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What’s Up: Episode 9
by | January 5, 2012 | 45 Comments

KYAAAA! I couldn’t help but SQUEAL over Im Joo Hwan in this episode. Can you have a cooler character or what!? I noticed that this episode was longer than the past episodes – closer to 1 hour rather than 45 minutes long. Perhaps the broadcaster is starting to realize that “more What’s Up” = “more happy viewers”?

Either way, we’re at the halfway point of this drama. Can you believe it’s so fast? I hate how time flies when you’re having fun…

So the scandal breaks. And Prof. Yang decides to call up all the other professors in for a disciplinary hearing for Sun-Man. When Sun-Man stumbles in (in PJ’s no less), he sits next to the other professors rather than in front of them. Haha – this is his way of “diverting the attention.” Finally the Chancellor arrives, forcing him to obey to Prof. Yang’s demands. Prof. Yang wants to know who the girl in the picture is because it could be a lawsuit waiting to happen. In perfect Sun-Man fashion, he gets up, says he has “somewhere” to be, and leaves, not wanting to waste anyone else’s precious time.

Even the Chancellor can’t say anything to that, especially when that “somewhere” means Park Eun Hye’s grave.

Meanwhile, the students are all a-flutter over the printed articles of the scandal posted everywhere. Ka Young rushes up to Doo Ri, asking if it’s true she’s the girl in the photo. Byeong Gun tries to help Doo Ri, saying that it must be fake, and tries to get her to stay away from the articles. However, Doo Ri goes right up to them, studies it, and then grabs Byeong Gun close to mimic the position. Hee – boy looks scared! Classmates are scandalized.

Back in class, Myung Hwan is once again taking over vocal lessons. He gives Tae Hee tips on singing, such as singing while understanding the meaning of the lyrics, and to not listen to CD-versions while practicing.Jae Hun spots Do Sung smiling like a fool towards Tae Hee, and Doo Ri sitting quietly in the back, a tear falling down her cheek.

Do Sung phones his uncle, confirming that he can leave this time. But he bumps into Jae Hun outside the dorms. Jae Hun understands if Do Sung wants to leave, but mentions that he should say goodbye to Tae Hee. Do Sung says he won’t – why bother? – and that he’s not in a relationship with Tae Hee or anything. “Really?!” Jae Hun cries. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I’m going to go after her then!” Do Sung is all chill and like, “Whatever dude,” which actually annoys Jae Hun more.

Jae Hun knows how much Do Sung likes Tae Hee, and that Do Sung is trying to act cool because he doesn’t like asking for help. He’s just like Doo Ri; they both try to act like they don’t need anyone, and therefore they don’t expect any help in return. Do Sung irritably walks away.

When they get into their dorm room, they find a stranger holding up the Hades mask, shouting out some lyrics. Do Sung is frozen in fear, and Jae Hun assumes it’s Byeong Gun playing a prank. It’s not – it’s the reporter instead. EEP!

Jae Hun has no idea who the hell Hades is (bless his soul) and the reporter thinks that’s how Jae Hun is protecting his roommate. He accuses the reporter of entering without permission and attempting to rob from them. Do Sung tries to send Jae Hun out, as Jae Hun’s abrasive manner isn’t really helping the situation. But throwing money at the reporter isn’t going to help either.

The reporter actually has a bone to pick with Do Sung about that; he was just a reporter trying to get an exclusive scoop, but suddenly he got pushed aside in favor of the big name reporters, and he couldn’t do anything. At the same time, Jae Hun quietly walks around the room to behind the reporter, and he spots the camera. Do Sung and my eyes widen. Jae Hun takes out a water bottle… (and I scream, “Do eet! Do eet!!”) and he spills it all over the camera, right into the lenses!! The reporter screams; Jae Hun: “Oh is that your camera?”


The reporter stalks off angrily, and Do Sung chases after the reporter, begging for a proper talk. The reporter won’t hear of it; he threatens to expose Do Sung properly, and no money can ever stop him. If Do Sung tries to leave the school, he will call the cops to look for him, saying that Hades was kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Prof. Yang’s assistant tells Doo Ri about Sun-Man’s “trial.” He never gave the name of the student, and so she warns Doo Ri to be careful around him. Doo Ri starts heaving and clutching her stomach, which makes the assistant think she’s pregnant! No – actually Doo Ri is just feeling disgusted. She thinks the assistant told on her and Sun-Man to the reporter, that she must have gotten paid for the tip; an unfair accusation since it was all an accident on how the reporter found out.

