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What’s Up: Episode 11
by | January 12, 2012 | 53 Comments

Jae Hun is the BEST ever! I have never loved such a prickly but honest, and loving wise-ass character in the WORLD! Wait – Uhm Tae Woong in Dr. Champ was kind of like this. But Jae Hun is better – he’s younger. And for all the Tae Hee haters, she kind of gets her comeuppance in this episode.

So the manager director – whose name is Kang Min Woo – takes Tae Hee to his office in his arms. All he knows is spraying some medicine for any ankle sprains, so he gets Tae Hee to unzip her boots. He notices her hands are like a pianist’s, and after some questioning, he realizes this is the girl that he wanted Chae Young to bring over. Well goodio for him! He claims he’s great friends with Chae Young (though I’d question that), and gets Tae Hee to sing for him. (download episode audio rip)

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While she sings, and even performs in front of Director Oh and that crabby manager that kicked her out earlier, Jae Hun is racing over to the agency building. Throughout his ride, he keeps thinking of shared moments with Tae Hee, like when they sang and danced together that one late evening, and when he nearly shared his friend’s letter with her, and when the two partnered up for morning exercises. He smiles at the memories; this boy is a sucker for Tae Hee. TOTAL SUCKER.

After Tae Hee’s audition, she and Min Woo go down to the lobby as Director Oh gets the car. She gets a call from Jae Hun; he’s waiting outside already. Before he can speak, she excitedly tells him that her audition went well, and that it was a good thing she stayed. He no longer has to worry about her because Min Woo will be giving her a ride back to school too. She quickly hangs up on him, and that’s when Jae Hun turns around and sees Tae Hee get in the expensive car with Min Woo in the back. Director Oh meets eyes with Jae Hun before getting in the front. (I hope they face off one day?)

Jae Hun is clearly hurt. Not only did he ride on the one thing he has a fear of, and ride for hours trying to get to her, but he ends up getting jilted for a man with a nice car, and possibly-sleazy intentions.

The next day (or two), Jae Hun ignores Tae Hee, sitting away from her during class, and refusing to walk from class to class with her and the usual crew – meaning, Do Sung, Doo Ri, and Byeong Gun. Tae Hee spots him after Prof. Yang’s acting class (where everyone reads and tries to emote based on a script), and tries to reach for him. But Jae Hun walks quickly away. (Interesting that they’re both wearing similar black and white striped shirts…)

They go to their next class with Sun-Man, and he teaches acting a little differently. He presents them with a scenario rather than a script: they’re aspiring actors, but they also have a very rich father who would give them everything as an inheritance when he dies. But because they want to act so badly, the father wants to disown them; their task is to convince their father to do otherwise.

This scenario – of course – hits Byeong Gun to the core. No doubt his situation is quite similar to this scenario. Sun-Man calls on Kim Sung Jae – Mr. Born to Dance choreographer for Team A – to act out the scenario, but Sung Jae doesn’t want to. His thinking is, if he were the rich son, he would set up a production company and hire all the directors and cast, and hold all creative control. When the father dies, then he’ll become an actor – win-win situation right? A lot of students agree, and Sun-Man can’t argue the logic. But he asks if there are any volunteers for this exercise.

Tae Hee, Byeong Gun, and Do Sung raise their hands, but Sun-Man picks Tae Hee. (I smack myself in the face – why must he always pick her? She’s usually the worst when it comes to his assignments! Oh right – favoritism for the niece.) He has her speak to her class as if they are her father, and gives her the tip to be as sincere as possible.

Meanwhile, Chae Young confronts Soo Bin in the library. She just heard the rumor that Soo Bin will be writing the music to the musical her agency is producing, and she wants to know if it’s true. Soo Bin hasn’t given a concrete answer yet, but just that he’ll think about it. She wants to know if he’s heard the voice of the lead candidate for the main role. Soo Bin: “Yes.” Chae Young: “Was it Park Tae Hee?” Soo Bin: “Yes. I instantly recognized her voice.”

