Dramabeans 5-Year Anniversary Giveaway #2
by | January 8, 2012 | 1,494 Comments

girlfriday: And the birthday bash continues!

javabeans: As promised, we’re kicking off a new round of prizes, so if you didn’t win this time, you’ve got a brand new chance to try. Just please don’t break our site.

girlfriday: Yeah, who knew free stuff would bring this many people out of the woodwork?

javabeans: I know everyone likes free gifts, but it was surprising to see how much delurking resulted. Hello, lurkers! Say more stuff!

girlfriday: It’s a good thing we’re only doing this for one month, because if the prizes get bigger and bigger each time, we’d be giving away cars and spaceships, and before we know it, we’d have to close up shop.

javabeans: Wait, you’ll give them ideas! To clarify: We are NOT giving away cars. Or spaceships. Those are exclusively for personal use.

girlfriday: Spaceships are a pain to get licensed for anyway. Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes and anniversary cheer! Without further ado, drumroll please…

Congratulations to the winners of our Dramabeans 5-Year Anniversary Giveaway #1! The lucky three are:

  • Musinglaiying, winner of a You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD set,
  • bubbletea, winner of one $25 gift certificate to Yesasia,
  • and soserious, winner of the other $25 gift certificate to Yesasia.

Winners, keep your eyes peeled for emails from us! Thanks to everyone who entered, and shared hilarious stories of their first love affair with K-dramas.

Giveaway #2

Question: What new thing have you done in the name of K-drama? Has becoming a K-drama watcher made you start eating kimchi, travel to Korea, or switch to soju as your drink of choice? Tell us about some way in which watching dramas has changed your everyday life. (*Don’t forget to use a valid email address, and this time please indicate at the bottom of your comment if you are NOT a resident of US/Canada.)


  • $100 gift certificate to
  • 1-year premium membership at DramaFever (US/Canada residents only)
  • 1-year premium drama membership at CrunchyRoll

    DramaFever offers free legally-licensed dramas and movies with high-quality English subtitles. With a premium membership you can watch unlimited, commercial-free, and enjoy extra content as well as unlimited mobile device access and high-definition. Check out recently added titles here.

    CrunchyRoll offers free legally-licensed Korean/Japanese/Chinese dramas and anime with English subtitles. A premium membership lets you watch unlimited commercial-free episodes in high-definition, and gives you early access to all-new episodes. Check out the selection here.

Winners announced: Sunday, January 15, at 8pm, Pacific Standard Time*

*Or, 10pm in Mexico City, 11pm in NYC, 1am in Buenos Aires, 4am in London, 5am in Paris, noon in Singapore and Manila, 1pm in Seoul and Tokyo, or 3pm in Sydney and Vladivostok. Okay, you get the point. (You can refer to this handy Time and Date converter to find out what this is in your time zone.)


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1,494 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Tracy

    Started learning Korean! (: And it also made me start eating Korean food, like kimchi ^^

    *I’m not a resident of US/Canada.

    • 1.1 pipit

      So do I! Kdrama makes me learn Korean. I was taking a Korean course eventhough it’s very far from my house and had to sacrifice my Saturday for it.

      Thanks God now the office offers Korean course for free with a Korean native speaker as our Sonsaengnim.

      And I start going to Korean restaurant and visiting Korea.

      But most importantly I get a wonderful new family here!

  2. Vayne

    Watching korean dramas has made me want to eat korean food whenever I can. Whenever there is an opportunity for korean food or soju I always find myself drawn to them because of all the delicious dishes I admire in the dramas. If it wasn’t for korean dramas I cant imagine having as many good meals as I do now.

  3. Dux

    Listening to K-pop! My “Best rated” list is now filled with K-pop, especially OST. it’s ridiculous, but oh so good!

    • 3.1 crazy4kdramas

      Me too! It has also made me stop watching regular tv! I practically live in kdramaland.

      *I don’t live in Canada or the US.

  4. Chloe

    Congrats to the winners! For me, I had never liked anything spicy. This was of course until I started to become obsess with kdramas. Now I am obsess with kimchi and even love a few other spicy dishes. Guess it was more psychological than anything. Go figure.

  5. afth120

    I’ve starting dreaming in Korean…very, very short conversations. :)

    Thanks for everything, javabeans and girlfriday!

    • 5.1 hajroutta

      hahahahahahaaaaaa :DD

      @afth120: you made me laugh sooo loud that my room-mate was shocked =p =p !

      What new thing has barged into my life in the name of K-drama?

      Sthg weird actually !Everytime i happen to watch a subtitled American movie : I expect to hear a ” deah ” instead of a ” yes ” an ” annyong ” instead of goodbye” and of course a ” kamsahamnida” instead of ” thank you ” .

      That’s when i realised how addicted I’ve became to kdrama !

      PS: I’m NOT a resident of US/Canada.)

  6. Melissa :D

    I think I did my first few all nighters in the name of Kdramas 😛

    • 6.1 mud

      Awww… me too! I mean, this probably speaks volumes about my priorities, but I absolutely put my foot down about pulling all nighters for studying exams. But when I’m all caught up in the magic of certain drama crack, time just flies, and before I know it my mouse is already hovering over the next episode button and the sun has rose. Good times =)

    • 6.2 kimcheese

      me three. staying up all night working on projects and essays? nope. watching you’re beautiful? yes.

    • 6.3 cloudsandsky

      Gawds. Watching k-drama instead of doing homeworks? CHECK! Leaving laptop and internet connection ALL NIGHT to download shows? DOUBLE CHECK! Hahaha!

  7. Bretchops

    Well in the name of K-drama I have started slanging some Korean and going aisshh….when things go wrong…..:D

    • 7.1 Blondie

      I’ve done the aisshh thing too! My niece looked at me like I was a total weirdo – not fun when I’ve always been the cool aunt!

    • 7.2 Ace

      I’m saying/yelling, “yah!” and “omo”. :) Calling my friends ajuhmma & my brothers ahjusshi to tease them!

      • 7.2.1 El

        Yeah, me too. I’m calling my mother “oma”, my father “aboji”, and my older friends “unnie”. At first, they said that these so weird, especially my father. He was very hate about k-drama, very different with my mother. But later, they even answered my called like these are our language and I started think, what happen with all these people? Ha3.

      • 7.2.2 crazy4kdramas

        I use “yah” all the time too! But people in the country were I’m living think, “that foreigner is really picking up the local expressions!” because they also use it, but mine is just from watching k-dramas!

      • 7.2.3 Ace

        I forgot that I also mutter stuff like 진짜 (jinjja), 정말 (jeongmal), 다왔어 (dwaesseo), 몰라 (molla), 제발 (jebal), 미치겠다 (michigetda), 미친놈 (michinom), 미첬어 (micheosseo), & 죽을래 (jugeullae) among others. I’ve yet to say any swear words though. Have to ask my Korean friends to teach me. 😉

        • Ace

          for dwaesseo it’s 됐어

        • riin

          oh man,
          I have a bad case of using Korean expressions all the time (and then nobody understands me) 😀 I use all the abovementioned phrases, my favourites are: ‘aishh’, 미친놈, 미치겠다, 갑자기, aigoo and ‘omo’. when my computer doesn’t work properly or something weird is going on I shout out ‘mooyaah!’ and I now laugh in Korean ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

          I travelled to Korea to do volunteer work and also entertained my new Korean friends with my limited vocabulary like: 우리 끝났어~

          I started lurking on dramabeans and this, among other things, has certainly made me more attentive to the plot devices .. and I always start to explain to my friends how watching kdramas is actually a very very intelligent thing to do.. because you know.. they use this and that kind of devices and they have excellent sense of humour. etc.. you have taught me a lot about character analysis!!

          I’ve stayed up all night to watch dramas (several times)

          I have started to listen to kpop

          I have started to giggle alone in a corner in front of my laptop and my parents think I’m weird 😀

          I made a new friend because we discovered we both like kdramas

          I started learning Korean and I have reached to a point where I can watch episodes without subtitles.

