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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 2
by | January 31, 2012 | 219 Comments

GAH. It’s here, my first drama crack of the year. Why is this show so pitch-perfectly stabbing me in the heart? It’s so badass and cute and angsty in that authentically teenage way that just gets you right there. It’s equally earnest and ridiculous, but it’s totally my kind of angst. I love everything about these characters and this world, and especially the telling of it, shot in a moody, atmospheric way that’s beautiful without being candy-coated. I’m SO IN.


The boys charge into their new school and interrupt an assembly, happy as you please. Rich boy Seung-hoon gets up to meet them, thinking they’re here to continue their fight, but they announce that they’re here… for school.

Byung-hee spies Su-ah a few rows down and waves, “Muse!” She ducks in embarrassment, but we see that she’s smiling. Aw.

They get hauled to the principal’s office and it turns out their old teacher has transferred here too. Eep. So much for dodging that bullet. This is why you shouldn’t sleep with your homeroom teacher’s daughter. He’ll hunt you down.

The principal lectures them about how it’s actually going to be really hard for them to adjust to life here, seeing as how they come from underprivileged backgrounds and will find it hard to keep up. Ji-hyuk: “Oh I see… this is you, worrying about us?” God, I love his sass.

The principal adds that they can’t show up to Jungsang wearing their Dongnae uniforms (I love the names of the schools. Their old one is called “Neighborhood” while the new one is jungsang like “peak” or “summit”… but it also means “normal.” There’s something so delightfully subversive about the rich school wanting to be the best of the best Summit High but inadvertently sounding the same as Normal High, like some creepy stepford factory, while our boys so clearly don’t fit the mold.)

The principal says that if they had parents who cared at all about their education, they wouldn’t have let their students leave the house dressed that way. Byung-hee takes particular offense to that statement, and Ji-hyuk holds him back, retorting that he stopped being dressed for school by his parents at the age of six. HA. I lub him.

Seung-hoon comes by to drop something off to the principal, and Byung-hee pointedly asks within earshot if students are allowed to bring bodyguards to school. Seung-hoon freezes. The principal calls that ridiculous, and Byung-hee repeats it with just enough menace in his tone that Seung-hoon knows exactly what he means.

The boys walk through the halls in music-video-slow-motion, as Su-ah’s friend Deo-mi introduces each member of Eye Candy, according to legend. It’s this awesome sequence where she plays Exposition Fairy since it’s Episode 2, but in a really entertaining way.

She describes leader Byung-hee as the scariest, badass, legendary performer, Ji-hyuk as the amazing guitarist with laser eyes, bassist Ha-jin as the playboy to out-play anyone, keyboardist Kyung-jong as the cutie who turns into a man on a dime, drummer Do-il as the beautiful but most mysterious, and second guitar Hyun-soo as the ice prince who “once froze a guy to death for talking to him.” HA.

Deo-mi says that it’s best to avoid them. Su-ah’s like, didn’t you just get done telling me how cool they are? But her friend says there’s a big difference between thinking they’re cool from afar, and the reality in front of your face.

She insists that’s way too scary to consider, but Su-ah says those are just rumors, and you never know until you know for yourself. Deo-mi shuts the door on their classroom hoping they’re not headed here…

But of course that’s exactly where they’re headed. Or at least half of them are. Ji-hyuk, Ha-jin, and Hyun-soo get assigned to the same homeroom as them. Ji-hyuk looms above Seung-hoon, taunting him with evil glee.

They’re called out to the gym though, because somehow in the span of thirty seconds, Byung-hee has started another fight. It’s with Seung-hoon’s friends from the other night, led by Pyo-joo. Byung-hee decides that he should apologize and buy them another set of drums.

Ji-hyuk and his boys come running, but by the time they get to the gym, all the rich boys are lying on the ground, and Byung-hee is sitting on top of Pyo-joo and playing drums on his ass. Ha. Do-il and Kyung-jong admit they didn’t even lift a finger to help.

Byung-hee takes one guy, the nerdiest one, and drags him away to the snack shop. He gets the guy to buy him a truckload of snacks, and then deposits them all on Su-ah’s desk. He sits down with a big goofy grin, “I didn’t know what you like, so I got everything. Eat!” Pffft.

Deo-mi comes running up in shock, and then haltingly says in jondae that he’s sitting in her seat. He obliges, but then asks why she’s using jondae when they’re all in the same grade. She stammers that they’re the same, but they’re not the same. Byung-hee whispers into Su-ah’s ear not to share her snacks with her. So cute.

The boys lookup the cost of the school uniforms they’re supposed to buy, and jaws hit the floor when they find out they’re about 300 bucks each. “Are they lined with gold?!” Ha.

They grumble at the hoops they have to jump through just to go to that stupid school, but off they go, to find ways to make money. Ji-hyuk makes money playing pool, Kyung-jong and Ha-jin work part-time jobs at the convenience store, and Ha-jin makes the rounds with his noonas, sweet-talking them into happily handing over cash.

Ji-hyuk and ticket girl Woo-kyung watch him with half-disgusted-half-amazed looks on their faces, but when Woo-kyung sees that Ji-hyuk is rifling through the employment section of the paper, she offers to just give him the money. That is, until her mom overhears and chases them out in a big hurry.

Ji-hyuk heads home to his rooftop that night, where he’s greeted by a man in a suit. He introduces himself as the family lawyer, but Ji-hyuk is quick to say he’s not part of that family. Hm, interesting.

The lawyer says that his stepfather is in bad health, and is putting some affairs in order. He’s asking for Ji-hyuk to sign over his inheritance (as in shares of the family company). Ji-hyuk says he has no interest in those things, but the lawyer says if he doesn’t sign this, then it’ll be harder on his mom, who’s already being pressured by his hyungs to give up all legal ties to Ji-hyuk as her son. Well that’s harsh. Ji-hyuk half-heartedly tells the lawyer to just do that then. Aw.

