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What’s Up: Episode 13
by | January 19, 2012 | 53 Comments

For anyone wishing to get Byeong Gun and Do Sung’s backstory, you get your wish in this episode! While Do Sung’s is told quite quickly, his story is heartbreaking enough that I’d rather see him move on, than try and resolve the issues of his past. Mothers can be so damn ruthless. They’re ruthless about your appearance, your future, the state of cleanliness of your room, when you’ll be home for dinner, when you’ll be home so we can continue another drama marathon…

I digress. Gah.

Tae Hee may not know how to put on makeup, but she sure does take forever on picking what to wear. She even confesses to her father that she likes Jae Hun, then squeals in her room, jumping around like a little bunny. Aww… As she tries on one outfit after another, poor Jae Hun’s nose gets redder and redder in the cold, waiting. He practices introducing himself, but at the sight of Tae Hee taking out the photo, he quakes, and asks if he can just speak to Mr. Park via mental communication rather than say everything aloud.

Tae Hee: “Dad, he’s a bit of a macho guy. Macho, macho maaaan~

Just as she’s about to take out that photo frame for the hundredth time, her phone rings. It’s Min Woo. Tae Hee says she finished all her training, and her schedule was free, so she already has other plans. However, Min Woo ends up strolling right up to the both of them. He’s picking her up personally to bring her to the CEO, a.k.a. his dad. Because his father is always abroad working, Min Woo had to wrangle a time slot to show his father that he has been working, and has been cultivating a new artist.

Tae Hee is torn, not wanting to go but understanding that this is very important to her career. Luckily for her, Jae Hun understands its importance and lets her go. She just needs to pay him back threefold. To Min Woo, Jae Hun tells him to take care of Tae Hee; “Her curfew is at 10pm. I’m going to be watching you.” Waaaah~ he and Mr. Park would have gotten along so famously, if only it weren’t for that incident

Jae Hun suddenly gets the bright idea that he’ll take Mr. Park to the musical instead. Tae Hee hands over the photo frame, warning him to not get on her dad’s good side or else he’ll have to sing. HA! So cheesy. Oh these young ‘uns…

But when he finally takes a look at the photo for the first time in the privacy of an empty hallway, his foolish grins turn upside down. No way… It can’t be… Suddenly all the clues start fitting together – everything Tae Hee told him about her father passing away starts to make sense. Jae Hun wipes the frame, as if hoping he can erase the father’s face. It’s a face he can never erase from his memories after the accident.

He drops the frame, and the glass cracks. And Jae Hun huddles against the wall, staying as far away from the photo as possible.

Do Sung and his uncle, Dong Joon, drive into a private apartment building, with the pesky reporter on their tails. To get through the parking security agent, the reporter “bribes” him with some food as gifts, but he doesn’t get through the lobby security. Do Sung and Dong Joon run up to the apartment, trying their damndest to get their first, but mommy dearest is already waiting for them in the living room.

She bids them to come sit down closer to her, instead of speaking so far away, but it’s not like they are any closer sitting down. After a few niceties, she gets down to business – why did Do Sung lie to her about his school and major? She thought his school would be in Seoul, so that he could always come back home to this private apartment, but instead he’s in the dorms. On top of that, he’s a musical major, which indicates to her that he wants to become a musical actor and be famous.

Oh – and how did she know that he lied to her? Because she found out the pesky reporter was digging into her family, and the bread crumbs led to Do Sung at Haneul. We also find out that Do Sung is listed as his grandfather’s son, and therefore his mother and uncle’s youngest sibling. Oh God – the lengths this woman went to hide his parentage…

Do Sung apologizes, but his mother says he has nothing to be sorry for. But if he is sorry, then how could he do this to her?! Shouldn’t he be thinking of her? (Whoa – selfish much? What’s more ingratiating is her condescending tone, as if she were talking to a 5-year old who colored outside the lines than a grown 20-year old.) Do Sung insists that he won’t become famous. He just enjoys being around friends who love music just like he does. But Selfish Mom steamrolls right over his comments and tells Dong Joon to put the house up for sale. With its prime location, they can get a mansion anywhere in the world and find a new school for Do Sung.

