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Ojakkyo Brothers: Halftime report
by | January 17, 2012 | 116 Comments

This show is quickly starting to rival my favorite family comedies. It’s got a great sense of humor, and it’s not afraid to let characters make massive mistakes, with the understanding that we’re going to be along for the ride when they learn, change, and grow.

Now that I’m at the halfway-ish point, it’s time to check back in with Ojakkyo Brothers, to see how our little duckies are doing. This review covers Episodes 11 through 36 (Here’s 1-10 if you missed it), which is quite a chunk, but it’s really two big arcs for the main story: a stray little ducky waddles into their hearts, and then they get separated before realizing how much she’d already become a part of the family.


Ja-eun shows up on the family’s doorstep, tent pitched in the yard, ready to endure all things to get in Mom’s good graces. Dad and the brothers worry about her since she doesn’t really seem that outdoorsy, and she says cheerily that it’s cool ’cause she’s a diehard 1 Night 2 Day fan, and can totally do it out of solidarity (hee).

Mom’s the one who resists her the most for obvious reasons, since she stole the contract and can’t face her guilt. But Ja-eun digs her heels in and starts to follow Mom around to learn how to take care of the farm. Before long, they start to bond over taking care of sick ducklings and the precious pear trees, and soon become an inseparable pair.

A turning point in the Mom/Ja-eun relationship is when it pours rain and she gets sick out in her tent, and Mom’s resolve finally breaks. She has Tae-hee carry her inside and she tends to her all night, bringing down her fever and rubbing her tummy like a real mom. Ja-eun is moved to tears at her first real encounter with motherly affection, wondering how a person’s hands could feel so warm. It just about wrings your heart dry.

Soon Ja-eun is sticking up for Mom in front of Grandma and asking everyone in the house to help unburden Mom of some chores. She even sells the rest of her nice things to buy Mom a dishwasher, bringing her to tears. Mom finally lets her move into the house, and Ja-eun in turn asks if she can be Mom’s daughter.

Throughout all this, another central conflict comes into play – we find out that Third Son Tae-hee is actually not the third son by birth, but Dad’s nephew (his little brother’s only son). Tae-hee’s father died in a car accident, and his mother left him at the age of six, to remarry. Naturally Grandma and Mom and Dad took him in, and raised him as one of their own boys. This explains Grandma’s special fondness for Tae-hee.

So now the conflict with Maknae Tae-pil starts to make a lot of sense (for instance, their ages being less than a full year apart, and thus Tae-pil’s reluctance to call him “hyung.”) These two boys fight constantly with each other, Tae-pil’s go-to insult being “Neighbor’s Son,” aka you’re not my real brother. But the funny thing is, they’re the ones who fight like real brothers – throwing punches, calling the other adopted – it’s actually the most normal brother relationship out of the foursome.

Though Tae-hee never talks about his feelings, it starts to come out little by little how much being the odd one out has affected him. There’s this moment when he comes upon his brothers drinking at their usual pojangmacha with Dad, and he just looks at them from afar with a smile and doesn’t join them. That quiet moment when he just feels that pang of being an outsider – not in some big melodramatic way, but in that tiny moment – it breaks my heart.

A new complication arises in Tae-hee’s life in the form of a movie producer who inserts himself into his life – Kim Jae-ha (Jung Seok-won), who turns out to be his birth mother’s stepson. He comes bearing bad news – that his mother has passed away. We get a flashback to six-year old Tae-hee being left by his mother, and turning into the silent, lonely boy he still is to this day. There’s a great moment when he sits on a stoop next to his six-year old self, sitting the same way with his hands folded between his knees.

The news of his mother’s death hits him hard, finally dredging up his painful wounds. He lashes out at everyone, even Grandma, asking why she never let him ask about his mother or miss her, blaming her for never getting a chance to outwardly hate her, or forgive her.

It’s in this crisis when Tae-pil finally steps up to get through to Tae-hee and gets him to talk about it, if even for a few syllables. It’s the most satisfying reconciliation between the brothers, when these two get past their brotherly bullshit. Tae-pil even shows up to punch Kim Jae-ha in the face, and tell him not to mess with his hyung. It’s so schoolyard and just the cutest ever.

But Mom and Dad are the most loving parents around, and make sure he knows how much he’s equally loved. Tae-hee cries in Mom’s arms like a little boy, and apologizes to Grandma like a good son, thanking her for raising him to be so awesome. Awwwww.

Meanwhile, First Son Tae-shik goes from being a man with no prospects to being the center of a love triangle, with two women fighting over him. Things go well with Ye-jin, the blind date woman, who seems mostly like she’s settling for him, but he’s over the moon for her. At the same time, Mi-sook’s reignited first-love crush grows, and she finally confesses her feelings, and he chooses Ye-jin. Stupid.

But just when things finally start to go well for him for the first time in his life, he gets word from his ex in the Philippines that he fathered a son… nine years ago. It blows all the other brothers’ conflicts out of the water, because suddenly the child’s mom decides to send their son to Tae-shik, and bails without a trace.

The nine-year old boy, Kook-soo (named Noodles because Tae-shik likes noodles, ha) arrives at the airport scared and alone. Tae-shik freaks out, acting more scared than the child, and calls Tae-bum in a panic. There the two brothers sit in the hallway of a motel, Tae-shik at his wit’s end. He stupidly thinks he can hide a nine-year old child’s existence from his girlfriend and his family, which is just so immature it’s sad. But that’s kind of the theme with Tae-shik’s life – he always makes the wrong choice first. He’s incapable of skipping that step.

The family eventually finds out about Kook-soo of course (there’s only so long you can hide a nine-year old boy living in the house) and Dad beats Tae-shik with a broom in front of the whole family. Tae-shik’s biggest hurdle continues to be his relationship with Dad, now compounded by the fact that HE won’t accept his own son, the sad pattern of which he’s too blind with panic to see.

He tells his brothers that he’s asked Mom to raise Kook-soo because he still plans to marry Ye-jin, like an idiot. Tae-hee is the only one to speak up that Tae-shik needs to raise his own son. “Do you know what kind of scar, what kind of pain it is to be abandoned?” For once he doesn’t hold back, asking if they know how much he grew up being jealous of the three of them, especially maknae Tae-pil who had all of Mom’s love.

He tells them that the same parents’ love that they always took for granted as obvious, as a given, to him was always something to be thankful for. “Always pretending to be fine, pretending to be cool, pretending that I wasn’t lonely, pretending, pretending. Until I ended up losing myself, not knowing my own feelings, so that even when the person I like shows up in front of me, I don’t know it!” He tells his hyung to raise Kook-soo himself, so that he doesn’t grow up pretending his whole life, like him. AW.

When the shit hits the fan, Tae-shik ends up leaning on Mi-sook the most. Ye-jin finally finds out about Kook-soo (she comes over and Dad spills the beans with zero tact), and he gets so depressed that he plans to commit suicide. Only he’s too wishy-washy to even do that properly, and just ends up taking a dip in the river and getting semi-rescued by Mi-sook who yells at him to just die then. Ha.

