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What’s Up: Episode 14
by | January 20, 2012 | 44 Comments

OH THE ANGST! At least we have some resolution now with Tae Hee and Jae Hun, but the ANGST! I knew it was coming…

As for Byeong Gun’s storyline, it’s predictable in how it ends, but that doesn’t take away from the sweetness factor of it all. I am most touched by the revelation on who his first audience/person really is.

“So what’d you do?” Sun-Man asks. Deep breath. “I can’t say,” Jae Hun responds. WHAAAAT!? You can’t leave people hanging like that! It’s like saying, “Oh, you know what happened to me last night? Oh wait, never mind.”

At least Sun-Man doesn’t care that much. Even though Jae Hun swears to repay for his sins and all the pain he has caused, Sun-Man tells Jae Hun he’s being an idiot for keeping the secret to himself only. “A secret is like a cancer” – if he keeps it inside without telling anyone or getting “treatment” for it, it will just grow and grow until it kills him.

The next day all the students gather in front of a posted list to find out if they made it to the musical. Ka Young and Glasses Girl are thrilled to find themselves as part of the cast, but are puzzled over the overwhelming number of students involved. Behind them, Byeong Gun’s brother appears, asking if his younger brother is on the list too. Ka Young says he didn’t even try out because it was a singing audition. And no, Byeong Gun won’t be working backstage either.

At lunch, Byeong Gun broaches on the topic about his future – he’ll probably do production and directing instead. (Changing majors again!?) Either way, he needs to work with musicals because it’s been his lifelong dream for ten years – ever since the family went to New York City and watched “Cats” at the Winter Garden Theater. After “Cats” it was replaced with “Mamma Mia.” Dude knows his musicals! What’s cuter is when Byeong Gun sings “Mamma Mia~” his brother shakes his shoulders and dances along for a bit.

His brother asks why he didn’t start studying musicals to begin with, and he said it was because musicals were just a dream – and dreams don’t really come true.

Suddenly Young Jin hits him on the head and asks where Chae Young is. He doesn’t have an answer, and she tells him to relay a message that she needs to start following deadlines or else the stage sets will never get made. To make sure he got it, she even has Byeong Gun recite the message back, and he recites it word for word. That’s his one talent!

Big Bro is most shocked that Byeong Gun let a girl younger than him (but older, school-grade-wise) hit him around. Byeong Gun once again tries to send him off, because Big Bro should be busy with training, and he himself needs to go “save a friend.”

That “friend” is Tae Hee, and his method of “saving” is to bring Tae Hee to Sun-Man for help. Or, to Sun-Man and “his-unwanted-sidekick-that-will-never-leave-his-side” Doo Ri.

Sun-Man wonders if the inability to sing is an infectious disease, and to punctuate the point, Tae Hee sidles away from Byeong Gun. (Aww!) Sun-Man figures it’s psychological, and so he gives them a treatment that may work on an early case like Tae Hee, but would be hopeless on a long-term case like Byeong Gun’s:

Every morning they have to stand on their hands and recite the multiplication tables from 2 to 9 for 15 minutes. And then after that, recite it backwards. When going up and down the stairs, use the right foot first. Then if she’s right-handed, she has to use her left hand only for everything for the next 15 days, so that she can rewire her brain. Byeong Gun asks why the number “15” all the time, and Sun-Man says it represents the cycle of the moon from full to new. Then (Sun-Man continues), at midnight they are to say, “geum-da-oon-jin-ii-ru / ru-ii-jin-oon-da-geum” twelve times. All this palindromic bull-crap means, “As long as you dream, your dream comes true.”

Doo Ri is flabbergasted that Tae Hee and Byeong Gun swallow up all this nonsense and even write down the phrase. Only naive characters could ever believe it, and so all this would only work on Tae Hee and Byeong Gun.

Tae Hee spots Jae Hun out of the corner of her eye, who had entered the auditorium quietly and watched.

Left alone, Big Bro wanders through the halls of the school and he sees the different departments, with a particular affection for the painting studio that he visits. Meanwhile, Byeong Gun wanders through the campus looking for the red tracksuit ghost, wanting to talk. The red tracksuit ghost finds it more fun just hiding from him though.

Jae Hun and Tae Hee head up the icy steps to the auditorium, and he helps support her when she loses balance, making sure she starts up the steps on her right foot. Though he smiles at her, his face is a mask of pain.

