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Running Man: Episode 75
by | January 8, 2012 | 68 Comments

We’re kicking off 2012 with an Idol Special on Running Man. Huh, when did Idol = Math? I did not sign up to solve square roots or deal with dividends. Don’t you know that arithmetic is a writer’s kryptonite?

EPISODE 75. Broadcast on January 1, 2012.

We start off at Gimpo airport where our cast eagerly awaits their guests. Just because it’s the new year, however, doesn’t mean our cast has changed any. Today, Jae-suk and Haroro jokingly snipe at each other, still trapped in their superhero voices, about their twinsie attire. Hahaha – they do look like a couple today.

If any Monday Couple fans were hoping that Gary’s Europe trip would involve Mung Ji-hyo, your hopes are dashed – he’ll be going alone.

Mr. PD announces today’s teams, four in all, before the guests make their grand entrance. Gary and Haha are paired together, then the Easy Brothers (and the captions read they’re an inseparable package like shampoo and conditioner, keh), Jae-suk and Jong-kook, former team leaders (Jae-suk: “Me with a guy who can’t see 5m in front of him?!”), and lone Ji-hyo.

Time to introduce our five (!!) idol guests to be teamed with the Running Men, respectively (and the homemade placards are too cute): enthusiastic Sulli (f(x)) with Gary and Haha, Sohee (Wondergirls) with Jae-suk and Jong-kook, Hyo-rin (SISTAR) and the Easy Brothers, and the two boys, Minho (SHINee) and Siwon (Super Junior) with lucky Ji-hyo.

I’m particularly afraid for Sohee who I’ve seen in a previous Family Outing episode and barely spoke three words there. And here, she just bows awkwardly when she greets her two teammates. Is she even going to talk? Then there’s Hyo-rin who can’t hide her disappointment and honestly blurts out to the Easy Brothers, “I hoped I wouldn’t be paired with you.” Heh, and aw.

Siwon’s already got his game face on (he’s an avid RM fan as well as a returning guest) and Jong-kook wraps the two idol boys in a warm hug. It turns out that they all work out at the same gym. Um, where can I sign up?

Today’s mission is a Math Race, which means there are numbers and functions involved. Cannot… compute. Anyway, through a series of missions, the first team who reduces their numbers down to 1 will be declared the winner. And we’re off!

Everyone rush outside (with Gary one step ahead) towards the parking lot. Kwang-soo yells to hang a right and all of them dutifully follow, with Minho in the lead…and we hear the confused staff say, across the street, “Where are they going?” The swarm doesn’t stop until a VJ catches up to them to tell them they’re going the wrong way. HA.

Haha and Sulli, however, frantically wait for the light to turn after they spot the RM staff. Here, they pick their first two numbers. Sulli’s team chooses (7, 9), and lightning fast Minho picks for his team (3,6).

Hyo-rin decides on “Deathly 4” and 1 (the Chinese characters of four and death are homonymous, and considered unlucky), and slightly surprised Sohee selects (2,8) for her team.

The matter of age comes up in Ji-hyo’s car, and Min-ho cautiously asks after how old she is. She tells him that they’re a decade apart (she’s 31 and he’s 21), and her two princes exclaim, “What you’re not in your 20s?… You definitely don’t look like [you’re in your 30s].” They add that they especially wanted to be on her team. Gah, these noona-killers.

Meanwhile, the two team leaders bark at each other in the car, arguing over square roots and whatnot that could appear in today’s mission. Sohee just smiles politely and Jae-suk astutely points out that she’s probably hoping these oppas would just stop talking. And when they do for a minute, she breathes a sigh of relief.

At their first mission location, a miniature world of sorts, the PD tells them they’ll be going on a “world tour,” since they’re Hallyu stars, and all. They’ll need to carry their female teammate and complete their mission on the other side.

So this is the ideal noona treatment you’d get as the boys easily lift Ji-hyo into the air, constantly telling her how light she is, and then gently putting her down. I’m pretty sure that would never happen with her regular cast members. Well, maybe except Gary.

Mr. PD, did you just ask what I think you asked? How many miniature models are shorter than Haha? Needless to say, they look back at him dumbfounded, and get it wrong.