He makes an instant ramyun dinner for two with Byung-hee, and asks if today isn’t his mother’s memorial day. Byung-hee says it is, but Grandma called and said that Dad’s drunk, so to avoid coming home and getting beaten.

Ji-hyuk sighs that they’ve got some pretty screwed up lives, but then quickly says he’s okay with it. Byung-hee smiles, agreeing that he’s fine too, especially since he’s got his muse. He declares he’s got big plans for the future, including getting Su-ah to drop out of school with him.

Ji-hyuk’s like why on earth would a smart, well-off girl like her drop out of school? Byung-hee: “Because she loves me. Because she WILL love me.” Ji-hyuk scoffs, and Byung-hee asks if he doesn’t think she’s pretty. Ji-hyuk doesn’t think she’s all that.

They perk up to eat their ramyun, and across the way on the next rooftop room, Su-ah eats a lonely pot of ramyun as well, not quite so different from them as they would think.

The next day Ji-hyuk wanders the school grounds looking for his friends, attempting to chew gum and walk at the same time, which is apparently tricky for him, since it goes flying out of his mouth… and right onto Su-ah’s shoe.

He quickly stammers an apology… which devolves into blaming her for standing there. HA. Seriously? He starts to walk away, and she yells at him to stop, wondering how he could count that as an apology.

She tells him that it’s the same as when he judged her from her designer bag the other day, and he looks startled, wondering why this and that are being lumped together, all of a sudden. I like that it bothered her enough for her to still be upset about it, and that it’s confusing for him why.

She starts to tell him to give a proper apology, but before she can even get the words out, he bends down and picks the gum off her shoe and dusts it off. It startles her, and she starts to stammer. They look at each other for long moment…

And then he gets up and walks away like nothing happened, leaving her frozen there, and scoffing to herself in disbelief.

Meanwhile Byung-hee and the rest of the boys find the snazzy practice room reserved for Seung-hoon and his band, and they get into a turf war via guitars. Maro plays a riff and then Byung-hee starts rocking out, so Pyo-joo unplugs his cable, and smashes the guitar.

Byung-hee pins him to the ground and raises the broken guitar neck, ready to strike, when Seung-hoon points out it’s good for them since hitting him will result in getting expelled. Ji-hyuk steps in to break it up.

Seung-hoon challenges them to settle it another way – a battle of the bands, in front of the entire school, for the practice room. They agree and back off for now.

Later, the boys count every last penny they’ve made, and have just enough to buy six uniforms. Byung-hee sighs in relief, dead set on going to that school. Ji-hyuk diagnoses him as officially crazy.

They worry about the battle since the other band isn’t exactly talentless, and also are in need of a new drum set which they can’t afford. But Ji-hyuk says they’ll be fine, because they have Byung-hee, their fearless leader… who is currently sleeping on a pool table while they have this discussion.

Eye Candy marches up the steps to school the next day, dressed in their snazzy new uniforms. They turn heads left and right, and Byung-hee runs up to Su-ah to show off, prompting her with compliments to himself – I look awesome, I’m so handsome, makes you crazy, right? She laughs and tells him it looks good on him.

He happily leads her away by the hand, which Seung-hoon sees from down the hall. His friend Maro points out that he should be careful, ’cause they look like quite the couple.

Byung-hee brings her to his buddies, to show off his muse. She asks why he keeps calling her that, and they each attempt to answer with examples from rock, only confusing her further. I love that player Ha-jin goes to take her hand and Byung-hee sneezes into it so he can’t. Ha.

She gets up to go, and Byung-hee chases after her to bite her on the wrist, claiming her as his. Pfft. You’re watching way too many vampire movies, dude. When she’s gone he does a little happy dance like a doofus and declares that he’s licked her, so she’s his. Like the last cupcake? Gross.

He follows her out and declares that they’re going to go on a date today, and takes her to a steakhouse… where he decides that SHE will pay, because she’s rich. Hahahaha. Yeah, what a catch. She smiles and reluctantly pays, clearly not wanting anyone to know the truth. On the way out she glances at the restaurant’s help wanted sign, considering a job.

Apparently she told him that she lives in the super ritzy towers where friends like Seung-hoon and Deo-mi live, but doesn’t know which direction it’s in. He walks her there and gives her a kiss on the cheek before giggling and walking away. Keh. I love that he’s equal parts loose cannon and sheepish boy.

Seung-hoon arrives home and finds her lingering outside, and asks about Byung-hee, saying he gets that she’s taking pity on him and just being nice to everyone, but “they’re different from us.” Ugh. But she doesn’t let on that she’s different too.

Byung-hee swoons over his muse at the pool hall with Ji-hyuk and Do-il, and wonders if someday they’ll get to stand on the stage at a rock festival. He gets swept up in the fantasy, describing the moment when they’d take to the stage and the crowd roars.

Then he would take the mic, and Ji-hyuk would wail on the guitar, and Do-il would play the drums, “And then that day, we die.” Ji-hyuk asks why they’d die. Byung-hee: “Just ’cause. I want to die at my happiest moment.” Ji-hyuk: “Crazy bastard.” Ha, I love this pair. So much.

The next day at school, Pyo-joo finds Byung-hee and tells him he feels bad about smashing the drums the other day, so he’s ordered a replacement set. He tells Byung-hee to come alone to claim them. Byung-hee plays along and agrees, not showing that he clearly knows what this guy is up to. Oh noes. Don’t go. Please don’t go!

That night he calls Ji-hyuk on his way out “to get something” but doesn’t tell him what he’s up to. Ji-hyuk just nags him to go home to Grandma, and Byung-hee says that starting tomorrow they’ll practice hard and get the studio and stand on that festival stage with that awesome song he’s written. He chants that he loves “Dog Ji-hyuk” and hangs up.

Su-ah heads out on her roof to hang some laundry, when she spots Ji-hyuk across the way. He squints curiously at her, and she freaks and hides. A little while later she comes knocking on his door.