Flashback to when he was younger, when his mother first abandoned him at that playground. Selfish Mom had claimed that she’s leaving for his benefit; she will go and become a famous star while he stays with his grandparents and act like their son. If she wants to survive in the entertainment industry, she needs to hide him, and she leaves without answering when she’ll be back for him. Selfish Mom went on to become the wife of a famous politician, completely abandoning him to the care of his uncle/”brother.” Dong Joon had even brought him to his mother’s new home for a sneak peek at his mother’s new life.

Dong Joon tried to cheer Do Sung up, most likely feeling bad about this poor kid’s situation. He says that they have to be careful about being around her, since she might enter the political world herself, but that she still thinks of him. She still buys him a lot of stuff – but as we all know, material goods does not equate to love.

Back to the present, Selfish Mom is chattering on about how living in Seoul would be oppressive, and how her son should go live freely abroad. Do Sung snaps back to his senses, and refuses to leave Seoul and his school. Selfish Mom thinks he’s being rebellious; Do Sung says he knows his mother doesn’t love him.

He’s had a taste of love, y’see. At school, there’s a girl he likes, but she likes his roommate. And though he’s sad, he’s also glad because this roommate is a great guy who doesn’t live in hiding like him. (Wait til he finds out about Jae Hun killing Tae Hee’s father…) Do Sung has a good inkling that he’s in love, because he puts the girl’s happiness before his. And because his own mother puts her happiness before her own son’s, it means she doesn’t love him. Even Dong Joon is quiet, knowing that Do Sung’s words are the truth despite how much it hurts.

But here’s the thing, Do Sung loves his mother still and he’s willing to do anything for her to protect her happiness. Just let him stay in school, and continue to learn about how music can help express what is in his heart. Selfish Mom: “You’ve changed. What happened to my son?” Your son grew up and grew a spine, that’s what happened. You spiteful, selfish woman.

As she leaves the building, she makes the unknowing mistake of looking back, and her face is caught full on by the reporter, snapping away.

Back at school, Byeong Gun dashes off to the Department of Electronic Data Processing and begs the teacher’s assistant to help lie for him. If anyone comes in asking for him, the T.A. is to say that Kim Byeong Gun is definitely in the department, he’s doing well, and that he has no idea where he could be found. The T.A. looks like he can’t be bothered with this crap, but grudgingly agrees.

EXCEPT! Byeong Gun’s brother is standing outside the door of the office. CAUGHT!

Sitting at a cafe, Byeong Gun tries to send his brother away, who’s a lawyer and should be too busy to visit. The brother’s never remembered his birthday it seems, as Byeong Gun finds it weird if this brother does anything “family-related.” The brother thinks Byeong Gun isn’t serious about musicals, as he’s changed his majors several times already, year after year. It’s like a hobby, and it clues us in that Byeong Gun is a lot older than he acts or looks. The brother even finds it laughable that Byeong Gun wants to sing in front of an audience, especially when in high school he couldn’t sing in music class.

Byeong Gun tries to send him off, but the brother insists on staying for dinner – in fact, he’ll sleep over too! (I love this brother already – if anyone wants to torture a younger sibling, this is the way to do it! :D)

As they walk through the school, a couple of classmates remind Byeong Gun that he’s got a private session with Myung Hwan and Sun-Man. The two professors are trying to get Byeong Gun to sing while rolling a water bottle between his hands, but he can’t get his voice any louder or stronger. He drops the bottle, thus losing his focus. Myung Hwan is super frustrated, so Sun-Man takes over with his tactics. That includes making Byeong Gun hang his tongue out like a dog. (HAHA!) Apparently, this should help unblock his vocal chords. I think this is just for everyone’s amusement.

Then Sun-Man has him envision an entire audience before him, and to greet them in a loud voice. He doesn’t have to sing it, he just has to say it really loudly, and amplify his voice. Byeong Gun does it successfully, getting stronger each time he repeats it. But when Sun-Man suggests he sing a line, Byeong Gun loses all nerve. He thinks too much before he sings, thus proving (again) that his fear is all psychological.