I love how Ji-hyo rubs in her princess treatment to Jong-kook and Jae-suk, that it must be the young blood pumping through their veins. Heh, I don’t blame her. Cut to the Easy Brothers, who can barely lift Hyo-rin off of the ground. Incriminating Kwang-soo: “I think you’ve got more muscle than Jong-kook.” Keh.

The teams are sent back for a few more round until Sohee’s team finish first. Jae-suk and Jong-kook go at it again over the numbers, and Sohee silently reaches for one, and then flickers her eyes back and forth before taking the other.

She explains her choices (they’re easy to subtract and divide) and this is the first time I’ve heard her utter a complete sentence.

Sohee’s got a softspoken, boil-under-the-surface competitive spirit, but her is directly opposite to Siwon and Minho, whose aggressiveness nearly jumps off the screen as Ji-hyo prompts them about the possible food missions at their next location: a restaurant.

The teams order to their hearts’ content and Mr. PD explains the mission: list off as many complaints about your opposing team members until they’ve finished eating. Sulli’s team start rambling right away about Jae-suk’s glasses, Jong-kook’s muscles, what have you.

Then Sohee quietly mutters, “I’d wish you’d throw away your shoe lifts, Haha oppa.” Hehehe.

Sulli’s actually pretty good at this, spitting out the teensiest of things like rapidfire and Haha gives the kicker about how he wishes Jae-suk would stop being holed up in his room, watching videos early in the ‘morn. HA. If memory serves me correct, Haha made this reference before in a previous episode and Jae-suk admitted to his love for his movies, though the implication is of a special kind.

Both teams finish and the mission here is to rid themselves of their “complaints” represented by post-its by dance. This ought to be interesting.

The caps here don’t do the dances justice, ’cause I’m dying of laughter watching Haroro try to blow off the notes stuck on his glasses. And poor Suk-jin crashes to the ground trying to shake off the ones stuck on his shoulders.

The next mission card leads them to the SBS building. They’ll need to collect at least eight functions (e.g. plus, minus, divide, etc.) before they’re allowed to leave. But be careful, other teams can steal the ones you find!

Sohee’s team track down their first (a square root) pretty easily and sneak in whilst another show, 1000 Song Challenge, is filming. Gary runs into a few comedian guests and asks if they’ve spotted any other Running Men. In shock, he whispers to the camera, “He hasn’t seen them!” Hehehe.

Jae-suk discovers that one of the MCs, Jang Yoon-jung, knows about the clues, but she won’t give in so easily. When she asks what she’ll get in return, Jae-suk tells her he’ll dedicate his victory to her, but she has a better idea: Jae-suk can sing for them, and they’ll hand over a clue if he scores higher than a 92.

He’s reluctant, but gets called on stage by Tae Jin Ah. If you’ve got a sunbae like him who tells you to sing – you sing. Jae-suk fails just shy of a few points at which they immediately call up Jong-kook, busy trying to grab a clue stuck on one of the cameras.

And if impromptu singing wasn’t enough pressure, Lee Hwi-jae, the other MC, instructs him to retire should he fail – and Spartakooks promptly sings and dances to his previous hit “Loveable.”

Yoon-jung hands over their well-earned clue (a multiplication sign) and Jae-suk jokes: “We don’t need this…” Doesn’t spontaneous public singing at least earn you a minus sign?

Jong-kook discovers that coveted minus sign a moment later. The only drawback is that it gets captured on camera for the other teams to see. But no worries – Sulli’s team picks one up for their own.

Kwang-soo corners Ji-hyo outside a bathroom. She totally plays it cool until Kwang-soo spots the clue and there’s six people fighting over a sign in a cramped corner. Once it’s all said and done, the clue disappears…into Kwang-soo’s mouth. HAHAHA.

Okay, Sohee is freakin’ adorable. Her team scours the place for clues, and she discovers hers without making a peep. When her oppa teammates praise her, she simply giggles in response. That is, if you can even hear her laugh.

Ji-hyo and Sulli’s team decide to join forces to take on Jong-kook. Haha runs into them a minute later and Jong-kook offers to trade for clues the other needs and Haha replies truthfully, “We don’t know how to use square roots.”