After finding out where Sun-Man is, she packs for a trip to the countryside. Tae Hee begs her not to go, but Doo Ri doesn’t listen. She’s heading over no matter what, but is surprised to hear that Tae Hee knows the way. Well yeah, the area Doo Ri is going to is where she lives! Tae Hee is curious why Doo Ri wants to meet Sun-Man’s former girlfriend, and Doo Ri says she only wishes to ask the girlfriend – Park Eun Hye – for permission to take care of Sun-Man.

Park Eun Hye?! Tae Hee’s eyes widen – that’s her aunt!! (Ha! Sun-Man has to actually take care of Eun Hye’s niece!)

Outside, of the dorms, Do Sung apologizes for the reporter incident, but Jae Hee shrugs it off as if it never happened. He tries to stop Do Sung from saying anymore by insisting that he has no idea what Hades or Do Sung is talking about, and that if Do Sung says anymore, he’ll get hit. He feels guilty enough towards the reporter for ruining the camera. Jae Hun’s all about tough love… 🙂

He then meets Chang Jin in the billiards room and hands over the sheets listing the 3,718 he ran up and down the steps. He might have missed a few on the way, but he did them all – (13 minutes late X 22 students) X 13 days = 3,718 rounds on the steps. A teacher had told him to be honest, rather than make a rough estimate and lie about it.

Hehe – Chang Jin can’t say anything. However, he does make Jae Hun inform the rest of the first years to gather at the auditorium. So Jae Hun does it the most effective way possible – have it blasted over the speaker system.

The students all gather, fretting, and Byeong Gun whispers to Jae Hun that he’ll do all the talking next time. I love how everyone assumes Jae Hun pissed off Chang Jin again. Chang Jin and his cronies arrive, and he announces that one student has disgraced the department because of her scandal with Sun-Man. While Sun-Man is getting dealt with by Prof. Yang, he has taken it upon himself to punish the student. He wants someone to tell him a name, stat.

The only person missing from this bunch is Chae Young – and that’s because she’s hanging out with Soo Bin in the piano room. He knows that the first years being rounded up is all her fault, but she innocently says she did nothing wrong. All she said to Chang Jin at lunch was, “I gave up everything to come to this school, but what’s this? This scandal is making me look bad. Chang Jin – I’m so upset!”

Bam! Chang Jin springs to action to punish the student that hurt his beloved Chae Young. And she claims to hate the girls who put on the helpless act to get guys to do her bidding…

Back in the auditorium, Chang Jin puts the pressure on the first years, and Ka Young is ready to break. But then Jae Hun stands up – “Love thy comrade, love thy country.” Isn’t that what Chang Jin had taught them all? Jae Hun addresses his classmates: Chang Jin is actually trying to teach them all a lesson here! He’s testing their loyalty on this proverb. Chang Jin doesn’t really want them to tell; he’s just making sure everyone fully learned this lesson and is going to be loyal to their classmate, who scandalized the department.

What an awesome spin to the leader’s words, Jae Hun! Except… it just makes Chang Jin rethink the punishment. Since they’re all being loyal to this “comrade,” they can all clean the bathrooms of the building together until that student returns.

Oh Jae Hun, you sure know how to make your enemies. And keep them. Byeong Gun moans – this is why he wanted to talk! He just knew Jae Hun would give them all more grief!

Tae Hee follows Doo Ri to the bus station, much to the latter’s displeasure. What she hates the most is when people help her when she doesn’t ask for it. Tae Hee gets the hint and immediately turns to leave… except, she forgot how to get back to school.

So Doo Ri has to guide her back. On their walk, Tae Hee tells her about her aunt, and how Eun Hye had raised her after her mother left. When she and her father moved out of Seoul, Eun Hye stayed behind. Doo Ri then points out the path, and turns to leave, tired of being with the clueless Tae Hee. She gets a call from Ka Young about how the first years all got in trouble, but Doo Ri doesn’t really care. When she turns around though, she doesn’t see Tae Hee anywhere. Worried, she hangs up.

