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The Moon That Embraces the Sun: Episode 7
by | January 25, 2012 | 149 Comments

It’s a crash course in fates, as we find out that some connections can’t be shaken, even in death. We finally get our introduction to grown-up Yeon-woo, and things move along a lot faster than I had anticipated. This episode is sort of the sister to last week’s introduction to King Hwon and his world, and this time we get to see Yeon-woo’s side, and what life has been like outside the palace walls for her.

Ratings: Moon raked in 29.7%, further widening the gap with Captain at 7.1% and Wild Romance at 6.2%.


Grown-up Yeon-woo finally reveals herself as the girls send Nok-young off at the dock. Nok-young warns her not to talk to strangers, and not to form connections with anyone while she’s gone. Yeesh, I know it’s risky, but are you planning to keep her caged?

The boat approaches, and who should be sleeping on deck, but weary traveler Yang-myung (Jung! Il! Woo!). He wonders to a fellow passenger why there are so many people about, and the man wonders how he didn’t know – that the king is arriving to greet this very town today.

Yang-myung chuckles as he thinks to himself that Yeon-woo has aligned the fates so that he has to see Hwon after all. Once ashore, he walks along the dock headed straight for Yeon-woo, and then passes her by without seeing her face.

Seol relishes the temporary freedom as much as Yeon-woo, and suggests they make a day of it in town, but they soon hear the announcement that the king is on his way here. Yeon-woo perks up just wanting to do something fun, while Seol immediately says no with a worried look. Yeon-woo pouts, but Seol says no, and drags her away.

The king’s royal entourage arrives outside the town, and he orders them to open the shade on his sedan, since the good people have gathered to see his face after all. Hyung-sun regretfully obliges, and then suggests he ought to smile then.

Hwon thinks that inappropriate, plus overkill on top of his pretty face. “Do you think it’s easy for a nation’s king to look like this?” PWAHAHAHA. I’m pretty sure Vain King is my favorite of Kim Soo-hyun’s modes. Woon smiles, and Hyung-sun cringes. Visibly.

The townspeople line up to gain entry to the area where the king will pass by, and Yeon-woo and Seol join the crowd after all. Sometimes the pout is mightier than the sword. Seol reminds her that they’re just here to get a quick look and that’s all. Yeon-woo promises to behave.

A mother and son stand ahead of them in line and are refused entry by the guards for being poor, and Yeon-woo steps up to talk back to the sentry, that he has no right to refuse her. Aw, that brings a smile to my face that she’s just as idealistic as ever.

He talks down to her and Seol reaches for her sword, but Yeon-woo looks the guard straight in the eyes and tells him why his wife really left, and why she’s cheating on him. Oooh, witchy powers, activate! She tells him he should stop drinking, otherwise he’ll die of alcohol poisoning, and sends him quaking in his boots.

Just then, Yang-myung causes some kind of disturbance down the line, and the guards head off running after him. Yeon-woo happily holds up the rope to let everyone pass. Seol yells at her for acting like a shaman again when she doesn’t have any mystical powers (HA) and then stops to wonder how she managed to know about that guard.

Yeon-woo tells her that’s not magic; it’s the power of deduction. She smelled alcohol on his breath, could tell he was a mean drunk who disrespected women, and saw how angrily he reacted to Seol, assuming that she was a good-looking young man. Put it all together, and you get your answer. How funny. I expected her to be a shaman, but this is even better.

They line up and bow as the king approaches. Yang-myung continues to get chased by the angry guards for something, but they all stop to bow, swearing to pick the argument back up afterwards.

Yang-myung bows along with everyone else, but lifts his head to see Hwon’s face, and Woon’s, and lets out a wistful smile. Aw. Why are you already breaking my heart?

Yeon-woo remains face to the ground, but a little yellow butterfly catches her attention, just like the day she first met Prince Hwon. It flutters away, making her lift her head, and she thoughtlessly stands up.

It’s then that she turns to see the king’s face as he approaches. It sends a wave of emotion through her, and she suddenly bursts into tears at the sight of him. Her standing up is enough of a disturbance that Yang-myung notices her, but doesn’t think much of it. Seol tries to get her to kneel, but it’s too late, and the guards start approaching. Seol grabs her hand and they take off running.

Yang-myung suddenly senses something about Yeon-woo and darts back up, just to see her being chased off by the guards. He runs after them. All this happens ahead of the king’s view, so he looks in their direction, but they’ve already disappeared into the crowd.

Seol and Yeon-woo run through the streets holding hands, and that suddenly sends Yeon-woo into a piecemeal flashback of the day she met Hwon, and he held her hand as they ran. As the girls hide, Yeon-woo asks if they’ve ever been chased like this before, and Seol says no. Yeon-woo wonders, “Then whose memories are these?”

At the same time, Yang-myung evades the guards and starts searching for Yeon-woo. He stops a girl dressed like her, and his face falls. He wonders to himself what he was expecting, when the girl he’s looking for is six feet under.

Meanwhile, the king takes a bath while Hyung-sun blathers on, trying to put him in a better mood. But Hwon doesn’t like any of his ideas, and turns to Woon, suggesting that he join him in the tub. Rawr? The servants in the room start scrambling from the awkward, and Hyung-sun sends them all scurrying out in a big hurry.

He warns the king that there are enough rumors about already, he needn’t make it worse by inviting Woon to share a bath. HEE. Is he suggesting what I think he’s suggesting? Hwon asks what he means by rumors.