A seemingly peaceful trade-off spirals into chaos as Jong-kook grabs a clue out of Gary’s hands and runs. But that leaves his other teammates defenseless and they get their clues snatched away.

While Jae-suk steps away to reclaim his stolen goods, the two idol boys circle around Jong-kook…

Dost my eyes deceive me? Did Minho just overtake Spartakooks? The other teams crowd in, picking off clues like a pack of hungry hyenas, leaving Jong-kook bare. Just like that, Ji-hyo’s team’s luck turns around as Minho hunts down clues all across the building.

Meanwhile, Sulli’s team is stumped over their numbers. I especially enjoyed the computer “ding” in the beginning of the episode. They still crack a few math jokes – singing a parody of Yim Jae-bum singing “Everyone” to, “I’m your [function]…” and also, (“Who’ll comfort us when we can’t solve a math equation?”) Answer: f(x) (mijukbun = calculus).

Jae-suk gripes after he watches Ji-hyo’s team leave first, and is slightly startled when Sohee suddenly heads outside. Thankfully, she’s spotted another clue, and like her usual self, silently hands it off. She discovers another one masking itself as a decoration and darts for the door now that her team has collected eight.

But Kwang-soo notices right away and he runs to catch her. But before he can, Jong-kook pushes him out of the way. Keke.

Ji-hyo’s team arrives first and quickly work to assemble their equation, with Sohee’s team pulling up soon afterward. Ji-hyo’s team presents their equation, but sadly they end up with negative 1 instead of positive 1.

Sulli’s team runs in last, filled with confidence, as they start pulling out their numbers and clues. With all the teams now working on their equations, now it’s a race!

Haha declares that their team is finished and the staff checks their work… and the sign lights up, confirming that their equation equals 1.

The PD belatedly tells Ji-hyo’s team that they could have won (by simply moving a parenthesis) and Minho explodes, victory stolen under his nose.

The other teams look at Sulli’s team in disbelief and Haha declares: “We don’t need any fancy stuff [like square roots and parentheses]!!” Congratulations Sulli’s Team!


68 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Elaine

    I fell in love with Sohee after watching this episode haha.

    • 1.1 Marie

      me too)) never knew how cute she is.

      • 1.1.1 Ani

        I wouldn’t say I fell in love with her, but damn is she adorable as hell. So that’s what the Wonder Girl fans mean when they declare her cute. Hahaha. I love her silent determination. X)

        • Jo

          She was so freaking adorable.

          • pabo ceo reom

            I was pleasantly surprised with So-hee too! She had a lot of screen time with her silent killer persona haha.

          • Stardust

            Me too!! Sohee is so adorable when she cutely reports to her dad in her soft spoken way hehe…

  2. Elisa

    I love how team Sulli won in the end! Hilarious!

  3. Nokcha

    Loved this episode!!! Thanks for the recap!

  4. djinni

    thank you.. i love this damn show

  5. jae

    looks so fun, can’t wait to see the video… thanks for recaps gummimochi ^^

  6. Cherrypie

    Honestly,I did not really like when uninteresting guests(like a few that I do not want to name) come to running man…I immediately just switched channels to avoid getting disappointed unless so far,the only one that didn’t disappoint me is Choi Min Soo and CN.Blue’s Yonghwa. Overall,other huge stars like ****** really just try really hard but can’t hit it off for me. Running man,although many predicted they can overtake 1N2D is just not possible for me.I’m glad they had a great cast of people,Ace,Spartan to Pororo…I really love them,but when it comes to guest and the production idea(one time they called Gwang soo and Suk jin to be spies and then get overtook by other hidden spies…are they treating us like dumbies?).I just hate it.I only praise them on two occasions,the RM hunting and superpower version.The rest is fun and some lame to watch.
    1N2D is different,with the members w/o guest.They can make the show amusing and fun to watch(credit goes to production team with funky ideas definitely).So sad for what I heard,they are ending in February(been a huge huge fan since 2007).
    RM,great cast and role-models…but the production ideas really need to work harder,i wont want to see a variety show that in the end makes me feel wasted.I want to see for joy and laughter and RM—>where’s the thrill? I want more “thriller” like I had in RM hunting…or playing hide and seek? Idk but yeah,RM fighting!