She wants to ask him a favor as his neighbor, and he’s like, “Oh you live there?” without a second thought. He had just assumed she was at a friend’s house, and she cringes, realizing if she’d let it be she could’ve gotten away with that.

Meanwhile Byung-hee heads out to meet Pyo-joo, and of course gets jumped by a bunch of guys. He fights them off, but Pyo-joo comes from behind with a bat, straight to his head. He manages to run away, but they chase after him.

Seung-hoon and Maro arrive late on the scene, trying to find them (and I’m hoping, here to stop the madness). Byung-hee hides and calls Ji-hyuk over and over, now bleeding profusely. Aaaaaugh. Answer the phoooooooone!

But he’s too busy sitting outside with Su-ah, who asks him to keep her temporary living arrangement a secret. He asks what she’s going to do for him then. She offers to accept his lame apology for the gum thing, and he suggests that she not play around with Byung-hee because he’s sincere about his feelings for her. Aw.

She says that Byung-hee’s the one playing with her, and says that she’s never met anyone like him before. She says that he’s a little off, and that even when he’s smiling, he seems sad.

She admits that she can’t figure him out. Ji-hyuk says he was like that even when they were little – that no one could see his insides, and that once you get to know him better… he’s still scary. Ha.

She wishes she were more like Byung-hee, which startles him, but she means that she’d rather be scary and not be so scared of what people thought of her. He guesses that it’s because she had to move to a rooftop room, and tells her to just announce it – they’re her friends, right?

Su-ah: “That’s why I’m scared, because they’re my friends. Because I might lose them.” Ji-hyuk: “You call that friends?” He promises not to tell anyone, even Byung-hee.

He FINALLY goes inside and checks his voicemail, and hears the panicked messages from Byung-hee. He scrambles to run out and calls the rest of the boys, and they run around combing the streets for him.

Suddenly they spot him across the street. Seung-hoon finds him at the same time, from the other direction. Beaten and bloody, he stumbles across the street and smiles when he sees Ji-hyuk, pausing in the middle of the street.

And then out of nowhere, a truck comes barreling into him at full speed.


Gah, I knew it, but aaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Callback to the earlier scene in the pool haul as Ji-hyuk says that everything’s going to be okay, as long as they have their leader Byung-hee.


I knew Byung-hee was headed for disaster from Day One, but I still held out hope that he might just get arrested or expelled or something, but I suppose that wouldn’t be enough to separate him from his friends. Clearly they’d go to the ends of the earth for each other, so death is the only way to really split them up. Waaaah. Just stab me why don’t you?

What an epic cameo from Lee Min-ki – he was so awesome that I’m worried about what this show will be like without him, but the fact that he died will mean that his character impacts each of them permanently and gives them heightened purpose. I’m okay with it in the sense that I’m fully with Ji-hyuk as the hero, but Byung-hee was so larger-than-life that it’s going to be impossible to shake the memory of his character. I guess that’s the point though – and why they bothered with such a big extended cameo from someone like Lee Min-ki in the first place.

This drama hits that sweet spot of comic book eye candy badassery with quiet realistic angst, from tiny moments like Do-il’s mom begging him to come home for once, or Byung-hee’s chip on his shoulder when the principal mentions parents dressing them to go to school. They talk about their drunk or absent fathers the way real people do – dismissively, off-handedly, like it’s no big deal and just a part of their everyday. It’s that brave face they put on that gets me more than anything, as Ji-hyuk and Byung-hee assure each other that they’re okay, as if saying it out loud enough times will make it so.

I of course look forward to all the band battles and rich boy comeuppances, but really, I’m here for the family that these guys have in each other. I could almost watch them just hang out with no real story, but thankfully, the story feels assured and the execution is awesome. I’m already on pins and needles for more. MOAR PLEASE. Is it Monday yet?


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    omg thats fast!

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    someone’s excited to recAp the eye candy show

    • 2.1 polly

      No Doubt! Coz Its freakin’ awesome!

    • 2.2 hanif

      Yeah, That’s what I thought ’bout Dramabeans right now. The truth is I don’t like anything in this drama.

      They throw away Wild Romance, Padam Padam, Glowing She, Bachelor Vegetable Shop, Fermentation Family etc and confess that they just don’t have time !! They don’t do a makjang drama!! Too much episode !! What a blog.

      Why don’t they just make a 4-5 or even 10 eps in one recap. That would be suffice for us.

      I was recently dissappointed with their “2011 best of the best” cause their choice is not covering all the good drama of 2011. And now … they just choose drama with only good looking man (teenage Boy) and hopping the drama’s script/ act will get better.

      • 2.2.1 javabeans

        The simple answer to the question “How dare you not recap ___?” Because I am not your monkey.

        We write what interests us. You call “throwing away” what I call having a life outside of watching dramas 24 hours a day. I can’t recap every show that exists, so I won’t. It doesn’t mean every show we don’t cover is crap. But I’ll be honest, entitled attitudes surely don’t make me any MORE inclined to take the time to accommodate those demands. I’d rather be happy, thanks.

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          Dance, monkey, dance!

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            *BITES hand that feeds it*

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            My sentiments exactly!!! You Go Girl!! HAHAHA!

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            hahaha girlfriday is supportive. Thanks guys for recapping, we appreciate all the effort and insight that goes into these recaps. It inspires us to take the episode through another perspective, maybe one that’s more insightful and detailed than what our usual minds notice. (I notice the pretty but you point out the the angles and tones of direction that emphasize it-really refreshing) Once again thanks, you’re amazing!

        • kim

          hear hear! amen! 😉
          thank you for recapping and summarizing flower band for us non-korean speakers! it’s been a long looooooooooong time since i’ve been this interested in a drama that didn’t make me cringe every 5minutes. i love it for all the reasons that you mentioned and more…but why, why why, does captain jack sparrow..ummm…i men byung hee have to die??? gosh his character was so fresh and awesome and captivating…*sobs* at least i still have myungsoo…
          again, thank you!