Outside the room, Byeong Gun’s brother is watching – just thinking, and not at all mocking…

Jae Hun lurks outside the stage production studio and asks the lighting director Young Jin for some glass and a glass-cutter. A little while later, she wonders if Jae Hun needs help, as he’s been sitting there unmoving for some time now. He’s already done cutting the glass though, but he hasn’t assembled the frame back together. Jae Hun asks her for another favor (much to her disgruntlement) – can she put the frame back together, and then deliver it to Tae Hee’s room? He can’t do it himself because he’s too scared of the photo. And then he runs off.

In Doo Ri’s room, Doo Ri and Ji Eun are eating a plateful of pig’s feet. Ji Eun had put whatever acting skills she used on her mother, lying about feeling dizzy from lack of food, and KABAM! Her mother sends over extra money so that she can buy more food. Tae Hee returns, and at the sight of pig’s feet she dashes over and stares with wide eyes. Ji Eun offers her some, but Tae Hee slowly shakes her head; her agency forbade her from eating after 6pm.

She collapses on her bed, tired from singing all day. It turns out that singing isn’t as fun as it used to be for her anymore. When she sang in front of the CEO, he was on the phone the entire time. So she sang to another guy, but he ended up talking to his secretary the entire time. Tae Hee now feels a little insecure, that perhaps her singing isn’t really good because she can’t even capture their attention.

That’s when she notices that the photo of her father is back next to her bed, and she runs out the door. Ji Eun becomes confused – are Tae Hee and Jae Hun dating?

Doo Ri: Which side do you want to be on?

Ji Eun: Huh?

Doo Ri: Side number one: you can spread all the rumors that they’re dating, then make up 12 rumors on why they fought and spread that, and then spread rumors that they broke up, if they do. Or side number two: Just eat pig’s feet.

Ji Eun: (pause) Number two.

Doo Ri: Me too.

YAYYY – if these options were presented to Chae Young, she’d pick number one, but instead of just spreading rumors, she’d take on the additional work of actually making them true.

Byeong Gun finally shows his room to his brother, which is a complete and utter mess. The brother is surprised that Byeong Gun can handle all this dirtiness. Byeong Gun throws a random book across the room: “I’ve gotten tougher!” Suddenly Soo Bin sits up from under his covers and throws pillows at both men: “Can you leave me alone?!”

I forget that one of Soo Bin’s hobbies is to just sleep.

Byeong Gun goes down to the lobby area and sees Tae Hee, her face smushed up against the windows, waiting for Jae Hun. Byeong Gun takes a seat and enters a yoga pose – he’s going to meditate and find The Way. (LOL!)

That’s when Do Sung appears after a long absence. He asks how the musical was, and she said that she ended up not going. She’s waiting for Jae Hun to apologize properly, but he’s not picking up his phone and he’s not in their room. Byeong Gun invites the both of them to meditate with him.

He reveals his background to them: his father is the head doctor at a hospital; his mother is a Life Sciences professor; his eldest brother is a surgeon at the same hospital; and his second eldest brother is a lawyer. But instead of opposing his decision to be a musical major, they actually don’t know because Byeong Gun never told them – he was afraid they would laugh.

Tae Hee and Do Sung try to offer their sympathies, but Byeong Gun doesn’t think they can understand him. It’s not easy to just sing whenever he wants, despite all the private lessons with Myung Hwan and Sun-Man. Tae Hee gets up, nods her head to a silent melody, and opens her mouth to sing… except nothing comes out. Byeong Gun thinks she’s mocking him, but the fear in her eyes indicates that it’s much more serious than that.

At the same time, Jae Hun knocks on Sun-Man’s door – drunk as hell. As a remedy, Sun-Man throws Jae Hun a bottle of water and tells him to just sleep wherever. Jae Hun starts confessing. He never thought he did so many bad things in his life. When he stole wallets, he’d take the money and then drop the wallet off in a mailbox to be sent back. If he stole a car, he’d take it for a spin and then put it back exactly where he found it. Sun-Man starts complaining; no where in his professorial contract does it state he needs to be a counselor to drunk students!!

Jae Hun: “It was just an accident. You know what an accident is? Something you have no control over…Why is this happening to me?” He cries out why, of all the people in Korea, it has to be Tae Hee that’s standing in front of him to love.

