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498 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 kayana20

    I loved the ending of Brain. Hot Tension finally had it out and JH let him know. This time KH permanently reverted to Big Kid. Lose his JH my way or we are over. Good because he was working on getting her a fellowship and proposed in the same breathe. JH seemed to want her space but in the end after 2 years where I firmly think they were sleeping together in the last year. They got it right!KH was moving up in rank at Hye Sung, JH decided to work with him as a doctor and wife, and all demons were closed because KH life came full circle.Love,career,and ambition.What a daebak ending. This will be on repeat for a while. Now to ATK this writer needs to retire. How dare you keep woojoo apart and we have only 6 tortorous episodes left! I can see it’s going to be a train wreck till the last 4 or 2 episodes. All I want is my Woojoo baby, chan noh at soccer camp with woobin, and them a family again.

    • 51.1 Y

      Yes want a Woo Bin baby too!! ( ehem, I did not mention its me as baby mama) ! ATK is one crazy ride but for some reason i can’t get off!

      • 51.1.1 kopytko

        I guess the viewers simply keep watching to see all the villains somehow punished, because the evil-mother -in-law and psycho-ex are sooooooo spiteful. I just need to see some justice LOL

        • kewbie

          How many more episodes are left of ATK? The bad people in the show really need to get schooled…

          • Cynthia

            It ends at #50.
            Thank God.

    • 51.2 Yumi

      I love Brain. Wonderfully acted, complicated, annoying lead character that kept you pulling for him to be as good a person as he was a doctor.

      But I have one TRULY SUPERFICIAL question about the series–was lip balm banned from the set. None of the doctors ever seemed to wear emollient on their lips and there were times when folks lips just looked so chapped.

      I know many, maybe most drama eschew lipstick/lip gloss to give a (fake) no make up look to the characters, but sometimes I wonder why the characters can’t just use the Korean version of Chapsticks.

  2. 52 JJ

    it seems ev.body here knows each other but i guess i don’t need to feel out of place right? πŸ™‚ anyway wishing you all a happy weekend & Happy Lunar Year to all concerned!
    I’m following a lot of kdramas lately sometimes i feel confused which one i had to watch LOL i got FF, OBrods, HforLove, ATKisses but it’s not even a hundred kisses in that drama since it’s full of sadness πŸ™‚ & one of my faves Bachelor’s Vegetable. They’re all worth it!

    • 52.1 Mystisith

      Hello JJ ! Nice to meet you ! DB members tend to gather in clans, but in the end we are like a large friendly tribe. :).
      I agree : So many good dramas for the start of this year. Do they know in Korea that we need a few hours of sleep every day ? So, tell us : What is your favorite drama until now ?

      • 52.1.1 Shukmeister

        “…not even a hundred kisses…” LOL that made me crack up. Since the series was, well, described in some “slight” negative detail by our resident sunbaes, I made the decision to duck behind the couch whimpering whenever ATK walks by.

        And welcome to OT, JJ!

        • Cynthia

          Wise choice, Shuk…. it’s too late for the rest of us. Save yourself.

          • Y

            True! Someone (choke) that crazy ex GF PLS!!!!

          • Shel

            Yes, Shuk….RUN and never look back. Gah! I’m so irritated that I”m so sucked into it…..

          • Shukmeister

            Ah, yes, you two, thanks to my wise peers, I can sit back with a glass of chianti and never ever peek at a single video excerpt.

            I do feel sorry for y’all, though. [snerk]

          • Cynthia

            Yeah. I can see your tears from here.

    • 52.2 ajbny

      Don’t worry about fitting in, just jump in if you want to say something. I watched a few episodes of atk and then quit when I couldn’t laugh at how ridiculous it is anymore.I haven’t started any of the new dramas yet, I’m waiting for more episodes. Are you new to k-dramas as well as dramabeans? how did you find dramabeans?

  3. 53 Cabbage

    This year Korean actors are Taking Over The WORLD!
    Starting with East Asia.
    Kim Tae Hee and Taecyeon in Japan, and now Super Junior’s Choi Si Won and Lee Dong Hae are in the Taiwanese drama Skip Beat. At first, I was confused, wondering how it fit into the story to have foreigners playing the leads, but it turns out they’re SUBBED by Chinese actors. (!?)
    Is anyone watching this drama? What are your thoughts on subbing some of the voices? Does it take away from the emotional impact? Is it convincing?
    I was thrown the first few episodes, but I’m getting used to it. Then again, I don’t understand Chinese, so I don’t really care what it sounds like.

    • 53.1 Cynthia

      I know they fired the guy that was doing Siwon’s voice and replaced him.

  4. 54 jyyjc

    I don’t know where else to post this, thought I’d give open thread a try. Anyway..

    Does anyone know the name of the harmonica song that starts playing at 1:32?

    I think most people should be familiar with it, it’s constantly used in dramas and variety shows for parodies and funny moments.

    • 54.1 Mystisith

      I first heard it in Secret Garden, and i think it’s mostly used elsewhere to refer to that drama. But i can be wrong…

    • 54.2 ajbny

      I thought it was that song! Isn’t it the song that’s in a million dramas whenever the poor things are trudging along somewhere, giving someone a piggyback ride? I thought of the giant kids when I heard it, if there’s a giant ost collection somewhere you might find it, I think I heard it in sandglass too.

      • 54.2.1 jyyjc

        Nah these kind of songs that are usually not exclusive to a particular drama or movie are never part of the official OST. Thanks anyway though πŸ™‚

        • Shukmeister

          Late late entry, but it took me a while.
          Band: Bois
          Song: Scar
          Secret Garden OST.

  5. 55 JoAnne

    I see pretty much everyone made it in except CMRPrindle and Ricky, I think?

    Back from Boston – what a day. We were supposed to be picking up the last of daughters stuff from school as she was not returning for Spring semester.

    And now? She is. She lost her room and her classes but they found her another room and she will register for classes again on Monday. She also lost the sweet schedule she had lucked into – no classes before 10 or after 6, Fridays off – but oh well.

    You guys love dramas? I live with a drama QUEEN.

    So now I get to drive BACK to school on Sunday to take her and all her stuff back there. yay.

    In KDrama news, I watched He was Cool (movie with Song Seung Heon, very enjoyable) and A Moment to Remember (movie with Jung Woo Sung (huzza, huzza) and Son Ye Jin – EXTRA EXTRA enjoyable). I began my descent into Gumiho land, and as ever, I am current with Whats Up and Padam Padam (both so very, very good) and tonight will enjoy the two most recent episodes of our dear sweet Veggie boys. Thinking about picking up Ojakgyo Brothers. Excited about MoonSunYumBuns, Shut Up!, and Rooftop King or whatever that time travelling one is called.