    • 6.1 carolies541

      As an avid audience of RM, 1N2D, IC.. i still think that Infinity Challenge is the winner in terms of contents, originality and humor. 1N2D is behind IC… but 1N2D has its own kind of funny but not enough to keep me glued for every week, i always like their special, actress special, friends special…but on regular episodes, i just want to skim through most of the time… maybe because i’m not attracted to any of the regular cast. I like Eun Ji Won the most from 1N2D but other members are just alright.. maybe that’s why it’s lacking the OOMPH for me.

      RM really depends on the contents, the humor is still not up to par to 1N2D and IC. I think that Family Outing is still better than RM (they’re with the same production…)

      • 6.1.1 cranky

        IC totally pawns most shows for creativity and constant movement. Kim Tae Ho, imho, is the real evil genius….
        I like 1N2D well enough but like you, I don’t watch it regularly unless there’s any special in particular that interests me. SBS needs someone like Kim Tae Ho or Na Young Seok to be able to compete in the weekend variety competition. FO was great but after a while it got bland too. I think they need someone who can reinvent itself to be able to be a long running show like IC or 1N2D. Even with classics like X-Men in SBS, the show died off too after a while.

      • 6.1.2 bd

        FO was funnier than RM b/c the games were more conducive to humor (can’t forget the “Hyori effect”) and there was more “downtime” (cooking, making trips to the market) where the cast members could interact and poke fun at each other which is harder to do in RM, esp. w/ the games that involve a lot of well, running.

        As I had stated before, some of the funniest moments on RM is when there are shopping tasks or when they are just in the car tallking (YJS doing impressions of other cast members was hilarious or poking fun at Kwangvatar’s crush on Yuri); the shopping trips when SNSD was on was pretty funny as well (YJS and Yoona donning the green shirts and pink shades and doing the catwalk walk and Haha making “wifey” comments towards Taeyeon when they were shopping for groceries).

        The games can sometimes be a bit boring, esp. when there is just a lot of running around, but the games the last couple of eps have been a lot more interesting and have taken the forefront.

        As for 1N2D, don’t watch it b/c frankly, I can’t stand LSG, even tho I like some of the other cast members.

    • 6.2 Ani

      I think RM and1N2D each has their own charm. And while I watch RM for the whole cast, I watched 1N2D for MC Mong and Eun Jiwon. Some people may like RM, some 1N2D, and some may opt to like both – best of both worlds I guess – or may hate both. All comes down to personal preference.

    • 6.3 Claire

      in my opinion, we have different preferences when it comes to shows, maybe you’re just an avid fan of 1N2D but for me, as an avid fan of RM, i’m actually bored in watching 1N2D however when it comes to outdoor varieties…i would say Infinity Challenge is the best out of the 3…although i’m not watching all of the episodes…and besides those shows have different target audiences and thus different from each other…

    • 6.4 jane

      umm actually i find RM episodes WITHOUT guest are much interesting 😀 like on episode 74 haha

  7. Porcelain

    I had not follow RM in a while and pick this up just to see the idol boys – can’t say no to Siwon & Minho…
    Jihyo can’t be happier…

    Charming as they are, I thought who was really adorable was actually the girls idol…

    Sohee can be a bot in a way, but that is her own unique charm… Like she is silent and Jaesuk is like… omg is this girl possessed or something and she just silently find clues and up the game… cool!

    Sulli is just awesome coz she blends so well with Gary and Haha… even when them 2 oppas are doing some embarassing 90s dance and girl joins them… and she is just so enthusiastic so she win points for that…

    Wished there was more Hyorin… when they were doing the tour at the miniature world place… Big Nose hyung was like… are you considering a diet… And she can’t stop laughing during the whole “airplane” journey…

    Sometimes I feel the pairing may not be the fairest, like when its Jongkook and Jaesuk in a team… but that what make it works I guess.

    Sulli team jjang, coz they dont need complicated functions to win and Minho ya… ur competitive streak needs to chill!

  8. tesshira

    i really fell in love with sohee in this episode. she is freaking adorable!!!