Hyung-sun stammers that well, he keeps his distance from the queen… and keeps Woon close… Keh. Hwon turns to Hyung-sun: “Then do YOU want to join me in the bath?” Hyung-sun covers his chest and runs out of there like a scared little squirrel. Hwon smiles at Woon, “Finally… we are alone…” Pfft.

Outside Hyung-sun presses his ear to the door, “He couldn’t… possibly… Have his tastes changed?” HA. He scurries about frantically, when Yang-myung arrives to see the king. Hyung-sun knocks and knocks… but of course the bath is empty.

Hwon and Woon walk through the streets dressed as regular noblemen, and Hwon stops for a second, swearing he can hear Hyung-sun’s screams from here. Heh. On their walk, Hwon encounters what he’s really here to see – how people really live, and not just what they want to show the king.

They find streets lined with the homeless, struggling to survive. A little child runs into them on accident, and Hwon stops to ask him about his parents and puts money in his hand. He promises to find his father and send him home, assuring him that he’s high up enough to do so. Yeah, I’d say.

Woon stops short, sensing that they’re being followed by a spy. Hwon doesn’t flinch, knowing that they’ve been followed this whole time. He says good-naturedly that the diligent spy followed them all the way here, so should they play with him? Off they go, running in the other direction, into the woods.

They lose the tail and stop to catch their breath, and look up at the sky to see signs of rain. Hwon: “It’s Yeon-woo. Yeon-woo is falling.” Just then, he sees a vision of 13-year old Yeon-woo smiling at him from afar. She runs, and he instinctively runs after her.

Meanwhile, Nok-young meets the shaman who helped her hide, and he warns her that she’s messing with Fate – that the king is vulnerable because she’s split him up from the one who was destined to stay by his side and keep him safe.

She says that it’s a union already broken, but he assures her that the heavens will find a way to make it right. Nok-young argues that Yeon-woo has no memories, but the shaman tells her that you cannot erase their longing for each other. Nok-young worries for what pain Yeon-woo will face if thrown back on her rightful course.

Yeon-woo sits at home in a daze, and tells Seol that she’s finally figured out whom those memories belong to. Seol’s eyes dart back and forth in worry, but Yeon-woo says that it’s her mystical power, finally settling in. Seol knows that’s not the case, but doesn’t argue. They head outside, worried that Nok-young is running late.

Woon and Hwon wander the woods in the heavy fog, going in circles, until Hwon finally admits they’re lost. I like that it’s totally Hwon’s fault but Woon is the one to apologize – it’s like the default setting.

But a light appears in the distance – it’s the light from a lantern, but they see it as a big round circle, and Hwon murmurs, “Is it the moon?” The fog lifts slowly to reveal 13-year old Yeon-woo smiling at him.

He stares wide-eyed, but it’s just his mind playing tricks on him again, because the light approaches, and it’s grown-up Yeon-woo that stands before him. They both stand frozen at the sight of each other.

She brings them home and sets a small table for them, recognizing him as the king but not letting on. She tells them that she isn’t the head of this household, so Hwon asks who is. “Who were you waiting for, in the rain? Is there someone you’re waiting for?”

The proximity, the question, it suspends them both for a lingering moment. He asks about the stacks and stacks of books in the room, wondering why an orphaned girl cares to read so much.

She tells him that she wants to know about the world, and when he scoffs wondering what she could ever do with that knowledge, she says that she hopes it will help someone someday. It stirs his memory of Yeon-woo.

She adds that she’s discovered the joy of learning about the world through the eyes of scholars, and can’t stop. He stares at her curiously, as he flashes back to the witty and wise Yeon-woo who used to quote scholars.

In his head, Hwon thinks, “It couldn’t be. It isn’t possible for a dead girl to be alive. She just resembles her. This is a dream.” He tells himself that he’s mistaken her for someone else, or that his longing for her has turned itself into a ghost to haunt him. He quickly reaches for a drink to shake away the thought.

He tells Woon to have a drink as well, to warm himself from the cold. But Woon stoically refuses to bend the rules, even here. Yeon-woo turns to him, suggesting that it’s actually wrong for him not to drink, since no one’s tasted the king’s food to make sure it isn’t poisoned (a common practice for all things the king consumes).

Woon immediately reaches for his sword. Hwon pulls her close, inches from his face, “How do you know? How do you know that I am the king of Joseon?!” Ruh-roh. He demands to know if they’ve met before, taken up by the hope that his crazy idea might be true.

She swears that they haven’t, and he screams at her to tell him how then, how could she possibly know who he is? She stammers that she saw him today, when he came through the streets. The logical explanation sends him crashing back down to earth. He lets go of her arm and lets out a bitter laugh, as if taunting himself for his stupid expectations.

He sees that the rain has stopped, and tells Woon that it’s time to return. They step outside, and Hwon stops to ask Yeon-woo her name. She tells him that she doesn’t have one – that her guardian didn’t give her one so that she wouldn’t form connections with anyone. That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.

She says that everyone just calls her agi, basically short for agasshi or “miss.” He looks up at the sky, and tells her that her name will be Wol (moon). He says it’s his payment for the warm drink, to give her a name. She repeats it to herself with a smile, “Wol. I have a name.”

That night, Yang-myung lies awake, speaking to Yeon-woo in his mind, wondering if she was there to see the king as well. He asks that in the next life, she would see him first, before his brother.

