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Jang Dong-gun returns to television
by | January 31, 2012 | 112 Comments

Well I never thought I’d see the day. A-lister Jang Dong-gun (Warrior’s Way, Good Morning President), who starred in all my crack dramas of yesteryear, is reportedly coming back to the small screen, for the first time in twelve years. Can it be true? I feel like I’m in a time warp. I wonder if seeing him on tv will make me feel like a teenager again. Wait… I hope that’s not the side effect I’m going to incur. Jang has signed on to take the lead in A Gentleman’s Dignity, the new drama from Secret Garden writer Kim Eun-sook, scheduled for a spring broadcast. You’d pretty much guess that she titled the drama after Jang, who is a gentleman’s dignity personified.

The drama is a 20-episode weekend miniseries described as a male version of Sex and the City, about the ins and outs of a group of 40-something bachelors. Sexy ajusshi bromance? Yes please. Starring alongside Jang will be Kim Min-jong (Athena), another member of the 90s drama leading man club, and funnyman Kim Suro (Mr. Idol, Romantic Heaven). With Jang Dong-gun and Kim Min-jong in one drama, you’re pretty much halfway to completing my dream drama cast (basically if you added Lee Jung-jae and Sohn Ji-chang my inner teenager would spontaneously combust).

What the drama doesn’t have yet is a leading lady, since top contender Lee Na-young dropped out of the running. I’m actually glad since I found the potential pairing a little off. I can’t wait to see who they cast for the lead and opposite Kim Min-jong as well. I don’t think I’ve ever been excited about a cast of ajusshis before, but hey, when you age like Jang Dong-gun, you don’t really get called ajusshi, at least not without “hot” in front of it.

A Gentleman’s Dignity will air on weekends and premieres in May on SBS.

Via Yonhap News


112 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Aidan


    • 1.1 Brainy

      Female lead, please get CJW. CJW stands for Choi Jung Won, and not Choi Ji Woo!!

  2. Stacy

    He looks yummy! Count me in!

  3. annie

    i just died

    • 3.1 JoAnne

      ha! Like.

  4. Kiara

    Big Freaking WOOT. About time <3.

  5. Mystisith

    The new SeGa writer project ? Sexy bachelor ajussis ? ( bachelor = avalaible = Kim Min Jong’s character is for me : I loved him in the forgettable Man called God ). And if those SBA are dignified gentleman’s, what there is more to say ? Spring : Come quick ! The women cast to face the men better not have heart problems… Pfiouh, it’s hot in here !

    • 5.1 Mystisith

      *available. and *gentlemen. Must be the emotion.

      • 5.1.1 JoAnne

        Now THAT is a perm I’d run my fingers through…and scruff I’d get whisker burn for quite happily!

        I actually really enjoyed Warriors Way although it didn’t do well. It’s an odd duck and I’m guessing a lot of people who went for an old style western crossed with kick-ass ninja skills were a bit non-plussed.

        Jang Dong Gun. Be still, my heart.

        • JoAnne

          Could…could we have Ju Jin Mo? Is he old enough?

  6. Birdie

    OMG JDG!! 20 hours of him! I have gone to heaven!

  7. tikaa

    jo in sung pleasee. kkk. this gives me hope kang dong won would return to small screen

    • 7.1 JoAnne

      I saw KDW in a movie last night. First time I knew he existed. Gonna rectify my woefully ignorant self pretty darn quick now, based on what I saw.

    • 7.2 danna

      but Kang Dong Won isn’t coming back from the army till later this year and I doubt he’d wanna pick a project where he won’t get top billing

  8. jfk707

    I cant wait. I cant remember anymore how many times I’ve watched All about Eve.

  9. leonardswench

    Okay …….. I’m in, but it better be far better than crack-a-lackin to get one of my favorite K-screen gods onto the drama train again …..

    damn, I was waiting for the next film so impatiently!!!

    • 9.1 leonardswench

      COLOSSAL pout going on in Texas

  10. 10 ck1Oz

    Oh oh oh. Can’t think. Rats wish it was on cable so we can see some kissing. What? With this cast don’t tell me no one is thinking about it?

