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Dream High 2’s official poster released
by | January 12, 2012 | 77 Comments

We’ve had teaser stills and other images, but here’s the first official poster for Dream High 2, the aspiring-idols-with-dreamin’-hearts-and-dancing-feet drama hoping to match the original series’ popularity.

Looks like Kang So-ra and idol-turned-actor Jung Jin-woon are the underdogs, if we’re going by the poster, with the top dogs looking down on them (literally). They are, from left to right, Sistar’s Hyo-rin, JB (who’s giving me some serious Taecyeon vibes), Park Seo-jun, and T-ara’s Ji-yeon.

Below is a teaser image with only Jin-woon and Kang So-ra’s faces visible, which evokes a Season 1 feel with the familiar costumes (even if it seems the skirts have gotten waaaay shorter).

A teaser was also released a few days ago, and I’m tickled that it features Kirin High’s new principal, aka Kim Jung-tae. We love Kim Jung-tae around these parts, since he’s a serial scene-stealer, whether he’s being scary (Miss Ripley), kicking some serious ass (Girl K), playing the hapless beta male (Can’t Lose), or being offbeat and eccentric (every other role ever).

Urg, this is one timeslot battle that makes me terribly conflicted, since Dream High 2 premieres the same day as Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. Both are youth-targeted, set in high school, and center around music. Both have some appealing cast members amidst rookies and unknown entities, and both have the potential to be over-the-top and cheesy, or total crack. One’s got a bit more flash and polish (Dream High 2 with its franchise, budget, and massive idol cast list) while the other’s a bit scrappier (Shut Up, with the band of grungy lost boys at its core).

On the other hand, I do love that I get to say, completely sincerely and without a hint of sarcasm, that this dilemma is one that may be best solved, literally, with a dance-off.

Cue music!

Via Chosun


77 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. WooHigh

    First for the first time!!!!! I am soooo looking forward to this. I have been off my “crack” for to long. Goodbye rehab, hello recession! 🙂

  2. mollyP

    WOOP! But im watching both dramas. Flower boy band will appeal to the rock groupie in me, with its raw appeal, whereas this is for the dream high lover in me. Please be as good as season 1….

  3. Zoe

    Hahahaha His hair is….voluminous, for sure!
    So exciiiited!

  4. 78446

    Battle of Delusional Hopes, Part Deux?

  5. Ace

    Definitely watching both. I love Kang Sora for her acting (and looks) and Hyorin (for her vocals).

  6. milkmustache

    I can’t wait to see Kang Sora and Jinwoon in this as the underdogs! I’m afraid that I might dislike Hyorin, Jiyeon, and etc, if they act like S1’s Go Hyemi at the start. (Well Hyemi got better and eventually became my favorite character.)

  7. Alvina

    I loved Kang Sora in Sunny so I’ll be checking this out…
    I’m just wary because, while Dream High was fun, I’m afraid that I might get bored if this is a rehash.

    I was more into select characters than the whole “K” backstory, so…we’ll see I guess.

    If they give us another Pil-Soo/Jason, I’ll probably be all in 😀

    • 7.1 doublen

      She was really good indeed 🙂

      • 7.1.1 Moko

        Yeah fell for her head over heals in an instant
        I already wondered why I thought that girl from DH2 is soooo cool that I need to watch it no matter what…now I know ….ahhh Kang Sora, I already can see a girl crush comin

  8. mems

    Wow, those skirts couldn’t be any shorter, could they?

    • 8.1 Kasey

      I think I see butt cheeks.

      • 8.1.1 Rachael

        I’m seeing them too. I’m really leery when images like these are put out since the ladies are supposed to be high schoolers.

        • Damselfly H

          It’s not only the skirts are shorter, the heels are higher too. Season 2 is obsessed with the illusion of long legs.

          • Rachael

            Haha, I’m a pretty big heels fan as I’m more comfortable wearing them for long hours compared to flats so I didn’t notice right off. Yeah, the long leg illusion is around, but I think it’s getting more notice because it’s associated more as a sexy thing instead of the typical reasonings of illusion you’re taller or thinner, or how it shows off the S-line more.

          • kirara

            I dont remember wearing high heels to a school uniform.. i thought we were suppose to wear loafers, penny loafers or more oxford type shoes… guess its a drama so we can get a way with wearing heels at school.. Lucky them! And the Guys get to wear Boots.. again.. I’m thinking.. I thought guys wore those oxford type loafer shoes..

            But yes the skirts are shORT!! I’m torn between Dream High and Flower Boy Band too… I guess I can just wait till the end of the week and then I can watch both at the same time right? 🙂

    • 8.2 Mystisith

      I would say a little bit too much for my taste. Hope it’s just for the poster and to attract male viewers. I want to see decent clothing on the show. Or since i’m for parity, guys should drop their tops. Now, who’s laughing ? :).

