Dramabeans 5-Year Anniversary Giveaway #1
by | January 1, 2012 | 2,410 Comments

javabeans: Happy New Year! Another year has zoomed by — time flies when you’re watching dramas, don’tcha know — and 2012 marks an extra-special moment for us at Dramabeans, because the site turns 5 this month.

girlfriday: Happy birthday Dramabeans! You’re finally old enough to go to kindergarten!

javabeans: Or advanced into middle age, if we’re talking cat years. And as we know, the internet = cats.

girlfriday: Well that explains where all the time from the fourth dimension went to, ‘cause I certainly don’t FEEL five.

javabeans: I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for half a decade. K-dramas have sucked away my youth! How is this site still going? To think, when I started in January 2007, my primary mode of thought was, “I wonder how many people would stumble onto this place randomly.” Because then that would be a measure of how many people were interested in dramas in the English-speaking world. As it turns out, a whole damn lot.

girlfriday: I find that most of life’s truths can be found in quotes from Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.”

javabeans: Also “This is my corn. You people are guests in my corn.” And “I have just created something totally illogical.”

girlfriday: See? Maybe internet also = baseball.

javabeans: In any case, we decided The Big 5 called for some celebratin’, and how better to celebrate than to give tons of stuff away? It’s a month-long Anniversary Giveaway Extravaganza!

girlfriday: We’ll be raining down presents during the entire month of January, because if you’re part of the Dramabeans community, it’s your birthday too, and birthdays call for presents!

javabeans: You might want to mark Sundays on your calendar, because every Sunday (or Monday, if you’re ahead of us in the States) we’ll be giving away something super-duper-fantastico exciting. Wait, am I overselling this?

girlfriday: Only if you’re a grinch who hates presents. Every week we’ll be asking you a question, and all you have to do is leave a comment with your answer and email address, and you’ll be entered in that week’s drawing.

javabeans: We’ll select winners by random draw. Check back a week later, and see if you’ve won! If you haven’t, fear not, because we’ll be announcing the next round as well. More prizes!

girlfriday: And they get better each week!

Giveaway #1

Question: What was your Drama First Love? Tell us about the first drama you fell in love with, that brought you over to the dark side. Don’t forget to leave a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.


  • You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD set
  • one $25 Gift Certificate to
  • one more $25 Gift Certificate to

Winners announced: Sunday, January 8th, at 8pm, Pacific Standard Time.* This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

*Or, 10pm in Mexico City, 11pm in NYC, 1 am in Buenos Aires, 4am in London, 5am in Paris, noon in Singapore and Manila, 1pm in Seoul and Tokyo, or 3pm in Sydney and Vladivostok. Okay, you get the point. (You can refer to this handy Time and Date converter to find out what this is in your time zone.)

2,410 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Selina

    Boys Over Flowers! =)

    • 1.1 banae

      Me too!! A friend told me the plot and I thought it sounded sort of silly. F4? Please. Next thing I know I was super addicted. My gateway drug to K-dramas.

      • 1.1.1 bubbletea

        Me three!

        Way back when I was in my early teens and my friends were all raving about the Taiwanese Hana Yori Dango (titled Meteor Garden), I rolled my eyes EVERY SINGLE TIME they spazzed about F4, etc. And then when BOF started, I just got hooked, though when I look back now, after watching a lot more dramas ever since, the story is actually not that awesome. Oops. Hee.

        Can’t believe 3 years have passed since K-dramas entered my life, and also opened the door to a love for all things Korean. More to come!

        P.S. I don’t really comment much, but I really am thankful to have found this site while googling for all things BOF back in the day. Thank you javabeans, and also girlfriday & the rest of the recappers & writers on this site! Y’all rawk! Happy new year to you guys!

        • Ani

          I have to say, as I said on comment 895 and countless times before: It’s the original Hanadan for me. XD

          P.S. Yes, thankful on my side as well for finding DB. It’s helped me kill time and actually save time by reading recaps instead of watching the drama. Sometimes, DB recaps are better than the drama themselves.

          • tweetsfromheaven

            Totally agree, I can’t get on with some drama but love the recaps (i.e. flower boy ramyun shop).

          • Skye

            I totally agree with your P.S. instead of making time to watch dramas, I can read the recaps instead which are just as good, and especially if the drama isn’t that great, I can still keep up with it by reading recaps instead and just focus on watching my main dramas 🙂 i love this site!! i’m so glad I found it!!

