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History of the Salaryman: Episode 6
by | January 18, 2012 | 45 Comments

Feelings! Character growth! Jealousy! Situational comedy! Lots of exclamation points! It shouldn’t surprise me that History of the Salaryman continues to get better and better in balancing its raucous brand of comedy with plenty of heartfelt moments – and it’s something I can’t help continuing to notice, because this show really has made that delicate balance into an art form. When the comedy happens, I’m laughing like a loon – and when the serious moments come, I’m riveted to the screen. That’s pretty much a win-win, isn’t it?


Upon seeing Bang, Shin makes a run for it – and the two men end up in a hilariously slow uphill chase. Visual jokes like this only work with tight editing, so props to the show for delivering every time.

When Bang catches up to him and accuses him of framing an innocent man for murder, Shin obnoxiously pretends not to know him. It’s useless for Bang to go to the police when he doesn’t even know Shin’s real name, and Shin swears that he’ll just claim up and down that the two have never met. Nearby patrolling police end up scaring Bang away, and he goes to the Han River to have a well-deserved cry about life’s injustices. He apologizes to his father when he sees that he got dirt on the dress shoes he once bought for him, and it’s a nicely touching moment (despite the terrible wig).

Bang finds Yeo-chi attempting to sleep on a bed of newspapers, and her face lights up when he gives her hot food. She’s not as bad as she seems, as she offers him some once they’re outside – and for a girl who seems like she’s never given away a thing in her life, this is a big move.

He tells her point blank that she should return to her grandfather and stop all this useless suffering. Her response is to simply yell at him, decrying the fact that she put her faith in him to clear their names. So why is he sending her away now?

“Because it’s hard!” he replies. “It’s hard as it is by myself, but having to carry baggage too, I’m just so sick and tired of it. Now do you get it?”

She claims she does and puts on a tough exterior, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer that she’s a big softie inside. Obviously, she doesn’t want to be left alone – and though she considers calling Grandpa Jin, she decides against it.

Coming across an adult-themed van outside, Yeo-chi remembers how Bang described Shin as having operated out of one just like it. She decides to do some sleuthing of her own, and cautiously approaches the tinted windows. A man inside asks her if she wants to peruse the merchandise, and becomes forceful when she declines.

As if called, Bang appears to save the day – and I’m a bit shocked, because he literally kicks ass. He saves the damsel in distress before they’re forced to make a run for it, ending up in close quarters as they hide behind some rubbish. He has a moment where he looks at her lips first before he looks at her eyes, and she has a moment where she looks at his lips first before looking at his eyes. Awkward.

Yeo-chi’s smile at Bang’s return is just the best, and she’s as giggly as a schoolgirl while she simultaneously tries to chide him for ever leaving her in the first place. “I’m sorry,” he admits. “I followed you all day. And I thought a lot. I thought I was the only one suffering. Just how hard things are on you… I didn’t realize it before. I’m sorry. I mean it, truly.” He then tells her he’s not giving up, and he’s going to clear their names.

She accepts this, and then orders that he take his clothes off. It dawns on him that she just wants an extra layer, and the two exchange cute smiles as she cuddles up in his coat. When they both fall asleep sitting up, Yeo-chi’s head inevitably leans onto Bang’s shoulder. He shakes his head, wondering what kind of guy would ever end up living with her. In fact, he already feels sorry for that unnamed poor soul… which is funny, because I’m getting the feeling that it might be him later down the line.

Asleep, Yeo-chi has a nightmare about finding her uncle dead in his house (but also sees Hang-ryang’s resignation letter burning in the fireplace). This causes her to grip tightly onto Bang, whose mind starts to travel in the direction of the gutter. To control himself, he starts to sing a song, becoming more uncomfortable the more comfortable she gets. Ha!

Chun Ha is going under, and Chairman Jin is looking for any lifeline he can find. He even goes to see a congressman who may or may not owe him some favors, but it’s no dice. Instead he ends up in an unwanted meeting with Chairman Oh and Hang-woo, who both urge him to sell them part of his security holdings to get out of debt.

