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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 368
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EPISODE 368. Broadcast on January 8, 2012.

javabeans: The Friend Special continues! So Team Seung-gi / Su-geun get to the beach first and the flag is in sight, but the last twist is that they have to pick up their ditched teammate — Seon-kyun — and pull the flag together. And since Seon-kyun’s beppu Tae-woong is on the other team, nobody here has his phone number, or even knows what kind of car to look for. Seung-gi starts to call Tae-woong, but they decide that asking would give the rival team a hint.

girlfriday: That’s just mean. The other team has the total advantage there.

javabeans: Trying to get the number a different way, they suggest that Seo-jin start calling around to his other actor friends, literally playing telephone in the hopes that somebody will have Seon-kyun’s number. Ooh, will we get to see how Six Degrees of Lee Seon-kyun plays out?

girlfriday: Ooh, I wanna play! Let’s see… oh this is harder than it seems. Okay, I’ve got it: Lee Seo-jin did Kye Baek with Cha In-pyo, who did Daemul with Go Hyung-jung, who did Sandglass with Lee Jung-jae, who did Triple with Lee Seon-kyun. Whew! Had to bust out some old school associations for that.

javabeans: I can shorten that: Lee Seo-jin did Lovers with Kim Jung-eun, who did Forever the Moment with Uhm Tae-woong! In Korea, six degrees is two degrees.

girlfriday: But you have to play to Seon-kyun!

javabeans: Well, they’re doing 1N2D now…

girlfriday: That doesn’t count.

javabeans: Says who? That’s the game!

girlfriday: I say! You’re blatantly disregarding the rules! Hmph.

javabeans: The rules you just made up? HA! Fine, I’ll do another one: Lee Seo-jin was in Damo with Ha Ji-won, who was in Haeundae with Park Joong-hoon, who was in Arrest King with Lee Seon-kyun. The funny thing is, I think you can get from Seo-jin to Seon-kyun about a dozen ways.

girlfriday: >__< *feet stompy* you win.

javabeans: Tae-woong / Jong-min / Ji-won’s team gets there a bit later and receives the same instructions. Since the other team’s car isn’t around (they’ve driven off in preparation of meeting Seon-kyun, whenever they get in contact with him), they decide their opponents must be way ahead. Woo-hyuk may be ready to kill his team, but at least he’s reachable, and they start coordinating so that his team can pick him up at his car’s final destination.

girlfriday: Whether or not he wants to be found to comply or to strangle them is a matter to be dealt with later. The upside for this team: Woo-hyuk is just down the beach.

javabeans: Seung-gi gets the idea to call Seon-kyun’s PD (smart!) and that does the trick. I love how Seung-gi’s all rushed and anxious about being overtaken by the other team, but Seon-kyun is totally sure they’re fine and tells him, “Ya, ya, ya! Don’t even worry about it! They’re nowhere in sight!” Then he turns to his PD and asks, “I’m better than Uhm Tae-woong when he started, aren’t I?”

girlfriday: Ha, he totally watched and kept score!

javabeans: Now I’m re-picturing Seon-kyun volunteering to hitchhike in the last episode, while his internal monologue squees, “Yes, finally, this is my chance! To show the world I am better! Woooooo~!”

girlfriday: I find it surprising how his PD just hands him the phone though, like she’s not one of Na PD’s henchmen at all.

javabeans: Maybe he supposes it’s more exciting to facilitate tortoise-hare reversal. Woo-hyuk’s team finds him on the side of the road and speed toward him, honking their horn, in such a rush that I half expect to them to just open the door and grab him as they drive by. Tae-woong sits in the middle seat so Woo-hyuk pointedly says Jong-min ought to be sitting there — so he can strangle him.

girlfriday: He manages to reach over and get a few hits in, which I guess shouldn’t be that surprising in that sardine can of a car.

javabeans: Dong-gook’s behind the wheel of Team Tae-woong and he decides to take a shortcut, instead of going the long way around. Woo-hyuk declares that they trust him to know the way, since he has that faith in him every time he scores a soccer goal. Ha. That’s cute, but also… uh, driving =/= soccer. They arrive at the beach and see the flag… just as they see in the distance… Team Seung-gi, who’s just arrived. Eeee! It’s a footrace to the finish! Run, run, run! (I’m not sure who I’m rooting for. Just run!)

