inside, then heads out to give the sign to the SWAT agents outside — no need to keep him alive anymore, eh?

Agents surround Tae-yeon and apprehend him, leading him out in handcuffs. Soon-bum and Jung-in arrive and are told by Prosecutor Jang that the law has to be upheld, the smarmy bastard. Jung-in looks Tae-yeon in the eye and tells him that if he says he’s telling the truth, she’ll help him. He doesn’t say anything.

Then Soon-bum takes an angry swing at Tae-yeon, knocking him down and accusing him of betrayal, yadda yadda, all while surreptitiously slipping a key into his hand and flashing him a huge smile. So cute, these two.

It only takes seconds for Tae-yeon to undo the cuffs and Soon-bum helps knock down the agents, while even Dong-man jumps in and tries to secure Tae-yeon’s escape. That’s ridiculously cute — he’s totally ineffectual, of course, but it’s the thought that counts.

While the two manchildren distract the SWAT agents, Jung-in darts off after Tae-yeon.

Jang gets the call while he’s driving, and since the agents got a read on the escape vehicle’s plates, Jang orders them tracked. Just as he does, he spots that very car in his mirrors — Tae-yeon’s on his tail. And on Tae-yeon’s tail is Jung-in. Oh god, I don’t have happy vibes about this three-way chase, which is how we started off this series — the vamp, chased by the vamp, chased by the righteous prosecutor… They’re not going for total parallelism, right? ‘Cause, um, that would just be lazy, yeah. Or something.

Jung-in pulls up next to his car and yells to Tae-yeon, which sends him into a flashback of the opening scene. Aw, crap.

The high-speed threeway takes them through highways and intersections, until finally Jang jackknifes his car, screeching to a halt in the road. Tae-yeon slams on the brakes and rams the body… and in another creepy echo of the first scene, Jung-in also brakes, her car pops a wheelie, and flips upside down.

It starts raining. Jung-in’s bloody and groggy, trying to peer out of her smashed seat. Jang staggers out of his car and grabs Tae-yeon, shoving him against the open door.

They grapple at each other’s throats, and then Jang pulls out a silver knife — the same way he killed that law firm CEO. Tae-yeon tries to keep the blade away, but it’s a close one and sooner or later one of them has got to tire first.

And then, a shot. Jang is hit in the arm. Jung-in has taken Tae-yeon’s advice after all and gotten a real gun. Ooh, I love this. Jang staggers, then grabs a lighter out of his pocket — Tae-yeon’s, taken from that Lawyer Vamp — and flings it out toward Jung-in’s car.

Tae-yeon shouts, “No!” but it ignites the pooled gasoline and gives Jang time to stagger off. Tae-yeon flashes back to his memory of being turned — will he be tempted? But it seems the temptation is more about letting one person go, and he screams at the indignity of letting Jang escape, because of course he’s going to save Jung-in.

He makes it to Jung-in’s side and drags her out of the car, carrying her to safety. He thanks her and they share a smile over the prescience of his live ammo advice, and he advises her to head straight to the hospital. With that, he heads off to take care of his unfinished business.

Tae-yeon catches up to Prosecutor Jang at the pier. No sign of Yeon-ji. Tae-yeon asks what Jang plans to do after catching her, and he replies that he has to set the course straight. Tae-yeon bites out, “And who are you to do that?”

Jang fires back that Tae-yeon may be the non-blood-related oppa, “But I’m like her father! If not for me, she wouldn’t exist! I watched her for seven years. I’m the one who should look for her, and I’m the one who should punish her.” Meaning: She has to die.

There’s a twisted logic to Jang’s reasoning, and he hasn’t abandoned his principles entirely; he argues that what must be excised must be excised, “Because the law is the law.”

Tae-yeon tells him he has no right, and they fight. It’s brutal, and Tae-yeon doesn’t hold back. He grabs him and reminds him, “I told you before — if you want to live, turn yourself in. If not, I’d kill you.”

He pulls his arm back for a blow, but stops. Off in the distance, he sees someone — only what he sees is superimposed with the image of the healthy, human Yeon-ji as she races into his arms.

We see Tae-yeon in the present as he holds his sister, but our view of Yeon-ji’s face is the bygone one. Even when she then bites Tae-yeon’s neck, sending eyes flaring in pain.

Tae-yeon collapses, holding his neck. He looks up at Yeon-ji, still seeing the smiling-faced girl from before.

And then, a shot.

Vampire Yeon-ji is shot in the chest, by Jang. She falls, calling, “Oppa. I’m hurt.” She asks him to take her to the hospital (her last words to him seven years ago), saying he has to come for her this time. He promises to go with her, saying, “I won’t send you away alone.”