      • 1.1.2 im_eve


    • 1.2 vicky

      mine is My Girl, thanks to Lee Jun ki I got hooked with kdramas and almost everything Korean. From then on I also started loving the 2nd guy in dramas I watch (well not always but most of the time) 🙂

      • 1.2.1 Mexi

        omo! I feel almost exactly the same.. I loved Lee Jun Ki in my girl and almost always fell for the second lead too HAHA =) I blame it to my sympathetic heart for the hopeless romantic <3

      • 1.2.2 mi

        The first k-drama that makes me fall is actually My Girl.It’s the first time i know about Lee Dong Wook.&he’s one of actor i adore right now.Ya,one of reason i finally know how many times i wait he’s gone from military duty and ya,finally,he comes back!
        Well,this site is 5 years old?Well,happy anniversary then…I just find out this trully hepful&fantastic site was two or three years ago.And i’m a little bit addicted for that…
        Something i’m corious about is …can we,your readers,see the real faces of the writers a.k.a Girlfriday,Javabeans(is there any other person?)??
        well,good job!

    • 1.3 kdramafankl

      Princess Hours / Goong.

    • 1.4 Duong


      I still remember all those broody songs playing as Jang Dong Gun lies there smoking all his sorrows away. And all the fantastic sequences of them strutting down the stage. How does Kim Nam Joo manage to get sexier by the years? Also, too bad Han Jae Suk faded out of the limelight and is no where as prominent as his two co starts these days. Still – he was great in Glass Slippers.

      • 1.4.1 hjkomo

        Haha…I thought I’d be the only one for Model. 😛
        Guess that dates me quite far back…into the Stone Age. 😉

    • 1.5 Daria

      Same here. It has to be Boys over flowers. I started with a taiwanese drama called MARS. And then the Taiwanese BoF version and then Japanese version and finally Korean version. I haven’t looked back ever since!

    • 1.6 julia

      1st Shop of Coffee Prince! Still my all-time fave when I run out of things to watch. My MIL led the way to kdrama-land! Han-Gyul’s heart-wrenching teary moments still get me every time!

    • 1.7 Jane

      Guess I’m in good company, my first was also Meteor Garden, and it was quickly followed by many more…

      • 1.7.1 mi

        well,ya,i do agree.The first Asian drama i saw was TW drama actually,Meteor Garden.It’s a good start to get the feel but i’m not interested on that.Then,just see some k-dramas…

    • 1.8 im_eve


    • 1.9 phil0804

      i started my addiction with k-dramas when full house was premiered in my country, i was still in 1st year high school then. Usually, in my country the plot of tv shows are heavy dramas, when i saw the preview of full house i was really intrigued, because of how light and romantic the story was. i started watching it, and the next thing i knew i can’t take my eyes of the show. I can’t stop thinking of what will happen next.

      Now i’m on my 4th year of college, so its been 8 years since i got addicted to k-drama…. and as i grow old i still can’t help but to fall in love with them… :)))))))

    • 1.10 JasminlovesYAB

      I’ve been watching dramas for years..Korean dramas,Taiwanese dramas..and sometimes Japanese dramas.It made me feel like living in a new world and seeing new personalities and learning new things.But if the question is WHAT DRAMA is my first love?and I guess my greatest love as well..I would answer that it is the korean hit drama “You’re Beautiful”

      There’s a lot of dramas with good stories as in really really romantic one,but YAB definitely has that unique aura,until now I still can’t describe what it is,it feels like eating an ice cream,watching YAB is as good as eating an ice cream,you’ll love it and the more that it melts,just like when I am near to finish the story,I feel like I wanted to crave for more,it’s just so good,so light,so addicting to the point that even if I repeated it for almost 50times I think (and still counting),I still can get the same excitement and the same feeling as if I am watching it for the first time. 🙂

      I have a panic disorder,and watching dramas enlightens me,during that time when I am watching YAB,that’s the happiest days of my life,I can think as if nothing’s wrong with me,well,nothing’s really wrong with me,it’s just psychological but having a certain drama that I truly adore,it helps me to cope with my disorder and right now,I am slowly recovering from it,a new world opened for me because of YAB,I became an eel of JKS,I met so many good good people (YAB fanatic also) in different sites that showed me that this world is a happy place to live in.I am thankful to the Hong Sisters,really really thankful.. 🙂

      Just want to share my experience,that anything you love can beat all your worries away,in my case it’s in a form of YAB,that I am slowly overcoming my panic disorder.