girlfriday: But Su-geun’s team doesn’t seem as hurried, which makes me suspicious. Tae-woong’s team beats them to the flag and pulls it out, declaring their victory. They toss Woo-hyuk in the air to celebrate and enjoy bragging rights.

javabeans: Seung-gi wonders how they missed seeing their rivals. The winners thank Dong-gook for his nifty shortcut and Seung-gi bemoans their loss…. just as Ji-won and Woo-hyuk spot something written onto the flag. “This is fake. Kekeke.” Oh noes!

girlfriday: The real flag is buried in the sand just behind them, and Su-geun admits with a laugh that they’ve been there for thirty minutes. Ha.

javabeans: Flashback to Operation Fake-out, T minus thirty minutes. Seon-kyun had arrived and met up with his team, and Su-geun had suggested the fake-out.

girlfriday: Su-geun tells the other team how cool Seon-kyun was, volunteering to be ditched, and Tae-woong adorably chirps, “That’s MY friend!” Aw.

javabeans: So cute. Seung-gi has to praise his friend too, so he says, “And then Seo-jin hyung said, even more coollly, ‘Okay, you stay.’” Not even bothering to fake-protest. Ha. The losers strip down to their shirts for the punishment dunking, and each take their dive. Jong-min goes in first, and the captions point out that Seo-jin seems to be enjoying this especially. I think he may have wanted to take a dip the least out of everyone, so he’s grinning ear to ear.

girlfriday: Jong-min seems to come out a little screwy, ‘cause the first thing he says is, “It’s too salty!” The captions: “Well, it’s the ocean…”

javabeans: Woo-hyuk takes a flying leap into the water, while H.O.T. plays in the background. Man, he must’ve really been young back then, huh? Because he still seems pretty damn young.

girlfriday: Yeah they were tiny. Well, we were too I guess. Ha.

javabeans: I just remember they had that crazy look that was half Edward Scissorhands, half Teletubbies.

girlfriday: Yup. That pretty much sums it up strangely well.

javabeans: Omg, Tae-woong is so cute. Everyone has to say a little thing before their dive, and he speedtalks through his, ending on, “Seon-kyun-ah! Let’s be closer friends in the new year! I love you!”

girlfriday: Eep! So CUTE!

javabeans: I think he should give Seon-kyun a huge sopping wet hug, don’t you?

girlfriday: Yes! He misses his chance though, ‘cause Seon-kyun greets him with towels as soon as he gets out. Ji-won and Dong-gook get ready to go in together, and Seung-gi comes up to Ji-won, asking if he doesn’t want to take off another layer before jumping in. Ji-won answers no, but in this hilariously cutesy baby way, like “No~~” that cracks me up. Seung-gi mocks him, adding even more whine to his version.

javabeans: Shower time. Now, I love me some shower bromance as much as anybody, but does the sultry song selection make you feel a little icky? Especially with the way they cut the scene, all slow-motion doors closing…

girlfriday: Like something naughty might go on in there? I think I’m okay with that.

javabeans: I love how the editors make it seem like they’re on a mission to get a shot of Dong-gook’s washboard abs. They tried at the beach, and now that they get a glimpse as he’s changing, they replay it in super-slow-motion. Granted, he has some nice abs.

girlfriday: They almost pass it by, and captions literally go, “Wait…” and rewind! Cue chorus of angels. Hahaha.

javabeans: The guys sit around while the others wash, and Seon-kyun wonders, “Why is the day so long?” Seo-jin says in this voice that’s hilariously bewildered, “That’s the first time I’ve ever had to force eat!”

girlfriday: I love that they’re the ajusshi room, just lying around, and in no hurry to go back out.

javabeans: Hee, the PD calls them out, and they answer, “Okay” — and then stay where they are, chatting. The footage goes in to fast-foward to show us that they stay there for 5 more minutes.

girlfriday: Na PD takes them to basecamp, a village so hidden in the mountains that they didn’t even know the war was happening in the rest of the country. Su-geun gapes that it’s just like Welcome to Dongmakgol. Na PD says it’s as if the place were made just for their severe winter training camps, because the temperature there is a full 10 degrees Celsius colder. Yeesh.

