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Sam-dong returns: Kim Soo-hyun lines up Dream High 2 cameo
by | January 16, 2012 | 53 Comments

Sam-dong’s coming back to the Dream High world! Kim Soo-hyun, who played country-bumpkin-turned-top-pop-star in the original drama series, is going to be making a cameo appearance in the first episode of Dream High 2.

The production must’ve gone into stealth mode to keep the cameo quiet, since it’s already been filmed. According to a source from the production company, they’d been so inundated with requests for appearances by Sam-dong that they’d decided to include it early on.

Kim Soo-hyun will be the first of a whole lineup of stars making cameos, according to the producers. I just hope they don’t devolve into a series of meaningless stunt castings, which I think the first series did a good job of avoiding; if they can work the cameos seamlessly into the plot, I’m all for them. I won’t say I’m not worried at all, though, since Season 2 seems to be generating a lot more hype and expectations than the first did. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t lose its heart amidst all the glitz and buzz.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo-hyun is very soon to make his first appearance on his currently running sageuk sensation The Moon That Embraces the Sun, with the childhood portion soon to come to a close as the adults gear up for showtime.

Dream High 2 premieres on January 30, which means he’ll be dominating airwaves that week with his cameo on Monday, then his drama (very likely) ruling Wednesday and Thursday. I’m pretty sure nobody’s complaining.

Meanwhile, the drama also released its last official poster, below:

Via Sports Seoul


53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ace

    Samdong!!! Yay! Hope he & Suzy cameo together but separate cameo’s fine too. Can’t wait!

    • 1.1 fanboy

      But i think the two of them together would be better than one at a time though.. I just hope to see that they are together after their long distance relationship in the end of season 1.. πŸ™‚

      • 1.1.1 kc

        i get all nostalgic just thinking of them (hye mi and samdong) back oncsreen together. There’s a little twitch in the heart, if you know what i mean.

  2. pearl

    I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to be really interested in teens drama. Maybe my age is finally catching up with me πŸ™‚

    • 2.1 guilty_pleasure

      Hmm…i’m feeling that way too. Worrying…=)

    • 2.2 Cocoapyun


    • 2.3 Ordinary shoujo

      Me too, but im only 18 o-O

  3. Bengbeng

    Yey! thanks for the news =)

  4. shortermemory

    I thought DH1 team will make cameo together, so, I was wrong πŸ™‚

  5. jessie

    YAY! Sam dong-ah!

  6. taraLuvJJ

    yay, finaly! i’ve been looking for samdong’s comeo in DH2 like for ages.. cz dunno why just me or what i don’t like the casts of DH2.. anyway, thx 4 the news JB!

  7. t-berry

    i pray samdong and hyemi make a cameo together at the same time! i need both of them to be finally together~

    • 7.1 mud

      Me too! I need a neat happy ever after for this couple!

      • 7.1.1 rich

        me three!! >.<

    • 7.2 wanne

      Second! Samdong & Hyemi together please!

      • 7.2.1 daisy

        If hyemi and samdong dont end up being in the same cameo they better hint or say something that shows they are together!!!

  8. Rachel

    Aww look at that cute face! Looking forward to this!

  9. JoAnne

    YES! Haven’t even read it, don’t even care about the details, the title is enough for me, yay yay yay yay!

  10. 10 alua

    Happy if Sam Dong makes an appearance, but I’m still not very psyched for Dream High II.

    It just looks so very idolish.

    • 10.1 Locturne

      True. Very idolish and very blingish.

    • 10.2 JoAnne

      You’re right about that…but I will watch anyway and hope that it turns out like the first one, which didn’t interest me at all before I watched it. It was a very pleasant surprise for me, and I hope magic strikes twice. But if it doesn’t, I will quit. Or at least, just FF so I can see all the JYP scenes.

      • 10.2.1 mnstpdu08

        Totally agree. Too many idols for me to take in at once (now that I know who the idols are). I still wished they had gone a different route – with trainees. That would’ve been better plus they could use it as a stepping stool. But I’m looking forward to JYP. I’d love to see them bring sam dong and hye mi together.

  11. 11 sorcy79au

    Yay Dong-ah!! I can’t wait for this show to start. It’ll be interesting to see what the storyline will be.

    Is it just me or does Jin-Woon look goofy in the promo poster. I’m thinking he will be my fave character.

  12. 12 Mia

    what does the words in the poster say?

  13. 13 wanne

    OMG the best news i’ve had in a long time!!!!!!!


    today is really the best day of Soo Hyun. Just now i was ecstatic to finally see him back on screen even for just a few minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkNLdwyjhwk&feature=g-u&context=G24eaf49FUAAAAAAADAA
    he’ll be fantastic as King Lee Hwon!

    and now this! cant wait!

    • 13.1 wanne

      though i must say, this is really a good move by the pds. i was not planning to watch this at all.

