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What’s Up: Episode 10
by | January 7, 2012 | 69 Comments

Aaaaand time jump! Although not a massive one – it’s just a hop and skip over summer break. It’s weird that a semester has passed when I feel like only a week passed, but it’s the drama world! This time jump also gives me hope that we’ll cover a good amount of time while these students are in school. We’ll get to see these characters grow over a longer stretch of time rather than change drastically in one semester. It also gives me hope that when these characters change once, they have time to change again.

I am now caught up – let’s save the spoilers for when we get to that episode, ‘kay?! No – I don’t watch previews!

It’s after summer break, and we come across Tae Hee writing a letter to her grandparents. She tells them how she missed school during break, and to not worry because she always pays attention in class.

Cut to Tae Hee in Prof. Yang’s class, where everyone is having a zen moment lying on the ground, expelling all thoughts. Tae Hee follows that direction a little too well, falling asleep in class and rolling over to her side in blissful slumber.

She reports that all her friends are doing well – Jae Hun is still a delinquent and Do Sung is still keeping him in line, making sure he goes to class. Sun-Man’s classes are more… interesting, to say the least, as he has completely changed. He’s wearing decent clothing now, with shoes that are so new they squeak on the floor. He even takes ATTENDANCE! He’s really going to try to learn his students’ names? Waahhhh… Tae Hee supposes it’s because Doo Ri’s message over the speaker system in the last episode gave him a good wake-up call.

On top of all this, Tae Hee’s gotten a part-time job at the school mini-mart, assisting the cranky lighting director. Tae Hee is quite hopeless, constantly dropping items from the storage to the shelves because she’s just too clumsy.

However, Tae Hee is not completely the sweet, innocent Tae Hee we know anymore. When she gets to the lunch room, she sits with Chae Young instead of Do Sung and Jae Hun. Tae Hee thinks she’s just blessed to have good friends, but we all know Chae Young can’t possibly be her friend for good reason. Jae Hun and Do Sung are slack-jawed, and Doo Ri reminds Byeong Gun to stop drooling over Chae Young and being so jealous.

Byeong Gun is still enamored by Chae Young and her “commoner” traits like eating kimchi. -__-

As for Doo Ri, she’s now doing homework on her computer rather than playing games or filming, but only for Sun-Man’s class. (Ha! Figures.) Nonchalantly, she says, “Jae Hun, are you disappointed that your beloved gal is someone who is hung up on celebrities?”

Beloved?! Jae Hun awkwardly looks at Do Sung, who slows down his chewing, and then sputters that Tae Hee isn’t his beloved. Doo Ri turns to stare at Do Sung – she wants to see how he’ll react to Jae Hun’s response! Heh – it’s so obvious to everyone on this table that there’s a love triangle, but Do Sung and Jae Hun are consciously trying to deny it. Heehee.

Ka Young, Tae Hee, and Glasses Girl are all bonding in Chae Young’s room over some makeup and nail polish, beautifying themselves. Thing is, Tae Hee has no clue about makeup, not even knowing what an eyelash curler is. As for Chae Young, she’s outside talking to her manager’s underling, Director Oh. It appears they want to approach Tae Hee about joining their company. They had hired another girl, but plastic surgery messed up her face, and so they want Tae Hee as a replacement.

Her manager gets on speakerphone, and Chae Young takes the opportunity to find out why he’s so interested in Tae Hee. Was it her singing? Or was it because she’s pretty? That’s a very tricky question, and so he redirects the question to Director Oh. Since he’s not directly managing Chae Young I guess, he answers quite honestly: the manager thinks Tae Hee has a fresh look and a pure image. She’s completely opposite of Chae Young, and so they won’t be competing for the same thing.

Chae Young takes offense; if Tae Hee is young and fresh, is she old and stale? She hangs up, heads back to her room, puts on a fake smile and asks Tae Hee concernedly why she’s not putting on makeup.

Tae Hee admits to not being good at it, and so Chae Young gives Tae Hee some of her very own makeup. (Other girls shoot jealous death glares.) Tae Hee can use it to practice with, and in the meantime, she’ll put on makeup for her.

Ha! The result is ghastly to say the least. (Well, we’re supposed to think it’s ghastly.) Chae Young puts on way too much purple eyeshadow that makes her eyes look super big and clownish. Even her conscience/Angel Papa thinks she looks like she got punched in the eye. HAHAHA.

But it’s too late – Tae Hee thinks her dad is being old-fashioned, and she’s intent on buying new, branded clothes to look good. She’s changed her thinking, believing that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty. (And being shallow apparently.)

Meanwhile, Byeong Gun steps up next to the piano (with Ji Eun playing) to sing… but he can’t. And his audience is only Myung Hwan and Sun-Man. Myung Hwan’s summer assignment was to sing one song 500 times. Byeong Gun would have sung the song so many times he could do it in front of anyone. He admits that he sang it 520 times – 20 extra for good luck! Sun-Man struggles to contain his laughter, while Myung Hwan just looks like he gave up.

Sun-Man wonders if Byeong Gun never sang in front of his parents, or if he got scolded for singing, or if his parents laughed at his singing. None of it is true; Byeong Gun did sing in front of his parents, but they would just wait patiently for him to finish. Aww… indifference is worse.

So Sun-Man has an assignment for Byeong Gun – find one person that he can sing to. Just one person is good enough. After that… well, they’ll get to it when they find his one person.

Back in her room, Tae Hee tries putting on mascara but fails, and so Doo Ri gives her some pointers. Tae Hee feels left behind that everyone seems to know about makeup and girly stuff. She’s even starting to feel insecure, wondering if people are talking behind her back and what they think of her. Doo Ri puts her straight – most people in the world aren’t that interested in her. And if they talk bad about her, it’s because they’re bored, not because they’re interested in her. Tae Hee sadly rubs her eye, which leads to a smear in her mascara.

Appropriately, Doo Ri says, “If you go around the world looking like that, sure they may make fun of you. But they’ll all forget in time.”

It doesn’t help that Chae Young gets Tae Hee to do a photo shoot. Tae Hee smiles and looks cute, but she doesn’t really have that “X” factor. When Chae Young and Ka Young try to get her to pose with an S-line, well, Tae Hee has no idea what that is. Glasses Girl says they can do photoshop later, and Chae Young comments that she doesn’t see any femininity from Tae Hee; what a way to make a girl feel insecure! Chae Young summons for her “magical pouch,” and at the end of the makeover, Tae Hee is fully made-up as rockstar-groupie-chic. Now try working in a mini mart with heeled boots and a mini skirt…

Once again Tae Hee drops everything, and rubs her ankle. Jae Hun rushes to her aid, and then belatedly realizes it’s Tae Hee. Haha! I love how he is startled by her new look. He gets up, and just watches her struggle to stand up without revealing anything. (Meanie.) He dares her to pick up the items off the floor one by one while looking “sexy,” coaching her but not doing it himself. HEEE. I’m just so gleeful over the fact that he’s teaching her a lesson – “Why look like Angelina Jolie when you’re moving (awkwardly) like that?”