javabeans: The bus comes to a stop, but not because they’ve arrived. Na PD says something nobody wants to hear: “You want us to push?” The road is so iced over that the bus can’t go any farther, and everyone heads out into the road while chains are put on.

girlfriday: They struggle with the chains ‘cause they’re not long enough to go around the large bus tires, and is anyone else concerned that Seung-gi’s sticking his face underneath the bus, in the path of the icy tire? That’s one expensive face you’re sticking out there.

javabeans: No, not the moneymaker!

girlfriday: Right? You don’t see J. Lo sticking her ass in dangerous places!

javabeans: They manage to push the bus out of the ice patch, but that seems to be missing an important point: You wanna take that bus back DOWN the hill? They have one pickup truck that can take them to their destination, which means two seats in the enclosed space are up for grabs, with the rest to ride around in the open truckbed. They stand around trying to figure out gets the warm seats and offer one spot to Seo-jin, but accepting wouldn’t look great for the image, right? Finally two of the dunkees, Tae-woong and Woo-hyuk, claim the indoor spots and the rest climb in the back. They’re sort of enjoying the ride but also half-in-disbelief. Like, “Is this crazy? This is crazy.”

girlfriday: Dude, it’s crazy. It makes me cold just to watch them.

javabeans: Heh, Tae-woong asks if there are wild boars around. He must be thinking of his movie Chaw.

girlfriday: They arrive at the deserted school that’ll be their basecamp, and trudge through the knee-deep snow to do the arrival opening. Not without some horseplay though, with most of them rolling around in the snow.

javabeans: Did they get bitten by the crazy bug? Tae-woong positively cackles as he grabs Jong-min, and then gets pushed over himself.

girlfriday: I think maybe they did get a little loopy from the winter convertible ride.

javabeans: Seung-gi exclaims that although the ride was bumpy, now that they’re here in such scenic environs, what do they think? It’s a softball pitch for the answer, “It’s beautiful.” Instead, Seo-jin deadpans, “Eh, it’s just okay.”

girlfriday: He’s hilariously dry. They whine to Na PD that they’re hungry, so he proposes a team relay race in the snow. The winning team gets five packets of ramyun, and the losing team gets one. Woo-hyuk’s competitive spirit starts upping the stakes, as he and Su-geun strip down their outer layers to be extra speedy. In this freezing cold?

javabeans: Dayum, Woo-hyuk tears it up, giving his team a nice lead for Dong-gook to improve, and then it’s Ji-won versus Seo-jin… who faceplants in the snow. But some of that lost time gets made up by Geun-ho, and the last leg is Seung-gi versus Tae-woong. Uh-oh. It’s Speedy versus Dog Feet in the crucial stretch.

girlfriday: No, Tae-woong is the slowest! Why’d you put him last?

javabeans: Seriously! Who thought, “Now that’s a good anchor”? Thankfully, the lead was so commanding that his team wins anyway.

girlfriday: They deserved to win, for Woo-hyuk alone.

javabeans: Su-geun teases Seo-jin for splatting, saying it must’ve been his drive to win: “Your body was going forward but your feet wouldn’t follow.” I wonder if Seo-jin’s ever been ribbed like this. Hee.

girlfriday: They rest for a while, and Seo-jin washes up and rejoins the group, as they all ooh and aah at him. Su-geun calls him Art School Hyung, which cracks me up — that’s so his style.

javabeans: It’s apt, though. He’s totally the broody emo boy with swoopy hair. Seo-jin lies there and says, “I can’t tell if this is a dream or real life.” Cut to a clip of all the weird, surreal things he’s done today. Seung-gi asks if he’s ever had such a tough day before, and Seo-jin thinks it over and says not since army boot camp. “But at the army, they feed you.”

girlfriday: Ha. That should be a t-shirt. Na PD: Worse than the army. I’m sure the boys’ll file it away for their next labor union strike.

javabeans: I love that the nickname Art School Hyung totally catches on, and now everyone’s calling him that. He sleeps through ramyun time, and I’m wondering if it’s worse to wake him up, or eat his share.

girlfriday: They point out the hilariously awkward truth — that Art School Hyung missed his window to join the group when they asked, so now it would appear uncool.