Jang picks up the girl to take her away, but before he can move a step, the pier is swarmed by SWAT agents, Jung-in, and Soon-bum. They order Jang to let the girl go. He can’t give her over, so he steps back and gets shot in the leg.

Tae-yeon reaches for her, pleading. He knows what Jang means to do and wants more time with his sister, but Jang jumps off the pier and splashes into the water. No sign of either body.

SWAT leader tries to stop Tae-yeon from leaving, saying he was a suspect too. Our team balks, and Soon-bum warns him with a slap to the face that’s pretty damn satisfying.

In the car ride away, Tae-yeon rests against Jung-in’s shoulder. She starts to reach for his hand but pulls back.

Time passes. In the middle of a busy Seoul street, Tae-yeon stands as the crowd moves on past him. He thinks, “Sometimes I imagine that perhaps they might still be alive. Or maybe another vampire exists.” And then a face in the crowd we recognize — it’s Dr. Blood, alive after all!

He continues, “Whether vampire or human, in this city full of people with their own desires and dreams, today I live one more day as a prosecutor. Pushing aside my own desires, judging others who’ve given in to their bad desires, I’m the vampire prosecutor.”

And with a sexy smirk, he’s off into the crowd.


Oh, so good. While the Prosecutor Jang angle was hardly a surprise, I loved that they gave us a couple twists upon that — like his hunt for Tae-yeon being about finding the rogue vampire, and also letting him take the fall. All series long I was expecting a fairly clear-cut villain’s psychology for the Hooded Vampire, so to see his tortured predicament play out on the pier was a nice, complex bonus. Jang is definitely villain material, but he’s also a victim, and like he says, he feels he’s taken on fatherhood to the girl. It’s both his fault she’s this way, but not his fault at all, thanks to Dr. Blood’s reckless experimenting.

Furthermore, Jang was definitely the right person — the only person — to end this chain of murders (even though he was also the facilitator), because it was clear that Tae-yeon wouldn’t be able to kill his sister. And as sad as her story is, as a vamp unable to control her blood urges, there was no way for this to end for her but sadly, was there? I loved the directorial decision to show Yeon-ji to us through Tae-yeon’s eyes, as an innocent girl, until it becomes clear she’s past the point of no return. Lovely choice.

So I’m completely satisfied with the close to this story arc, enough that if we don’t get another season, I’ll be happy with this as the ending. But if they could make this a multiple-season show? Hello, bliss.

That isn’t to say that the show was perfect, and there were a few early episodes that I thought were shaky. (Gorgeously shot, well-acted, and stylish as hell, but shaky in the plot development.) But the show found its legs and improved with every episode, whether it was dark and gripping, or drily hilarious. If every episode had a bit more vampiness — like these last two — I’d be thrilled, because even though this show is a damn stylin’ procedural without the paranormal element, it definitely gives it an edge.

It’ll be Season 2’s challenge (you know, if there is one) to be able to rustle up more mystery, now that this one’s been solved. Not that I worry that it can’t be done, because this wrap-up positions us nicely for another arc, with our Scooby Investigative Gang assembled — having actually proven loyalty to Tae-yeon, rather than just falling in line without challenging that group integrity first.

I’m not convinced that Dong-man was quick enough on the uptake to catch onto Tae-yeon’s vampy identity, but Jung-in is definitely almost there in connecting all the dots. I think she still has some disbelief-overcoming to do, but the pieces are in plain sight, and she’s shown that she’s sticking with him anyway. And I love that while the series has flirted with a potential romantic vibe there, that statement stands just as true without one. They’re a Bones-Booth couple for me, where the fun is in watching them dance around the pink elephant in the room and gradually building up the chemistry, rather than going all You’re My One and Only on us. I could watch this for seasons.


I love this ending! I expected a good one, but this was so badass and awesome, and… cute! What a satisfying conclusion to the season-long mystery and a great launchpad for future seasons. The finale provided some nice last-minute twists, wrapped up the big questions, put our hero through the wringer (bringing out a fantastic performance as a result) and even brought our team back together, stronger than ever. Sending Tae-yeon on the run for the finale was the perfect thing to ramp up the tension and separate him from his team, which had the awesome effect of making them all aware of how much they mean to each other.

His run-in with Jung-in and her dinky gas gun and the electrifying hand-touch? That killed me. I love that his advice to carry a real gun from now on ends up being the thing to save his life. Her big heroic moment in coming to his rescue had me jumping out of my seat in glee. I’m really happy with the amount of romantic advancing that we got in the finale – too much would’ve felt entirely too rushed and not in keeping with the characters. Them saving each other back and forth, and that sweet moment in the car when she can’t quite bring herself to touch his hand made squeal in delight for how far they’ve come, and their prospects for the future.