      • 8.2.1 alua


        I put off by this poster

        a) because it’s clearly just to sell the show (just like all those shower scenes)


        b) yeah, if they are doing that with the girl, then shirts off for the boys!

        And obviously no Pil-soo here. Which is perhaps not surprising in k-drama land but disappointing nonetheless – something I liked about Dream High I was there was at least an attempt of realism in terms of what people look like in real life, i.e. that they come with a variety of body shapes (even if the actress in fact for a fat suit).

      • 8.2.2 anastasia


        we are talking about high school students here and not some idols/auditions music video.

        I HATE those short skirts and ajuhshi loving those short skirts creating a pedophilia and indecent behavior when it was the females who are NOT properly dress. haish. I hate marketing like this. I hate short skirt like this. meh

      • 8.2.3 Anime1234

        Agreed. As Professor Yang said in ‘What’s Up?’ “Sexy Concept? Without philosophy?” The makeup makes the girls look trampy and way too old , not high school age. Miss Suzy , Eun Jung and IU looked age appropriate in Dream High.

        • alua

          They look… like idols.

          Which they are in real life, but not supposedly in the drama.

    • 8.3 Tar

      Mte. I remember when the lengths of skirts for uniforms were actually realistic in kdramas.

    • 8.4 Winn

      You’d think Hyorin would want to avoid this kind of attention by now
      *cough* gayo scandal *cough*

  9. Sunni

    The vibe that I’m getting from the poster and the trailer of Dream High 2 is completely different from its predecessor. I’m not sure if I should be looking forward to this or not.

    • 9.1 Tar

      Hm, well i hope it’s different lol, but in a good way. I just hope they don’t have characters that remind me too much of season one characters because then i would find it difficult to watch since I would constantly be comparing the two.

    • 9.2 pigtookie

      i like that they’re taking this in a new direction, as long as the heart and writing are there.

  10. 10 ilikehim

    I am by no mean a T-Ara fan, but i thought Jin Woon & Ji Yeon would be a cute(r) couple…

    Excited for the original Dream High cast cameo (..more than for the actual drama itself)!

  11. 11 Isabella

    Nice! I’ve been waiting for the guys from 2AM to get some love too since 2PM always gets it all :(.

    Anyways, Im happy about the cast because even if I have never seen some of them acting, I know they are talented at dacing and singing. I’m glad about Jin-Woon being cast in this, that guy could get me to take my clothes off just singing!!

  12. 12 doublen

    I don’t care much about idols, but I love Kim Jung-tae!!!! When I saw him first in H.I.T., I thought he was sooo good, and could get more prominent roles. Last and this year is definitely are lucky for him 🙂
    Good luck, Mr. Kim!!!

  13. 13 Endroine

    Al the powerful leaders of the world call him because he can make superstars? o-o odd

  14. 14 Tar

    I’ve always hated the way Jiyeon does her eye make up. Too much eyeliner, it makes her look strange.

  15. 15 JD

    Is it just me or does Ji Yeon always have a crossed eyed look @_@

    • 15.1 Tar

      She probably looks a little cross eyed because she’s looking off to the side.

  16. 16 jyyjc

    Oh dear. Ok ok….so..jav are you gonna recap both flower band and dream high? Cuz if you really must choose one. I say recap DH and just do an introductory recap for Shut up 😀 Sorry shut up but dream high came before you.

  17. 17 ❍ ♥ ☀

    Does it bother anyone else that they don’t finish the sentence, “because only he…” What? Tell me!

    • 17.1 hosh

      yes! it bothered me too! hahaha

  18. 18 pigtookie

    good, because come that time i will be sorely missing What’s Up, and two new dramas might just be enough to fill that void.

  19. 19 Mia

    ji-yeon why so pretty <3

    • 19.1 Yoon no

      That is right.But I afraid her role in Dream hig-2.
      I like ji yeon.

      • 19.1.1 Mia

        but hey, at least she’s not looking down~ i can’t wait

  20. 20 SL

    I’m a huge 2AM/Jinwoon fan, so I’m hugely excited to see him star in a main role. Of course, it’s also a huge bonus that he can actually sing too, unlike so many idols.

    Not a huge T-ara/Jiyeon fan (though Dream High & Coffee House did make me fall in love with Eunjung). Never saw her appeal, and I don’t really think she’s that pretty.

    Probably won’t actually watch this, but I’ll be refreshing like a madman for recaps(:

  21. 21 CocoD

    Bring it on. Its look promising. Me too dont really bother about the idols.

    I’m a fan of JYP Ahjussi and Kim Jung Tae Ahjussi.. Cant wait.

  22. 22 windjae

    i love kang sora…i definitely gonna watch this

  23. 23 Steph

    Did anyone else notice that the narration on the trailer stopped mid-sentence?

    Because only he…what?

  24. 24 girlatsea

    I really hope this turns out as good as the first. Can’t wait!

