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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 374
by | February 24, 2012 | 81 Comments

EPISODE 374. Broadcast on February 19, 2012.

girlfriday: Oh noes. The beginning of the end. Hold me!

javabeans: It’s so funny because I’ve only been with this show for, what, less than a year? Which i know is longer than most dramas. But I still feel like a casual watcher, and maybe it’s because Ho-dong is gone and the group has changed that I’m not all emotional about this.

girlfriday: Whereas I’ve been watching this show for five+ years, and am a blubbering mess.

javabeans: Is it wrong of me to laugh at you? I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that.

girlfriday: Hate you.

javabeans: Actually, I shouldn’t talk yet. I’m probably going to bawl anyway at the end, like I do in every single sappy TV moment ever, because K-dramas have made me easy like that.

girlfriday: The boys start out singing to Su-geun, because it happens to be his birthday. Right after Seung-gi’s? Two for two. They ask what he wants for his birthday, and he starts to say that they could get him a group gift…

javabeans: Tae-woong has a “gift” for Su-geun… and then plants a big ol’ kiss on his cheek. Smaaaa~ck!

girlfriday: Eeeee! So cute! They get all squeamish and point out that the kiss would’ve been less weird if he hadn’t done it… slowly. HA.

javabeans: The boys are like, let’s talk dramas! Seung-gi and Tae-woong both have shows coming up and they start comparing roles. Seung-gi’s playing the King, as we know, while Tae-woong’s in the melodrama Equator Man and says, “I’m just playing a person.” They press for details and he goes, “I didn’t really read the synopsis.” Ha! Caption: “Contract first, read later.”

girlfriday: Pffft. Too bad they’ll be competing with each other in dramaland. The other guys start taking bets, but Tae-woong isn’t really instilling a whole lot of confidence with his sign-first-read-later confession. Su-geun is the one to announce that this will be the last trip with these five members, and starts to get nostalgic as he talks about the old days with Kim C. Seung-gi: “Are you gonna cry already??”

javabeans: They ask each other how they felt coming out here today, knowing it would be their last trip. Seung-gi asks Jong-min to start, and he blurts, “But I came yesterday.” Ha, he’s one to get caught up in semantics. Apparently he was worried he’d be late so he took extra time to get here early, and Seung-gi revises, “How did you feel coming out of your motel this morning?” Haha. Jong-min, bless his heart, says in his usual offbeat way that his life flashed before his eyes like a film, and on that film, 1N2D “was a really big thing.” Everyone cracks up, teasing him for not being able to say one final word without tripping over himself.

girlfriday: And in keeping with that theme of business as usual, the boys and Na PD declare that this trip will be just like any other. He announces a race, to begin now, and directs them to their first destination: a 40-year old restaurant. They wonder what the catch is, since he’s not likely going to start off the day giving them breakfast. Their guess is speed-eating. Seung-gi: “Our teeth will fall out.”

javabeans: They don’t mind this idea so much, since at least it involves eating. Seung-gi asks Na PD for verification — even if they lose, they’ll all eat, right? Na PD: “You’ll have to get there to find out.”

girlfriday: As much as they say nothing’s different today, even a short walk down the road gets them talking about how the weather always sucks when they shoot, but it’s nice out today. Ji-won trails behind to play with a pair of puppies, which reminds me of how much he loved Sang-geun and the way he used to roughhouse with that giant dog.

javabeans: In the car, they start reminiscing on how much they’ve changed over the past five years, and now they’ve aged. Seung-gi was practically a teenager, and Ji-won says he was a pretty boy idol. And now here he is, all married and thirtysomething.

girlfriday: In some ways, Ji-won grew up the most, and in other ways, he didn’t grow up at all. Tae-woong wonders if they should search the car for clues, but Ji-won says they shouldn’t today, which shocks Seung-gi, who thinks Ji-won’s giving up his tricksy ways. But it’s because he’s figured out that it’s not that kind of mission. Heh.

javabeans: As they approach their destination, Na PD radios in the instruction to select one member in their group “with the most luck.” It’s a puzzling directive, and Seung-gi quips, “I used all mine.” They wonder what a breakfast restaurant mission could possibly have to do with luck, and Su-geun figures that since it’s his birthday it’s a luckier day than normal for him.

girlfriday: He hesitates, saying he’s not good at speed-eating hot foods, and Seung-gi whines, “Hyuuung, you can live without a tongue!”

javabeans: They make it to the restaurant, with its (young-looking) 81-year-old granny who’s been operating the same shop for 40 years. Damn. Na PD sits them down and everyone tenses up to hear their mission. Su-geun’s the lucky guy, but he looks alarmed when Na PD says that his manager will have to participate. His head snaps to attention and he murmurs, “This sounds dangerous…” Haha.