Though it takes him so long that you start to worry, when Kook-soo is made fun of for the color of his skin, Tae-pil claims him as his son in front of all his coworkers. He eventually finds out that Kook-soo’s mother died of cancer, which is why she sent him. And finally, by Episode 36, Tae-shik hugs his son for the first time, and steps up to become a father.

Second Son Tae-bum also spends a good stretch of time being a coward. Soo-young insists that they marry, but he refuses, not wanting to tie himself down to a life with her out of obligation to the baby. But his brothers find out about her pregnancy, and Dad catches them drunk-brawling about it at the local pojangmacha, so the beans get spilled to the whole family pretty quickly.

Dad predictably smacks him upside the head (ha, serves you right). Tae-bum argues that it’s wrong for all parties to be unhappy because they feel obligated to be together, while Dad argues that whether it’s happiness or hell, you lie in the bed you made, if you’re a man.

It’s like pulling teeth, but Tae-bum FINALLY agrees to marry her, only it’s a contract marriage with the stipulation that in one year’s time, if either of them wants out, they get a clean divorce. They agree to keep it a secret at work and plan on a small wedding.

The wedding is especially funny because they cut out of their own ceremony halfway into their vows because of a work emergency at the station, and then her mom hilariously has the entire wedding party pose for a photo minus the bride and groom, to be photoshopped in later. HA.

Soo-young’s parents are great set of side characters, totally insane but played for comedy. They’re kind of insufferable as in-laws, but hilarious as the overly stuffy, rich parents who live in their own zany universe where swirling your husband’s toothbrush in the toilet every morning is a way to get revenge for him holding a woman’s hand once. I love it when the pairs of in-laws get together and embarrass each other over some new silly conflict.

Married life is rocky for the couple, who try to go about life as normal, while using separate bedrooms and pretending to be single at work. But then little changes start to creep in, and Tae-bum starts to show signs that he might like Soo-young (despite swearing up and down that he never would).

They get a new boss at work – Soo-young’s sunbae who used to have a crush on her in college. He strikes Tae-bum’s competitive nerve, turning him into a jealous manchild. I LOVE seeing him be petty and jealous over her, after being such an ass to her for so long.

But then, they finally get to a place where they’re starting to fall for each other (or he’s finally falling for her)… when his ex Hye-ryung reenters the picture (the big ten-year relationship that pretty much crushed him in his twenties). GRAR. She’s the worst kind of ex in dramas – the anemic poor me girl. Blech.

She shows up at their station as a writer, and gets assigned to the same show the couple is working on. She tells Tae-bum that she divorced the man she left him for, and he lives in denial land, thinking it’ll be okay to work with his wife and his ex on one team. Hello, crazy! I swear, if he doesn’t make her go away soon, imma hurt somebody.

Maknae Tae-pil begins to grow up little by little, realizing at some point that all his hyungs treat him the same way – waiting for him to mess up at life. He ends up meeting Nam Yeo-wool, who as it turns out is Soo-young’s aunt, closer in age to Soo-young than her own sister, who raised her like a mom.

They find out the family connection awkwardly at Tae-bum’s wedding, where she thinks he’s stalking her like the playboy that he is. But Yeo-wool is the one to figure out that he’s actually got a good head for business, and hires him at her new failing store as a manager. He helps Yeo-wool save the store, or at least helps convince her sister to let her try.

They start out with misconceptions about each other and develop a quirky friendship, even pretending to be lovers to get an ex off his back. They open up to each other about their crazy families, and connect over their shared angst at being underestimated by everyone. A noona romance is perfect for Tae-pil, and though it’s still early in their story, they seem like a cute couple in the making.

Though all the brothers are secretly nice to Ja-eun during her tent days, it’s Tae-hee who forms a bond with her, despite his reluctance to say much, ever. He’s hilariously terse, and mostly stares at her curiously like she’s a strange new alien, while she prattles on about her day and tries to be friendly.

I love that suddenly being penniless gives Ja-eun a new appreciation for the simple things in life, like food and her favorite drink, a caramel macchiato, which has now become a luxury she can’t afford. She asks Tae-hee to bring her one time and again, which he squarely ignores.

But one night he has too much to drink and stumbles home with his shoes hanging around his neck, and crashes inside her tent… right on top of her. It’s the first time her heart begins to race because of him, and it’s also the incident she uses to blackmail him for coffee. And thus begins their long flirtation via macchiato.

Ja-eun finds out that Tae-hee’s never once had a girlfriend or even talked about a girl at home, to the point that Grandma suspects that he might be gay. So the next time she sees him, she puts on a serious face: “Ajusshi, I like guys. Do you like guys? If you do, I have an open mind and I can keep a secret.” Keh.

His answer is to suddenly lurch forward and lean over her, stopping an inch from her face. It sends her heart leaping into her throat. Humona. Well that’s one way to answer a question. I love his sudden burst of cheekiness, though he stays deadpan, which is even better. It’s pretty much: I dare you not to swoon, little girl.

Tae-hee is adorably awkward at romance, not even knowing that he likes Ja-eun, though it’s obvious to everyone but him. He gets jealous when he sees Tae-pil being nice to her, which is so cute because he’s so frustratingly bad at expressing his feelings, while Tae-pil is so at ease being charming.

When the family heads out for Tae-bum’s wedding, Ja-eun gets left behind and sinks to realize that no one asked her to go, but she just assumed she’d be invited. Tae-hee is running late and offers to take her, and she helps him tie his tie (because he’s a 31-year old who doesn’t know how to tie his own tie, for crying out loud). But it makes for the most romantically-charged awkward tie-tying scene ever, where it’s written all over their faces how much they’re both affected by the proximity.

But my favorite moment between the pair is when Ja-eun gets Tae-hee to buy her some instant ramyun and kimbap at a convenience store, and she insists on playing mook-jji-ppa for the last kimbap, which devolves into an epic childish forehead flicking competition. It’s so awesome. I could pretty much watch that sequence a million times.

Ja-eun is the first to show her feelings for Tae-hee, and makes him a good luck charm to keep him safe while he’s on duty – a little ducky with a caramel macchiato in hand. Aw. He carries it wherever he goes, as promised.

But then things take a huge dive when the family finds out that Mom stole the contract after all, earning her some grave disappointment from her sons, especially Tae-pil who so blindly took her side. They confront her and she finally caves, deciding to do what’s right and return the farm to Ja-eun.

Mom takes her out for a day, and they walk through the market holding hands, getting compliments from other ajummas about how mother and daughter look so good together. Mom buys her long underwear for the winter and Ja-eun bear-hugs her, so grateful for the motherly affection. Mom wonders to herself how nice it would have been if they hadn’t met this way.