As for the boys, they do rock-paper-scissors to see who will be left behind to clean. OF COURSE Byeong Gun, Do Sung, and Jae Hun are the ones left behind. Byeong Gun whines and complains throughout – how could he possibly clean toilets?! This would be the end of them. There’s no hope for their future anymore! (If Byeong Gun can’t overcome his fear of singing, he should enroll in the drama department; he has a natural flair for over-dramatics.)

Do Sung wonders if the picture is even real, and Jae Hun notices that huge light bulb go off over Byeong Gun’s head. The two pester Byeong Gun over what his idea is, but he tells them to shush as he thinks, sitting on a toilet.

As for the girls, they wonder where Tae Hee and Chae Young are. Ka Young comes to Chae Young’s defense: her roommate is doing a “special assignment” from Professor Yang. Suddenly, Doo Ri appears, looking for Tae Hee. No one has seen her.

The other girls wonder if it’s really Doo Ri in the picture. Doo Ri: “Couldn’t you tell from the picture? Everyone else knew.” Hahah – I love how matter-of-fact she is. Anyways – she tells them they missed a spot and then goes off searching for Tae Hee again. Hehehe.

Tae Hee is actually walking back to school, talking about how she got a ride back to school to none other than – Sun-Man. He calls her an idiot, which pretty much just blows right over her head. She asks if he’s the mysterious person who always leaves flowers at her aunt’s grave.

At that, Sun-Man freezes – Eun Hye is Tae Hee’s aunt? He’s found Eun Hye’s relative! Without the Chancellor’s help!

Meanwhile, Chae Young is out to meet with her manager. He picks her up to go to a party, but is mostly dismissive of her. She whines for some attention, but he pulls up a video of the performances on his laptop. She glows when she sees that her performance got recorded, but she grows snarky when she sees him watch Team B’s performance. He pauses on a close up of Tae Hee’s face; “Who is this girl?” he asks. “She stands out.”


Tae Hee and Sun-Man have a heart-to-heart in a small park on campus. She reveals that Eun Hye wrote a lot about him in her letters, and listed his three main faults. 1) He doesn’t eat his vegetables. (Because he’s 6 at heart.) 2) He wears mismatched shoes when leaving the house and doesn’t notice until he gets back home. And, with some hesitancy, Tae Hee says: 3) he never asks for help. That’s the problem that bothered her aunt the most because she never knew how to help when she wanted to.

When Tae Hee’s dad found out, he had commented, “That man must have a lot of fear. You’re afraid of being rejected or ridiculed. You’re afraid of everything.” Tae Hee nervously reiterates that those were her father’s comments, not hers per se. But Sun-Man agrees. He was afraid of being rejected, and of being looked at pitifully.

Tae Hee has an upbeat spin on that though. She doesn’t mind it when people look at her pitifully because it means they’re worried about her. And since there aren’t a lot of people who worry about her, when she gets a stranger’s pity, it means that she has one more person in the world who cares about her.

Throughout all this, Doo Ri overhears this from behind the bushes and takes Tae Hee’s words to heart.

The next day, reporters come to the school trying to find out Sun-Man’s teaching schedule, but Prof. Yang’s assistants try to send them off. Doo Ri enters class and is greeted with silence. Awkwardly, she addresses them all: “Can you help me?”

No one replies, and Doo Ri looks like she regrets asking in the first place. But then Ka Young pipes up – how can they help her? Score!

Phase 1 of Doo Ri’s plan: Jae Hun and Do Sung pose together in a variety of close poses. Jae Hun dresses in men’s clothes while Do Sung dresses in more girly clothing, and Byeong Gun snaps the photos. Whee!

Phase 2: the rest of the class assists Doo Ri in taking over the broadcasting room. A couple gas the room so that all the radio broadcasting students leave the studio, and then they take over. They help Doo Ri be heard over the loudspeaker:

“I’m first year student of the Musical Department, Oh Doo Ri. Some of you may know, but I’m the girl int he article. I heard a lot of upperclassmen wanted to know my identity. Are you satisfied? I’m the girl who was caught in the scandal with Professor Sunwoo… Professor Sunwoo are you listening? It’s me, Doo Ri.”

Perfect timing – the guy’s in a private meeting with the Chancellor when the broadcast goes out.