Chae Young shakes with anger, tears forming in her eyes. This is now much more than just a petty jealousy.

Back in the classroom, Tae Hee is trying to convince her father/the class that she doesn’t need his money, doesn’t need his inheritance. All she wants is for him to watch her perform onstage, just once. I guess her approach could be described as innocent, or reverse psychology – maybe if her “father” saw how well she could act, he won’t disown her after all. Suddenly, Jae Hun blurts out, “Stop with the lies.”

He looks to Sun-Man to ensure that he can continue, speaking as Tae Hee’s “father,” and when he receives the go-ahead, he continues, his voice rising with every sentence:

“You’re (choosing to act) because of your own vanity…Being on stage makes you happy and excited – saying that is so easy. But you know that isn’t the case. You want to ride a nice car, you want to become famous, you want to meet someone awesome – isn’t this why you want to be an actress? I have a lot of money. I can do everything for you. Expensive foreign cars? Have it! Men? Who do you want? A chaebol?”

Tae Hee laughs nervously, still in character. She can’t drive, so why does she need a car? And she’s not going to pick some random chaebol as if he were a product in the supermarket.

Jae Hun: So are you telling me you’re going to be on sale at a supermarket? Wearing tons of makeup that make men look at you twice? Go on stage and sing and dance, saying “Please pick me”?

Tae Hee: Wearing makeup is giving respect to the audience.

Jae Hun: Respect my ass. Is it respect when you wear a short skirt that reveals your thighs while being carried in a man’s arms? You’re using the word ‘respect’ a bit too broadly.

Tae Hee: Why are you talking to me like this?

Jae Hun: Because I’m your father.

Tae Hee: If you’re my father you shouldn’t be speaking to me like this!

Jae Hun: Are you saying that a father should only say things you want to hear? That’s not a father. Where in the world is that kind of father? How can he be a father?

Tae Hee: What do you know about my father!? Did you ever meet him? I know you’re angry at me right now!

Um – uh-oh. Tae Hee’s veering off script now. Even Jae Hun tries to warn her about it by pretending he has no idea what she’s talking about, because despite his anger towards her, he’s very much aware that they’re still in class, and this is not the place to be talking about private matters. Tae Hee cries out that he should have just told her straight he was coming to pick her up. She had no idea, and therefore didn’t think it would be wrong to accept a ride from Min Woo. Jae Hun screams, “Park Tae Hee!” and that shuts her up. Kinda too late though – everyone is staring at the two of them, riveted.

Class ends, and Tae Hee and Jae Hun go their separate ways. Doo Ri asks Do Sung if they should help facilitate a reconciliation, but decides against it. Watching them is just too much fun. Also, if they continue fighting, it increases Do Sung’s chances with Tae Hee! He gets mad at her, and then blames her for not properly telling Tae Hee about how much trouble Jae Hun went through to go get her. Doo Ri shoos him away, and starts complaining on why Byeong Gun is taking so long from coming out of the classroom. (Heh – I love that she turns her concern to Byeong Gun, and thus avoids Do Sung’s accusations.)

Byeong Gun is actually still in class, speaking with Sun-Man. He still hasn’t found his “one person” to sing to. Sun-Man reminds him that speaking is for communicating one’s thoughts and feelings, and singing is for communicating things you can’t express in words. Wow – Sun-Man really is shaping up to be a good teacher! He adds that if Byeong Gun sings only to himself, and thus speaks only to himself, he should be regarded as a crazy person.

At lunch, Tae Hee sits with Ka Young and Glasses Girl, but Chae Young is nowhere to be found because she’s on a “date” with Soo Bin. The two other girls gush about how good looking of a couple they are, but Tae Hee is sad and bored. She looks over at the table with her friends, where they’re all having fun, and catches Jae Hun’s eye. He pointedly looks away and continues eating.

That evening, Doo Ri can’t play her shooting game in peace because she can hear the mournful music coming from Tae Hee’s earphones. Tae Hee is still pouting, which begs the question if her father was always the one who apologized first. Even if Tae Hee were wrong in an argument, would her father always try to make her feel better?