But Mom hesitates and puts off telling Ja-eun the truth juuust long enough to be outed by the evil stepmother instead. Aaaaaargh. Ja-eun begs Mom to tell her it isn’t true and she’ll believe her, but it’s too late. More than anything, it’s the mother-daughter bond that’s the heartwrenching loss in all this.

And this time, Tae-hee is the one to blow up at Mom, screaming at her for waiting, and letting Ja-eun get hurt that way. That’s enough for Tae-bum to pick up on the fact that Tae-hee likes Ja-eun, which of course he refuses to admit. He adorably teaches his little brother about feelings – that being in pain like that means he likes her.

It’s a realization that comes too late, because Ja-eun feels betrayed by the whole family, especially Tae-hee whom she trusted more than anyone. She asks why everyone she trusts always ends up leaving or betraying her, and tells him to stay away and pretend he doesn’t know her.

He doesn’t know what else to do and just starts following her like a watchdog wherever she goes, and confesses that he can’t do anything because he’s worried about her – if she’s eaten, if she’s okay, if she’s hurt – and confesses that he likes her. But it’s the worst timing, and she tells him that it doesn’t matter, because she doesn’t like him anymore.

It takes him a while to understand that seeing him might cause her pain, and in time he tells her that he’ll leave her alone and says goodbye.

In one of the most bittersweet scenes in the drama, Ja-eun gets drunk and forgets that she’s mad at the family, and heads home to Ojakkyo. She finds Mom sitting in her tent and talks to her as if it’s still the old days, and Mom’s so happy to see her that she plays along, not wanting to break the illusion.

She’s so happy to make her food, and comes out with her favorite dish, but by then Ja-eun has sobered up enough to realize her mistake, and gone. Both Mom and Ja-eun berate themselves for missing the other when they’re not allowed.

During her time away, Ja-eun’s animation project gets picked up by Kim Jae-ha’s studio, and be becomes her new boss and a romantic rival for Tae-hee. But working on the project – about a duck family living on Ojakkyo farm – keeps her memories fresh.

She puts the farm up for sale and the studio buys it to level to the ground for a new theme park, and it’s the thought of losing the farm that she poured her sweat into that stops her. Her time spent slaving away on the farm has made her fall in love with the land, just like Mom.

She decides that she’s not ready to let go of Ojakkyo yet and stops the sale, asking Kim Jae-ha to give her a chance to pay back the deposit (which she spent to clear her father and her stepmother’s debts).

She gets a six-month deal (including 20 dates with Jae-ha, the sneaky bastard) and races back to the farm to tell the family that they don’t have to move, only to get a lukewarm response from them, since they’re ready to move on. But she asks for their help this time because she wants to save the farm, so they agree to give it a shot. She swears she hasn’t fully forgiven them yet, but it’s clear she has.

So back she comes to Ojakkyo, reviving the cute and awkward romance with Tae-hee. He confesses that he didn’t keep his promise to get over her, and that he still likes her. Stunned, she just stammers blankly, “Okay, let’s go…”

Later, he scrawls the words in a notebook, trying to fill in possible hidden meanings: “Okay [I like you too], let’s go,” or “Okay [I understand], let’s go,” and my personal favorite, “Okay [so what am I supposed to do about it?] Let’s go.” Hahahaha.

It finally drives him so crazy that he asks Tae-pil for girl advice, and to his mortification, Tae-pil teases him relentlessly. The next morning, Grandma yells for toilet paper in the bathroom, and Tae-pil pointedly yells, “Okay, I’m going!” (Which is the exact same phrase in Korean, hee). He does it again as they leave for work, earning a beating in the car from his hyung. Heh.

Tae-hee goes so nuts with insecurity and jealousy that he starts following her around whenever she’s with Kim Jae-ha, ending in a really silly pissing contest at the zoo over darts and stuffed animals. It ends with Tae-hee carving into Jae-ha’s rims: “Kim PD is stupid.” Pfft. In a scene that gets repeated so often it becomes funny, they come to blows, and Ja-eun leaves them to fight with each other. That’s what you get, boys.

Later that night, she purposely makes Tae-hee wait for her in the yard because she’s annoyed at his childish behavior, while Tae-pil coaches him through Dating 101. He instructs him not to answer any of her calls for the next three days no matter what, and Tae-hee just stares confused, “But why?” Tae-pil makes sure to play interference at the breakfast table just to keep his hyung’s googly eyes in check.

It finally drives Tae-hee so crazy that he interrupts yet another date with Jae-ha and punches him in the face (again) and Ja-eun storms off. He runs after her and she tells him she didn’t know he was so violent and petty and immature. But he’s not even listening to her because he can only think of one thing: “What does it mean – Okay, let’s go?” HA.

He says if he’s confessed his feelings, she should respond with “yes” or “no” in a way that he’ll understand. He says she has to be direct otherwise it’ll go straight over his head (hee) and demands to know what it means.

Ja-eun: “Ajusshi, are you stupid?” Pfffft. “Why did I come back to the farm? Why did I forgive ajumma? Because I have to forgive ajumma and return to the farm to see you.” She wonders why on earth he wouldn’t know that unless she said it in so many words, clearly overestimating how much he knows about girls.

He wastes no time once he hears her answer, and swoops in for a kiss. It startles her and she starts to back away. He takes a step closer, and she takes a step back, and then he calls out “Ice,” like the schoolyard game, and she freezes.

He runs to her for another kiss. Eeeeee!


So far everything feels well-paced for a drama of this length, but I do worry about the arc up ahead, concerning the battle for the farm against Kim Jae-ha and his family. When it was a fight between Mom and Ja-eun, I was fully invested, but I’m not sure I like where it’s going with the new villain.

Kim Jae-ha seems way too convenient as a catch-all villain, (not that he’s a villain in the traditional sense, but a wrench-thrower) because they just use him as a fits-anywhere plot device. It’s a little annoying. First he’s trailing Tae-hee, then he wants to work with Ja-eun, and then suddenly he’s the half-step-brother, and THEN he wants to buy the farm? It’s too much. I would’ve been content if he were just one or even two of those things, but all is a little ridiculous.

But the pace of the romances – the slow build with so much cuteness and everyday banter – is so in my wheelhouse. I love the tiny awkward baby steps that they’re all making, whether it’s Tae-shik being blind to the best friend who’s perfect for him, or Tae-bum having to marry a girl before developing a crush on her, or Tae-hee’s inability to see a macchiato for what it really is.

And my favorite thing is that Mom and Ja-eun’s relationship is as much the central love story as her relationship with Tae-hee. Truthfully during the separation, it was her distance from Mom that broke my heart more. I want more than anything for Ja-eun to have a home, and well, if she has to be with Tae-hee to do it, all the better.

This drama does a great job of balancing the cute and comedic with the gut-wrenching, which I appreciate for its lack of melodramatic treatment. Horrible stuff does happen, but it’s the affirmation of love that the family members get from each other in those rough patches that drives the heart of the show.