Hwon and Woon return to a harried Hyung-sun, and stop short to see Yang-myung there. He approaches with a respectful bow. Hwon doesn’t look very pleased to see his brother, and sternly asks if he’s come after all this time… and still refuses to show his face.

At that, Yang-myung lifts his head. Hwon: “Mm, you are as good-looking as ever.” Ha. He finally breaks into a big smile, and Yang-myung grins. AW. Even Woon smiles.

The brothers sit down for a drink, and Woon sits in the corner. They each try to coax Woon to join them, but of course he refuses. Yang-myung laughs that it won’t work – Woon will never bring a drink to his lips while on duty.

So Hwon offers up a bet: the one who gets Woon to drink gets a wish for anything they want. This is so awesome. Either way, Woon’s goin’ down. Yang-myung tries first, but Woon won’t budge, and Hwon finally pulls out the big guns, and ORDERS him to drink.

He complies, and Yang-myung laughs in surprise. He asks for the king’s wish. Hwon pours a drink and asks if Yang-myung is still carrying “her” in his heart. Yang-myung’s smile fades in an instant. But this is Hwon’s wish as the winner of the bet – that he answers the question. Tricksy! You didn’t say it’d be truth or dare!

Yang-myung: Even if she were still in my heart, she would still be dead. When I say I’ll forget her, I miss her, and when I miss her, I quickly forget – that is the human heart. I didn’t want to miss her or forget her, so the only thing I left in my heart is the reminder that she is no longer in this world.

Hwon repeats his words with a sigh, and each brother drinks.

The king returns to the palace and finds that the ministers have endowed more funds to a development project in his absence. He calls them out on spending more money while the people starve, and their defense is that it’s a project he approved.

So he declares that all the accounting be brought to him at once, and that by tomorrow, someone will be held responsible for any funds that have been misused. From all the scared faces, it looks like it’s quite the slush fund.

Later that night Minister Yoon meets with a shaman from Sungsucheong, offering her a promotion in exchange for her help in taming the king. She tells him that in the king’s absence she’s planted a talisman that she can use against him.

Queen Bo-kyung comes to see the king that night, and his servants have to beg him to even let her inside. She asks him to leave an heir, and that she’d even be willing to step aside and let him have a son with a concubine, because what matters is the future of this nation, not her feelings.

He shifts gears from his usual cold demeanor and says he now understands her true heart. She smiles, thinking she’s finally getting through to him. But then he leans on his hand, the cheeky, bitter bite coming back. He agrees to find a suitable concubine at once. Well THAT’s a plan that backfired. She looks up in shock.

He tells her that he dislikes everything about her, like the way she can say the opposite of what she means. I know she’s not exactly sympathetic, but I do feel sorry for her because he’s really harsh. He’s not wrong about her family and her motives, but oof, he’s so mean to her.

She gets up to go, and then stops with her back turned to him, asking how long he’s going to keep a dead woman in his heart, taking up the place where she should be. He suddenly clasps his hand to his heart, the pain in his chest causing him to seize and gag, until he passes out.

Bo-kyung doesn’t even realize it until she turns around and he’s already out cold. Doctors rush to his bedside, and outside the shaman’s talisman sits under his room, the source of his fits of pain. Thankfully he wakes up soon after.

The queen dowager uses this as the perfect excuse to call back the true head of Seungsucheong, declaring that this is happening because her powerful presence is lacking in the palace, to ward off evil. Yeah but the real evil is you, Grandma.

She plans to have Nok-young fight off the mystical curse-illness, and also break the ill will between king and queen. I’m not sure there’s a spell in heaven or hell to make this husband like his wife. Just sayin’.

Hwon stirs in bed, as Woon sits by. He asks Woon to find that girl again. “There’s something in her eyes. She’s hiding something from me.” He orders him to go find her. Woon sets off on horseback by morning.

He returns to Yeon-woo’s house, but finds it empty – not just empty, but hurriedly emptied, like they moved in a big hurry in the middle of the night. He picks up a stone from the floor.

In the morning, Princess Min-hwa screams in horror… at the sight of her bloated face, after eating late the night before. She wails that her husband will surely come to hate her when he sees her face, and that she’ll end up alone and wandering the streets, never having been properly loved. Haha, she cracks me up with her histrionics.

Yeom’s mother finds her distraught and gives him a talking-to for forgetting that he was supposed to be with Min-hwa last night, and chastises him for not being more assertive about that whole sharing-a-bed thing. Well I’m pretty sure being told to do so by your mother isn’t exactly… um… conducive, shall we say?

She says that it must’ve taken a lot for the princess to be the one to speak up about it, and he apologizes, saying that he must’ve fallen asleep while reading. I’m fairly certain that if you prefer to read, this is a bigger issue than forgetting.

Mom thinks so too, ’cause she asks if he’s avoiding her on purpose, but he swears he isn’t. He says that she’s still young though, still thinking of her more like a little sister. But Mom reminds him that she’s of age to have a child and then some (which kind of blows my mind, but that’s how they rolled back then) and that she’s not his sister, but his wife.

She adds that the princess has bestowed an immeasurable grace upon their family, and that his father said to his dying day that they shouldn’t forget it. Yeom assures her that he won’t.

The queen dowager sends a trio of ministers to bring Nok-young back to the palace, and they find her at her new home. She turns down their requests to return to Seongsucheong, and when they start getting curious about Yeon-woo, she tells them that she’ll come see the queen herself.