    • 8.1 gala

      lol, no offense but the girl is the epitome of “boringness”. Hyorin (who I didn’t know existed before this episode) should’ve been given some of the air time Sohee got. yes, i understand Wonder Girls had been one of the top idols before, so i get the “special treatment”. but god, Hyorin provided more entertainment with the little time she was shown. this was one of those annoying editing that happens when idol groups appear. they should’ve just made sohee a lone guest if they wanted to give her air time. it took all of Grasshopper’s and Sparta’s energy to make their scenes interesting!

      • 8.1.1 Bulleusekat

        From the start, I think it was a bad idea to put so many idols who don’t even have the same level of popularity. Of course the RM PDs put more emphasis on Sohee because of WG’s status (because when it comes to popularity in South Korea: WG ~ Super Junior > f(x) >>> Sistar). If anyone can remember the FO ep with WG, the KWonderfuls were really angry because the ep was more about Yoona-Taecyon couple… I agree that Hyorin was funny but nothing can beat audience rates except if she was exceptionally funny.
        Honestly, I don’t feel Yoo Jae Suk and KJK tried to cover for her “boringness”. They did on their own some funny scenes (1000 songs challenge) without Sohee so it definitely didn’t add any extra time for Sohee… I agree tho, that they should have done an “only Sohee” Let’s not forget that Sulli’s first appearance on RM was pretty boring too. I think Minho and Siwon were maybe too seriously competitive during the recording, that’s why they didn’t have many scenes in the end.
        What a long comment…

    • 8.2 bd

      I really don’t get Korea’s infatuation w/ Sohee either; she’s not really cute and she has an aloof/shy personality.

      Yeah, once you warm her up, she begins to shine a bit, but she definitely is diff. from the other really popular idol members.

  9. Combray

    I was worried for Sohee too lol I thought Yenny would be a better choice because she’s more comfortable in front of the camera and better at variety, but well, Korea loves Sohee, lol.

    • 9.1 Combray

      And I was really disappointed with Siwon this time, he was so amazing in his first episode, I guess Minho had to be the tryhardy competitive one instead.

      • 9.1.1 Ani

        Yeah, I can appreciate a good competitive spirit, but Minho just overdoes it sometimes. It feels like he’s just trying to hard, as if he’s pushing himself to please the viewers which is nice at times and other times feels fake. X/

        • ilovemandoo

          The funny thing is that he overdoes it, but it’s all real. He’s not just doing it for the sake of a competitive show like Running Man.. He’s actually like that in real life. (There have been countless examples.. I’m not even going to try to list them LOL.) I’m pretty sure part of it stems from his sports background.

    • 9.2 kapmsT

      LOL. I was worried for Sohee too but I think they purposely put Kook and Jaesuk, the two biggest talkers in Running Man, in her team so it wouldn’t be *too* awkward. Yes, it was awkward at times, but I thought she was pretty funny in her shy/cute/awkward way. I LOLed when Jaesuk and Kook finally shut up she said it was “much more peaceful this way”.

      • 9.2.1 Combray

        Yeah I’ve come to realize her charm comes from her awkward self lol.

        • Biscuit

          I think with a lot of idols who are trained to be good at variety, it feels like you’re not always seeing their true self. With Sohee, her raw awkward self feels real and it pulls you in.

          She’s just so adorable, heh.

          • Combray

            I love how she’ll be on a show and there will be a million articles about how cute she is and then you watch it and she’s sitting there with a face like thunder, lmao.

          • tikaa

            can’t agree more with you. she’s reall, not fake loud and cheerful

  10. 10 kapmsT

    LOL, maybe it was for humour but were any of you guys completely WTF-ing at Sulli’s team being totally stumped at how to use a square root. I understand Gary and Haha not knowing, they haven’t been to school in years and it fits with their foolish ‘image’ but Sulli – WHAT?! She’s eighteen and still in school! How have they not taught her what a square root is?! And if she does know, why is she pretending not to?!

    I actually enjoyed this episode a lot more than I though I would. I thought it would be really boring because usually the idols are really not funny when they’re on Running Man. I was pleasantly surprised because this episode was actually really good. Hyorin was hilarious! When Jihyo was saying that Kwangsoo worked out in leggings and short T-shirts Hyorin was like “Ew. Why do you do that?” hehe. Her face of disgust was absolutely epic.