Tae-yeon’s friendship with Soon-bum continued to be the heart of the show right through to the end, providing a surprising amount of levity and adorableness that I wasn’t expecting for the action-packed finale. But boy, was I ever happy to have it. Their cuteness knows no bounds. And when Tae-yeon is extra badass in contrast to Soon-bum’s half-hero-worship, half-best-friend-love, I just want to squeeze them to death.

And to go out on a shallow note, Yeon Jung-hoon has never looked hotter. I may have missed entire plot points in this episode because I was gobsmacked, staring at the pretty. I’ve always liked him as an actor, but as the Vampire Prosecutor he was pitch-perfect all season long – stoic, then cheeky, then back to tortured, bursting with badassery, and then quietly vulnerable when alone. He was completely committed to his character, showing new range and dimension, and looking damn fine while doing it, too.

Season 2, are you here yet?


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      I think its just saying that an insider/someone you’re close with (being the blunt knife) could hurt more when they betray you than an actual bad person you don’t know.

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      Because Jang wasn’t the vampire that turned Tae Yeon. Mr. Park Hoon was the one that made Tae Yeon a vampire.

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      Lol. Me, too. I’m going to watch both once the subs for this episode come out. I don’t want to feel too excited and be left hanging, so I refrained myself from watching the last ep.

      That aside, I have to say this is a really great episode and the recap is wonderful as always. This makes me want to watch more. 😀

      Also, I wonder if cable dramas are thinking of selling rights, too, you know like common dramas do? City Hunter will be shown locally next year, and in our fave channel, too. Not that I’m excited (not a fan of Min Ho), but if Vampire Prosecutor is shown here, I’ll be watching it again. I usually hate dubbed shows, but this particular station has a knack for finding voice actors that can copy approximately 95% of the original actors’ tone, style, and pitch, so I’m kind of thinking if there’s a chance they can get their hands on this…

      • 8.2.1 faby

        hi what channel are you talking about because im intrested on wahtching dramas. thank you,

        • Raitei

          I’m a little confused by your question, but if you’re living here in the Philippines, it’s ch. 2. They got a lot of dubbed dramas these days. Scent of a Woman (which they called Helena’s Promise–ugh, ugly title) is about to be finished. Heartstrings and City Hunter will be aired on Jan.

          If you like watching subbed dramas like most of us do, though, you might want to check out dramacrazy.net.

    • 8.3 Shukmeister

      An additional question – if Dr Hotbar wasn’t a vampire, where did he get the vamp blood that turned Prosecutor Jang?

      (a) Tranfusion turned Jang
      (b1) Jang turned sister (as his first)
      (b2) Jang delibrately turned Park Hoon (or was it an accident?)
      (c) Park Hoon turned Tay Yeon (as his first)
      (d) Tae Yeon turned Dr Hotbar (as his first)

      Am I correct in this?

      Still looking forwarded to second season!

      • 8.3.1 Shukmeister

        I don’t necessarily buy into that the doctor was already a vampire.

        If that scalpel wound Tae Yeon received several episodes ago flashed him into vamp mode, what would a mortal wound do? It seems to me that Doc would have instinctively gone for Tae Yeon to prolong his own life,and not allowed him to drain.

        Just my opine.

        • anais

          The dialogue makes pretty clear that Doc Hotbar wants to sacrifice himself in order to atone for having made Jang in the first place. He tells Tae Yeon that the only way to catch Jang is to be stronger than Jang, which isn’t possible for either of them in their current state, and pleads/demands Tae Yeon to drink from him in order to become strong enough to contend with Jang.

      • 8.3.2 anais

        No. There are two separate lines.

        Doc Hotbar->Jang->Min Tae Yeon’s orphanage sister
        1. Doc Hotbar, even when he was a doctor and not a hotbar, was a vampire. When Jang ended up in the emergency room as a result of the series of car accidents, Jang was barely alive. Doc Hotbar then got the idea that perhaps he could help Jang live by giving him his own vampire blood. I actually find his reasoning/desire understandable. Doctors in general but especially those who work in emergency rooms have a really difficult time losing patients. Now, had he carried through the entire line of reasoning to its logical end, he might have realized that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea, but it was literally a life or death situation.

        Park Hoon (we don’t know who his maker was) -> Min Tae Yeon
        1. Park Hoon was already a vampire, which we learn through Doc Hotbar in a prior episode. He frequented Club Blood, discussed wanting to identify the vamp who was subsisting on “bad blood” (Jang & Tae Yeon’s orphanage sister) but being targeted as a suspect by Tae Yeon.
        2. Park Hoon is attacked by Jang, so passes his legacy onto Tae Yeon by making the latter into a vampire.