        • shiroikiwi

          Thank you dramabeans. Keep recapping the dramas you want! Your other readers appreciate it. 🙂

        • Roxy

          Wow hanif, to be honest, this is the most rudest and stupidest comment I’ve ever come across in all my years visiting dramabeans. And I also thought we’re pass the, “Why are you not recapping this drama??” phase. ‘Cause DUH? It’s their website and they can recap whatever they want.

          But you know what, it’s not worth it trying to explain to someone as narrow-minded as you, and demands everything be done her way. I actually found it surprising that jb even bothered explaining to you. It’s just not worth.

          • hanif

            yeah I know, I give the stupidest comment ever. I don’t care. I just need to unleashed my dissappointed. (Thanks God it’s not Fan-Sub blog)

            But the rudest ? Come on, I’m not only complaining, I also give their some thought (read my 2nd paragraph). Giving some “Half-Way Report” is better for giving readers some though about another drama.

            I’m sorry Dramabeans for thinking that you are my pet. I’m having a bad day and Up until now, I just can not enjoy Flower Boy Ramyun Shop like you do even I already download all eps with complete subtitles.

            Please continue your good-job. It’s always pleasure to read your recap and thougts about drama per episode.

      • 2.2.2 kbap

        Haha, I have to disagree. It’s not possible for JB and GF to recap all dramas, (as there are …an insane amount) and it’s a blog, meaning they could do whatever they want on it. Including not recapping some dramas (really, we ought to be thankful for these!) And there might be a halfway report, you just never know. Padam Padam actually did have a couple of episodes, as well as a halftime report. I was a little confused why they didn’t recap Princess’ Man, but it was after that JB posted a end-of-series-review, so they might have one for Wild Romance or whatnot. There are reasons why they’re recapping these series (like their interests and stuff), and personally I think Flower Boy Band is awesome (Magical, actually. Yep.) Though opinions differ, I think you get the point. (oh, and a last thingy mabob: Maybe JB and GF just aren’t that fond of makjang. Well they did a few episodes of Bachelor’s Vegetable too.) 🙂 Be patient and most likely recaps will come! 🙂

        • javabeans

          Lol. We had the same thought.

          I like makjang when used as a solid plot point. I do NOT like makjang for the sake of makjang, which usually indicates a lack of originality. Bachelor’s Veg Store is a potentially charming show that is ruined by contrived makjang that takes up WAY too much of its time. I think we gave it a decent shot, honestly.

          • kbap

            I’m not too fond of makjang myself, actually. After Winter Sonata (and attempted the other Season dramas) which was basically amnesia + tumor + a whole ton of crying, I kind of gave up on the whole makjang thing. I would really like to see a makjang drama used right, but haven’t been able to. (*sob) And is it just me, or does it happen that a lot of food dramas have (badly used) makjang elements in it? Baker King, Veg Store, and it seems like (by the teaser) Feast of Gods, and a little bit in Gourmet? Can we just focus on the food? I love all the shots of pretty food. They make my mouth water and the awesome ramyun I was eating just suddenly doesn’t seem that … awesome. (Even Ramyun Shop made my mouth water. If you want my honest opinion, my ramyun always look so pitiful.) Oh wait. What was I talking about…oh right. Makjang. Not too fond of it.
            And JB you guys are awesome 🙂 I appreciate everything you do!

          • skelly

            kbap, try Fermentation Family. At least so far, it has avoided the makjang, and the food is amazing.

      • 2.2.3 K

        Whoa your sense of entitlement has just blown me away

      • 2.2.4 Stardust

        We should all be able to just watch what we like, and read what we like. Its not a recap service we pay for and we should appreciate the fact that they spend their free time for some of us who likes to read these recaps!

        Thanks all dear recappers! We ♥ you all!

      • 2.2.5 Musings

        wowzers… just because what they look for and enjoy in a drama is different from your opinion you find the need to bash them on their own site? Why can’t you just be grateful that they’re recapping anything at all.

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        who are you? The president’s daughter? Cleopatra’s long lost descendant? The missing link? This kind of self entitlement must have come from someone important, like the queen! Gasp.. are you?

        Oh God JB & DB, go quick take a bow, and do whatever she wants!

        oh hell, I’m not even sure she’s a she.. maybe a he.. it’s mindbogling!

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        WTH? Go be a wart somewhere else!…Not everyone is into Wild Romance, Padam 2, Bachelor whatever…so go bark at another tree…how ridiculous!!!

      • 2.2.8 alua

        It’s their site and they can recap whatever they feel like. If it’s only dramas with “eye candy” – well, so what!

        Yes, I also don’t care for all dramas they recap, and they don’t recap some that I would love recapped, but I don’t see this is as a problem. I just read the recaps I’m interested in. (And occasionally I peak into some others and find something that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy… hehe, watched a few episodes of We Got Married because of DB the other day!)

        In any case, do you know how much work goes into recapping/reviewing/maintaining a site like this? I know and that’s why I appreciate what jb/gf’s do here. I spent hours on my blog every week which produces a minute fraction of the amount of writing that jb and gf put out here. I can’t imagine how much of their time they willingly and freely give to this site! So even if they recap one drama (or none!) that I’m interested in, I’m in awe of them!

        And the other thing is, they write well. And I mean WELL, which adds on even more time. Have you noticed? No typos. No spelling mistakes. Well composed sentences. Excellent puns and wicked humour. Posts that are carefully structured, despite the fact that they are often very long (not for nothing did Pierce Conran describe jb’s review of “Penny Pincher” as the “longest that is ever likely to be written”!!!).

        So thank you to JB and GF!

      • 2.2.9 K

        I really thought we’re all way past and have gotten over the “Why are you not recapping ____?” drama. *shakes head*

      • 2.2.11 lucy

        lol shut up no one cares.

