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Dream High 2: Episode 2
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It feels sorta familiar, and yet totally different. That’s probably a good thing for a franchise show, because you want the brand to be recognizable, but who wants to see the same thing all over again?

That said, there are certain things Dream High 2 does differently than its predecessor which work for this season, and certain things that I think lose sight of what made the first one so endearing. Hint: It wasn’t the musical numbers (which were often great fun to watch) or the singing performance (which featured nice idol voices) or even the acting (which was great in some cases, spotty in others). It was the characters and the realness of their emotions, their connections, and their fighting spirit.

Thankfully, there are a few characters I love, and whenever the drama focuses on them and their central issues, I’m all onboard. But the show also has a tendency to flit from character to character like it’s got the attention span of a flea, and that gets in the way of establishing a solid connection. I hope this season doesn’t forget its heart, because Dream High without heart is just… one long music video.


Toxic, singing what is probably titled “Dreaming” although that hasn’t been confirmed yet. This is today’s ending song and it’s apparently a version of Kim Soo-hyun’s “Dreaming” from the Season 1 soundtrack… which you totally cannot hear in the melody, but the lyrics are 99% the same. [ Download ]

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Kim Soo-hyun – “Dreaming” from the Dream High 1 OST. [ Download ]

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With OZ’s idol moneymakers heading to Kirin, they shoot a video feature where they talk about the normal-student things they want to do. It’s mostly a PR move; Ri-an’s teammate Ailee makes a sad face and says she’ll be sad to say bye to her old school, and third teammate Nana retorts, “You only went three times anyway.”

JB starts to get serious and talk about violating the underage performers law, but that’s a buzzkill so the other kids shut him up and joke around.

But first, we backtrack to the end of the previous episode, with aspiring rocker Yoo-jin facing off against idol boy JB, both basically calling the other a phony. (One has no authenticity as a musician, and the other has an “I’m a special snowflake artist” chip on his shoulder the size of Korea.)

Thanks to the PA system the whole school hears, and squealing girls mob JB. Yoo-jin crawls his way out of the crowd, while Hae-sung jumps in front of her idol oppa to assure him that she’ll protect him. It doesn’t hurt that this puts her right in his face, and she starts to pucker up, leading JB to scrunch his face and shrink back. Haha.

Sadly for her (and happily for JB), the almost-kiss gets blocked by agency CEO Lee Kang-chul, who takes over and gets the girls to back off.

Once in private, Kang-chul tells JB that he of all people shouldn’t be getting into trouble, given his current punishment stats. JB’s wording regarding the school transfer is telling: “Of all places, why Kirin?” Ah, so the old place still has demons for him, does it? Interesting.

Hae-sung finds that she’s the talk of the day, but not for the reason she wants: Her seance photo has made the rounds, so now her water-soaked face is plastered everywhere. Her guitar-playing friend Hong-joo even paid for the cell phone wallpaper: “I’m a good downloader!” Ha.

Yoo-jin is feeling troubled about his argument with JB, and asks his roommate Eui-bong (the dancer who lost a gig thanks to JB’s stunt) whether he heard it too. Eui-bong slept through it, “But all the girls cursed you. I never knew till now how well girls swear!” Haha.

One of those girls is Hae-sung, who gears up to give Yoo-jin a major ass-whooping for distributing her humiliating photos. She storms into his dorm room, further incensed to see that he’s been playing darts on JB’s face, and declares that she’ll make him apologize. Yoo-jin retorts that he’ll make her leave first, and they start grappling… except her sleeve catches on his earring, which immediately makes him stand still and at her mercy.

Hae-sung smiles smugly and starts to lecture him while holding his ear, gesturing extra-wildly on purpose to keep Yoo-jin dancing to accommodate her movements. All in front of a crowd of students who gather in the hallway, laughing.

Then there’s the matter of the song that JB cleaned up for her, which Yoo-jin trashed. Tomorrow’s the last day she can audition, and if she fails she can’t even try again for another six months. Gee, somebody else has got a six-month timetable. I wonder how this will shake out?

Yoo-jin points out that he offered to fix up the song for her, but she refused. She says he’s not JB — he’s not even close. That stings, and Yoo-jin knocks her hand away from his ear, even though that leaves his earlobe torn and bleeding.

Den mother Jin-man bursts in, sees the blood, and punishes them for fighting by putting them on gum cleanup duty. Ew. Jin-man is uncharacteristically forceful, and the students behind him ooh and ahh, saying he’s just like a real teacher, which makes him grin hugely. Cute.

While scraping gum off the school walkway, Hae-sung sidles up to Yoo-jin to apologize for the ear, which he’s still peevish about.

A group of reporters and students hurry to the front of the school to watch an entourage pull up to the curb. Out of the fancy cars step CEO Kang-chul and his right-hand woman Ji-soo, then the HershE girls, the Eden boys, and another group dressed in hideous animal prints. The OZ family fans out in formation, like an army of ducks.

Ha, apparently Kang-chul was a singer in the ’90s. He gives a press conference, and the media is suspicious that this is a ploy to skirt the underage labor laws. Kang-chul calls it a way to kill two birds with one stone; his idols will get the education and development they need. He’ll also support promising Kirin students by putting them through OZ’s trainee regimen. Those who prove themselves can contract with them.

This sends the students into a frenzy. And also Jin-man, who sees this as his big chance for a debut, too. Even frumpy teacher Tae-yeon is thrilled, ripping up her resignation letter (decorated with tiny hearts) and transforming herself into an appropriately chic, OZ-friendly getup. Aw, no more hippie-nerd Tae-yeon? I liked her looking all Trelawney-fied.

The only person who doesn’t like this is Yoo-jin, practically wearing a sign that screams, “Bah humbug.”

The catch? Kang-chul has a few teeny rules. He explains this in the form of — no kidding — a dance number, led by himself and Ji-soo. (The dance is one of those musical moments wherein we understand that they’re not actually dancing this stuff out in the middle of the school.)

Yeah, it’s a little strange.

The restrictions: No cell phones. No internet. No snacking. No dating. No hand-holding outside of choreography. No playing hooky. No sel-cas. No playing with the brooms, no jump-roping, no leapfrog, no basketball.

You could save yourself a lot of trouble by just saying, “No fun.” Basically you want robots. The students are in shock at the rules, but Hae-sung reasons that you need discipline to become a singer, and that gets the students back onboard.