    Missed you guys!

    • 55.1 JoAnne

      oh and I forgot. We’re going to have a blizzard this weekend. So for those keeping track, last semester I dropped her off in a hurricane that pretty much laid waste to New England, and this semester I get to drop her off in a snowstorm.

      Love you too, baby girl.

      • 55.1.1 Shel

        You’re a very dedicated mom! She’s lucky to have you.

        • Shukmeister

          [agreeing whole heartedly with Shel]

          Just be safe out there. Since I’m headed south on on Saturday, I’m hoping to either miss it or just have rain.

          • JoAnne

            Let us know when you get home safely, Shuk – and tell us all about Alan Rickman’s lovely voice!

          • Shukmeister

            Home now, and [strains of Barry White whispering through my head]….oooh yeah, Alan Rickman.

            [thinking back to Friday Night]………………………………………………………………………[wakes up with a start, wipes drool]

            Alan Rickman. He wasn’t bad. LOL

            Actually a really gracious man face to face. He signed something for everyone who waited in that bitter cold. His voice has a low register, though, so face to face you have to strain to hear it. That rumbling…[drifting off again]

            My NYC trip buddy makes these special chocolate / caramel dessert bars and gives them to him and the cast for every play, so he recognizes her and always chats when he has time.

            Oh, and, for the record, his hands and feet are big!

            Any problems with you and Boston / Beverly in the snow?

          • JoAnne

            You are one person away from being recognized by Alan Rickman!!!!

            We didn’t budge yesterday. School’s all screwed up, we’re going tomorrow when the people are in the office to see if there’s anything they can do to help.

      • 55.1.2 ajbny

        moms are amazing! what would we do without you guys! You should listen to your kpop playlist on your drive back. by gumiho, do you mean the meat obsessed gorgeous girl or the revenge type girl?

        • JoAnne

          Meat-obsessed gorgeous girl…who’s revenge girl? I’m all for variations on a theme!

    • 55.2 ricky the royal highness

      MoonSunYumBuns? LOL
      That’s another good one πŸ˜€
      (Dammit, I can’t think of one right now!)

      No classes before 10, none after 6 and nothing on Fridays? That’s like my dream schedule! I got mine for this semester and it sucks! I’ve got classes at 8am (!) daily and it ends at 8pm(!) on Mondays.

      A Moment to Remember was really good! Son Ye-jin looked gorgeous even when she played a woman who slowly loses her mind. I hated the ending because it hurt so bad.

      I think I shed a tear or two.

      • 55.2.1 JoAnne

        OH I DEFINITELY cried, Ricky…and man, that was some steamy love story, too – so before I cried, I drooled a little bit. It wasn’t pretty that night, basically.

        • ricky the royal highness

          Oooh, I remember that steamy scene. I can’t even… yeah…

          • JoAnne

            Did you finish your shower? Are you sure?

          • ricky the royal highness


          • Shukmeister

            [giggling in the background]

          • JoAnne

            That was probably the hottest thing I ever saw in a movie, that ‘inspection’ – and he never even touched her. Lawsamercy, me!

          • ricky the royal highness

            Oh, please don’t remind me. I think I can still remember the color of the robe she was wearing prior to the ‘inspection’.

          • JoAnne

            White terrycloth, Ricky. No, don’t thank me…it was nothing, really.

      • 55.2.2 JoAnne

        oh and Ricky? Its art school…so NO LECTURES except for Art History. They don’t even offer math or science, as it’s a BFA program rather than a BA. Still, it’s very rigorous and requires hours upon hours of studio time.

        • MJP


          Ricky TRH should be a model in an art school? I think I saw him on the last cover of Time Magazine.

          • ricky the royal highness

            I was also in next month’s issue of O magazine with Ms Winfrey herself. LOL

    • 55.3 Shel

      MoonSunYumBuns??!!! You got a definite guffaw out of me on that one, lol.

      I hear ya on the dramaqueen thing. I have a little sister who excels at that, and my daughter has a dramaqueen about once a month, if you get my drift, lol. Last weekend we were all at our friends’ house, adults playing cards, kids playing Rock Bank, mostly. Anyway, she came in all hysterical over some really stupid thing. It was embarrassing. Finally I just looked at her and said “WHAT exactly do you want me to do so that you’ll stop??!!!” She just looked at me, kind of whined “I dunno”. I made her sit down on the floor next to me like she was five until she calmed down. Hubby and I are SOOO laid back and we can’t figure out where her dramaqueen comes from. I even asked my mom if I was like that and she said I wasn’t, that the only dramaqueen she has is the youngest. Which made me laugh, because most of the time we’d swear Mom doesn’t get it. But she does, lol.

      OK, that was longer than intended, lol….

      • 55.3.1 MJP

        I’m hungry for some Il-woo Buns. πŸ™‚

      • 55.3.2 JoAnne

        Its exhausting, Shel, isn’t it?

        In this situation some dramatic emoting might be called for on both our parts, though. THIS MORNING she brings me the paperwork the bank sent her for the loan her father told her he got for the second semester.

        Um, no. He didn’t get it, he needs another cosigner. She called him, and he said, well I wonder how come? They gave me one before…here, check out this website, maybe you can get a loan through them. Click.

        I love her, but I have never regretted sleeping with someone so much in all my life.

        So…since its Saturday, there’s a blizzard going on outside, the internet keeps going down, and she has to be at school TOMORROW but doesn’t have the tuition entirely covered…neither of us are sure what to do. I could kill him.

        • Cynthia

          Deep breaths, JoAnne. Deep breaths.
          And vodka. LOTS of vodka.

        • Shel

          Deep breaths for sure. I don’t drink, so I”m so sure about the Vodka….but I bet it can’t hurt, eh?

        • JoAnne

          Thanks Ladies – not much of a drinker myself but I do have some Jamison’s in the house from a couple New Year’s ago when I made whiskey glazed chicken wings (yum, with peach preserves and orange marmalade)…might be some in my hot cocoa later.

      • 55.3.3 Cabbage

        It’s always the youngest.

  6. 56 ricky the royal highness

    Oh, great! I missed the peak OT time. *grumbles*
    I sometimes want to be a less-sparkly Cullen, just so I don’t have to sleep. Or maybe any nocturnal creature. Not a werewolf though. I heard they don’t shower.