          My friend, who happens to be Korean, just visited me, and my other friends were amazed at how we communicate – they actually looked at me with big round eyes and asked me: ‘Do you actually understand what she is saying to you and do you usually converse like that???!!’ (she speaks in Korean and I speak in English, so that must be interesting to watch)
          anyways, thanks to kdramas, I now have another good friend and I feel like they have inroduced me a marvellous culture that a lot of people are, sadly, missing out on..

          I THINK that’s all 😀

          I am NOT a citizen of US/Canada or wherever they speak English as a mother tongue 😉

    • 7.3 Ani

      *facepalm* That’s soooooo me! I eventually had to be careful because sometimes it made me seem like a total wannabe.

      • 7.3.1 Kim

        I’ve done the same thing. I yelled “yah” at my brother all the time. He even asked me what that means once xD.

    • 7.4 anicheung

      Oh man! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I realize that I started doing that as well not long ago, so I’ve been watching myself since my parents keep looking at me funny. They’ve been watching a lot of K-drama too, but since they prefer Cantonese dub over Korean audio with subtitles, they don’t pick up on those little details. I’ve even started using a lot of Korean words interchangeably with English whenever talking to my half-Korean best friend who knows of K-dramas but doesn’t watch them religiously like I do.

      I think the biggest change I’ve made was learning Hangul and developing a strong interest in Korean food and music and culture (and all the Pretty Flower Boys that I had never seen before in other Asian media). I blog about K-drama, but that’s nothing new since I used to blog about anime and other drama series from Hong Kong.

      My brother and I are on a mission to learn how to make kimbap (which probably isn’t that hard anyway) and I’ve been looking up all the recipes for stuff like japjae, bibimbap and ja jang myung; otherwise, I just go to our local family owned Korean restaurant and chow down. Whenever I go in, I delight whenever the owner says something in Korean that I might understand and I always want to say “hello” or “thank you” to her in Korean, but I chicken out because I don’t want to feel like a total wannabe.

    • 7.5 pinkpia

      LOL and here i was supposed to be the K-drama addict with my blackholes (not dark circles mind you) by watching K-drama in one go without stopping even if it is to eat, everythingelse ya i’ll DO it when i’ve got time after i finished my drama BUT my sister wins this one. She started calling me UNNIE after that there was no stopping her using aissh, aaiiigoo etc for 100th time just in a day!!! Sometimes it really gets on my nerve & i tell her to STOP she is not even Korean or in K-drama soooo she goes with THE cutest aaaiiigooo my unniee is mad at me face, now what am i supposed to do with that :)

    • 7.6 Moko

      man this is so funny I thought I was the only one soooo….I made a list:

      – I use to bow down before people, when greeting
      – I usually dream that I will meet someone who does the “aiiish” and “yah!” thing as well, and freak out having my first kdrama-addict pal
      – I call my mother sometimes “omma” and I’m not sighing anymore without an “aigoooo”, but the most often thing I say in korean is “buujaahhh?!?!?!!”
      – I have regular all-nighters, especially during holidays my metabolism sucks
      – I get uncontrollable laughing fits, I shout at screens and applaud them, or I agree with them with a loud “assaah!”
      – I became very well in english, I think subtitels played a really big role here, I also tried a little bit Hangul
      – one of the most crazy things: I AM A FANGIRL, I never thought I would romanticize with a famous person because I ALWAYS thought that was greasy … but since dramas came into my life I’m a goner, I call “ippo” every boy I think is cute – eventually I was able to accept myself liking guys, which concluded in my first disastrous relationship….blablabla ect.

      BUT! please note that there aren’t just good things about being a kdrama addict, I’m sure everyone knows about that:
      – I have extreeeem withdrawl syndroms
      – I become sad and happy like my characters – in general – moody
      – I get pissed (thanks to DB) when something sucks in directing, or plot-wise, or overall acting mistakes make me really angry
      – and the last and most severe one: the sacrifices I have to make for my selfishness – korean dramas made me think A LOT about life and I am deeply grateful for that, but they don’t make me a better person, in fact I would be better if I stopped watching them so intensly. But everything they gave me, and what the culture itself gave me through them is very precious for me and I will treasure it for my whole life. Still, the real world calls….

      PS. I’m not a citizen of any english speaking country

      • 7.6.1 Moko

        Omo omo I just realised something else today. Not just what I say, also how I say it changed. There is not just that aaiiishh coming out of my mouth. You know how every language has a different melody. The straight way of the korean language and the melody of the sentences, that’s not directly new, but it just reached my head today….does someone know what I mean?

        • Arishia

          lol, Yesssss! :)))

      • 7.6.2 cocoapyun

        ” man this is so funny I thought I was the only one soooo….I made a list:

        – I use to bow down before people, when greeting
        – I usually dream that I will meet someone who does the “aiiish” and “yah!” thing as well, and freak out having my first kdrama-addict pal
        – I call my mother sometimes “omma” and I’m not sighing anymore without an “aigoooo”, but the most often thing I say in korean is “buujaahhh?!?!?!!”
        – I have regular all-nighters, especially during holidays my metabolism sucks
        – I get uncontrollable laughing fits, I shout at screens and applaud them, or I agree with them with a loud “assaah!”
        – I became very well in english, I think subtitels played a really big role here, I also tried a little bit Hangul
        – one of the most crazy things: I AM A FANGIRL, I never thought I would romanticize with a famous person because I ALWAYS thought that was greasy … but since dramas came into my life I’m a goner, I call “ippo” every boy I think is cute – eventually I was able to accept myself liking guys, which concluded in my first disastrous relationship….blablabla ect. ”

        i think you are amazing for making this list,, everything on it is 100% true for me, english is not my first language as well, and I also find it really useful to learn certain words in korean by reading the subtitles.and i cant even count how many fantasies i’ve dream of meeting with the same kdrama mentalities as me and able to spend hours talking about dramas.

        also the bow thing. you know sometimes when you met someone familiar on the street you give a little nod well i always have to stop myself from giving a half bow, haha its contagious. Even my fashion sense seem to change. im quite short so i can relate with some of the fashion in korean, for example i like wearing baggy jumper and i’ve always like all things cute. plus korean got some really cute accesseries and stationaries. if i ever come to korea, im sure to spend my money on all these, some of them anyway, junks 😀

        /not a us or canada citizen (yesasia rocks)

    • 7.7 queencircles

      I’m excitedly waiting for some korean phase to slip out unconsciously…lol I don’t want to force it. There are some French phrases that have made their way into my vernacular. I can’t wait for Korean ones to get added naturally also… I think the first one will probably be eodilga. lol not sure why. Or possibly nappeunnom, aieshh, or geuman. For some reason, I don’t think ‘yah’ ever will.

    • 7.8 NS

      Same here. Aisshh just sounds so much better than the Englis alternatives.

    • 7.9 piang

      same here!!! I started answering people around me ‘arasseo! arraseo!’ when they’re asking me if i understand what am i going to do or if they asking for my help. And they’ll just give me a weird look.

      When I am shock I use ‘omo’ or ‘omona’ instead of ‘oh my god’ or ‘omg’. I always yell at my sister so I use ‘yah!’ she doesn’t understand me also. When I’m irritated I always use ‘aishhhhhhhhhhhh’

      When I’m watching kdramas and the characters are acting stupid I yell at them also with ‘michesseo?!?’

      korean words are just fascinating and catchy. lol

      I am not a citizen of US/Canada xD

  8. christy

    i haven’t done extreme things in the name of k-drama (yet..) but korean dramas have made me WANT to learn more korean (which is saying a lot, considering that i was almost a korean school dropout). it has also made me spend (i wouldn’t call it waste because i think the laughters and tears are well worth the investment) a considerable amount of time that i could have spent doing other (more productive things).