But Chairman Jin is no fool, and knows that what Jang Cho would really obtain is management rights. This seems like a no-brainer to Hang-woo, who claims that Chun Ha’s management team was incompetent anyway, so it would more so be like Jang Cho just offering some ‘personnel support’. Chairman Jin scoffs at this option, and leaves the meeting. He laments to Gabi later that he wouldn’t be in this mess if he just had some Eternal Youth.

Jobless, Woo-hee is forced to return to an old job with a boss that she’d previously reported for sexual harassment. The other women in the office make it clear that she’s not wanted, and even Chief Kim urges her (in voiceover) to do what she can to persuade Hang-woo into a more suitable job at Jang Cho. He gives her a wink and a nudge (along with the address for Hang-woo’s gym) and she peps herself up for what she’ll have to do.

Cut to: Hang-woo working out, before he does a slow stop and turn…

…As Woo-hee walks into the gym in nothing but a sports bra and short shorts. Oh my goodness, this is too funny. She’s got the attention of every single man in the gym, and it’s hilarious to see Hang-woo try to resist her wiles even as she makes it a point to work out right in the middle of the gym (and look good while doing it), acting all hapless and girly. I have to admire her cojones on this one.

At the water cooler, Hang-woo takes the opportunity to call her out on coming to the gym just for him. She plays dumb convincingly, and claims that it’s all just one crazy coincidence. In fact, she would prefer that he not talk to her anymore, because a petty man who tries to take revenge because he was dumped by a woman is a a waste of her time.

He blusters, that errant pride of his coming to the forefront. “Dumped? Who was dumped?” But he does show that he’s petty by taking a cheap shot, basically implying that she has a talent for seducing men (it seems like he’s calling her out on acting like a loose woman) and her reply is priceless. “Even if I do have that talent, I won’t waste it on you.”

Oh, it is on. He runs into her at the elevator, and likewise calls her out on her wet hair. Is she trying to seduce someone? Woo-hee once again dismisses him, and this gets a rise out of him as he drags her to a dark room and traps her against the ropes of a wrestling ring.

She threatens him with screaming, and he responds (somewhat creepily) that he thought women liked stuff like this. Okay, I’m not as creeped out by this scene as I could be, precisely because Hang-woo isn’t being a creep – he’s trying to show her that he’s not falling for her methods, while kind-of-sort-of still falling for her methods. I get what he’s doing, is what I’m trying to say here.

He leans in for a kiss, and she closes her eyes like she’s going to allow it… but then he calls her out on that too, and tells her to stop being a brat and open her eyes. Haha! But he took a purposefully-creepy whiff of her hair earlier, and we found out only moments ago that the shampoo in the shower contained peanut oil, and that Hang-woo is allergic to peanut oil…

Ha! Well there goes his seductive, cool image. He has an allergic reaction to smelling the product in her hair, but Woo-hee freaks out because she thinks he’s coming on to her. He’s left alone to inject himself with a shot to cure his reaction, and it’s pretty funny when he yells her name as he flails on the floor in rage.

It’s bad news when Hang-woo returns to the office to find the analysis on the supposed-Eternal Youth, explaining that the pills he submitted were a bunch of vitamins. He calls his hyung for an emergency meeting a the church, but finds Bum-jeung there first.

Bum-jeung explains that he was at this church once for a funeral of a man that committed suicide, and that the image of the man’s son holding back his tears left a sizable impression. “Now I see that you resemble your father quite a bit,” he tells Hang-woo. Ooh, I love a good reveal.

By the time Hang-ryang arrives, Bum-jeung is already brandishing the security camera footage that places Hang-ryang in the car with Ho-hae right before the murder. However, Hang-woo knows he wants something since he didn’t go straight to the police – and of course, he does. Bum-jeung wants Eternal Youth, which Hang-woo claims to have.

Later, as Bum-jeung drinks alone, he tells himself, “There’s no law that says I can’t be the owner of Chun Ha Group. This is my last chance.”