    • 1.11 Kefira

      My first drama was Coffee Prince and I’ll admit it took me forever to finally start watching it. My best friend kept talking about dramas, how cool they were, and how awesome Coffee Prince was but all I could think about was the term “drama.” I thought it meant the shows were serious, depressing, and filled with lots of angst. I’m so, so glad I gave in and watched it… I’ve been a hopeless addict ever since!

  2. angle2mx

    wow! My first drama was Full house but I was hooked after coffee prince. There was no going back for me after that one. Happy Anniversary you guys and Also Happy New Years. May the drama gods bless us with bountiful entertaining dramas. <3

    • 2.1 kungfupigeon

      Definitely Coffee Prince…even though technically I saw Full House first, I read the Coffee Prince recaps here first which got me interested

      • 2.1.1 kimcheese

        WELP. Boys Over Flowers. It was my first, and after watching 8 more dramas, it’s still my favourite. At first I was veeeery skeptical about it, as my friend was watching it during an anime convention back in September ’11, and it looked about as cheesy as can be. My other friend and I called SHINee’s “Stand By Me” the “Asian Rick Roll Song,” haha (IT SOUNDS LIKE IT, OKAY). About a week later she came over and convinced me to watch the first episode… and I was hooked! Ji Hoo really got to me and his damn angelic perfectness. I’ve been obsessed with kdramas ever since. My third kdrama, You’re Beautiful, I actually pulled my first all-nighter to watch. And thus, my grades began to decline… heehee.

    • 2.2 kimcheese

      haha wow, that was not supposed to be a reply to your comment, sorry about that. derp.

    • 2.3 angle2mx

      I rebrowsed through my memory and I realized Coffee Prince wasn’t the drama that converted me. i had already been addicted when coffee prince came out so thinking back I would definitely say Delightful girl-choong hyang was my CRACK 🙂

  3. Kaekae

    You’re Beautiful is def. my 1st love. Not my 1st Drama (2nd), but the one that made me say wow. It hasn’t even been 6 months, but most of the shows I watch is now in Korean.
    and It also made me want to learn Korean.

  4. grace

    autumn sonata TT-TT those tears shed..

    • 4.1 Kay

      Autumn Sonata!! Yes, thank you Mr Hand Towel for bringing me over to the dark side.

    • 4.2 shepo

      do you mean autumn tale and winter sonata??…

    • 4.3 Kgrl

      First Kdrama Love that converted me to the dark side: Autumn Tale. Oh, the river of tears I cried.

    • 5.1 Skye

      haha, same here! my first was actually TW-dramas (Bull-Fighting, Hana-Kimi, Smiling Pasta, etc) but then I watched Goong and I was hooked. I actually read the manwha first and then fell in love with the drama, it was so addicting! I remember staying up all night during Christmas break watching the drama with my mom XD

  5. Jill A.

    For me, it was watching Eugene and Lee Min-ki have decent chemistry on “Really Really Like You”. In 2009, instead of writing a paper that was due in 3 days time. That was the discovery of one of my favorite-est procrastination methods.

  6. Aye

    Full House! Not only did it get me addicted to kdramas, but it got my other non-asian friends addicted, too.

    • 7.1 rumwow

      me too!
      I was a big fan of Rain back then, though I’ve turned away from him to some idols…well, life…
      I remember I always discussed the latest episode with my fellow kdrama lover at school the following day…

  7. April Thwin

    Wonderful life starring Kim Jae Won and Eugene <3 not the best drama out there but truly warms your heart when you watch it. I still love the little girl Shinbi from the drama!

    • 8.1 amy

      shinbi was the prettiest drama girl ever!!!! those big eyes <3

      • 8.1.1 April

        IKR! my heart ached whenever i watched her cry!

    • 8.2 Lucky

      Not my first love, but I love this drama too! I always wonder why it’s not at the top of drama lists.

    • 8.3 queencircles

      I HATED the last five episodes of this drama. Other than that it was pretty cute.

    • 8.4 Jee

      OMG. Underrated but one of the best KDramas out there heart-wise (haha). A drama you can watch and rewatch and rewatch and rewatch…you get the point. 😛

  8. Cindy

    My first drama love was My Girl, 6 years ago. My family had a Chinese channel, and they would air Korean dramas every weekend, 2 episodes at a time with chinese subs. I was around 11 years old, and I’d diligently watch with my mom every Saturday night. It was hilarious, I loved Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong-wook, and I’ve been hooked on Korean dramas every since!

    • 9.1 Cindy

      And I developed a very inappropriate crush on Lee Jun-ki, haha.