Meanwhile Yeon-woo heads out to town to find Seol, trying to use her new powers to see her. She puts her finger to her forehead, like an antenna (ha) to no avail. She wonders if her powers are gone, or if she never had them at all. But then, where did those memories come from?

What Nok-young doesn’t see is that one of the men eyes Yeon-woo as something more than just a curiosity. He orders his servants to capture her, and they head back toward the palace with Yeon-woo locked in a box.

She struggles to get out, and suddenly memories of waking up in her coffin start flashing back. She claws at the walls of the sedan and gasps for air.

As she clutches her heart, she wonders, startled: “Whose memory is this?”


I’m surprised that Hwon and Yeon-woo met so quickly, since I assumed there’d be lots of fateful longing and near missteps before they came face to face. I’m happy that in that respect, the story seems to be flowing quickly, rather than teasing an encounter for so long that we stop caring. SO many dramas do that, and I do really stop caring.

I suppose I’ll have to start calling her Wol now, since adult Yeon-woo has finally been named. Han Ga-in was in some respects better than I expected – she’s playing the naïve innocent side of Yeon-woo quite convincingly, and her tears are moving. Her speech feels a little stilted, like she’s being too careful, but it’s better than the alternative, which is to sound like a valley girl reciting sageuk dialogue, which would be far worse. I felt her connection to Hwon in their scene together, though admittedly, it was his reaction that got me in the heart. Kim Soo-hyun does heartache so convincingly. I do however, feel like Kim Yoo-jung (the younger Yeon-woo) was better than Han Ga-in, so it’s hard not to miss her, especially when that’s the memory that both Hwon and Yang-myung carry around in their hearts.

Removed from the sheen of the beautiful setting and the world, there are things about the story that bug me. The brothers both still pining for the same first love is kind of ridiculous when you strip it from the circumstances. It’s because the whole situation is wrapped in such tragedy and the constraints of being royals that it has enough spin for me to care. Basically it’s the upside to her “death” – because otherwise the severity of their fixation would be troubling. It’s still a little troubling, but they’re still young.

The amnesia, I’m less troubled by, since it’s actually motivated by the trauma of waking up in her own coffin, and the divide between present and past isn’t mystical – that is, she could recall her memories at any point. I also like the surprise that she isn’t mystically endowed after all. I do think she might have some kind of hidden powers that she hasn’t accessed yet, because even 13-year old Yeon-woo seemed to have some connection to things beyond this world. That said, I do think it would be hilarious if she entered the palace as a shaman who had no powers. Her con in this episode was priceless, and I’d love it if they kept that light and amusing side of her around.

I’m happiest about the fact that growing up with the characters doesn’t mean losing the sense of humor and comic book feel that the drama had from the beginning. It’s still cheeky and light in surprising moments, even amidst the darker situations they face as adults. The characters still feel very much the same, at the core, which makes me a happy camper. I like that Yeon-woo is still sassy and defiant, and that her hunger for knowledge isn’t something that amnesia or a new name can change. And when that’s the thing that makes Hwon suspect it might be her? Love.


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    got ya! finally.

    • 1.1 Eunice

      Was anyone else disappointed with Han Ga In’s acting today?

      • 1.1.1 Ace

        I’m not (yet?) because:

        – I had very low expectations since I heard she was cast
        – not enough scenes yet to judge fairly
        – not expecting that she’ll be as good as Kim Yoo-jung
        – my eyes are all for Kim Soo-hyun (and Jung Il-woo)
        – imagines she’s getting acting tips from her Vampire Prosecutor hubby 😉

        • Roggy

          haha agreed. Love that you state reasons to your agrument lol.

          wait she’s married to the vampire prosecutor?

          • luci8le

            oh yes she is
            sigh… some girls are just so lucky

          • Jolyn

            They were married a few years back and I would name them like THE star couple of Korea 😀
            I love that MCs in variety shows like to ask them about their marriage and what its like, and they will give little anecdotes about each other.. Haha 😛

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      • 1.1.2 ilikemangos

        Man.. kim soo hyun is such a scene stealer that he kinda outshined han ga in >.< no offence.

        Hopefully she'll improve and get more comfortable playing Wol since this is her first time in a saeguk.
        & her, what, first drama in 2 years?

        • ilikemangos

          btw.. im guessing people in saeguk land barely see butterflies.

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    Kim Soo-hyun’s the king!! (both in this drama and in my heart :P)

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    Thank you! Loving KSH!

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      Am I a mean person? Why do I love the scenes where Hwon is being harsh to Bo-kyung? Honestly, those are the scenes I’m playing over and over again. So satisfying and yet not. I want more more more!

      • 3.1.1 anon

        Actually, a lot of people feel that way. You’re not the only one asking for more Hwon-Bokyung scenes 😀

      • 3.1.2 Sisa

        If you’re mean, then so am i.

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        Lol I thought I was the only one who finds it hilarious and wish it was longer.

      • 3.1.4 yeisha

        haha, me too! i love that he’s totally playing her and don’t think he’s mean at all. just smart! it reminds me of their initial encounter, when he thought she was YW and how he snubbed her afterwards.

        i guess after years of watching how k-drama heroes fall for those seemingly-sweet-but-two-faced second female leads, its so refreshing to see that Hwon is not falling for her act! and he doesn’t hesitate to tell her in any opportunity that he can! 😉

        • nnaiy

          Yes I agree with what you said about it being refreshing! For once I’m not screaming at my screen for the lead actor to wake up and see the antagonist for who she really is 🙂 and that makes this drama so much easier to love 🙂

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          me too i am happy to see lead male know the scond female true face and he is soo cool

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    finally, i’ve been waiting for this! thank so much girlfriday!

    but is it just me, or do the adult characters seem lacking? except for kim so hyun, i’m still a little underwhelmed. or maybe i’m just way too emotionally attached to the young cast that its hard for me to transition into their adult counterparts. *sigh*

    • 4.1 Roggy

      No i only feel that about Han Ga-in, but to be fair Kim Yoo-jung did a far better job than any experienced actor/actress.