  9. ashnia

    I have done everything mentioned. LOL. Well almost.

    I do eat kimchi now well cause of K-Drama. LOL.
    And of course I want to visit Korea. Instead of you know the normal tourist-y things to do in Korea. I want to visit the Coffee Prince Coffee Shop instead. And the MBC-SBS-KBS building just because. Haha.

    I frequent norebangs here in TX when I’m upset and mad cause you know thats the thing to do you know when your upset. And than sing my heart out.

    I say Omona instead of Ohemgee. I say aigoo instead of oops. And I recently got into the habit of calling my parents Omma and Appa. And of course they think I am utterly weird lol

    I want to drop of college and marry a chaebol. Korean of course. HAHA. Don’t we all? Cause you know thats is possible living in America.

    Oh how K-Drama’s have changed me. LOL. And its only been 3 years.

    • 9.1 ashnia

      Totally forgot one important thing I can understand Korean now! I can’t read or write it but I can legit watch a whole drama and UNDERSTAND what their saying. Maybe not every word but at least 85-90 percent. Considering I am nothing near Korean and I learned all my Korean through watching dramas HAHA I thought that was pretty cool Lol.

      Oh Now if only my life was like a K-Drama. Where art thou my hot chaebol?

      • 9.1.1 Sujji

        OMANA!! That’s totally me. My friends think I am crazy coz I can speak Korean and watch entire drama without subtitles. Everything korean I learned was from watching dramas, in a very addicted manner :) I am an Indian living in US with nothing near Korean around me at all. It is really fun and has been an exciting journey. Now I barely ever say “Love you” to my parents or my friends…its always “Saranghae”!!

    • 9.2 queencircles

      I’m always telling my little sister she should find a cute Korean chaebol to marry. I would of course do the same if I were single lol.

  10. 10 julianna

    Watching Korean dramas made me want to try all the delicious food! The one dish that I especially love and can actually make and home is rice cake. I know it’s just a street food in Korea but here, it’s like the easiest thing I can make! hehehehe Also, I’m taking Korean class in college right now. All thanks to Kdramas!
    My email address: phuongduyenng (at) gmail

  11. 11 Nadine

    Ever since I started watching Korean dramas, I have tried the foods I’ve seen on the dramas: foods such as jjangmyun (from watching Couple of Fantasy) and also hotteok from some drama I cant remember. Before watching k-dramas, I didnt like kimchi. But now I like kimchee. I’ve always been envious of the actresses’ flawless skins so I’ve tried their makeup and beauty stuff too. my ultimate wish now is to travel to Korea and see everything in person 😀

    • 11.1 myla

      ^__^as if you read my mind :) that’s my ultimate wish too…someday, who knows right, fighting!!!

  12. 12 theJu

    I’ve started eating more Asian food, finding recipes and cooking them! No matter the drama there is always foodporn -so I couldn’t help but try to make some of what I saw. Also, now I am saving up money to go on a trip to Korea, and many other of the Asian countries.

    • 12.1 theJu

      also, everyonce in a while I actually understand several phrases/words without subs. And the biggest thing…I’ve got this strange attraction to men wearing guyliner. LOL

  13. 13 msrules92

    I’ve started learning Korean. I started with the alphabet, and I’m pretty good at reading it now. But it’s still blind reading, as I only understand 20% of what I read. It’s a relatively slower process.

    And I’ve realized I’ve become a more violent noona. Not violent in the sense that the police need to be involved, but a little smack across the head, or flick on the forehead when my dongsaeng says something ridiculous.

    • 13.1 djinni

      ditto! i started learning korean. i started calling my husband yobo and it annoys the shit out of him lol. also my fave food has become bulgogi ssam bap. i have to have it once a week or i get real bitchy.i also make my own kimchi and banchan. but here in the middle of nowhere(kentucky) we have no korean stores so i drive 2 hours once a month to stock up on all my supplies. seriously, a 2 lb container of gochujang only last me a month! oh, the things we do for love. btw, the ajussis at the korean grocery love it when i try to talk to them in korean. they always right out some “homework” for me.

    • 13.2 james94131

      Please please don’t copy the violence!!! Much of the violence in kdramas is CRIMINAL in the US and Canada. Slaps and punches are assault/battery or domestic violence.

  14. 14 Linda

    seeing as im obsessed with kdramas, i now love to eat korean food and kimchi. also, im annoying my brother by calling him “oppa” all the time and my new future goal is to learn korean <3 oh and im also in love with kpop although i dont understand it…

    • 14.1 PrincessSerenity81

      I should start calling my brothers oppa, that would really freak them out!! >_< lol

  15. 15 Noemi

    I’ve also started learning Korean! Nothing too serious, but it’s amazing how much more I can understand dialogue now that I have some basic vocab and grammar points under my belt :) Shoutout to Talk To Me In Korean—those guys are awesome! 😀

    • 15.1 come2noona

      TTMIK ROCKS!!!!

      The explanations and the repetition, the short(ish) lessons and the PDFs, how they break down the syllables and say it s l o w l y… totally totally awesome. I also love their on air relationship, how Hyun woo picks on Kyung eun.

      I have learned a lot already and I am gonna keep going!

      • 15.1.1 belladonna

        I’ve also recently started learning Korean with TTMIK! They’re making it really fun and interesting.

    • 15.2 PrincessSerenity81

      Ditto! TTMIK is the BEST of the Best in learning Korean.

  16. 16 Dalena

    Ever since I’ve been watching Korean dramas I started learning Korean, freak out if I hear someone s

  17. 17 casan

    i started to eat almost everything with chopsticks, calling every body in my family Korean titles like appa,omma and so on. sitting in a yoga position when eating, learning korean, eating ramen and drinking every soda like soju with the small glass. say the word “ya” to all my friends and act cute. byuin byuin >_<

  18. 18 titi

    First of, I’m not Korean so it was a new experience trying kimchi for the very first time after watching a bunch of people eat kimchi in dramas. Now, it’s like my favorite dish. I especially love kimchi stew! Especially with soju! That’s the best combination ever! Watching korean dramas have probably changed my life in that it has taken over my life haha I spend more time with dramas than my friends that I’ve become distant with everyone. The way I talk has also changed as I say Korean phrases like aigoo, aish, and babo.

  19. 19 cdm

    i started to learn how to speak korean (well more like understand korean). i think the main reason for this was because i went nuts waiting for english subs. my korean friend would always talk about how great an episode was and i would sit at my computer constantly refreshing a page, hoping for those goddamn subs. patience has never been my forte.

    • 19.1 Brandi

      Ha ha! Me too! Started learning Korean because I don’t like waiting for subs.

  20. 20 Karyna

    K-dramas made me start eating kimchi and also become obsessed with K-pop. Plus, I’m planning a trip to Korea this summer where I fully plan to stock up on cds and dvds at a much better price!

  21. 21 matthewetta

    1) I started listening almost exclusively to Korean music.
    2) Thanks to Boys Over Flowers, I used SS501 as a research topic for my class.
    3) Stayed up all night watching dramas on more than one occasion. 😉
    4) Went to YesAsia and bought various DVDs.
    There’s a lot of other things I want to do…such as try Korean food, especially kimchi; I get so hungry when I watch those shows! I’ve also got Rosetta Stone in my budget for this year so I can learn Korean.

    • 21.1 krisoft

      OMG i used New Caledonia for a research topic and my teacher was like WTF. It was so AWESOME!