Sun-Man: “So what did you do?”


That was a weird ending, mainly because the Tae Hee-Jae Hun storyline remained mostly unresolved. I thought we could try and get through most of the angst, but I guess it’s being drawn out for the remaining episodes. One thing resolved: he now knows the truth about Tae Hee and her father. Their story moved quite slowly in the span of one evening, when compared to Do Sung and Byeong Gun, so much seems to happen to them in the same amount of time.

I’m glad Do Sung stood up to his selfish mother. Boy is listening to her talk a pain; she sounds so motherly when she’s actually being condescending, and it pisses me off. Now that we know his backstory, it’s time we move forward with Do Sung facing off against Soo Bin, and perhaps facing off with the reporter. While I hate the mother, I don’t actually wish for everything to be exposed by the reporter; I hope the reporter fails because his articles will be equally harmful to Do Sung. I can’t foresee what good will come out of this except for his mother’s reputation being harmed, but there won’t be any real satisfaction for Do Sung. It’s not like he hates his mother; he just no longer wants to hide, and hopes that the both of them can achieve their happiness without oppressing the other’s.

As for Byeong Gun, we now get a clearer view of his family situation, and perhaps why he’s so insecure about singing in front of other people. When you have a family full of high standards, and your dream doesn’t match up to that standard, you’d rather keep it inside than be out and proud with it. After holding it in for so long and keeping his dream from others, it’s likely that Byeong Gun just solidified his fear of singing to a crowd. I thought his brother was going to scoff at Byeong Gun and drag the kid home, but he ended up being surprisingly neutral. I think it’s pretty obvious where the character of the brother is going…

I know this is very late to say, but I just had to throw it out there: Everything just has to happen to Tae Hee, huh? Her aunt dies – no thanks to Sun-Man – and her father dies – no thanks to Jae Hun. And these two men end up feeling indebted towards her and take care of her in their own ways. She’s also the one who gets the agency contract, the one who loses her voice, the one who gets the guy. I don’t begrudge her for it, mind you, but it’s just jarring to suddenly think, “Oh yeah, in a typical K-drama, Tae Hee would be the main female lead,” because this entire time I’ve been treating the entire cast as the lead. They’re all leads of their own stories, but Tae Hee’s story is taking the most conventional K-drama route.



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  2. campaspe

    this drama just keeps getting better. i’m also glad we are finally getting do sung’s story. thanks for the recap.

  3. deedum

    no audio rip for this episode? anws, thanks so much for diligently recapping what’s up. yr effort is muchly appreciated!

  4. oozzeee

    A thumbs up to the last paragraph on the comments section.

    • 4.1 alua

      I second that…

  5. blokkoms

    Tae Hee losing her voice made me shout at the screen. It’s not that everything’s happening to her, it’s more: I CANNOT TAKE DOUBLE THE CLICHE. Byeong Gun is enough, thank you.

    Yeah, the doubts are starting to creep in about now. What’s Up is starting to seem less fresh, but maybe it’s because I just ended my drama hiatus for mocks. Wahey! 😛

  6. palestine

    THank you

  7. Kaybee

    Thanks for the recap! I have been waiting for the recap as I watched it in RAW… The editing was so obviously choppy especially in this episode…
    So much screen time of Tae Hee and Jae Hun is becoming a nuisance for me… They should have not stretched their romance or lack of it or unfurling the truth…

    I was so hoping for Do Sung and Soo Bin showdown in this episode…

    There was something on Do Sung and Byeon Gun…sweet! We want DooRi next but this is the problem…the drama was already shot before hand…hopefully What’s Up Part 2 will fulfill my wishes of seeing more of other characters than just the obvious two…

    Do Sung…sigh!
    Soo Bin…Sigh!
    Sun Wan…. 🙂

  8. Mystisith

    Thanks kaedejun. The laws of the What’s up Universe are slowly being discovered and each and everyone walks his own path. I didn’t find this episode weak nor slow.
    Anyone else thinking than maybe Tae Hee lost her voice because of ” something ” else happened at the audition ?
    Sun Man is the coolest teacher ever : I don’t think he does the tongue trick at Byeong Gun for amusement. He does it to unlock his voice, because he feels the kid needs to literally spit the words somehow. I bet next time he will take him to sing from his guts on the school’s roof.
    Doo Ri is definitely my alter ego and i wonder what will be the outcome for her.

