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It’s a February wedding for Go Soo
by | January 10, 2012 | 178 Comments

Well, there goes one more fantasy, dashed: Go Soo is getting hitched, ladies! Next month, in fact, according to his agency, which released the info today.

His reps at BH Entertainment confirmed that his romance (announced early last year) to a non-celebrity known simply as Ms. Kim would culminate in a wedding ceremony on February 17.

Go Soo and Ms. Kim, 11 years his junior (Go Soo is 33, she is 22), reportedly met in 2010 after being introduced by friends. Apparently the couple has been preparing the wedding for the past several months; the official engagement bows between the bride and groom’s parents were made last year.

Sigh. I know my Go Soo crush wasn’t really real, but sadly a part of me feels like a sad Sayuri in You’re Beautiful, trying to chant “Congratulations!” while holding back tears. Aw. I went a long while without really seeing Go Soo’s appeal — he was pretty, but I didn’t feel a pull from his roles — and it wasn’t until Will It Snow For Christmas that I thought he’d become a good actor. When an actor can rip out your heart with a tortured look in his eye, though, you’re good and hooked.

Oh well. Congratulations (sob!), Go Soo.

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178 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Syb

    good for them…bad for us (the dreamers!)

    • 1.1 boo :(

      Dayum…only 22 years old?

      • 1.1.1 I wonder

        22 years old and ready for marriage? I wonder it’s another shotgun wedding

        • modestgoddess

          yeah I’m betting on shotgun

          • rich

            I don’t think so though… cause if it’s a shotgun wedding, they would’ve done the wedding faster. But for this wedding, it was said that they’ve been preparing for several months already. Maybe he just wanted to get married right away since he’s 33 already.

            Oh well, congratulations to them! What a lucky lady! ^^

        • Daniella

          …I’m wondering if that’s in Korean age or what? It’s crazy some of these celebrities marry people a decade younger than them :/

          I’m not questioning their love or their marriage and congratulation to them, but my gosh, that girl basically gave up her “youth”.

          I think it’s ironic how these male celebrities marry at an older age to much younger women.

          • gustave154

            so you want him to wait ten more years?
            that girl is lucky enough to marry a celebrity….
            and what do you mean by “youth”?

          • Tar

            I noticed that they love doing that too, start dating a girl who has barely graduated from high school, then marry a few years into her 20’s. Meanwhile being 10+ years older than her.

  2. Abbie

    Congratulations! I’m happy for this guy but I don’t know who he is. Anyway, Congratulations!

    • 2.1 Rule

      yea me too. be happy

    • 2.2 AnotherFan

      LOL. That’s funny!

  3. Mena


  4. kirst3n


  5. Maymay


    This is so sad for us fans…but I’m also happy for him. Way to go! Congrats! 🙂

  6. KDR


  7. adette

    lucky bitch.

    haha just kidding, I’m not really bitter or anything :] congrats to themmm.

  8. indigirl9000

    she’s only a year older than me. makes it even harder to not feel jealous of her

    • 8.1 DB5K

      I can’t imagine getting married at 22!! I can’t even imagine any of my unnies at uni who are 22 getting married :O In the states, perhaps 1 in 1000 students will get married while still in college. However, I think it’s relatively more common in Korea because a lot of male celebrities marry women in their early twenties. I strongly disapprove of this Asian custom though; it makes me want to rant, rebel, become a feminist and do all sorts of things that are unattractive in Asian guys’ eyes~~ And this is a slight segue, but my uncle is a physics professor in Korea and he says that there’s like one girl for every 10-15 guys in his class. I know even in the states there’s like a 1:5 male to female ratio, but it’s still upsetting to see the absence of women in fields like math/physical sciences. I can’t wait to see what sort of changes happen 10-20 years.

      • 8.1.1 YY

        One girl for every 10-15 guys? Holy cow. I’m packing my bags. Where’s that physics class located?