Ji-soo sits down her OZ idols for a primer on their new school life, which won’t be so much different from idol life at the agency and its dorms. Shi-woo challenges her, saying this is his private life they’re interfering in. Ji-soo replies that the whole country knows about his so-called private life, and coupled with JB’s previous digs about his womanizing ways, I’m thinking Shi-woo must be the scandal-maker amongst them.

Ji-soo’s the stone-cold manager who rules with an iron fist, but damn if I don’t kinda like that about her. She doesn’t seem to be on a power trip, or bitchy as a personality trait; she’s competent at her job to a fearsome degree, and you’ve got to respect that.

Ri-an starts to head out for her movie gig, but Ji-soo icily reminds her of their enforced hiatus, which applies to acting as well as performance work. Ji-soo tells her she’s been replaced anyway, by someone with better acting skills: Eunjung. (It’s double meta, given Eunjung’s tie to Dream High and status as T-ara groupmate.)

Principal Joo is impressed with Kang-chul’s plans for the school, mostly just relieved he won’t be fired. He tells Kang-chul he won’t mess with his teaching methods, which Yoo-jin overhears. He’s frustrated with his do-nothing principal, who has allowed the school to turn into an idol-making factory overnight.

The students receive their rulebooks with dismay, wondering if the teachers really mean to enforce everything. Hae-sung is willing to abide by every last restriction, which earns her puzzled looks from her buddies. When she hears that the idols will be moving in, she gets the idea to throw them a welcome bash.

Yoo-jin goes to the music store and slaps down stacks of cash, having finally earned enough to buy “my baby.” He means a guitar, of course.

That night the idols are left waiting on the front step of the dorm in the cold, having been told that they can’t come in until they’re all there. They’re still missing Shi-woo, but Ri-an lies and says they’ve all arrived, and the door opens. (She wonders, “Are they dumb?”)

They’re greeted with possibly the oddest sight ever: The kids are all dressed up in extravagant costumes, and Hae-sung leads them in a lip-synched rendition of T-ara’s “Roly Poly,” with the retro outfits and everything.

Then the song switches over to a boys’ performance of 2NE1’s “I’m the Best,” led by Jin-man.

This… is weird. Not weird that they’re performing, but that the production values are so slick that this looks straight out of a music video and not a real scene. It’s meta in a discordant way.

Plus, the fact that is just sort of goes on.

And on.

And on.

Nana and Ailee sing a duet, and then a Kirin boy tap-dances. Everybody gets into the spirit of the party, except for JB and Ri-an, who stand off to the side with bored looks on their faces.

Okay, drama, I get that you’re a music show, but let’s not get carried away by making this just one long music video. I won’t deny that it’s cute, but all kind of extraneous. Can we have the story back, please?

No? I guess not, because here we go again:

I mean, it’s cute:

But it just goes on forever, and what’s the point?

The extremely long musical sequence displays on a TV like it’s from a fictional Glee-like show. When the TV shuts off, we’re back to drama-reality. The Kirin kids face off against the OZ kids with arms crossed, and now the atmosphere is tense between the two factions.

Watching are the two teachers, Jin-man and Tae-yeon, as the “highlight” of the night unfolds. The Kirin kids tell the idols to pay up for the performance they just watched, and grab at their expensive bags, accessories, and in the case of Ri-an, strands of hair.

The girls mob JB and grab his backpack and outerwear. Hae-sung dives for a CD that falls out of his bag — does the stoic idol boy really carry around an action figure? — and takes it.

Tae-yeon calls everyone to order, rescuing JB and announcing that she will be the teacher in residence in the dorm. She gives out room assignments — JB is rooming with Shi-woo (he doesn’t like that), while Ri-an gets Hae-sung’s room. Tae-yeon explains being short of space, so students whose grades are unsatisfactory have to move out in two weeks. There are a number of affected students, including Soon-dong, Hong-joo, dancer Eui-bong… and Hae-sung.

Hae-sung says there must be some mistake — she’s the student head of the dorm, and she’s on the honor roll. Tae-yeon says that the new grades are based on their artistic grades, and while her academics are high, her practical application skills are null.

Hae-sung is stunned to be told that she was only brought to Kirin on her academic merit, while the students look on in pity, including Yoo-jin. In denial, Hae-sung insists she passed the audition, and runs off in tears.

Kang-chul goes through the student database jotting down notes, which he hides from sight when Jin-man bursts in, worried he’s being fired. Kang-chul explains that he only wants him to step down from overseeing the dorm; he gets to keep his teaching job. Jin-man tells him sadly that he has nowhere to go, but Kang-chul just directs him to find a nice place somewhere else. Or, alternately, he could take up residence on the school rooftop.

Jin-man sadly heads to the tiny room, tearfully remembering when he was scouted to join Kirin and taught Season 1’s talents. Aw, now that’s sad.

Hae-sung takes a trip down memory lane too, remembering what she went through to come to Kirin in the first place. She’d lied to her minister dad about the type of school it was, then ran to the church when he found out, insisting, “Father! Remember where you are!” Haha, she cracks me up, calling on his godly ways to escape punishment. He’d scoffed at her wishes of becoming a singer, but she’d promised to work hard and lose weight — younger Hae-sung was chubby, much like Pil-sook — to realize her dream.

Hae-sung’s locked out of the dorm so she heads to the school, and remembers the CD she’d grabbed from JB. It’s labeled “Good,” and JB is currently digging madly through his things for it. (And yes, he does in fact have a bag of toys. Ha.)

Hae-sung watches slack-jawed at the screen, which looks like… porn? Lol. Well that explains the cryptic labeling. JB mutters with mortification, “The shame… This can’t be happening.” He tries to convince himself there’s no way rumors will spread or leak onto the internet. Though really, it’s not like it’s homemade porn or anything; it’s just some movie he picked up somewhere.

Yoo-jin happens to be hanging out in the room, and he sneaks up behind Hae-sung to tease her about it. She calls him out for taking joy in her embarrassment and turns to leave, but Yoo-jin offers her his sleeping nook, which he’s already got set up with blankets.

Ri-an drops by the movie director’s office hoping to smooth things over after being dropped from the film. She asks him to tell her what she’s lacking so she can work on it, offering to demonstrate the scene she worked so hard on. It’s sweet of her in that she knows she’s a bad actress but aspires to be better. Maybe she’s kind of like Hae-sung in that way, dreaming big despite her limitations.

But the director is confused; he didn’t fire her. It was her agency that withdrew her from the project, saying that she needed to focus on her studies.