    I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy the Feb/March dramas. Dream High 2, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, Rooftop Prince and Twelve Men in A Year.

    TMiAY seems very wacky. I’m wondering if all the 12 dudes will have distinct personalities, as given by their zodiac sign.
    You know, I don’t even think they’ll be 12 men. If you count the guy best friend it will be 13. And yet… Gemini has always been a sign for twins. Does that mean we have a set of twin guys? So by logic, not 12 men, but 14!
    Boy, noonas are going to have a feast.
    I wonder if they’ll do Twelve Women inn A Year next.

    I recently have a brilliant idea for a K-Drama. The Korean remake of The 13th Ghost. Except it will be a fantasy rom-com and all the ghosts are flower boys.

    Happy Chinese New Year/ Lunar New Year, people πŸ™‚

    • 56.1 Mystisith

      Hi Ricky ! They can use as many men as they need for the zodiac thing : I just hope it won’t be a remake of the Dirty Dozen ( poor woman )… Dramaland has its own arithmetic anyway. πŸ™‚
      Question is : Chinese zodiac or western one ?

      • 56.1.1 ricky the royal highness

        Hi, Mystisith!
        I’m pretty sure they’ll use the western zodiac. So the girl will date the men but then realizes that her best friend is truly the one for you while dating Capricorn.

        Dirty Dozen?

        • Mystisith

          A classic american war movie of 1967 with a bunch of famous actors of that time. Not a rom-com to say the least…

          • ricky the royal highness

            Wow a war movie? That was unexpected!
            No, definitely not a rom-com.

          • JoAnne

            Dirty Dozen probably makes any critic’s short list for classic American war movies, but I haven’t ever seen it. With a few notable exceptions I don’t really like war movies. I think this is the one based on Seven Samurai, but am not positive.

          • Shel

            No, it’s not. The Magnificent Seven was based on Seven Samurai. It stars Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen.

            Dirty Dozen is about a bunch of convicted murderes that they recruit to parachute behind enemy lines before DDay and make trouble for the Germans. Stars Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Charles Bronson.

          • Shel

            My dad is a big war movie fan. Back before cable and VCRs there was always a western and a war movie on Saturdays. We’d get up and do enough chores to keep mom happy, then we’d watch old movies with dad. I’ve seen Bridge Over the River Kwai, The Great Escape, Dirty Dozen, Sand Pebbles, half a dozen John Wayne war movies, Operation Petticoat (at least that one is a comedy), Mister Roberts (still a favorite) and Father Goose.

          • MJP


            I don’t like war movies either, maybe because when I was a kid, we had to watch westerns and war movies a lot because of my dad. Now, I just cannot watch them. Yuck.

          • Hillary

            Actually, the Dirty Dozen were not a bunch of murderers. They were solders who were serving long sentences by Army for violating Army rules (pretty sure that there were no murderers in bunch). It is one of my favorite movies, so I have seen it at least 6 times.

          • Shel

            Many of them were on “death row” though, and had the promise of suspending that sentence if they’d carry out the mission….which was very risky.

          • JoAnne

            My mother loves John Wayne movies. Ugh.

            There are some Westerns I enjoy but most were filmed after 1985 or 1990…any war movie I’ve enjoyed is probably from 85 or so, too. And I do like old movies, I just never got into the westerns. I like a good spaghetti western though! Yay for Clint Eastwood!

    • 56.2 JoAnne

      I forgot about Dream Hi 2 and Twelve Men! MAN I’m excited for this winter’s tv selections πŸ™‚

      Plus here in the states it’s time for mid-season replacements and there are two that have caught my eye – one is called The Finder and is kind of wacky, a guy who can find ANYTHING. I like the actors and it looks interesting. The other is called Touch and looks FABULOUS if they can pull it off. Kiefer Sutherland has a 10 year old son who is maybe autistic? anyway, loves math and has never spoken, ever. And he can see the patterns in the universe, based on math. It’s like Numbers, if anyone here remembers that, but amped to the MAX. With Keifer Sutherland! Plus…this week started the auditions for American Idol, which I never miss.

      • 56.2.1 ricky the royal highness

        The Finder will also be airing here soon. I never liked Numbers. I find it unreasonable to solve crimes based on equations alone. But yeah, Touch seems interesting.

        Ahh, Idol. I have decided to not watch it this year. I even locked myself in my room when I heard my family watching the inaugural episode for this year’s season. I’ll be back in school next week and I won’t have the time or the TV to watch it.

        There’s something hurtful about watching a show and then having to stop all of a sudden. Not because you consciously decide to drop it, but because it’s not possible.

        • JoAnne

          I agree with you – in those situations, I’d much rather wait and watch it all at once, although with Idol, I COULD actually skip it until they get to the top 10 or 12 and then watch just those. Did you ever watch So You Think You Can Dance? Those are really the only two reality shows I’ve ever paid any attention to, but I love them both. Loathe the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Fantasy Island/Survivor kinds of things and for a while, that was the only thing on TV!

          • ricky the royal highness

            We have a lot of reality shows about singing here. Akademi Fantasia, Mentor, Malaysian Idol, to name a few. And yeah, I hated shows like The Bachelor, Survivor or basically any show that focuses on the drama behind the actual competition. So many ugly human personalities on TV, I can’t stand it!

            I’ve never watched So You Think You Can Dance. I think I just like to watch people sing than move around. There was a time when I watched House, CSI (The original one), Desperate Housewife, and The Ellen Degeneres Show because those are the only ones on TV. This was pre-KDrama Awakening.

          • JoAnne

            If you go on Youtube you can see particular dances from SYTYCD – at first I didn’t think I would like it but every season there are one or two pieces that really grab you – sometimes move you to tears, sometimes make you laugh – and there is usually at least one person who you really love. Watch this one:


            The black guy is Twitch; he was on the first or second season and appears here as an All Star; the other guy is actually competing, named Alex Wong (maybe Wang?) and his background is ballet. He was the earlyl favorite for obvious reasons, but then injured himself pretty badly and had to leave the show. He was supposed to come back last season but wasn’t fully recovered from his surgery, so maybe this season.

          • Shel

            NOt much of a reality show fan, because they seem to like to focus on the sleaziest sides of people. But, I do watch Amazing RAce from time to time…but only if there’s a team that I can get behind and there aren’t too many bickering teams. So, I’ve only watched maybe three of them. I also like America’s Got Talent and occasionally Dancing WIth the Stars (depending on who is on that season).