      • 2.2.12 Mystisith

        May i ask why you entered this thread ? If you don’t like this drama, what are you doing
        here ? Dramabeans has recapped dramas with makjang content before ( i can’t believe i had to check this out for you, but here it goes ) : 49 Days ( 20 eps ), Bad guy ( 17 eps ), Bethoven virus ( 18 ) and you have all the sageuks. So i don’t believe JB and GF are narrow-minded and monodieting. Even if it was the case, should they apologize to you for their drama taste, on THEIR OWN BLOG ? That would be the first time i see this ! The preferences of JB and GF are not a secret for anyone. And it just so happens that it corresponds to a majority of their readers ( what a lucky coincidence ! ). As far as i know it’s a hobby blog, they are not paid film critics. They are not supposed to bend their taste for you and to torture themselves right ?
        ( DB turning into a noble idiotic blog : That’s a job for the evil twins 🙂 ). If you love long makjang dramas, it’s OK. Just find another territory to find your food, or better, create your own blog ( with the ” us ” you’re mentioning ). And see how hard and time consuming it is to distillate recaps of that quality.
        PS1 : I love good looking men who attained their majority too and i’m proud of it.
        PS2 : Shut up ! is a great show, for a lot of reasons ( read following comments please ).
        PS3 : Dramabeans is a must. JB and GF we love you dearly. Forever yours.
        PS4 : Trolls are welcome ( but not all at the same time ) so i could live my fantasy jobs
        ( lawyer and prosecutor and comedic writer at the same time ).
        PS 5 : @ hanif : why so much bitterness ? You seem unhappy here. I suggest yoga or martial arts to improve your mood and dissipate bad energy. Or just a good walk in the forest.
        You can find recaps of Wild Romance, Padam Padam and now Autum’s Concerto at Mad Dino Asylum’s blog : Here for your makjang dose.
        I know, i know, i’m just too kind and it’s a big problem in my life…

        • Shukmeister

          LOL – You go, Myst.

          I would’ve just said TOAD – “Take Off And Die”

          Thanks for trying to enlighten a mole rat.

          JB, GF, and your bevy of bodacious recapper babes – rock on!

      • 2.2.13 Cruelsummer

        The ladies of Dramabeans are not your Mom, Aunty, Grannie or Cousins…they don’t owe you anything.

        The internet is a beautiful place full of all kinds of opinions and interesting facts. Please visit Mr. Google if you don’t find the contents of Dramabeans to your liking. Or better yet…write your own blog 🙂

        • Venus

          @Hanif—–WTF!!! who the hell are u to insult and demand all at the same time!!!! hey Princess if you don’t like what going on here the move your ass to another blog!!!! ….Srly! I have never seen such a stupid/arrogant comment in all my years visiting DB.

          JB/GF hopefully you block her ass!!..

      • 2.2.14 Marina

        JB, Girlfriday and the guest recappers put a lot of time & effort into their recaps. They can’t possibly recap every show that comes along. I am eternally greatful for what they do and I understand that they have lives outside of the blog and watching drama. They have the right to choose what they would like to recap. This is a HUGE favor they do to us.
        There are other blogs who recap dramas and maybe you’ll be able to find recaps for some of the dramas you’ve listed. You don’t have to watch this show or read the recaps if you dislike it. There have been shows that have been recapped here that I didn’t like or lost interest half-way, but that didn’t make me lash out them. Sometimes there have been shows I had no interest in but one day I randomly read a recap and now I love them (1N2D) or recaps/shows that I discovered long after they have recapped that I enjoyed (Coffee House).

      • 2.2.15 redfox

        are you The Boss of Internet???? Or The Senat? I think you are rude, mildly put, and ungrateful. not that I want to fight, but you are a bit unfare
        actually I think this is a very interesting choice to recap cause it is kind of sinister and not very…mushy. The characters are interesting and not klichee.
        what if you have dreams and no money? it is a very modern and realistic theme to ponder in a drama.

      • 2.2.16 SJ

        sounds like a HUGEEEEEEE bitter reject here. woah woahh… as far as i know dramabeans don’t do reviews based on what most people love to watch. they do it because they like the show.

        obviously people choose their best of the best based on what they have watched throughout the year. how could someone pick a show and said it’s good but haven’t seen a single episode? you’re being ridiculous.

        btw, i hate makjang dramas >_< i grew up practically watching those twisted nonsensical stories.

        and i don't know why i even bother replying you. probably this is the rudest comment i've ever encountered in dramabeans.

      • 2.2.17 ilovemandoo

        First of all, we should be grateful that javabeans and the other bloggers even recap ANY dramas for us. Do you know how long it takes to recap things? Usually bloggers have to go through the dramas twice, write their post, and then edit.. Takes a longer time than most of you would even expect.

        Second of all, there is no way that Dramabeans, even with its guest bloggers, could recap every drama. A comment like “Giving some ‘Half-Way Report’ is better for giving readers some thought about another drama” just shows your ignorance. Even if this was a full time job for javabeans, which it isn’t, there is no way that she could get through every drama there is. Also, she did try to recap some of the dramas you mentioned.. Go check them out or go to another blog that does recap them.

  3. campaspe

    I can’t wait to watch this! Thanks for the super quick recaps!

  4. Yeng

    omg lee min ki is leaving uss 🙁 tear to Byung Hee..that really hurts

    • 4.1 M.D.

      I promissed myself I wouldn’t cry. I had already read the recap, so I knew what’s going on. But the very moment the truck hit Byung Hee, I felt it right into my stomach. And after that, the scene where they told that as long as they have Byung Hee, everything is going to be ok, oh, THAT made my burst into tears. Yeah, I have to admit, I’m a fool. I’ve been totally fooled by this show! Their acting is so worth watching, the story is almost believable (although here and there made me raise an eybrow, but I can get over that), the cinematographic technique is quite fresh for the load of dramas I’ve seen so far and the music is so totally at its place, complementing the story (which , as everybody noticed, is not the case with the other awaited drama of the beginning of the week). Now I know for sure what recaps I am going to look for, breathless, and what subtitled episodes will have my refresh button hurt for the next 7 weeks!