The other students gather in a different auditorium, waiting for Prof. Yang to announce the musical that they are all a part of. And guess what – it’s “Fame”!


Everyone screams in excitement, and then Prof. Yang announces their student director – Chang Jin. (Yikes…) She hands him the book with the casting decisions to announce. Lead actress as ‘Serena Katz’? Eun Chae Young. (Duh.) Actor for ‘Nick Piazza’? Sung Jae gets ready to stand up in acknowledgment, but the role goes to senior Kim Suk Tae. Actor for ‘Joe Vegas’ goes to another senior, and ‘Carmen Diaz’ goes to senior Jang Soo Jung. Poor Ka Young – she was already halfway out of her seat, thinking she’d get the role.

Eventually the freshmen realize that they’re not getting cast in any roles, the only exception being Chae Young. So they can pretty much just give up their hope of getting a role.

Sun-Man wakes up from an uncomfortable snoozing position to find (of all people!) Soo Bin before him. After verifying that Do Sung auditioned for Sun-Man, and wrote the music for Team B, Soo Bin wants to audition too. For Sun-Man.

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oh sorry – did my scream just break your monitor?

Jae Hun readies to leave Tae Hee on the empty stage so that she can practice in peace. He even hands off a hot canned coffee for her in case she gets thirsty. “Jang Jae Hun, you’re like my guardian angel,” Tae Hee says, awestruck. Jae Hun: “It’d be better if you called me a guardian devil.” Tae Hee: “Oh! How’d you know that I’ve always wanted to meet my guardian devil!?”

Tae Hee doesn’t want him to leave just yet though, because she’s comfortable with him around by her side. Jae Hun’s heart cracks just a bit more. It gets worse when Tae Hee notices that he’s never been able to look at her in the eye since a few days ago, and apologizes that she couldn’t go to the musical with him.

Jae Hun turns around, and solemnly forbids her from ever apologizing to him. A simple “sorry” is too much for his guilty heart. He takes a seat on a couch onstage, still not looking at her. Feeling indebted to him in some way, Tae Hee offers to buy him anything he wants – as long as it’s under $10.

But Jae Hun asks for a different kind of favor – could she tell him a little about what her dad was like? Tae Hee’s surprised by his request, but she doesn’t know what to say because to her, dad is just a boring old ahjussi. She leans against Jae Hun’s shoulder, and finds it a perfect height for her head.

1) She’s leaning on him. 2) She thinks he’s perfect. 3) He’s her chic guardian devil. 4) She will buy him anything he wants because she feels that sorry to him. GAHHHH – must you load on the guilt on the poor fellow?

Big Bro knocks on Byeong Gun’s dorm door, but there’s no answer. He finds the door slightly ajar, and enters – to find the red tracksuit ghost sitting on Byeong Gun’s bed!!! Dang – this ghost really can appear to anyone and everyone! Is he really a ghost?! The ghost invites Big Bro to sit down, smiling bashfully like a shy lover.

As for Byeong Gun – he’s actually at an empty auditorium, addressing his non-existent audience. He pretends he’s an MC, and introduces the handsome, prince of dreams, soulful singer who can make any man insecure, “Kim! Byeong! GUN!”

[Cue step out of spotlight. And step back in.]

This “Kim Byung Gun” flirts with a female audience member, presses play on his stereo, and sings. [download episode audio rip]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

And guess who his “one person audience” is? Yep – it’s his very own brother, brought to the auditorium by the very kind red tracksuit ghost.

Jae Hun takes the subway and wanders through the streets of Seoul until he sees a police station. The memories of Tae Hee and her father overwhelm him, and he slowly makes his way inside. He approaches a police officer for some information about an accident one year ago. He lies that he’s a relative of the victim, and the police officer hands him a form to fill out. They need to file paperwork for anyone requesting an incident report.

Jae Hun fills out his name and the date of the accident, but then quakes. He just wanted some details, but didn’t need any written report. The police office takes the form back, and suspiciously asks if he, Jang Jae Hun, is related to the victim, Park Yeon Soo. Jae Hun loses his nerve, and runs out of the station.

He runs, and he runs, and ends up in an alleyway. Jae Hun calls up Doo Ri, who’s pissed that someone is calling in the middle of the night. He just wanted to check if Tae Hee got back to her room ok, and Doo Ri tosses the phone onto her roommate’s bed.