In the morning, Kang-chul and Ji-soo enter his office to find Yoo-jin sleeping in his chair. They wake him, ready to berate him for his impudence, but his comment signals a greater concern: He’d gotten locked out of the dorm and found this office open, which is why he chose to nap here. Kang-chul heads for his desk to check on his files, finding that his secret list has been taken.

They accuse Yoo-jin of messing with his papers, which he denies. He gets ushered out by Principal Joo, who scolds him for entering the director’s office. Whatever was on the list must be important, because Kang-chul warns Ji-soo that they need to recover it before it gets out and causes trouble.

There’s a new checkpoint instated at the school today, with teachers checking for contraband cell phones. Hae-sung clears the line, then cheers up to see somebody and heads down the hall beaming.

Coming from the other direction is Yoo-jin, who brightens to see her approach and waves cheerfully… only to have her turn into a doorway at the last second. JB, naturally.

Hae-sung hands him his “Good” disc, which he pretends is a gift from her. She goes with it, saying meaningfully that he should make sure to keep it secret from others, and JB readily agrees. Yoo-jin watches and grimaces.

Ri-an confronts Kang-chul about the movie. She’s not so much angry as she is desperate to find inroads to acting. She reminds him that she became a singer because he told her that singing would get her into acting faster — ha, as this drama proves quite readily — and that she did everything he told her to do, all so that she could act.

Kang-chul says he pulled her from the project because she was so terrible he was embarrassed to watch her, and she says she was so overworked that she didn’t have time to rehearse her lines. She wants to change schools and requests an acting coach.

Dance class. Ji-soo leads her idols in a dance routine, which the Kirin students then have to replicate. As we might expect, the result is the difference between watching Step Up and Napoleon Dynamite.

Ji-soo rips into the kids for sucking, and in particular Yoo-jin for not even trying. He retorts that the idols have been dancing forever and today is just their first day. Ji-soo corrects him: The idols just learned the dance today, too. That Team Kirin is so bad means they’ve never bothered to put in the effort.

Then Yoo-jin challenges, “Do you have to dance to be a singer?” She tells him that learning Korean literature requires more than just the Korean language, and tells everyone not to come to dance class until they’ve sweat at least a liter.

Half the class vacates, and Ji-soo turns over the song to JB. But before he can start, up comes Eui-bong, once JB’s backup dancer and now rarin’ to prove that he’s got just as much dance prowess. He literally gets in his face and dances up a storm in front of him.

JB is dismissive, shoving Eui-bong aside and half-assing some dance steps with his hands still in his pocket, like he won’t even bother engaging.

One more dick-waving dance pass from Eui-bong, however, and JB’s temper gets going. He takes a turn, taking on the challenge, all aggression and posturing.

I actually think the dance looks half-silly, but I appreciate the fact that the steps are basically air-punches and kicks, and you get the sense these boys would be fighting for real if they could. It’s a choreographed battle that ends with JB knocking Eui-bong down and looming over him as he claims “victory.”

Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of that troublesome list, and it’s in the unexpected hands of Shi-woo, who reads the names of all the students designated for expulsion, and the reasons for it. Among those grounds are lack of artistic skill and bad behavior. Looks like Kang-chul’s working a “cut first, make excuses later” operation.

Surprisingly, Shi-woo’s on the list too — for out of control behavior. He laughs grimly, saying, “I knew this place would be a tomb.”

Back at Dance-Off Central, Yoo-jin steps in all pissed off at JB’s disrespect of his friend, and shoves him back. He raises his fist, which Eui-bong grabs to prevent a fight, and damn this scene would be great if JB could emote.

Eui-bong tells both boys to cut it out. Yoo-jin finally lowers his fist, and JB snipes, “Dumbass.” Yeah, well that’s one way to stir up trouble that’s just been calmed.

Yoo-jin turns back and the stare-down resumes as he fumes. JB tells him not to mess around in “my practice studio,” and Yoo-jin takes issue with that wording. So JB repeats, “Yeah, MY practice studio.”


That’s the end of Episode 2, but there’s a tag afterward showing us the full performance of Yoo-jin and his band from Episode 1, which features a cameo by Toxic, a two-member (guitarist and drummer) rock band that won the competition Top Band. The song is the one posted at top.

There are good and bad things about the show, but I have to say, I’m not really feeling it. I’m engaged in any scene involving Hae-sung and Yoo-jin (and also Jin-man although we know right off the bat that he won’t be carrying big storylines). But it feels like the show was in such a rush to introduce us to everybody that it didn’t grasp a core sentiment or conflict.

The big conflict is there, and I like it — the polished idols versus the third-raters at Kirin — but we’re still dancing around the characters’ conflicts, and I want more of that. Last year, we had to wait a few episodes to introduce everybody, and while I was dying to see some people (Kim Soo-hyun) sooner, I think that for the story they were telling, we needed time to flesh out the Hye-mi/Baek-hee rivalry. Here, we’re getting little glimpses at Hae-sung and Yoo-jin, but I still don’t get what they’re about.

Hae-sung’s realization that she’s not talented was a wonderful beat that should’ve had more impact, but I feel like we’ve gotten so little about one of our best actors and characters. It makes me wonder what we’re supposed to want for her — to succeed when she has no talent? Or to find a new dream, despite being in this world?

What I do like about the character setup, which the original Dream High also did well, is that nobody’s completely right or completely wrong. I enjoyed the JB/Yoo-jin idol-versus-Artist argument yesterday, and I’m intrigued to see where the situation flipped around on them, but we barely got any of that. I love the idea of JB being a wannabe musician, an Artist-with-a-capital-A, and having this inferiority complex about it — it’s why he auditioned with guitar when he’s better at dancing, right?

It’s too bad, then, that JB is such a weak actor. He may not be the most terrible actor ever, but he happens to be the least effective at delivering what he needs to. If his were a minor role I wouldn’t care, but he’s got this rich, complex character and he’s barely getting a fraction of the emotion across.

Eui-bong may have lost the dance-off, but he was killing him in the emoting department. As was Jung Jin-woon, who I know is an idol but don’t really know anything about otherwise. I just know that he’s doing so much better that it’s a shame he has to play that angst and rivalry against a wooden counterpart. JB is actually much better playing cute than fierce and glowering; sadly, the role requires lots of fierce glowering.