Tae Hee doesn’t understand what she did that was so wrong, and Doo Ri exasperatedly tries to explain. If Tae Hee rode all night to pick someone up, only to see that person leave in someone else’s car, how would she feel? Tae Hee: “But I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle.” HAHA – rely on her to pick up on the unnecessary details.

She argues that she didn’t know, but Doo Ri says it’s not Jae Hun’s fault either. Just because she didn’t know he was coming, she shouldn’t feel bad then? Doo Ri then stops herself from explaining further; instead of being an observer, she’s actually helping them reconcile, and that’s no fun for her. Doo Ri would make an awesome, mean, older sister.

Meanwhile, Byeong Gun has dragged Jae Hun to the courtyard outside, wanting to make him his “one person” to sing to. However, all Jae Hun can think of is when Tae Hee had performed for him at that very same place. Byeong Gun prefaces his song with a lot of explanations, and just when he’s about to sing, he always chickens out and gives more explanations.

This whole experiment is deemed a failure, which disappoints Byeong Gun. He knows he’s a better singer than Jae Hun, and therefore should feel more confident about singing in front of him. (HAHA – so narcissistic and honest.) But as they return to the dorms, they bump into Tae Hee, who is just leaving. Byeong Gun attempts to make small talk with Tae Hee, congratulating her for getting scouted by a talent agency. He finally gets the hint though that he needs to leave, and return to his nightmare of a room that Soo Bin must have trashed somehow again.

Tae Hee apologizes. She did wait for Jae Hun, and she’s sorry that she put him through so much trouble. However, she can’t understand why he’s so mad. Is he really this petty to be angry over this one situation? She starts crying, feeling like she’s being unfairly blamed by him (especially since Jae Hun hasn’t explained why he’s so angry), and it startles him. He looks a little contrite, but she insists she’s not crying – and definitely not over him – before stomping off on her sprained ankle.

Jae Hun goes inside, and finds Byeong Gun crouched behind the front door, eavesdropping the whole time. He tsk-tsks Jae Hun for not knowing how to “speak” when they’ve been having lessons all day about “talking.” Jae Hun asks what he’s still doing here, and Byeong Gun lies that he’s been tying his shoelaces… (for quite some time!)

Poor Byeong Gun though – when he arrives in his room, it’s already a mess with paper littered all over the floor. Byeong Gun is even annoyed that Soo Bin composes with paper and pen instead of on a computer, but he happens upon one of Soo Bin’s unfinished pieces. It’s a very good piece, and he grudgingly admits that Soo Bin is a genius – albeit one with very bad habits.

We finally get to Soo Bin and Chae Young at a bar over drinks. Turns out the agency had led her on about getting the lead in the upcoming musical. They advised her to be a musical major in college, as it might help her chances in landing the role. But now a complete unknown in the form of Tae Hee has taken away that opportunity. Chae Young is trying to find her comeback, but it’s proving to be harder with greater competition.

In the middle of the night, Tae Hee sits in an empty room, and talks to her Angel Daddy. She says she’s excited about the prospect of getting a callback from her audition, but she doesn’t look it. It’s because every time she thinks of something good regarding her future career, she is reminded of Jae Hun. Her thoughts keep straying back to him and puzzling over why he is so angry with her. She then wonders what would happen if she became a star; would her friendships change or stay the same? Dad doesn’t have a real answer, but tells her that she doesn’t have to choose between stardom and friendship. When Tae Hee asks if Dad would always stay by her side no matter what, he doesn’t answer. Tae Hee herself doesn’t have an answer to this question.

Chae Young makes her way to meet Prof. Yang, only to find the professor kicking furiously at the brick walls. Prof. Yang then storms into Sun-Man’s office. He’s applied to a musical festival using Haneul’s name without consulting her?! When she is the one who’s usually managing the performance for this festival? Sun-Man proposes they enter two teams: she can take “Haneul Old Team,” and he can take “Haneul Young Team.” HAHA – what a way to offend.