        • Jennifer

          LOL! But I’ve heard that unfortunately in real life, the guys don’t all look like Go Soo and all those other cute Korean actors in Korea.

          • Chorda

            LOL!! ^^ I heard so too.

          • Rule

            really!!! how disappointing 🙁

          • rara

            of couse.
            This rule applies to everywhere, not only korea.
            in real life, ive never seen a hot guy that looks like josh hartnett.

          • Sophia

            Most korean REAL guys on the street have tiny watermelon seed eyes, biggish face and are not very tall at all.

            And all those cute pretty korean gals seen on the tv screens would have gone under the surgeon’s knife at least once. Even those not in the limelight would also have gone for cosmetic surgery.

            This is the reality of life, hehe. Lucky for me, i was born with quite perfect features with satin smooth complexion ( smug smirks here).

          • bd


            Sorry, but it’s not like the US is full of Brad Pitts either.

            And the average height of a Korean male under 28 is 5’8.5″ which is only an inch shorter than the average height of a male in the US.

            Also, the Korean female celebs particularly known for their beauty have not gone under the knife (the netizens have made sure of it), and you’d be surprised at the no. of Hollywood actresses who have gotten something done.

            As for you, considering that your physical appearance is probably appealing as your personality, I somehow doubt that you are much to look at.

      • 8.1.2 mrmz

        I don’t think its for you to approve or disapprove of a country’s customs. No society os perfect. They might also disapprove of your customs, what makes you right and them wrong?

        About the physics class, it could be that girls r not as interested as guys in physics :S I mean I live in canada, and my friend (a girl) who’s in engineering is one of the minority in class, while in my classes (business) although ratios were pretty close, the majority were girls.

        • Rule

          Im with you here, everyone grows up seeing their customs around them and get used to them n be comfortable and familier with them, so probably they might be uneasy with other customs, so dont worry!!!
          about the ratio it kind of excited me but well you are right about the choice of subject……
          but what they show in dramas (im not korean) it does seem a great deal when a girl gives lift to a guy!!1

        • mythweaver

          Agreed! There’s no determining when you would meet the right person and when each person feels that they are ready.

          Also, we don’t need others to approve of our cultural norms (especially where it doesn’t hurt anyone).

          Just like how some people don’t want others to tell them sleeping around without getting married is not approved behaviour, there are also those who don’t like being told that getting married [at an] earlier [ADULT] age is not approved behaviour.

          Personally, I think it’s a wonderful thing if you found someone to love and spend the best of your years with. 🙂 That’s romantic..

      • 8.1.3 Chels

        Where I live in the US it’s actually really common to get married that young, part of the local culture I guess you could say. Almost all of my friends from high school got married before they were 21. And no, none of them were pregnant. Haha, and my university is probably giving in your statistics a heavy tail, EVERYONE is married or getting married. I’m not planning on following suit, but it happens here in the states too.

      • 8.1.4 Emily

        Re physics: I go to uni in the UK and I study engineering and I am one of about 10 girls (prob less than that) in a class of nearly a hundred. Most uni’s here are the same I think- I’ve heard of there being a single girl in a class of guys. Certain subjects just do not attracts girls, worldwide. :/

      • 8.1.5 Gabby

        Actually, the average age of wedlock in the States is a few years earlier than that of Korea’s. It’s not uncommon at my university to run into women who are married or/and have children. However, although there’s always a bit of societal pressure to marry (especially for women) in any society, and to do so at a socially acceptable time, for the most part the U.S. is much more lenient with letting people find the arrangement that fits them best – whether that be starting your family in your early twenties, later, or not at all; to marry but remain childless, or to refrain from marriage but still start a family; etc.

        Young Korean women (especially professionals) are holding off on marriage in droves, maybe as a reaction to that societal pressure to marry in your mid-twenties and then start procreating right away; there’s a lot of interesting sociocultural implications concerning that (and some of the best analysis can be found at The Grand Narrative).