  5. Wildchild84

    Will go read now!!!!!

  6. kbap

    YES! Thank you!

    • 6.1 kbap

      Just finished reading, and Lee Min-ki, man I will miss you so much :'( I knew it was coming, like GF, but that was so sad. (*sob. I’m not crying. *looks around. Nope. not me, I swear!) But that was one hell of a cameo 🙂

      • 6.1.1 1608

        Lol, omg me too. I knew he was going to die or something by the second episode but I still sobbed my ass off too an embarrassingly ridiculous degree. For some reason the Byung hee character just stabbed me in the soul. Full disclosure though, I love Lee Min Ki, so that is definitely a contributing factor.

  7. Arhazivory

    Wow. This drama….is different. *sighs* Although I knew it was coming its still….ouch. What an awesome extended cameo that was though. Really awesome. And I also love the manwha-like feel that the drama has…in some ways it reminds me of the Japanese manga/live-action Crows.

    Hmmm…I normally try to avoid recaps but I just couldn’t help reading this.

    • 7.1 Ani

      Crows came to mind for me too, but I felt Crows delved into the darker end of the pool. This feels like Gokusen to me.

      I am trying to avoid the recaps too because I’m trying to watch this before the reading the recaps. I think though this will be an instant where I read the recap AND watch the drama. Heh.

      • 7.1.1 Arhazivory

        lol….I wonder if this’ll be the first time I read and watch too.

      • 7.1.2 JoAnne

        I think I need to check out Gokusen. If it’s got this feel AND Kame, I’m bound to like it.

        • skelly

          Gokusen is great if you just watch the first season. If you try and watch all three seasons, especially in a marathon (yes, this is painful experience talking here), you will go quietly nuts. The plot recycling is truly amazing, and what is cute and clever and even cheer-worthy the first time through wears thin by the time you are on the 40th iteration – and that’s no lie. You start to wonder, what IS IT with these people, and this town – sortof like how creepy it got that all these people died around Jessica Fletcher, year, after year, in Murder She Wrote.

          • Ani

            Except there were enough differences to make me love each, and they WERE in different schools. The second one had a friend be seen as a traitor, while the third had 2 divided groups in one class. I watched Gokusen backwards, 3 and 2 simultaneously, and then 1. What would drive people crazy is how you see growth for the main character in the beginning and then zilch, but that’s fine with me since I watched for the kids. And let me say the kids grew for sure.

        • JoAnne

          Ok. I’ll take it slow – with such a deep back catalogue I can have this be one of my filler dramas, like Ojakgyo. I watch a few episodes here and there while I’m waiting for subs on currently airing stuff, or when I need a break from whatever older tearjerker I’m currently inhaling. Sometimes the filler stuff becomes the inhaled stuff…and then I just don’t sleep.

          It’s not a perfect plan but I make it work.

  8. RaeD

    Hey, 1st time poster here..
    I’m so happy that you post this, 😀 was waiting for it so bad.. Now I just need to wait for the subs 🙁

  9. Ani

    Damn it! I knew he was going to die, but DAMMIT! He really died! Wow, I can just see the boys falling apart. I mean they’ll be holding on to each other to try to get through this, but they’ll be mighty hurt from this. Though this may sound twisted, I’m glad Seung-hoon was there to see this. Because whether he was there to stop his gang or not, he was there to witness Byung-hee’s death. I sure hope this hunts him as much as it will hurt the boys. Good by Lee Min-ki. Your character will be missed.

    Drama! You are ON! I’m loving this group of boys and I’ll be tuning in for MOAR as well.

  10. 10 daisy

    When I saw the blood, I was like “Oh no!!!”. Prosecutor flashback :(( (still not over that! )
    *sigh* I wasn’t ready for that, but I guess it had to happen. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch that part yet.
    Thanks for the recap girlfriday!

    • 10.1 Eve

      I agree with you a 100%! Totally had a prosecutor vibe there for a moment. I know that I’m really interested in a character when after their death, I’m completely flabbergasted and keep refreshing the page to re-read the same paragraph while hoping that I’d just hallucinated their ending in a weird K-drama haze.

  11. 11 bluemoon

    This show is good.

    The lead actress kind of look like Barbie Su, a Taiwanese actress.

    • 11.1 poo

      I knew she looked like some other actress, you are so rite! She does look like Barbie Hsu, especially when she smiles

      • 11.1.1 kdj

        but before all that plastic surgery she had *sigh*

        Barbie was a very beautiful & attractive woman before, but now she seems so.. plastic.

        • Eve

          Well.. with a name like Barbie…

          Lol, sorry. Just had to get that one out there.

    • 11.2 Justine

      She looks more like a prettier younger Han Ye Seul in my opinion.

    • 11.3 lyana_mhz

      she looks a bit like Sulli too imo..

  12. 12 Raitei

    Well, that’s sad. I feel like I can’t say anything else but that. Just when life seems to be blooming and going good for him, he dies. And it’s not even his expressed best/happiest moment! Tragic. 🙁

    • 12.1 mary

      True. 🙁

      I thought he’d kill himself after their band won in the battle or something.

      But I’m happy he didn’t die just because Ji Hyuk didn’t see his messages while talking to The Muse.

      That’d have been too much drama and guilt. :/

  13. 13 Mystisith

    How can you get attached to a character in only two episodes ? It’s not a cameo but a perfectly complete character that LMK gave us. What an earthquake ! The poor survivors will need their muse for sure to mourn their boss… The rage and despair will be injected in their music, but the price to pay is damn hard to swallow.

  14. 14 Pitch

    Hmmmmmm, I might need to check this out….