      But the brothers were amazing in this scene. I was expecting a surprise hug, like when they were younger. It wouldntve out of place with the moods their smiles made.


      Completely torn between loyalties right now! Whose boat to jump on?!

    • 4.2 violet

      No it’s not just you,I feel exactly the same.I can see KSH as Hwon but others…It’s like they are completely different characters. I’m still hoping it gets better though:D

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      i totally agree!
      i think i was wayyy too invested emotionally with the young cast that it’s just going to take a while until i re-connect with this new cast.

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    Thanks for the great recap once again!^^

    I thought it’s only me who didn’t feel yet the connection between the adult actors except for Kim soo hyun(hwon). Jung il woo(Yang MYung), I think it’s getting there. Hopefully in today’s episode I’ll feel the emotions that I felt when watching the young yang myung. Han Ga In, her looks kinda remind me of the moon(delicate, pale skin, bright eyed), BUT I still can’t seem to feel her as yeon woo. Not that she’s bad or what (coz she’s doing fine) and not really bothered about the age thing. I guess I just grew so attached to yoo Jung(young yeon woo) the most, so I’m still processing the difference. But I know it’ll get there, I’ll become emotionally invested with them as I was with the young ones.

    Started the year with an addiction! Good luck with everything else!☆〜(ゝ。∂)

    • 7.1 Kiara

      I’m not feeling her at all. She’s lovely but she needs to give it more heart than just her big wide eye expression. Well, maybe in time when she realize that those memories are hers.

  8. JIW_sobangnim

    The cast will bound to get better. Expected by a stellar performance by the a-yok actors. But all in all, I feel that everyone acts well. I can only hope for the story to be more compelling as time passes. ratings up up up!!

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    Thank you. I always look forward to your recaps the most about MoonSun. 😀 I’m slowly getting used to the grown-ups. To quote what I posted in my blog…

    Episode 7 is monumental because this marks the first full episode where the grown-ups take over the reins from the young ones who have been smashing in their first four episodes. It hard to measure up to the chemistry of youngsters who basically move in the same circle and know each other’s work attitude (they’re the ones usually tapped for younger versions of lead characters in a series). Now the adults (Ga-in and co.)… well, let’s just say this is their first time working together. There is always that air of awkwardness especially on the first shooting day. I’ll give them an episode or two as their honeymoon period. After that, I’m sure they’ll pretty much settle into their roles and own it. 😀

    Hope I made some sense. Hehe!

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      OMG, when i read the part about Kim Soo-Hyun’s eye’s I imagined that you were talking about his actual eye balls. LOL

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        Hahaha. I think a better way for me to say it is that his right eye is usually more narrow than the right…. I don’t think that helps much. Hahaha. But to me the asymmetrical look adds to his earnestness…. That, and he’s just really good at what he does.

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    I’ll have to agree – I miss the child actors, especially Yeom and his Backlighting of Awesome.

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      i’d LIKE your comment if there was button. child yeom is old enough to be playing adult yeom. that way i would be able to see him more. ::sigh:: this new actor just looks out of place old compared to the other guys.

      • 15.1.1 Cellel

        YES. Also, adult Yeom just looks…. tired. D: Apparently time or exile hasn’t been good on him ;_;

  16. 16 Jolly

    Yeon-woo’s hands are so red when she is trying to tap into her ‘psychic mode’ must be cold filming!

    • 16.1 sarah

      ..and also notice KSH ears, after they went out of Wol’s hut..so red…

  17. 17 sarah

    A very nice episode not dragging..which is very good. I think because she is smart and observant she will become ‘THE MENTALIST’ in the palace, she doesn’t have power but because she knows how to read a person’s character that will be her advantage..she will play them by smart thinking.

    • 17.1 Roggy

      LOL ! thats the exact thought I had, I was like OMG KOREAN MENTALIST!!

      • 17.1.1 anglvue

        korean mentalist or how about shawn from psych? that would be awesome.

    • 17.2 ilikemangos

      “play them by smart thinking”

      hahaha. that is a sight to see.

    • 17.3 alpaca

      LOL I was thinking about Sherlock Holmes. Shaman Holmes?…

      • 17.3.1 NuDaFu

        LOL…I was also thinking about SH too in relation to Wol.

        If one strips the mystical/spiritual from shamanism, more often than not, one is left with a very perceptive/intelligent individual. The ethically inclined ones use their ‘powers’ for the good of the people; the reverse are the ones use gloom and doom as weapons to satisfy personal/political vendettas.

        I too hope the script keeps Wol a Shaman Holmes rather than getting all Harry Potter.

  18. 18 dls

    Thanks for the recap….
    now it’s getting more interesting since everyone as an adult crosses each other’s path

  19. 19 appreciate

    Kim Soo Hyun as a king = perfect

  20. 20 TiaC

    Thanks for the recap girlfriday!

    I thought Kim Soo Hyun as the lead was going to be distracting, especially with his baby face. But he play’s the king’s gravitas and wit so well that I can’t help but get sucked in by his performance. Well done!