  9. DeeDee315

    Yep, agree w/you all I getting a little concerned with the direction of the Tae Hee story. It’s time for her to grow a pair & stop being this drama’s victim, more Doo Ri please. Also disappointed with the delay in releasing the ost, fail!

  10. 10 Maidenelle

    I’m loving Byeong Gun! How cute was that tongue scene, and the yoga one too! He’s my favorite character! 🙂

  11. 11 KitKat

    I love Byeong Gun. So Freaking Much.
    I relate to his feeling of inadequacy in his family of overachievers AND he has an amazing voice and never fails to make me laugh!?!
    I WANT ONE!!! *stompity feet*
    Ah, well. I guess I’ll just have to put him on my christmas list for next year.
    Also, I may just end up loving his brother too. I bet he’s gonna be awesome!

    Thanks tons for the recap, Kaedejun!

    • 11.1 Locturne

      I want TWO! =p

  12. 12 anotheraddict

    kaedejun~ First of all, I want to congratulate you for your promotion from Guest Blogger to Regular Contributor here at DB. Woo hoo! That’s quite an accomplishment! Also, thanks again for recapping What’s Up– it definitely deserves some love.

    Speaking of deserving love, my heart is really bleeding for Do Sung after watching this episode. I’m kind of afraid that Jae Hun will end up with The Girl, and Do Sung will end up with Fame. It’ll break my heart if Do Sung doesn’t have anyone who dotes on him by the end of the drama. I loved that he took a stand for himself and told it like it is to his mom.

    I’m glad that Show is having Jae Hun process his angst slowly– it’s really the central conflict of the show and to be emotionally impactful, it needs time to crescendo. I love how we start with a manslaughter, but the manslaughterer doesn’t realize that he manslaughtered until he sees a photo of the manslaughteree. In the meantime, he’s turned over a new leaf, and we’ve become emotionally invested in him, even coming to see him as a sort of Underdog Hero, yet we know that he has some pretty major sins to atone for. It’s quite the brilliant setup. I’ve already seen ep. 14 and I’ll just say that it’s my favorite episode so far.

    • 12.1 Marg

      “I’ve already seen ep. 14 and I’ll just say that it’s my favorite episode so far.”

      Yeah, I think it might be mine as well. The hallway scene in this (episode 13) packs quite the emotional punch, but episode 14 takes it even further and rips your heart straight out of your chest and then pummels it. It’s definitely a really strong episode, and now I can’t wait to see what happens in episode 15.

  13. 13 Kaybee

    Can someone tell me about the actor who plays Prof. Myung Hwan? He looks familiar….? He is kinda’ cute…

  14. 14 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun! (And now I hear your REAL voice saying, “You’re welcome!”)

    This is one of the few times that I’d have liked a combined recap of this ep with the next one. This ep sets up nicely, the next ep slams it home in a big way.

    Time-wise, this ep was one of the shortest for actual viewing time – paid for by the sloppy chopping evident throughout. It’s still a good idea that the ending vignettes are used – at least those scenes are complete little gems, but it really makes me wonder just how badly the time/format obligations have affected the over-all flow to WU! – as a viewer, it’s the only thing I’m finding irritating about this well-done K-drama.

    • 14.1 JoAnne

      Cynthia’s right – next episode just hits it out of the park.

      I watched both right before bed last night, so as I’m drifting off I’m thinking back over things – In English, ‘what’s up’ is slang for
      ‘tell me what’s going on’ – and as I think over each individual character in this drama, I realize that none of them can speak.

      Do Sung has to hide the fact that he exists; Jae hee has a terrible secret; Byeong Gun cannot express himself in front of people musically, which would be the truest expression of who he really is; Doo Ri cannot be herself without harming her mother; Tae Yi has lost her ability to sing, the one thing that gives her joy, as she discovers the uglier side of the business; Chae Young has to resort to subterfuge and lies to even exist – or at least exist in a way that she thinks matters; Soo Bin just plain hides himself behind music. The ghost has a story, but can’t speak or even appear to everyone. Second Oldest Brother (such a sweetie) has been keeping himself hidden away too – even Sun Man (coolest teacher ever) has his regrets and secrets about not really being himself in the past, or opening up about what’s in his heart.