    • 10.1 Combray

      Sulli might just be bad at math lol, not all Koreans are good at it. 😉 And I doubt she gets to go to school everyday.

      • 10.1.1 kapmsT

        Aha, true. I just assumed at her age you’d know, and remember, how to do square roots :L

        • cranky

          even I remember how to do square roots even though I’ve left school eons ago and I suck at math….
          but I guess that’s the prob with idols, no regular schooling most of the time…

          • Biscuit

            Idols or not, I know some kids that go to school regularly and math isn’t their forte.

          • bbangie83

            i did hear from my sister’s korean friend that koreans were not really good in maths. Unlike other countries where advanced maths are taught as early as possible, in korea maths are taught in a rather slower pace, i reckon.. 🙂

  11. 11 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    I adore RM, but I have to admit when the PD announced that it was a Math Race, my first reaction was pretty much what my cat hears when I talk to her. White noise, with monotone buzzing involved. (I am a total math phobic).

    The idol/team pair-ups were good – particularly for Ace Ji-hyo. Siwon and Minho were thrilled to be with her (and makes me wonder how many times they’ve watched “A Frozen Flower”? Eeep!). Siwon kinda blended into the background for this episode, but Min-ho was fearless. That total take-down of Spartagooks was epic. It was like watching a swarm of army ants take over an unlucky gazelle. I laughed myself silly.

    Good thing that Sohee was so talented at spotting those math signs, cause otherwise she would have been a real dud. Why in the world would RM cast such a shy, quiet, reserved girl for this kind of show? But I do find it fascinating that she can be so non-entity in public and yet can turn it on, on stage, for WG performances. Weird.

    I wish this episode of RM was a two-parter – I think it’s a better use of “idol time” to be included in an extended run (like they did for SNSD). There’s simply too much going on in a short episode to show them all a fair amount of screen time.

    • 11.1 bd

      Spartakooks would have crushed Minho but he was being nice (and careful).

  12. 12 Anao

    It liked this episode, despite the fact that there were many guest so nobody got much time on screen, except maybe for Sohee, who honestly was the least funny of them, no matter how cute she is.
    I don’t usually watch variety, but RM got me hooked so I’m going to watch the old episodes that I missed. And I actually love that they have guests on the show, that way there is diversity.

  13. 13 V

    What’s up with dat sohee shizz, i think im the only one who doesnt like and thinks shes psychopath about to silently stab you when you least expect it. Just the quiet outburst she had scared the poop outta me.

    wtf, you all are being hypnotized. D:

    • 13.1 Combray

      She really is like that though lol, she’s like Seohyun. Way more mature and quiet than her spazzy unnies.

  14. 14 HeadsNo2

    Did I mostly watch this episode just for Siwon? Yes. But I missed seeing more of him, he was so much fun during the Christmas Special. He was *literally* a little kid in a toy store. “Hyung! Hyung! Hyung!” Ahhh~ so cute.

    Question, though: Is Running Man going to sort of constantly change its format or is the guest hide-and-seek gone for good? 🙁 Because that was my favorite part of RM…

    • 14.1 Jinny

      I think they’re trying to change it up a bit cuz viewers might get bored with the same format every time XD Yeah the hide-and-seek in the beginning episodes was my favorite part of RM, I was so sad when it got shorter and shorter and finally disappeared 🙁

      • 14.1.1 Ani

        I miss the old hide and seek. I wish they would bring it back every once in a while. X/

        • Cynthia

          I like the hide and seek with the jingle bells, but (for me) it was getting kinda old. I’d much rather see some creative races incorporating puzzle-solving, like they’ve been doing for the last few shows. It ups the competitive spirit and keeps the regulars on their toes.

          • Ani

            Yeah, which is why “every once in a while” is better than all the time. XD

  15. 15 Jeric

    Sohee was simply adorable here, wish she could appear again in future running man episodes.

  16. 16 Lucy

    why are people comparing ic, 1n2d and rm ??? they are totally different shows… rm is popular to international thanks to the subbing teams and media sharing sites. ic would be as popular if they had subbing team or if mbc released their own a la kbs world (although I hate it cause the cut off a lot). idk why 1n2d is not that big with international fans… maybe it is due to the fact that it’s hard to find episodes and hard sub since kbs takes them down immediatley like mbc does. sure you can find them if you look but it takes a while to find those sites.