    And I finally got the appeal of Yeon Woo/Wol this episode. Before, Yeon Woo just seemed like another cute, sassy girl that was an adequate object of affection for our adorable brothers. But a girl who takes down ass-y jerks using logical deductions? Wol FTW!

  21. 21 chewy

    Kim Soo-hyun’s acting had me at heart w/ this drama.

  22. 22 nuri

    Awesome!! Thank you Girlfriday!

    I agree that Han Ga In is doing better than expected (thanks to my low expectation of her) but the younger Yeon Woo is better anyway. I can’t believe they make it works, with the fact that she’s much older than the heroes. Like the scene with Kim Soo Hyun, she looks like the same age as him.

    This drama is getting better and hopefully the younger Yeon Woo is not getting anymore screen time. I love her but how I will like Han Ga In if she’s still around. I don’t want to keep comparing them.

    I like that people assumes he’s gay instead of heartbroken, because it doesn’t make sense to cling so hard to a memory of dead girl.

    Yay!! Next week will be full of Kim Soo Hyun! With his cameo in dream high 2 and Moon/Sun.

  23. 23 Lala

    Ugh, I love Jung Il-woo…
    while he had little part in this episode, I just had to comment…
    Anyways I love this drama xD

  24. 24 BeLinda

    I wish they had stick to the book at Hwon and Wol’s first meeting.. the conversation and all.. it’s such mystical..

    now that they’re grown ups I very much prefer they don’t go astray the book that much..seems to me now the drama and the book are two different stories..not that i like the former less.
    the novel’s full of charm, i adored and loved how they put on stage the childhood part, its really cute.. but now i really really wish they stick to the novel, esp on the romantic part ((:

    • 24.1 ibako777

      Hi! Where can I find the book???

      • 24.1.1 Roggy

        I found chapter summaries in english at belectric (dot) com

    • 24.2 boms

      I know what you mean. The novel is <3 haha
      But I can kinda foretell the similarities that will be put into play. I also think that if they strictly followed the novel, the drama wouldn't be as popular as it is now simply for the fact that the drama would purely be more romance than anything else.

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    Aaagh, I watched the raw, now is reading the recap, and I’ll rewatch again the subbed episode!! Yeah, I know it. I am officially moon-sun addicted now…
    At first I also thought Han Ga In is kinda awkward in acting out Wol, but then again maybe it is her way to portray adult Wol who doesn’t remember who she is and grown up by trying try to adapt the shaman style of Nok Young. Don’t really care about JIL, but totally captivated by KSH as Hwon. And strangely I find him and Han Ga In somehow do look at the same age. Either it is because of his good acting or Han Ga In’s baby face (30 years old and with that face!). While Queen Bo-Kyung looks like his noona.
    And please Woon, keep your hair in the cap! Too much Michael-Jackson look is bad for me ^_^*

    • 27.1 lena

      haha. yes, Woon please keep your mane-of-not-so-glory in a bun! its distracting, to say the least. and it covers most of his face.

      • 27.1.1 boms


    • 27.2 ilikemangos

      I do that with all the dramas im addicted to.
      Watch the raw, read the recap, and then rewatch with eng subs. Can’t get enough of it!

      I agree, han ga in even looks younger than bo-kyung by alot even though she’s older than her by 2 years.

      • 27.2.1 yakuna

        ???? and here…I thought I was the only one doing that??!!!!

        Too bad they could’nt get a younger looking queen bokyung….too old looking for the king…..

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    thanks GF!

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    after every episode, i’ll read all the other recap but still will wait for your recap…
    your recap is like complete my day… because your recap makes me feel like watching the drama…
    really love it…
    and one most important point is your opinion always coincide with mine… hahaha…
    thanks for the beautiful recap… *hugs*

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    thanks for the recap…and again..i’m still not solidly convinced of Han GaIn’s role…that mole at the tip of her nose bothers me so much, if only they’d given the young YeonWoo the same spot for her mole…or vice versa, cover Han Gain’s mole and put it right where it was with the young YW (on the right side by the side of her nose)
    and Seol her friend is Hani’s best friend in PK….

    I love the bath scene….they all thought he was gay….lol!

  34. 34 Sammi510

    Because of your amazing recaps, I am now a HUGE fan of this show. The child actors are SO great. Now I wait patiently every WED and THURS for new eps. Thank you.

  35. 35 Lisa

    Super excited to see a recap up so fast!

    I like how YW’s flashbacks are starting now. I am also sad that she doesn’t get some extra shaman powers maybe it’s just her intelligence heightened and can be used for mischief.

    Hwon’s vain king is hilarious. I like how intelligent he is too. I hope he can find a way to battle the Queen Dowager (EVIL MUST GO DOWN).

    I hope the show loosens up the whole moon/sun/rain thing. If we were to play a drinking game while watching this drama…people could get loaded with these rain/moon/sun references. WE GET YOU LIKE PLUGGING IN THE TITLE in every episode but dude there are other ways of adding to the script lines hahaha

  36. 36 DB5K

    While I’m the most excited and invested in the love triangle between Wol, Hwon, and Yang Myung, I have to say I’m VERY intrigued by the developing love line between Seol and Yeom.