Prof. Yang won’t let him off so easy; now that he shows up to class on time and doesn’t drink anymore, he’s probably trying to usurp her position as dean, right? Sun-Man laughs – he has no political motivations against her. He just wants to do something fun with his students, the freshmen, and this is something he wants to do before he dies. Prof. Yang is disgusted that he thinks it’s fun to risk the school’s reputation on a little project with amateur freshmen, and so Sun-Man starts flapping up his shirt, crying, “I don’t care! Whatever!”

Of course, Chae Young soaks all of this in.

When she goes to the agency, she requests to speak with Director Oh alone. She picks at his ego; isn’t it frustrating to be the smarter, more competent person, and yet Min Woo – the aimless son of the owner – is the one with the higher title? To be the one who does all the work, and Min Woo gets all the credit? She proposes that he prepare a musical of his own, while Min Woo does his musical. Min Woo’s will end up failing because he likes to just show off cute girls and his money (read: Tae Hee and his musical project). In the meanwhile, Director Oh can prepare a musical with unknown actors, and then bring them out with a bang at the last minute to save everything. It would be better if his musical team won a national contest as well. (Read: Chae Young and the winning musical team in Haneul.)

Of course Chae Young would be on Director Oh’s team, as she’s an “amateur” at musicals.

In the library, Tae Hee finally gets that callback from the agency. She’s so excited that she runs out of the building, sees Do Sung and Jae Hun in the distance, runs up to them… and hugs Do Sung instead. Boy is Do Sung a happy dude… She squeals that she’ll be missing the afternoon class to go sign the contract, and Do Sung warns her to read it carefully. It’s SUPER important that she reads it. (Try talking sense to a crazily giddy girl – think she’ll really listen?) Jae Hun, on the other hand, receives the news quite sedately, unable to share in her joy.

Funny interlude where Chang Jin and his cronies see Chae Young speaking with Prof. Yang. One of his cronies volunteers to eavesdrop for him, and gets all kissy faced, pretending to be Chae Young. Except… he actually does kiss Chang Jin. The kid is far from Chang Jin’s side faster than Speedy Gonzalez.

Chae Young is just telling Prof. Yang about a new sponsor, who will help her musical production as long as they place well at the musical festival, the National Youth Musical Festival, or NYMF. Now that’s a bit difficult, as their best ranking was “runner-up.” So Chae Young suggests they get some talent from the outside.

Back in the dorm room, Do Sung calls his uncle for some information about Chae Young’s agency, DCS Media. It’s a stable, legit place, and they are good at training new talent. Well that eases both his and Jae Hun’s minds. But then the uncle spills some alarming news – the managing director is quite problematic.

Meanwhile, Tae Hee is meeting that very managing director – Min Woo – and signing the contract with him. She hesitates, still shocked that they’re going to give her so much money. Director Oh frankly states that a lot of money goes into training and creating a star, so even though she receives this amount of money, she needs to live up to its worth. Tae Hee: “I’ll do my best.” And she signs it.

Jae Hun rushes out of his room and stops Chae Young from where she’s going. He wants more details on this Min Woo character – is he really sleazy? Chae Young admits that it’s Min Woo’s hobby to take the new girls he signs on to a poker game with his rich chaebol friends to “show them off.” (UMMM….) Chae Young had been invited before, but she declined, having an idea of what might happen. After that, she lost a lead role that they were going to give to her. Jae Hun forces her to tell him to location of this poker game.

And Tae Hee enters a hotel room, right behind Min Woo, all dressed and made up for the rich boys.

Jae Hun storms into the upperclassmen’s locker room and boldly takes Chang Jin’s motorcycle key. The upperclassmen chase after him, and when Jae Hun bumps into Chang Jin outside, he thanks him for the ride, and then runs out of there – getting on the bike and racing towards the hotel Tae Hee is at.