Bang and Yeo-chi are left with no choice but to eat at a soup kitchen, and the last of the rice is given to Bang while two children behind him in line go without. It seems like he’s not going to give it to them, which isn’t very heroic of him, but then he feels guilty and gives the starving children his whole tray. Aww. With nothing to eat, he takes another pill of Eternal Youth (which he still believes is a multivitamin).

Yeo-chi’s growing up fast, and cautiously slides her tray over to him so that they can share. (Aww, Yeo-chi! Look at you, growing as a person!) She also takes a look around her and realizes the sorry state of people with no money, to which Bang tells her, “Later on, when you go back to the company, do a lot of good deeds.” They share the tray, bicker adorably, and he smiles at her again. I love these two.

Bang insists on helping the staff load boxes back into the food van while Yeo-chi looks on with a mix of admiration and pride. It comes to a great shock to her when he gets his thumb slammed in the door – but instead of crying, he laughs like a lunatic instead. There’s the side effect of Eternal Youth rearing its head again.

Through his laughter, he pulls out the bottle of multivitamins, explaining that there’s something strange about the pills. Yeo-chi is mostly concerned over his bizarre reaction to pain, and embraces him in an effort to help him. Her words and her actions are soothing as she blames herself for his plight. It’s a great moment all around, but an especially great one for her character.

Hang-woo’s been doing his best behind-the-scenes to bring about Chun Ha’s downfall, and wins over one of the stockholders to do some rabble-rousing at the assembly. It works, as everyone present conveys their advice to Chairman Jin – and that advice all boils down to getting Chairman Jin to sell the company.

Of course he adamantly refuses, which causes the man Hang-woo planted to declare that Chun Ha should undergo court receivership (which is fancy business-speak for allowing an outside party to take control of a company’s assets). In this case he’s calling for the management rights to be forcibly taken from Chairman Jin’s hands. Things are looking pretty bleak.

Woo-hee gets to hear all about Chun Ha’s crisis at work, and gets quite a shock when she finds both Bang and Yeo-chi huddled outside her door. She takes them in and feeds them, with Yeo-chi eating voraciously. It’s only when she’s gone off to take a shower that Bang brandishes the bottle of Eternal Youth to Yeo-chi, “This is the new drug, isn’t it?”

He knows that she must have placed it in his bag, and wants to make sure she knows that a person died over these pills. According to his line of thinking, whoever actually killed Ho-hae must have taken the vitamins, thinking they were the real thing. Woo-hee gets nervous, and asks him to continue the conversation outside.

Over some soju, Bang urges Woo-hee to tell him everything. She explains that she really needed the money, and Ho-hae offered it to her in return for running an errand. “But a person gets greedy,” she explains, as she starts to cry. “Do you know the feeling? You won the lottery, but it feels as though someone is going to snatch that lottery from you.” She was looking forward to that money because it could have eased so many of her woes, and her disappointment is palpable.

To atone, Woo-hee says she’ll turn herself into the police station to clear Bang’s name. This isn’t the solution he’s looking for, and he suggests that they all work together to find a mutually beneficial solution instead.

Bang and Woo-hee return to her apartment to find Yeo-chi dead asleep in Woo-hee’s bed, so the two of them decide to sleep in the living room. He can’t sleep, though, and wonders if insomnia is one of the new drug’s side effects. He asks Woo-hee what all the recorded side effects were, and she responds with what we’ve already seen: inability to control emotional responses, inability to control appetite… and a new one, which is an inability to control sexual desires. Uh oh.

As she explains that side effect (once she’s made the initial realization), she slowly starts to inauspiciously put on more layers of clothing, which definitely qualifies as the funniest moment of the episode – because it’s just played so straight and quiet. Bang is determined not to jump Woo-hee in her sleep, however, and uses the handcuffs Yeo-chi used on him earlier to tether himself to a nearby table.