No matter how crazy things get, when children appear from nowhere or when Dad beats you with a broom, the brothers always gather for a drink to talk it out and lean on each other. Even if it always comes to insults and blows.


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  1. alove

    There’s so many episodes that I’m too intimidated to watch it. Sigh.

    • 1.1 nuri

      i don’t watch all episodes, not because i dont want to but that internet-bandwidth thingy. so i try to pick out which scene i want to see and pick the episodes. it’s all worth it. but these past few episodes is so good..

    • 1.2 mrmz

      same here!! although I’m tempted 😛

    • 1.3 rainyrainy

      u need to watch , u must watch it , I’m not fan of family dramas but not this one , this one is really rocking and u will be hoocked till the end , we are at episode 48 and we are just as crazy as we used to be for epi 16 or 20 , I’m in LOOOOVE with them and especially Ja eun and Tae hui

    • 1.4 djinni

      you really should watch it. it is so good. i dont think it would be nearly as good if it were 16 eps. they would have to cut out too much suger and it would be too bland and mediocre, me thinks.

      • 1.4.1 hanif

        Of course it will be good. Family (weekend) K-drama means we got 4 brothers/ sisters and it means we got 4 Rom-Com stories in one long package.

        Like Ojakgyo, we got;
        1. Single Parent Love Triangle,
        2. Office Bickering & One night stand case relationship,
        3. Innocent love betwen un-experienced man with a self-centered girl,
        4. the last, we got Noona-Maknae love.

        – At 20 first eps we got all the cute,
        – In the middle we got heart-breaking climax and everything is going crazy,
        – in the last 10 eps we got totally draggy-incoherrent-filler eps.

        NB: Get ready for irritating mother in-law vs Daughter in-law relationship

    • 1.5 gala

      there’s someone who does a detailed summary/recaps (right after it aired!) for ojakgyo.

      she does a pretty good job at it. (altho it seems they get pretty combative the moment you disagree with their point of view. i remember someone criticizing the drama for its slow-paced-ness and the lacking of chemistry between Joo Won and Uee. almost everyone attacked that poster. it’s unlike here where javabeans and girlfriday do allow differing opinions. (I dont think i’ve seen jb and gf go all offended if someone posted a remark that goes against their views).

      anyway, all I watch here are TB-SY scenes. while I see the chemistry between JW and Uee, i’m not much invested in their story. not even til the recent one with a complex twist to their love story.

      • 1.5.1 7arrie7

        What I love most about Dramabeans (in addition to their great thought out recaps) is that the comment section isn’t exclusively for raves but allows various opinions. One can rant without having someone get all defensive and tell one to stop watching if they don’t rave. Dramabeans is a great place for discussion for varying thoughts and opinions. 😀

    • 1.6 hanif

      Ahh … I already download 20 eps as of today and not a single eps I watched. I just keep “Fast Forward” in every eps and thinking that one day I will get to wacth this drama properly.

      Even so, I like Tae-He’s “Full Hatred” Face.

    • 1.7 ladida

      One word: marathon! You won’t regret it!

      • 1.7.1 alove

        Omg, a marathon ahaha. Maybe I’ll wait til it ends and watch all 58 episodes at once.

        Without sleep or food.

        Or breathing.

    • 1.8 mariolawpanda

      I was intimidated with long dramas as well at first but after watching Life is Beautiful, and watching High Kick 3 right now, I didn’t hesitate in picking up Ojakkyo. Plus, reading all the rave this show got, I was really curious.

      This show is definitely like multiple dramas in one because the pace is pretty normal and isn’t like Life is Beautiful that seemed like a one day=one episode drama.

      It does live up to the hype and praises. Go give it a try.

    • 1.9 Rule

      dont miss it, its wonderful

  2. nikki

    so, why you didn’t recap this drama since aired, as this drama has so many fans all over the world and has a good storyline…:(

    • 2.1 alove

      The recapping process is difficult and Dramabeans already provides recaps for a great number of shows. Let’s not overwork them, nikki. Besides, there are other bloggers who have recapped this drama.

      • 2.1.1 ladida

        Right! There are other bloggers out there covering Ojakgyo Brothers faithfully, and Dramabeans has been covering so many dramas lately, they’ve even got guests bloggers to cover the extra ones, not to mention the celebrity news and the variety shows. And these periodic reviews that girlfriday is doing are pretty awesome, so…yeah.

    • 2.2 Minnetter (aka: Min)

      first of all the drama is way too long, that they’re even doing this for the drama is great.
      Second, they already have their platter’s full with all the shorter drama.
      Thirdly, let’s be appreciative for their hardwork on this site that provides many recaps on other dramas, and they still find time to share what they thought on this one through the half-time report.

    • 2.3 estel

      There are other bloggers who recap shows; javabeans and girlfriday are undeniably awesome, but can’t recap everything, and a 50-epidsode drama (which has now been extended to 58, I believe) is a huge time commitment. If you can’t find recaps for a show you like here, try searching for another site. In this case, I happen to know there are recaps for most episodes of Ojakkyo Brothers here: http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com.

      At this point, you can find recaps or at least reviews and discussion for almost any currently-airing drama. You just have to look around a bit.

    • 2.4 nuri

      at this time this aired, i think Javabeans and Girlfriday cover Flower Boys Ramyun Shop, Thousand Days Promise, Vampire Prosecutor and High Kick 3 at the same time. i was grateful they find some time to recaps this. at least, in time for the last 10 episodes.

      as Alove said, there are other bloggers who have recapped this drama.

  3. avery

    This show is so awesome that it overcame my commitment issues.

    Yep. It’s that good.

    • 3.1 magz

      hi5! same here this and sons of sol pharmacy have been the cure

  4. kewbie

    Tae Hee said “ice” before he kissed Ja Eun? All this time I thought he said “freeze” coz he’s a cop. Ha! Anyway I am loving this drama, although I would have been fine if they ended at 50 episodes vs 58. It is definitely a bit convoluted for Kim Jae Ha because now that we are on ep 48 there’s another secret he is hiding from Tae Hee even though it’s not his to hide. Also I wish the writers would make up their minds whether they want him to be a good or bad guy coz sometimes I can’t tell. Hopefully Kim JH doesn’t go crazy with all the crap the writers are putting on him. Ah so much to say and not enough room to say it. Thanks for writing about OB again!

    • 4.1 girlfriday

      It means the same, but think: more freeze-tag, less put-your-hands-up.

      • 4.1.1 kewbie

        Thanks for the clarification! I think, at that moment, Tae Hee was afraid he wouldn’t get to kiss her and he had to say something to make her stop backing up. Funny that he said freeze/ice instead of just “stop”. It’s like he’s still a kid — except he’s a kid in the romance field.

  5. kewbie

    One more thing: I absolutely adore Joo Won and Uee in the show! I have been consistently overloaded with their cuteness from ep 37 and on.