He gets the shock of his life when he hears Tae Hee’s voice on the other line instead of irritable Doo Ri.

Tae Hee is worried over his whereabouts, since it sounds like he’s outside past dorm curfew. Jae Hun’s heart beats faster and faster… he takes a breath to calm down and then asks if she managed to sing yet. She hasn’t, feeling suffocated herself, as if something was stuck in her throat. She tells Jae Hun that it’s nothing to get worried over about, and that’s when Doo Ri marches right up to her and kicks her out of the room for being too noisy.

Yay for non-understanding roomies!

On to our favorite Shadow Singer! Byeong Gun sleeps on the floor while his Big Bro has the bed, and Soo Bin is interestingly not in bed… Big Bro is all dressed up, as if ready to leave, which cheers Byeong Gun up. He kicks his bro off his bed and gets under the covers.

Big Bro: “Hey Byeong Gun. I heard you singing.”

That’s the best alarm clock in the world. Despite it being 6AM (’cause who gets up at that hour!?), Byeong Gun bolts upright in disbelief. No way – his brother couldn’t have heard him, so Big Bro imitates his introduction of himself, down to the “Kim! Byeong! GUN!”

And then he breaks his own little bombshell: he’s thinking of quitting being a prosecutor. He was afraid to quit because he didn’t know what would happen afterwards. However, his own little brother’s singing made him feel hopeful stirrings in his heart, that yes, it’s possible to start over. That it’s OK to start over.

Even Big Bro needs to wipe away a tear, while I blow into some Kleenex. Hearing that his voice holds so much power over others’ emotions is probably just what Byeong Gun needed to hear.

Big Bro also left behind an early birthday gift on Byeong Gun’s desk. It’s a drawing of “Superstar” Byeong Gun singing – guess Big Bro has a hidden talent after all!!

It’s been quite a while, and Tae Hee and Jae Hun are still talking. Or more like, she’s talking his ear off. He finally interrupts her:

“Tae Hee. I probably won’t be able to say this again, so listen carefully. Do you remember the first day we met? […] It was on the subway, on the way to the test. You asked me if this subway was the right one, and I told you it was. I was concerned about you from the first moment I saw you. And you kept staying with me. At school, if I turned around because I felt a tingle, you were standing there. Isn’t it strange? If you were smiling, if you were crying, and why, it kept me wondering. You really smile and cry a lot. So, I… I thought I liked you. I thought I liked you Park Tae Hee.”

You have GOT TO BE effin’ kidding me…. At this point, Jae Hun is struggling to mask his tears.

“But, I’m going to stop now. To be honest it annoys me. You’re little…and loud… That’s why I’m going to stop now. Being concerned, being upset because of you, I’m going to stop. I want to stop. It’s hard on me. […] Let’s not cross paths again. I’m asking you this favor.”


Time for a rebuttal from Tae Hee:

“I’m sorry. I think I know what I did wrong. I bother people around me a lot. The more I like a person, I think I bother them more. I make them sick of me. I’m sorry, I know it too…”

NOOOO~ it’s not your fault!!!

And Jae Hun hangs up on her for saying “sorry” to him one more time.



Well. I can’t say I didn’t know it was coming. Grr. Argh. Blech. Yuck. GIMME EPISODE 15 NOWW!

OK – back to the voice of reason in my head. We get two emotional punches in the show, both of which were very predictable and yet, it doesn’t lessen the sting at all. I’ll start with the one I hate: Tae Hee and Jae Hun. We finally have some resolution to their issue; frankly, I expected this break-up call to occur in the last episode, and that’s why I felt episode 13 was so unfinished for me. I’m so worried that Jae Hun will be discovered at the last minute for his involvement in the crimes because that just screams to me, “Rushed ending!”

But we’ll see – this drama has been good about pacing so far.

As for the second emotional punch, I loved how cliched Byeong Gun’s brother ended up being. After episode 13, I knew this brother was having second thoughts about his chosen career path. And I knew that his brother would be inspired by Byeong Gun’s risky choices. What I didn’t expect was that he would be his brother’s first audience member. I loved that it ended up being his brother rather than someone like Doo Ri because I think Byeong Gun needs to get that stamp of approval from his family. In fact, the mini story at the end of the episode has Byeong Gun announcing to the family that he got into college. His family gets on his case for switching majors again, and before he can even announce what major it is, they tell him to just do whatever he wants and spend his own money. As everyone makes assumptions about him, their voices become chipmunk voices, and they conclude that Byeong Gun must be mental.