  9. 10 mangocream~

    Boys Before/Over Flowers xD Lee MinHo’s hotness brought me over to the dark side 😛 But I have to admit when I re-watch the drama, it’s very childish~ But, oh well, Lee MinHo(t) brought me into the dark side of K-dramas and kept me there for a *long* time =)

  10. 11 yervang11

    Email: [email protected]

    My first ever kdrama was in the seventh grade. I was a nerdie little girl and all my friends thought I was already a kdrama addict even though I’ve never heard of kdrama. So, they lend me a dvd copy of full house. Yes, full house (with rain and song hye go) was my first kdrama. After watching the first three episodes, I was going to give up but I didnt. By episode 12, I got to the part where rain went to the press conference. I started crying my eyes out in front of the tv. My whole family thought I was crying because someone had died. Lol. after my first kdrama, I converted info kdramaism

  11. 12 dramagurll

    BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS! i was always obsessed with dramas (somewhat) before from my parents since i would watch with them when they were watching tv. but after my friend introduced this to me, i was completely hooked and soon watched goong shortly after. this has led to my drama obsession today.

  12. 13 ravin

    For me the first drama that I watched, was not the first I fell in love with. My first big, addicting, can’t live without you, drama love was Coffee Prince. And I’ve never looked back.

    This is the first time I’ve ever commented on a Dramabeans post before. 🙂 Thank you for all you do!

    • 13.1 Moko

      surely my way into kdrama was exactly the same

      though I first converted to japanese doramas and later became addicted through people talking about the awesomeness of some kdramas

      it might be my third year now and I have learned so much about kdramas through this website!!


    • 13.2 Sujji

      It was the same with me ‘ravin’. Got terribly addicted with K drama land due COFFEE PRINCE and very much also due to Gong Yoo 🙂

      This is also the first time I’ve ever commented on Dramabeans. I probably visit the website more than 10 times a day everyday though… LOL!!

    • 13.3 Melissa A

      I completely agree ‘ravin’… I saw 2 other dramas on 2 separate occasions when I went on vacation to the Philippines. The 3rd visit was a charm, because I caught a couple of episodes of Coffee Prince and had to watch the rest. I bought the DVD’s and became obsessed with K-Dramas. I introduced my younger brother to K-Drama’s through Coffee Prince… he loved it and I almost got him addicted (but he was able to fight the urge). He then introduced his now ex-girlfriend to K-drama’s through Coffee Prince…and now she is definitely addicted to K-Drama’s. The cycle of K-Drama addiction….

  13. 14 julianna

    The very first kdrama that brought me over to the dreaded dark side was Boys Over Flowers. I have watched a few dramas before but ohhh boy when BOF came out, was I one crazy fan girl! lol Now looking back, I laughed at my ridiculousness…
    Anyway, happy anniversary DRAMABEANS!~

    • 14.1 julianna

      oh yes and my email address is phuongduyenng (@) gmail (dot) com.

  14. 15 Emy

    Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary!

    I’ve been watching dramas since I was very little — a lot of my old/first drama loves would be a lot of the older Chinese dramas, including JOURNEY TO THE WEST.

    However, when I discovered Kdramas the few years back, the one that pulled me to the dark side is 1ST SHOP OF COFFEE PRINCE.

    emy [at] emyshin [dot] com

  15. 16 Lyna

    My very first drama would be “Glass Slipper” since that was the first that introduce me and my mother into the Korean drama genre since it plot was intriguing and one I haven’t seen before in the Hong Kong drama and it was one that really hit hard where it hurt .. one minute I was laughing and the next crying like a baby .. in term of comparison with Hong Kong drama, for me I always see HK drama as light and haven’t really had one that hit me hard … but w/ korean drama, Glass Slipper brings out the crying me that I didn’t even know I have and for a drama too … seeing the 2 sister losing their father, getting separated at birth, fighting for affection of one man and just when So Ji Sup end up getting girl, the drama end up stabbing me with that one unexpected twist of event (one I am still sour on about) but of course, it bought my mother’s love for So Ji Sup to light and my love for Kdrama …

    • 16.1 Lyna

      Plus it also bring me into a worldly view that I didn’t even know there was such as a country name Korea itself that had it’s own drama genre … before it was all just HK drama that I grew up with thinking that’s the only type of drama that I will ever know (as it was the only type that got dub into Vietnamese) … that is until Glass Slipper appear and lo and behold, there are other type of drama out there … bought a worldly view to me that there are kdrama, jdrama that exist out there … and hip hip hooray, HK drama is not one that I’ll have to live my whole life watching only!!!