A strong episode for Tae Hee and Jae Hun. Granted, I would love to see more of the other characters, but right now Tae Hee and Jae Hun’s story is so strong that I don’t mind the other stories are taking a backseat.

I especially love the scene where Jae Hun and Tae Hee play-act in Sun-Man’s class, and it ends up reflecting their real concerns for each other. First off, it’s a nice parallel to see Jae Hun pretending to be her father, and watching out for her, considering he had accidentally caused Tae Hee’s father’s death. Though he made no promise to watch over Tae Hee, he practically is. It’s beyond friendship; Jae Hun cares for Tae Hee like a sister, a daughter, and a girl he’s interested in. That may sound weird, but it just shows how deeply he cares for her. Of course, he just acts cool about it.

Secondly, this was also a bit of great writing and acting in one scene – there’s so much intensity, so much truth, so much emotion in that one scene. I love that Song Ji Na’s writing isn’t idiotic, but reflects how students in their twenties would talk and think. They may be juvenile, but they also think like adults. They challenge and they tease; they’re honest and yet they don’t know how to be completely honest with their feelings. Im Joo Hwan also brings a spark onscreen as he plays “father,” and he not only proves himself as an actor to us, but also to his class. He reacts to scenarios by tapping into his own experiences and deep-seated emotions; that’s the sincerity that Sun-Man is talking about. Now to his classmates, they may think he has a grudge against Tae Hee, but wouldn’t he make a great father? Don’t his words ring honesty there?

While Tae Hee could seem quite idiotic, I think I can understand where she’s coming from. She has no idea about the entertainment world and agencies, and since this is Chae Young’s agency, she doesn’t see any reason to fear. She is scared about going into the hotel room full of rich guys at a poker table, and I don’t think she’s an idiot for not realizing the possible danger she’s in. I don’t fault her for the decisions that she is making, and I also am not worried for her. She is very lucky to have found friends who would do anything for her.

53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JoAnne

    Probably the best episode yet, although 12 is really awesome too. I am ALREADY sad in anticipation of this ending…I have never wanted 24 episodes so badly in my life!

    • 1.1 classied

      i second that motion. i have never wanted an extension so badly in my life either. there’s just so much left to be explored with all the characters we have.

      • 1.1.1 ldsaf

        maybe after IJH comes back from the army they can have vol 2… Everything already been recorded…. sad..

        • MsB

          Oh no, its army time for IJH? Did not know that!! Loving his acting chops!

    • 1.2 Raine

      That is so you, unni. 🙂

  2. Alvina

    I’m totally with you OP, when you’re saying that the script is next to flawless. The characterization of these students feels so absolutely real, that it breaks my heart.

    And, as a confused and scared college student, I know exactly where they are coming from.

    That said, I cant wait to see how this drama wraps up their respective issues, if they wrap them up at all…

    • 2.1 Alvina

      Also, do you think IJH is sitting somewhere with his army buddies watching this? haha 😀

  3. Moko

    YAY I love this series, thank you so much for this review.
    Just as I thought it could not get better….it did

  4. Sunni

    One of the best episodes yet. Although, the choppy editing was definitely much more noticeable in this episode. I absolutely love the scene where Jae Hun acted as Tae Hee’s father. Sigh, I wish I had discovered him sooner.

  5. Biscuit

    6 more episodes to go!

    It seems there’s still so much ground to cover with each of the students. Yet, even when the focus is not on them during the episode, they still grow as characters as each episode passes. They’re living humans not just “fillers” that make up the rest of the class.

    Even with Chae-young, I dislike her but I have a tiniest bit of sympathy for her. She’s trying to reach the top while facing pressure that she might lose everything right in front of her. Being aware of something is different then actually seeing your world crumbling so close to you. It’s just that her way of surviving is questionable.

    Thanks for recap!