  15. 15 IzOcha

    Wow. I’m so excited for this show! The darkness feels heavy, though. Rock n’ Roll, though…so the bad needs to be bigger, right?

    I realized, watching the recap (if you will) Lee Min-Ki reminds me of David Bowie. Its his cheekbones. I miss him already.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 15.1 jomo

      Definitely Bowie all the way…

  16. 16 hpn88

    That truck!!! I had this sinking feeling right when he stepped on to the street.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the dynamics change without Byung-hee around.

    Also omg I am already shipping ji-hyuk and su-ah. Their rooftop conversation was so cute. I love their vibe.

    • 16.1 kels

      lol no you are not, I like their reluctance acceptance of each other and I also enjoyed LMK’s character with her.

  17. 17 kels

    I shed tears when that truck hit LMK’s character. I was like NOOOOOOOOOO, what about his relationship with Ji-hyuk, what about him being the crazy leader. Omg, so much hate for the guy that hit him with the baseball bat. With all that said, I really can’t wait to see how the guys will coup with his death.

  18. 18 78446

    Wow. Totally didn’t see that death coming but it does make for an interesting turn. Like:
    – How will the guilt affect the perpetually bored and unaffected rich boy Seung Hoon, who witnessed the death and knew his boys had something to do with it?

    -And how will Su Ah and Ji Hyuk’s relationship move forward, considering that Byung Hee already marked Su Ah as “his”? To Ji Hyuk, Su Ah will forever be off limits, because she’s his bro’s girl, and well, bros before hos, right?

    -More importantly, Byung Hee was the glue holding the Eye Candy boys together. Without him, wouldn’t these lost boys really, truly, and actually be lost now?

    Te echo GF, is it Monday yet?

  19. 19 kewbie

    What I actually thought was going to happen is that Byung-hee would collapse in the middle of the street (as a result of getting hit by the bat) and then end up going into a coma or something. I gasped out loud when I saw the truck run him over. Oh man that was the saddest thing I ever saw. I’m almost afraid to watch next week, but of course I will. Good job, LMK — I’ll miss you dearly! Thanks JB, for recapping as usual. 🙂

    • 19.1 Marina

      I thought so too! When I saw that guy hit him with the bat and appear all bloody, I thought he’d end up in coma with very slim chances of ever walking up or something.

  20. 20 PassionFruit

    he DIED???!!! wtf?! show, why are you doing this to us???

    • 20.1 MsB

      I know, I screamed with the truck!! Man, this is SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING than Dream High 2!!

  21. 21 sally_b

    Once again….the Korean-Oncoming-Truck-of-DOOM ~

    I can count on both hands the number of Kdramas where people get ‘mowed down’ in the street…..but, I guess it’s pretty effective, huh?

    I wasn’t all that interested in another teen angst drama…but your recaps are luring me in. THANKS. 🙂

    • 21.1 ONIE80

      it looks like they never heard of brakes in kdrama…lol
      who knows he might just end in the coma heck that’s kdrama afterall lol

    • 21.2 Emily

      People can only die of car accidents (/motorbike accidents) or cancer in k dramas. didn’t you know? 😉

  22. 22 crazedlu

    OH MY GOSSHH. LOOOOVE. must watch immediately.

  23. 23 Hipployta

    The moment he got hit with a baseball bat I knew it was over…I hate that the boys were all there to witness it and I hope it DESTROYS Seung-Hoon (emotionally) and his friends (literally) later.

    Somehow I was hoping he’d go overseas or something. Hmm…perhaps Ji Hyuk will use his inheritance for revenge

  24. 24 Ninaa~


    That ending just hurts.

  25. 25 Sarah A.

    Thank you girls for these recaps. However, I must say I’m not sure whether to be happy or concerned about the speed at which these recaps are coming out. Here’s to hoping you girls get enough sleep and have time to enjoy other aspects of life not revolving around Kdramas.

  26. 26 megan


    Ugh, I’ll miss you Min Ki/ Byunghee! He was amazing. All adorable badass and…well just damn amazing. ;~~~~~~~~~~;
    I’m keeping hope alive that the show remains to be really good.

  27. 27 Jinny

    What Byung-hee was slated to die from the beginning?! A;LSKDFJALS;KJ NOOOOOOOOOO. I’m getting goosebumps from the sadness of this, and all I did was read the recap…Ugh. I hope it makes them stronger though and I also hope it makes Seung-hoon guilty. VERY guilty.

    I’m also loving the lead female actress, it’s been a long time since I liked the female lead off the bat 🙂

  28. 28 song pong

    Thanks for the recap! I’m loving it so far, this show pulls all the right strings for me, it’s just so good!

  29. 29 partypapercrown

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  30. 30 Cruelsummer

    Thank you so much for the recap. I’m trying to be strong, but I’m gonna friggin’ rage if some subs don’t appear soon. I’m actually considering watching Dream High 2 just to take the edge off.

    The promo reminded me of UK Skins and Byung-Hee just got the Tony Stonem special (only there’s no way he’s coming back from that). This show is what dreams are made of. Just when I was getting bored of Kdramas. They just keep sucking me back in 🙁

    • 30.1 Arhazivory

      ” I’m actually considering watching Dream High 2 just to take the edge off.” LOL

      • 30.1.1 Cruelsummer

        I fell asleep 15 minutes in to it. Hey…I tried.

        • MsB

          @Cruelsummer, THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one!! I even tried to finish it the next day and I was like WTF?!!!

    • 30.2 berry

      i was reminded of skins as well from the promo and from what i’ve heard of the feel (though i’m guessing there won’t be the blatant use of drugs alcohol and sex)

      i’ve not watched a kdrama to the end in ages – i think i’m getting pickier but i really like the look of this one. sometimes i get annoyed at the shiny gloss some kdramas put on life and so this one seems like the thing to get me readdicted (again) lol 🙂

  31. 31 danna

    Can I just say that I LOVE LMK?!!!!…I yelled when that last scene came on….I’ve never been this taken by LMK till now…LOVE HIM!!!!!!!