      Glass Slipper I must say bought me to the world known as Korea!!!

  16. 17 rigby

    Coffee Prince

  17. 18 Lina

    I fell in love with City Hunter! I never liked Lee Minho’s acting before but after watching City Hunter, I have fallen madly in love with him and the drama itself. Paired with action, mystery, and a touch of romance, City Hunter got me hooked and wanting more every Wednesday and Thursday. I was so sad that it ended but I am still hoping that there will be a second season!

  18. 19 Mawiie

    Mine was definitely Goong! When I watch it back nowadays, it doesn’t seem as good as it was in my memories, but I still have a soft spot for that drama. It was the first one that made me locked myself in the house for 3 days during summer to marathon, it was the one that made me befriend the ones who are now like sisters to me, it was the one that made me fangirl with my mom… Ah youth! Basically, I blame Goong for the fangirl that I am today haha. It was definitely my first step towards the dark side (or what I know call affectionately “the noble cause”)

    • 19.1 observantzani

      That’s my also my favorite! It’s the only drama that I actually rewatched more than once. I know it has some plot holes especially towards the end but nevertheless the couple, laughter, and angst are things that I can relieve over and over. Although this didn’t bring me to the dark side, but it definitely changed my perspective on the Korean dramas. (I didn’t get what why it suddenly became popular in my country. I casted it aside as overrated and boring… until Goong came along.) Hahaha, it was actually finding dramabeans that made go to the dark side. I was looking for summaries on dramas that were recommended to me and I happen to chance upon this site.

      PS. I don’t need to win the giveaway. I just wanted to share my drama love. lol

      • 19.1.1 bubbletea

        observantzani, I agree! I think, giveaway or not, it is always exciting to talk and hear others talk about how they began their K-drama obsession!

        I was crazy about Goong too & rewatched it a few times too! Although by the time I finally watched it, it was already a few years after it was shown in Korea.

        In my earlier comment above I’ve already mentioned how BOF was what opened the door to K-dramas for me, but coupled with Goong and then Delightful Girl Chun-hyang, the fascination grew into an obsession.

        K-drama love for the win! <3

  19. 20 purty.sunshine

    My first drama love was the Japanese drama Hana Yori Dango. I watched it airing in Japan while I was studying abroad and thus began my obsession. It transcended into Taiwanese dramas and then, finally, the best of the best: Korean dramas. Now all I do is watch dramas. Wow, interesting to think of how a group of four flower boys turned my world upside down.

    • 20.1 Nabby

      Same! Oh man, the Japanese HYD was amazing.

  20. 21 gella

    My first drama love was Full House. I watched it 3 or 4 years ago. But what made me watch drama after drama and made me look like a raccoon today is Chae Rim and Lee Min Ki’s Dalja’s Spring.

  21. 22 yogic

    Yippee this is fun!

    My first ever k-drama that I watched completely was Full House (I started but never finished Winter Sonata- yawn, and Dae Jang Geum- sageuks still aren’t my thing). However, that wasn’t the drama that started my addiction. That honor goes to Coffee Prince. I’m pretty sure I played the beach scene 5 million times. Ah, just break my heart already with the amount of loooove! I’ll be an alien toooo! See? I can’t stop. Must stop thinking about my Coffee Prince/Gong Yoo love. It was also my favorite drama of Yoon Eun Hye, way more so than Goong.

    Side note: It looks like angle2mx and I had similar k-drama experiences 🙂

    • 22.1 Miya

      For me it was 9 ends 2 out….

  22. 23 Girl Girl

    Happy Anniversary Dramabeans!

    My first k-drama was Autumn in my Heart. All the eye candy got me hooked right from the get go. Remember feeling sad for days after I finished it.

    • 23.1 shepo

      same goes to first ever k-drama is autumn in my heart or autumn tale..i was in 6th grade when i watched it…so the one that get me hooked with k-drama is full house….

      • 23.1.1 jusash

        Lordy, what with 2012 dawning and all …. I feel really old! Over the dark side for me, was over 10 yrs ago.

        Technically, also Autumn in My Heart for me, but it was milder back then. There was also far less info in english to dig up – it was all in Korean. More a case of who are these gorgeous beings running across my TV screen? (all 3 of them, chasing each other – possibly that Oppa, I found YOU! back-hug scene). Of course, I was shallow enough to follow the series right up to the end (a torturous 2ep a wk showing only and thankfully I was only on 3-4 mth holiday back home)

        But no, I wasn’t quite totally over the dark side yet with that.

