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Jeon Tae-soo begins filming for sitcom You’re Here
by | January 9, 2012 | 20 Comments

As previously announced, Jeon Tae-soo is the newest addition to the cast of MBN’s daily sitcom You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here.

As you can see in these newly released stills, he’s already begun his stint on the show, and Wednesday, January 4, was his first day on the new job. Jeon takes up the role of a “4-D doctor” and half-brother to two of the older ajusshis on the show (which’ll no doubt be fodder for some jokes and/or rivalries).

Jeon made his first appearance on Friday’s Episode 20, where he briefly ran into Lee Soo-kyung’s character and made himself known to his two brothers (the elder one is pictured at bottom). His character has a distant relationship to his hyungnims, but it seems like he’s a gentle, sweet kind of guy, which’ll be a big change for him. He seems poised to have a loveline with Lee Soo-kyung, which should throw a wrench into the one that’s also being hinted at with our main man, Jin Yi-han.

I think this’ll be a good comeback project for Jeon, who I like and find compelling onscreen despite also finding his acting terribly green. Since he also carries extra burden now thanks to the drunk fighting incident that precipitated his 11-month hiatus, it’ll relieve some of the pressure to be joining an already-airing, relatively low-profile production, one that’ll allow him to ease into his role and stick with it for 100 more episodes. Nothing’s better for improving your craft than just doing it, day in and day out over a long period.

As I mentioned before, You’re Here is a show that’s pretty silly and lightweight (post forthcoming, I swear, I’m writing it up now), which manages to be dumb and yet watchable. I’d been intending to drop it from the daily rotation, but with Jeon onboard I may have to stick with it just a while longer, to see how he fares. I don’t know why I like him; I just do.

Jeon was only briefly seen in last week’s episode, so today’s Episode 21 will be the first time we’ll get to see him in his new job at the hospital, where he’ll meet some more of our main cast.

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20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Aidan

    looking forward!

  2. rich

    Me knows why Javabeans likes him… it’s the same reason why I like him despite the negative press back then.

    …cause he’s hot. lol XD

  3. djes

    ” I donโ€™t know why I like him; I just do.”
    I second this.

    And I have a lot K-actors that I feel the same way.

    Looking forward for your post about this drama, javabeans, I probably want to watch it on my (non existent) spare time…

  4. Yuaekito

    He’s so very hot… I wish he had more projects!!

  5. dom

    I third this…
    Yeah, a also have a bunch of actors & actresses that I like that i do not understand why (or actors/actresses I dislike without valid reasoning). Maybe it’s a unconscious thing.

    I hope JTS takes his time and pick better character to play in his next project.. I probably won’t watch his sitcom though.. but looking forward on your post about this drama , javabeans..

    ps : why there’s no post about vampire idol anymore?

  6. mellowyel

    looks like he lost some weight, poor dude. hope this helps him get back on track. i’d love to see him in a different role, so i might take a peek at this show sometime soon

    • 6.1 mellowyel

      I think what I like about him is that he has oodles of screen presence – I’m just drawn to him when he’s on screen. the pretty doesn’t hurt either;)

  7. Sunshine

    Wooot Wooot ~ ~ Ah, I like that when you say that ‘I don’t know why I like him’ ~ Heeeeee, me 2 too, of course. Yupsss…..I pray that he will work haaard for his luck & he will become successful in the future ~ ^____^

  8. LHRCN

    can I ask about the ratings of cable channel like MBN? which ratings is considered a good ratings

  9. Bengbeng

    i like him too! and i don’t know why too, hahahah =)

  10. 10 Sunrain

    I like him a lot but I wish he would smile more…

  11. 11 girlatsea

    And I was wondering why you guys always posted news about him! Haha, I thought I was the only one who liked him too. I think it’s because of SKKS. I was immediately drawn to his character and I wanted him to be a good guy so badly (and we all know how that went.) I was kind of disappointed about the whole alcohol incident, I’m glad he’s back.

  12. 12 HappyEndings

    Does anyone know where to watch this? I’ve looked everywhere but it’s kinda hard to google search ‘You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here’.

    I love Lee Soo Kyung and I love the premise! Wanna watch so bad!

    • 12.1 zoshua2009

      I searched using Come Come Definitely Come and there are numerous links.

  13. 13 Melody Lovee

    I thought he was suppose to be a cheerful sort of guy!~ (or so i m told)
    he isn’t smiling in any of the pics… -__-
    smileeeee! ;D

  14. 14 Raitei

    He looks laidback, calm, and cute here. A nice change indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. 15 phoenixash

    I feel the same way about Tae Soo! He just has this charisma that makes me focus on him, even when his acting isn’t superb. Maybe he inherited some of that natural star power from his sister? Anyway, I’m always somehow rooting for him. Glad others feel the same way!

  16. 16 Boo

    so this is where members of JTS’s secret fan club convene?

    this guy, i know we ridiculed his bugged eyes in SKKS a lot but he’s so freaking hot, till the end i wish he turn into a good guy (well, he is a good brother to SHR’s character).

    all the best to him..

  17. 17 b

    Is he the brother of ha ji won?

    • 17.1 jiwonriffic

      yes, and their both daebak ๐Ÿ™‚

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