Plus, Jin-woon has a great face; not in the sense of him being good-looking (though he does have a certain Park Shi-hoo-ian appeal), but in the sense that he’s expressive and hits lots of diverse facial expressions. It makes it fun to watch him, because he’s willing to go there, wherever that is.

Sadly, not only did we waste 10 minutes on dance numbers that had little point, they also took away time we could have been developing the story. It feels like the production needed to up the ante from the first season and give us More-More-More, answering that in the way of Glee-inspired wackiness. And had the segment been, say, a minute long, I’d have been onboard. But the Teacher Rule Dance, Roly Poly, I Am the Best, Nana/Ailee, and all those other songs? Waste of time. We don’t need to see music videos re-created in drama form.

All that aside, I think the show has definite potential. I’m seeing a lot of rich setups for the future: idols versus musicians, talent versus hard work, inferiority versus arrogance. In the first series, the students at the school aspired to be picked up by the big agencies and launched as idols. Here, the hotshots are already idols, so it’s a heightened underdog rivalry. It’s not about which group of trainees wins, but much more an uneven Mighty Ducks scenario.

I do think the drama’s setup and potential are more engaging at present than the actuality of the show, so a lot of my hopes are based on what I think the show could be, and what Season 1 was. I really hope Season 2 picks up next week, because otherwise I can’t see myself sticking with it.


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      Nice recap JB!! I actually think Jung Jin Woo looks like a younger version of Kang Dong Won.

      Well whoever he looks like he’s definitely one of the faves of the show!!

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    i havent seen dream high one yet but 2 looks just as good!!

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      yeah, i haven’t seen the first season either, but i’m very tempted to just watch this one.

      To everyone who has watched the first: can i start dream high 2 w/o having watched the first? or will that leave me missing things later on in the drama? what are your recommendations? pls reply!

      • 2.2.1 Ani

        Truthfully, they’re not tied together so it won’t matter if you see one or the other first. The only thing that might fly over your head are any little references concerning Season 1, which you can just get by reading the Season 2 recaps here. I’m finding that I’m actually watching Season 2, compared to just reading recaps for Season 1 and watching a few scenes here and there on youtube. I think you’ll be fine either way.

      • 2.2.2 K

        This 2nd season isn’t connected with the 1st one. But they said there’d be cameos of the previous characters, so I guess that’s the only thing you’ll miss.

        Anyhow, I highly recommend you watch the 1st season. It’s almost everything that I hope this 2nd season will be (though in a different way). It’s not perfect, but it had a lot of heart. I hope they learn from the strengths and weaknesses of the 1st season. πŸ™‚

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        For example when Jin-man was crying in this ep…yeah it was sad but if you watched the 1st season you’ll probably understand the situation more. When he was crying and thinking back to the 1st season memories I felt like crying with him and giving him the biggest hug. It was such a tear jerking moment that if you watched the 1st season you’ll probably tear up a bit more if you weren’t crying already.

        But still I recommend you watching the first season though. It was awesome, definitely one of my favorites of 2011

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        Thank-you, everyone! Now I won’t feel guilty about watching DH2 first. I still plan on watching the first season, but that will have to wait until after I finish this one. πŸ™‚
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      I couldn’t agree more. OK, we need music, afterall, but I’d rather see/ hear original songs than the awkward parodies. I’ve seen that before in “You’re Beautiful”, but somehow it looked much better there, and more suitable. This moment was… “Is this a party or a circus”? DH1 made my heart beat fast and I felt deep emotions for most of the kids. DH2… lacks in a certain way. There could be powerful conflict, but it’s like an flattened balloon. I hope, too, that things will improve next week, otherwise, I stop watching it, in order to preserve the good memories from DH1, which, I confess changed my life in a way – making me think long and hard about MY dreams and the way to achieve them. Comparing both dramas so far DH2 is like my ordinary ramyun next to the one I saw in FBRS – which was, for me, DH1.

    • 4.2 hallyukid

      yes so true…JB is lacking and I hope he improves somewhat like suzy did.

      Man when Jin-man was having his flashbacks it was so heartbreaking. All the season one memories came flooding back and watching him cry like that was breaking my heart to pieces.

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    I was actually surprised by the number of grumblings in the last recap from people because I thought people were making judgements on the drama so soon when it took Dream High a good decent amount of episodes to get it’s footing…. But then I watched episode 1 and 2, and I really hated the long singing numbers in episode 2. It annoyed the hell out of me. This is me trying to keep hope alive that Dream High 2 would get it’s footing soon in episode 3 or 4, but damn I lost about half of my hope after that long number. I love musicals, hell, I still have mad love for The Sound of Music…. But I can’t stand Glee. I don’t want this drama to become too Glee-like, and yet here it is with such a longwinded musical mash up.

    I’m not giving up hope yet. I love Kang Sora and I’m sticking around for her. I just hope I don’t lose my soul just because I like a decent amount of characters. I’m looking forward to Haesung and Yoojin becoming friends, and I’m looking forward to their story…. I just hope I don’t have to wait too damn long. X/

    • 9.1 vereelimee

      I agree with you! I am sticking around for Kang Sora and to see what happens with her and Yoojin.

      I agree that the musical number was a waste. They’re not even successfully using them. Glee at least attempts to work the musical numbers into the story, but this was just singing without furthering the plot.

      If I wanted to watch something all about music then I wouldn’t be watching a drama. The only character that I like is Kang Sora’s; but we didn’t really get anything else about the other characters. The idols seem quite pointless, they don’t seem to have given them personalities. πŸ™

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    please stick with it…for me! <3

  12. 12 li~~~

    it’s interesting that here i like the leads (or the idea of them) a lot more than the first dream high. i was never a fan of the snobby girl archetype because there’s no emotional connection for me at ALL there. so hye-mi was hard to like in the beginning which kept me from caring about her until she started thawing. hae-sung, on the other hand, is sort of a loser. she’s a bumbler without a clue, little sense of direction, and even less self-respect when it comes to who she is as a musician. i think that that’s more relatable, personally.

    the same goes for how i feel about sam-dong vs. yoo-jin. sam-dong was adorable in a puppy dog sort of way, but i always felt that music was second to how much he adored hye-mi. that irked me a bit. but yoo-jin is a songwriter, talented, driven by his own musical ambition. i sort of don’t care if he ever gets a loveline (although he definitely will) because i want him to succeed musically. whereas if the same thing happened to sam-dong, it would be less satisfying without the girl.

    i hated doing all that comparing, but the newbies’ characterizations are so much more akin to music as i’ve always lived it and loved it, that i’m going to feel really disappointed if the writing doesn’t step it up a notch. especially because i think they can really make this a music story with this setup in the way the original couldn’t.

    on a side note, jinwoon’s μ§€κΈˆμ΄ μ•„λ‹ˆλ©΄ is a great song. i think of it the whole time while watching him.