  6. sm1leitsamy

    ahhh, just figured out that tae hee is kim ji won from high kick 3!! i was looking at the screencaps, thinking, “huh, they both look awfully similar…” and wasn’t so sure cause i think her teeth seem different in what’s up than in high kick… and then i dramawiki’d it and made sure they’re the same person… yay!! i love kim ji won in high kick 3, she is so pretty

  7. inuank

    I would like to ask you guys if you have any clue why such a good drama with so many good points was left for so long before it was picked-up by a broadcaster and even after it was, the ratings turned out to be so slow?

    • 7.1 leen

      it was picked up by SBS, but then dropped after Daesung’s scandal… SBS didn’t want the negative press, and it was too soon after the accident for all of that exposure for him. And then, it was just a matter of broadcasters biding their time and seeing whether it was a risk they wanted to take.

      • 7.1.1 mya

        SBS dropped this drama way before Daesung’s scandal and not because of the scandal.
        SBS cancel the airtime slot in March last year.

  8. alua

    Haven’t watched this yet and really want to, but no time this week!

    Sounds like Jae Hun rocks in this episode.

    Tae Hee still sounds annoying to me though – I get she has no grasp of the entertainment world, but she doesn’t seem to have a grasp of the world at all. Why doesn’t she get advice from a teacher at the school to help her read through the contract? (Because if she tried reading a couple of line, she surely must realise that she doesn’t understand much of it, no?)

    Okay, maybe that would require some ‘suspicion’, but she doesn’t even want to listen to her friends talk to her… Regardless of the topic, I would find it pretty rude if I had a friend that I talk to and she would, in various conversations, not be listening but just babbling on about her own stuff. And Tae Hee has done that a few times already.

    But maybe it doesn’t come across as annoying if you watch the episode (rather than just read the recaps as I have done).

  9. Raven Ward

    I love you What’s up, you make me say Dream high, who?

    • 9.1 Thee

      to me, What’s up is a college-version of Dream High!!

  10. 10 Cynthia

    I really liked this episode. For the first time it was centered on character interaction between the two main leads. even though it’s headed towards a really rocky place when the Daddy issue comes to light.

    I’m finding CountryGirl Tae-hee to be coming across as either really extremely naive, or just a tad slow in the brainbucket with a touch of airhead thrown in. There’s innocent, and then there’s just dumb. I’m not too sure of which camp she’s in.

    And I have to agree with one of the posted comments about signing contracts. C’mon – this is a performing arts university in a country where talented kids are scouted from an early age. So she goes ahead and John Hancocks the contract with no discussion or supervision from staff or friends? **sigh** Once again, I have to remind myself that it’s all a K-drama, and without angst, where would we be? Right. Without a story.

    Now that we’re more than half-way through, I want to see some SERIOUS amping up for Daesung’s character – along with a bunch of solo singing. He’s too good to be relegated to the back of the classroom.
    Once again, thanks for the recap!

    • 10.1 Cynthia

      Kaedejun@ “And for all the Tae Hee haters, she kind of gets her comeuppance in this episode.”

      Meant to ask – why did you say this? I wasn’t aware that Tae-hee was disliked by viewers, so the comment puzzles me.

      • 10.1.1 carpetfibers

        I think it was in reference to several of us stating our annoyance with Tae Hee’s characterization in the comments for the last recap.

      • 10.1.2 kaedejun

        Heh – like what carpetfibers said – I felt that people were getting annoyed with Tae Hee for her ignorance/naivete/(insert adjective here). While I’m not annoyed with her, or hate her, I can see what makes her character quite frustrating.

        Lucky she’s got Jae Hun to put her on the right track!

        • Xaris Villa

          I love Tae Hee’s character!

          I know that she’s a tad too idealistic and like an overgrown-child-in-a-grown-up-body but I think the writers had a reason for making her that way — to bring balance to What’s Up delightfully jaded characters!

          I would even go so far as to say that she’s the glue that sticks everything together – in one way or another.

          I love all the characters and their stories really get you invested in the show, but without Tae Hee, it would just all be too much.

        • MsB

          Thank God she has Jae Hun! I don’t know where this poor country bumpkin would be!