He even asks if she knows how to do the “model walk,” and is about to demonstrate to her when Chae Young comes by. Danggit – she just spoiled the party. Chae Young rushes Tae Hee to come outside; they have an interview that she can’t be late for. With a glance at Jae Hun, she then leaves to wait outside. Jae Hun’s surprised Tae Hee’s going for another part time job, but she can’t really explain. It’s clear she needs to go, but she can’t leave the mess behind. So Jae Hun negotiates with her – he’ll clean up the mess in exchange for pizza. But what about her remaining hours!? OK – Jae Hun promises to work her shift too for two pizzas.

Tae Hee quickly takes him up on the offer and thanks him. He’s surprised she readily agreed to spend so much money, and the lighting director tells him about her interview with an agency. It’s likely Tae Hee’s been scouted, but it might be hard for her to get selected from the large pool of applicants. However, even if she is picked, her life won’t be easy; stress, scandals, and suicides occur behind the scenes.

Worried, Jae Hun visits Doo Ri. Immediately she knows what he wants to ask: yes, Tae Hee got scouted, and its by Chae Young’s agency no less. Jae Hubn: “How’d you know I came to ask you that?” Doo Ri: “I can see through you like a jellyfish.” HAH! He wants to know the statistics of how many commit suicides, and Doo Ri advises him to teach Tae Hee how to drink. If he’s worried about her safety, he should teach her the basics of holding her liquor  and not getting drunk, because that’s an invaluable survival skill in that industry.

On the car ride to the agency, Tae Hee stares out the window, fascinated by Seoul. Chae Young picks up on the fact that Tae Hee’s like a fish out of the water, and so she tells her about the time she went to the countryside. Everything was so primitive that she couldn’t stand it, and felt so uncomfortable there. (I think Chae Young’s a privileged wuss, but that’s just me.) So she tells Tae Hee that if she feels uncomfortable in the city, she should run away. Wow – that’s subtle.

When they arrive at the agency, Chae Young is pissed to find out that she has to wait. She doesn’t like waiting, you see, and has things to do. She even brought the girl personally. Director Oh looks around – but where’s the girl? Somehow, Tae Hee manages to get lost, and stumbles into a recording studio where a girl group is rehearsing behind the window. The manager of the girls is angry that Tae Hee managed to come inside, and has one of the people from the recording studio take her out.

That guy then searches through Tae Hee’s bag, making sure she didn’t record anything. He starts going through her cellphone, and Tae Hee begs for her stuff back. Director Oh happens to find her at the lobby, and she tearfully cries to him for help. She’s such a child still…

Now that they’ve found Tae Hee, Chae Young gripes about having a concert with Soo Bin to attend to. Director Oh tells Chae Young she can leave, but no way is she going to leave Tae Hee alone with the manager so that they can make deals without her knowledge. She throws the question to Tae Hee – does she want to stay or leave?

Tae Hee chooses to stay, and Director Oh deposits her in a practice room where other trainees are dancing. When the manager returns from his meeting, they’ll come get her. Of course, they end up making her wait, way past closing time. She gets kicked out of the room and is forced to wait in the hallways. When she asks her father how much longer she’ll have to wait, he isn’t around to comfort her.

Jae Hun is worried about whether Tae Hee returned or not, and has Do Sung call. But she had ignored his calls and turned off her phone because it was disruptive during the dancers’ session. Do Sung calls Doo Ri for more details, and Doo Ri jokes that Tae Hee must have ignored Do Sung’s call. He gets all sensitive about – why would she ignore him!? But Doo Ri reasons that she’s probably still with Chae Young, and Chae Young isn’t back yet either. She wonders if Do Sung is afraid Tae Hee will leave him for a rich chaebol since he’s not rich.

Erm – actually he is. He has a very rich financial backer in the form of his mother at least…

He hangs up and runs out the room petulantly, because he’s apparently being dumb and worrying about Tae Hee unnecessarily. Hee – the way Daesung plays him is adorable.

When he returns from the store outside campus, he sees Soo Bin and Chae Young drive up back to the dorm, but there’s no Tae Hee in sight. He chases after them – does Chae Young know where Tae Hee is? Weren’t they together? Why isn’t Tae Hee back yet?

Soo Bin is confused, as he didn’t know Chae Young was with someone else. And Chae Young (damn that girl) pretends she has no idea either. Is she supposed to know everything about Tae Hee and where she is? Isn’t she allowed to not know? Chae Young – I want to punch you in the face. Thankfully, Soo Bin doesn’t fall for her words and asks her point blank what she did with the little girl he played piano with.

Chae Young storms into Doo Ri’s room, pissed that Doo Ri is spreading rumors. Doo Ri: “What rumor?” Chae Young feels insulted that Doo Ri made it look like she’s supposed to be Tae Hee’s chauffeur, and had just left her in some hostess bar. Doo Ri: “Is that what you did?” Hah. Chae Young tries to shift the blame on Tae Hee, saying that the girl should know how to ride the bus and come back.

Doo Ri: Do YOU know how to ride the bus? Do you know how much the fare is?

Kaedejun: HAH.

So in the common area, Do Sung is FREAKING out about Tae Hee being gone for five hours, as the last time Chae Young saw her was around 5pm. Jae Hun joins them as a super calm figure, despite the fact that Tae Hee could have ended up with some perverted men in shady talent agencies. They hope that Tae Hee is still at Chae Young’s agency, but neither has a car or a license. Doo Ri asks Jae Hun if he can ride a motorcycle.

Suuuuuuure – it’s just, can he get over his fears from the accident?

Do Sung and Doo Ri plan on how to get the key for the motorbike – apparently it belongs to Chang Jin! Byeong Gun has the perfect timing to pop on over and ask if they can listen to him sing just once. Doo Ri says he has to do something in return first… Do Sung and Byeong Gun are sent to the locker room where the upperclassmen are changing. While Do Sung distracts them with a song, Byeong Gun is to steal the key.

Good thing the upperclassmen think that this is some weird assignment that they were given. Singing in front of upperclassmen isn’t too hard though; they had to do it on a subway. They find it odd that Do Sung doesn’t have to do something weird (like sing naked) or challenging, but they let it slide. Do Sung ends up choosing to sing a Hades song.

That’s Chang Jin’s favorite song! Uh-oh… but good thing Chang Jin is now interested, because now Byeong Gun has a clear shot at getting the key. Do Sung performs, and it’s hilarious that the upperclassmen try to teach him on how to act like Hades!

Byeong Gun and Doo Ri hand over the key to Jae Hun in the garage. He stares at the bike one more time, but the memories of the accident is too much to bear. He hands it back, unable to ride it, when finally Tae Hee calls Doo Ri. Tae Hee finally realized that it’s really late, and her phone was off.

Hilariously, Doo Ri ends up being the one super hysterical: “What do you mean wait longer? Do you even know what time it is? What are you going to do? All the buses are off duty. Are you going to a motel? Do you know what it is? Why didn’t you pick up your phone!?”

Wow – she’s worse than my mother.

Jae Hun takes the phone away, and in a calm, soothing voice, asks if Tae Hee is still at the agency. She is. He hops on the bike and rides off.

WHEEEEEE! Doo Ri notes this as a sign of his obvious affection for Tae Hee, while Byeong Gun goes, “Oooooooooh!” and notes that the kid really can ride a motorcycle.