  17. 17 Viki

    Omg, so I never liked Sohee that much (my bias is Sunye)…but I’ve fallen in love with her quiet but cute/funny character. She’s actually so silently hilarious.

  18. 18 Sakura

    Why isn’t there anyone talking bout Minho? 🙁 I found it awesome when he just hugged Jongkook and everyone swarmed around him like ants attracted to a sweet. XD Soooo hilarious. Minho is so fiercely competitive. XD

  19. 19 merelyamortal

    Ahhh, Sohee seriously MADE this show for me alongside with her teammates Yoo Jae-suk and Jong-kook. Just ADORABLE. So hilarious when Jong-kook and Jae-suk are like, “WOW! You’re so good at this!” They made a great team. I was totally rooting for them all the way. Hahhaha.

    I especially loved that part when Gwang-su starts to ask Jae-suk where Jong-kook is and how he has no one to protect him. LMBO. And then Commander is leaning against the wall and Gwang-su backs down. Hilariousssss. Hahahahaha.

    The post-it’s game was hilarious too. I laughed so hard at Haha and Gwang-su. xDDD

  20. 20 8eight

    I was afraid for Sohee too and wondered why they cast her, but I ended up finding her adorable! She was an ace at finding those clues, and I lol-ed every time they played her theme song. Good episode!

  21. 21 angelforever

    waaaaa! So hee was so freaking adorable ! I actually thought she would have the least amount of air time because she is so shy but was so surprised that out of all the idols on the show, she had the most screen time! Thats just the power of her cuteness and RM PD’s totally got captivated by it hehe.

    LOL @ the two “ajushis” just not shutting up (JS & JK) haha you could tell they tried so hard to make her comfortable and smile, theyre soo sweet. Overall, good episode, especially the reversal at the end! I really thought Jihyo-Minho-Siwon team were gonna win. But the two kids & Sulli nailed it! – theyre so true, you dont need complicated math symbols to win the game 🙂

  22. 22 Rmdeabak

    I laughed so much when Sohee got a phone call from her Dad! and she was like, ‘yeah I’m having fun and I think I’ll be eating with them’ LOL

  23. 23 bd

    The writers for RM have been on their “A” game recently; another brilliant ep w/ some really amusing games.

    My earlier criticism about RM has been about the games not being too entertaining and w/ all the running around, not even leading to fun/amusing interactions among the cast and guests (it’s the slower “games” like a shopping task or just sitting in the car and talking which usually have the funniest moments), but for the past couple of eps, the games take the forefront and they have been brilliant.

    The “Ace” was definitely loving her teammates (felt bad for Gary; yeah, in this world, it helps to be good-looking) and Sulli was as cute as usual (one could clearly see the disappointment in the Grasshopper’s eyes when he realized that Sulli wasn’t on his team; they got along so well the last time she was on and she was so cute taking care of YJS after he had to piggyback her for the pencil sharpening task), tho, she didn’t get as much airtime as before. Btw, Sulli looks a good bit diff. from her previous appearance, losing some of her “baby fat” (she is turning into one lovely young lady).

    As for Sohee, it took me a while to warm up to her; I don’t find her particularly cute and she seemed a bit cold and aloof towards her teammates (and she hit the jackpot being teamed w/ YJS and the capable one) and a bit turned off by their hilarious banter.

    I guess she’s a bit shy and that she doesn’t have a warm, outgoing personality based on what was said about her appearance on FO, so I’ll give her a pass; but she definitely did better as she got used to RM and all the madness.

    Didn’t think the game of getting all the post-its to fall off would be as funny as it turned out to be, but Haha (of course) had me rolling.

  24. 24 Brenda

    Thanks for the recap!
    I thought Sohee was adorable and i like her but she’s really not made for variety at all, but i guess considering she doesn’t come out on variety that much (though more than her other members?) she got more air time – but i really was watching this for siwon because he was HILARIOUS when he first guested on RM but still didn’t get that much screen time, oh well, and Sulli is so adorable but she and Hyorin definitely needed more screentime! In time i’ve actually learnt to not watching running man for the guests but for the running man cast which i l-o-v-e, its probably the only variety show i’ve seen all the episodes to!