    • 10.1 Mystisith

      Me ? No… Just praying for weather conversations while drinking a glass of expensive wine.

      • 10.1.1 Danna


  11. 11 Maki

    Imagine it: Jang Dong Gun and uber sexy Won Bin in one epic drama! This is the best reunion and also collab ever on Kdrama land. Sorry, random moment.

    I’m very happy. I really hope Lee Na Young joins this. I really love and her acting. They are what I consider the classic Halllyu stars. I AM FREAKIN EXCITED!

    • 11.1 JoAnne


  12. 12 momosan

    WOOT! It sounds like Hyena plus a few years on the boys. And this is a GOOD thing. Fingers crossed that Kim Min Jong will be in a stellar show instead of being the best thing in a rotten show as he was in the last few.

  13. 13 pampi

    i would love to see son ye jin as the lead actress.she is so beautiful and talented

    • 13.1 Leona

      beautiful and talented yes… yet she was bashed big time during Personal Taste ( I loved it to bits despite its flaws)

    • 13.2 Birdie

      Yes Son Ye Jin will be great. She over-acted a little at the beginning,but generally acted well in PT. The writing was weak in that drama.

      I can see chemistry with JDG.

  14. 14 Eva

    Call me crazy, but I totally see Lee Min Jung as the lead actress! She’s young, but has the classy look.

  15. 15 dee

    He is still an oppa for me. 🙂

  16. 16 lovepark

    OH MY GOODNESS!! So many big-screen stars are coming (have come) to the small screen! This is so weird that Jang Dong-gun has gotten casted. It feels surreal, and I get the feeling that any minute now a slew of articles will pop up saying it was all a lie.
    I’m loving the cast. I’ve only seen some movies starring Jang, but I love Kim Min-jong and Kim Soo-ro! I hope the female cast will be great, too. Woot woot! (I’m gonna forget the writer is Kim Eun-sook and just hope for the best.)

  17. 17 topper

    A tv network finally saved up enough dough to pay him to do a drama. I wonder if it will be shown on Mon-Tues, Wed-Thurs, or weekends? So much strategizing to do, including casting the female lead.

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      Weekend according to GF in the post.

      • 17.1.1 topper

        Opps missed that. Thank you.

        • Mystisith

          You’re forgiven :). The picture saturated your optic nerve…

  18. 18 Danna

    OML!!!!!!!!!!! Kim Eun Sook sure must be bona fide star writer at this point if she can hook JGD for her project….even though I’m not sure how I feel about her dramas….also Kim Jong Min!!!!!!……now all we need is the perfect leading lady to round this up…I”m trying to think of someone I’ve been missing on the small screen for a while and I can only think of Moon Geun Young..though I don’t think that will work out very well with Jang Dong Gun…How about Kim So Yeon?!!…..or Kim Hyun Joo?

    • 18.1 Selli

      I actually think it would be cute if they cast Chae Rim, but I don’t think that’s going to happen ^^

  19. 19 Lily

    Yes!! I feel in love with korean dramas after watching Jang Dong-gun in All about eve when I was just in 6th grade…Oh the memories~ Now, he’s finally getting back on the small screen. I can’t wait until it starts airing!

    • 19.1 49er

      For me it’s in 8th grade. Oh yesterday (or should I call it yesterdecade :D)!

  20. 20 sleeplessinwgtn

    I have not seen any Jang Dong Gun dramas (yes, I’m bad) but with those looks, I will definitely watch his new drama, more especially since I loved Sex & The City.

    I will hunt for his old dramas. Any recommendations?

  21. 21 wonbinlover

    Omg Jang dong gun back in dramaland. That is awesome now just give me Won Bin back on the small screen and i’ll be one happy camper.

  22. 22 lovedramas

    OMG – is it confirmed? he’s not going to back out right? I don’t know if my heart can take that… YIPPEEEE!!! Yes, my teenage heart back then thought he was really cute, but now, he’s just really hot. The man aged well.