Tae Hee tries to find her way out of the building, wandering around until she finally reaches the elevator and goes to the lobby. But the front door is locked! She pulls at it crazily until someone opens it – it’s Chae Young’s manager. Tae Hee falls over, so he helps her up, but they discover that she sprained her ankle badly. He scoops her up into his arms and brings her upstairs… just as Jae Hun races towards the agency on the bike.


The change in Tae Hee was a little jarring, but it’s more like she’s still her naive self in someone else’s clothing. She is the most impressionable character in the drama, and so I’m not surprised that she’s the one oblivious towards Chae Young’s manipulations. I am surprised that she’s being set up as Chae Young’s rival rather than Doo Ri. I would rather it be Doo Ri because it’d be a battle of the smarts and of true talent. Tae Hee is talented as well, but by pitting her up against Chae Young, it’s become a Cinderella/underdog story. Fun – but not as witty. After all, Cinderella didn’t get her prince alone; Tae Hee is not going to succeed on her own.

I do love that Doo Ri has opened up a bit more to her friends. She’s come to care for Tae Hee a lot, and she seems to be close with Byeong Gun. (That guy has great comic timing by the way. And the most comical facial features.) Once again, the friendship between these guys kill me. It’s the sort of friendship I’d strive for, where you’re willing to do anything for each other, and not afraid to insult or confront each other either. With this mini time-jump, we get to establish everyone’s fears. Fear of becoming “old,” fear of new places, fear of making another tragic mistake, fear of the past. Now, they just have to get over it.

And I seriously hope Jae Hun doesn’t have to be a rival to Jin Yi Han. Jae Hun’s hair is so much better.

Mini story at the end: It’s all about Prof. Yang’s hair, nicknamed “Sheep Hair,” because I guess the curl resembles that of a ram’s horn? She freshens up her makeup before Team A and B’s “You & I” performances, as there might be reporters present. Her assistant comes in, sees that ridiculous curl on Prof. Yang’s head, and then adjusts it so that a stray curl is tucked inside. It’s appropriate her last name means ‘sheep’ in Korean and Chinese. Hee.


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  1. Aidan


    • 1.1 Aidan

      I really like this show!

  2. rianna

    Byeong Gun is so hilarioussssssssssssss! is tae hee the lead of this drama??? a lot of story evolves around her. lol

    i love this drama so much!!!!!

  3. Miky

    Do tou kno the name of the actor that plays Director Oh?

  4. Yasmin

    Thanks for the fast recap!! Wow, the drama is really getting intense! I saw the preview…woah!! ( no worries I won’t spoil)
    My favourite character is doo ri! She is amazing!! And omg has jae hun become hot or what?! I really love him now even though I didn’t really like him at the beginning!! The way he cares for do sung and tae hee is really touching! Actually ALL the friendship bonds here are really strong! And byeong gun is sooo funny, his comic timing is great! The way he slid between doo ri and the guys to get them to listen to him sing! Hee!! And do sung is adorable and him and jae hun’s bromane is too cute!!
    I’m not really liking tae Hee as a person though, she comes off as simple rather than innocent and that really annoys me esp after seeing the preview of next ep.
    I really hate chae young and hope she comes round esp with the help of soo bin who I love!!
    Can’t wait for today’s episode though!! Although I have to wait for subs!

  5. hajroutta

    “And I seriously hope Jae Hun doesn’t have to be a rival to Jin Yi Han. Jae Hun’s hair is so much better.”

    hahaha xD nicee one !

    thanks for the recap 🙂 This drama is getting better and better ^^

    • 5.1 alua

      Which one is Jin Yi Han? You kind of lost me there.

      • 5.1.1 Miky

        Jin Yi Han is Chae Young manager in the drama,the one taht picked Tae Hee at the end

        • alua


  6. alua

    Doo Ri is awesome. Love her frank words of wisdom. “They are not interested in you”. Yup, hit nail on the head.

    Don’t get why Tae Hee is not sticking with her friends – sorry, but it just does not make sense! What has Chae Young done for her (before this episode)?

    Loving Jae Hun, Byung Gun, and Dong Su, they are all just wonderful. Loved how Jae Hun totally makes fun of Tae Hee when she’s in the shop.

    I’m glad Soo Bin called out Chae Young as well, but why does he spend time with her? He’s obviously smarter than that. There must be a bigger back-story to the two of them, but whatever it is, I think he deserves better than her regardless!

    • 6.1 derpodale

      Chae Young made a deal with him near the beginning of the story (in the script? I think it was the third or fourth) where he’d remake her team’s music for them, in exchange for her dating him (and thus getting his fangirls off his back). There’s a little snippet of that scene in the trailer, I believe?

      They’re obviously both pretty famous, which is also probably a factor. I think he finds her interesting.

      • 6.1.1 Carolina

        they never show the deal, haven’t they?
        did they cut the scene of what?
        so, he wants to date her only because he wants back his fangirls off?
        because as for now i don’t know whether he’s interested romantically in her…

        • Carolina

          ok, i saw the scene in the preview…
          it sounds pretty interesting
          by the way i don’t mind them being a couple…
          Chae Young is not so horrible… she’s very hardworking and passionate about her work…
          she’s very mean and b*tchy but one can understands her… the way you become after facing entertainment world…
          her biggest flaw might be that she wants to be someone she’s not
          as opposed to Soo Bin who is gifted by amazing talent, Chae Young is rather mediocre and need to work hard to achieve something… the problem that not even hardwork can help her… she need other ways (not nice ones)

          They’re different and similar in their ways…
          i kinda like them together…
          if only they had some screen time (at least Soo Bin… he’s relegated to 5 minutes appearance with Chae Young, as if they need to please his fans)

          • Xaris Villa

            I liked him when he was playing the Piano with Tae Hee. I feel like he’s quite child-like as well – not the same way as Tae Hee – but there’s something very honest about him. A little jaded perhaps, but still quite honest.

            I had to bite down while reading your comment about Chae Young, she really is easy to dislike. However, I feel that you may be right.

            Her strength is her perseverance and her ambition. Her weakness, her insecurity.

  7. chillinducky

    Woot, been looking forward to this recap!

    I totally agree on you in that I thought they would pair Doo Ri and Chae Young up against each other. Doo Ri could kick her butt. I didn’t expect Tae Hee and Chae Young to be facing off another. Hopefully Tae Hee will become stronger and less innocent/airy because of this.

    Can’t wait till Byeong Gun gets over his fear of singing! I like his character. He’s awesome.

    It’s ironic that the upperclassmen don’t think Do sung is Hades 😛

    I love Jae Hun’s new hair and when he got on that motorcycle for Tae Hee. @_@

    I hope the show can provide more story on Lee Soo Bin as well– I hope there’s enough time in the episodes for everyone actually, for their backstories.

  8. becca

    I am in LOVE with Byung Gun so much, he’s just hilarious and Oh Doori is just badass and I love her too. Thanks for the recap! love this show 😀

  9. carpetfibers

    Im Joo Eun is such a charismatic actress. I loved her in Soul, and a good 90% of my excitement for What’s Up was over seeing her on screen again. I can’t wait for this girl to be given a full lead role; she’s fantastic! Her Oh Doo Ri is so nuanced, complicated and strong, but terribly vulnerable. I just love the writing behind it, and the acting bringing it out.