          • JoAnne

            I agree about the sleazy people on the reality shows; my daughter would watch this stuff on MTV or the other one, whatever it is, and I would sit down with her and just RANT about how it encourages people to be their lowest selves and how it’s basically prostitution and I would make sure to tell her every bad thing that happened to a person on one of those shows because they let ‘celebrity’ go to their heads. She was fascinated with them but just as horrified as I was, and I guess not old enough to have reached the point of understanding that watching them is encouraging them. Now, however, she basically doesn’t watch tv at all – and since she’s very private, very non-materialistic, and very non-competitive, I like to think her distaste for those things comes in part from the over-saturation of it on television and my always trying to get her to think of that bigger picture.

        • Cabbage

          Aw – I liked Numbers. Mostly for the FBI stuff, cuz when they started working in statistics instead of real math, the solutions got far-fetched.
          I’m wondering if my decision to wait until I start Sun/Moon is going to hold out much longer.

          • JoAnne

            I loved the quirky characters πŸ™‚

          • MJP

            Cabbage! *HUGS and squeezes tightly*

            How are you?

          • Cabbage

            MJP – it’s cold and raining and I have two 5-yr old dinosaur mutants tearing up my vacuum cleaner.

            Typical weekend. How are you and yours?

          • MJP


            “2 5-yr old dinosaur mutants?” Do you have twins? Children or pets?

          • JoAnne

            *mutant dinosaurs* *children or pets*

            GOD, I hope they’re pets. If dinosaurs can type…

    • 56.3 Shel

      Better late than never, Ricky TRH. We miss the shot of testosterone when you’re not here, lol.

    • 56.4 MJP

      Ricky TRH,

      You just made me think… They need to have more female based dramas for the men to fanboy over. There’s been a lot of the opposite lately. I’m talking where there are a bunch of women leads not just the female lead and the second female lead. Hmm, more fan-fic material??? Ricky’s Harem… But what about Ricky the Spy???

      • 56.4.1 Cynthia

        “They need to have more female based dramas for the men to fanboy over.”

        Ummm… isn’t that why porn was invented? I’m positive that guys only watch it for the riveting story-telling….

        • MJP

          I think His Royal Highness is way too intelligent and intellectual!

      • 56.4.2 ricky the royal highness

        Combine the two ideas, MJP! Ricky the Spy and His Harem. LOL

        • Shukmeister

          Hmmmmm (wheels turning)…

          • Shukmeister

            Ok, got the first two chapters of “The Prince and His Harem” ready for your viewing pleasure – OT? Or my LiveJournal page?

            RHRH, you decide.

          • Shukmeister

            Actually, I decided to put it out there in a chapter-by-chapter form. The first 1000 words are done. Enjoy!


          • ricky the royal highness

            You are made of awesome!

          • Shukmeister

            Thanks, Rickie [blushing furiously]!

            – When I write, I normally do a lot of research to get the locale and the descriptions correct. Since I’ve never been to your country, I just randomly picked one of the states, did a quick cram session. I hope it was relatively accurate so far.

            – And I have at least three ways I can spin it (keeping in mind that it must be PG based on previous OT, and include a white bathrobe per this one, lol).

            Stay tuned for more “Lives Of The Royal Spies” on this channel.

    • 56.5 ajbny

      oh my god! 13 flower boy ghosts! I’m totally imagining all the recent aegyo guys I’ve seen in that drama! anyone who has made the flower gesture and said son myul, worn a bow is definitely included!

  7. 57 Minnetter (aka: Min)

    Happy friday OT family!
    so happy that it’s Friday!
    Still have to catch up on writing my PP recaps, and watch episode 14. I really am in awe of JB and GF, Kaedejun and all the other great recappers on this site.^^ Even though I complain about my own slowness it’s an interesting experience and slowly but surely I’m getting the hang of it^^.

    Now I’m going to talk about food, because lately all I think about when it isn’t school or dramas it’s FOOD… and I’m not even on a strict diet, I would never make it if I were.

    So, I’ve been experimenting with food, and cooking and thankfully I’m well past the burning water stage of my culinary endeavours, where I’ve even managed to make a rather (if I do say so myself) aromatic bowl of Pho Ga. Though I do think I needed a pinch of salt to get the flavour to stand out a bit- it wasn’t bland, but it needed an oomph factor. hmmm, it might be something else that I’ll need to add but I’ll figure it out as I make it more often.

    Next on my menu is learning to make Ddeuk from scratch, that’ll be interesting. I wish I could buy it already made, but unfortunately I haven’t found the rather elusive korean community here in YucatΓ‘n- they’re here, I know, because there’s even a hospital that’s funded by the Korean community, also my uncle is half korean, but he doesn’t know where they are either, because he didn’t know his mom’s family… if I could figure out where they’re based I bet I could get interesting stuff from their markets.

    oh and I made an Omurice the other day^^ I was so happy it looked pretty… and it’s quite easy to make.

    well, I’ll stop making myself hungry, and just wish everybody a great weekend! Have fun and eat good food!

    • 57.1 MJP

      Minnetter! *HUGS and screams like a banshee*

      This food looks wonderful. *Tastes some Omurice*

      Hmm, whats in it? Egg, rice, seasoning… unique flavor and taste. It’s a thumbs up!

      • 57.1.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        how are you? glad to see you enjoying the virtual version of my food^^

        • MJP


          I am doing well. Busy today getting things ready for our new teen to come and getting Wee MJP’s old clothes and shoes donated. I snuck on to the OT for a moment, but I must dash off and get the work done.

          How are you, Min?

          • Minnetter (aka: Min)

            oh wow, your day must be hectic!
            Later today will be slow, filled with a family get-together, but everyone is older than me so I just tend to sit and listen, unless I’m spoken too, either that or I’ll end up playing with the two year old daughter of my cousin… two year olds are more interesting than the gossip about who’s living with who out of wedlock, oh my! etc…

    • 57.2 Shukmeister

      Excellent, Min! Experimenting wih cooking snd food has it’s own reward. Of course, you also have to eat your mistakes, too, at least my mom always said when I was younger.

      She didnt know the dog was a co-conspirator, lol.

      • 57.2.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        oh I’m always told that I have to eat my mistakes – one family member is a chef and he’d get on my back if I didn’t- “otherwise you won’t learn what went wrong” he says.
        sometimes I wish I had my two huskies with me, they’d eat anything as long as it’s somewhat edible.

    • 57.3 ajbny

      if only you could find them! maybe google kimchi and your zipcode? or maybe you have an assi plaza or hmart near you?