“What did I tell you? I told you if you didn’t return my feelings, I’d get back at you. Now what are you going to do? All eyes are on you?”

And at that same time, photoshopped photos of Sun-Man’s face with other female members in the faculty appear. The ladies – which include Prof. Yang and her assistant’s faces cropped onto Do Sung’s body – look quite chummy with Sun-Man (on Jae Hun’s body). The reporters all see this and have a good laugh. Unfortunately this means this scandal story is a waste of time for them.

Doo Ri continues:

“Are you still going to refuse me for being a student? Sunwoo Young, it’s me, Oh Doo Ri. Just watch – I’m going to make you love me.”

And then, out of her emotions, she sings, and her classmates grab a CD to accompany it. [download episode audio rip]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Loyalty and friendship seems to be the theme in this episode, with an emphasis on how being a lone wolf isn’t really all that great. The characters all parallel each other quite nicely. Do Sung, Sun-Man, and Doo Ri are all on the same boat in the sense that they prefer to do things on their own. (I guess Sun-Man and Doo Ri are soulmates in this sense.) They’re lonely creatures, and it looks like they all grew up lacking that supportive-parental environment.

And then you have Jae Hun, hardened by the streets and is above all other people’s issues; and Tae Hee, whose obliviousness makes her float above other people’s issues as well. The two of them are like the glue between friends, because in their own weird ways they make sure that their friends stick together. Jae Hun reminds the first years that they’re all classmates and on the same boat under the hazing of Chang Jin. Tae Hee connects people together, kindly showing them that there are people who are willing to help if they only ask. Soo Bin is another character who is “above it all,” but he’s more like an observer so far than he is a participant in these students’ lives. I do enjoy how he is the only one that Chae Young can be honest with. She doesn’t try to hide her cattiness around him, and he’s sarcastic rather than pensive around her. He brings her out of her shell in a way, and I wonder if it’s because both are quite well-known already, and feel some sort of affinity. Their stories need to be revealed.

For some reason, this episode hits home for me. Do Sung, Doo Ri, and Sun-Man all have to figure out what their fear is because it’s holding them back. And then they have to work to overcome it. For Do Sung, he needs to overcome his fear of his mother; Doo Ri and Sun-Man need to get over their pride. It’s the perfect question to ask college students, because they no longer have their parents to shield them. They need to learn how to deal with the “real world.” It is college…


45 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rayanne

    This episode had lol-worthy moments haha
    I like where the show is headed though.

  2. mya

    i still wonder how the writer will wrap up Do Sung’s story. i thought his character is one of the main characters, but there’s not many plot that centred around him..
    but i really like the way he’s getting angry at the reporter and ask him not to disturb Jae Hun.

    • 2.1 Moko

      I’m confused with Do Sung’s story just as well. OH WHY? so little development and story…maybe because Daesung sucks at acting? I don’t think he’s that bad…. Even Mr. Nervous gets more sreentime (well, yes, he is indeed awesome) But maybe, just maybe, his story involves so much more “bigger” stuff like politics, they will use it at the end. Though they have TONS of ways to go with the plot… Thinking abut it, they did not really well with the love triangle until now. WHY? Well, who cares anyway if they get candy man Sun-Man

      P.S. Did anyone notice how awesome every character involved is? Even the small side characters act well. It just feels like a looooooong movie.

      • 2.1.1 mya

        Daesung’s acting is okay. He looks natural. maybe they want to save it to the last.

    • 2.2 Kushi

      I think that Do Sung’s problem is probably the one that closes the drama and ends it. That’s what my initiation says after watching a lot of dramas.

      Like I don’t think he would get so much screen time and have so little development if they weren’t saving his problem for one of the last things.

    • 2.3 jean

      i thought they’re going to wrap his story in this episode as well, along with door ri/prof. sun & eun hye.. but i guess, it’s still too early..