  9. lovedramas

    Congratulations Go Soo!!!!!!!! 🙂 How very exciting. I’m not really a fan of his or anything but I always love a happily ever after!! Best wishes.

    I hope to hear of more wedding bliss this year 🙂

    • 9.1 pipit

      Congrats to the happy couple. Wish them both all the best!

      But I fear another wedding announcement. Afraid that it might be of Kang Ji Hwan’s, Jo Hyun Jae’s, Rain’s, Oh Ji Ho’s, Kim Rae Won’s or The Hand Towel’s…..

      • 9.1.1 KANGly

        Gosh, pipit, don’t put Jo Hyun Jae’s name and the word wedding in one paragraph. A lot of Japanese and Chinese ajummas will keel over from so much depression.

        • pipit

          I’m depressed already….

      • 9.1.2 JoAnne

        Rain won’t be getting married any time soon…he hasn’t even MET me yet.

        • Steamy Bun


        • Daniella

          Well Said!

      • 9.1.3 Uh?

        Nooooo. Not JHJ. I’d be super depressed.

  10. 10 elle

    my friend told me he was dating someone super young since last year. i guess it was true after all. T.T

  11. 11 Biscuit


  12. 12 chewy

    Another one has slipped away and found himself officially unavailable.

  13. 13 Linzer

    Still won’t stop me from loving him!

  14. 14 js

    sigh. yay for them. -_- hahaha

  15. 15 doublen

    I don’t understand guys who marry to way more younger girls. Goo Soo is still Goo Soo, but what the hell are they gonna talk about?!

    • 15.1 asianromance

      Maybe he’s a young inside and she’s a young person who is mature beyond her young years? (I’m older than her and am so immature when it comes to relationships that my future husband is probably still a minor at this point)

      • 15.1.1 Deeliteful

        …ok that made me chuckle…

      • 15.1.2 mary

        Haha asianromance!

        That’s great then, if the increasing number of noona-killers is an indication…

      • 15.1.3 Jennifer

        Lol me too! My parents are wanting me to get married to some rich dude so I can live comfortably for the rest of my life and I’m like I’m mature but not marriage mature yet! I’m about to turn 22 and though I can’t find a job, I still want to explore the world independently for right now.

        And they’re like, when u get older, the pickings get slim. Once you hit 25, you’re life is pretty much over cuz guys always go for younger girls if they have good backgrounds/qualifications. blah blah

        • YY

          That’s seriously depressing.

        • mrmz

          uh oh I already hit 25!! lol 😛 But I still feel That I wanna do so much stuff independently right now!!! My parents might be thinking the same but.. it is just so clear how immature I m that they won’t even bother lool 😛

          • loveyoumomo

            I’m going to be 24 later this year and I feel the same way as you do. I am immature for my age regarding some aspects of life, especially when it comes to romance (*tears* too many kdramas have ruined my expectations of what I want in a man *tears*) and the thought of marriage at such a young age is just plain scary, no financial stability or maturity and can you imagine, having children who you are responsible for until they will be reaching the age we are right now ~#speechless

        • rambutkeriting

          well, this is seriously depressing… *cry in corner*

        • asianromance

          How can it be that my life is already over (I’m 25) and I didn’t realize it! =*(

        • Jennifer

          haha at least you guys don’t have to live with this ridiculousness everyday! I’m seriously surprised I don’t have depression or some kind of psychological illness!

      • 15.1.4 mrmz

        soo true my brother-in-law is like 9 years older than my sister, but she (who was always mature beyond her age from what I remember) still thinks he’s immature. Well she always knew that she wouldn’t get along with guys her age and was aiming for someone atleast 5 years older (& she got what she wanted :P)

    • 15.2 YY

      Um….they can talk about kids. I’m sure Go Soo wants a little Go Soo fast. I’m sorry if I am depressing you guys further, but my grandma always says, there’s nothing like a harsh dose of reality to cure a broken heart.