  8. 58 SuperLikeThis

    Why is no one else completely and utterly in love with Bachelors Vegetable Store? Am I the only one?
    I’ve noticed that Drama Beans has stopped recapping it? :s
    The story line has me gripped from start to finish and the bromance and romance has begun !
    I’m glad that at least one of the main characters has FINALLY found out that the other is their childhood (lover?) after 8 painful episodes of me screaming at my screen “ASK HIS NAME DAMMITT !”

    I want to start watching tree with deep roots, but I don’t think i’d be able to take the characters seriously when they’re dressed like that. Especially Jung Il Woo, who previously starred in Flower Boy Ramyun shop as a chaebol prince and now wearing traditional clothing is something i cannot get over.

    Currently i’m counting down the days until Dream High 2 and Flower Boy Band; Shut up comes out !

    happy weekend all !

    • 58.1 Cynthia

      You’re not alone in your BVS love – I left a comment about it up-thread (#28).

    • 58.2 Bluefyre

      Oh you’re not alone!

      I had a 3-way rave fest about it last night on twitter! LOL!

      I LOVE it! I’m so glad it’s on simulcast on DF

    • 58.3 ajbny

      trust me you’ll take tree with deep roots seriously and you’ll fall in love with the best king in the whole wild world!

      • 58.3.1 SuperLikeThis

        haha okay ! i’ll try watching it soon (:

    • 58.4 Sojuboy

      It’s starting to get really good. Wang Ji-Hye is a real babe.

  9. 59 zashi

    Happy Friday everyone.
    Still in the midst of watching Brain. I love the show, the story and acting is good. Plus interesting take on medical drama. Of course when weekend comes along the is Okjakyo brothers to watch. I also enjoy that one.

    Any other good dramas out there?

    • 59.1 MJP

      Zashi, *HUGS*

      There are lots. I’m watching Wild Romance and peeking in at the Moon one with Jung Il Woo, just waiting until I get to see him in his costume. If you read Ricky The Royal Highness on Comment #56 there are a lot of new ones coming out if you can’t find what something that interests you now. Also I watching a Thai drama, Roy Marn – 2011 which is pretty good. And then there is the Jdrama, Switch Girl. And the Tawainese drama Skip Beat.

      Way too many things to list in such a small space.

  10. 60 Z

    Oh man… I REALLY wish Padam Padam was being recapped on here because there is so much to discuss! Especially, this weeks episodes!

    Don’t read on unless you’ve watched this week’s epis.

    1) Jina- YES, finally a good, plausible reason why she insists on blaming everyone for her mother’s death. And, way to go on moving on and finding a little closure. Isn’t it much more fun to actually, you know, have fun? And also, way to have a backbone instead of running away from your problems… with the exception of your plan to run away with Kang Chil… but I’ll forgive that one.

    2) Who’s the Appa? I don’t know but I love Jung for choosing him Poor (Maybe) Father over his Rich (Maybe) Father before the results even came out. And how cute are Grandma with her “You’re our child,” as she beats him and Kang Chil with his “Why would I give my son to you?”

    3) Jina’s dad- CRAAAAAZY! Really, Dad? You just got back on your daughters good side… do you really think slapping her and killing her boyfriend is the best way to solidify your burgeoning relationship?

    4) Chang Gul- Speaking of killing people… why is that his answer to everything? How many people is he going to hit with a car before he stops to think that it looks mighty suspicious when everyone connected with his past ends up dead or in a coma. Eventually, it’s all going to point back to you, dude.

    5) Gook Soo- you’re adorable. Stay just the way you are.

    I’m better now… can’t wit until next week!

    • 60.1 JoAnne

      Ah, that love scene between Kang Chil and Ji Na…from the market, to the rented house, to the sunrise…the conversation about whether they should sleep together before they get married and why he felt it was important to wait.

      The whole little bit between Gook Soo and what’s her face about the wings and all.

      However, this week’s episodes both included some ominously foreshadowing dialogue about Kang Chil that is making me not happy.

      • 60.1.1 Z

        Oh yeah… loved the role reversal where she’s all “Since when do we have to get married first? You even have a kid already” and he’s all “No, we need to follow the rules.” I thought she was gonna jump him.

        Yeah the foreshadowing is not making me feel to groovy. I wanted to put my fingers in my ears and sang “lalalalala” during most of those parts.

        • Shukmeister

          Since I was busy I haven’t seen them yet – Ahhh! Maybe it’ll be slow at work tonight and I can take a peek…

          • Shukmeister

            Nevermind, watched the episode over lunch while cleaning the kitchen. I thought the outfits she bought at the market were cute – hideous couple pants, the new Korean Wave.

            Any guy willing to go that far to share a sunrise with me is a keeper in my book, and should be a no-brainer for Ji Na. I am glad she is becoming a stronger person, but I still think she needs to scrape off her dad and take control of her own life.

            The question of Gook Soo: I see a couple of possibilities:

            [1] He takes the bullet and doesn’t survive but still gets to be a full-fledged angel;
            [2] He takes the bullet, survives but gives up his angel-hood and stays human (and maybe gets the happy ending with a ready-made family);
            [3] He saves the day, everyone gets a happy ending, and he flies off into the sunset, mission accomplished.

            Any body else have any thoughts?

    • 60.2 Mystisith

      Z, Maybe the recap job is waiting for you ? πŸ™‚
      That show keeps getting better and better. I already anticipate a severe heartbreak when it ends. When i think Padam helped me healing from Me, too Flower withdrawal, i wonder what will come next. I’m definitely a sucker for warm and likeable characters that overcome obstacles in life.
      Speaking of positive characters, Bachelor Veggie Store homes a good collection. The drama has found its cruising speed after a shaky start, and i find myself cheering at the boys on the screen. Ji Chang Wook has the brightest smile ever. It’s better than light therapy against winter depression…

      • 60.2.1 Z

        I would love to oblige but my 10-month old baby and full time job and 90 mile daily commute and demanding husband would all have something to say about it. Saturdays are the one day I can squeeze in a little time to catch up on dramas.

        Plus, I’ll be honest… I can write but I have no talent for being concise… If I were to try recapping it would be a deluge of words that would consume us all.

  11. 61 Mystisith

    Anyone watching Ten, Special Affairs Team on viki ?
    I have watched 4 eps and i like it very much. All the members of the Team including the Boss ( Joo Sang Wook ) have difficult backgrounds. I love the plant’s meta that illustrates the emotional baggage : The cactus against the sensitive plant. Brilliant. I’m expecting a carnivorous plant on a coming episode. Why only 9 eps ? : I want a second season like for Vampire Prosecutor.