      • 8.3.3 Tinker

        I don’t think Jang turned Park Hoon into a vampire…he was already a vampire?
        I’m confused about whether the Dr. was a vampire or not in the first place either!

  9. Ani

    There’s something satisfying about reading the words “Bones-Booth couple”. I think that Vampire Prosecutor has a chance to be a serial show. I still have yet to sit down and watch it, and I do think some of it I might hate, but I think there’s so much more that could be explored with another season. And given a chance, it might completely win me over. X)

  10. 10 bim2

    Okay see you guys next august ^^
    The ending was great. King of twist. It’s so intense and give great cliffhanger for season 2. I can’t wait for another season ^^

  11. 11 Ace

    Woah! Really? It was the sister?

    Thanks for the recaps ladies. Can’t wait for the subs. I deliberately didn’t watch last week’s episode so I could do it back to back after the finale.

    Here’s to more wonderful action-packed & heartfelt dramas next year!

  12. 12 asianromance

    Soooooo gooood!! I love how Taeyeon and Soonbum managed to give Jang the slip multiple times. What a slick pair!!

    Thank you, javabeans and girlfriday, for recapping this! I had suspected that the sister may be a vampire after last week’s episode, but couldn’t figure out how they would tell the story. And what we’ve got today is amazing! The reunion scene is just so sad. =*(

  13. 13 lan

    Wait… so I don’t understand, how was Tae-yoon turned into a vampire then? He didn’t receive blood from a vampire (via the doc experiment), nor was the first victim of a vampire. If it was Jang who bit him, he wasn’t a first victim – his sister was. So how did it happen really?

    • 13.1 lan

      I think someone asked this question above. But it wasn’t Park Hoon who turned Tae-yoon. In the recap it is said that Tae-yoon’s flashback indicated that he was bit by Jang… ?!?

      • 13.1.1 javabeans

        If you’re referring to this recap, it says Jang bit Tae-yoon’s sire. Sorry if that wording confused you – I’ve added clarification.

        So, Jang turned the girl. Later he attacked Park Hoon.
        Park Hoon, who was already a vamp, turned Tae-yeon.
        Tae-yeon turned (?) Dr. Blood.

        • bim2

          But also Yeo Jin (Min’s little sister) turn (?) her first victim into vampire >.<

        • Lan

          My bad, I misunderstood the wording and also because I remember that Park Hoon was supposedly killed by a silver knife and not by being bit. Though was it ever explained clearly why Park Hoon tutned Tae yoon and did Tae Yoon know? Also I don’t really understand when a vampire dies, and if they grow old because they all seem to have regular jobs.

          I don’t think Tae Yoon turned Dr. Blood. He was a vampire first, already when he was a doctor, hence the blood transferring experiment that turned Jang. I don’t think Tae Yoon ever killed any person hence he didn’t turn anyone, based on an early episode conversation between him and Dr Blood about how tasting live blood once will leave you addicted.

          • lan

            Someone said below that Jang turned Park Hoon, but this is also not possible because Jang already had a first victim – the sister. I suppose he just bit Park Hoon to get some extra blood for himself, after killing him with the silver knife.

            Also I don’t think the sister had a first victim who’s a vampire. Since she’s kept in check by Jang himself, he could have just killed off that first victim, hence stopping the potential ‘chain’ of new vampires being on the loose. Jang himself does not seem to want to create vampires. In a way he’s still a prosecutor, feeding on ‘bad’ blood as a vampire. He’s gray but not completely dark.

            And apologies I kept tying Tae-yeon as Tae-yoon…

          • lan

            It also makes sense that Park Hoon turned Tae-yeon. He seemed to be the good guy, who probably never had ‘fresh blood’ but just got blood from Dr. Blood (they seemed to be friendly before Park Hoon died). Tae-yeon was then probably his first victim – on purpose.

          • bim2

            Can’t reply your next commnet. But after I watch this episode raw version, I saw scene when prosecutor Jang meet Yeon Ji for the 1st time after her body missing from mortuary. She was feed herself by bite someone ’till death.

            Two thumbs up for make up that Vampire’s Yeon Ji use. It’s creepy enough ^^

  14. 14 Silvergirl

    I got confused, too, at first. But I read the recap of Episode 1 and indeed it was Park Hoon who turned Tae-yoon. And based on this recap of episode 12, it was Jang who turned Park Hoon.

    • 14.1 lan

      Not possible. Jang turned Tae-yeon’s sister, who was his first victim. There can be no other ‘first’ victims. He probably just killed Park Hoon with the silver knife then tried to drink blood off of the dying Park Hoon. Park Hoon was already a vampire.