    • 5.1 rainyrainy

      me too me three me four
      they are one of the cutest couples ( alla along with GRI and KJW of secret garden ) I ever watched in kdrama

  6. obsession

    this drama is a must for me to watch on Saturday & Sunday tho i’m following via KBS World which is 4 episodes behind from the one in Korea…

    i’m loving everything about this drama… of coz my favourite OTP would be TaeBeom-SooYoung & TaeHee-JaEun… Ther love storylines kinda addictive and it makes me curious what would happen in the future…

    and i’m glad they decided to extend it… ^^

    • 6.1 momogi

      I watch in on KBSWorld too, but I’m worry about Tae-beom and Soo Young’s future. They agree to get divorce! I don’t want them to be separated, not with Tae-beom now showing new determination and affection toward Soo Young and the baby.. With them the timing always the problem. I hope they really don’t get to divorce.

      As for Tae-hee and Ja-eun, there’s a new threat on their relationship, turns out that Ja-eun father is the main suspect of Tae-hee’s biological father’s car crash. Noo, not when they’re on their happiest moment..

    • 6.2 Jossy

      Im following it on kbsworld too! It’s way healthier for me that way, lol. except I got a bit greedy and went ahead and spoiled myself with recaps. I hope they air a marathon of the drama soon, I’d happily give up my weekend and then some to watch this bad boy again ;p

  7. Chunniebunnie

    This drama is really sweet! Ja Eun and Tae Hee are so cute together!

  8. Geneva

    Loving this drama, and I usually shy away from the longer weekend ones. Apart from Smile You this is the first I’ve watched, and it drags far less. It’s not perfect, but it’s charming with enough lovable characters and awesome relationship dynamics to make that not matter. It’s strange because most people avoid longer dramas because story moves at a much slower pace than the typical 16-20 episode drama, but when it’s done well it’s that much more time you spend forming attachments to the characters, which in turn makes you more invested and therefore willing to watch more episodes. It’s on the verge of unseating some of my favorites, I’ll say that much.

    • 8.1 am

      I want to hug you and your comment.

    • 8.2 Mr Bloo

      A few weeks ago, I stopped watching OB (last episode i saw was Ep.39) cause of Smile, You. Before watching SY, I was spazzing over Jaeun/Tai Hee all the time, reading Soulsrebel almost everyday to see the latest news/recap. My fridays to monday caught up watching OB- friday afternoon to watch the repeats on KBS world, then watching the latest episodes on Sat and Sun evenings on KBS world and then watching Youtube from Sat. midnight (where the latest cuts would have been uploaded) to catch the latest episodes or at least the latest Jaeun/TaiHee’s cuts. It was that addictive!!!

      Buuut…. cut to a few weeks later…. I was clearing up some stuff at home and came across the SY dvd which I bought sometime in June 2011 but which I , for some reason, never bothered to watch. I have a soft spot for Lee Min Jung, I think she is beautiful and she seems to be an easygoing person and Jung Kyung Ho was relatively unknown to me, though I did watch him in one episode of the drama with So Ji Sup and Im soo Jung, but I was never into that drama. And I did read the earlier recaps of SY on this site when it was posted up but I guess I was not in the right mindset to actually want to watch SY and even read about Jung Kyung Ho’s military service and thought ‘yeah , he’s not bad looking’! UNTIL 3 WEEKS AGO. Now I am sooo addicted to the whole SooIn/ MinKyung couple thing, scouring the net for all and any news on them and watching all the interviews and ads on YouTube. Jung Kyung Ho is my latest favourite actor, watching ‘Turtle Run, and ‘Herb’ while watching SY. In fact I havn’t finished watching SY yet, am still on the wedding episode, have been watching this episode for the last two nights already, they are just so adorable!!! Somehow, I am just not ready to let them go yet so I am watching the last few episodes of SY slowly.

      You bringing up SY in your post spurred me to write this long post. In fact while watching SY, I was reminded of OB and the similarities that I find between them. Firstly, 3 of the actors from SY is in OB.. SooYoung, her mom ( which is scarier, when she plays SooYoung’s mon or Lee Hansae’s mom?)and the old guy who played her boss were in SY. The scene where Jaeun/TaiHee were playing mook jji-ppa reminded me of the scene where SooIn were in the car playing the starring game and getting flicked on the hand if they blinked. Ahhh the power of addiction….

  9. Ace

    The only thing I disliked about this show during the episodes covered, was the family’s prejudice (racism?) over Kook-soo because of his dark skin color. I was like, “Seriously, Korea?” Anyway, they made up for it with their growing warmth towards him during later episodes.

    Thanks girlfriday for the halftime report. It made me relive some of the most awesome moments in Ojakkyo Brothers. It’s funny and heartwarming and cute. It still reminds me a lot of The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House / My Too Perfect Sons because it has the same actors playing father and mother (Baek Il Sub & Yoon Mi Ra), has four sons/brothers, also has the same actor playing the father-in-law (Kim Yong Gun) and other little stuff. Soo-young & Tae-bum’s romance also reminded me a lot Dae-poong & Bokifer’s romance in Sons of Sol since I’m rooting more for their story.

    • 9.1 Nabby

      I wasn’t sure whether to watch this drama, but since you related it to my most favorite family drama EVER, I think I have to now.

      • 9.1.1 Ace

        Sons of Sol is also my fave family drama ever! (I still have this hope that JB will finish the recaps some time before the world ends 😉 ) I’ve been debating whether to DL episodes (but it would take too long!) or buy the DVD (but it’s so expensive!) because I want to rewatch it. 🙂

        My favorite character was Song Kwang Ho (Baek Il-seob) who was the cutest father in a drama. He’s still cute in OB but infuriating too.

    • 9.2 Arhazivory

      I think they purposely dealt with prejudice as a theme because it is still an issue in Korea. So in light of that, its good that they did.

    • 9.3 wulan

      hi Ace, long time no see. that’s one of my sour point too, why do they keep bringing on Guk Su’s skin tone. I mean seriously … is there anything wrong with having dark skin tone?

      this is also my fav drama beside Son of Sol Pharmacy but in OB, I root for TH and JA story more though I also love TB and SY love story.

      • 9.3.1 Ace

        Hi Wulan! Where are our oml buddies? Haven’t heard from them for way too long…Hope they’re all doing well…

        Re: skin tones – you’ve got to admit that a lot of Asians prefer to have fairer skin, while Westerners want the opposite (saw some comments the other day mocking Dakota Fanning’s too pale complexion).

        Lately, I’m actually irritated at SY. While I understand her reasons for asking TB to give up some things, I felt that it’s unfair of her.