      So it’s not that hard for me to accept that neither Tae Yi nor Byeong Gun can sing, right now. In real life, the power of suggestion is a terrible thing – I don’t think it’s an accident that she went mute in that way while talking to Byeong Gun about his problem. And I do think that the entire theme of this drama is to be able to speak; to tell people ‘what’s up’

      • 14.1.1 Cynthia

        And how wonderful is it to have a drama with a commonality thread that encompasses ALL of the main characters? Where a writer can be true to her vision and does justice to these finely-etched characters without all the usual crap of fanservice, ratings, etc. getting in the way?

        Had to laugh at the scene where DS,BG &TH are all sitting side-by-side on the outside bench, alluding to each of their particular hangups – I immediately thought “Hey! It’s the 3 monkeys on a log thing! (Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil) – each was trapped in his/her own problem. Scenes like this just amp up my total love for WU! 🙂

        • Mystisith

          OMG ! The 3 monkeys stuff ! Thought exactly the same ! It seems the three of us ( at least ) interpret things the same way… And yes, it’s a relief to be spared the rating / fan service / mandatory stages straitjacket of dramaland for once. Can’t wait for ep 14 !!

          • Cynthia

            Lol – triplets separated at birth! :0

            What’s Up! is a great example of why the live shoot system shouldn’t be used. If you’re gonna lay an egg, just accept it for what it is and move on. I wonder what ‘Lie To Me’ could have been had the writer been allowed to keep her original script to the end. Spy Myungwol might have been another. I’m trying to think of a drama that was actually IMPROVED because of public/netizen intrusion, and I can’t. Anyone?

      • 14.1.2 aznative

        Excellent evaluation.

        • aznative

          Excellent evaluation to Joanne.

      • 14.1.3 soomp

        nice insight!

        • JoAnne

          Thank you both!

  15. 15 Locturne

    It’s true, from the beginning, what appealed to me was that there was many leads instead of a focus on two main characters and their love story. I love dramas that do this.
    So. We’ve got a bit of Do Sung and Byung Gun, now we need more of Doo Ri and Eun Chae Young, I mean, other than her bitchy, plotting self.
    Of course, all the while maintaining the same dose of Byung Gun (increasing it would be fine too).

  16. 16 Jinny

    Omg I watched this episode yesterday night and Do Sung’s mom pissed me off. Her voice was so calm and convinced while Do Sung was just sitting there subdued D:<
    Still waiting for a Doo Ri and Chae Young showdown 🙂 And I really really hope Byung Gun gets to sing soon! It would be really cool if the was the main lead for the musical because he'd wow everyone away!
    I kind of wanted more of the NYMPF musical competition in it though 🙁 I'm scared of saying too much because I don't remember if this happened in ep 13 or 14 lol….

  17. 17 Alvina

    OP, I agree if only because there were select aspects of the characters that I enjoyed from the get go, and was quite satisfied thinking that each would get their due share of the storyline.

    Out of the entire ensemble cast, though, Doori and Jae Hun were my favorite, and the least was Tae Yi.

    Perhaps because, by that point, I was sick of seeing the happy-go-lucky girl who is always cheerfully facing dragons trope. It’s a nice sentiment but I wanted to see something a bit different. Unfortunately, I guess that was not to be? 🙁

    I’m just a bit disappointed because I DID want to see more of Doori and Byeong Gun’s backgrounds because their backstories seem the most true-to-life…

    • 17.1 Alvina

      kaedejun, I wonder… Could the editing have any effect on our perception?

      From what I understand, the episodes were cut down a lot from the original form.

      Does anyone think that the editing was done in such a way that some of the other storylines were put to the side, in favor of a more “acceptable” or “conventional” hero and heroine set-up?

      I think it’d be nice if they released the full episodes in some form in the future…just to see how it would have been.

      • 17.1.1 kaedejun

        Hmm.. interesting point.