  25. 25 mellowyel

    They’re still using Taecyeon’s voice for the “Dream High” bit in the trailer. loves it 😀

    really excited for this. Dream High was my crack drama last year before City Hunter came along so I’m hoping this one is at least as good as the original. though this one lacks Kim Soo-hyun so I might not like it as much, lol. speaking of which, time to go get started on Moon-Sun-Flower-Child or whatever name it goes by…

  26. 26 Linzer

    Kim Jung Tae will be the best thing ever

  27. 27 Autumn

    So. Excited.

  28. 28 YaNa

    Coming here for Ailee! Can’t wait to see how she acts. Hope she does well. Ailee fighting! DO YOUR BEST!!! Don’t you guys know her…. She’s a great singer in my opinion.

  29. 29 hpn88

    I’ve been wondering who the two boys are every since they released that first picture with 4 backs turned. On a superficial note, they’re cute. I hope they can do justice to their parts.

  30. 30 Carinne

    Wohhh nelly… It’ll only get interesting if both shows race neck and neck in ratings, otherwise where’s the fun in that?

  31. 31 ninji

    Somehow I don’t really like it. The stills doesn’t seem as charming as the original ones. But we’ll see.

  32. 32 v

    love kang sora… and i also like the whole cast… definitely will watch. ^^

  33. 33 Sunmi

    Is it just me or does this Ji Yeon girl look like Kim Tae Hee?

    I’m excited for Kang Sora though; I’ve liked her since she starred in the weirdly pleasing 4th Period Murder Mystery movie.

    • 33.1 Ohwamm

      that’s what got Jiyeon so popular lmao

      • 33.1.1 Sunmi

        Oooh that sort of makes sense. I just remember seeing the picture and then pulling a wtf face. “Is that…Kim Tae Hee? In a musical drama about H.S? I mean I know she’s young but damnnn…” and then I scrolled down and realized it wasn’t.

        Thanks for the heads up. She’s quite pretty though; hoping she’s not just pretty like her look-a-like and can actually act.

  34. 34 Shena

    I’m just so happy for this pair: Jinwoon & Kang Sora <333 I wasn't so much of a fan of the first season. Basically tuned in for Kim Soo Hyun after falling on love with him in Will It Snow for Christmas. Season 2 has hyped me from the very start and I hope it achieves even more sucess than the first season.

  35. 35 nickynisa

    so, kang sora and jinwoon are the leads.. like samdong n hyemi.. right? but their skirts are really short… hurm…

  36. 36 k-soup

    I hope it’s bigger than DH1 because I can’t feel excitement right now though I want to feel enthusiasm about this drama

  37. 37 biniBningPunkista

    this seem weird, but the characters look too old in that poster compared to those in season 1… i suddenly miss my fatty girl and chipmunk haired boy. >_<

  38. 38 imin♥luvwidkdramas

    oh. crap. i want to watch this badly. but my time for college really hinders me to do so. got to find a way out of this.

  39. 39 eloklangita

    no Ailee in the poster??

    I want Ailee too XD

  40. 40 Abbie

    Can’t wait! But your right, Javabeans. Total dilemma. Hmmm. What to do…?

  41. 41 Hami

    Jiyeon is so freaking gorgeous OMG! marryme!
    I’ll probably actually watch it for her …..but yeah, I’m definitely more excited about Shut up.

  42. 42 Aly

    Yay I’m not the only one who thinks JB has a Taec-touch 😀
    somehow I’m looking forward to this drama xD
    hated the last one though (I like handsome actors and pretty actresses but the need to be good, not crappy)

  43. 43 Maria

    Gosh those skirts are seriously short… not such a good look.
    I miss Dream High 1. It had such a big impact on me, especially Samdong. Which is why I feel tentative about Dream High 2… but I guess we’ll have to see how it goes!

  44. 44 Yeezong

    This seems more “Party-Like” .

  45. 45 my_diaries

    why they just dont go with the old cast ?

  46. 46 Raine

    Where’s Kim Soo-hyun????? 😛

    Those skirts are ridiculously short.

    This actually makes me more nervous…

  47. 47 my_diaries

    totally agree w/u Maria

  48. 48 Cindy

    I absolutely loved the first. I do not want to judge but the first was fantastically amazing… Kim Soo Hyun delivered perfectly. I know I am already comparing by mentioning this but I really wanted season 2 to be a continuation :(… The ending did not satisfy me!

  49. 49 Cam

    I agreed with everyone: I can’t believe that these skirts seem like it’s really short! Ahh….I am sure that the photographer seem like he’s proud to be a pervert while drooling at girls’ legs (almost to their butt — so close.), that’s why. (nods) Haha. 😀

    Yayay for Kang Sora!! I love her from Sunny & she’s awesome ~ I will be looking forward to this ! ! 😀

  50. 50 Dalene

    I’m just watching this drama because of Kang Sora..LOL Fighting!

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