  22. 22 Soni1597

    For the sake of Korean dramas? I’ve been pretty obsessively looking for a online Korean class that I could earn high school/ college credit for, and because that’s amounted to pretty much nothing, I force my Korean friends to teach me Korean ^0^ During English one of my friends and I pass notes to each other, and while I write in English, she writes in Korean.
    My dad’s boss’s wife is also Korean and on my birthday last year, she sent us a big pickle jar filled with kimchi….Despite the fact I’m Indian, I had a really hard time eating it because the amount of red chilli flakes, but I ate it with dinner everyday and ended up getting a super sore throat -_______-

  23. 23 Snoopy's Twinkie

    I started blogging recaps of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which then led to creating my own blogsite recapping random episodes of shows that catch my interest. =O.o=

    • 23.1 kristy

      and I love your blog too, Snoopy’s Twinkie~ those were great SKKS times! Because of kdramas, I learned there are a lot of bloggers who I share the same views with on the various dramas I’ve since watched starting with javabeans~~I have all of them bookmarked on my laptop and that’s how I get to learn of upcoming dramas worth watching. Thanks Javabeans, GirlFriday, Snoopy’s Twinkie and the many others who take the time to help us, non-Koreans, understand the direct translation as well as the related cultural nuances which complete the tone of the dialogues and the overall drama. More power!

  24. 24 WB

    I started learning Korean and met some Korean friends along the way.

  25. 25 WhiteBirch

    Watching kdramas made me get interested in korean music, mostly kpop and ballads. I’m Korean-American, so the soju and kimchi were already present, but I wasn’t really a fan of korean music until the kdrama obsession set in. And now, half my ipod is korean music!

  26. 26 Blondie

    Kimchi is definitely among my newer experiences – and the direct result of my less-than-a-year-old, social-life-sucking Kdrama addiction.

    I’ve also been trying to learn (to speak) Korean – for that trip to Seoul that Doey and I keep swearing we’re going to take as soon as we’re gainfully employed…Doey is learning to read Korean and I’m just trying to understand it (she’s doing much better)

    Kdramas have made me more open to trying new experiences and new foods (because it all eventually comes back to food with me), but I’ve found that their lure rather crimps my plans most days…I’ve frequently caught myself saying, “Just one more episode, then I’ll go XYZ.” I finally had to get Doey hooked on them so that I would have someone to talk about them with!

    • 26.1 Doey0326

      You had Kimchi without me!

  27. 27 Christy

    I’ve purposely tried to put myself in situations where a K-drama hero could come find me so we could fall madly in love.
    haha too bad that hasn’t worked out.

  28. 28 Orleanas

    I found the Korean restaurants in my area and started to frequent them. I started to follow a bunch of blogs about Korea/Korean culture/Korean drama, as well as bookmarked all the Korean drama free viewing websites so that I could access as many of these dramas as possible. I started to also learn Korean.

    *I am a resident of the U.S.

    P.S. Can links to the winning responses be provided, please? With so many people responding, it’s hard to go back to so many pages to find the winners’ entries.


    • 28.1 Sonia

      Bubbletea – pg 1
      Musinglaiying – pg 21
      soserious – pg 35

      And then you can just “ctrl + f” them.

      Don’t ask me why I took the trouble, I just like wasting time like that. lol.

      • 28.1.1 oi

        waah…thank you!
        you are kind and funny 😀

      • 28.1.2 isabelle

        Thank you very much, i tried to search but gave up after i found bubbletea – i figured she/he would have written something more

  29. 29 Dalena

    Ever since I’ve been watching Korean dramas I started learning Korean, freak out if I hear someone speaking in Korean, WANTING to go to Korea Town :3, been eating ramen A LOT more, and bothering my parents to go to South Korea for vacation or asking my parents if they would let me move to South Korea.. You can say it’s kinda changed me..

  30. 30 dancinfff

    In the name of Kdrama, I stopped watching regular (American) Television and only watch drama,
    -I’ve been teaching everyone in my house some Korean phrases
    -Trying to sign up for korean language classes as well as writing so I won’t have to wait for the subs and I can read hangul (lol, this is just a joke by the way) (:
    -I’ve become more closer to my Korean friends and I’ve stopped making rude Asian jokes. I respect Korean, Asians in general, a lot more now that I’ve seen some of their culture and where they’re coming from.

    • 30.1 dancinfff

      my email is

    • 30.2 cloudsandsky

      I agree with your first statement! Hahaha. I used to be addicted to Smallville and the likes but now, I’m more into Korean dramas! I still watch American shows although not as much as k-dramas :)

  31. 31 stars4u

    I bought chopsticks with matching spoon in a nearby Korean mart and I use it to eat at home. While watching K-dramas and a scene where they eat ramyun comes up then it would tempt me to cook one for myself. I even tried making spicy rice cakes and had my family try to mix pepper paste while cooking thus resulting my mom having a separate meal for herself since she can’t take spicy food that well… [ooppps!]

  32. 32 Magzarina

    The main thing is using Korean words/phrases in my everyday use. My younger sister who watches them with me calls me unni, and we say things like “Ka ja!” and “Bianhae” to each other all of the time. It’s like we have our own secret language at home.

  33. 33 Nars

    Started researching jobs teaching English in Korea… -______-

    • 33.1 Kas

      Me too!

    • 33.2 Sonia

      me three. lol

    • 33.3 hajroutta

      looooool! well that’s extreme obsession 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • 33.4 Chels

      Haha, me four. I want to go as soon as I graduate.

      • 33.4.1 far away

        me five!!! I thought I’m the only crazy one who thought about it! I started studying for TEFL just for that reason!

        I also use all the mentioned Korean words/phrases with my family, friends and colleagues. When I get mad at my friend I call her ajumma. I go to my brothers and tell them they should call me noona as in they have to. I use ‘yah’ with everyone I’m mad at 😛 my younger sister tries to use it when she is mad at me so she goes ‘Yah’ and when I look at her she calls my name and says ‘I was just calling your’ because in my language yah = hey that you can use before someone’s name. now even when I talk in my language I use the same tone as Koreans and my sister cuz she watched k-drama notices and goes ‘ we don’t speak Korean here!’

        P.S. thanks a lot GF & GB for this blog, I found it while looking for Bad Guy’s recap in Dec 2010 and have been around since then.

        Happy Birthday /Anniversary Dramabeans 😀

        • far away

          Oops! I forgot this :p
          I’m not a resident of US/Canada

  34. 34 Mary

    My excessive watching of kdramas has caused me to try to learn Korean, listen to Koop music, say stuff in Korean randomly and try out Korean food at any restaurant I go to that supplies them
    I love to eat with chop sticks whenever they are eating in the show and I keep up with my favorite actors, a thing I had never done before when I watched shows from any other nation

  35. 35 Lauren

    I began learning 한국어! First I taught myself 한글 (which is easy enough to do) and then I took a year of 한국어 in school. I plan to continue self-studying because it’s an awesome language. Being able to actually sing 한국 노래들 at a 노래방 like the characters do in dramas is the coolest thing ever. Put another way, the whole experience has been 대박!

  36. 36 Michelle

    Like pretty much everyone else, K-dramas spurred to take lessons in Korean. Also, eating raw fish/seafood with gojujang dip in Korea.

  37. 37 k2dah

    Eating kimchi of course! And I went to the Korean festival in my city this summer and got a wicked sunburn.

    Learning Korean has become a favourite pastime, which is a problem because now I don’t want to study for uni…

    And I constantly recap drama plotlines to my friends who don’t watch dramas to their annoyance haha. Sometimes you just gotta watch to understand…

  38. 38 mud

    Hmmm… this is a toughie, since I don’t think anything “new” has really been added since eating kimchi, spouting out random Korean phrases out of context, listening to Korean music, planning a trip to Korea to drama & 1N2D locations are now just so much a part of daily life for me that they don’t seem new anymore.

    But if I had to pick, it would be the music and food, nothing spells out love more than actively seeking out all the Korean restaurants and trying them or listening to drama soundtracks on replay non-stop. Or better yet, searching for fan made mv full of drama moments.

  39. 39 Xtineee

    Having an interest in the Korean culture and language. It’s funny, because I am a Taekwondo athlete (which is a Korean sport) but was never interested in learning the culture and language. That is until I started watching them kdramas. LOL. But it’s all good, because I do believe that since I am in the sport I should also learn the culture and language as well.