  25. 25 onyxx

    this was the first RM episode that i was able to watch through its entire length… and i must say i enjoyed it far more than i thought i would. (i am now checking other episodes nyehheh.)

    i was giggling uncontrollably during that dancing scene (where the 4 teams were doing all they can short of committing harakiri to get rid of all those pesky post-it notes) — tears were rolling down my face because i was trying my damned best to restrain my chuckles (i was in a coffeehouse!). that segment was priceless!

  26. 26 Anonymous

    I don’t really like RM. I love the old episodes of 1N2D. Frankly I don’t watch much these days ‘coz I can’t stand UTW. I am glad it’s ending soon.

  27. 27 MEL

    RM or 1N2D–change in crew, cancellations etc, I love both, even without the subs both are quite hilariously fun… It’s too bad comparisons happen but that’s how it is… Each one of us will have an opinion and each will and may differ…

    It’s these variety shows/games that allow each celebrity to brilliantly shine or just embarassingly sink to the woodworks… Gotta take it all at face value, with a grain of salt and just enjoy… Love all the variety shows because it is in each that I discover how each celebrity is a person and special or just simply mediocre–human, like me…. and the many giddy, laugh out loud moments as well as the thrilling situations can never be counted but are greatly appreciated specially on stress filled days..

    Thanks for the recaps JB and GF… RM and 1N2D fighting!!!

  28. 28 Judy

    I loved Sohee’s quiet competitiveness and her awkwardness. It reminds me of myself. lol This idol special would’ve been much better if it was a 2-part special. They didn’t get enough airtime for everyone. Even watching Hyorin and the Easy Brothers would’ve been more hilarious than the awkwardness that was Sohee, Jaesuk, and Jong Kook’s car ride. lol

  29. 29 ALLEN

    I’m quite disappointed!! that sohee get so much airing time compare to the rest of the team, they are barely shown
    n poor hyorin was she even show onscreeen more than 10mins ? althought the awkwardness might be fun to watch at first but i rather like to watch how great the chemistry of the suili team.. n it would be funny that straightforward hyorin interact with the easy brothers…

  30. 30 Lilian

    Funniest moment for me: post-it dances!

  31. 31 umalily

    More Siwon would have been great.

  32. 32 Unnursvana

    I have watched many shows with the Wonder Girls (not as much now after Sunmi left but I still watch them from time to time) so I knew about Sohee’s awkward and shy personality and I have always found her adorable and endearing. I loved her here. OMG so cute.

    She is this quiet observer, which is why she did so well finding these functions, I think. I love how she never makes a sound for the most time when she does. I just really like Sohee and her awkwardness.

    Am I the only one that found Hyorin a bit annoying here, idk why, her personality might just not be my thing, (unlike Sohee, I am thins quiet and awkward person too). I didn’t like how she was always complaining about being with the easy-brothers. I don’t know much about her other then that she is an amazing singer and she has a great body. I like some of Sistars songs but I have never watched any of them on any shows before, until now.

  33. 33 myzoya

    After this episode I immediately watched his video clip of “Lovable” & I couldn’t stop laughing. OMG, his style–and especially his pink tight shirt really cracked me up….. Can’t believe it is his real voice–somehow it doesn’t suit his muscular body….HAHAHA~

  34. 34 miixa_

    Thanks for the recap! I love this app because JiHyo unnie was treated differently although there are 3 female guests. MinHo oppa & Siwon oppa are so polite. They thought that JiHyo was in her twenties! <3 JiHyo was treated like a princess hehe. SoHee is so cute, like a baby lol. HyoRin was just laughing! I can't stop laughing watching the Easy Brothers with her. And Gary was jealous when MinHo oppa and Siwon Oppa carried JiHyo unnie. Three guys were scrambling for JiHyo unnie kekeke 😀 Thanks again! Best episode ever <3

  35. 35 yola sekarini

    is the shooting location in ‘Window of the World’ in Shenzhen if it yes, then i ever went there!!

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