        I don’t think that the story became any “more conventional” or “acceptable” due to the editing. I think that even without being cut down, the Tae Hee-Jae Hun storyline would have still existed, and would have still followed the conventional set up of hero/heroine overcoming obstacles. After all, Im Joo Hwan is still one of the main leads.

        If anything, I think the Chae Young storyline may have been played up more than it currently is, and we would see more of Soo Bin. We would get more filler scenes that would add more color to our already-colorful characters, but I doubt many story lines have been shaved down for TaeHee-JaeHun’s story.

        But that’s just my guess!

  18. 18 alua

    Do Sung’s mom is exactly what I expected her to be. And, unsurprisingly, I can’t stand her! So selfish! Very, very glad that Do Sung stood up to her – I hope he keeps that up.

  19. 19 chillinducky

    Yeah, now Tae Hee just HAS to have another problem– singing, when I thought the only other issue left with her was with Jae Hun, which is pretty big. Argh! Why?! I felt the entire cast was the lead as well but the time spent on Tae Hee is making me think she’s the lead now.

    I was surprised Byung Gun’s brother seemed laid back, I expected a tyrant. I’m glad Byung Gun is finally getting his story! aaah.

    The scenes between Do Sung and his mother were heartbreaking 🙁 I’m glad he stood up to her.

    And it’s really fitting that Jae Hun goes to Sunwoo to vent about the accident problem, because Sunwoo knows firsthand how that feels.

    I wonder if there’ll be more info or backstory on the ghost

    • 19.1 JoAnne

      I am really hoping to learn more about the ghost, too. I have often wondered if he isn’t actually a ghost.

  20. 20 Bluefyre

    Agreed, kaedejun!
    Why do things always happen to Tae Hee? What about Doo Ri? *pouts* She deserves things to happen to her too.

    LOL. I’m loving this drama so darn much! Thanks so much for recaps!

  21. 21 mya

    The scenes with Do Sung and his mother is so heartbreaking. i cried watching that scenes. and the background song is so lovely. Daesung sings that song with full emotion that i can feel the sadness in his voice…

    btw..i’m getting bored with Tae Hee’s story. why in each episode there will always problem or issue related to Tae hee. really hope that her issue will get resolved asap.

    hope next episode we can see the musical competition.

  22. 22 pigtookie

    “… Everything just has to happen to Tae Hee, huh? … ”

    I thought it was odd too that so many events are centered around Tae Hee, especially since I never expected her to be the lead (in the opening credits and poster, she’s had less prominent roles). Though to be honest, Tae Hee has grown on me and I’ thrilled to be watching more of the Jae Hun/Tae Hee arc. (Kim Ji Won’s nailing her High Kick and What’s Up roles). However, a lot of the weight of the drama falls on her and Jae Hun, while I had hoped for equally drawn out stories in Doori/Chaeyoung/Dosung (Byung Gun has a lot going on in this week’s episodes). I do wish What’s Up had an extra 6 episodes because there’s so much more that the writer could have done with these character setups (idk about a season 2 when the lead’s doing military service :\ ).

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    • 23.1 adette

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    • 24.1 ldsaf

      kinda related to that.. I just realized that Prof Yang is the crazy/ strange lady in Secret garden that gives the homemade alcohol that causes the body swap..

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    Now, I’m hoping for a friend like DooRi! Everybody else will just fall right to number one categories either out of concern or jealousy.

    Will all the conflict resolved in time? Seems so much conflict, too little time.

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    Everyone is important and can actually be considered as individuals instead of simply bland supporting characters.

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    • 30.1 Cynthia

      No one knows that he was Hades – he was always masked. The sneaky reporter is trying to ‘out’ him.

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    • 32.1 Cynthia

      That ‘nephew’ was probably just the result of careless subbing/translation.

    • 32.2 kaedejun

      Do Sung and Tae Hee are not related. I don’t think it was careless subbing/translation either. The word they used was non-gender specific word for nephew/niece, so it’s really anyone’s guess.

      I think the subber may have made a judgment call, and also the script was intentionally vague to keep the mystery going.

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    The music in this drama is addicting.

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    Tae Hee being unable to sing – why – that is Byeong Gun’s story.

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