        Anyway, even if I’m rooting more for TB & SY’s story, I’m squealing more when TH & JE get together! 😉

  10. 10 lidy

    saw uee in you’re beautiful, though i didn’t like the character, did love how pissy and fake she was. wanted to see what other dramas she was in and came across ojakkyo brothers. tried watching episode 1 but gave up after seeing the show was 50+episodes. after watching bits of “don’t hesitate” and “I’m sorry, i love you,” and giving up (they got a bit too angsty and drama-y, and the length of it), i wasn’t really in the mood for watching dramas that long. but after reading your reports, i just might get back into it

  11. 11 namja

    This is my best drama for watching this year…..

  12. 12 am

    There are far too many things I love about this drama but you’ve pretty much covered most of it ^^

    I love this drama to bits! I rarely find something I really really like and this one I’m so happy to have finally watched (Ehem, thank you to all beanies suggesting it *hugs*)

    One of the aspects I really love about the drama is how developed the characters are. From watching it, you pretty much get to predict how they will move or react to plot changes, or er, in their universe, the mishaps and stuff. Like that whole episode where JaEun finally finds out Ahjumma took her contract. I haven’t really seen anyone do something totally out of character.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE ELDERLY CHARACTERS! I swear! I’ve never loved the older ones than the younger characters in any drama. I look more forward to non-romantic story lines and interactions between young and old or the hwang and cha in-laws.

  13. 13 agassi

    Thank you girlfriday!! Yeay~~ for more love for Ojakkyo Brothers <3

    I love almost all relationships, interactions in this drama.. from Mom-Jaeun's, the brothers', TaeHee-Jaeun's, TaeBeom-SooYoung's, to SooYoung's parents'.. It's really hard to find a family drama when most of the characters are loveable in their own ways. Oh, did I forgot to mention Kook-soo? I really love it when Grandma said that he's too clever to be Tae-Shik's son.. HA!

    • 13.1 am

      I love Kook su/Guk su! (or however it’s romanized hehehe)

      My heart totally breaks into pieces whenever he got picked at because of his skin color and stuff. He even had to explain to his classmates why his skin color is darker than the rest of em. Poor kid…

      But I admire that the show brings light into the subject (interracial kids) because I swear, some people in Korea need it.

      • 13.1.1 ladida

        He and Tae Pil are my favorite characters. I love how Tae Pil is the first to really welcome him into the family, who brings him to the breakfast table and tells him not to worry about the adults fighting. I also think it’s really cute how Guk Soo has taken to his noona, Ja Eun.

        It was so infuriating to watch the first few episodes he was in, to see how everyone was freaking out because he was a few shades darker than everyone else. It was just so ugly to witness, especially to see a kid going through that, and what was the worse was how no one called anyone out on it! Even the grandmother said something about it, and no one told her that was wrong. I mean, people were more upset that he is interracial than that he was born out of wedlock (which is a concern I find rather retrograde), or that his mother (seemingly) abandoned him! But yeah, I adore Guk Soo. Every time I see him I just want to hug him and kiss him. I can’t wait for Tae Shik and Mi Sook to get together so that he can have a (traditional/nuclear family).

  14. 14 am

    Is it just me or wasn’t it made clear that Baek In Ho is still alive. Didn’t he get on a plane and not a ship? AND wasn’t it made clear that he took an earlier flight than what he was supposed to take?


    • 14.1 sue

      He got on a ship after arriving in China and the ship crashed. When Ja Eun was watching the TV at the police station, her dad was identified as a missing person from the accident. Almost everyone assumes he’s dead, but it’s left ambiguous.

      • 14.1.1 am

        Thank you!!!! That explains so much…I was too busy being pissed off at JaEun’s stepmom at that time to properly comprehend how Baek In Ho got onto the ship. hehe

        In kdramas, usually, unless a character is found, I keep all hopes up that they’re still alive.

  15. 15 Jfk707

    I’m so invested. Love this drama

  16. 16 Ani

    GAH! Now I HAVE to watch this. There’s nothing like family shows for me. Gets me all the time. Thanks for the report girlfriday!

    • 16.1 Shukmeister

      I’ve watched it from the very beginning, and I can say it’s the first over-25-episode series that I’ve stuck with. There are a few hiccups (hating TB’s mother-in-law with the heat of 100 suns), but over all, very engaging and cute.

      • 16.1.1 ladida

        Isn’t she the same actress who played Joo Won’s mother in Secret Garden? She’s infuriating, but what I like about how she’s written (what I like about the show in general, really) is that even though she’s ridiculously aggravating most of the time, we never forget that she loves her daughter and her sister. Yes, she screeches all the time and is overbearing and something of a bully, but in the end, she sincerely cares about and wants to protect her family. She just goes about it in the most annoying ways.

  17. 17 sue

    Thank you so much for the report! I love reading your take on dramas, especially the ones I enjoy, and I am enjoying Ojakkyo Brothers a lot. One great thing about the show is how the characters are all flawed in some way; it’s like they take turns getting on my nerves and then eventually redeeming themselves (ex: Mom and her treatment of Ja Eun, Tae Shik being an imbecile over his son). Plus, there are so many moments that are absolutely hilarious. Some of my favorites are the kimbap scene; the scene where Ja Eun walks in on Tae Pil and Tae Hee in the bathroom and they scramble to cover themselves up, as if it’s scandalous for her to see a man who’s shirtless or in a tank top; and the scene where Soo Young’s parents air their dirty laundry in front of the Hwang family and Mom keeps trying to stifle her gleeful expression.

    By the way, the Tae Shik/Noodles and Dad/Tae Shik parallel is an interesting point I hadn’t picked up on; it’s like an extension of the similarities between Dad and Tae-Shik that you mentioned in your introduction post. And I’m also a fan of the pacing of the romances; I think drawing them out helps preserve a sense of tension and excitement.

  18. 18 sweetspring

    thank you sooo much girlfriday for your recap- yes this drama is longer than the average so a recap covering a whole bunch of episodes is great to refresh one’s memory but I’ve gotten to the point of OB lovesickness that I’m watching all the earlier episodes with or without subs while waiting impatiently for the next one. I could go on & on about why I love this show so much & now definitely one of my all time favs so I’ll cut it short & compare it with a pint of ice cream- it seems like a lot of sugar & cream at first but once you dig into it it melts the heat of the day away & before you know it you are scrapping the bottom & you are left with a sugar addiction & the desire for more. ok bad comparison but basically I love this show & the writer & the actors (Joo Won & Uee standouts) & when its all over, good or bad ending, I will be an addict for life~~~ OB you have ruined meeee!!!now no average Kdrama will dooooo!!! *end of crazy addict rant*

  19. 19 Jenna

    At first, I was hesitant to watch this drama as the number of episodes quite scares me. Another thing is I’m not really fan of family dramas, thinking that conflicts might outweigh the plot. I can’t remember how I end up watching this and guess what, I DON’T REGRET IT.. hehe.. Ojakgyo Brothers is so awesome that you find yourself asking for episode extension. I suddenly fall in love with the characters when I first set my eyes on them.. hehe

    Taebom & Sooyoung story. I love them. Though in the earlier episodes Taebom gave me a lot of headaches. If only he was beside me while watching those scenes which he was very mean, I’m sure he gets a lot of punches and kicks. I really feel the story that it makes me sad every time my favorite character is mistreated.