      • 10.1.3 oozzeee

        ,she’s a bit similar to the Minam character in YAB where it was frustrating to watch Minam’s supposed “naivete” due to her being sheltered and raised by nuns because frankly, it bordered more on stupidity.

        I was actually a tad irritated with her character because compared with the other casts, I find her character quite lame. Good thing the drama itself owns up that she has no sense of direction, cries all the time, tiny and a bit dumb (per Sun-Man’s words).

        She did make me admire her for what she did in Ep 12 when she went back to the hotel room that the lecherous curly haired manager took her to…

        • honeybee

          ok, so i’m a little late to the whole “what’s up” experience, but i gotta say, i love tae hee. have from the first episode. she kinda reminds me a bit of cat from “victorious.” in fact, at the beginning, the whole show kinda felt a bit like a darker version of “victorious.”

  11. 11 carpetfibers

    What a great episode. The writing gets better and better every episode; I so don’t want this show to stop, ever.

    So, this episode made me turn around a bit regarding Tae Hee. I think part of my dislike her may be due to some editing choices. The powerful scene between Tae Hee and Jae Hun made me pause: I don’t think Tae Hee is an idiot, but I think she’s protecting herself by imposing a sort of childish world-view. She pouts and cries– both sort of babyish responses– but her conversation with Oh Doo Ri made me realize that Tae Hee does this to shield herself. As long as Tae Hee remains a child, she can continue to see her father; as long as she remains a child, nothing in the world can truly hurt her. It’s a self-imposed naivete, but it’s one that I can better understand and empathize with after this episode.

    Chae Young, too, is growing on me. I dislike her, of course, but I can understand her. She isn’t irrational in her choices; in her perspective, her decisions make sense. She’s believes herself completely alone, and I think that’s why Soo Bin’s seeming betrayal causes real tears for her. The only person she can depend on is herself, and so she decides to forge her own future, in the only way she knows how. I would really like to see something actually touch her, though, in a deep and emotional way that forces her to realize that her imposed solitude is one self-wrought.

    She and Oh Doo Ri really are two sides of the same coin. I hope we get more screen time between the two of them.

    ALSO! I am so stoked for the alluded to eventual face-off between the two teams. I hope this means more music and friend-bonding, and– MOST OF ALL– Byeong Gun finally finding his one person to sing to. I’m still hoping for Oh Doo Ri.

    • 11.1 Raven Ward

      If there was a like button after your post i would have clicked it twice…Totally agree with you

  12. 12 Kushi

    I didn’t realize it before, but does anyone else see the paradox between Do Sung and Doori?

    I mean when you look at their both ‘mask’. Hades (judging by his songs) is mysterious, dark, rebellious (rocker), and is supposedly devoid of emotions after being hurt. Actor-Doori (from her mom’s POV at least) is obedient, bright, and supposedly happy about everything that her mom is trying to do.

    Then you take a look at their ‘real personality’. Do Sung is overly sensitive, shy, incredibility righteous, and is always getting bullied. Doori on the other hand is tough, bold, mischievous, and pretends to be unaffected by anything (even though she’s a big softie).

  13. 13 nuri

    I really like What’s Up, makes me want to learn Korean so bad so I won’t have to wait for sub. Well. I’ll save it for vol.2. Will they even make vol.2?

    Yet, this is a good solid story played by good actors so I wonder WHY it was cancelled? Was it just a series of unfortunate event? or politic? Hmmmm

    • 13.1 ldsaf

      wait.. it was cancelled???? what???

      • 13.1.1 nuri

        it was postponed for a year i think..

        • Cynthia

          I think they lost the original time slot (maybe because of a drama extension?) and then it was shelved while waiting for a slot – and then Daesung’s accident happened, and no one wanted to touch it. So on the shelf it went until now.

          Just realized the Do-Ri is in my new favorite, Wild Romance.
          She’s adorable.

  14. 14 Marg

    I’ve got two questions.

    1. Does anyone know the actor who plays Director Oh? He looks so familiar to me, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’ve seen him in before.