    • 14.2 kitty99

      I think Park Hoon was already a vampire and by Jang biting him, I think it meant that he killed him like that.

      • 14.2.1 Silvergirl

        You’re right Ian. Park Hoon was already a vampire. So whoever turned him is a mystery which Season 2 might reveal, hmmm…

    • 14.3 mysterious

      Wasn’t Park Hoon already a vampire? Where else would Dr. Blood have gotten vampire blood in the first place if he didn’t know one? Park Hoon is the only vampire whose origins aren’t accounted for and Jang’s first victim was TY’s sister not the lawyer.

      • 14.3.1 lan

        I think Dr. Blood’s origin is unaccounted for as well. He gave Jang his own blood. Otherwise how would he know about vampires? But anyhow, it’s normal that there are vampires out there unaccounted for by this story. There must be a ‘world’ of vampires, and we are told the story of a few of them.

        It’s weird to me that the dead bodies they found at the warehouse are still intact, that they could tell the fangs. Didn’t Jang feed Yeon Ji for 7 years, how did those corpses still survive? Shouldn’t they be all bones? Also, isn’t it hard to cover that there are vampires in the world now – how else do they explain those dead bodies?

        • Ryoko

          I don’t think that Dr. Blood is necessarily a vampire – at least, not before he became Tae-yeon’s first “victim” and was subsequently changed into one (which the ending seems to imply). We don’t know how Dr. Blood came to be the proprietor of Club Blood, catering to the undead. But I think because we were shown that Park Hoon visited him there, that Dr. Blood could have gotten vampire blood for his transfusion experiments from any of his vampire clientele. Hopefully we’ll get some more background in Season 2 *fingers and toes crossed that there will be one*

  15. 15 Vanessa

    I definitely need a season 2. (:

  16. 16 Noelle

    I will miss you my Vulcan Vampire Prosecutor

    • 16.1 Kakashi


  17. 17 Silvergirl

    Thanks so much javabeans and girlfriday for recapping this series. Have a merry christmas, you two:)

  18. 18 mysterious

    First: I LOVE THIS ENDING! I LOVE THIS SHOW! This show had so many twists and turns, oh my goodness. But his sister being alive and being a vampire just blew me away! I did not see that coming. Second: I think I am going to have Tae-yoon withdrawls. There must (absolutely must!!!) be a second season; I need more TY/JI flirting. ;D

  19. 19 kitty99

    Thanks for the recaps!! I was waiting for it for a long time. I’m missing this show already because it was just so good. The way that they got turned into a vampire was so confusing, but I got it now. So, if we have a season 2, then I guess the first victim that Tae Yeon’s sister bit will probably be talked about. I guess Park Hoon wanted someone to continue his legacy of catching that rogue vampire, so he turned Tae Yeon. I guess he must of known that he would do the right thing no matter what. Um…so I guess that Bar friend that Tae Yeon had wasn’t a vampire or can you bring a vampire back by being bit my another vampire? I guess he wasn’t one in the first place, but now he is.

    Even though there wasn’t any really romance in the show, I really like how Tae Yeon and Jung In are attacted to each other. It shows them wanting to comfort each other, but because of circumstances, they back off. I also think that if they moved to I like you and you like me thing, it would be too fast. I think the premise is there that given more episodes, it would show them being romantic. Here’s to seeing that in the second season.

    I really live how his whole team backs Tae Yeon up no matter what. That is what you call a good team.

    The sister part was sad. Sort of knew that the sister might of gotten turned into a vampire, but there was not indication until the end. I really don’t think that we see the last of Jang and his sister considering they jumped into the water. So, I guess Tae Yeon has to go through the ordeal of having his sister dead, then alive as vampire, and then sort of dead again. I really feel bad for him.

    I love seeing Tae Yeon and Soon Bum. They should just be a couple already. They look like an old couple. So, was it ever explained how Soon Bum found out that Tae Yeon was a vampire? I might of missed that. It never really occurred to me that he knew until Episode like 4 or something. Anyways, they really should be a couple.

    I can’t wait for season two!! I’m going back and rewatching the episodes considering they were just so good.

  20. 20 mysterious

    I just post things as they come to me even if someone might have asked it already. TY drank Dr. Hotbar’s blood. But once a vampire drinks living blood there’s no going back. So TY would have had to wait until doc was dead before drinking his blood or else TY would need living blood from now on. If he does that he would kill the person and he can’t do that. But if a vampire drinks the blood of a recently deceased person right from the source, could that bring the person back? (Or was it because doc was already on death’s door so he wouldn’t count as a living person? hehe) Hm, I wonder who or what TY will feed on. Maybe we’ll find out if there’s a second season. (That could be a storyline right there. I want credit for the idea!)