    • 12.1 hpn88

      omg I love ALL of his original music. I was most happy about him getting cast in this because if his name gets known, he has more chances to do his original music.

    • 12.2 Ani

      Whoa. That song seriously had me thinking Coldplay and Owl City. I only know Jung Jin-woon as the pretty face in 2AM through variety shows, and it doesn’t help that I only know one 2AM song – the one where all 4 of them fall in love with one girl in the MV, “I Did Wrong”(?). But he really is fun to watch here – not just because he’s pretty. Hahahaha. I love his character’s interaction with Sora’s character. *hopes for some more plot movement in the next episode and more Yoojin-Haesung moments*

    • 12.3 K

      Oh, no. I’m starting to be really worried about this. I had really high hopes because the 1st season was a blast (not perfect, but totally worth it) plus I love Kang Sora and Jin Woon is prolly one of the very few idols that I root for (because he actually writes alternative songs in real life so I have a feeling he can pull this off). But then reading these recaps and the comments… πŸ™

      But considering it has a new writer and few new directors, then that speaks a lot. I’m still waiting for Eng subs (I’m planning to take this in one go), but I hope it picks up by the next episodes.

      About JB, remember how we all cringed at Suzy’s acting during the first few episodes of Season 1? I have no idea who this guy is, but let’s give him a few more episodes to warm up. It’s his debut in acting after all. Hopefully, along with the storyline, it gets better. Or if not… Then I might just watch the 1st season all over again. πŸ™

  13. 13 BoBO

    I am missing Dream High,:”CCC

  14. 14 IamOchre

    I also agree on the comments. Dream High had not that much musical numbers and when they do, they really do it because it is needed.

    Dream High 2 wasted a lot of time on the medley. There are also a lot of antagonist here who can be even worse than Baek Hee. What I liked on Dream High is that there are really no antagonist except for the Principal.

    I also saw a lot of similarity from the first season but still it is different: They used the underdog-turned-enemy and overconfident-turned-underdog rivalry. But this time, it was on the male side.

    I just hope that the lead characters would develop more in the next episode. But I want to commend Kang Sora for her acting though it comes to the point that she is already annoying. I hope she will be dumped by JB and she’ll realize that she needs prove herself.

    I also noticed that there are more side characters in the story. Generally as of now, the second season is full of showmanship but less quality.

    • 14.1 collegegirl

      I really love Jinwoon and Sora tandem here πŸ˜€ I like how they both give their character and their acting so much life (compared to JB who sucks).

      In my opinion, I think Sora does the “it gets annoying sometimes” acting on purpose because for me, her character is on the phase of just wanting to be a singer so she can join JB. When her character realizes more (when her character has more depth), she would eventually stop the over-acting. I think for now because her character is rather childish and she has not realize something bigger (and basically just fooling around for now) she does the over-acting annoying acting.

    • 14.2 Queen

      HALLELUJAH ! I’m not the only one annoyed with Sora’s character -_- She’s the typical annoying , dumb & naive lead girl of almost all k-dramas
      I mean I already find all the other characters by far more interesting….She need to take hold of herself QUICKLY!

  15. 15 kels

    I completely agree with you about Jinwoon. He’s my fav so far, I love the way he does everything, he and his roommate are what’s working for me so far.

    • 15.1 red

      me too…im so impressed with him…he hasnt had acting experience like other idols…but hes doing such a great job.
      All I dont understand is the casting of JB…why???!?!?!…even taec I have to admit is a little better…and thats saying something

      I enjoy the side characters…hae sung’s friend, the eden back dancer more than most of the main characters like JB or Hershe

      • 15.1.1 libra80

        hi i like Jinwoon of 2am too and its great watching him here on DREAM HIGH 2^_^

      • 15.1.2 dLyNn

        agree wit u. the side characters caught my attention more than the main… except for jin woon..

  16. 16 IamOchre

    There also inconsistencies with the song.

    On the first season, Samdong and Pilsuk performed Dreaming with different lyrics and melodies.

    Then Baek Hee performed Dreaming with a different melody. And that melody was plagiarized.

    Then here, they performed that plagiarized version.

    So Baek Hee did plagiarized the lyrics and the melody but Baek Hee was able to do the lyrics first before Samdong.

    Hence, Samdong plagiarized Baek Hee’s lyrics.

    • 16.1 Rosa

      Actually, the music teacher gave them lyrics and they had to make a song with the lyrics. So, they all had the same lyrics but different melodies.

      • 16.1.1 IamOchre

        But why is Pil Suk’s Dreaming very different? The teacher even described it “very romantic” or something like that.

        • Saa

          I think it’s her tone in her song. Not the musical tone, but the mood one.

        • marc

          when you look at lyrics properly, it is kinda different, i think they are allowed to change lyrics as they see fit (even though the teacher didn’t say anything like that) but i do realize that the 3 songs have different lyrics.

  17. 17 cv

    Thanks for the recap!
    I feel you. There were just too many characters intro that nothing sticks out. Tooo much musical/singing going on—which I didn’t care much for. I mean, couldn’t they have done that later on and get the story/plot developed first? I wanted to see the main character, the problem, etc how it’s going to be handle.
    I do hope the next few episodes is more engaging because I’m not feeling much of anything towards any specific characters except maybe jinwoon–want to be a rock star–very talented–writes his own songs–his acting isn’t bad either, makes me want to root for him.

  18. 18 kaeseorin

    Well you know… at least JB’s a looker. He’s like Kim Hyun Joong in BOF.
    I agree that the dance numbers are too much. The reason I enjoyed the first season so much was because of the characters and their stories, despite the acting. I need a compelling story to hook me so I can overlook JB’s acting.

    I really hope it picks up soon.

  19. 19 hpn88

    I actually liked today’s episode better than yesterday. It felt more connected in its story telling than the first. I think I’ll be giving it another few weeks (+ I love Jinwoon and Sora).

    DH1 did a good job giving us the backstory on characters in the first episodes. You got the abandoned child story, the betrayed friend/inferiority complex arc for Baekhee.

