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Kim Rae-won signs on to new film Dream
by | January 1, 2012 | 23 Comments

Kim Rae-won just wrapped up his army comeback drama, Thousand Day Promise, and now he’s heading to the big screen to make his movie comeback as well. He’s signed on to Dream, a “human drama” wherein he plays a 30-something musical director for musical productions, who was born blind.

The plot unfolds around a musical project that’ll pick its lead through a competitive-reality audition process, and Kim Rae-won’s character serves as a mentor to one of the entrants. He picks that person via a blind test based solely on the merit of a song entry, who turns out to be a half-Filipino, half-Korean young man with a passion for music and a complex about his mixed blood. At first the mentor intends to use the young man as a tool, but ends up developing a warm bond with him.

This will be Kim Rae-won’s first film since army duty, his last having been 2009’s art-world crime thriller Insadong Scandal. I sincerely hope this turns out to be a good project for him, given how underutilized he was in Thousand Day Promise — I won’t say he was bad in it, and he did a good job with what he had to work with, but I was largely disappointed with his role. Kim has such a natural and warm presence that was terribly muffled in the drama; I couldn’t help thinking he was just a tool used to help Su Ae shine. Now I want him to shine.

A female lead has yet to be cast for Dream, but after securing the rest of their cast, the film will begin shooting in March.

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23 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Gigi

    Love Kim Rae Won!

    Looking forward to his next project!

  2. Lady Seoul


  3. peter

    nice. the plot is interesting.

  4. Nokcha

    I also really like Kim Rae Won, but I don’t think this is the role for him. It sounds a bit like it has too much potential fo melodrama, and I agree about his warmth. Not sure if this film will let that shine.

  5. dulcedeleche

    I want my post-army shower scene!

  6. girlatsea

    The plot is interesting but can Kim Rae-won just please sign on for a romcom soon?

    The only thing I had watched him in before A Thousand Days Promise was My Little Bride with Moon Geun-Young. And I just thought he was so charming. And then last week I marathoned through Where Plant Are You From? and UGH, he was wonderful. I want more please.

    • 6.1 lala

      Yeahh, i want him in rom-com tooooooo!!

    • 6.2 denwanai

      Agreed! I watched What planet are You From – not knowing what a fabulous presence he was on the screen. Since then I have searched out every show he’s been in. Loved! My little bride. I tried to watch 1000day promise, but didn’t like the feel of his character. This new movie doesn’t sound like such a great match either. Blind? I love his smile that shows in his eyes. Not sure how tha twill translate in this movie.

      Another of my faves is Eric Moon. check out Que Sera Sera.

  7. Mia

    Kim Rae-Won yay! I think he did a great job in Thousand Days Promise. ^^

    • 7.1 meme

      So do I. I love that caring and strong side of him.

  8. Boo

    ummm, hope this movie fares better since Dream the sports drama tanked (oh my Bummie!)
    i much prefer a cheerful K!R!W! so hopefully a romcom is in a pipeline afterwards

  9. milo josie

    I have also watch some of KIM RAE WON’s drama and movies and he is realy wonderful in all his role. I believe this ”DREAM” project will suit him too.Looking forward to this again…

  10. 10 paula253

    can i just say that KRW has never looked hotter. Oh, and yeah, the new project. ^^

  11. 11 xiaoSxin

    YEs I want him to pick a project that will show his skillz! I’m so watching this for sure

  12. 12 minhe

    kim rae woon is always awesome in all his dramas and movies. especially on the last episode of thousnd days promises wherein he cried a lot when he saw soo ae putting her diaper, this makes me cry so much!! goodluck on his new movie and can’t wait to see this film now.

  13. 13 ed

    Plot sounds like the Hindi movie Black??

  14. 14 aardvarksmile

    Yay! More Kim Rae Won is always good news! Plus a role as a blind person seems an interesting challenge.
    But… I am allergic to anything pertaining to musicals. Gosh, there are so many fields you can develop, why does every second production be about singers or dancers? It’s becoming boring, especially if you get a chance to look into real-life documentations.
    And one last thing: I know that many musicians are blind and it is precisely music that lets them free of their physical limitations, where they can be just as good (or better) as anyone else. However, musical is also about acting, moving, dancing and other visual effects, so a blind theatrical director appears a bit unrealistic to me. Or am I overreacting?

  15. 15 Songie

    Warmth is the perfect word to describe KRW’s on-screen presence! I can actually picture him in this new role. Looking forward to hear more about the production. Then, i hope he’ll sign onto a rom-com because he’s got natural humor too!

  16. 16 Pinky

    I saw Ha Ji Won n Kim Rae Won in Life is Beautiful… lovely, romantic and most charismatic couple. Hoping to see them on screen again……Wow!

  17. 17 Thanh

    If you want to see Kiam Rae won in drama, you can search the drama “Love story in Harvard”
    It’s the best drama I saw him in.
    KRW has a charming smile and roughness in him.
    I watched most of his drama. The next drama is “Say you love me”.
    In Thousand days promised KRW showed a soft side of him very well.
    I did not wathc his movies though.
    I will check into them.

  18. 18 Jin

    I hope he does another comedy. That is his forte.

  19. 19 Gie V

    I think Kim Rae Won is a great actor. If you watched his movie “Sunflower” you will know how great he is.
    I’ve seen his movie….ING and my Little Bride and I love it!
    I’ve seen the following TV Drama of Kim:
    1. Attic Cat
    2. Tell me you love me
    3. What star are you from?
    4. Love Story in Harvard (My favourite)
    5. A Thousand Days’ Promise
    6. Gourmet

    Those TV dramas had different genre but still you will see that Kim Rae Won portrayed well the character that needed in the drama.

    I am hoping that Kim Tae Hui and Kim Rae Won would have another tv drama.

  20. 20 jcll

    1000 days promise was one of the best dramas I have seen and I though KRW was great in it. He showed how he could play a mature, complex adult. Acting all around from him and rest of cast was amazing. The role gave him a chance to do more than just crazy kid.

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