  12. 62 Kiki

    I’ve been watching Playful Kiss this week. It’s really cute, but I’m just so annoyed at how Ha Ni has no identity of her own. At this point, she’s finally chosen a career path. I read girlfriday’s recap of that episode, and she seemed satisfied, but I wasn’t. She based her career path on *his* career path. WTH? What if he were hit by a truck? What if he dropped dead of a brain aneurysm? Would she still want to be a nurse? Who IS she? What does she like? What interests her besides him? I have no idea. There are only two episodes left for me to watch and I suspect these questions will not be answered. Without Seung-jo as a reference, she’s an absolute blank slate. It’s sad really. She’s super cute, but I kind of want to punch her.

    • 62.1 Cabbage

      Ah, if only we could reach into the computer screen and punch our characters, so much angst could be avoided.

    • 62.2 Cynthia

      No, hold on. Your questions will be answered and you should also watch the additional 7 YouTube vignettes for PK.

    • 62.3 ajbny

      the problem isn’t hani, it’s you. hani is a japanese drama character who speaks korean.

      • 62.3.1 Kiki

        The problem is me??! Jeez, not sure how my comment about a fictional character deserved such a response. Also not sure how being a Japanese or Korean character makes a difference.

    • 62.4 Jules

      Ah, I had the same issue with PK (and the character of Ha-Ni, loveable though she is).

      And I think that if anything were to happen to Seung-Jo, Ha-Ni would just… stop. She would quite literally waste away and then die happy, knowing she’d get to see him again. (wow, how cynical am I?)

      I had further issues with the lack of reciprocity in their relationship and – in this regard at least – I think the Taiwanese version (It Started with a Kiss/They Kiss Again) is better. And there’s more kissing, which is always a plus. *g*

      • 62.4.1 Shukmeister

        Never saw the T-Drama version. I was complete disgusted with the transparency of Ha Ni – if Sueng Jo hadn’t been there to paint the colors of her life, she would’ve been invisible.

        I watched the youtube follow ups, but all they gave her is a vague pastel peach, if you ask me. I never really saw anything that showed she could exist outside of his orbit.

        I may have to watch ISWaK to see if it could restore my faith in the plot.

        • Jules

          Hm, if you’re looking for It Started with a Kiss (and the sequel They Kiss Again) to somehow redeem the character of Ha-Ni/Xiang Qin… I think you might be disappointed.

          Her world still revolves around Seung-Jo/Zhi Shu, as does her career, but for me it did fulfil the desire to know whether or not he truly loved and needed her as she loved and needed him. After watching TKA, I feel that he does and, moreover, if anything were to happen to Xiang Qin, Zhi Shu would would be quite lost (emotionally, at least).

          And not only did he find her physically attractive (or was attracted to her), he actually enjoyed spending time with her. It was astonishing.

  13. 63 Christine

    Hey all! Happy Chinese/Asian New Years!

    Anyone know where to find Queen Insoo english subbed? Been looking for them all week, but I can’t see to find it past episode 2. :/

    On the other hand Moon/Sun is so awesome. The child actors are absolutely adorable. Somehow I managed to get my sister and mother to hop onto the bandwagon and watch it with me. Can’t wait to see more the adults next week.

    • 63.1 anotheraddict

      Hi Christine~ If you know how to DL, it looks like DarkSmurf Subs has eps. 1-12 completed– you’ll just have to find RAWs that aren’t on Megaupload.

      I love Moon/Sun too!

  14. 64 chonzo

    hey guyz..
    I am big fan of Korean culture and also saguek dramas. I often read korean history (translated in English) and lately The last Empress of korean caught my interest and I have read most of articles that I found out about her but I could not find the drama in English subtitles. does anybody know where I can find DVD or website where I can download this drama in English Subtitles.

    • 64.1 anotheraddict

      Hi chonzo– I checked my DL sites for you but I couldn’t find a subbed version. Aja-aja has the series, but it’s listed as “not-subtitled”, so it’s poss. that no one has subbed it. Have you checked on the Soompi and dramawiki forums? The only other tip I can give you is that its alternate titles are: Myeong Seong Hwang Hu, Empress Myung Sung, and The Lost Empire. If you don’t find it, you might try asking again on the OT next week, shortly after the thread has begun– by this time, not too many people read it anymore. Good luck!

  15. 65 ravin

    is anyone having trouble with dramafever today?

    • 65.1 Cynthia

      It was okay earlier. Check their Facebook page for updates/problems, etc.

  16. 66 anotheraddict

    I’m loving MoonSun but have been reluctant to watch this week’s episodes because I’m just not ready to say goodbye to the teen cast yet. That’s really saying a lot considering that KSH is waiting in the wings and I’ve been longing to see him in another drama. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a “child” cast as much as I have this one. I would have loved one more episode with this cast, full of romantic and bromantic moments (prior to ep. 4’s Last Rose Ceremony).

    Of course, I’ve also been reluctant to watch Hwon and Yeon Woo be torn apart. But it’s time for me to batten down the hatches and head into the storm… wish me luck!

  17. 67 mud

    So, I finished MiSa and was fully prepared to cry my eyes out, but my eyes are not only dry, overall I don’t think the drama was all that. Granted, I did pick it up again after a year of hiatus from ep 7, and I was spoiled for the last scene by some random YouTube comment, but still…. I suppose mania dramas are best watched with other maniacs *grin and reminisces the BOF craze*

    I absolutely adore Im Soo-jung though and she was simply radiant. So Ji-sub was good, but I felt more for her character . She was so sincere as Eun-chae and her love for Moo-hyuk felt so genuine. Gahh! It’s the kind of passion I think I would want to experience at least once in my life.

    • 67.1 ajbny

      that stuff gets on my nerves! those people who are so loved! I always think, is it okay for me to quit now, I don’t think I’ve experienced that kind of love at first, but then I remember that kind of stuff would make me uncomfortable because I don’t really want to love someone enough to give him my liver twice.

      • 67.1.1 mud

        And that’s why I live vicariously through dramas =)

    • 67.2 JoAnne

      LOL…I talked a lot about MiSa the last OT and a little this one, too, I think. I found it very puzzling myself, and did NOT think So Ji Sub did a good job until the last few episodes, at which point either I succumbed to mania or he suddenly began to emote, because Moo Hyuk moved me to tears on more than one occasion. Maybe I was just beaten down by yet one more unfair thing happening to him, but I’m actually the person who will usually laugh when it gets that ridiculous.