  40. 40 Maria

    I started dressing up like a Korean and started coordinating my outfits to look more like the Korean actresses in dramas. Also, I started copying the way they do their make up and hair.
    *I’m not a resident of US/Canada.

    thanks for the giveaways!

  41. 41 TiaC

    Game time! Woohoo!

    Hmmm… A couple times after marathoning dramas I have accidentally answered the phone with a “yobosayo?” It weirded my Mom out a lot…

    • 41.1 ck1Oz

      OMG :- ) did you see the tears from laughing?

      I love all your answers. I haven’t even reached the end and the answers are so cute. Yours :-) pretty good.

    • 41.2 ziren87

      lol…..that same thing also happened to me…but my friend cancelled her call and called again –she thought she dialed the wrong was due to a marathon of kdrama series and i havent had that sleep…

  42. 42 froggy

    K-drama, made me use my internet wayyy too much. I’m usally left with no internet, and slowly going broke at my ever expanding bill of internet use ><"
    Also it's made me use catch-phrases or hand symbols or anything cool from k-drama. e.g.the pif rabbit pose from your beautiful, got teased from looking too much like a pig.

    • 42.1 froggy

      *not resident of US/Canada

  43. 43 mizzxtiffany

    I’ve started eating Korean food (wasn’t a fan of spicy food before, but Korean food changed that. I love Kimchi jigae!) Watching dramas led me to listening to K-Pop since I enjoyed the OSTs. My best friend and I would randomly speak in Korean (just the simple terms). I even took an Intro to Korean Culture class last semester and I learned Hangul. Also, but random fact, on my phone, my mom is even listed under “umma” hahaha :) And, I do hope that I can travel to South Korea one day.

  44. 44 xylophonic

    I owe my current proficiency in Korean to Kdramas. I’m Korean but living in Canada all my life has made me lose most of it. Watching kdramas without subs is pretty much one of the best ways of retaining the language.

    I’ve also become way more immersed in korean culture since I started watching dramas regularly. And here’s the big change that came about; I recently got into contact with my relatives in Korea to talk about dramas! I literally haven’t spoken to them in years. It’s wonderful.

  45. 45 Felicia

    Watching dramas has made me start to pick up korean phrases. They have also made me start saying aish every time i’m frustrated. I also use aigoo a lot amoung various other phrases. My friends all think i’m weird, but i LOVE dramas.

  46. 46 MRS.Lee

    This is a good question.
    Actually, watching Korean dramas has changed alot about me. First would be, me being interested with the korean language. Yes, i tried my very best. I downloaded every tutorial i can find, i bought every dictionary and guides i can afford and luckily, it paid off. Now, i can understand basic korean sentences and i can also write korean words. Hooray! Of course there is a disadvantage about it. I speak english and sometimes it has become engrish! haha. who cares, atleast another language is another skill added on my list.

    Secondly is the food. The first korean food i ate is Shin Ramyun. To be honest, i didnt like it but after seeing Goo Jun Pyo going gaga over the noodles, I ask my mom to buy me a pack of it and now, it’s my favorite! :”> I also started to appreciate korean cuisine.

    Lastly, kdramas made me into a fanfic writer. There are always times in dramas that we’ve watched that we wished a certain scene will happen but it never did. Because of that, it made me write my own stories and the result, readers like it. :)


  47. 47 Melanie R

    **I’ve started to think that every a**hole that I meet might turn into a romantic man at the end of 16 hours.

    **I think now that everyone dies of either cancer or a car accident.

    ** I’ve started kissing my boyfriend with my lips closed tightly and my eyes wide open.

    ** I get drunk 3 times a week just to have people piggy back me.

    ** I back hug strangers just to make sure they aren’t my “fate”

    ** DAMN YOU KDRAMAS why do I love you soooo much 😀


    • 47.1 Korazy Lady

      Love this answer!

    • 47.2 CG76

      hahaha…I love it! thanks for entertaining us.

    • 47.3 kimcheese

      you’re great.

    • 47.4 Saima

      EPICCCCC!! hahahah

    • 47.5 oftheshore

      The first one made me laugh so had, because – damn you, kdramas! – I did start thinking this way at some point!:)

    • 47.6 yoomi

      great answer! hahaha love it!

    • 47.7 foolmoon

      LOL, the first one is really got into me sometimes! Only in Kdrama land….

    • 47.8 DMKO

      Ha ha haa! You are so funny! Love it.

      • 47.8.1 Moko


    • 47.9 hajroutta

      hahahahah ! NO WAAAAAAAY !!! 😀 😀 😀

    • 47.10 Lisa

      That’s hilarious… has your boyfriend grabbed your hand and dragged you out of room yet? Cause I don’t think it’s authentic till that happens…

  48. 48 adnap

    congrats to all the winners!

    haha, i love the conversation posts. i am one of the lurkers, but will delurk from now on! i used to think that the japanese language was so cute until i got into k-drama, then there is no contest, i LOVE the korean language now. i actually listened to a tape on learning korean; and wished that i had stay in school to learn chinese cuz the chinese subs come out faster! hahaa

    also, everyday, i check on various websites to get my korean fix! i LOVE this website! keep up the great work, girls!

  49. 49 collegegirl

    Learning Korean is just the start of my madness. I started using Korean emoticons and expressions on my facebook ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. I also added Korean language in my computer after that. In high school, I always use Korea as my topic for my Speech class. Then, I preferred hanging out with my Korean friends and sunbaes at school because they are really awesome and they teach and inform me EVERYTHING about Korean-related stuff (they even taught me how to do sign of the cross in Korean ^_^). Then, I started eating Korean food (my first Korean food is 갈국수 and kimchi) But my favorite is Korean BBQ! It’s the BEST!!!. After food, I started listening to Korean songs (kpop to trot to OSTs). From Korean songs, I also went to 노래방 and sang Korean songs. Then, when I turned 21, soju was my first drink! I loved it so much that I even drive 1 hour to go to asian market where they sell soju ^_^ I also drink Hite, the Korean brand beer endorsed by. Now, I even hunt down and shop for Korean-brand cosmetics endorsed by Korean artists. I also like to google Korean fashion and sometimes, I copy the way they wear their accessories and hair.

    I am a US resident and my email address is

  50. 50 stratosphere

    I’ve become obsessed with learning Korean (I’m taking classes at school), and I constantly have bits of drama OSTs or even dialogue stuck in my head. I also learned how to make kimchi fried rice (saw it for the first time in my first drama, Coffee Prince, and HAD to have it) and ddukbokki, and will walk a mile in freezing weather to get the best bibimbap in town. Breakfast everyday has also become rice and seaweed instead of cereal… my roommate definitely thinks I weird. (Unfortunately I can’t keep kimchi in my dorm fridge because it would make everything else smell lol.) And best of all – next year, if things go right, I’ll be able to take a year off from college and spend the whole time studying in Korea 😀

  51. 51 Little One

    Watching Korean Dramas has changed my life. I started watching Korean Dramas in 3rd grade. I’m Vietnamese, but the number one question I get asked is if I’m Korean. Ever since watching Stairway to Heaven, I became interested in Korean Culture. I really disliked eating spicy food. However, after watching the a lot of the people in dramas go to the little orange tent and eat Korean food that looked good, I got a little jealous, and decided to try some. My favorite Asian food is now Korean Food. I love the restaurants Hoban and Dongyang Market in Minnesota. I also started to learn how to speak Korean. Whenever, I spend time on the Internet, it’s always on Dramabeans reading recaps or reading the latest Korean gossip on hot actors. Every morning, I always pick an outfit that I think Han Hyo Joo would have worn in Brilliant Legacy. Haha. I’m more addicted than I thought I was. I also love all the cute Korean things they sell at Asian stuff.