    Conversely, I’m not sold on Kim Ji Won. At first, I found her mannerisms cute and endearing, but ten episodes in, I’m just bothered by how she cannot seem to walk like a normal human being. Notice how she hops, even when in flats? I mean. . . maybe if she wasn’t given the main lead amount of time on screen, these idiosyncrasies wouldn’t grate as much, but. . . I just don’t know if it’s the writers’ fault, or if it’s hers. Maybe they really are writing Park Tae Hee as an idiot. A cute idiot, but still, kind of an idiot.

    Jo Jung Suk is just killing it! He steals every scene he’s in. Kaedejun you’re dead on– his comedic timing is perfect. Did it seem like he was going to ask Oh Doo Ri to listen to him sing? If so, I’m totally on board that train. I would love for him to fall for her; hopefully she would eventually realize the Sun-man crush is just a displaced father-substitution. Can’t wait to hear him sing again.

    And Im Joo Hwan– again, another hugely charismatic actor. He’s just great. I haven’t yet seen Tamra, so this is my first exposure to him, and I cannot wait for him to get back and make more dramas. Every time he wanders into the scene, it’s like everything else becomes background. Part of me wishes the writing had connected with Im Joo Eun instead, because the two of them together have great chemistry.

    Ahhh. . . I could keep going. I just love this drama and its characters. The plot-arches don’t matter much to me at all, really; I could watch several seasons of just the characters hanging out and doing classmate-y things. I really hope there’s a volume 2. Probably not, but it’d be great!

    PS: Jin Yi Han is such a crush of mine. I love him to pieces, and he does the ‘Adoring Stare’ so well. I am even tempted to eventually sit through all of ‘You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here’ once it’s done just for him.

    • 9.1 diorama

      I agree with your statements – I just love the characters as a group and my favorite parts are when they’re getting together and just goofing around. It helps that they’re all strong actors with great material to work with. I mean comparatively, Dream High is like What’s Up’s naive little brother in terms of acting and writing and tone.

    • 9.2 Sonia

      I can’t agree with you more. Park Tae Hee’s character is really grating on me now. I feel like it might be the actress’s fault. Her performance is the most sub-par among the group. I just wish she wouldn’t get as much screen time. She spoiling a good drama for me. Uggh…

      • 9.2.1 carpetfibers

        Yeah, I’m still confused, because originally, wasn’t Im Joo Eun listed as the female lead? Or maybe they just did the listing by acting seniority, or the like? I don’t know. I just hope the next episode gives Tae Hee some actual growth. It’s great that they have her trying on ‘grown-up’ clothes and make-up, but I’d like to see her actually grow up.

        There was that bit, either in episode nine or ten, when Tae Hee is explaining how she likes it when people pity her because she thinks ‘Oh, there’s one more person who cares about me.’ I don’t know if that was a mistake in translation or what, but to my Western-English ears, I didn’t find that sweet or comforting, I found that more like ‘self-absorbed much?’

        It feels like Park Tae Hee was supposed to be a person who masked her fears by hiding behind a childish demeanor– a premise which might have translated beautifully to screen with a stronger actress. I could see then a transformation occurring when the character began to actually display her true emotions– getting angry or sad or anything other than witlessly grinning or tearing up woefully.

        • Wild Spirit

          Wow, nice take on Tae Hee’s character. She’s a pretty simplistic character and I hope that she grows up and matures from all of this.

          In regards to the whole “there’s one more person who cares about me” dialogue, yeah the english translation of that did sound a little… weird and unsettling. Think of it this way, have you ever felt good to have someone worry over you, even if it was just an acquaintance or someone you don’t know? I’ve certainly felt this way before in my lifetime and technically it’s not a bad thing. It’s an optimistic way kind of thinking. Besides, having it the other way around really is kind of like shoving other people’s goodwill in their faces so things kind of get rocky that way… lol. The whole conversion amounted up to: Is it really worth it to act “cool” when all it really does is isolate you from everyone else? Not really.

          Her conversation really touched Doo Ri which made her change for the better. It made me love Tae Hee and Doo Ri even more (lol… I love these two but my favorite would be and will always be Beyoung Gun).

          • carpetfibers

            Oh, I didn’t even think of it that way! Thank you for explaining. I kept thinking: Wow, Tae Hee’s really built this cocoon of sunny-side optimism around her, hasn’t she?

            But you’re right, it makes more sense this way. I do love her and Oh Doo Ri becoming better friends. I’m hoping they continue to rub off on each other.

    • 9.3 momosa

      You have to watch Tamna! Its really good, the scenery, music, story, actors, etc. Im Joo Hwan is very, very good!

  10. 10 diorama

    Thanks for the recap, kaedejun!

    I am reaaallly hating Chae Young. I just want to punch her through the screen.

    And yeah, I kinda wish it was Doo Ri going up against her instead of Tae Hee, because Doo Ri can actually up her in smarts. That would be a battle I’d love to see.

    • 10.1 MsB

      Me too. No redeeming qualities yet.

  11. 11 classied

    thank god i’m not the only one who thinks doori should have been pitted against chaeyoung instead. i mean, just the think of all the snark we could have had (the stupid, dreamy part of me still hasn’t given up on it, mind you).

    byunggun is a fabulous character. i’m extremely excited for him to get past his stage fright and finally own the stage like he does in his fantasy sequence. this episode gives me the feeling that doori might be slated for that “one person” role, and oh my god, that would be so much fun. awkward coward vs. badass rebel.

    aside, i’m waiting sunwoo to /actually/ start teaching and i’m really interested in how the new him can finally inspire his students down their respective roads. also, dosung’s story seems to be the only one not really covered yet, so i wonder if we’ll segue into that soon.

  12. 12 Purple Lee

    This TAE HEE EPISODE is really intriguing for me!!! I love JAE HUN’s new hair!!! He looks so much better! 🙂 This series made a KIM JI WON FAN out of me! ^^

  13. 13 jean

    I really thought that the leads for this drama are jae hun/doo ri/ do sung since they were the middle people in the poster and it was what i read somewhere…

    and i agree that tae hee/chae young is an unfair match because tae hee is so innocent and she’ll be crush like a bug if and when a catty battle occurs… i rather like doo ri’s attitude, she’s starting to care for her friends but she still has this hard and villain-like attitude when it comes to chae young in particular…

    i wonder if the bodyguard is going to romance tae hee.. if so, please don’t.. do sung already has a rival, jae hun, and it looks like he’s losing.. and they’re gonna add the bodyguard? please no..

    also, i like the change on jae hun.. looks wise.. can they also change do sung? lol..

    i am a do sung bias.. :p

  14. 14 ditdut

    I’m starting to have a major beef with the drama. WHY DOES THE WORLD REVOLVE AROUND TAEHEE???? I know Kim Jiwon’s star is on the rise, but fuckit, what about everyone else?

    I’m sure this feeling is particularly strong because I’m biased toward Doori, who I think is completely forgotten by now. She’s got such a complicated relationship with her mom, which I was SO excited to see, but that’s not even on the back drop anymore. And to be honest, I was expecting her to pair up with Im Joohwan because they’re both such charismatic people, and they’ve got great chemistry.