  23. 23 Ani

    I know what a big deal this is, so what I look forward to the most will be the girl crush spazzing done by girlfriday and javabeans(?) during recaps if they should pick this baby up for recapping. If I remember correctly, I don’t think they’ve declared ownership when it comes to Jang Dong-gun just yet – married and all. Let the cat fight begin. XD

  24. 24 sally_b

    hmmmm… this sounds like the American drama *Men of a Certain Age* with Scott Bakula. I only watched a couple of the episodes but the storylines were fairly interesting…the premise being a group of lifelong male friends taking stock of their lives & dreams up to current day….and of course the dating scene.

    I don’t know of any other Korean drama to address “older male friendships/dating”…so this could be very fresh with good writing. I will look forward to it. 🙂

    • 24.1 Ani

      I love “Men of a Certain Age”. Sadly, I don’t have cable anymore and keeping up with it is hard. But it’s hilarious!

      • 24.1.1 Fighttosavemenofacertainagefromcancellation

        I agree this sounds like Men of a Certain Age Redux.

        Please like us at the web address provided if you want to try and get Men of a Certain Age into production again.

  25. 25 mandelbrotr

    Well *Hello Gorgeous* What nice lips you have and I like the way your sideburns blend into you stubble.

    JB, Thanks for the picture.

  26. 26 Lady Seoul

    Sounds quite interesting! Secret garden writer?! Count me in!

    • 26.1 bd


  27. 27 apple

    I have a question about A-listers. Is Jun Ji Hyun an A-lister? She is kind of inactive for so long and didn’t really do many movies. But she is still very well known. So how is her status? I am curious

    Hmmm what about Won Bin joining Dramaland ehhh?!^^

    • 27.1 Maki

      Personally, to me Jun Ji Hyun and Won Bin are icons in Korea. Honestly, JJH doesn’t even need to do anything and still forever be on the A-List. All she needs to do is ride off the fame of My Sassy Girl and that’s it.

      Won Bin being in a drama? I will die the day I hear the news of that, but I doubt it. He’s more into movies.

      • 27.1.1 bd

        Aside from bein able ride off MSG, JJH is an A-lister b/c she has been chosen for a no. of foreign/int’l films and she still has some big CF contracts.

  28. 28 ~Feather~

    interesting, i will keep tabs on this.

  29. 29 ping


    • 29.1 lovedramas

      Me too!!! I loved her with JDG. Get her out of the ajumma roles.

    • 29.2 mary

      Me three!

      I miss Chae Rim too!

      (BTW Awesome trio is awesome. I miss the Athena guy and The Game Devil!)

  30. 30 Noelle

    I don’t know who he is but I spent about a minute staring at his picture *drool* I am so in, I’m in.

    • 30.1 Shel

      Ha! Me too, lol. He’s lovely. 20 hours of him, even if it sucks (a la Lie to Me) would be fun.

    • 30.2 tikaa

      he’s so dreamy in good morning president. him and han chae young are like a walking statue

  31. 31 belleza

    If they landed Jang Dong Gun, I’m guessing they’ll shoot for somebody like Jun Ji Hyun (see Jordano commercials) or . . . dare I say it . . . Lee Young Ae. JDG and Chae Rim makes a lot of sense, but JDG and Kim So Yeon would be more intriguing. JDG and Ha Ji Won/Son Ye Jin would work, but it would seem sort of conventional.

    Would love to see Song Hye Kyo give this one a shot. The irony would be so delicious.

    Alas, I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody from SNSD got the role.

    • 31.1 djes

      Lee Yong Ae…err, maybe Kim Hee Sun? She’s been looking around for a comeback too, right?
      I prefer LYA though…or yes yes Kim So Yeon!!

      No, not SNSD. The soshi fans will angry, how come their goddess paired with ajusshi.

      He’s oppa to me, my first crush in Kdramaland. My first love.

    • 31.2 maya

      “Alas, I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody from SNSD got the role.”

      LOL..So true. I wouldn’t be surprised either.