    • 20.1 Ti

      Hotbar is vampire. So Tae Yeon actually just drank another vampires blood when he bit the Doc.

      Drinking the blood of a recently deceased person won’t bring the decease back either. If it did, wouldn’t they be zombies? 🙂

  21. 21 mjfan

    am going to watch it now after it has completed , I do agree that Yeon Jung-hoon has never looked hotter

  22. 22 charitee

    mann. soo good. as you guys said, the series got better with each episode and the last two episodes were ridiculousss (and just so well executed on all accounts). and i second the comment of yeon jung hoon looking (and acting) so good. i’ve never seen him so hot and so emotive (ummm, sorry east of eden).

    i wouldn’t have minded seeing a few more episodes but twelve (at 40some minutes a piece) made the overarching story develop at a nice pace for me. i get the feeling that future seasons (if there are any) will have more episodes considering the success of the show but i wouldn’t mind if they kept it at this length.

    in terms of this last episode, i keep re-watching the scene on the pier with taeyeon and yeonji and i just keep bawling each time. it’s so heartwrenching esp when his drive for revenge is now sort of turned on its head…the exchange between them is so brief but ugh….HEART BREAK.

    all i have to say is: bring it on season 2. so many opportunities for more hot vampire AWESOME-NESS.

  23. 23 Ine

    I was re-watching Invincible Youth S1 (I think it was their 21st or 22nd episode) and Mr. Vampy was one of the (bigwig) guests.
    Literally went all giddy while watching him being fawned by the girls and MCs.

    • 23.1 jean

      haha! i purposely searched high and low for that episode! sunny was crazy over him!

    • 23.2 riasnowangel

      yeah I remember that episode 🙂 he is a friend of tae woo bear.

  24. 24 Catherine

    Whr can watch vampire prosecutor ep 12?????

    • 24.1 Ivy

      Go to Dramacrazy.com they have a raw version of the final episode.

      • 24.1.1 Ivy

        *dramacrazy.net, I mean..sorry. It’s the raw version so no subs yet though.

  25. 25 sy

    Thank you JB + GF for the wonderful recaps once again! 🙂

    Vampire Prosecutor is one of my top 3 fav shows this year! With an intriguing plot & competent directing, this show is both compelling & enjoyable to watch.

    The ending does a satisfying job of tying up the loose ends while giving viewers like us some closure to the story. Will definite look forward & tune in to season 2 (if there is one)! 🙂

  26. 26 shin mi rae

    First time to ever watch Yeon Jung-hoon who is now the hottest vampire in my book. move over brad pitt and rob pat, this vampire is neither white as snow nor sparkle like F4 in the into scene in BOF. He wears a different scarf for each episode and sports a wicked guy liner that puts hwang tae kyung’s guyliner to shame . how can he be so hot while portraying a cold vampy prosecutor so perfectly??? what a wicked finale.

    did i mention yeon jung hoon is hot????

  27. 27 Ivy

    What a twist! But this definitely needs to have a season 2, still too many questions to be answered like, when/how does Soon Bum know that Tae Yeon is a vampire…how did Park Hoon become a vampire…is his sister and Jang still alive (since no bodies were found)..and of course the developing feelings of Tae Yeon and Jung Min. This by far, for me, is the best drama for this year (I’m sorry City Hunter, you might have Minho, but Yeon Jung Hoon is freakin sexy as a vampire..rawwrr!) Oh I cannot wait for season 2, here’s hoping the dramagods will make our wish come true…

    Also, thank you Dramabeans and Girlfriday for your recaps and comments of this show. You girls are amazing..have a Merry Christmas you two!

    • 27.1 Ivy

      uh sorry, that should have been Javabeans..my mind is getting all mushy because of Yeon Jung Hoon..lol (lucky Han Ga In huh..)

    • 27.2 Ti

      I think Jang and his sister are still alive. Both of them are vampires and throughout the whole show, I’ve always wondered how on earth these vampires are suppose to die if they don’t fry under the sun, flake from silver, turn to dust from getting jabbed in the heart, or die from another vampire biting them. And I’m pretty sure, getting shot with a revolver ain’t gonna kill them either.

  28. 28 jean

    i just find the fighting scenes for this episode a little unconvincing. is it just me or are the 2 vampires really weak? I mean they’re supposed to have super strength and speed. But from the fighting scene from jang, he looks like an octopus trying to dance to me-.- maybe sitting on the chief prosecutor chair for too many years made him weak-.-”

    and in addition, they really bleed alot for vampires-.- esp jang! they made him look super weak! he bled alot while fighting w tae yeon. isnt he like an older vampire than tae yeon? jang should be slightly stronger than tae yeon. all the fight scenes make jang look human as compared to taeyeon. sheesh, and i love gore blood, but they used too much for the ending. way too much.