        Then came Hotelier (which came about as another channel surfing result – this time in Canada).
        Hotelier entailed hunting down 3 DVDs, no mean feat back then – in a search for original Korean voicing, with Chinese or English subs – not dubbed-over versions.

        Then it was Beautiful Days (charismatic L.B.H.) and 3 other DVDs of that … and by now I confirmed 200% over the dark side.

        Along with Hotelier fan-girly days came along a beautiful Hotelier site, hosted by 2 very-giving people with a lot of heart and no agendas .. other than to spread their love of Hotelier the drama.
        Many of us internet Kdrama fans had our Kcyber beginnings stemming from here .. which then lead us to Darcy’s, then later Soompi etc etc.
        Hotelier = a warm community, much like family which many of us early-Kdrama netizens were part of and had our Kcyber beginnings from, for manyyears until it recently closed.

        Strangely, BYJ and Winter Sonata never did anything much for me, although it was THE ONE which was initiation drama to the dark side, for many ‘Hoteliers’.

        But I knew definitely it was the one-track stubborn persistence I liked (aka the stalker who never gives up, in re-watching retrospect) which swayed me to Hotelier.

        And that remains to this day. Although 200%-certified, it also spoils me for fan-girl category because I can’t even summon 80%, to support any star.

        • jusash

          And ….

          HAPPY 5th Bday!! Thanks for letting us play and comment here. (somehow that top line got deleted in my earlier post).

  23. 24 YP

    Hotelier starring Bae Yong Jun, Song Yun Ah, kim seung woo. It was in 2001 so not sure if many people even heard about this drama hahaha ( i feel really old thinking back about it).

    It was one of the best dramas that i ever watched and few dramas in recent years can come close. Ended up rewatching this drama a few times in the past decade! For those who never watched it before, i strongly recommend you do :))

    • 24.1 queencircles

      I just added this to my list 😉

  24. 25 Blueangel

    Well this one has made me go way way way back cause i started watching when i was 9th grade and now I’m a grad student.
    The drama that totally sucked me in was All About Eve.

  25. 26 Sandrine

    Mine was My Girl, even thought it wasn’t a great drama it was hilarious. Also the drama where I totally fell for Mr. Lee Dong Wook ha. Anyway, I remember checking it out in the library with my dad because, of course, he wanted to watch Chinese Films. Thanks to the wonderful Hong Sisters, I have now fallen in love with dramas.

  26. 27 LaDonna

    my first drama was A Love To Kill but the first drama that had me hooked was Boys Over Flowers. I knew it was bad but I couldn’t stop watching it.

    • 27.1 LaDonna

      ladonnanichole79 @ yahoo .com

  27. 28 Winnie

    Yay, I was just wondering what time it would be in Vladivostok …

    My first drama love was also My Girl. I’d download the four segments of each episode, convert them to mp3, and then watch it on my iPod when no one was looking. What can I say? It’s not called the dark side for nothing.

  28. 29 julia

    I’m embarrassed to say, but, it was Boys Over Flowers. Thankfully, many since then have been *much* better!

  29. 30 Vee Bee

    That would definitely have to be Boys over Flowers.
    I didn’t know k-drama land even existed until my mothers’ friend brought me the DVD set ! Till’ then I was hooked x)

  30. 31 Alyssia

    My first drama that made addicted to korean dramas was “All About Eve”. Needless to say, Chae rim is my all time favorite. Even now, I still watch that drama from time to time and I still love it like it was the first time. It feels mediocre now because I seen so many of its kind but it still gives me that feeling of sweetness.

    • 31.1 Twinkles

      Me too, All About Eve was my chosarang!! I totally fell in love with Jang Dong Gun, he is my first K-Love…………..All About Eve was my “Obession” until BBF…………now I’m all about Jung Il Woo and his Kim Chee Kiss in Flower Boy Ramyun!!!