    The thing is, I wasn’t even an Im Jooeun’s fan coming into the drama, so I had no expectation whatsoever. But now, 10 episodes in, it’s clear that not only Doori is a far more interesting character, Im is also a much better actress.


    • 14.1 Sonia

      “Kim Ji won is a star on the rise”

      For reals? She is such a… mediocre actress. Even below mediocre actually. I found her cute in the first few episodes, but now I just find her annoying. She always has that puzzled look in her face. Can she even portray any other emotion? Even when she makes a mistake instead of the oh-shit-I screwed-up face, she has that what-just-happened?-how-did-all-the-drinks-fall-on-the-ground? face. I am just tired of her now. Im Joo eun is a much better actress. I wish the show would revolve around her more. It’s not like Kim Ji won is prettier than her. I find Im Joo eun more beautiful.

  15. 15 anna

    Tae Hee is like one of those “shoujo heroines” isn’t she? The clumsy oblivious idiot with a heart of gold that every heroes fall in love with. Doori needs more storylines.

    • 15.1 oozzeee

      ..yehp..those clumsy obvious idiot heroines that you sometimes want to hit on the head with a brick to sober up and think logically….

  16. 16 danni

    Up until this episode, Tae Hee has been one of my favorite characters, but she was rather annoying in this one. There’s a thin line between naive and stupid and Tae Hee has crossed over to the stupid side. Then again, like you said kaedejun, she is rather impressionable and she hasn’t had much (or any?) interaction with Chae Young before this episode, so I can see how someone like Tae Hee could easily think Chae Young was being sincere.

    Still love the show, but I also wish they weren’t setting us up for a showdown between Chae Young and Tae Hee because that’s not even a fight.

    Hope that Byung Gun gets his chance to shine soon, I can’t wait to see him impress everyone with his singing.

    Thanks for the recap, kaedejun!

    • 16.1 78446

      She used to be one of my favorite characters too! But now I think I’m starting to understand why Chae Young hates her so much. As odious as Chae Young is, at least she, you know, has COMMON SENSE AND A BRAIN, something I think Tae Hee is sorta lacking at this point. Honestly, I don’t want her to live her life thinking everyone will just be around to save her and take care of her. That kind of person is really annoying (and I’ve known my fair share of them). She better get her act together or else Chae Young will eat her alive, and not even the combined powers of Do Sung and Jae Hun will be able to save her.

      And ditto on Byung Gun. I’m so excited to see what his backstory is all about. Wasn’t he set up to be the youngest son of a chaebol family who doesn’t even know he enrolled in a performing arts university? Hee hee.

  17. 17 ash

    i LOVE this drama!!! the characterizations, and the actors who portray them, are simply amazing. i believe that this is a rag-tag group of adolescents on the cusp of adulthood, struggling through their different issues and learning what it means to be a part of something.

    chae young v. tae hee – maybe there’ll be a twist, where despite tae hee’s naive-adorkable-ness, her true talent is what’ll bring her over the top. because it seems like chae young is walking a tightrope right now, using her celebrity status as a shield to protect herself from this group of incredibly talented students who are threats all around!! i cannot wait for her comeuppance!!!

    as for all the comments in the earlier episodes regarding the editing or bad transitions – i think it was on purpose from the writer. each episode is getting tighter and tighter, and the story is flowing a little better….right as the students are slowly starting to form real bonds of friendship and their individual lives are starting to blend and merge together. the disjointed-ness of the beginning was a way to show how these students were at that point in the story – still individuals feeling out their place in this new world. all their walls were up (well, maybe except tae hee…), and we were getting to know them as they were getting to know each other. kind-of like how an orchestra sounds when all the instruments are tuning in the beginning. but after that point, when the symphony starts, it’s magic. maybe that’s what the story telling technique was here – start off a little jarring, but make it obvious who’s story was who’s, then as the story progressed, meld it all together.

    no matter what, i’m LOVING this story…and i hope the “vol. 1” in the title is a hint of more and more awesome vol.’s to come!!!

  18. 18 ldsaf

    I am so glad that I am not the only one who is getting annoyed with tae hee .. there is a limit of being naive she just comes across as being really dumb. But i am loving the relationship between students. Doo ri when she yells at Tae hee such long way she has come from the beginning episode..
    And Sun man.. what can i say bot Sun man.. love that he is actually being teacherly ( if there is a word as such) but love the fact even more that he still is snarky and laughs at the students.. Do Sung waking out of the room in a pout and Byeong Gun asking Doo ri to listen to him.. one of my fav scenes..
    and if the writers are actually listening i home there is more fights between Doo ri and chae young

  19. 19 Suzi Q

    I’m not sure who is the female lead in this drama? Tae Hee is borderline stupid. Has she been hiding under a rock? I can’t believe she is so dumb to be waiting in a building when everyone has left, and she doesn’t know what an eyelash curler is. Duh….

    I’m glad that they cast some actors who can really sing. I was terribly disappointed in Gu Hye Sun’s singing ability in “The Musical”. Do Sung and Byeong Gun can really belt out a song. Although I knew Big Bang’s Daesung could sing KPOP songs, I was surprise he could sing musicals beautifully. He was fabulous.I wish him well.I hope he can surmount his earlier scandal and continue bravely ahead.

    Doo ri should duke it out with that sneaky, no talent Chae Young. My beats with Doo ri!

    • 19.1 Wild Spirit

      In defense of Tae Hee in not knowing make-up all things like it, there are girls like that you know. I’m one of them and I’ve never put on make-up before because I don’t know how to and no one taught it to me before. I don’t even want to try because I’m afraid I’ll look horrible and my skin is ultra sensitive so it can break out in rashes if I’m not careful. When I saw her having difficulty with it, my heart really went out to her because I know exactly what it’s like in her situation. Funny thing is, even I didn’t know what an eye curler was until I actually saw it in the drama… lol. I always thought is was those silver clipper things but now I know…

      In regards to the fact that she actually waited in the building until late is because she’s gullible and trusting. She really thought that the manager would come so if she left, she’d think that it’d be rude to leave them hanging when the meeting is for her own sake. Get my drift? She’s still childish but thinks of others before herself. Let’s hope she grows up soon before things take a turn for the worst.

      • 19.1.1 Sonia

        I understand where you’re coming from, but I am least bit concerned about her not knowing about make-up. Personally I don’t put any make-up either and I don’t know how to (I know what an eye-lash curler is though), and I can even understand her waiting for the manager (although it’s a really dumb thing to do; couldn’t she just go to the help desk to ask what’s up?), but there are some things about her that just grinds on me. For one, can she for once walk like a normal person? Being cute doesn’t mean you literally walk like a two year old. And she cries for the simplest of reasons. C’mon you’re there for an interview, can’t you calmly explain it to the guard? Nope ofcourse the rational thing to do is start crying without even trying to explain what you’re there for. And anyway why was she even in the studio? She knows better than anyone else that she has no sense of direction and yet instead of sticking with Chae Young she goes off on her own exploring the building. Also in episode 9 (I think?) Oh Doo ri tells her to go straight and take a left turn or something, and instead of following the (straightforward) direction, just two minutes in she walks back the way she came from. Are you kidding me?! Getting confused about whether you had to go right or left is one thing, but turning back and walking right back to where you came from is completely and utterly dumb.
        And finally, this one just blew my mind – you’re in a deserted building after 10pm, you’re friends are wicked scared about you (and I am pretty sure she should have been able to tell from the way Doo ri panicked and yelled at her), one of you’re friends tells you to stay where you are and that they’re coming to pick you up and what do you do? You let a complete stranger carry you and take you to his office. hahahahha I don’t even know what to say. OK fine she sprained her ankle and couldn’t get up, but couldn’t she just ask him to take her outside the building where she’d wait for her friend? Or even to just help her stand up… or hell you could just ask him not to bother at all. Who in their right mind lets a complete stranger carry you in their arms and take you to their office and that too in the dead of night and in a completely empty building? Oh hell to the no.