      I think they’re going to develop it more because do sung story is like the largest problem of all compared to others, well there’s the tae hee story, but do sung’s story includes celebrity profile and politics… as one of the commenter said, it’s probably going to be a closer story… i hope so…

    • 2.4 adette

      I think that since he is one of the main characters, his story will be one that lasts for most of the show, not just a small arc, like it is for the more minor characters. He gets a fair amount of screen time… it just tends to not be directly related to his problem. But I feel like he’s around a fair amount…

      The moment where he yelled at the reporter to leave his friend out of it… total “aww” moment for me. bby’s making friends♥ hehe

      • 2.4.1 Moko

        yeah, total “aaawww” moment, I also think Deasung’s acting is okay, that’s why I’m sad that he doesn’t get a mini arc

  3. Tripsiders

    Love <3 DooRi…

  4. knightsha

    doo ri is awesome ^_^

    • 4.1 alua


      love her!

      and jae hee!

  5. Mystisith

    Thanks kaedejun, recaps awaited and appreciated as always.
    Very good show indeed. Friendship is the keyword for all the drama. We don’t even need a romance line here, thanks to all the good stuff. I love how Jae Hee dismisses Do Sung when this one tries to explain himself, stumbling with words. True friendship can accomodate with some secrets : You don’t have to unpack all you life to be accepted. And Do Ri asking for help like she’s facing a firing squad. Love the way she does things, true to herself even if she’s scared to
    death : A good way to grow. What a likeable bunch of kids.
    The reporter made my skin crawl, but karma solved the issue for now.

  6. Miky

    does anyone know what’s the name of the actor that apperars alongside Chae Young manager?

    • 6.1 hajroutta

      Jin Yi Han , he played in “who are you”

  7. nuri

    Adorable. Buuuut I’m late. I haven’t download this episode. Thanks Kaedejun for the recaps. I couldn’t wait for this episode since I watched the preview and now, even though I can imagine some scenes, just makes me want to watch the episode even more.

  8. kdramafan89

    I really really liked this episode it waremd my heart. It makes me feel like true friendship can exist. The part where Doo Ri asks for help from her peers made me laugh cause she was so suprised that they were willing to. It was so cute. I love this drama!

    • 8.1 alua

      I was surprised as well. I hope they all starting banding together more often (the leading characters as well as all of the first years) so that they realise they have more power than the bullying senior students!

    • 8.2 munkie

      agreed. this was my favorite episode so far. i loved how everyone banded together to help her out. do sung and jae hun are adorable together.

  9. Stacey

    Wow, I’m more than halfway through already? (I watched episode 10 the other day ^_^) What am I gonna do when this ends?
    I usually don’t fall in love musical based dramas . I think they’re fun to watch but I could live without them if I had to. Dream High was good and heartwarming and all but I wasn’t crazy obsessive over the show; and let’s not even talk about The Musical, ‘kay?.
    But I absolutely freakin’ adore this show! I love all the quirks and characters, the whole cast is adorable and Im Ju Hwan is just amazing.

    By the way, thanks for the recaps, I’ve been enjoying reading them! 🙂

  10. 10 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap!

    This was a longer episode, hope it continues – the story flow was better, less awkward chop between scenes.

    Love the way this student group continues to become more cohesive. The characters are becoming more defined with story development, with a few exceptions. Emo/piano Boy still continues to be a peripheral player here. I’d really like him to become more central – he’s interesting. But I guess every drama of this nature has to have the mysterious “bad boy” on the edges, all moody and dark.

    Also like the way yet another plot answer has been finalized with DrunkProf finding out that his dead gf was CountryGirl’s aunt. Another nice and neat wrap.

    I’ve watched episode 10, and here’s another example of abrupt transitioning – it picks up with the class in its’ 2nd year. Huh? No end of the year musical production, etc.? I just find that a bit off-putting. Now I’m wondering if the entire drama will go through all four years to graduation. If so, it’s going to be one heck of a student stage production (I hope!). That was my biggest gripe about YFFM – that lackluster and silly end musicale. Pffft. I expect WAY more from WU!

    • 10.1 momosan

      No, not in their second year, but in their second term after the summer break. The school year runs March to June-ish for the first term, then a summer break, then Sept-ish to Feb for the second.

      • 10.1.1 Cynthia

        **knocks self in head**

        Thanks, momosan – it’s been many-a-moon since I had to remember semester breaks!

    • 10.2 MsB

      I loved how she (Tae Hee) basically starting him on his road to healing when she was telling him the 3 things her aunt had said about him; especially where he won’t ask for help! That helped Doo Ri

  11. 11 fan

    Thanks for the recap. My fav drama at the moment~

  12. 12 Sonia

    Thanks for the recap!