  14. 14 Banu

    YAY.. thats would be sooooo awesome.. ^__^

  15. 15 anotheraddict

    Gah!– that screencap of our sweetie-pie Sam Dong takes me back. I’ll be really happy to see him in a cameo, but I hope that in this version of Sam Dong, we can still detect some of the boy who wore the rice-bag cape– he was the one I fell in love with. The poster kinda worries me– it looks like they’re already products of the idol-making machine (and, as another commentor mentioned, like the cast has been “sexed-up”). Like JB, I really hope that DH2 “doesn’t lose its heart amidst all the glitz and buzz”.

  16. 16 Cam

    Bravo-Bravoooo!!! \^____^/

  17. 17 Fasiris Fay

    Sam-Dong-ah! yayyy, can’t wait πŸ˜€

  18. 18 indigowine

    Why did I read the title as “Dream Too High” O_o

    • 18.1 DeeDee315

      A Freudian slip which I’m afraid might be right on the money. Hope we’re proved wrong.

  19. 19 Blueangel

    I’ll watch for Milky Couple Cameo!

  20. 20 mellowyel

    Sam-dong-ah! Can’t wait!!!

  21. 21 Betsy

    If the timeline is the same w/ last year’s season, wouldn’t Sam Dong and the rest of the DH crew still be there at Kirin??

    Only Sam Dong left at the end after winning that competition and after that we had the fast-forward to everyone’s careers.

  22. 22 Sunni

    Yes!! My favourite character of Dream High is coming back!

  23. 23 amee

    for some reason i’m not that excited for dream high 2, but who knows maybe it’ll surprise us like the first one did. (: the cast looks older than high schoolers in the poster though.

  24. 24 iZzie :)

    Good news, indeed! πŸ™‚

    Not very excited with DH2, but I’ll give it a try. And look out for Samdong. πŸ˜€

  25. 25 Noelle

    So cute. Sam Dong = love.

  26. 26 girlatsea

    YESS!!!!!! Sam-dong-ah, I have missed you!!!

  27. 27 Raine


    He gives bloggers like me fun stuff to write about. I should start a series on him like I did on Park Shi-hoo…

  28. 28 Craxycat

    Dang it! Now I have to watch the first ep to see him. That just gives them time to rope me in lol. He was so good in the first one, and his character made me feel not so ‘stupid’ (maybe? IDK the word) for watching a teen angst drama. Now I can’t wait for it. I pray they wrap up his/h’s story with the cameo. My heart can’t take their separation anymore.

  29. 29 Shena

    I really look forward to this season. Not a fan of the first because some of the acting had flaws but overall. I did like the first season just this season I’m fully hyped. Kang Sora and Jinwoon are the perfect combo! Can I get a kiss scene with these two? Sorry Leeteuk, it’s just acting.

  30. 30 dapinaymrs

    Eeeee! Hihihihi! Fangirl squeaaaaaaaal! ^O^

    OK STOP!

    I’m having a Kim Soo Hyun overload! Augh! Augh! Augh!

  31. 31 Carinne

    I must say, it is a brilliant move from the production to have KSH cameo in it, like those in DH1 at the beginning race of the sprint. *coughs KHJ* I don’t even want to think DH – Samdoogie… that’s too absurd!

    Ehm~ I don’t like this poster. The PS-ing skill was unclean. The girl w/ the yellow tutu looks like Snow White and in 3D while the rest look more pixelated for some reason.

  32. 32 Viki

    Can’t wait! I love him!!! I think it’s gonna be another cameo like the one that was made by Kim Hyun Joong in the first episode of season 1!!!

    I hope they hint how Samdong got married with Hyemi hehehe

  33. 33 celest

    yay, sam dong!!!, for some reasons i just don’t like kang sora, suzy pwns her
    i will defnitely watch the epi with sam dong not sure about the rest of episodes though

  34. 34 ali4s

    he is just going to give his lucky necklace to the next “K” …. i love KSH but i cant help thinking that his presence in DH2 will not be enough, just like BYJ last year :p

  35. 35 Celest

    What a smart way to get us all to watch the first episode lol. To be honest, I wasn’t even going to tune in to the first episode of the second season (even though I loved the first) but if KSH will make an appearance (and not just a 5 second stint) I might definitely watch…and who knows? If I like it enough, on to episode 2!

  36. 36 Simpli

    I’m really excited about Kim Soohyun too, but the poster is bugging me out. I don’t know his name, but the blond hair dude left to Jiyeon is messed up on the poster. This is not an insult, it’s just that the top of the left arm (or rather his right arm) is behind the other dude’s, but then his hand is in front of the other black hair dude’s. Sorry for my vague description. I guess they tried to cover the mistake with the “Dream High.” Anyway, I thought that was pretty funny.

  37. 37 f1yh1gh10

    kang so ra is an amazing actress..loved her in sunny!
    i hope dream high 2 turns out well!
    so many people think dream high will be way better than the second one, but i have hopes for this drama, because the lead girl is so good at adapting new roles. jinwoon looked pretty good in the teaser, and sora said he was doing well..ahaha! (i love him as a singer already though) jiyeon is a good actress as well! god of study was sooo cute..

    anyways, i’m pretty hyped up for this drama. fighting dh2!

  38. 38 nisa


  39. 39 cavita

    Good actor. I love Kim Soo Hyun. You’re amazing.

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