    The characters in this just don’t seem to have those dramatic stories that helps you connect with/sympathize with them. I think that once their stories including Shi-woo vs. JB, which I think will be an interesting tidbit, get revealed the emotional tug will be there (I HOPE!!!)

    and I guess I’m a minority, but I liked the music video scene. It was lighthearted, well-shot and funny. They’re catering to their fanbase – idol star fans – so I guess it makes sense too.

  20. 20 miss unknown

    I didn’t watch Dream High Season one fully, but I liked it more than this season. There’s no connection between the characters in this season at all! In the first one, I actually feel like it’s a drama, but what is this?! It’s really like a longggg music Video like javabean mentioned…sadly…I’ll still watch it though here and there…XD

  21. 21 byul1232

    the dance the two boys do is called krumping i believe and is an actual dance style, not just some weird movement

  22. 22 danni

    Yeah, I was hoping this episode would be better than the first, but this one fell kind of flat too. I really want the show to do well, but the bad definitely outweighs the good. I think that dance number killed it for me; it was good until it just went on and on and on, I was just like, ok, I can watch inkigayo or music bank or go to youtube if I want to watch idols sing and dance, let’s get back to the story. And this is coming from someone that really likes K-pop.

    Dear Dream High 2, please get better next week. I really want to watch you, but I can’t if you just keep sucking.

  23. 23 mellowyel

    not like I have time to watch this, but I’m sad people aren’t feeling it. i would totally watch it for Jin-woon though. hope it picks up.

    does anyone know if they changed writer/PD? I wonder if that has anything to do with the lackluster response. Also, what were the ratings?

    • 23.1 sparkskey

      Did a quick search and only one of the original directors from the first season is on for the second. The script is written by a different person as well – Heo Sunghye, who is listed as 2010 KBS intern writer with 2 drama specials under her name.

      • 23.1.1 sparkskey

        Oops sorry, she wrote 4 drama specials, this being her first drama

  24. 24 h311ybean

    Oops, her name is Hae-sung, not Hye-sung. I guess I hallucinated the name yesterday?

  25. 25 sunshine

    The second season has been very disappointing since I enjoyed the first season so much. It also doesn’t help that one of the main characters irks me to no end: Hae-sung. I find her character similar to Hye-mi’s in that they both lacked the skills to be idols, but whereas Hye-mi was shown to be fierce, proud, and competent (supposedly) at classical singing and had fallen from greater heights, Hae-sung doesn’t have much to work on. Her character obsesses over her favorite idol; her dorm does this dance (really weird) and then extracts payment for it (I did NOT find that part funny); and okay, she’s kind of a jerk to Yoo Jin. I actually found Ri-an’s character more interesting because the viewer sees how hard she’s working. I look forward to the drama showing these characters train to be kickass but until then, bleh.

  26. 26 Cynthia

    Lol – these first two packed episodes makes me think of the way I make spaghetti sauce. Throw everything into my big pot, bring it to a boil and then knock back the heat and simmer to develop the goodness.
    DH2 is like that – total immersion all at once, all the players, all the music, several cameos and now let’s get to the story and watch it play out over the ensuing episodes.
    The ‘let’s welcome the idols to the dorm’ musical production was WAY overdone and much too long – and that guy/guy dance-off was just foolish (and funny, in a gayish way), but once again, Kang Sora just killed it, scene-stealer that she is. Girl’s got big acting chops.

    Thanks for the rapid recap, JB! Now I’m off to watch SNSD on Letterman! K-pop invades the U.S.A.! πŸ™‚

  27. 27 Hipployta

    I’m watching for Jinwoon and Sora. So happy that Jinwoon’s drama job is going so well. He’s acted in MVs before.

    Jinwoon is an idol…he is a member of JYPs’ ballad group 2AM which is a part of OneDay. Their counterpart is 2PM. They have music videos but I prefer live performances.

    2AM’s I Did Wrong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FX5k6BQXSs&feature=related

    2AM’s Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzaBPzhLaOw&feature=related (which was also their first win almost 2 years after their debut and I still tear up)

    Jinwoon also performs as a solo rock artist. All along that has been his goal and last year he released a two singles and performed at rock festivals. He plays the drums and guitar regularly.

    Our adorable maknae

    • 27.1 Hipployta

      Eh…I forgot this awesome video since I Did Wrong is more of a dance pop song for them

      You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls and Like Crazy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klZU1QwQVZM&feature=related

      • 27.1.1 Uca

        He also appeared on 8eight – Goodbye My Love MV along with Kim So Eun and Jung Gyu Won. He was good.

    • 27.2 Ani

      Ah. So he’s gone solo? I think I appreciate his character more now that I know that’s not just some idol kid. I like that he has tried breaking into the Rock genre. See, that’s the one thing I scoffed at while watching the drama despite me liking him: the whole I want to be a rocker when in reality he’s a pop child. Not that I’m complaining, but I have close friends who are hardcore Rock Enthusiasts and heads would roll if they heard about an idol trying to act as a serious rocker in a show. Now I have mad respect for the kid.

      • 27.2.1 Hipployta

        Ah I just posted under myself again with links to his rock stuff

      • 27.2.2 jinwoon

        Jinwoon was always intrested in rock music, and has composed a few songs himself and had a few lessons to polish them up. He also started his own rock band last year… He’s not ‘acting’ like a serious rocker, he always wanted to compose his own rock music and start a band but was afraid to ask Park Jin Young (JYP) and when Jinwoon showed him the compositions he was given permission. ^^

        Hehehehe, just saying~. Not trying to offend you or anything in any way. I wanted to show off my knowledge about Jinwoon. xP Sorry. >< My friend never listens about Jinwoon or 2AM so yeah S:

    • 27.3 mizweng

      hmmmm i just wanna share that he is also part of the WGM season 2 studio gang … i first noticed him there and he looks adorable with his smiling eyes… nice to know that he has loads of talents,,, not just singing but also song writing and now acting…

    • 27.4 Hipployta

      He had a mini docu that followed preparations for his rock album

      Episode 6 is just him performing at the festival http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVPZIAOM-w8&feature=related

      His song RaRaRa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFpF0xQGzT0&feature=related

      They took footage from the rock festival and BTS to make the video for his song You Walking Towards Me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCIZESre31o

      His song Psycho http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVtCr6U2So8&feature=related

      Ah…here’s fancams from his solo concert around Thanksgiving http://2amfacts.tumblr.com/post/13328146199/fancams-111125-jung-jinwoons-1st-solo-concert

    • 27.5 The Girl

      Korean rocker Yoon Do Hyun wrote a song for JinWoon.