His family keeps assuming things about him, and thus never gives him a voice. It’s no wonder that he can’t even sing to express what’s truly in his heart because he can’t even say what is in his heart. So for his brother to finally hear his voice, to acknowledge that voice, and to respond to that voice is a miracle. It’s the exact miracle that I think Byeong Gun needs to be able to sing in front of others again.

That also means, I’m expecting him to sing in class in the next episode.

Also, I am SO WAITING for Chae Young to be found out for the fraud that she is. She can’t sing for her life, and I hope we see her “practicing” and trying to perform in “Fame,” before coming up with some lame excuse on why she can’t do it.


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  1. oblivious

    AAh Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! I already watched the episode bur was waiting for your awesome recap. I love the Byeong Gun story and really hope he actually sings in the next class. Chae Young really needs to get hers, but i can’t help but agree with her thoughts on Tae Hui’s innocence being her weapon and hope we finally get some real depth out of her character. She is just too predictable. And i need more Doo Ri, she needs her own series!

    p.s Wooeeee i posted first that almost never happens. Thanks again ^-^

  2. yuvee

    I HATE noble idiots!! For a flicker of seconds I thought that Jae Hun might do the right thing and give himself up, it was an accident after all. But then I guess we won’t have enough dramas going on.
    Really wish we’d focus more on Doori, she’s my favourite character!

    • 2.1 carpetfibers

      I thought (and hoped) the same thing! I really wanted Jae Hun to turn himself in; I think his character won’t be able to move forward until he learns to stop running and face the consequences of his poor decisions.

      And first and foremost, he needs to tell Tae Hee. Confess to her and show his true repentance by taking responsibility.

  3. shepo

    i think in the next episode,,as what i saw in the teaser,,we’ll see the exodus of freshmen into sun-man’s musical..
    yeah,, i agree,,WE NEED MORE DOORI!!

  4. momosan

    Any episode where Byeong Gun sings is a win. 😎

    • 4.1 Alvina

      agreed. He has such an amazing voice.

      • 4.1.1 isa

        I.love.Byeong.Gun. I have no idea what he says when he is singing but his singing parts are definitely up there in most moving scenes of the show.

  5. Wvr

    Thanks for the recap, kaedejun! I’m really liking this drama.

    I really like that at the end of each episode there are those small flashbacks during the credits that give the audience more background on the characters. I was excited to see you wrote about it in your comments! Other than giving the audience more background on Byeong Gun, I thought that the flashback also provided contrast of Byeong Gun’s brother’s behavior toward Byeong Gun about his changing major and then finally going for his dream.

    I’m looking forward to what the Sun Man production is going to be. For now it’s a total mystery but I’m excited because it has to be at least on par with the other group.

  6. Alvina

    Oh Big Brother~! I love that type of family bonding, especially because it seems that no one else has that type of support in this drama…

    That said, I feel really sorry for two characters right now:
    1. Chae Young, because though she’s worked so hard (through dubious means), she’s going to get a LOT of flack from people if she cant perform well…

    2. Jae Hun, for obvious reasons. I have a feeling that the report he filed is going to haunt him next episode. This is a very “Maundy Thursday” like situation 🙁

  7. Mystisith

    I know someone who’s giggling at the Fame’s reference…
    The Big Bro is a winner. All those kids have crap families or no family at all, so it’s a warm addition to the characters.
    Jae Hun breaking with Tae Hee : Why exactly ? Because he finds unbearable seeing her ? Culpability ? Or to protect her before surrendering to the police ? I’m quite confused at this. I just hope it will make some room for the other characters : Sun Man ( WTF therapy, bwahahah ! ), Doo Ri, the ghost, Soo Bin are to take more screen time if you want to be nice with me, show.

    • 7.1 kbap

      I agree with you complete. Soo Bin, please have more air time..!!

  8. xiaoSxin

    This episode brought happy tears (Byeong Gun and his hyung), sad tears (Jae Hun and Tae Yi walking up the steps to school) and painful, heartbreaking tears (Jae Hun’s phone call to Tae Yi).

    and I was screaming for Episode 15 as well. Thanks Kaede!