    • 51.1 Little One

      Oh! I can’t forget my KPOP addiction. I love 2PM, B2ST, JYJ, and Kim Hyun Joong. I also love listening to drama OST. <3 Congrats to Drama Giveaway #1 winners :)

  52. 52 Kaekae

    I’ve started to learn Korean (only language I’ve stuck with this long) to the point where I want to go to Korea for a short-term language school. (I had thought about going to teach English, but 2 things stop me: I have a career here; and dentists in Korea don’t use novacaine.
    so for now it is BusyAtom and TalkToMeInKorean and one day I might go to SKK (but not cause a scandal) or another language school.

  53. 53 SparkliesSkies

    K-Dramas got me into a bunch of kpop, made me nocturnal and drink more coffee( i can’t grow anymore ;_____;”), and it made me go crazy for korean merchandise. Heck, even my mom is hooked on k-dramas.

  54. 54 Duong

    I’ve loved Korean food for a long time, but all those food scenes in every drama ever has caused me to start biting long green peppers raw, heap too much sauce on my grilled pork belly on top of that awesome Korean herb (huge leaf), eat too much seaweed grass, etc etc.

    It’s also made me feel really cool whenever I walk through the Korean grocery store near campus to grab my Ramen and fake crab meat. Why so much food orgy on TV, KDramas!?

  55. 55 Freehee

    I tried Korean BBQq. I like Korean BBQ. There is a korean restaurant near the cafe at work, and let me just say, the owner and I, WE BE BUDDIES! :) :) :)

  56. 56 Leahleahleah

    because of kdramas, i learned to wake up too early (say 3-4 am) willingly to catch live streams of kdramas. This is a feat given I am definitely no a morning person who needs 6 different alarms to wake me up in the morning.

    I hate spicy things, but because of kdramas, I loved ramen noodles to the point that my family makes sure we always have ramyun noodles at home. My family supports my k-drama addiction. :)

    I learned to eat korean foods, too!

  57. 57 Isti

    K-drama’s have helped me really delve into different aspects of Korean culture. I ended up reading up about different cultural practices, some history, etc. After watching the dramas and the food that’s frequently in them (not a good thing to watch when hungry by the way…) I’ve started cooking Korean dishes, including side dishes. The sheer amount of different side dishes is a bit daunting! My dduuk bokki is pretty good if I do say so myself. I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve started getting used to the different flavors in the food (though mine isn’t nearly as spicy as it should be-I’m weak) because I’ll be going to study abroad in Seoul this semester. I’m really excited to have this experience and even more excited to be able to learn and experience the culture first hand. K-drama’s while awesome, didn’t really “inspire” rather they were a gateway and I found out a lot more along the way because of the door the dramas opened. I think drama’s are a really good thing to get into because they make you curious. But really you yourself have to look into things like the culture because the drama is itself fictional-even if it does have deep roots. Thank you dramabeans for the opportunity to win these amazing prizes. We appreciate all the hard work you do on this site!!!!

  58. 58 classied

    I started taking Korean in college and am on my third semester so far. I’m actually in the middle of completing my study abroad application for SNU/KU for the fall semester (which is a pain in the ass; forms essays etc.). Tbh, in the beginning I just wanted to understand shows without subs but now I’m actually really excited for this study abroad opportunity.

  59. 59 Ace

    Question: What new thing have you done in the name of K-drama? Has becoming a K-drama watcher made you start eating kimchi, travel to Korea, or switch to soju as your drink of choice?

    Done all three. Slowly learning the language too. Aside from kimchi, my new grocery items are ramyun, chocopies, pororo Yakult, Elastine shampoo, & bokbunjajoo. I used to go to bookstores only before whenever I go to the mall, now I always shop/window-shop @ Étude House, TonyMoly, Skinfood, The FaceShop, Missha, Nature Republic so my facial care products/make-up have changed (FYI: I love the products coz it works! People I know are always inquiring where I get my facials done. 😉 )

    Now, I’m researching how to do my own kimchi!

    *Not a US/Can resident

  60. 60 hpn88

    Since starting to watch drama’s:
    1) I’ve started listening to K-pop (I guess once you start you can’t stop).
    2) Watching variety shows
    3) Eating Korean food more often
    4) Understanding Korean – I accomplished my goal of watching an entire drama without subs this year!
    5) And now I’ve visited Seoul as well. I kind of want to go back and see more of then country-side.

  61. 61 Eeefu

    Happy Birthday again, Dramabeans!

    I started making kimchi fried rice at home. I started learning Korean. My ears perked up everytime I heard strangers speaking Korean. I started playing cello – thanks to Beethoven’s Virus. I can go on and on.

    I’m Canadian – I’d love the 1-year premium membership at DramaFever prize. :)

  62. 62 Keira

    I started learning Korean and I also noticed that I bow my head to people who are older than me.

    • 62.1 Eeefu

      omo – me too!

  63. 63 Victoria

    In the name of KDramas, I have started irritating people by saying FIGHTING! all the time. It makes people laugh, and think that I am crazy. :))

    *Not a resident of US/Canada. :)

    • 63.1 John

      Re: Fighting !

      The wife and do that as well. Lol .

  64. 64 Sunrain

    Thanks to kdramas I have listened to so many beautiful ballads and have been introduced to many awesome K-pop groups and indie groups. I have started to learn Korean on my own since I can’t at school and I definitely eat a lot more korean food.

    Watching Sageuks has prompted me to learn more about Korean history. After watching The Princess’ Man and Tree With Deep Roots, I learned so much more about Korea’s Joseon period.

    I love learning about Korean culture through dramas too. Since I also watch a lot of Chinese dramas and Japanese dramas, it’s super interesting to compare perspectives and practices of each country.

    K-dramas for LIFE! 😀

  65. 65 Arhazivory

    Congrats to the winners~!!!! \o/

    I’ve started eating a lot more ramen and calling my family by Korean titles – unni, ahpa etc. XD

    *not a US/CND resident*

  66. 66 L.Kwon

    I think I married my husband since he is Korean and dramas led me to believe that he could turn out to be a chaebol. Or maybe love, or both. Anyway, Korean dramas definitely decided I would actively seek out another Korean and then all other traits like personality and employment status would be negotiable.

    Cuz one day I’m totally gonna find out his folks own Samsung..or do they have a Samsung kimchi fridge?


  67. 67 gusya

    Hehe…I started so many things after watching Korean dramas that my whole family said I should just move to Korea lol. I am originally from a midasian country but once I moved to US it all got sort of forgotten. Thanks to kdramas I revived some of my cultural roots ^^ First of all I switched entirely to asian music, whether it was Korean, Chinese or Japanese, it is all on my iPod! The came the Korean food, I’m trying to cook as much as I can, although failing most of the time on my first tries cause I’m a horrible cook. And recently I started to learn the language, so far I’m on the alphabet because thats all I have time for right now, everything else is spent on college and watching dramas^^

    • 67.1 gusya

      Recently I actually found out that I have some Korean relatives even though I am from Russian decent, I was so happy I was just geedy the whole week lol, it made me feel sort of proud for some reason ^___^

      Btw, thanks JB and GF for this opportunity and thats great that so many people came out to write, I’m one of those that just stays in the background lol, “lurking” from time to time. Hope you guys have many more anniversaries to celebrate in the future!! ^^

  68. 68 Hell0kittyangel

    Now, when I greet people, I always want to /bow/ or lower my head a little. I never realized that it was abnormal until my parents pointed out how they thought it was weird. >_<

  69. 69 happystar

    Watching K-dramas or any kind of Asian dramas made me love their cultures. I love looking at the scenery and the food always looks so good. I tend to be curious when I watched dramas, so I love learning about Korean cultures. I would really love to visit one day in the future.