      • 15.2.1 Alvina

        lol, we’re already talking about little Go Soos when we cant even comprehend the fact that this man is going to be “one woman’s man” soon haha.

        Currently, fangirls are going into rage ripping apart poor Miss Kim.

        YY, we need more you in other forums too 😀

    • 15.3 Shikurai17

      I’ve no problem with big age differences. It’s not like people who marry someone the same age as them has a higher or better chances of having ahappier marriage. If I look at my family and friends, it would seem you’ll have a higher chance of going through a nasty and bitter divorce. LOL

      It’s probably because I know so many couples who are around the same age, who aren’t happy in their relationships, I’ve no problems with “different” kinds of couples. I mean by different, couples with big age difference, open relationships, not believing in marriage and so on. 🙂

      Congratulations Goo Soo! Best wishes to you and your lovely bride.

  16. 16 asianromance

    Congratulations for the happy couple, but feel so sad for myself.

  17. 17 jandoe

    a part of me (the delusional semi-fangirl) can’t help but weep a little at the dude’s non-eligibility but the real part of me only really has this to say: congratulations! Lovely news and wish the couple many happy blessing and a lasting marriage 🙂

    PS can’t believe she’s a year or two younger than me. Damn girl.

  18. 18 mezzed

    This is lies! I won’t believe it! TT___TT
    But congrats to him I guess… even if this is shredding my heart into bits…

  19. 19 SL


    Life’s not fair.

    But congrats anyway(:

  20. 20 msposh387

    oh man!!! but congratulations nonetheless

  21. 21 maeumi

    my heart is crashed and burnt. chukae haeyo! *sob*

  22. 22 Alvina

    Congrats to them…

    It’s like I was entertaining Harlequin style fantasies or anything… about meeting him in an Airport, and we’re trapped on an Island together…

    or that he’s lost and injured and I have to help him…

    or that he’s running away from fangirls and I get to go on an adventure with him…


  23. 23 Sushi

    That news totally crushed me into itty bitty pieces… his bride-to-be is younger than me!! I could’ve had a chance!! WAH

  24. 24 JoAnne

    Sigh…imagine those eyes smiling at you over a tux while he promises to cherish you forever…

    • 24.1 Ladymoonstone143

      *Sigh* am grinning silly imagining that scene…lol

    • 24.2 YY

      ….with unshed tears catching the light in the sun….

      • 24.2.1 U.K Chick

        So poetic. Bravo 😀

  25. 25 Ladymoonstone143

    Oh no…….but happy for him and the girl. Hopefully the girl will realize how lucky she is of him…(as many fangirls will be sobbing out loud on his wedding day…lol) I have to scratch him on my fantasy list. There are still so many single in kdrama land….:))

  26. 26 nuri

    So, I always wonder if a celebrity marries non-celebrity, how’s my chance to marry celebrity still close to nothing? Kekeke

    Anyway, congrats! Have a happy marriage life!!

  27. 27 ripgal

    Awww, congrats to Go Soo and his bride to be. ^^

    So I kinda think I hava a chance with Shin Ha Kyun now? He’s exactly 11 years older than me. *_*

    • 27.1 loveyoumomo

      We need more optimistic thinking like this!! *CLAPS LOUDLY*

      • 27.1.1 supah

        OMGAAAH! Shin Ha-kyun! Can I have a chance with him too, pleeease?

  28. 28 Me

    sigh, another daydream dashed 🙁
    But congrats to him through 🙂

  29. 29 avalony

    I haven’t felt this sad since Mizushima Hiro went off the market. Although he and Ayaka do make a pretty cute couple 🙂

    And I’m a Ms. Kim too! When do I get my Go Soo?

  30. 30 lessaofpern

    As a great fan of yours, I would like to say: May this union be showered with blessings and may you find happiness with each other always. 😀 I also hope to see you in a new drama soon, your acting in May It Snow for Christmas was very moving. Ajja Ajja Fighting!!!!