    • 28.1 bonbon110

      hmmm…true, but i think the show as a whole was trying to portray a vampire unlike the stereotypical (im the strongest of them all…i don’t die and live forever!!) vampire. i actually liked how they were shown so humanely!

      • 28.1.1 anais

        Usually vampires function as a stand-in for sexuality, more specifically promiscuity and threatening, hedonistic, all-consuming sexuality. Sexuality as contagion.

        However, the filmmakers were definitely not using them in this way. They were doing something else. If anything, these vampires go way out of their way to remain hidden, non-threatening, integrated. And they are in some ways more vulnerable because they can’t make full use of their vampiric powers, because to do so would mean unleashing a force that will make it impossible for them to stay among the living as one of the living (interesting that the closing scene has TY speaking of living another day as a prosecutor).

        I’m mulling over what the drama’s makers have done by positing the marginal figure of the vampire in this way. As more human. As not foreign, less dangerous, not parasitic,

    • 28.2 Hannah

      hahhahhahah. havent seen this epi yet but ur comment about the Jang is hilarious!

  29. 29 bonbon110

    The show was really A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! seriously…esp the final twist…I mean REALLY?! and this comes from someone that watched too many dramas (the part when she saved him with the gun? totally predicted..) but really, this was seriously fun and entertaining in a whole new level. Thank goodness they made it short-but-strong, with each ep. filled with as much build-up mystery & ent. instead of making it long and uninteresting with each ep. dragging on…I would not mind not having another season since the ending was totally HOT…esp when YJH walks out in his long trench coat (man did he look super tall, hot, chic, and MODEL-LIKE?!) the dialogue wasn’t cheesy either which i really liked.
    seriously, this show will remain as one of my faves…OCN fighting!!! *^^*

    p.s. didn’t yeon-ji look kinda like han ga in? hmm…with good reason! no wonder he had such a sister complex!

  30. 30 adette

    ahhhh so. goood. I liked the romance in this show, like, it was present enough to make me giggle and squee a little bit at the cute, but it didn’t overtake everything else and become the focus of a show that wasn’t meant to be centered on a romanceeeee…

    i love the thing with his sister. whoa. we were all expecting jang to be the big bad who was involved with the accident in the beginning but daaaamn. i never for a second questioned his sister’s death. so goood 🙂

    thank you for recapping this show, ladies:)<3


    His run-in with Jung-in and her dinky gas gun and the electrifying hand-touch?
    THIS IS THE SCENE I SAW BEING FILMED, OMG. My friends and I were like WHAT IS SHE DOINGGGG, lol c:

    We also saw the SWAT team guys all standing around, just chillin’ with their fake guns…

    • 30.1 Ti

      What? Really? You actually saw them filming that scene? *screams* You’re so lucky. Did you go and try to talk to any of them? Omg, that’s so awesome. I would’ve gone crazy and screaming at the top of my lungs.

  31. 31 lilly

    At last a couple in Kdramaland who does it for me this year ! I love Jung In and TaeYon pair/chemistry so much. Good job PD

    • 31.1 lilly

      And Jung In is a petite badass girl. She has this innocent, harmless, girl-next-door vibe but at the same time she is there doing her job, being competent and sometimes saving the hero. My fav kdrama heroine of the year with Moon Chae Won in “The Princess Man”.
      Lee Young Ah may not be the best actress in town but the more I see her the more I understand why I appreciate her. She has this “silent” charisma and most of her dramas did good on ratings. I hope there will be a season 2 to see more Jung In (with long hair) and Tae Yon.

      • 31.1.1 Ti

        Oh yes, please, with longer hair.

      • 31.1.2 Ivy

        I think there will be a 2nd season ’cause I was watching the subbed version just earlier and at the last part after the credits it definitely said 2 be continued…I sooo cannot wait!

  32. 32 Venus

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!…… Hoping season 2 could be even better!… 😀

  33. 33 Hannah

    OMMMMG. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE times infinity this drama. Most awesome thing ever. I’ve watched so many dramas and i must say this is a must must watch. Thnks for the recap! <3

  34. 34 Kakashi

    ah, I am really sad this is over. all in all, I think this series surprised me the most this year and also gripped me the most … or was it The Princess’ Man? Anyways, keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the 2nd season, though waiting until August seems like torture…

  35. 35 lan

    Yeon Ji is crazy… How could she try to find her brother so hard, only to bite him??

    • 35.1 Ti

      Exactly my thought. I was literally screaming, “She bit him.” Finally a reunion between the two and the first thing she does is drink his blood.