  32. 32 comradeS

    This was the most awesome part I’ve seen Lee Min-ki play. It’s so great that we got to have him for the first two episodes. And I think this is going to be my first crack drama of the year. Yay!!

  33. 33 Saima

    Ohhhh goshhhh!! The end, kinda blind-sided me. So, i knew he was here for a ‘lil while so he was either going to leave the friends for greener pastures or die but ughhhhhh! I thought the fight would do him in!! His friends are gonna be devastated as it happened right in front of them!! *sniff sniff*

    • 33.1 Saima

      Is Ep 1 subbed yet?!

  34. 34 anna

    Every time someone stands in the middle of the street or crossing it, I always have panic attacks because I know they’re going to get hit by a car/truck. God, I hate what Korean drama does to me.

    • 34.1 Ani

      Man, all it took was Final Destination, and now any time a character stands in the middle of the road I yell “DON’T TEMPT FATE YA BIG MORONIC OAF!”

      • 34.1.1 JoAnne

        Ha! I LOVE those movies.

  35. 35 anna

    Is he for sure going to die though? Or is he going to be in a coma? Like for awhile, until much later in the series where the two main leads fall in love and he, miraculously, wakes up. 😀

  36. 36 Abbie

    I cannot believe he DIED! NOOOOOOOOO! Why? He was my favorite! When he talked about dying at his happiest moment, I had such a feeling of foreboding, and when it happened I cried! And the fact that his band mates saw it happen will definitely add more drama to the story. Because I don’t think five friends can see their friend and band leader die and not be affected by it. My God, I feel so sorry for them now.

    I can’t wait for next week! More please!

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  37. 37 ~Feather~

    thankyou for the recap!
    I haven’t even watched the episode and I’m already crying for Byung-hee(seriously, I’m an overemotional person T^T).

    I believe Seung-Hoon was meant to see Byung-hee’s death. This will definitely impact all the characters, and play a part in setting the story.

    Now a few thoughts from the part of me that felt wronged:
    I really hope that Seung-Hoon and his “friends” feel guilt from his death. I honestly hope it destroys them and shakes their “perfect” little world.

    Here’s looking forward to Monday 🙂

  38. 38 stars4u

    The ending of the episode… WTH???
    I hate how affected I get watching scenes that I know are bound to happen…

  39. 39 cv

    Hmmm.. I will definitely have to give this a watch. ^^
    Thanks for the recap! 🙂

  40. 40 MJ

    Those 2 prep highschool kids so uncool one beating up Byung-hee which is no matchup. And, the second one using an Al – baseball bat…Byuung-hee’s head is the ball.
    Sorry for the violence. I wonder who called the hit on Byung-hee from Strawberry Fields Highschool band…was the call made by Yoo Seung-Hoon – the leader?

    So sad that Byung-hee with a bloody head died after being hit by a speeding a flat bed work truck or was it a dump truck in the middle of the street while his friends watch in horror.

    RIP Byung-hee.

    If this was aired on KBS,MBC, SBS … Shut-Up Flower Boy Band the KCC will probably be fine or censored the drama and tvN. Glad it’s on Cable.

    • 40.1 Nida

      why would it be censored…? is it because of the viewers’ reaction to his death ( i can hear ahjummas overturning table and throwing chairs in response to LMK’s death) or is the way his death was shown?

      • 40.1.1 Nida

        EDIT: imagine…

  41. 41 kay

    LMK! what a great un-cameo cameo role!
    but i think there could be more conflict if THE MUSE was around to see his death too! (my wishful thinking)

  42. 42 nuri

    Argh. I watched episode 1 without sub and I fall for Lee Min Ki. He’s so crazy that is endearing.

    Now, this?



    On the other hand, how many people could find soulmate the way Ji Hyuk and Byung Hee did? I can’t believe I’m totally jealous of fictional characters.

  43. 43 Bengbeng

    i think Lee Min Ki should go back to kdrama. I really miss him so =( this 2 episodes just whetted my appetite for him, hahaha

  44. 44 lostmunkie

    awww i was hoping he’d be around a couple more episodes. 🙁 he was my fav too.

  45. 45 scwy

    DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMIT!!!!!!!!! *heart thumps wildly* WHY, SHOW?! why show, why?!

    ok i had to get that outta my system. sigh. totally attached to LMK now. wish he could have gone in a better way for his character… although i do understand how the show gains alot of depth from this momentous death. but STILL!

  46. 46 waterfight

    I knew he was just a cameo but I secretly wished he was there to stay. Thank you for the recaps!!

  47. 47 Maymay

    Wow! Lee Min Ki…I love Byung-hee so much.

  48. 48 Alison

    I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award.


  49. 49 white

    noooo!! i’m going to miss Byung-hee and Ji-hyuk’s bromance D:

  50. 50 JoAnne

    Is Deo-Mi the same actress who played the younger sister of Han Ga In in Bad Guy?

    This is looking AWESOME, by the way…or it will when my eyes unpuff from all the hysterical sobbing from Ep 18 of WU. I’m going to need something to help me forget…

    • 50.1 kbap

      Now I’m scared to watch the rest of What’s Up, lol. I hope…hysterical…in…a good way? Haha. Um. I’m sure Flower Boy Band will help you forget 🙂

      • 50.1.1 JoAnne

        Kbap, if you’re watching What’s Up and enjoying it, the later episodes do not disappoint but DO make you emotional.

        • kbap

          Haha OK now I’m set on watching those episodes tonight xD If I end up with puffy eyes and a runny nose while reading Moon/Sun, it’s all your fault ^^

    • 50.2 Danna

      No that was shin se kyung…she is not in this drama…….i’m waiting for her to comeback after she’s done with her studies

      • 50.2.1 Danna

        Shim eun kyung*

        • JoAnne

          Thank you, Danna

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