javabeans: Right? It’s like this pride thing. Or saving face. So then to save face for him, his dongsaengs bring mouthfuls of ramyun to him, insisting he eat, and then he lies back like some Roman emperor. Ha, this cracks me up.

girlfriday: Su-geun points out that Dong-gook keeps looking over at Geun-ho, worried that his hoobae doesn’t get to eat. Aw, how cute. He offers to share, but when Geun-ho asks, “Really?” he totally takes it back, “See if I give you any.”

javabeans: The crew sets up a jokgu court outside, while the boys have some time to nap and rest. Ji-won asks if Seon-kyun’s any good, and Tae-woong vouches that Seon-kyun’s good at everything. Aw, I can kind of see that. Like Seung-gi’s big brother.

girlfriday: Yeah I’m totally getting the same Seung-gi’s hyung vibe from him. They’re the same kind of good at most things, but then hilariously bad too, like when it counts. Aw, how cute that while everyone else naps, Seon-kyun and Tae-woong stay up to spend more time together.

javabeans: When we resume after naptime, Seo-jin is given the lead in introducing Dinner Bokbulbok, which he is adorably terrible at. The words are written for him and he’s a little more into the spirit of things now, but he’s still self-conscious and awkward. This is so weird, since he’s such a good actor. But maybe that’s the thing with actors who need a role to play.

girlfriday: Na PD says they’ll play a series of games, and three pairs of friends will get to eat as much as they want from the food truck. The two losing pairs get a box of potatoes. And a kitchen.

javabeans: Seung-gi wonders why the two national athletes in particular seemed to lose their energy at the sight of these games, since athletics is their forte. Dong-guk says he’s never seen a show where they won’t feed you, and that when watching the show he thought the producers would take it easy on the guests behind the scenes, but that there’s none of that here. Geun-ho says, “I’m confident in my athletic skills, but I’ve got to eat!”

girlfriday: The first game: ping-pong. Round 1 is Seung-gi/Seo-jin vs Tae-woong/Seon-kyun. It starts off well, but Tae-woong loses the first point without even taking a swing on his turn.

javabeans: Tae-woong’s never played ping-pong before? Did he have NO fun as a child?

girlfriday: This is surprising to you? Has he played any games before?

javabeans: Well, he may be sorely lacking in the childhood games department… but ping-pong? Everybody knows how to play ping-pong! Turns out Seung-gi’s not great, either, and Su-geun labels the two of them their team black holes.

girlfriday: Haha, Seung-gi stops to comment that Seon-kyun is so nice to Tae-woong, not raising his voice once to his ping-pong-challenged friend. He says that Seon-kyun’s totally not that shouty guy from dramaland.

javabeans: Do you love how he leaps in front of Tae-woong to make the return, though? Hee. Tae-woong is so bad he automatically blurts, “Ah! It’s me again” when he messes up, and now Su-geun (the commentator) adopts that as his nickname. Ah, Me Again.

girlfriday: Woo-hyuk adds that he’s totally forgotten Seo-jin’s name because they keep calling him Art School Hyung, but seriously, that nickname is perfect.

javabeans: Seo-jin and Seung-gi win this round, advancing to the finals. So now it’s the other two teams: Su-geun and Geun-ho versus Jong-min and Woo-hyuk. I have this feeling that Woo-hyuk’s going to kick some butt… but then he misses a slice serve, trying to be all cool. TWICE. Haha.

girlfriday: We’ve found someone worse at games than Tae-woong!

javabeans: Ha, it’s funny because he’s missing for a completely different reason, though — Tae-woong flat-out can’t hit the ball, but Woo-hyuk’s trying to make winners and ends up grazing or mishitting. I’m not sure which is funnier. Jong-min says, “Hyung, we have to eat!”

girlfriday: But before they know it, it’s matchpoint, and Woo-hyuk takes a ping-pong ball to the eye. I’m sad for you, but dying of laughter.

javabeans: I’m pretty sure this hurts his pride much more than his face. He laughs, totally embarrassed.

girlfriday: Su-geun and Geun-ho go up against Ji-won and Dong-gook, and Geun-ho makes Dong-gook redo his serve because they weren’t ready. Everyone oooohs that there’s no sunbae/hoobae when food is on the line. Dong-gook: “You like food better than your sunbae, don’t you?” Heh.