      Anyway, I think I need to see him in other stuff to decide if he’s a terrible actor or a good actor because clearly, the people who raved about his acting in that one? Do not come from my planet. I checked out Road #1. Not a big fan of Kim Ha Neul. Not a fan of war movies. REALLY not a fan of the school of acting in which yelling=depth of emotion. I can’t find Always/Only You on line subbed yet…but I do want to see that one. Is Cain and Abel any good? What about the Bali one?

      • 67.2.1 mud

        I shall need to go back to the last OT to read your posts JoAnne. I tend to skim OT posts because I’m spoiler phobic. But I was going to maybe try What Happened in Bali during reading week because if it’s as addictive and manic as people say it is I would need the time to do so. On the other hand it could end up just like MiSa, where I only truly felt the misery of their situation when

        *SPOLIER TO FOLLOW!!!!*

        The mom was beating & abusing her own daughter for the non-robbery. It was horrible to watch. It’s also a little disheartening for Moo-hyuk to have never been acknowledged by his mom.

        *END OF SPOILER!!!*

        Actually I’m not a huge fan of melodramas, which I believe is what most of So Ji-sub’s works are of late. I think MiSa is the only thing of his I’ve seen. He needs to do something light for a change and not be pigeon holed as the guy who cries. And I don’t like war-centered films/dramas either, so I won’t be checking out Road #1. There’s just too much baggage with that theme and then you add in the drama from being, well, a drama that’s just an entirely different can of worms when they botch it up. Although I have heard good things about Comrades, and it is now available on dramafever. Maybe if I have time (which is probably in the very distant future and if I can find it online…) I’ll also check out SJS’s other works. In the mean time, I’m restricting my melodrama diet to Moon/Sun.

        • JoAnne

          I try pretty hard not to put spoilers in the OT when I’m watching something older because I don’t want to ruin it for people and there’s a lot of people on OT who are very new to the ‘KScene’ (like me.)

          Me, I don’t care so much if I know the end because really, it’s how you get me there that matters and I’ve done most of my venting at the screen before that final episode. The only exception there is Sang Doo which utterly destroyed me. I lost sleep AFTER I was done watching it, even, forget about the marathon. Even I acknowledge that my emotional investment in that series was a bit unhinged.

          I make no apologies, though. In the next life, Rain will be mine.

      • 67.2.2 mud

        Basically you’ve summed up how I felt about SJS’s acting in your last OT posts. The whole staring dazedly kind of irritated me at times because that’s 80% of what he does or he’s a raging machine the other 20% of the time. I mean, I get that he’s pondering about his impending doom and plotting how to ruin others while conflicted with it at the same time, but there really was nothing else to go by on his face to determine what was going on in his head. Frankly, I would have dropped the drama at ep 7 last year, but then dramafever added it to its roster and I do like Im Soo-jung quite a bit so I stuck with it. I guess it’s just another one of those manic dramas that I just don’t get.

        • JoAnne

          Yes, Mud – it’s the lack of exposition that really threw me with this one. Which I can’t really blame the actors for, you know? The writing/plot timing was not good. But didn’t you feel, toward the end – the last 4 or 5 episodes – that So Ji Sub became more personable and someone that you could feel sadness for?

          I do like Im Su Jung but have only seen her in this and Cyborg at this point. She’s adorable and sympathetic. I didnt feel nearly the level of empathy for her that I did for Moo Hyuk though and arguably she was treated in the same way he was – not a real human with feelings, but someone to be used or manipulated as it suited others.

          • mud

            I guess I might have felt just a smidgen more empathy for Moo-hyuk near the end, though I think that could be because I knew the end was nigh and the story became more focused on him rather than his machinations. But I do agree that the writing is to blame for a lot of our confusion towards his character. Rather than just seeing him stare out into space so often, I would have much preferred to see him interact with other characters, maybe even confide in Eun-chae as to his torment… though I get that he didn’t want her to be burdened. Or I guess, the whole point was to see him as a lone ranger. I don’t know, I just felt like they could have given SJS more to work with.

            I’ve seen a bit of Im Soo-jung’s more recent stuff, but I like her in everything I’ve seen. I think I just like her as an actress. She just seems likeable. She seems like she tries really hard to become the character and I guess that’s what I like. Finding Mr. Destiny is forgettable, but she was pretty cool in Jeon Woo Chi & Cyborg. A Tale of Two Sisters is one horror movie that I love because it’s done tastefully with me at the edge of my seat all the way, it didn’t hurt that I loved everyone in it. …ing & Come Rain Come Shine are on my list of movies to watch.

  18. 68 ajbny

    Hello Dramabeaners,
    I was thinking about you guys today while I watched dramas for so many hours I wondered how you did it, do you pause the episode and drop by, or do you only watch a few hours at a time? How can you ot so well on saturdays and sundays too? In any case I hope you’re all having the kind of weekend you want to.

    • 68.1 Shukmeister

      I usually watch a couple of hours a day. The OT updates are done between my homebody actions: laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. I also volunteer about once a week with the potential to spend hours and hours watching shows if I chose.

      Even though my foreign drama obsession is less than two years old, I haven’t watched prime time American television on a regular basis for many many years.

      I tend to stick with cable offerings: History Channel, Discovery, HGTV. Maybe a little Family Guy or Futurama on the side.

    • 68.2 JoAnne

      I’m the same – I do OT in between other things on the weekends but I tend not to have a lot to do at home anyway since it’s usually just me and the house isn’t large (and my housekeeping standards are lax, if I’m honest).

      Usually while I’m watching or reading I’m up and down stirring soup or putting together a casserole or washing a dish or sweeping a room, and when I’m just sitting watching I’m often knitting or working on other hobbies, too.

      I am not much of a shopper so unless I have social plans with friends in the evenings or a visit to my parents, the only time I have to be out of the house on the weekend is a couple hours to do laundry and pick up some groceries. Which suits me fine but makes my socialite daughter think I’m a recluse, LOL. I think getting together with friends once or twice every week or so is plenty! And I talk to them often, since we’re also neighbors.

      Like Shuk, I watch little American TV and usually have at least a couple hours in the evening for dramas. Sometimes I might watch a little at lunchtime too.

      • 68.2.1 Shukmeister

        Advice Girl! A soul sister – lol!

        I have small group of local friends that I try to see face to face around once a month or so. A lot of them are married with children, so they get some double-XX chromosome adult interaction in between their busy lives. Since I have very flexible daytime hours, I bend around their schedules.

        I guess these once- or twice a week outings mean I’m somewhere between a recluse and a social butterfly, although closer to the ‘hermit’ according to your daughter, lol.