    UGH. Watching tomorrow’s episode will be tough. Megaupload is banned, I can’t DL the episode anymore. Watching it livestream at 6amPST will be impossible as I have to be at work at freakin 6:30am…

    Dilemmas… dilemmas…
    Torrents it is then.

  9. Bluefyre

    YAY! Thank you!!!

    It’s probably getting old but…
    I LOVE this drama! 😀

    Though seriously…I just wish the noble idiot trope would die already *sigh*

  10. 10 Jinny

    And the noble idiot syndrome has reached Jae Hun…..actually though, while watching that scene I was seriously tearing up until Tae Hee started apologizing :/ I know that’s usually what anyone would do but she always seems to think saying sorry can solve the situation and it just irritated me.

    So happy that Chae Young is being seen for her true colors by the freshmen! I’m hoping for more of the musical and I can’t wait for the next ep where the freshmen all flock to Soo Man’s team yeeeeeee. I also couldn’t contain my excitement when Soo Bin came to audition! I wonder if he’ll face off with Do Sung for composing the songs….

    I’m so curious about the ghost lol…I actually don’t feel like he’s a real ghost haha…He definitely has some connection with the school’s past..maybe he’s like a magical genie ghost?

    • 10.1 carol

      So, I’m not a huge Tae Hee fan but I’d like to offer another perspective, because her apologizing seemed really genuine to me. She must have huge abandonment issues from everyone around her dying or leaving. And even she can’t be that not self-aware about her… constant sugar high bubblyness, so maybe, possibly she honestly thinks that it’s all her fault?

      Omg, can’t wait for the Soo Bin vs. Do Sung showdown. They seem to really get to each other, hee.

      • 10.1.1 JoAnne

        Im with you – I don’t see her apologizing to ‘solve’ the problem. She’s not asking him to reconsider; she’s sorry for causing him difficulty and she’s expressing that as her final words to someone who says it’s too difficult to be with her. Since she doesn’t know about his connection to her father, she can only believe the reason he gives her. It shows quite a bit more awareness of her own position as sort of an unreal bubblehead than we might expect, although there’ve been hints of steel in the girl all along.

  11. 11 Suzi Q

    Can’t wait for Chae Young to get smack down. You can only fool people up to a point. She must be a major retard if she thinks she can become the focal point in “FAME” musical when she can’t even sing to save her life. I hope the other girl is not stupid again this time to have her voice lip sync for Chae Young.Down she goes!!!

  12. 12 knightsha

    i was watching this for doo ri
    but there isn’t much of her anymore so i think i’ll only read the recaps from now on :/

  13. 13 ninji

    What I loved about Jae Hun and Tae Hee was that they got off to a nice start from the beginning, in contrast to all the misunderstandings-bickering-disliking-each other-starters that usually portray the k-drama landscape.
    Their relationship was built up nice. So I didn’t see the noble idiocy coming. And I’m really sad it did.
    I guess it’s bound to have some annoying cliches.

  14. 14 nuri

    Aw. Thank you!! Always nice to hear/read your thought on What’s Up.

    This time, for once, I really like the noble idiot that Jae Hun decided to do. He still young and scared so he might think its the only way out. Well, it doesn’t mean I didn’t yell at him to tell the truth.

    I like DooRi always hanging out with SunMan. After some time, they looks like a couple. Similar attitude and clothing choice? Hmmmm

    • 14.1 nuri

      oh. is that Soo bin getting more screen time? niiiice.

      also, i dont care a bit about Chae Young. if its up to me, no more screen time for her, just more DooRi and ByungGun.

  15. 15 carpetfibers

    So I didn’t really see Jae Hun’s ‘dismissal’ of Tae Hee as a Noble Idiocy; I thought it was really selfish and cowardly. He broke up with her because the guilt was too much– not to protect her or anything along those lines. As much as I would hate the duplicity of it, if he really was thinking of her feelings, he wouldn’t just ditch her, knowing that she’s basically on her own and was finally really coming to depend upon him.

    In a perfect scenario, what he should have done was confess to his culpability in the accident, allow her to decide how to respond and how she feels, and then turn himself in. I mean, we really only saw the accident from his point-of-view; we don’t *actually* know that it was caused by him.