    About Taehee & Ja-eun. Born for each other. I always think that they are meant to be. Why they look so good together? They even have similarities in facial features but I can’t tell what or which part. Anyway, their tandem always giggles me. Actually, I was obsessed with UEE/UIE when I started watching this drama. There is a youtube video wherein she danced gracefully in a talk show and in an instant she mesmerized me. In fact, I repeatedly played the video (more than 30x) just to feed my obsession. But I’m back to normal state, I got over with it. hehe.

    To those who are still confuse to watch or to leave out this drama, think again! I recommend this drama with my life as stake.. haha.. Go for it, don’t let the 58 episode-drama frightens you. I assure you that you will ask for more.

    • 19.1 Shukmeister

      While I agree that TB was a self-centered idiot at the beginning of his relationship with SY, I think his MiL is way way too over the top. Yes, your precious daughter got pregnant, but it takes two to tango.

      After the second time she just waltzes into my house, the locks would have been changed. And making him constantly humble himself like he had attacked her daughter bothers me no end. How can the two of them even reached some type of equilibrium with her constantly being underfoot and stirring the pot?

      That’s how I see it anyway.

      • 19.1.1 kewbie

        TB’s mother-in-law really got her pants in a ruffle when she saw the picture of his old gf, and then even more when she saw them together at the TV station, even though they weren’t doing anything suspect. Remember, this is the same woman who freaked when she saw her husband holding a woman’s hand. She needs to de-stress or something.

        • Jenna

          She’s fierce but so adorable. I really enjoyed the scenes that when every time her husband upsets her, she used his toothbrush to clean the toilet. haha.. Looks gross to me but very funny. I can still laugh every time I think about it. I wonder how worst she is if she catch her husband with another woman doing more than holding hands. hehe

      • 19.1.2 Mystisith

        EXACTLY !
        Nosy, unfair, invasive and authoritarian in-laws : Perfect hellish recipe, i would have changed the locks too. And yes, it takes 2 to tango : I don’t like that female character. I will blame the hormonal mood swings for that, but really, she doesn’t know what she wants, and i don’t think she invests herself in the relationship enough. The guy is gold to stick with such a pain.
        Uee and Joo Won are cute, but i root for the kid / noona couple even if it’s not destined to last ( crossing fingers, because they are so complimentary and i LOVE awkward couples ). The presentation / coming out to the family should be quite fun and interesting.

  20. 20 Carla

    I try to stay away from long dramas but I decided to give this one a chance. This is my first long drama and boy, am I having a blast watching it!!! It’s funny, cute, sad,…everything and more. One thing I learn from watching a drama this long is that it is packed with so many great scenes without feeling rushed. If you haven’t seen this yet, go watch it and you wont regret it! Great storyline:)

  21. 21 yuvee

    I might check this out after all, starting with that kiss scene! Btw, Joo Won looks nowhere close to 31.

    • 21.1 elle

      I know, right?!? Because he’s a 1987er! So it’s pretty weird hearing UEE’s character call him “ahjussi” when they are just about 3-4 years apart in real life! Haha!

      • 21.1.1 Mr Bloo

        Joo Won is only a year older than Uee in real life. Though in the drama, the gap is 6 years.

      • 21.1.2 Angela

        1 year, actually ^^ they go to the same university in real life too! (:

        • elle

          oooh really??? didn’t know! dang! what i’d do for a real life UEE-Joo Won pairing! :)) such a fan, i know. can’t separate reality from drama. LOL!

      • 21.1.3 kewbie

        In one of the earlier episodes, she started calling TaeHee (JooWon) “ahjussi” because she asked him, “What should I call you? Officer? Oppa?” (something to that effect). Then TaeHee said, “Anything but Oppa. I hate Oppa.” So she picked “ahjussi”. Later on, in episode 41 (I think) he asks her, how come you call Maknae (TaePil) Oppa, and you call me ahjussi? Then she reminded him of his earlier words.

        Really, though, they’re less than a year apart. I think JooWon’s birthday is 9/1987 and Uee’s birthday is 4/1988.

        • yuvee

          Ahhh thanks for the clarification! I jumped right onto the kiss scene so I thought that was a bit weird. They’re so awkward around each other it’s adorable! UEE is definitely growing on me and I really like Joo Won, if they get together in real life they’d make one gorgeous couple.

  22. 22 nuri

    I watched Ojakgyo since i saw the scene “I like guys, ajusshi do you like guys too?”. i find Tae Hee and Ja Eun story so earnest and cute. the chemistry between Joo Won and Uee is great, it also help that the writer gives this cute scene for them.

    oh, who am i kidding? even Tae Shik got his shares of cute scene. I love them all.

  23. 23 elle

    This drama is a lot like “Smile, You” — only 1000x better and heartfelt! After watching TPM, my interest in other dramas have dwindled considerably – but not with this one This is the only drama I look forward to watching (couldn’t care less for Brains or Man of Honor. I stopped watching them midway).

    I love, love, love the Tae Hee – Ja Eun pairing as well as Tae Bum – Soo Young (hell, let’s throw Maknae Oppa and the Immo in the mix as well).

    I’m currently in Ep 46 and the new conflict introduced is a weighty one. Dang, remind me to ready my tissues!!

    And oh, if you think the drama is too long, trust me, once you get hooked, you’ll be begging for more than 58 eps. Yes, it’s THAT good! Well, at least for me (and to think I hated UEE and Joo Won because of their characters in You’re Beautiful and Baker Kim Tak Gu – respectively. it’s a complete turnaround!!!)

    • 23.1 red

      I agree I couldnt help the smile you comparisons, cos it was the only other long family drama I have watched.

      Although I loved Smile You…it was more comedy but ojakgyo brothers seems to be able to do comedy and melodrama to a T so it wins in my books.

    • 23.2 yuvee

      Agree with the Smile,You comparison too, and a bit of Sons of Sol Pharmacy with all the boys and their girl problems.
      I didn’t like UEE at all in You’re Beautiful, then warmed up to her considerably thanks to Birdie Buddy, but now I adore her, she’s so cute!

  24. 24 liz

    Love this drama. At first, I was so confused as to why my parents and grandma were so into a show about a stinking FARM. Haha. Then I got hooked.

    You can’t help but love all of the characters. Even Sooyoung’s annoying mother 😛 Yeah, it’s long, but you get to see the characters develop and mature that much more (Taebum!!). Some of the plot devices are a bit drawn out, but there’s just enough twists and changes to keep me tuned in.

  25. 25 red

    Im in love with this show…I always wanted to watch it but it was already 40 espisodes in and then the ep1-10 recap gave me the perfect stepping stone and I marathon ed it

    Re-reading the Tae hee and his mother’s story brought tears again….Joo won is doing an amazing job as Tae Hee…his emotional scenes always have me invested…and he can sing!!!!