  31. 32 cj

    The drama I fell in love with is Glass Slippers, which I watched back when I was only 6 or 7 haha but I even then I loved how enthralling and exciting the drama was. I even blushed every time So Ji Sup came on screen >o<. I cried at the end when (spoiler!) chul woong (so ji sup) died because of seunghee, and yunhee was left all alone. And so, the heart wrenching moments of the drama lead me into the world of K-dramas and their infamous plot twists 🙂

  32. 33 NN

    Happy anniversary and thanks for organising this fantastic giveaways! I can’t remember my first drama love but what I do remember is my first K-drama love – Autumn in my Heart. I cried buckets and the child actors were so good. Doesn’t hurt that the adult male actors were such fantastic eye candies, too. But it was a super long lull since then as other dramas didn’t quite attracted my attention and I got with school and stuff. End of 2010, I started my full blown addiction when I chanced upon an iPhone app where I could download dramas to watch and I by chance picked up You’re Beautiful. I got so into it that I started surfing for all sorts of related info and recaps. That’s when I found Dramabeans. You’re by far my favourite K-drama related website. The recaps are so well writtens and the comments are fun to read as well. With such a fantastic resource, I picked up on other older dramas to watch like MNIKSS and Coffee Prince as well as followed new ones. Thanks for all the hard work on the website and here’s to many more good years!

  33. 34 kd101

    Waitaminute, JB, mind my silly question. I am in a carbohydrate shock so my brain is leaking. Does it mean I have to provide a short description why a particular drama is my first love?

    Btw, Full House it is.

    • 34.1 kd101

      I saw Full House back in 2005. I loved the characters to boot and bought all that the drama sold so fervently. It lingered in my mind for quite sometimes. Then last year I accidentally stumble upon the dvd set. I enjoy it very much and decided to get to know more about it and other Korean dramas as well. This eventually brought me to your website. I fell in love with it ever since,the website, I mean, not Full House. Because thanks to you now I know more about the good, the bad and the exceptional of the Kdramas.

      Congratulation for your fifth anniversary!!!

  34. 35 Ceci

    Spring Waltz! One fateful day, I was overwhelmed by curiosity, and decided to click on the link to episode 1. Two days later, while suffering from a lack of sleep, I had finished my first kdrama.

  35. 36 Jea Dan

    Family Honor!

  36. 37 Thuha

    I started with the best – Boys Over Flowers! It was the best heartache of my life and now I can’t stop. I want to watch more and convert everyone.

  37. 38 babyyer

    I watched my first ever kdrama in the seventh grade. We had a sleep over and it was only six, too early for dinner. My friend had a kdrama and it was stairways to heaven. All I had to say was none of us went to sleep that night. We cried and cried and cried that night. My friend’s mother thought we got into a fight or something. Lol. After this drama, we started watch and listening to kdrama and kpop. My friends started using Korean words and everything. It was as is they started worshipping kpopism and kdramaism. Rofl

  38. 39 Lori

    Definitely ‘Outrageous Women’ (also known as Rude Women or 발칙한 여자들). It is a 2006 drama starring my favorite actors of Lee Ki Woo and Kim Bum <3 <3 <3

  39. 40 duyenng

    Uhm my first kdrama love was Full house! I had such a big crush on Rain for the longest time! lol Hence my kdrama-addiction begins. Sadly I was told there is no cure for it. xD

  40. 41 Pandahstar

    My first drama love? I’ve been watching kdramas with my mother since I was a wee little pandah, but the earliest one I remember getting hooked on is Stairway to Heaven!

  41. 42 purplegongju

    funny as it seems the endless love season dramas were my first kdrama love..autumn in my heart.. winter sonata.. as much tears and frustration it brought it started this addiction.. come on wonbin hehe although the last two werent great

    • 42.1 maria

      holy christ on a cracker, wonbin YES!

      let’s face it: my first foray was actually meteor garden (dao ming sz, represent :P) but my first kdrama was a little drama called autumn in my heart and this little actor called won bin reeled me in with his little smiles 😀 hahahaahaha! 😀

      buuut i think i fell right smack in love when i watched My Girl. GONG CHAN FOREVER!!! ..well, okay, throughout the years i maaaay have been forced to be erm, disloyal to my *gong chan forever* mantra, and i literally have moments where i’m like, “i never though i’d… ~love~ like this again…” ‘
      ….but when along came gong yoo in coffee prince, and eric in que sera sera and lee jung jin in bottom of the 9th… lee min ki in dal ja’s spring… kim soo hyun in dream high… jung il woo in RoI… go soo in green rose… jang geun seon in you’re beautiful…. hyun bin in sam soon and secret garden, daniel henney in sam soon… lee seung gi and bae soo bin in brilliant legacy… lee shi hoo in prosecutor princess… kim bum in wwswtm… lee min ho in city hunter…chun jung myung in what’s up fox cinderella’s unn… well, what CAN you do, right? …wow, i just listed down my love life right thurr 😛 hahaha! 😛

    • 42.2 pipit

      5 Years eh? Happy anniversary to us then. Doesn’t realise that I’ve been following this blog that long. I love it then and love it still now. And I think I’ll love it even more as it’s getting older.