    I’m really curious as to how the writers wrapped this up. Does Jae Hun end up doing some jail time? Does Tae Hee speak on his behalf and somehow he doesn’t get in trouble? Does it turn out that the accident wasn’t his fault at all?

    And when will we find out what the piece of paper was about? I’m guessing that it had Tae Hee’s mother’s address/info on it, but with only four episodes to go, I don’t know that there’s enough time to deal with that particular plot point fluidly.

    Also, I completely second the motion for more Oh Doo Ri time. Supposedly, she’s to go head-to-head with Chae Young, so maybe in Sun-man’s musical, she becomes the lead.

    Episode fifteen cannot get here fast enough.

    • 15.1 ldsaf

      LOVE the idea of Doori as lead for Sun Man’s musical. But i can see Chae Young and Prof Yang making a huge deal and claiming that Sun Man of favoritism too ( just coz they like to stir up trouble). And may be ByungGun as the male lead?

    • 15.2 JoAnne

      My thoughts on Jae Hee’s handling of the situation: 1) he is protecting her from the painful knowledge that he took her father’s life 2) his guilt tells him he doesn’t deserve to even look at her, let alone be with her

      Re 1: He definitely doesn’t treat her as an entirely adult being so the protectiveness is par for the course. He doesn’t see her as a grown up, so why would he give her the grown up option?

      Re 2: awwwwwwwwwww

      Re unspoken 3d: We dont know that he won’t eventually turn himself in.

  16. 16 danni

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I’m so happy that Byung Gun got to sing in front of someone and the fact that it was his hyung made it so much better. I’m with you kaedejun, I expect Byung Gun to start singing in class next episode. Don’t disappoint me show, I need to see Byung Gun overcome this fear.

    I was thinking that Jae Hun was going to confess when he went to the police (because I watched the preview first), but when he ran away I thought he might tell Tae Hee the truth, but noble idiocy strikes again. Gah, I really don’t want to see this get dragged out any longer because we are running out of time to see how this will affect Tae Hee and Jae Hun’s relationship when Tae Hee finally knows the truth. Tae Hee has such unusual reactions to situations that I can’t even guess how she’ll react when she finds out.

    I was definitely squeeing when Soo Bin asked Sun Man to audition. Do Sung vs. Soo Bin, please let this happen. Or maybe Do Sung and Soo Bin working together? Hmm, I’m not sure which one I want more.

    Felt bad for the freshman, but it’s about time they realized that Chae Young’s only looking out for herself. Seriously, I don’t understand how some of them don’t see through her.

    Thanks for the recap, as always, kaedejun!

  17. 17 Anime1234

    Jae Hun was worse than a complete noble idiot – his dumping of Tae Yi was mean. He put all the blame on her.

    I hope that the writer turns the knight saving the princess plot on its’ head and has Princess Tae Yi saving her knight Jae Hun. just a suggestion.

    • 17.1 carpetfibers

      I hope the same thing! I love the idea of Tae Hee being the one to pull Jae Hun out of his misery.

    • 17.2 oblivious

      I know the noble idiot thing is overplayed, but i think there are times when it is almost necessary. Sure the build up is a pain, but i’m one of those who doesn’t think Jae Hun and Tae Hui will end up together. His breaking up with her though cowardly is pretty much all he can do. He’s spent months with this girl falling in love with her and to a degree falling in love with the relationship she has with her father. Hearing all these great things about the man and then come find out he accidentally caused his death, killing her only remaining family member. He should have man upped and admitted the truth, but is Tae Yi in the frame of mind to hear it, even if she was mature enough to take him at his word and find the good, had the truth been revealed earlier then there could have been good follow through seeing how these two grow together if they are to overcome this melodramatic obstacle. The ending regardless for those two will be rushed but even more so if there is an easy reconciliation. What sucks is this his idiocy was anything but noble, whether well intentioned or not he ended up making it feel like it was her fault. But thats just another piece of guilt for him to include in his already overloaded carry-on. In the laws of K-dramas there are only too options: he dumps her, she is confused, hates him a little, gets love from someone else and then she returns to him seeing the good intentions there was for the break-up, or, he keeps it quiet, watching over her until the cops come arrest him in front of her and the situation is explained by someone else and she left feeling more betrayed. Either way Jae Hun and Tae Hui both lose, but at least this way they can say he wasn’t brazen enough to continue a relationship that could have been more detrimental to the both of them (plus this drama would need to be at least 15 episodes longer for all this to be flushed out). Just saying not encouraging the cliche and though i was frustrated by seeing it, this is one of the few times where i felt it was somewhat justified. But who knows what will happen in episode 15.