  26. 26 Cham

    This a great drama….worth watching. More fun when watching with many duckies, check out cadence /soulsrebel blog/ website where tons of duckies chat on each episode!

  27. 27 stars4u

    One of the greatest family dramas I’ve watched!!!

  28. 28 WanC

    One of the best KDrama (not only family drama but of all KDrama) i’ve watched.

    GF… Its almost at the end of the drama.. Hope you will continue watching and show your thought. This weekend will be episode 49 and 50. Total episode 58.

    I must say, its so entertaining.. Pack with comedy and drama… All cast including the extra are all fits for their role. Love this drama to the bits.

    Joo Won and Uee really good… cuteness overload!

    Guys you can go to Cadence – soulsrebel blog to read about their drama.

  29. 29 Jules

    Thanks GF for recapping the drama.

    I also love how Cadence-Souls Rebel recapping this drama. They started from episode 3 and now is episode 48. Totally into it.

    I love Joo Won since Baker King.. but love him more in Ojakgyo Brothers… He so adorable and his acting really blown me away. What a nuna killer!

    GF and JB.. I enjoy reading your blog. Love your recaps on Dream High… Not sure whether you are interested in recapping Dream High 2 or not.. but looking forward to it.

  30. 30 Arhazivory

    Its so nice reliving the these episodes through the Halftime Report. I haven’t watched any episodes since 36 either. lol. When I get back to them, I’ll be able to marathon a good few without worries. 😀

  31. 31 dramalove

    This is really a GREAT drama! And the only one that I see in a live broadcast. I very much love it!
    Thanks for recap.

  32. 32 moana


    each of the brother’s love stories are engaging and entangled.

    joo won does this squinty “i’m in love” thing with his eyes when he’s looking at UEE and makes me swoon.

    the mom should have won half a dozen acting awards from this show already.

    sigh. good stuff.

  33. 33 Flora

    Thanks for the report GF. I love this drama.

    me too love the food fight between Joo Won and Uee.. Owh man, I love them both.. the chemistry so awesome.


    I remember Joo Won said in one of his interview (Rising Star Interview) that the food fight scene is real towards the end of the scene.. HAHA. They are so funny. Joo Won really hits Uee pretty hard…

  34. 34 barbie

    Thank you for this:) ~Only show that I’m watching at the moment and I did discover a love for Joo Won because of this.

  35. 35 Kat

    Thanks for the halftime report! Even though I watch Ojakkyo live and have long since finished the episodes in this post, it’s still nice to look back and read about my favorite scenes. What I liked most about this show is that while there’s a lot of conflict and drama going on, there’s also so much love and comedy and romance that it balances out the episodes evenly–and I also like that the problems don’t really drag on for too long.

    The most recent episodes are a little more heartbreaking in the Ja Eun-Ojakkyo front because of another major conflict, but I really hope things work out in the upcoming episodes, what with the return of another character (not gonna say who!). 😀

    Thanks again, girlfriday, and I can’t wait to read the next Ojakkyo report!

  36. 36 aimei

    thank you for the halftime recap. i’ve been watching OB off and on when it’s on TV so it’s great to read this to know what i’ve missed. as much as i want to go back and watch all the eps i’ve missed, i’m grateful for this so that i don’t have too! ^^

  37. 37 chisaicherry

    I’m so invested in this drama now…Wasn’t a big fan of either UEE or Joo Won due to their previous roles but they’ve definitely won me over in OB!

    Thanks girlfriday for the halftime report!

  38. 38 rainyrainy

    thanks GF
    this is my drama for 2011 and continue to be . I’m so so so in love with all the characteres but mostly TH-JE becoz they are the perfect cutyness for me , I will be very sad and my weekends will be very empty when this drama ends 🙁

  39. 39 nxh

    omg LOVE SOOYOUNG’S PARENTS! sooyoung is undoubtedly their daughter(:

    thanks for this recap! im at 45 and slightly tired of it but this just got me going again! 😀

  40. 40 Daniaa

    have been watching this on dramacrazy, 42 ep over 3 nights… and now downloading each ep, because this drama is a keeper! ;DDDD

    seriously, don’t be afraid when you see the # of the eps, because each brother, each arc, each plot is being explained nicely and tightly…


  41. 41 Koreandramasrock

    Thanks for the recap! I LOVE this show but the recent “drama” in the episodes around 40 are a bit too much. I can’t wait for you to talk about that in your final recap! Thanks again girlfriday!!

  42. 42 vrosemarie

    This drama is competing with Smile You as my favorite long episode kdrama!! Though Ojakgyo has more lovable supporting characters, Smile You had one of the cutest and most loving OTPs ever… It catapulted Jung Kyung Ho into leading man status, which I never saw coming but cool. Lee Min Jung is just awesome with whoever she’s paired with and I’m glad Uee finally got a role that showcases her acting ability! Never thought the baddie from Baker King Kim Tak Gu would actually be adorable AND irresistable! Joo Won, I heart thee!!

  43. 43 KDrama Fan

    Awesome to see OB getting so much love:)

  44. 44 trixie

    Awesome recap, girlfriday! Can’t wait for the next one!!

    “…when Kook-soo is made fun of for the color of his skin, Tae-pil claims him as his son in front of all his coworkers” –> I think you meant Tae-shik (not Tae-pil), right?

  45. 45 LavenDee

    I’m a fan of your recap Dramabeans (GF and JB).

    Thanks to recap this drama too. After reading your review of the 1st half, I try watching it. So addicted. I hope you can continue giving us recap of this OJakgyo Brothers.

    Found this….


  46. 46 Cinderella

    Joo Won is giving me some serious Kang Dong-won vibes. The face, the looks, the mannerisms… even the pout sometimes, lol! Honestly, I really had to google him just to make sure that he wasn’t in any way related to Kang Dong-won.

    I’m not really into family dramas, mostly because it’s crazy long. I love my korean dramas but it would take some serious obsession for me to tune into 150-200 episodes. Which is why I love your halftime reports because at least I can still keep up with the drama without needing to watch each hour-long episode.

    Thank you so much for the halftime reports, I’m definitely enjoying them and I’m sure I’m not the only way. This post has definitely given me the last shove I needed to give this drama a try. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this one, I’ve just been wary of giving it a try because of its crazy length!

    Thanks a bunch!

  47. 47 John

    Gah! This show has been in a holding pattern… I’ve had good intentions of watching it.

    I teared up just skimming over the recap. Well done girlfriday. Now I have to watch it!

  48. 48 skelly

    This show sounds like the perfect antidote the A Thousand Kisses, which is currently getting my vote for most illogical, annoying, and detestable long kdrama ever…

  49. 49 yourin

    I’m doing a marathon for this drama ^^ once you watch it, u never know when you’ll stop.

  50. 50 mems

    So glad to see love for OB! Love your halftime report, GF!

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