        • Wild Spirit

          You make some good points. I just took a little offense at you calling her stupid, dumb, and living under a rock when she didn’t even know what an eye curler was… although, now that I went over what you said, I’m betting that most of your anger is toward the fact that she waited so long.

          And yes, it was stupid of her to wait that long without asking for help but earlier that day, she was yelled at by an employee and pretty much was embarrassed by that employee right in front of the guy at the waiting desk… it’d probably be even more embarrassing to walk right back there and ask for help. She’d also probably get lost trying to find the help desk too… it’s a pretty big building.

          About the walking part… that never bothered me all that much. It’s probably because of the fact that I also get accused of walking weirdly as well by my own mother. She always says that I walk around all the time with a bounce in my step. Lol… I guess some people just can’t like that little characteristic but oh well. There’s no helping it.

          And yes, she does cry quite a lot, sometimes for serious reasons and others for small things. I find it funny most of the time but I can’t really fault you for not liking her with this. It’s all about tastes.

          Lol… she’s quite the bird brain isn’t she? People tell her where to go but it all goes right over her head. I found it pretty funny but some people might hate it and find this irritating. Again, it’s all about tastes. I’ll admit though, I went through something like this a couple of times already (doesn’t happen often but it does happen). I try to follow someone’s directions but after walking toward said directions, a couple of yards in I start wracking my brain on thinking: which way again?… Lol.

          And about telling the guy to leave her alone (and other the other scenarios you brought up) yeah, I agree with you entirely. She’s incredibly naive so she going to have to learn things the hard way. She has to grow up and mature and she will. Even though I like her, it doesn’t mean that I’ll dismiss her faults. Everyone has some flaw or another in What’s Up (with the exception of piano boy but he hasn’t shown up enough just yet to make a clear judgement) and I know they will grow as the show progresses. I just find it a little frustrating that people won’t give Tae Hee some time to grow from her childishness. It’s as if she does something wrong or irritating and she’ll never be forgiven for it. I love all the characters in What’s Up, even the villainess Chae Young (I think she’s interesting… I have a love/hate relationship with this girl).

          • Sonia

            huh?! lol. I think you misunderstood me there. I actually don’t dislike her or think she lived under a rock for not knowing about make-up or waiting too long for the manager, although I do think it was a little stupid of her to wait that long without asking around.

            I agree with you that people do have different walking styles, and that in itself is not a problem. What I feel is that, the actress has portrayed this naive, simple-headed Tae Hee in the most stereotypical way possible, and truth be told I am tired of this portrayal. Naivety is one of her traits, but she’s not just that. I’m sure (or at least I hope) there is more to her character, but I don’t see that from her acting. It was OK until a couple of episodes because it was kinda cute for a while and also it kinda made sense for a while because she was in this completely different environment away from her family for the first time and stuff, but it’s already been ~3-4 months now (in the drama of course), and it’s starting to get old.

            OK for eg. I think of myself as being quiet and a little shy type of person (people around me think so too), but that doesn’t mean I am quiet in every moment of my life. There are times when I lose my cool, there are times when I boil over with anger and fight with my siblings and there are also times when I holler with excitement. If you think of a quiet person, would you imagine such things? Probably not, but truth is that I am a 3-dimensional person and shyness is one of my traits. I am not the definition of shyness. I hope I am making sense here. Now when it comes to Kim Ji won’s Tae Hee, what I see is a stereotypical naive person, with none of her personal touch. In fact, I must agree with Suzy Q here and say that this portrayal almost makes Tae Hee look borderline stupid. I have quite a few naive friends and trust me, not everyone has a hop in their walk, perpetual what-is-going-on look, hanging lower jaw and awkward hands. In fact each one of them is completely different (gasp!).

            Just to give an example: when she talks to Oh Doo ri and finds out that her Prof. was her aunt’s boyfriend. Throughout the conversation she had the same expression in her face. In fact, the background music was what clued me into the fact that she was surprised/shocked to find this out.

            Really, these things wouldn’t be a problem to me if she wasn’t given so much screen time. I would love to see her character development and I am willing to see her learn from her mistakes, but not on the expense of other incredible actors/characters. While other actors portrayal feels so organic, her feels forced (?!). Like Byung gun is also very quirky and funny and isn’t exactly the sharpest either, but the actor has made the role his own. Similarly, Oh Doo Ri is just plain bad-ass, but the actress does such an awesome job of showing us her vulnerabilities as well. Jung Jae Hun too. And all these are complex characters, each one with their own issue and I wish more time was spent dealing with that. My beef with the show is that Park Tae Hee’s character is getting more screen-time in favor of such talented people (esp. ep 10 -12). Personally, I am already tired of the cliche cute, bubbly, naive, clumsy, little air-headed but kind at heart girls getting all the riches and happiness story-line, and when it’s done with no nuance on the actors part then it just kills the drama for me.

            Phew… So in short, I don’t have problem with naive people. My problem is that the writers are being lazy and pulling this over-used troupe on us, and the actress’s inability to present Tae Hee as a more whole-some character rather just a naive, bubbly one. I hope I made sense.

            Of course she might get better in coming episodes (and I will be looking forward to that). In fact, I didn’t think she was as annoying in 11 and 12, so I guess that’s an improvement. Although, I watched them raw and skipped parts to see Oh Doo ri and Byung gun’s parts, so my impression might change when I watch it subbed. let’s see.

          • Sonia

            *trope. Sorry I meant trope. lol

        • Wild Spirit

          Oh, I forgot to mention something about Tae Hee explaining herself when they were searching through her bag. She said she was lost but they didn’t believe her at all. If she said she was here for her interview, they also probably wouldn’t believe her either unless someone verified it for her. She was incredibly overwhelmed because she was lost and they were searching through her phone. They were probably also planning on confiscating it as well which would greatly upset her. He practically writes in it every day.

        • Wild Spirit

          This response is supposed to be directed toward the most recent one you made:

          Ummm… I think you misunderstood me when I said I took offense toward your previous post (about the make-up part). Let me rephrase: I found that you were mostly angry at Tae Hee for being incredibly naive and stupid for staying so late at that agency building and not the make-up part (<- this was probably just a tack-on to one of your annoyances with her which doesn't really encompass all the things that you really have a problem with). And, you are entitled to believing that because it's true. She is naive and stupid… lol.