      Yes, it’s kind of embarrassing to say that it’s the season dramas that were my first Kdrama plus Stair Way to Heaven. Those dramas that were meant to dry your eyes sockets really had a big pull back then. But it’s Full House that really really made me loved Kdrama and turned me into an addict. Who could resist Rain’s adorable cute smiles and the Cinderella’s storyline?

      And no offense intended to those who love Boys Before Flower, Meteor Garden I will always be my first love and the best version of HYD for me.

    • 42.3 deasy

      yes me too, Endless love is my first K-Drama it was aired when i am in the elemantry school and i never forget it even until now. just like people say first love never dies it seem with what do I feel to endless love. I really hooked to Won Bin, eventhought he is the 2nd lead, but in my heart he is the one. as I remember endless love bring K-Drama fever at that time in my country indonesia. so then many other TV Station followed to aired korean drama. then drama that I would never forget is ALL ABOUT EVE and HOTELIER. I never missed to watch every K-Drama which aired in my contry eventhought I was still in junior high school at that time. my love to korean drama is continued until now. nowdays my love to K-Drama is getting bigger everyday. thanks to dramabeans because of you I can get any current information about drama. I always read you everyday. I always open you first before I open my FB everytime I go online. before the Drama is aired in my country I already know the story. that’s why everytime a new drama is airing my frieds always ask me about it.

  42. 43 DEEH

    MINE IS YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!! Even though its not my first drama, but this drama has definitely made me go crazy!! It kept be crazy for a whole month.. and after the drama it was even worst. I went on dramabeans while at school just to eased my pain, then go home a watched it raw! It was the start of my maga drama addiction.. after that i’ve been scared to start good dramas.

    • 44.1 foolmoon

      lol… it’s the same here in Indonesia, tv station dubs all the foreign dramas. I could never understand the reason! It really ruins the mood of the drama. I say, if you are old enough to watch a drama, then you must be old enough to read subtitle. *smh*

      • 44.1.1 Mana

        Lol same here but in my case it was on the Turkish National television. I really hated to watch anything which is dubbed back then, it didnt matter if it was a Cartoon/ Drama/ tv show or documentary. If there was a alternative to watch the original with subs I would search for it and with this reasoning I found Korean streaming sites which I still visit to get my daily dose of Korean dramas.^^

  43. 45 kate

    Witch Yoo Hee

  44. 46 Yeng

    my first k-drama love was probably Goong. I got addicted to romance drama ever since I watched that. Although that drama has many flaws, it did leaves me a great impression, and some scenes will never be forgetten. then I stopped for a year because I didnt find anything interested me, until princess’s man come out in the summer, and I consider that the best romance drama I ever watched.

  45. 47 Alexis

    My first k drama was full house! I was introduced to it by my friend and after that drama, i was hooked and started watching my girl, my name is kim sam soon, making me more… hooked. Haha.

  46. 48 Swt

    Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary! 🙂

    My first drama that brought me over to the dark side was Full House in 2005. I think the first thing that came to my mind when I watched it was: “Wow, why are these people so good looking?!” Ever since then, I started researching dramas and boy was it a surprise when I found out that Rain/Bi was actually a singer before an actor. During the days of dial-up internet, I would purchase dramas from YesAsia. When I found YesAsia, I thought I was in Heaven! Thanks to Full House and the exposure to the drama world, I can truly say I am a drama addict.

  47. 49 febulous

    Sassy Girl Chun Hyang! =D
    I’ve never beeen a fan of K-dramaland until I watched Sassy Girl Chun Hyang.
    Sassy Girl Chun Hyang was the one that turn me from dorama (Jdrama) fan into Kdrama fan.
    Really fall in love in everything in that drama.
    the OST, the cast, the plot…
    That was absolutely my all time fav K-Drama.

    • 49.1 guizy93

      this was also my first drama. my sassy girl Chun Hyan. Orginialy I have always been a fan of japanese dramas but after I stumbled upon this drama and the first episode just blew me away with the funny. And with the start of this drama, I couldn’t stopp~

  48. 50 ji

    Oh boy. I started watching such a long time a go, it’s hard to think of my first. 첫사랑 (first love) I think. Hotelier too! This question makes me feel OLD!

    • 50.1 JK

      I second that. Bae Yong Joon was so broody and mysterious! I still remember the kiss scene where you only see his silhouette in slow-motion.

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