      Yoon and JinWoon recording the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piu3Ymg9JQ8

      The MV for the song, “Now or Never”:

  28. 28 song pong

    I admit that Kang Sora is a really good actress but I just don’t like the character of Hye-sung at all. That character is the reason I’m not feeling the show so far. I like the setting and I think the conflicts the kids are facing will be interesting to watch. I’ll stick around to see a couple more episodes.

  29. 29 melonhead

    Jung Jin woon acted in GNa’s Black and White music video, which I thought he did well in, though it wasn’t much of a role. But yeah, he really has an emotive face, especially with the cutesy expressions.

    • 29.1 Meghan

      That’s when I first noticed Jinwoon, one because he looked smokin’ hot in the video, but also how cute he was. I’ve seen him act in a couple of music videos since then, and always hoped to see him in a drama someday. I was really happy to hear he was cast as a lead, and he hasn’t disappointed at all, even though he’s a rookie actor. He’s been great, and can only get better as he settles into his character.

  30. 30 stars4u

    I can’t wait how Hye-sung turns out…

  31. 31 swimmingrose

    I think JinWoon looks a lot like Jung Il Woo(esp his smile) <3

    • 31.1 aisuzieya

      i actually think he kinda resembles Shim Ji-ho whats with the mouth and jawline and that pointy nose of his. i am a new fan for both actors thx to DH2 and CoW. but im not sure as to continue watching DH2 or nt…we’ll see for another 3-4 eps..then decide on it

  32. 32 mizweng

    thanks for the recap… i actually Live streamed episode 2 last night and I was kinda bothered that the drama did not connect with me unlike its predecessor. which really excited me starting from the first episode… It was surprising cos I really like the main leads (Sora and Jin woon)… and I hated the long dance numbers too… I thought something is wrong about me and reading your post kinda made me sigh with relief… hehehe …I do wish this drama proves us wrong and really give us better episodes next week or else am a goner too…

  33. 33 doni

    The opening sequence (Kirin High PR video) totally made me aware of how much of the “REAL behind-the-scenes” clips could (note: COULD) be acting and putting on a show.

    I’ve seen more than my fair share of these inside looks into the day-to-day lives of idols, and this might be my naive side talking, but they seem normal, like they could be your next door neighbor. Then again, how normal can they be when their job is to be in front of the camera 24/7?

    • 33.1 jane

      omg so true lol that opening sequence made me think twice about the idols real personality..

  34. 34 um..

    I think they should of gave JB’s role to the guy from B2ST who was in My Princess and Flower, Me Too.

    • 34.1 li~~~

      KIKWANG. That actually would have been a great idea. He’s obviously not technically brilliant but that definitely would have been a marked improvement over this guy who emotes like he’s a bored piece of wood. Ergo, he doesn’t.

    • 34.2 Hipployta

      KiKi has improved tons…but he was still filming Me Too Flower when this started filming and Beast is going on a world tour and comeback soon so he was out. Kikwang would have met the requirements for the role though

    • 34.3 jane

      I thought so too.. sometimes JB reminds me of kikwang (when he was blonde) they look kinda similar..

  35. 35 Emmy Chloe

    I’m sticking with this season for Kang Sora. And Jin Woon. And whatever might between them.

  36. 36 lolly

    i didnt really read everything in detail, but im guessing the hye sung here and the hye sung in the original dream high is not the same right? not longer hye mi’s sister …

    • 36.1 Cabbage

      Fair assumption, since her dad’s a preacher.

  37. 37 HannaD

    Thanks for the recap.

    I’m not sure about Kang Sora… I want to see more of her acting. She’s lack of emotion. Juyeon is okay but not so good either… Maybe they need time and hopefully the Director-nim can develop their emotions.. because I love the Director-nim’s previous work…

    I must say Eunjung and Suzy did their good job.. and even our lovely IU in Season 1.

  38. 38 Dara

    The thing is I felt like I was forced to swallow all these idols all at once, and the songs/dance too. It’s like everybody wants lots of screen times. The writer may not realize that some of the viewers don’t know any of them before, and they want to see a drama first, idols-PR and MV later.

  39. 39 djes

    oh it’s a relief that Jinwoon does better in acting.. is he better than Taec?

    JB, this is his debut, I wonder why JYPE’s pushing him to get the 2nd lead role if he’s not that ready..but then this is Dream High, the idols serial.

    I never have high expectation to dramas with idol casts, so I’m gonna enjoying this as no brainy drama.

    ( ugh at least they insisted to have at least 1 lead role who really can act, Kim Sohyun and Kang Sora )

  40. 40 vereelimee

    My biggest question is can Kang Sora sing? Obviously, she can act, but not sure how they’ll pull it off if she can’t carry a tune. All of the other main cast are idols, but she’s the odd one out. It won’t be much of a story if she has no talent at all and keeps trying without success.

    Has anyone heard her sing before? I looked around but couldn’t find anything. =/

  41. 41 KDrama Fan

    Feel for you JB. Hope this drama gets itself sorted in the next episode.

  42. 42 vanillaheart

    As much as I’m enjoying the show, I don’t understand the Kang Sora love at all. She’s just another incarnation of the feisty, clumsy heroine-who-makes-good….with far too much plastic in her face. Sora and BestFriend seem to have asked their surgeon to model them after Choi Ji Woo as closely as possible. During the episode 1 scene where they were singing with buckets over their heads, all I could see was their modelled pointed chins sitting in poor alignment over their original jawlines (where you can see the natural fat starting to bulge out over the sculpted contours) – and that’s only supposed to happen at LEAST three years after the original surgery, or not at all if you have it properly done!

    I know in Kpopland plastic surgery is a given, but at least the other female actresses like Jiyeon appear to have ‘good’ enhancements which don’t distract when they appear on screen. Kang Sora’s lip filler looks like it’s about to burst and spray over her co-stars.

    • 42.1 sweetcharm11

      Kang So-Ra did not have plastic surgery. Baby fats on her face are really natural.

      Her first variety show guesting was in Strong Heart where she revealed that she used to weigh 72 kgs. Her younger pictures were also shown back then and she was totally cool about it. She was really chubby before!