javabeans: It’s a swift climb to 6:0, with Ji-won on the losing end. He asks Su-geun (who’s a strong player), “Are you just going to let this air, all boring like this?” So Su-geun give him an easy serve… and Ji-won misses. HA. Now for the final match between Seung-gi / Seo-jin and Su-geun / Geun-ho, which is pretty evenly matched, but the latter team wins. So they win food truck privileges, while the rest have to play through more games.

girlfriday: It’s so mean because Na PD has them eat right next to the starving members on purpose.

javabeans: Ji-won asks if that’s fair, but trust Na PD to have intentionally made that part of the game. To taunt them. And it puts everyone into speed mode, all wanting to just get to the game so they can win dinner. You know, in that way that you try cooking when you’re starving and almost eat raw meat because you can’t wait for it to cook.

girlfriday: It’s the strawberry game with fish names for the first round, and predictably, Tae-woong is the first to be eliminated. Damn, even among guys who just learned this game today? Still?

javabeans: And that surprises you?

girlfriday: Sigh. I just want to give him a crash course in childhood games.

javabeans: Haha, and now Seon-kyun finally lets it burst, yelling at Tae-woong and shaking him. HAHAHA.

girlfriday: HEE. I guess shouty Seon-kyun DOES exist outside of dramaland.

javabeans: Woo-hyuk’s out next, and as he goes, he sighs for somebody to knock Seung-gi out, since Seung-gi’s so good at this. His partner Jong-min doesn’t get Seung-gi, but he manages to take out his partner Art School Hyung.

girlfriday: Seon-kyun’s next, and I’m pretty sure that’s 80% of a swear that comes out of his mouth on the way out. Jong-min follows.

javabeans: Then there were three. Seung-gi goes after Dong-gook, who’s actually pretty good at this… and manages to knock out the king in the next round. Seung-gi’s out!

girlfriday: Twist! I didn’t expect that at all.

javabeans: Me either. Is it just me, or is everyone just thrilled that Seung-gi didn’t win?

girlfriday: Right? When one person is annoyingly good, it screws with everything.

javabeans: Yes, when he’s above and beyond the level of admiration, into “Let’s take down this punk” territory. Ji-won and Dong-gook get to eat, so now it’s the final round. Same game, with fruit this time.

girlfriday: Jong-min whispers to everyone that they’re going to attack Seung-gi first, and Woo-hyuk points out that he doesn’t have to whisper. Ha. Su-geun chimes in from the sidelines that if they want to eliminate him, they have to go for Art School Hyung first, and Seo-jin shoots back, “Aren’t you leaving?” Pffft.

javabeans: This round culminates in a Seung-gi versus Jong-min match-up… which, again, I wouldn’t have predicted. Jong-min gets some whispered advice from Su-geun, and cackles his way back to the circle. The tip? “You’ll never get to eat.”

girlfriday: Ha. You know it’s true.

javabeans: And when Jong-min loses, he basically looks like a malfunctioning robot. Everybody dies laughing.

girlfriday: Hahahahaha. At least he loses entertainingly. It slays the whole room.

javabeans: Seung-gi and Seo-jin make their way to the food truck, and Seung-gi calls Woo-hyuk their MVP. He’s good at everything… but has no luck. So it’s potatoes for Seon-kyun, Tae-woong, Jong-min, and Woo-hyuk. Now the big question: Can anybody cook?

girlfriday: I’m thinking it’ll be extra embarrassing for Seon-kyun if he can’t cook, after playing such a famously cocky chef on tv. Next week: the big jokgu match, where we’ll get to see the famous soccer players shamed. I’m sensing a theme here…


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    Super recap! But why must good things end? Wae? Wae? Wae?

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    Thanks so much! Loved this episode 🙂

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    Ps. Is there anyone out there other than me who’s hating Seunggi’s stylist..WHY WHY does he/she always give Sgi ahjusshi hair? WHY?! I really loved his look in MGIG and the MV of ‘Let’s Break Up’. But I’ll love Sgi nonetheless, regardless of his good/bad hair!

    • 27.1 Emelita

      My guess is, his people want Seunggi the singer/actor to have a different persona from Seunggi the variety show …err person. He seems to like donning some kind of headgear when he comes on 2D1N too.

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