    • 31.3 birdscout

      @31 Belleza

      Can you shed some light on the Song Hye Kyo/irony comment? Did they almost work together before? *my ignorance is showing*

    • 31.4 blizzard

      Cast his wife GSY along with him! Complete. Why not?

    • 31.5 Brainy

      I think Choi Jung Won of Brain will lend some sparks to the drama.

  32. 32 nastylla

    i want cjw to be in the cast please heheheh

    • 32.1 via

      Choi Ji woo.. You thinking the same like me… I hope she will be his leading lady in this drama..

    • 32.2 blizzard

      She was landed in the hospital from worked up after paring off screen with JDG. No No..

    • 32.3 Brainy

      Yes, CJW. But not Choi Ji Woo. Choi Jung Won is more appropriate!! Choi Ji Woo might spoil the entire drama!!

  33. 33 Maya

    Kim Huyn Joo as the female lead pretty please. Please please please 🙂

  34. 34 Petirrojo

    I’d welcome Kim Sun-ah or Go Hyun-jung as his costar! Hey, better yet, find room for both of them!

    • 34.1 Kiara

      Go Hung-jung YES. Love that woman in a sisterly way lol.

  35. 35 Judy

    THRILLED TO THE MAX!!! can’t wait for it to air!!

  36. 36 hpn88

    Is this real life? JDG in a drama? OMG!!!!!
    Plus I think I’d watch this even if he wasn’t cast. Ajusshi bromances are the best.

  37. 37 Penumbra

    So excited. I hope Kim Sun Ah is leading lady!!!!!

    • 37.1 ren


  38. 38 m_s

    for female lead, I think the 2nd female lead in all abt eve? female lead in prosecutor princess (can’t remember her name) would be good.

    • 38.1 via

      its Kim So yeon.. uh I hate her in All About Eve, but I love her in Prosecutor Princess..

  39. 39 miss unknown

    WOAH! I can’t wait!!!
    I really want Moon Geun Young to make her come back in a drama soon! And this sounds good for her as it’s another challenge to take Sarah Jessica Parker’s role!…and she has worked with alot of HOT ahjussi before too! There were totally sizzing chemistry despit the age differences!!!

  40. 40 ren

    They should get Cha Seung Won on this as well!!

    • 40.1 sally_b

      I second this…Cha Seung Won …in anything…I’m there. I’m pervy for the guy. rawr!

      • 40.1.1 ts...

        ….definitely CSW belongs here. The raw talent in this cast would be monstrously SICK!!!!

  41. 41 anna

    Now Won-bin should learn from this and get his fine ass back on the small screen! Actually ANY screen because I can’t be too greedy. He made like a movie a year or 2. 🙁

  42. 42 Linh

    Wow, JDG and Kim Min Jong. This has gotten to be my favorite pairing of male lead/second lead in any drama. Both are such great actors with high caliber. Can’t wait! Now just need leading lady/ladies.

  43. 43 Patricedee

    Count me in!! OMG, it took him 12 yrs? I wonder how many years will it take Won Bin to return on television? Oh pllease dramagods, I’m dying to see him on tv.

    • 43.1 roseltv

      My wish is to see JDG and Won Bin in one drama >_>

  44. 44 karan

    Chae Rim PLEAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…. it would be MIRACLE….

    • 44.1 saraha

      I second the motion. That will be EPIC!
      If not Chae Rim, I vote for Jeon Ji Hyeon.

      Please, Drama, do not disappoint with your female lead!

  45. 45 chaepenn

    i hope he reunites w/ chae rim.

  46. 46 roseltv

    Kim So Yeon please!!!

  47. 47 49er

    OMG, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Jong, I will be on the ship from now on ^___________^

  48. 48 lala

    I love this news!!!!!!!!!

  49. 49 maria

    jang dong gun AND RoI hot ajusshi?! <3_<3 YES! screw chae rimor lee na young, can IIIIIIIIIIII be the leading lady please??? for them both???

  50. 50 kimhemai

    thank god. i can’t stand lee na young. if she was in it, despite loving jang dong gun, i probably wouldn’t have watched it.

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