          This discussion is kind of getting pretty long… lol… so I'll keep this short. We're basically at a point where we're agreeing to disagree with some issues. So we'll leave it at that. All in all, the Tae Hee character portrayal doesn't really bother me because I generally think those type of characters are kind of hard to do. She isn't really all that bad compared to the one I saw in Mischievous Kiss (or is it called Playful Kiss) so that's probably why I'm so much more lenient on her. You can disagree with me here though. Our tolerances are different… lol.

          About the screen time issue with Tae Hee, I was thinking that the whole drama was focusing on developing each of the characters through several episodes at a time. First, the show started introducing everyone -along with their relationships with each other- and then they would focus the show on each of the characters over a couple of episodes. They started with Doo Ri first (they didn't finish her just yet) and now they're onto Tae Hee. Beyung Gun would probably go after Tae Hee. This includes the others of course so they'll eventually get their fair share of the spotlight. At least, this is what I thought so I may be wrong.

          • Wild Spirit

            Darn, I forgot to mention this, but take it easy on Tae Hee. Part of your annoyance with her is the fact that she shows up more on screen than you would like her to when you’d rather want other characters to be on screen. And yes, I understand that you believe that Tae Hee’s character portrayal doesn’t shine as much the others (which is true but in my eyes her’s isn’t all that bad) but honestly it’s kind of like saying you don’t mind that she’s pushed to the sidelines as long as the others get most of the attention. If you disagree with me on this feel free to respond back.

          • Wild Spirit

            Scratch the bottom part of what I said. I didn’t read the last portion of your post. At least you didn’t totally give up on Tae Hee yet which is good. Thanks for being patient with her.

          • Sonia

            Woah. It has actually gotten really long. Anyway, to clear up a few things, I think you are taking the OP and me to be the same person?! It wasn’t actually me who said I had problem with make-up and waiting… I don’t have any problem in particular with the either of those things. Jus’ saying. Although, I do think waiting without asking around or calling anyone was kinda stupid. But as I said, I am least bit concerned over those things.

            In trying to analyse things and clear things up, I think I made it worse. To put it simply, in the beginning I was OK with Tae Hee. She wasn’t my favorite, but she didn’t annoy me either (I liked her character in a narrative sense, I didn’t enjoy the acting). However, I think it was around episode 8 or 9 that the writer took a turn and changed her from quirky, gullible, but still strong to a more clumsy, stupid and extremely naive character (idk). I felt like writers were being lazy in creating circumstances to make her act in very irrational ways like the ones I mentioned in my first post. I don’t think I am wrong to expect more real, believable events esp. when they have done a fine job with other characters so far. + once again the actress’s acting just kills it for me (and not in a good sense). I know that not everyone might feel this way, but that’s how I feel.

            This one is in reply to your comment below (I couldn’t reply to that for some reason). If you haven’t watched ep11 and 12, you might not want to read this. Although I will not give away any spoilers. So, the episodes are supposed to focus on one character for one or a pair of episodes and move on to the next (and I truly hope that they will give fair chance to all the characters). However, if you watch ep.6/7 and ep.10/11/12, you will notice that while in ep.6/7 although we got to see more of Oh Doo ri, she actually was on screen for 13 and 7 mins each and she shined through in that small time frame. Additionally, while we did focus on her, other character were not left behind either and we got to see some parallel developments. However, in ep.10 and ep.11, Tae Hee was on screen for 22 and 23 mins each (± 1 min), and this doesn’t include the amount of time that was spent talking/worrying about her, which was a lot. So I did feel that other character development were… not exactly halted but umm.. pushed aside (?) in order to focus on her more and I would love for that to not happen as I adore these other characters. So to answer your question, I don’t exactly want her to be pushed to the sidelines, but I do want a fair share of character developments. Although there is still 6 more episodes to go so who knows whats to come.

            Now this one is from ep13 preview, so

            SPOILER ALERT!!!

            [The preview shows that the detective from earlier episode is digging into Tae Hee’s dad’s case, so that means more angst for Tae Hee and Jae Hun, which we all knew was coming but it still worries me because I feel like the writers might be putting other characters in the sideline for these two. I also felt like the writers did a half-assed job in addressing Byung Gun’s issues in ep.12. Although, I didn’t understand the whole thing as it was raw, so we might have some more to see.]


            Sorry, I wanted to make this short, but it just… got really long. 🙂

          • alua

            “quirky, gullible, but still strong to a more clumsy, stupid and extremely naive character”

            Without getting in this lengthy discussion – this bit bothered me as well. Tae Hee wasn’t set up as clumsy/stupid/extremely naive in the beginning, she definitely had a strong will and THAT seems to have totally vanished. For no reason, because even her suddenly prefer to sit with Chae Young at the lunch table wasn’t something we could foresee. It just sort of happened after the summer break was over that CY became more important than her friends (why???).

        • Wild Spirit

          This is directed toward your most recent response:

          Wow… sorry for my big mix-up! I feel terrible now. Please excuse my huge blunder for mistaking you to be the OP… *face palm*

          Thanks for the clarification. I never really noticed how much longer Tae Hee was on screen compared to the others… lol. Since her character was never really all that much of a problem to me, I guess I didn’t really get annoyed by it. And I do agree with you on wanting others to get their spot light as well (especially Doo Ri and Beyung Gun -they’re my top 2 faves-).

          I guess I’m just a bit too sensitive with others not liking Tae Hee right now because I’ve already read through some negative comments about her. She’s not my top favorite but I still do love her because she reminds me so much of what my niece is like: cute and loveable. Argh… I think it’s best if I go and avoid comment sections for now because there will obviously be people who won’t like Tae Hee’s character and I will obviously be upset by it. Oh, and thanks for the heads up too but I think I’ll steer clear of spoilers…lol.

          Again, sorry for the huge mix-up. I feel horrible about it…

      • 19.1.2 Sonia

        Although the main reason I hate her character is probably because I can’t stand the actress. Her acting just puts me in a funk.

        • go2college

          Sonia, I totally agree with you about the part Tae Hee at the office. I feel weird for a girl who is out at night, danm it’s like 10:30 or something, and she is not afraid of something.
          For the part about the make-up things: I think Tae Hee is from the countryside, so not knowing how to use these things is kind of understandable for me.

    • 19.2 daniela

      I do not like Tae Hee character too, but it’s my “fault” – i am the opposite of her. She makes me wanna slap her :)) to wake her up. Maybe she is in center because she is the daughter of the man who died because of JH (also – her English is really good).

      I don’t like the voice of Hades (but he sings super).

      Gun is awesome when singing, and the ” fiction duet” in episode 12 is super edited.

      I just love this drama, i love the music in it<3

  20. 20 Wild Spirit

    Wow… there’s so much animosity for Tae Hee on here. True, she is acting incredibly stupid right now but she’s never really ever experienced what it’s like to be a star and to join an agency before. She’s totally clueless and gullible so she’ll have to learn it the hard way. So obviously, watching her walk her own path is going to tough. It makes me cringe the way she tries so hard to be something she’s not, doing things she’s not comfortable with but she’s gotta learn these things herself. It’s called character development so give her some time people.