Okay, maybe the face he makes here takes the funny cake for the episode. Either way, the whole scene is funny until Yeo-chi barges into the living room – simultaneously wanting to put some space between Bang and Woo-hee and explain her dream at the same time. She tells them that her dead uncle keeps appearing in her nightmares, to which Bang replies, “Then you should have asked him who killed him.” HAHA. Zing!

She goes on to explain that she saw a resignation letter in her dream, and she remembers the name – Hang-ryang. Now all the pieces start to come together, as Bang knew that someone had to be inside Chun Ha in order for him to get the annual test answers ahead of time. They call Bun-kwae to their team, and ask him to check the security camera footage of Ho-hae leaving the building.

Bun-kwae does as he’s asked, but finds that the tape documenting Ho-hae and Hang-ryang leaving the building is missing. Next thing we know, he’s at Woo-hee’s house, and it looks like he’s been officially inducted into the team. Hooray!

He has a small moment where he wonders if Bang really did perpetrate the crime, but Yeo-chi jumps to his defense… by verbally jumping all over Bun-kwae. Aww, Yeo-chi, stop being so awesome.

There’s a lot on Chairman Jin’s plate as he attends a meeting with his executives. This time they propose another stratagem from the Thirty-Six Strategems, an essay of ancient Chinese methods used for politicking and war. This time they suggest “sacrificing the plum tree to preserve the peach tree” – which basically boils down to sacrificing short-term objectives in order to achieve the long-term goal.

Therefore, he’s told to hand his stocks over to Chairman Oh, who practically squeals in delight over the latest development. At long last, Chun Ha Group will be his.

Gabi finds Chairman Jin drinking alone, and he freely shows his vulnerable state to her. She bravely tells him that the Chairman Jin she knows wouldn’t have made the stocks decision, to which he replies sadly that he just doesn’t have the energy anymore, especially with all of his children now dead and Yeo-chi missing. “Not because it’s hard. Because it’s lonely. Because I feel hollow. I don’t have the power to fight.”

She puts and arm around his shoulder and literally pulls him to her bosom in order to comfort him. “You have me by your side,” she tells him. “No matter what others say, I believe in you, Chairman.” She smiles, and it seems like she genuinely cares about him… until the smile fades, revealing an evil glint in her eyes. Iiiiinteresting.

Bang has come to a pretty brilliant conclusion to lure Hang-ryang out – by threatening him with the resignation letter he left at the crime scene. They don’t have the original copy, but Bang has gotten his hands on some official Chun Ha paper and plans to fabricate it. The ruse works, as he tells Hang-ryang over the phone that he has the new drug, and he’s willing to sell.

Hang-ryang fully plans on meeting him, but he calls Hang-woo first to relate the news about Bang.

Yeo-chi remains hidden in Woo-hee’s car, watching as Hang-ryang arrives for the scheduled meeting. When our hero holds out the bottle of Eternal Youth Hang-ryang seems dubious, and Bang assures him that he can get these pills tested just like he tested the multivitamins. Hang-ryang tries to exert a little muscle in checking Bang for bugs, to which Bang surprisingly responds to with even more force.

He throws Hang-ryang against the car, saying that it’s their turn now. Yeo-chi looks on with a proud smile as Bang declares, “You provoked the wrong guy. Do you know that?!”


Go, Bang, Go! And here I was worried that Bang was coming off too silly in the previous episodes to ever be believable in dramatic moments like these. It’s a testament to the actor that he delivers superbly – because above all else, I definitely believe he’s capable of kicking some ass and clearing his name.

It’s a little surprising that we’re getting so much character growth so fast – especially in terms of Bang and Yeo-chi. She might take the Sudden Maturity Cake out of both of them, and I’m still floored that just a few episodes ago she was just a spitting, cursing, kicking, and crying force of nature. Her circumstances have changed and she’s adapted, but she’s not a totally different person, either. It’s still Yeo-chi going through these changes, and not like the actress or writing suddenly switched gears. Most of all, I can believe that underneath her snobby exterior, Yeo-chi is a good person. It’s just hard to see sometimes.