  18. 18 Lady Seoul

    I’m a bit nervous, I hope it won’t end as rushed!

  19. 19 sugarpunch

    I KNOW RIGHT. ok, yay for byeong gun’s plotline but YECKKKK for taehee-jaehun! i knew this was coming!!!! :(((( this better get better soon! i can’t stand noble idiots…. taehee, jaehun fighting!

  20. 20 Selli

    There are so many storylines to wrap up. And Oh Man-seok’s character also still has to die (assuming that’s going to happen, which really seems very likely at this point)! @_@~

    Wow, was Do-sung even in this episode? Some characters get over-exposed, while others don’t get enough screentime; it’s a pity.

    Well, soon it’ll be over and we’ll know how it’ll turn out ^^

  21. 21 campaspe

    yay for more soo bin. i think he needed the kick in the pants from do sung. loved how byeong gun’s story ended.

  22. 22 rain

    No one of you put yourself in the situation of Jae Hun. If you were him what should we do? Tell the truth? You just think that because you are not Jang Jae Hun. It’s so easy to say but it’s too hard to do, especially when he face her. And if he can tell the truth, there will be nothing to watch here.

    • 22.1 JoAnne

      This is not my donsaeng Raine and I don’t THINK it’s my husband…hmmm…

  23. 23 anotheraddict

    (shorter comment): Thanks for the recap, kaedejun! Soo Bin wants to audition too. For Sun-Man. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oh sorry – did my scream just break your monitor? Haha! I think there were a lot of us screaming, but fortunately, my monitor is still intact. 😀

    Yes, Byeong Gun’s storyline was predictable but I thought they executed it really well. I especially loved that he introduced himself as someone who sings from his soul, and his brother’s feedback was about how the song touched him deeply. Can’t wait until BG shocks everyone with his amazing voice.

    Kudos to the music director– Daesung’s song and the one that TH and BG sang were so emotionally evocative– they really made this episode that much more powerful. I also thought Im Joo Hwan’s performance was especially good in this ep.

  24. 24 anotheraddict

    (longer comment): I’m genuinely sorry that so many of you were frustrated by JH’s conversation with TH at the end. I’m one who’s easily frustrated by overwrought angst and lame, Noble Idiot plot devices, but I didn’t experience either of those in this ep. In this case, the stakes really are high, and the consequences of his doing “the right thing” really are potentially devastating– to him, to TH, and to the rest of his loved ones. I think he doesn’t know WTF to do– he just knows in his gut that he can’t continue to be close to TH.

    Personally, I feel it’s too early to judge his actions. While we‘ve all known that JH was responsible for TH’s father’s death since ep. 1, JH has only just discovered that soul-crushing truth, and is just beginning to deal with it. Not unlike someone who’s grieving over the death of a loved one, it’s gonna take time for him to work through the cycle of emotions necessary to process the fact that he caused TH to be an orphan. If you’re feeling devastated, terrified, and racked with guilt, and no one else knows the terrible thing that you’ve done (and it feels like your world would fall apart if they did), it’s pretty hard to come clean about it right away. When we saw him steeling himself before going into the police station, I thought he was there to turn himself in– I felt proud of him for that but it also felt unrealistic to me that he would be ready to do that so quickly (especially given his age and background.) He still may turn himself in– I hope that he’ll at least fess up to TH before the police catch up with him.

    I don’t think his conversation at the end with TH was something he planned to say– he was scared shitless after his encounter at the police station, and only wanted to confirm with DR that TH had gotten home safely. He was clearly taken aback when DR put TH on the phone. I felt that his attempt to distance himself from TH was actually a step forward in terms of JH’s being honest with himself. He had told himself that he would try to atone for his sin by devoting himself to caring for TH, but he realized that her being apologetic towards and appreciative of him was more than he could bear. I think he needs more time to work up the courage to take the next step (I’m hoping it’s with Sun Man’s support). Knowing me, I’ll prolly be all judgy about next week’s eps., but for now, I’m a happy camper.