    On another note, did anyone watch episode 10 yet? Was Tae hee supposed to look good with make-up on? Coz I didn’t really see how. She looked hideous. for realz. Anyway, just wanted to get that out.

    • 12.1 Wild Spirit

      Just as a reminder, you do know who did her make-up right? Chae Young, the girl who has jealousy issues + an inferior complex.

  13. 13 Kushi

    Mmm I was actually confused at the whole Tae Hee is the niece thing.

    Iirc when I watched it with subs, it actually said that Sun-man’s “nephew” was at the academy. Could any Korean speakers clarify this?

    • 13.1 Sonia

      I thought so too… Maybe Koreans have the same word for niece and nephew?

    • 13.2 kaedejun

      Yes – in this drama it seems they used the generic term for “niece/nephew” so as to make it more mysterious on who it is.

      turns out it was niece

  14. 14 Cee

    Wow! Just wow! I really like this drama, good story, acting, funny-moments, and whatnot…so why the hell was this pushed aside/looked over by the networks? But picked up Heartstring and The Musical? (sry but those drama was so predictable and superficial, I stopped @ ep. 8 for both)

    Can’t wait for the next episode. I’m seeing ChaeYoung’s claws are gonna be out 😀 And JH’s new look, loving it.

    Thnx Kaedejun for the recaps!

    • 14.1 alua

      I have been wondering about that too! Didn’t watch The Musical, but this is so so SO much better than Heartstrings. In every way: the story, the characters, the music (okay, the music wasn’t bad in Heartstrings).

  15. 15 munkie

    please give soo bin more development!
    or just more lines bc i love his voice. ^_^

  16. 16 Miky

    hajroutta i know him,i was asking about the other guy,the one that’s along side with him…

  17. 17 min

    I LOVE this episode, my favorite so far.

  18. 18 vicky

    loving this drama hope it will continue to be interesting.. can’t wait for the next episode/recap

  19. 19 DarknessEyes

    thanks for the recap! I really love this show, but it’s frustrating when the subs come out slow, and i dont know whats happening.

  20. 20 xiaoSxin

    We are already halfway thru the series……..? NO!!! I don’t want this to end!!


  21. 21 Manyuu

    You know!!!!! I’ve rewatched episode 1 today and I think the one who dies is Sun-Man…
    There are several hints in characters’ reactions and the fact that Doo Ri is the first one shown and she has such look on her face and she’s the only one crying with tears. Also Chae Young’s reaction…

    Sun Man’s death really makes sense I mean that he is definitely gonna be teacher they all will grow fond of and we know now that Doo Ri has fallen for him…

    • 21.1 ldsaf

      That was what i was thinking.. and cursing the writers.Till now its only his death that would have such an impact . I am hoping that it’s not true. I was this close to waling when I thought they will kill of Sun man.. hope it’s not true, but he is the only one who’s death will have such an impact…

  22. 22 tran

    does anyone know the actress who plays the part for Ji Eun?

  23. 23 Lisa

    JaeHun is the one that Chae Young can be honest with because of their hardness in their hearts. ChaeYoung harden by the spotlight and JaeHun by the streets, it makes for an interesting relationship also because neither party is in love with each other…well for now.

    I am curious to see how the TaeHee and ChaeYoung relationship will progress. TaeHee becoming more noticeable…and ChaeYoung not going where she wants to be…on top.

  24. 24 Lady Seoul

    yes, i laughed often in this episode and 10 too!

  25. 25 Silver

    I love the whole episode and the twists that came but I really love Lim Ji-eun’s character and she’s one of the main main characters but it seems like Tae Hee kept stealing the spotlight and it’s quite annoying. Oh Doori is a cool character which is a loner and I’m quite disappointed that Daesung’s character seems to get the spotlight than Tae Hee because it’s like the story revolves with her it’s like she’s the root when she’s not one of the main main characters. I hate it when someone always steal the spotlight it’s quite annoying especially when your covering all the one’s that deserve them.

  26. 26 pressfitsprit

    yor are best so is the drama<3 thnx for recap!!

  27. 27 MsB

    Can I get an AMEN!! Photoshop!! LOVED this episode. The character development is tremendous. I like how each character is being brought to us. I guess Chae Young must be next. I almost felt sorry for her in the car……Almost..

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