        Just tell your daughter the standard Mom line – “Just wait until you’re my age!” πŸ˜‰

        • JoAnne

          Exactly! I welcome my quiet house and time for my own interests once I get home from a busy day! I see my friends for a few minutes here and there as we come and go since we’re neighbors, and we email and text as necessary, and then 2-3 times a month we try to get together and share a meal (it’s winter, so right now we have our Soup Sundays; sometimes we do ‘Porch’ – which began on my old front porch, drinking coffee, on sunny summer mornings and has now morphed into a year round thing) or spend a couple hours at the local pub. Two of us still have kids at home full time, and with the addition of one’s new live-in boyfriend, everyone but me has a significant other. And we all have jobs that can require long hours – so we think we’re doing GREAT to get together as often as we do!

  19. 69 tiny

    is it gonna be Yoo Ah In vs Park Yoo Chun vs Lee Seung Gi with Fashion King, Rooftop Prince, and The King respectively this March?

    that’s a whole lot of monarchs right there :>

  20. 70 cherkell

    Happy OT, chingus — and Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! I’m up in San Francisco for the weekend (affectionately known to us locals as “The City”) working with the 2012 Sketchfest comedy festival through Tuesday — I finally have a few minutes free in between shows, so wanted to pop on and say hiyas! I went straight from returning from Japan into this gig and will start a new trial on 26 January as well, so my postings will be limited at best for the next few weeks.

    Still loving Our Hottie Veggie Bachelors to pieces!!! I wanted to at least have Episode 10 recapped by the time I landed, so I was DLing the last few megabytes as they were closing the airplane doors… and fervently praying the flight attendants didn’t see me hiding my iPad underneath my blanket so they couldn’t rip it away from me as we started backing up to the runway. I did have to explain to one of the cabin crew why I was sobbing uncontrollably a few hours later while watching it, though…

    Shout-outs: Mirabeau, joyeux anniversaire to you! Shel honey, good luck with the surgery and stuff! Aoiaheen, welcome back, fellow Sister-in-Lust!! Yes, we have had a couple of shirtless bachelors (mostly JCW and KYK), but since they haven’t opened Store One, the showers haven’t been built yet and the halo light fixtures have yet to be delivered. I’ll call the PD-nim to make sure he gets right on that. πŸ˜‰

    And I forgot who it was that asked about the soaking tubs I made good use of during my Japan trip, but the first few were not made of cedar — just general marble/cast iron/porcelain, I guess. But here’s a snap of the tub that was in the room we reserved at the onsen in Shimoda. It was absolute heaven. ME WANT!!!

    Gotta run — have a nice week, everyone!!

    • 70.1 JoAnne

      That tub…sigh…I would leave a bare-chested, well-oiled, superbly-abbed man for that tub.

      • 70.1.1 mud

        Forget the man, I want that tub for myself!

        • JoAnne

          That’s what I’m SAYING!

          • cherkell

            I’m a greedy little ahjumma — the bare-chested, well-oiled, superbly-abbed man is gonna need a bath eventually, so I’ll take both the tub AND the man!! πŸ™‚

          • Shukmeister

            Good call, Cherkell.

    • 70.2 Shel

      Hey, cherkell…you got home just in time for the yucky weather. I thought my roof was gonna blow off Friday night. It did bring down one of my Monterey cypress trees. It wasn’t a big tree….about 5 inch diameter trunk….but it snapped right at the base.

      Good luck with the trial, etc.

      • 70.2.1 cherkell

        Hiya Shel! *waves* Yup, the crappy weather slapped me right in the face the minute I got off the plane. I got caught in the torrential rains Friday night walking from one venue to another… my shoes are still soaking wet even today. No damage up here in Los Altos, but still… blech blech blech.

      • 70.2.2 Shel

        And we may wake up in Oz tomorrow. Serious winds going down on my hill.

  21. 71 Katasu1996


    This just has to be said. Wild Romance is IT. I love love freaking love it! It’s the funny and new thing that Lie To Me was supposed to be, without all the contract marriage. Lee Si Young really rocks the role of the rabid bodyguard, and I love how stupid Si Young and Dong Wook are sometimes. This show also has an equL amount of heartwarming melo-feel to it, so really it’s an adorable romance and a heartwarming friendship one can see blossom. I would write and could write about this show all day. And for those of you who have lost MU, you guys can use Vikii for most of the shows listed here. Vikii also has a mobile app for iPod and iPhones, so it’s really useful on the go.

    Also: anybody curious about whatever happened to the mysterious Strangers 6? I waited and waited… And it never came? Details? Info? Anyone?

    -Katasu1996 :3

    • 71.1 mud

      Really? Because I felt like giving up on Wild Romance after episode 3. It’s funny some of the time, but I found myself wanting to know more about the characters instead of having the constant gags. Do we have more character development for Lee Si-young’s character (Eun-jae?) because I need to be able to root/connect for one of the main/secondary characters in order to stick with a drama.

      • 71.1.1 Y

        Hi mud, I love wild romance, for some reason it tickles my funny bones and makes me anticipate weds and thurs. lol! Love the song there too. Hope somebody tells me the tittle of it and the guy who sang it.

        • Y

          And Katasu1996 , I love Wild Romance too! (fan girl scream) ! I just wish He fell for her first not the other way around but I still LOVE it!!

  22. 72 JoAnne

    Help! I have fallen into the Ojakkyo Brothers rabbit hole! (And I snuck and watched an episode of High Kick 3. I think I can wait a bit longer on that one.)

    Raine, if you’re out there…I watched the first two episodes of Sang Doo again. I don’t think I’m ready yet, because I start crying right away and its not even sad yet.

  23. 73 Shukmeister

    I just skimmed the entire Open Thead, and didn’t see Ivoire’s name anywhere.

    Yoo hoo, Iv! [tapping on glass]
    Where are you?
    Did you get the position?
    Dish Dish!

  24. 74 Shukmeister

    A final note regarding Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games” trilogy. I finished the final book, ‘Mockinjay’ today, and I would have to agree with the majority. It didn’t have the decisiveness and pacing of either of the first two.

    The first one by far was the best. In this one, when Katniss thought “not again”, it was pinging through my brain cells as well.

    As a series, though, it wasn’t bad. The premise seemed to be spun off from R. A. Heinlein’s “Tunnel In the Sky”, but with a lot more dystopian elements.

    It did hold my interest better than the ‘Twilight’ series, which I could never get past the first handful of chapters of the first book.

    Still two episodes away from finishing “White Christmas”.

  25. 75 Shukmeister