    It’s apparent that Yeom has no…er….UN-platonic attraction to Princess Minhwa and that he is just by her side because of duty and thankfulness. So….what happens when a girl DOES move this scholarly man’s heart?? Like SEOL??!! Who had an adorable, loyal, awed crush on him as a teen??!! Cue forbidden love theme music. I’m curious to see what will happen when this man is torn between love and duty. Doubly so because Minhwa is someone we’re all fond of. And I hope that Seol will get to show more of her kickass side~~

    • 36.1 Ani

      I have been wondering who might get paired with Seol. I thought it was Yeom at first, but this whole married to Princess Minhwa thing made me wonder if it was actually Woon she was to be paired with. I adored young Seol so I hope we get to see more of her now that she’s older. Yes, more of kickass Seol would be extra fun to see.

      • 36.1.1 boms

        Looking at the relationship chart for this drama, it said that Yeom and Seol have feelings for each other… Although I’m not quite sure if this is something that will “blossom” after they meet in the future, considering that Yeom didn’t seem to have any interest in her during the first couple of episodes… other than the time he thought she liked Woon possibly. I’m pretty sure Seol had a little school girl crush on him though heh heh who wouldnt? 🙂

        I feel like the reason he isn’t “sleeping” with Minhwa is purely cause there’s no feelings or interest there… Once he meets Seol though, I’m pretty sure he’ll get those feelings.

        • Ani

          Oh, Seol definitely had a crush on Yeom. I don’t think he ever saw her in that way, but I think he did care for her as a sister seeing as Yeonwoo said Seol was family. I can’t wait to see their first meeting. Also, ALSO! The child actress that played Jan-shil was the cutest thing EVER. I hope she’s just as curious and cute now that she’s older – and I love that they kept her hair the same way. Cute cute cute. XD

          • boms

            On the topic of Janshil, did the third minister that looked at Yeonwoo (Wol) suspiciously think that she was Janshil or just some powerful shaman they could use? I was a bit confused. and yes, she was super cute. My mom was watching this with me and thought that the little girl was so adorable. hah

  37. 37 Gemini

    Thank you for the light recap of this episode. I find your recap very enjoyable… considering that the first time I read about this episode was dark and the characters and actors were criticized. It’s nice that you find the episode humorous (I was laughing with your side comments) and engaging. Always keep up the good work… More power to you and JB.


  38. 38 Kandy

    Thank you 🙂

  39. 39 memyself

    Is it just me or has anyone else wondered what happened to the last letter that Yeon-woo wrote to Hwon before dying in episode 5?! I’ve been wondering about it since then! Haha. And also, I don’t like Nok-young. Although she saved Yeon Woo, but she was the one who caused it all to happened. Only if she’d acted otherwise … then again I guess if she did, we wouldn’t have had a drama to watch.
    That being said, I liked the episode and thought Han Ga-in is doing fine.

    • 39.1 boms

      I HAVE TOO!… That darned heart wrenching letter. I’m pretty sure that no one knows about it yet and somehow she’ll see it and remember it being hers or something -_-;;
      man who would’ve thought of adding amnesia with a sageuk? pretty genius. 🙂

      • 39.1.1 memyself

        right 🙂
        I just hope they mention it somewhere, or else it was a waste of scene.

        • teresa

          somehow i think Wol will be the one to find that letter in the king’s chamber (assuming that he has the letter all these years) once she becomes closer to him and she will recover her memory by reading it, hehe, my wishful thinking!!

          • boms

            that or she’ll remember everything before Hwon knows and then be suuuuupper sad and longing for some time while he’s either falling in love with her all over again and clueless or just plain clueless (like in the novel I think? I havent read too too far ^^;;) and have the letter with her and… Man I have a crazy imagination hahha definitely think I’ve been watching too many dramas, but I like what you’re thinking :o)

  40. 40 magicaselly

    Woowwww KSH… love ur smile… <3

  41. 41 boms

    Thank You!

    Gahh I’ve been waiting for this all day. A long day of School + Work + Anticipating the recap = stress.

    I’m so frustrated at the fact that all these file sharing sites are going down.. stupid PIPA/SOPA! >:(

    Onto the episode,
    I’m kinda surprised they all meet already but I guess the pacing of this drama has sorta been like this the whole time ._.

    As for Han Ga In, she’s surprisingly young in her acting. I completely forgot that she was 30 lol.
    I also love that Seol is her protector as well- keeping her promise with Yeom teehee.

    Not much of Jung Il Woo in this episode either, but we did get a lot of Kim Soo Hyun :I yeyyyy

    Aww man I still miss the child actors 🙁 but yay for young Yeon Woo for still showing up. During the episode I realized that even if she looks like her, Yeon Woo isn’t Yeon Woo without her witty and clever thoughts and speech 🙁

  42. 42 cv

    Thank you for the recap! 🙂

    I couldn’t wait any longer so I watched it without subtitles, then read the recap. hehe I’ll probably go back and rewatch this episode.
    Goodness, I’m really digging this drama. So awsome! Love the pace, not dragging at all– light and just right. I hope it stays that way. I can’t wait for wol to get her memories back and the king figuring out who she is. How that’s going to change things in the palace–bad guys going to go after her again–yea, I can definitely see it.