      I know she can’t stop her crave for blood, but you know…

  36. 36 jazza

    GOSH. I love the last episode! What I expected actually happened! I have thought before that there must be two vampire and the other one was his sister. And I didn’t think further after that because there’s no clue on previous episodes about having two vampires. But the boom! there’s two vampire. HAHAHA. I need to watch this with subs. Thanks for the AWESOME RECAP!

    I definitely need a season 2 for more Yeon Jung Hoon. I never thought he was this HOT!

  37. 37 DarknessEyes

    nice show. Thanks so much for recapping, it was fun to read 🙂

  38. 38 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! =) love this series!! <3

  39. 39 Carrie

    “Jang says he wasn’t trying to track him down to arrest him — he was trying to find him so they could track down the girl as soon as possible. Arguing that it’s safer for Jang to bring her to his home than for Tae-yeon…”

    When I read that, I was like “NOOOO Tae-yeon! Don’t believe him! Don’t tell him ANYTHING! He’s still a BIG bad VAMP!!”
    Alas, ALAS, Tae-yeon fell into his trap and told Jang the location. I can’t believe he did that! If he hadn’t, he could have had a longer reunion with his sister. 🙁 How heartbreaking was that reunion? He searches for his sister for SEVEN years and finds her just to have her shot by Jang?
    I wish Jang had been killed but the lack of body indicates otherwise. I guess his sister might still be alive but Tae-yeon and she is still separated by this awful course in event.

    Now, the finale was just epic; I understand twists were necessary to make this chase and mystery a true “mystery” and thriller like. If it had been so predictable with just Jang being the culprit, that would have been a snooze-fest.
    My head knows this but my heart yearns for a perfect happily- ever-after reunion for Tae-yeon and his sister. ;(
    Who would have thought this would be a tearjerker.

  40. 40 Fafa

    I couldn’t imagine a better ending. Loved it to the very end. And waiting like crazy for the second season.

    Thanks for the wonderful recaps.

  41. 41 Sisa

    I really hope we see more of this! Thanks for the recaps guys, you’ve been awesome!!

  42. 42 sally

    omg…love this serie from episode 1 to the end. This serie will receive the “Best drama of the YEAR” award from me.

    • 42.1 Hannah

      same here. do they even do award ceremony for cable dramas?

      • 42.1.1 Ti

        I think they do. If I remember correctly, Jeon Hye Bin won an award for her cable drama, Yaksha, also by OCN.

  43. 43 riasnowangel

    love this show :)) thanks for the recaps!!! and I’m so hoping for season 2 with the original cast + new ones wouldn’t it be good to add werewolves :)) but anyways love the show :)))

  44. 44 scarlett

    Tae-yeon asks if Jang turned his sister, and gets back an explanation for two ways of vampire turning: Either you receive vampire blood (as Jang did), or you become a vampire’s first victim. –does this mean tae-yeon was also the first victim of the vamp who turned him or the vamp transferred some blood to him during the accident?

    • 44.1 Ti

      Correct. Tae Yeon was the first victim of the vamp that turned him.

  45. 45 KpopLuver

    YAY! SEASON 2!! I absolutely loved this episode!! Everytime I watched an episode I would dread when it was finished because I had to wait another WEEK! -_-
    And now I might have to wait ’till August! X'( I WANT IT NOW… I’m done waiting!! XD LOL

    Anyways, I loved the recap, thank you! 🙂

    Now I’m off to go watch Vampire Idol! XD

  46. 46 [email protected]@M!

    so damn good ….can’t wait for season 2 🙂

  47. 47 dls

    oh my… just watch it today
    this is daebak!!!!
    the epilogue kinda hints if Yeon Jae is still alive
    and if there are any other vampires besides them
    possibility the first vampire, the source for the vampire blood for the experiment, and the first person Yeon Jae bit…
    anyhow….bring it on season 2
    the only show I approve for season 2

  48. 48 murrc4

    Don’t think you ended on a shallow note at all. After all is said and done, you have to respect the pretty.

  49. 49 Hannah

    quick question… so the entire team found out that tae yeon is a vampire? I havent seen the epi yet, waiting for subs but i needed to know 🙂 thanks

  50. 50 iamTyrantPotsie13

    ZOMFG! this show is GLORIOUS!!!!!

    so many question for us viewers have not been answered yet so please! serve us the season 2 (if ever there is one) right away!!

    Min Tae-Yeon is the perfect BADASS, and SMEXY vampire for me now! Damon Salvatore and Emmett Cullen are now 2nd and third in terms of my own ranking! HA!

    Min Tae-Yeon, couldn’t you get any more hotter? you’re so hot and I so adore you so much it hurts!!! :))))


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