Things that I normally find endearing in one of the staples of drama heroes – The Arrogant Douche – are characteristics that are exhibited the most in Yeo-chi. She sort of embodies the female version of that brand of male lead to me, displaying both the thick-headedness and that emotionally soft underbelly… the kind that leads us all to feel bad for our heroes because they usually go all in with matters of the heart. It’s a nice bit of gender reversal for the drama landscape, because normally girls as outrageous as Yeo-chi are left only to meddling second lead territory. Now we get her as our heroine – and I just love her to pieces.

I was pleased to discover that the war strategies being quoted in this show are from the Thirty-Six Strategems, which I became familiar with due to their use in Tree With Deep Roots. I love that this show can evoke so much laughter one minute, while switching to sageuk-seriousness and war strategies the next. Normally a change like that would leave my head spinning, but it’s handled deftly by the production team. This is really shaping up to be one of my favorites, though if I had to voice one complaint, it would be about the seemingly excessive length. This episode made it to the seventy-minute mark, but could have just as easily done with even five or ten minutes less. The corporate politicking is fun, but it just can’t be as fun as our leads.


45 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. goldenkiwi

    Hangwoo’s allergic reaction to peanuts was the best part; I couldn’t stop laughing when he took a sniff of Woohee’s hair–I was just waiting for him to start spazzing.

    This drama just keeps on getting better and better!!!
    I can’t wait til next week…cause all the good stuff is going to happen, hehe. 🙂

  2. trucalling

    me too I loved the allergic reaction part and I find yeo chi more and more cute keke you know that she is falling in love with our cutie lead 🙂

    • 2.1 Molly

      She’s so endearing, even with the entitled-ness. I love her!

      Where can I watch the raw online?

      • 2.1.1 blackapple

        You can watch with subs on viki.com

  3. Raitei

    Another awesome recap, HeadsNo2! From the title of this series, I wouldn’t have paid it any thought. But I gotta say, the story is continuously getting better, and your recaps have definitely convinced me that this is a drama I ought to watch. Bang is especially a great character to look out for; I’m off to start watching the subbed eps.. 🙂

  4. hellohello

    Thanks for the quick recap! So awesome of you!

    I also thought that the 2 main leads in HotS were very similar to the secondary leads/characters in other typical korean dramas, so I really enjoyed the great depth they were given as characters when they’re usually portrayed so one-dimensionally elsewhere. It’s also fodder for endless entertainment on the audience’s part that especially comes through in your recaps (it’s to both the drama’s and your credit, so keep up the good work!)!

  5. kopytko

    Thanks for the recap. It REALLY made my day.

  6. Hara

    “He even goes to see a congressman…”

    It’s not your ordinary congressman , it’s Jo Pil Yeon !!! from Giant … and the ” reunion” made my day!

    • 6.1 elle loves kdrama

      I squealed when I saw Jo Pil Yeon on the screen!!!! I wished they had given him a longer cameo, but this was just PERFECT! 🙂

      • 6.1.1 JoHannah

        I squealed as well! Absolutely love him 🙂 Hope he comes back again!

        • supah

          I knooow!
          Having played two very different drama characters since, plus having come from another set, filming for yet another and yet, he recreated the Jo Pil-yeon magic as though he’s never even been away.

          I cannot wait for the sageuk Soldier (Mu-sin) which premieres in a couple of weeks or so, which will reunite both Park Sang-min and Jung Bo-seok!
          That’s Seong-mo and Jo Pil-yeon…
          Can you smell the EPIC? *nosebleed*

          • elle loves kdrama

            EPIC indeed!!!!

  7. Linda165

    Thanks for the recap HeadsNo2.

    Jung Bo Suk’s cameo as Congressman Jo was genius!

  8. Rachael

    Thanks for the recap! Full agreement about the gender reversals and loving Yeo-chi showing them off. It makes her a riot! Hangwoo and Woo-hee’s bickering romance is pretty hilarious too. It’s really refreshing to have two seperate romances occuring instead of one big rectangle or two triangles going on. Granted, it’s still early in the game, but crossing fingers it keeps this trajectory.