    • 30.1 pipit

      Very noble and kind of you lessaofpern. I thought you’d be bedridden by now ^-^

      • 30.1.1 YY


      • 30.1.2 lessaofpern

        Pipit, I’m taking the higher ground.

  31. 31 dapinaymrs


    Why do men get away with it while noonas always have ICOMYM? Pffft.

    Chukahae, Go Soo-sshi! It’s about time. 🙂 And dang she’s so young. O_o

  32. 32 Patricedee

    I wonder what would I feel if someday, Won Bin will announce somethig like this? Please not too soon, Won Bin. Anyways, congrats to Go Soo and Ms. Kim! (A part of me is crying but my real self is very happy for him. Haha) He’ll surely have eautigul babies. Way to go! 🙂

    • 32.1 Alvina

      please. No more. Dont mention anyone else or else I’ll get my heart broken just by imagining it :/

    • 32.2 loveyoumomo

      Lets keep the word ‘marriage’ away from Won Bin’s name please. Heartbreaking just thinking about it. If he is like his Autumn In my Heart *dimple smiles and all* character in real life, man, what a lucky girl/woman she is going to be…

      • 32.2.1 JoAnne

        Sigh…he was the perfect rejected boyfriend, wasn’t he?

  33. 33 Patricedee

    I wonder what would I feel if someday, Won Bin will announce somethig like this? Please not too soon, Won Bin. Anyways, congrats to Go Soo and Ms. Kim! (A part of me is crying but my real self is very happy for him. Haha) He’ll surely have Beautiful babies. Way to go! 🙂

  34. 34 Cam

    OMO~ ~ ~ ! ! ! ! O_O Wow, our time flies by!

    Ouch….poor fans (looove Go Soo) who are very disappointed and sad that Go Soo will have his wedding with his “soon-to-be” wife next month…..Wow. Impressive.

    (claps-claps) CONGRATULATIONS

  35. 35 Lemon


    Actually, I think it doesn’t really make a difference! He’s still hawt.

  36. 36 charlotte1987

    yeah! won bin, don’t ever get married…..

  37. 37 jyyjc

    1) Am quite sad.

    2) She’s not that far into her twenties and he’s already experienced a lot more than her. I’ve always been curious about relationships with big age gaps.

    • 37.1 Purpleclouds

      I think guys don’t mind younger women. It’s only less advantageous for women. Men are simple, if she’s pretty, can cook & give birth, it’s all good.

      • 37.1.1 YY

        Many men are shallow that way, unfortunately. However, to be fair, I believe not all men are like that. There are those who value a girl for her mind, and are stimulated, not by good looks, but a lively conversation. As a friend of mine, a single guy, puts it: ” What’s the use of pretty when she can’t even hold a decent conversation with me?”
        Beauty doesn’t last forever, and when good looks are gone, what’s left to sustain a marriage based purely on looks?

        • loveyoumomo

          *CHEERS LOUDLY*

        • JoAnne

          I don’t know many 22 year old girls who are ready for marriage, but that’s in this country. If she’s mature and intelligent and not interested in the party scene, then who is to say she’s not ready yet?

          I would imagine that his work (and the life style necessitated by it) would provide her with excellent opportunities for personal growth. She will have plenty of time to pursue her own interests while he is working on a drama – since it’s clear with the live-shoot system she just won’t see him at all then – and his income will afford them both opportunities for travel and experiences that most of the world will never have.

          I do hope they don’t rush to have children. Even if he is 11 years older than he, he is still a very young man. They can afford 3-5 years of just being a young married couple – even more than that, truthfully.

    • 37.2 rambutkeriting

      from my experience, chronogical age and maturity are not always in line. even an older spouse can be less mature than his/her counterpart.