  70. 70 happymin

    I’ve come to wear cutesy korean socks [cheap yet colourful and of great quality] from plain old long white socks. I’ve also learnt to wear waterproof eye makeup, just in case I cry in public, since I don’t want to turn out like 50% of korean drama heroines who become dreadful racoons…

    NOT a resident of US/Canada

  71. 71 Phuong Nguyen

    This sounds so cheesy, uber cheesy actually but my view on love has changed. Everything about love and the idea of it has changed ever since watching Korean dramas. Every drama has a different view on love and story line on how to obtain it. I’ve used all the themes and love stories that I have watched and used it in my daily life. I always think about Korean dramas and their love lines whenever I meet a guy. Most of the dramas I have watched are quite innocent. The love that develops is clean and sweet. I try to imitate that with my own. I stay away from lustful relationships and strictly focus on a relationship like in 9 ends and 2 outs or something.
    On a lighter note, I now use more Korean beauty products and buy Korean rice. Aha.

  72. 72 Eternal

    I think one thing Korean drama has started making me do is say the word “omo!” a lot when I’m surprised/shocked instead of “OMG” lol. Also, I started to eat out at Korean restaurants more often (dramas are really good at advertising Korean food) – this coming from a person who’s never particularly into eating spicy food. Essentially, korean dramas made me able to appreciate spicy food 😀

    I am a Canadian resident.

  73. 73 blondbs

    Korean Food, of course! Went to my very first Korean restaurant, had bi bim bap, loved it. Went again, had the same thing. Now even Trader Joe’s has it in their frozen section so I don’t have to learn to cook it at home! Sure, it’s not like the “real thing” but I don’t care! Have a bottle of soju and have yet to try it, but I will. Maybe as I watch episode 2 of The Moon that Embraces the Sun. I have also become a total ahjumma, drooling over all these cute young things along with all the other ahjummas. Wish I was young enough to be compete as a noona, but there you go. Had to watch 1. Boys Over Flowers, 2. Hana Yori Dango, and finally 3. Meteor Garden to get the full effect of the Korean dominance in romcoms. I blame my boss for getting me hooked, now I tell her which shows to watch! Thank you for feeding into this obsession, I love you ALL!

  74. 74 myr

    When I started watching Save The Last Dance for Me (2004), I also started the habit of singing Korean songs (from the OST) wherever I am and whatever I’m doing at that moment. I didn’t care if other people hear me sing songs they (and I) couldn’t understand. When Princess Hours became such a hit in our country (2008), that was when I eventually studied Hangeul and for the life of me I can now understand most of what I’m singing about.. Lol 😀

    Watching Kdrama also introduced me to the joy of eating spicy ramyun. Yum! 😀

    *I’m not a resident of US/Canada.

  75. 75 Blanche

    i started listening to k-pop thanks to k-dramas :)

  76. 76 Deeno

    Watching Kdramas has made me start eating ramen the correct way. Off the lid of the pan.

    • 76.1 CG76

      hahaha a good one! also slurp the noodle , never bite!

  77. 77 Faith

    I’ve started learning Korean and I listen to a lot of korean music now. I sometimes wonder how I never used to know about Korean dramas or music so it’s so awesome to have it now!

  78. 78 Anjo

    Watching korean dramas made me do so many things. I picked up so many habits from it T_T They’re not healthy habits either.

    Kdrama characters tend to talk to themselves in order for us to understand their inner thoughts… I’ve picked up on that and it just makes me look crazy. I watch so many korean dramas and listen to so much kpop that i am starting to think in korean. My native language is not english, but I think and dream in english only… lately i’ve been thinking in korean. Also, I’ve learned how to use aegyo to my advantage; learning from the pro Soo Jung.

    I went to New York last fall to watch the SM Town concert. Bought myself a ticket and borrow hundreds of dollars to go. I hope I don’t regret it lol! I’m also learning korean and I’m gonna be studying in korea this coming fall. Yay! I swear I’m not a koreaboo though. I just love my drama and kpop that much.

  79. 79 Angela

    I first grew obssessed with kpop thanks to Lee Hongki’s fabulous vocals in You’re Beautiful. I began losing whole nights of sleep to watch koreans. My friends started to think I was crazy because it’s all I talk about. I started bowing to people in public and at school or when I’m out and about I’ll accidentally say something or answer in Korean (I’m actively learning). Now instead of craving pizza I crave white rice. I even started saving up to make a trip to Korea. KOREANS ARE MY LIFE NOW (No joke-and I’m okay with it).

  80. 80 muggledore

    You have NO idea how much watching Kdrama changed NOT only my JOB/Profession but also my lifestyle..

    Just thinking about it scares me!! ahaha!
    I am a nurse my profession but its not really my passion to work in that field :( After a year of working in a hospital, I got EXTREMELY BORED and decided to do something I WANT for a change, so, fueled with my growing craziness with anything related to South Korea, I took a part-time job as an ESL Instructor (basically, teaching Korean students English).. and that’s where my life made a 360 degree turn…

    I got hooked!!! Crazy Obsessed!!

    To cut the VERY long story short,..

    I quit my job and became a full-time ESL instructor for almost 3 years now.

    I’m learning Hangul from my students on my free-time.

    My company “tried” to send me to Korea but the freakin’ Embassy kept on denying my Visa, for 3 times already!!!!!

    I’m a part-time KDrama addict( spends 12-4am watching new dramas/reruns).

    Full-time Bigbang and 2ne1 fan-girl. :)

    …and Oh! I’ve got Park Bom’s hair color and Dara’s perm..

    I know. I know. I’m crazy!

    I’ve got supporting documents if you want guise :)

    • 80.1 muggledore

      ~ sorry for the long rant!

      and I forgot! just in case..
      Not American or Canadian :)

    • 80.2 Sonia

      I lurve 2ne1 !!!

  81. 81 annie

    thanks to kdramas i’m trying to find one of those handsome, perfect, doting, forever loving but never gets the girl 2nd male leads but of course know they don’t exist in real life **sigh**

  82. 82 danayaa~

    Ohh..If I were to answer you’re question,that would be really long..I can’t even remember when I started doing crazy things in the name of a kdrama,here are few of the things:

    -Recently I’ve been downloading 720p episodes and pulled out allnighters watching it. To think that the bandwidth speed in my counctry is soooo slow.
    -I organized the stuff in my laptop & was surprised to see that kdrama ost songs and kpop are dominating my music player, I even separated them from the rest of non korean songs.
    -I started studying hangul, and managed to memorize the alphabet and reading words in 1 day.
    -I can now understand 60% of what they are saying,although I’m still not confident that it is right.
    -I’ve been shopping on Gmarket, and my wallet is cursing me now.

    *I’m not a resident of US/Canada.

  83. 83 dowon

    while in korea, i visited the dae jang geum theme park, all in the name of seeing the replica kitchen, which was a lot smaller than it looked on tv. did i mention it was like 2 hours out of seoul?

  84. 84 deanna Hale

    hmm, yep, all nighters, check, adding Korean into your everyday language – aissh!, check, trying to figure out how to make kimchi, check, ipod constantly playing Korean music, check, having your friends and family look at you as if you were an alien, also check. loving ever minute of it all, check!

    dramabeans and girlfriday, thank you so much for all your hard work and wonderful recaps! you are amazing!

  85. 85 chronocat

    I’ve picked up some Korean phrases and use them now like “aish” hah. 1N2D makes me want to eat more ramyeon. Dramas make me want to eat ramyeon Korean style with the pot-lid as a bowl.

  86. 86 Diamondlyn

    Happy 5th birthday Dramabeans! Watching K-Dramas have made me start learning korean and eating kimichi. I have started asking people if they wanna die in korean when angry, lol. As embarrassing as it is I do the “oppa” pout. I’ve also found myself calling my parents Omma & appa, and cute guys I see oppa!