      After entering acting school, that’s when she started to diet. She said dieting is still hard for her to do as she loves to eat… most specially bread and pastries. So-Ra even said said she liked herself better when she was not stick and bones. And that she probably would not be as thin if she was not in the entertainment industry πŸ™‚

      Read this article : http://www.hancinema.net/kang-so-ra-reveals-picture-before-losing-20-kg-31-inch-waist-30989.html

      • 42.1.1 getoba

        I love korean drama fan; always hater for beautiful lady. Bravo vanillaheart, Sora don’t know play the comedy and she had done surgery? bravo you have a good perception of things. Seriously stop hate poeple for wrong impressions. Look sunny, you could see sora is a good and natural actress.

        • vanillaheart

          Why would I hate beautiful actresses? Some of my favorite actresses are stunning. And I have nothing against plastic surgery, just badly done plastic surgery. I think I’m entitled to gripe if the surgery on the lead actress is so obvious it distracts me from the plotline each time she comes on screen.

          Anyway I’m not going to bother analysing every snip and stitch for you, but it’s so obvious to anyone who is familiar with post-surgery looks that these girls had work done.

          Don’t even get me started on Sora’s acting. She’s not a great actress but she’s young and trying hard, that scores good points in my book.

    • 42.2 la dee dah

      I don’t know Kang Sora, but I don’t see anything on her face that’s obviously plastic. Really, everything looks natural. If she did indeed get plastic surgery, they did a good job imo. Also, I’ve seen lots of Asians with full lips just like hers that are natural, myself included. And even so, I don’t know why you’re so fixated on her supposed plastic surgery, it’s leaning towards the mean side with your comments.
      And funny you mention Jiyeon having a face that doesn’t distract, because the way she does her eye makeup to make her eyes look longer, now THAT looks unnatural.
      In any case, the Kang Sora love seems to be from the fact that she can actually act. And I like her bumbling feisty character.

      • 42.2.1 Ani

        Man, someone really needs to give Jiyeon a new makeup look. She’s been sporting that Egyptian-eyeliner look for the longest time, and I seriously think she’d probably look better with less eye makeup.

        As for Sora, I agree that her beauty looks natural. I have many-a time met East Asians with full lips. Looks aside, what should matters is that she’s winning and that’s the bottom line. Heh

  43. 43 Selli

    Nooo, poor Jin-man! If it continues on like this, I’m going to try to ignore this season and just live with my happy endings for everyone in season 1 (Sam-Mi, too!).

    Hae-sung (Hye-sung?) is probably going to fall in love with Yoo-jin later, just like Hye-mi (from Jin-gook to the earnest Sam-dong. Um, except Jin-gook liked her from the beginning, which can’t be said of JB).

  44. 44 inLove

    sora kang is really cute here! πŸ™‚

  45. 45 Carinne

    I will agree JB is a lacky actor playing stoicism to an extent, 1-D, same call for Ji-soo (better known as Kahi) when she’s in her stealth stoic (or is it botox everything above her lips) mode (okay, I was mean there… no pretty girl deserves that), 1-D, until they both dance for me to see some life in them, oh, so they’re not robots after all.

    Maybe I just miss Pil-suk saving all her lollipops for Jason… and who can forget her sushi costume. Awww~ Season 2: no complete fat suit transformation, no food porn, and no eye candy my R.E.M. cycle wants to dream about.

    THANK YOU JB… for any music rips off cover tracks. Love ’em to death! Brings back great memories of DH1. I was a bit sad when you gals didn’t rip any from E01.

  46. 46 Queen

    I’m actually feeling this second season more than the first one , I’m probably the only one lol but whatever
    I like the plot better and I found the characters more attaching so far. Being an avid fan of Jiyeon , I already knew that she will do great but I was so not sure of Jinwoon…. He’s surprisingly good!
    The acting isn’t that good~ but then again, the first season’s acting was nowhere near good as well :/

    Sora….sora….sora , I don’t know what to think. Her character is so annoying I can’t even! But she can be cute sometimes, hopefully she’ll grow along the drama to be less dumb/naive . Lmao in the preview of ep3 Ryan gonna give a good kick in Haesung’s face lol well deserved I must say -.-

    That being said ; I WANT MORE OF RYAN! /biased obviously

  47. 47 Miky

    Well at a moment i found kinda loong the dance seen when the kirin kids greeted the idols but i enjoyed it…For me in this episode one of the most sad part was about Jin-man and those flashbacks…so sad,what he was and what he became ….also it was kinda sad when Yoo-jin when i saw his sad expression when he realized that Hae-sung wasn’t smilling at him…and i’m much more curious about Sin-woo’s development,his an intresting character,complex may i say…
    I saw the trailer for the next ep and i really want to see it…
    It was kinda sad also when Hae-sung realized that she entered Kirin based on her scores and not about talent…(by the way,how inocent she can be to not know she desn’t hae talent at singing?)

  48. 48 Ace

    Oh, man…I could list a lot of things I don’t like starting with Toxic’s version of “Dreaming”. I skipped a lot of scenes most notably the very long music number. Most of the characters are irritating except for Jinwoon, Jinman, Shiwoo, Haesung, & Rian.

    Seeing Kang-chul, Ji-soo, & Tae-yeon made me miss the DH1 adult cast more namely Oh Hyuk, Kyung Jin, Ma Doo Shik even President Jung Ha Myung (Bae Yong Joon). I wasn’t a fan of Taecyeon’s acting in DH1 but his Jingook character was good too.

    I said I wouldn’t compare both dramas but I can’t help it because even with the first DH, the first couple of episodes may have been slow, but I liked the characters from the start. I hope the story picks up next week too so I won’t drop this. No more long random lip-synced musical numbers. Make use of the vocalists to sing in the OST too. If they’re gonna cover (kpop) songs, make me interested enough to listen to it & to the original version too. “Genie” was one of SNSD’s songs that I wasn’t fond of before Dream High, but after watching Hye-mi & the gang sing & dance it, it’s one of the songs I play over & over.

  49. 49 Cruelsummer

    DH2 is what I thought DH1 would be. Glee-like and full of KPop..neither of which I am particularly fond of.

    Hae-Sung is annoying, but at least she’s interesting to watch. I’m not sure who the girl with the sword is, but she’s interesting as well. Like GF, I find Yoo-jin’s face fascinating. I want the show to just focus on them, but alas I have to watch these corny music videos and blank faces to get to the interesting parts. But seeing that it’s the only thing being subbed in a timely fashion these days *sigh* I’ll watch another epside or two to see if it gets any better.

  50. 50 jane

    I’m actually watching this for Sora and Jinwoon.. I hope they end up together. Not a big fan of JB character, well at least for now.

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