    2. Is there or will there be an official OST for this drama?


    • 14.1 Cece

      @ Q1: he looks like the cutie pie that acted as “Park Hoon” in Lie to Me and the sleepy doctor in Brain… real name; Kwon Se-In..

      wondering if it is him. Can anyone confirm it? Pleaasee 🙂

      • 14.1.1 Marg

        Yes, you’re correct! I just googled him, and HanCinema has him listed as a cast member of What’s Up. Plus, from the pictures, you can tell that’s him.



        • oozzeee

          a bit off topic but I can’t help but laugh when I saw his hancinema profile. Really, they can’t find a better suited pic to put up as his profile picture?

          Especially when you compare it the screen capture of Director Oh as used on kaedejun’s ep 12 recap..

      • 14.1.2 nuri

        thank you. i also been wondering who is he and i know he is familiar

    • 14.2 mya

      the first official OST is Lunatic from daesung. i hope they will released more OST…

  15. 15 xiaoSxin

    I was cheering loudly when Jae Heon walked into the locker room to get the motorbike keys. I was like “GO GO GO!!”

    I don’t want this drama to end yet..

    • 15.1 nuri

      me too!! totally yelling “GO for it!!”

  16. 16 deedum

    @leen hmm I think SBS dropped the drama even before daesung’s accident. not sure but that is how I remembered it. correct me if I’m wrong.

  17. 17 cikkalut


    anyone, can tell me, who real name Director oh ?

    • 17.1 Marg

      His name is Kwon Se-In. (Thanks to CeCe for the info!)

      • 17.1.1 cikkalut

        ohh.. yeah.. actor in a brain drama. 😀 thanks..
        who rapped on the song ‘you i’?.

      • 17.1.2 RIA

        thanks, I finally remember him, the first time I saw him he’s Baek Hun on Mackerel Run. anyways thanks ^^

  18. 18 mls

    I love this show, all the different story lines and almost every character — can’t stand Tae Hee. I know she’s supposed to be naive. But I’ve had it with the infantile behaviour — the wheedling, trembling, sulking, crying. While Chae Young is a pretty despicable character — she was totally right when she said she couldn’t stand the “helpless girl” type who gets all the guys to do want they want.

  19. 19 Kaybee

    Am I the only one how doesn’t like Jae Hun and Tae Hee together? There is something in Jae Hun that irks me…. I’d any day prefer Tae Hee with Do Sung… Agreed someone has to be the lead but these 2 are taking more screen time and it is irritating me… How much I want to see Do Sung, Do Ri, Sun Man and others…

  20. 20 Raine

    My one issue is that they let her go alone. If Mr. Hades knew what she could get into, he should’ve followed her. I understand if Jae-hun didn’t know, but Do-sung did.

    As for flippin’ Ms. Bitchy McBitchface. How does a director let an egotistical actress manipulate him? He’s seen too many to be THAT easily fooled. She doesn’t hold THAT much sway, does she? Enough people have seen her shadiness that the facade should be cracking. Instead, she’s sinking her tentacles further into everyone’s lives.

    I know she has issues, but I don’t see hope for her character unless she falls…hard. I’m wondering what they’re doing with Soo-bin. Is he seriously just watching and not helping? Not even Doo-ri can do that. Blech.

    Anyway, I really adore Jae-hun and Im Joo-hwan as Jae-hun. He’s so jaded and Tae-yi is so not. But they both have a deep, earnest lust for life. He is scared for her because she doesn’t have the sense (or knowledge) to fear for herself. Go rescue your woman on that super sexy bike!

  21. 21 Jess

    Who is the actor who plays the director? He looks sooooo familiar!!!!!

  22. 22 lmk

    Who plays the manager director? I think I’ve seen him in another drama but don’t remember which one! T.T

  23. 23 Laola

    who play as the director oh???

  24. 24 Nicee

    Can someone please tell me who is the actor that plays min woo. I know that i’ve seen him in other stuff but i can’t remember right now

  25. 25 Nicee

    Kwon Se-In

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