  9. Devin

    Do you sleep?….I’m dead serious….no really, it’s not a rhetorical question. What a beast. Thanks for the recap.

  10. 10 KDrama Fan

    Fabuloso! Thanks HeadsNo2. Loving the drama recaps.

  11. 11 Cinderella

    I know that this seems very much impossible but could Hang-woo join their team too!

    I get it, he’s the supposed villain in all this but I would love to see him partner up with Bang again… And it would be refreshing to see how he’d deal with Yeo-chi… And it doesn’t hurt that I like his love line (which might not end up being the end game) with Woo-hee…

    I know, I know… It’s a long shot. But a girl can only hope. Sigh…

  12. 12 Taber

    I think Woo-hee has one of the best figure I seen in K-drama, it healthy and sexy. I notice the legs of k-actress first because they always look like stick with tiny doorknob knees but Woo-hee has a natural thinness with some curves. My grandmother would call that a coke bottle shape when your waist goes in like the original coke bottle. Even her skin color is not that pasty white, it have blood circulation which I’m still in shock to see, I’m so use to the twilight pigment that this was a nice surprised. My favorite part about the gym scene was how natural she was playing sexy, it was not that virgin, awkward uncomfortable acting that k-drama actress tends to display when they do any kind of intimate scene cough, cough… She acts like a mature woman that understood what being a sexy woman mean in this world. Actress like the woman playing Woo-hee makes me understand how Korean woman are naturally beautiful.

    • 12.1 Risa

      I totally agree. I was surprised by her curves too.

  13. 13 John

    Thanks for the recap.

    I love how Yeo-chi’s warming up to bang, even being jealous of the sleeping arrangement. Those handcuffs sure have come in handy.

    Yeo-chi enjoyed the hot food that Bang gave her, (a vast improvement over the dumpster diving fare).

    The warm food seems to have melted or at least started to thaw her cold heart.

    Woo-hee’s looking good. Can Gabi be trusted?

    Looking forward to the next episode & recap.

  14. 14 elle loves kdrama

    Thanks for another great recap. Watching Woo Hee in this episode made me spend an extra 30 minutes on strength training today! That was a great scene.
    The cameo by Jung Bo Suk was so awesome, I am convinced my upstairs neighbor heard me squeal in excitement! HAHA!

  15. 15 sm

    OMG, the face of Hang-woo when he’s having his peanut allergy should not be so funny. But it is.

    And… Jo Pil-yeon!!

  16. 16 kirst3n

    Liking this more and more. Thanks for the recap! 🙂

  17. 17 kd 101

    Aaaaaargh!!! Why are Bang and Yeo-chi super cute together! I am dying giggling at the soup kitchen scene (and I am only reading your recaps, HeadsNo2, not watching the real show, live streaming is frustratingly slow here in my office). Can’t wait for more romances between those two.

    Right from episode 1, I sense that there is something fishy with Gabi the secretary. At that time I thought it’s the side effect of too much watching History of the Salaryman’s promo posters, hehehe. Anyway, after watching her malicious glint above, I won’t be surprised at all if she turns out to be the femme fatale of the show. Not that I am complaining, she is a real pro for such a role. I remember she played the frenemy-antagonist in Temptation of Wife and I enjoyed watching her grinding her teeth and throwing evil glints everywhere so much.

    • 17.1 kd101

      Btw, I really love your choice for the opening comment picture, HeadsNo 2. Yeo-chi- light-up-at-the-offering-of-hot-food expression is very precious.

      Thank you so much for a jolly fun recap!

      • 17.1.1 kd101

        Ups, sorry, I mean Yeo-chi’s light-up-at-the-offering-of-hot-food expression..

  18. 18 jen

    thanks for the recaap 🙂

  19. 19 jenny

    thanks again!!

    and hahahahah is all i can manage to get out hahahha

  20. 20 mihinikki

    Great recap! My favorite scene was the ” outdoor soup kitchen”. I love Yeo Chi forever 😉

  21. 21 mskololia

    I really enjoyed this episode.