  87. 87 Jasmine

    Unintentionally, after marathoning Princess’s Man at least over 20 times, I have adopted sangeuk speak. Yesterday, this girl in my class bumped into me and I said, “KAME..” LOL. Words like “omo” (every kdrama monster-in-law), “yay” (secret garden), “aishhh” (bof), “otoke” (every kdrama heroine), “call” (high kick) have become part of my everyday language. I also attempted to make Jajjangmyun on my own and epically failed, and bought kimchi out of the jar (and was yelled at by a korean mom when i told her i did this). In class, humming the most recent ost. Getting my first C when I marathoned Princess’s Man which ended with with the episode 14 cliffhanger, yay sure I was going to pay attention to chemistry when Seryung’s life was on the line.Plastering my binder with the newest set of army abs. These and many more, but do I regret it? NEVERRRRRRRR, bring on the dramas.

  88. 88 Sonia

    I’ll go in chronological order. lol

    1. Started having mid-night cravings for ramen.

    2. Started having this sudden urge (esp. late at night) to mix rice with kimchi, meat and every other side dish in the fridge and enjoy a huge bowl of bibimbap. Unfortunately, most of the times the only things I would have in my fridge were milk and beer (college student), and so I would end up stuffing my face with plain sticky rice and just imagine it to be a savory bowl of bibimbap. Finally, I hoped on a bus and went to a nearby town to get Kimchi (My college town does not have korean store :S ). Now I have my rice and ramen with Kimchi.

    3. Started saying “hwaiting” to encourage myself to do things. I have also embarrassed myself by saying “hwaiting” to some of my friends before they went to do something important. Of course they had no idea what the hell I was saying and were like WTF?!

    4. Started using chop-sticks more often. In some or k-drama, I saw someone using chopstick to even eat pastry so now I do that too. lol. In fact, I find it easier and less messy.

    4. Initially I found girls screaming oppa in k-dramas very embarrassing, but now when I see a picture of Park Jaebum or Yoo Ah In, the fan-girl inside me comes to life and I can’t help but squeal oppaaaa. lol

    5. Started learning the korean language.

    6. Started craving for dok bokki, but there are no Korean restaurants nearby, so went to the aforementioned korean market to get all the ingredients and made myself a delicious bowl of dok bokki.

    7. Have started making plans of working in Korea for some-time. In fact, I started following Martina and Simon’s page to get a better idea of life in korea. lol

    8. Got myself into k-pop. :)

    • 88.1 Sonia

      Oh and how could I forget. “aish”, “omo”, “eotteoke” have become an integral part of my speech.

    • 88.2 Sonia

      Oh my another favorite word is daebak! :)

  89. 89 badwolf

    The biggest thing kdramas have done is just open up my eyes to country’s culture that I knew next to nothing about. I’ve become more interested in Korea’s cuisine, history, culture, music scene ect. ect. I’ve tried kimchi though I’m not a big cabbage eater. I’ve attempted cooking various Korea dishes (badly then again, I subscribe to Lee Seung-gi’s brand of Korean cooking–by recipe!) I listen to Korean music (both popular and indie). I watch shows in Korean more than shows in my own language (that being English). I use random Korean words instead of English ones (and am trying to learn more!). And all because of kdramas. Thus is their power, haha. =D

  90. 90 Alison

    Traveled to Korea and stayed with a friend for a month during my senior year of high school. That was the first time I did a big trip overseas all by myself. : )

  91. 91 Sammi

    Because of k dramas I’ve tried to cook ddobukki several times. Once in particular I added waaaaaay too much chili powder to a large batch I made for some friends. Nobody wanted to eat very much of it so I took some leftovers with me to work the next day. Apparently it becomes more spicy overnight! My coworkers kept asking me why I was crying in the break room, but it was so spicy I couldn’t even taste anything for days!

  92. 92 yinnancy

    Started getting better at Chinese b/c I’ve been watching kdramas that are subbed in Chinese (which come out faster). Then started translating the Chinese into English on viikii.

  93. 93 sorcy79au

    What have I done in the name of k-dramas?
    Well I now call my brother Oppa even though neither of us are Korean (It’s funny cause he thinks I call him oompa loompa…the dork) as well as try to use Korean at least once a day. I’m even in the process of learning it at a college.
    I went to South Korea at the end of last year to see some of the shooting locations. (Went to a shooting location for Sungkyunkwan Scandal!!)
    I eat Korean food on regular occasions. (I’m eating bibimbap and kimchi for lunch as I type this)
    I now cut my fruit up to eat instead of eating them whole.
    I’ve encouraged my mum to help me purchase dramas from as she loves sagueks as much as I do. (SHARIES!!)
    I’ve isolated myself in my computer room way too many times to cry way too many tears. (I received a msg from my mum while I was at work one day saying “YOU!…are the reason I am still in my pjs at 1pm bawling tears cause they can’t be together because they are more than likely brother and sister!!” Cracked me up when I got that msg)

    So yeah, I think I’ve been effected by kdramas.

    • 93.1 sorcy79au

      Oh! and 생일축하해요!

  94. 94 Byul

    I started to learn how to read hangul( still working on it:)) freaked whenever I saw someone or something korean, tried to make my own ramyun, my iPod is full of kpop, and it’s all me and my 2 bffs talk about. Hehe.

    • 94.1 Byul

      Oh, and korean’s part of my daily language( aish, hwathing,daebak, yah!!!), i have a cnblue background on my phone, and lots more…:)

  95. 95 ravin

    Although I’m still not down with kimchi (me and cabbage have a bad relationship), food is one of this biggest changes. I had to find myself a Korean ramen pot. It just seems to taste better when eaten off the lid :)

    I also seem to be more open about my digestive problems… I blame the Hong Sisters.

  96. 96 Fel

    I started eating noodles with chopsticks and kdrama has inspired my fashion sense. I also started calling older-looking ladies ‘ahjumma’ and once contemplated dressing up as one at a halloween party.
    Been ferociously looking for korean language courses, but alas, there are very little of that where I’m from. : (

    *I’m not a resident of US/Canada.

  97. 97 Poetry_Lyric

    Hello Javabeans and Girlfriday,

    I feel that I’ve increased my attempts to learn Korean. I’ve even downloaded an app to my iPhone in order to help me learn the language.

    I’ve also noticed that I’m more willing to sit through marathon sessions of K-dramas. For example, this past year it was marathon sessions of dramas Vampire Prosecutor and Tree with Deep Roots.

    As always, thanks for the previous Give-away and for telling us about prizes on other websites. Congrats to the winners!

    Take Care,


    P.S. My e-mail:

  98. 98 Rai-Rai

    Oh, goodness, where do I begin? Since I’ve started watching K-dramas I have started…
    -Learning Korean…and loving it.
    -Saying “ya!” and “aish!
    -Eating ramyun/ramen…All. Of. The. Time.
    -Keeping the fridge stocked with gochujang (stuff is the best).
    -Calling my mom “Oma” when I want something (and I think she likes it).
    -Demanding that my little brother show me some respect, well, because after all, I am his noona.
    Last, but not least, loving this site…Happy Anniversary JB and GF!

  99. 99 Elena

    I listen to Korean music and sing in the car with it (we don’t have karaoke in Virginia), I shop at Lotte and HMart, my rice cooker is always full. I love the cooking shows, so I am experimenting with Korean food, so far just the egg roll, and pickled radish and sweet potatos. I eat Korean cabbage, but haven’t found prepared kimchi without MSG in it, yet!! still shopping! I respond mentally in Korean with simple words like, “I am okay”, “thank you”, ” I don’t want to..” etc, etc. simple words … in my head. I would like to take Korean language some day, but not going to do it anytime soon. I cannot stand watching american tv anymore.
    I am teaching my granddaughter to take better care of her skin.
    Many thanks to you all. :)

  100. 100 chipskjaa

    watching Kdramas made me learn the Korean language and listen to Kpop! The OST of the dramas were the first and the only songs I’ve known before then before I knew it I was listening to Kpop. Now I listening more to Kpop more than I do with western music. Kdramas also made me interested with the Korean language. I now know how to read and write hangeul but i’m still scared to talk sometimes, but most my Korean friends say that my Korean is pretty ok :)

    — i’m not from the US or Canada :)

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