  43. 43 yeisha

    girlfriday, i LOVE your Moon/Sun recaps! and your commentary. thank you so much for this.

    and i must say, i do agree with you that the best part about Hwon and Yeon Woo’s romance is their intellectual discourse. i just love that they GET each other on a deeper level. and that what triggered Hwon’s recognition of adult YW is not just her outward appearance but more so her mind, the way she explained why she loves to read books and scholarly pursuit. it’s even more poignant when you read the novel and realize that they fell in love without ever actually seeing each other, just through their letters and exchange of messages.

    as for the adult actors, i think Kim So Hyun owns his role and is totally captivating. i just love his nuanced performance and how his Hwon is so smart and sarcastic! Han Ga In is okay, i guess. i’m still missing the young Yeon Woo. so far, their chemistry is not as effortless and compelling as their child counterparts but i’m crossing my fingers that it will improve in the next few eps. 😉

  44. 44 nonski

    thanks so much for the recaps GF! this drama never fails to amaze me and KSH is by far owning this episode. JIW has gotten into it but not his 100%.

    oh, how i love every encounter of Hwon and Bo Kyung! HE never fails to make me happy.

  45. 45 Sookie

    I just have to say this.
    Of course Kim Soo Hyun gets all the limelight as he’s the main lead. So no surprise here with all the Hwon swooning..

    Imagine if JIW becomes the lead, there will be JIW mania everywhere.
    I’m damn sure he could pull Hwon character effortlessly.

  46. 46 jiya

    I’m so glad that Yeo Won is subconsiciously has her memories & same self…the butterfly, the face of Hwon, her intelligence & spunk attitude. Its exciting that she & Hwon have met close face to face & Hwon ” recognising” YW in her.

    As much as I love the performance of Kim Yoo jung I have to be content that she can only play the role of the teen YW. I like Han Ga in for her natural beauty & she has grown on me. I quite like her performance in the dramas she’s acted that I’ve watched.

    Han Ga In has the youthful beauty to play her role opposite KSY. She’s so cute with her pout & when thinking she has the power of a shaman. She’s able to portray being puzzled when those memories flashes in her mind. I’m touched when her tears fell at the sight of Hwon & how they stare at each other frozen as if they feel there is something between them. With that I see chemistry between them.
    I miss the young Hwon by YJG but he’s now an adult & being played convincingly well by KSH.
    Thank you .

    • 46.1 Ani

      I think that pout was the cutest thing ever – especially when she added a whimper to it. I’ve only seen her in Witch Amusement and I totally forgot that her voice sounds so much more mature compared to her physical appearance. I was utterly amused when I watched this episode because that was so surprising. I think I’m looking forward to seeing Han Ga-in break out of her shell as she continues to take on the role of Yeon-woo and gives us the charm Yeon-woo had as a child.

  47. 47 bahor

    wowwwwwwww thank u for recaping so fast…………really thank u…….I really like Han Ga In …at first I think does she can play like Yeon-woo child but now I can say yeeeeeeeeeeeees………her acting is really good her cring was really impressive …………….although child’s acting was really some thing but adult actors and actress are doing their best………so fighting ……..:)))))

  48. 48 Daktari

    Any site where I can download the RAWs from? Most of the sites I used to download from say they cannot upload right now with most hosts closing down.

    • 48.1 jomo

      If you go over to the soompi forum for this show, you will find lots of ways to watch.

  49. 49 Dorotka

    My overall feeling is that this episode is still introductory and the “real” story begins in the next episode. We need to say goodbye to the younger versions of the characters and welcome and get used to the older ones.

    As for this episode, I have to admit I wasn’t touched by Wool’s tears, couldn’t help thinking whether they used the fake ones… And I wasn’t convinced by Jung Il Woo’s acting. And the scenes with the poor?? Looked too manipulative and simple for me.

    But all that is perhaps because this is the first episode I actually watched and I may need time to get into the story and narrative style.

    The scenes when I felt connection were the ones with the king. I guess that means Kim Soo Hyun does a pretty good job here. I also liked his king Hwon, his humour and his ways of manipulation and hidden fighting.

    But what I really loved was the headology of our young Miss Weatherwax!!
    Or should I call her Miss Moonwax??

    • 49.1 ilikemangos

      I was watching the scene very carefully as she looked up to see Hwon because that was where i really wanted to connect with them emotionally…
      But then i realized the tears came out of no where.
      There wasn’t a build up of watery eyes and then all of a sudden it cuts to the pouring tears.

  50. 50 Carinne

    I really don’t know what’s all the fuss about netizens displeased with HGI’s acting skills. I think she pulled off multiple talent in her acting resembles her younger actress counterpart. I was surprised and grateful thus far. I hope she will evolve her character better.

    I’m a bit more pleased about KSH’s acting in this episode than last. Here’s more of his younger spirit re-enacted. I love all his wardrobe as King Hwon, and viewing this series in 720p just intensifies everything much better. I was in a spell of their own between Hwon and Wol when they were sparing each other with remarks and questions in the hut. Did anyone felt captivated by HGI’s dilated pupils gazing into KSH’s eyes, and vice versa then? I was, and I felt I was in another world mesmerized by their gazes at one another. Powerful moment knowing it’s not just the acting part you rely on to express how much these two characters are soul mates that you also search the eyes for this strong connection as well.

    • 50.1 jiya

      Me too. Han Ga In’s eyes expression captivated me & when she & KSH gazed fiercely at each other that was a precious, powerful moment that caught me. It seemed as if there was recognition of their past feelings & their closeness…Hwon dominant & anxious for answers for his confused feelings at the sight of YW & the way she had spoken that reminded him of her & HGI acted as the spunk YW who is equally caught by her own feelings as she meets Hwon’s gaze.

      I admire Han Ga In’s natural youthful beauty. She looks angelic & innocent but also has the determined look which suits the role of YW who dares to speak her mind.

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