  38. 38 Molly

    Nooooooo….is it wrong that I’m not happy for him? Sad for me but good for him. 🙂

  39. 39 Purpleclouds

    I tell my daughter that she should marry a guy the same age as her or even 1-2 years younger cuz if you believe in “forever”, wanting to grow old together, you don’t want the guy to die first. Most women survive & live much longer than the guy. So it’s no fun if the guy is so much older…

    • 39.1 tika

      Agree, my auntie is 40 and already a widow with 4 kids..

  40. 40 anotheraddict

    What this man’s eyes can do to me! I hope they live happily ever after ‘cuz I can’t bear to think of my precious Go Soo having that tortured look in his eyes IRL. His being married won’t stop me from swooning though.

  41. 41 Mai

    There goes my fantasy guy! Seriously, lots of congrats to him but I feel so sad for all other hopefuls out there 🙂

  42. 42 Xtineee

    *Sighs* =[ Not gonna lie, kind of bum about this news. BUT I congratulate him and wish him the best in his marriage. And damn… his wife is just the same as me. *Sighs* Anyways, congrats Go Soo! You’re still smexy in my eyes even though you’re going to be a married man! 😉

    • 42.1 Xtineee

      Ops! I meant… *same age as me. Damn that girl is young! Because I know for a fact, I’m not ready for marriage. But good luck to the both of them, I wish them happiness.

  43. 43 kpopfan

    eeewww. He’s robbing the cradle. Personally, I think that is a huge age gap, but I’m so glad he is getting married. I hate it when men just play the field because they can. I wish him and his wife the best.

  44. 44 annie

    i’m surprisingly bummed out. as if i knew him personally or something yikes!

    • 44.1 ck1Oz

      Me too 🙁

      Congratulations to the happy couple. They must have something special if they are marrying ( okay she is ) so young.

      Gosh 22 I didn’t even know what I wanted at 22 straight out of Uni. Don’t say it… she knew she wanted him 🙂

      • 44.1.1 ck1Oz

        Hang on she’s 22 which is Western 21 so he dated her when she was 19 @__@ (Western age) Oh wow.

        running away now 🙂

        • heuristic

          OMG you’re right!!!

          sighhhhh Go Soo!!!! I loved you since Green Rose wahhhhh

        • Xtineee

          Omgoodness! That didn’t hit me until now. Totally forgot about the “age thang” in Korea. Wow… that’s kind of scary, but Go Soo is still pretty smexy though. Lol.

        • bd

          He definitely was robbing the cradle.

          It’s one thing to have an 11 yr age gap btwn a 40-something and a 30-something, and another to have one w/ someone barely out of HS.

          • Tar

            I agree.

  45. 45 lovepark

    Woah! I have definitely not been keeping up with the news concerning Go Soo. I didn’t know he was dating let alone getting married!
    I always feel happy for celebs when they get married because it’s sad to see them get old without a partner because of their status and the public eye. I hope their marriage is full of bliss! Blessings!!

  46. 46 nickynisa

    and suddenly i felt really sad… hearing that he’ll tie the knot really soon… didn’t realize i’m kinda a big fan of him…
    congrats go soo… and her future bride..

    • 46.1 nickynisa

      typo… *his future bride..

  47. 48 yui

    this is other blog where you can view the picture of the girl and she really beautiful.. I love go soo since green rose ..

    • 48.1 yui

      Oh???? sojuboy… what a coincidence.. you are not there when I typing…….

  48. 49 lalala

    for those who want more deets: she was an uhljjang at her high school and has huge boobs (i saw pics of her). and they met at a club. i actually knew all this earlier and was so disappointed in go soo. but now that they’re marrying, i guess he was serious. although the jaded part of me is guessing she’s preggo. lol

  49. 50 liz

    First thought: NOOOOOO T_T
    Second thought: Wow, she is young! Same age as me, in fact. I could never imagine getting married right now…definitely want to want until at least my late twenties.

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