    Everyone is shining in their respective roles.

    At times I think the secy is really protective of the president and not some schemer. When she helped YC escape the police, I thought well of her but my good impression of her could be misplaced. LOL

    Thanks for the recap HsN2!

  22. 22 hamsandwich

    This show is getting better and better! Thanks for the awesome recap!

  23. 23 Rai-Rai

    Yeo-Chi is a “Ride or Die” chic…in Prada. I loved her character from the beginning, and Jung Ryeo Won is a boss in this role…

  24. 24 Dardenitaaa


  25. 25 come2noona

    I have seen Jung Ryeo won in two dramas before and thought nothing much about her as an actress. But I have to say she has totally changed my opinion with this role. I almost can’t believe it is the same actress. I love her character and she is totally killing it! The swearing is just too funny.

    Great job as usual HeadsNo2!

    • 25.1 Rai-Rai

      You hit the nail on the head. I was never really impressed with her until now..I kept re-watching the swearing scene in the prison because it was jut too funny…

    • 25.2 beggar1015

      I have to agree in that my previous opinion of the actress (solely from watching Ja Myung Go)was luke warm at best. But she’s totally made me change my mind with this role.

      • 25.2.1 Lilian

        Me three! Saw her in MNIKSS and another drama with Kim Rae Won but was not super impressed! She is damn good here~

        • Dramalover

          Totally agree I totally love her in this role!!!!!

  26. 26 mrmz

    This show is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! hilariously funny!! supper cute 😀 and never thought I’d find their corporate war so thrilling!!! Characters, all main to support to minor all have a particular personality and the acting is superb!! 😀

    In this episode I specially loved the scenes between Hang Woo and Woo Hee 😛 He somehow can never win against her, and if he does, fate goes against him lool
    & also even if he doesn’t think of Bang much but he also keeps loosing to him 😛 but seriously Go, Bang, Go!

    I’m loving the chemistry between the 4 leads and between them and other characters!! I specially like the female characters in this show. They some how seem different than other kdrama women. I love that Yeo Chi is the lead!! someone who’s very hard to look through her exterior (no one who’ve if it wasn’t for the circumstances) I really like the actress playing Woo Hee, and her character lovable too. That woman Gabi is the scariest character for me now.. Just can’t figure out what she’s thinking!!

  27. 27 Lovebug

    Thanks for the recap! I am loving the show but its giving me stress! I am still rooting for everyone! Even the grandfather. I was like Nooooo don’t sell the shares!!! Its all a trick!!! And i know Hang Woo is pretty bad, but I still want him to not go to jail and end up with Woo Hee. I didn’t know Jung Gyu-woon could place such a villian especially after his adorableness in Dr. Champ! The gym scene was hilarious. I Love that the romance is heating up with all the other intriegue. The main couple is so cute!

  28. 28 C

    Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack/music that played when Woo Hee skipped rope at the gym?

    • 28.1 Quiet Thought

      The music in the gym was Moby’s ‘Extreme Ways’, also know as the end credit them for the Jason Bourne movies.

      • 28.1.1 C

        Thanks 🙂

  29. 29 jomo

    Thanks for the recap!
    Loved seeing Jo Pilyeon alive, that nasty piece of work!

    Who was the actress in the deleted scene at the end? The beautiful snob who complained about the milk spill on her shoes? She looked very familiar.

    By the way, this question:
    “Do you know the feeling? You won the lottery, but it feels as though someone is going to snatch that lottery from you.”
    was exactly what happened in Romance Town, Jung Kyeo-woon’s most recent drama.

    My fav character is Woo Hee for all the reasons mentioned above. Sometimes I feel like she could charm either lead male, but she seems to be fated for the richer man.

  30. 30 Lilian

    Love this show coz of the clever writing, the twists and the actors who so brilliantly bring across the characters.I didn’t quite like On Air, but Lee Bum Soo is brilliant here!

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