  25. 25 Rain

    Thanks for your comments. I absolutely agree with you. We are not a Judge so we can’t judge his actions. Fear and want to run away are natural reactions of Jang Jae Hun or anyone who is in the situation like him. The truth is terrible for him.

  26. 26 Kaybee

    Noble Idiot? Jae Hun is a culprit!!! Yes, if only there is a twist in the tale, he will be a culprit in my eyes… and I hate how he was the *first to break up with Tae Hee. He should have confessed his sins instead…
    I LOVED this drama for its freshness and it being based on musical but now I am confused… It has become a love story of Jae Hun vs Tae Hee. How irritating!!!
    But, Ep.14 should be interesting as there should be some *action (musical) in it…

    Do Sung, Byeong Gun, Doo Ri, Sun Man, Soo Bin and others, I am so looking forward to you all than 2 love birds….

  27. 27 Locturne

    I’ve got a little question for anyone who understands Korean. When Tae Yi goes to the empty room and Jae Hun asks her about her father, what does he say exactly? On kimchidrama they translate “What was your father like?” to which Tae Yi answers, that he was like an ajusshi. But it seems Jae Hun says something like “아버님 함자 어떻게 되쇼?” which means “what’s his…name?” (?) and so in this case Tae Yi would say that Jae Hun is like an ahjussi when he asks such a question.
    Not that I’m obsessing over every little detail of the show (ok, maybe I am…) but it’s been bugging me.

  28. 28 chen

    I don’t know about the noble idiot bit. But the last scene where the the screen freezes and Jae Hun was siiting with a bunch of rubbish behind some bars. It may be an allusion as to how he may have felt. More life a prisoner. The society and its laws may have not caught on him yet but he has decided to put himself behind bars. A prisoner not deserving of love nor sympathy thus he opted be a jerk, a manifestation of who he think he is.

  29. 29 Stacey

    Arghhh, Jae Hun the noble idiot. Can’t say I didn’t see that one coming but I kind of hoped this drama wouldn’t do something too predictable. Ah well, what’s done is done I guess, I hope it plays out well in the end.

    Byeong Gun and his brother in this episode, SO SWEET. I was kind of (definitely) tearing up when his brother was.

    I agree with some of the other commenters, I started out thinking this’d be a drama about everyone, with a little more emphasis on Jae Hun’s story but it’s turning more into a drama about Tae Hee. And that really doesn’t help me like her character.

    I too, would love a Do Sung, Soo Bin showdown but I’m unsure if that’s gonna happen (please happen!). If not, I’ll be happy with some kind of hesitant friendship or maybe them working together on a song?

    I’m waiting impatiently for Chae Young’s downfall. I’ve not been impress with any of the plot regarding her, although, it’s good that she’s not had *that* much screentime.

    There’s not been much going on for Oh Doo Ri which is a shame because I LOVE her character. I wonder how her relationship with Sun Man turns out…

    This is why I hate the emphasis on Jae Hun and Tae Hee’s relationship; it takes away time from the other characters! I’m quite anxious to see how this drama ends (scrolling up in the comments I see there are 4 episodes left?) I hope it’s not rushed but I hope all the loose ends are tied nicely. Also, if it’s another ‘The Musical’ (as in not showing the actual friggin’ musical!) I will be very very angry!

    (p.s. sorry this is a little disjointed and long, I had a lot to say. And thanks for the recap!)

  30. 30 Tash

    Would he be considered a noble idiot if he’s breaking up with her for genuine reasons and not some need of his to be righteous? I mean (inadvertently) killing her father is a big deal…then again he should have told her (no matter how difficult it was because that was the right thing ot do)

  31. 31 hyefan

    I don’t agre with your hating on tae yi she’s amazing.

  32. 32 Chendani

    I know I am so late discovering this awesomeeee dramaaaa!!!
    As far as I remember this drama has made me re-watch and re-watch it again. And I totally agree with you that a little shook of byung gun’s brother made his character is even memorable.
    Every episode is like a movie and I just want to say that I totally agreeee with you… oh I wished I knew this drama earlier and knew your website even earlier! Good Job!!!
    But, I have a question, I cant find who cast as Byung Gun’s brother. He’s only in 4 episodes but his performance is really stunning.

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