    If it’s any comfort, (and this is to all the Doo Ri lovers) if anything bad happens to Tae Hee you know Doo Ri is going to bring some smack down on the person who started all this crap. And I will totally love because it going to be a team effort too.

    Just a question for anyone who’s willing to listen, who here likes to have Doo Ri and Beyoung Gun to be together? They’re both just so lovable and entertaining and Doo Ri can totally bring out the confidence that Beyoung Gun desperately needs.

    • 20.1 f1yh1gh10

      yes about the doori and byoung gun. 🙂 i love them both! she’s what he needs. haha.

      • 20.1.1 Wild Spirit

        Lol… Yes! I’m so glad I’m not alone in thinking this. Those two would totally be cute together!

    • 20.2 carpetfibers

      I’m so for this pairing! I want them to sing together, too! Duet time!

    • 20.3 oozzeee

      ME! ME! ME! They’re so cute together…

      I kinda picture them together as McGee and Abby from NCIS.

  21. 21 f1yh1gh10

    you have to understand that there are girls like taehee out there. in fact, i didn’t even know an eyelash curler existed until a few months ago, lol. it’s true i’m just a bit younger than her age, but still.
    kim ji won’s character is naturally like this. she’s naive, clumsy. but i’m sure she’s going to develop into a stronger person. i think she’s gonna be someone that everyone will be shocked at, you know? the hidden weapon that seemed so innocent, but can kick some ass. that kind of character.
    she’s a good actress, and it’s kinda embarassing to watch her sometimes, but it’s a drama. she’s going to change. in fact, she’s already changed a bit.

    <3 her and doori too! doori is great, i love her. she's a good friend that taehee could use right now.

    • 21.1 Wild Spirit

      You too? I’m actually 19 so it’s good to know I’m not the only novice in make-up.

      I’d totally love Tae Hee even more if she were able to keep her innocent/compassionate self while having hidden fangs if poked at. It’d be awesome!

      I love Doo Ri too! She’s amazing and I can’t help but admire her whenever she comes up on screen. Her friendship with Tae Hee will definitely help Tae Hee in the long run. You don’t mess with a girl like Doo Ri… Lol.

  22. 22 xiaoSxin

    Happy Saturday and Sunday!!

    Less than 6 hours to go until the livestream starts!! AGHHH. I’m sleep deprived every weekend because of this drama. But anything for my LJH is so worth it.

    Anybody who wants to watch it live as well just click on this link! http://mbn.mk.co.kr/pages/onair/mbnweblive.mbn#


  23. 23 Yuna

    I really love this drama but I must say this one was my least favorite episode as far ’cause it was so cliché. Superpretty star gets jelous of super naive and talented new girl…

    Anyway, I love Tae Hee’s sweet inocence and Doo Ri totally rocks! I love how she is starting to care and how everyone helps to save Tae Hee in their own funny-dangerous way. The boys are great too but I feel somehow bad for Daesung, that shy and sweet kind of character never gets the girl. Come on show and surprise me!

    By the way, I want more Lee Soo Hyuk! When is his time? >.<

  24. 24 thee

    So far i really love this drama and this episode really did a good job to bring the drama to the climax (well, for me it’s the climax). I love the way the drama move on over time to a new semester in college, and all the characters have a new looking. 🙂
    For Tae Hee, I don’t like her as a character in the drama, but i like the actress. Tae Hee is really sweat yet she is very naive, too naive that makes other people feel annoyed for that.
    I love Im Joo Hwan… I dont have any words to describe but simply I just really like his character and also him as an actor! hehe
    Also i like the guy who play piano. He seems to be mysterious to me, always being alone, well sometime w/ the actress girl, but please give him more time to show on the drama.!! 🙂

  25. 25 Jinny

    Aughhhh I’m getting frustrated with Tae Hee. Not to the point of hate yet though haha. I can see how people might not know what an eyelash curler is but they could’ve done something more believable, like asking her to help put on mascara or eyeliner or something 🙁 But then I guess it wouldn’t make it that bizarre…A lot of the things in this ep were like “WTF” if you think about them, but if you just go with the flow then it doesn’t seem that weird actually (what could be weirder than switching souls in SG haha…)

    I really like Byeong Gun and I hope he gets his chance to shine soon and blow everyone (especially Chae Young) away~ And then maybe Doo Ri will fall for him hahah but I also wouldn’t mind her ending up with Sun Woo. Doo Ri and Jae Hun are my favorite characters right now<3

    I also wish we can see more of Soo Bin! Right now I don't have much of an idea of who anyone is going to end up with romance-wise which is good because it keeps me watching 😛 I'm curious to see if Chae Young will change in the end…

    I feel kind of sad for Daesung 🙁 It seems like he's not going to get the girl because nice guys almost never do D: And correct me if I'm wrong, but there's no room for changes in this drama because it's pre-produced? And was it always supposed to have 18 eps or was it increased to 18 because it went from a regular channel to a cable channel which means a time crunch on each ep?

  26. 26 Ioia

    ” character development” it’s one of the things that makes a story line better…what’s up is not just about music and getting their dreams it’s more on character development IMHO. Doo-ri JaeHun Doosung and byungGun Characters has the potential of having the beat CD story.. Taehee’s CD is still questionable. It’s evident that the writers are going to Make her overcome her naivety but they’re like pushing her naiveness to the limit. I feel like taehee’s story has a good potential (like in dream high from an ignorant boy to a superstar) how her character will suck depends on the writing and not on the actress. You need to give jiwon a break ( I admit that the actress playing oh doori is 10x better than the one playing taehee but she’s not that bad, if you guys have been cheking out high kick 3 her character there is more diverse and she plays it out well) taehee as I understand grew up in the mountains with the sheep and nature and as hard for some of us to believe there are actually quite a sum like her– who doesn’t have a clue and tends to be carefree and ignorant. So the make-up thing, talking to strangers + loosing directions, jumping from one group to another is a plausible character , cute borederline annoying but plausible. In some Korean dramas you can see heroines being ignorant and irritatingly naive for people living in the city so we can only imagine a female character coming from the mountains– 2x. As for the walk I have no complaints. The actress playing oh doori btw is ^jjang and I’m positive she’s going to play A bigger part soon … It’s just so sad though that what’s up could have been even better had it not been cut. I’ve heard that they cut a lot of good scenes just to fit the cable standards of 40 mins

  27. 27 Ioia

    I think the writers are trying to finish off the least interesting stories and make the interesting ones in the end I feel like they’re dealing with taehee and chaeyoung first and then byunggun. Doosung jaehun and doori’s has to be the last. Doosung with hs hades+mom as endpoint and jaehun with his dreams and mom and the accident revelation to taehee and doori with her mom and her crush… I feel like doori’s should be last if it’s sunwoo who’s going to die… Come to think of it all three of then had mommy issues lol

  28. 28 watcher&listener

    the 1st picture reminds me of one of lee soo hyuk picture I saw before. and is there anyone who think that both of them can play sibling? their face look quite similar in some angle.

  29. 29 cikkalut

    admin,, upload pic twins..
    n can you put the details of actress and actor..

  30. 30 MsB

    Tae Hee, Tae Hee..What an ignorant soul!

  31. 31 fwwhhiirjk

    aHWR5T kfpmxvvmhnmr

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