girlfriday: As they wait to hear the mission, they sigh all fake-concerned, “What will Na PD do with his life after this?” like he’s about to be homeless and jobless. Flashback to their conversation in the car where they declare his face not exactly a money-maker. Ha. Na PD describes their theme for today — Memories — and says that seeing this restaurant taught him that memories are not just in the past but can be kept alive in the present, and shape the future. Aw. They all clap.

javabeans: Oh, this is great! Na PD holds up a wallet taken from Su-geun’s manager, confirms that it is Su-geun’s, and explains that their “luck” hinges upon the amount inside… because the cash will allow them to buy whatever they wanna eat for breakfast. Yesss! Su-geun looks excited (knowing he’s got cash) and the boys all cheer… until Na PD finishes by saying that they will have to use up ALL the cash. Seung-gi exclaims, “See, I knew it!” and Su-geun suddenly looks worried. Uh-oh. This was not the time to go all baller-style.

girlfriday: How much cash could he possibly be carrying? I thought celebrities didn’t even carry wallets.

javabeans: Damn. That’s a lot of bills. Seung-gi asks the ajumma, “Can we just have 200 glasses of liquor?” Su-geun says he just got his allowance yesterday from the wife (so cute), and they count it up… 400,000 won, which is just shy of $400.

girlfriday: Holy crap. That’s a lot of hangover soup.

javabeans: They start doing some math, but it’s hard when this is your standard neighborhood restaurant and the dishes range from two bucks to eight, each. They ask if they can buy for their managers and staff too, and then Genius-won pipes up, “Do you do delivery too?” The ajumma says yes, and the guys cheer up. I LOVE Na PD’s “Urg, dammit!” face when the boys point out, lawyer-style, that he did NOT expressly state that they had to eat it all right now… He just said they had to eat all the food they ordered. So they could order delivery to the basecamp later!

girlfriday: Hahaha. You can always tell when they have Na PD cornered. He doesn’t want to budge, but they point out their good hearts (in feeding the staff with their delivery food), so he caves. They eat blissfully and all praise the ajumma, Jong-min even calling her “Mom” by accident. Aw.

javabeans: Stuffed (pleasantly), the boys continue their car trip up a snowy mountainside. The second mission involves picking the most talkative member, and they immediately decide that’s Jong-min. Or is it Seung-gi? So they debate who talks more, and Seung-gi asks, all surprised-like, “Do I really talk that much? Is that my image?” Haha. I think it’s hilarious that he’s surprised.

girlfriday: Seriously. I’d say it’s Seung-gi right away. He over-explains EVERYTHING.

javabeans: Ji-won cuts him down with one line: “You’re a blabbermouth!” The guys decide to outsmart their PDs by not picking the obvious choice, and Ji-won offers himself up because he’s such a great arguer. They put in a practice round with Seung-gi playing the part of PD, and Ji-won basically argues the hell out of every little detail. Seung-gi: “Well, to help you digest your food now…” Ji-won: “We’ll take care of the digestion on our own, thanks.”

girlfriday: They get to the base of the mountain and the PD tells Ji-won to get in a cable car right away. He gets a look of panic in his eyes and tells Seung-gi: “We said if it was going up, you’d go!” But it’s too late, and off he goes, alone in the cable car. Nervous, he asks if it’s safe, and an ajusshi assures him that it is, and then adds that it was built in 1980. Cue terror.

javabeans: He makes it to the top, at which point the mission is revealed. It’s a charades game! Wait… they have to play from OPPOSING cable cars? Going in opposite directions?

girlfriday: Wha? How long could the passing time possibly be? A few seconds?

javabeans: And if you miss it, do you have to keep going up and down, all day? His first word is honeymoon. Damn.

girlfriday: Aw man, that’s a two-part clue, any way you slice it.

javabeans: I think it’s worse that he has so long to think about the clue before doing it, building up the nerves. The boys spread out to get as much window space as possible, and Ji-won starts motioning the wedding march… and the other car zoooooms by.

girlfriday: Omg, that’s freaking fast. From their point of view you can only see tiny Ji-won as he’s approaching, gesturing wildly, and then in a flash, he’s gone. How on earth are they gonna do this?

javabeans: Ji-won shouts, “How the hell are we supposed to get this?!” Su-geun actually gets the wedding march (it helps that Ji-won yelled the song before beginning), but now they’re stuck trying to interpret his arm-wave motion (for “after”?), which looks like he’s miming Superman. They’re actually really close, if they listen to Su-geun. They guess “wedding ceremony” and are wrong, and get a second try.

girlfriday: This time Ji-won realizes his wedding ring is a better prop, and so he motions to his ring, and then a box (luggage? oh that’s gonna confuse them) and then the plane again.

javabeans: Ohhh, is his flying motion supposed to be an airplane? Hahaha. He walkie-talkies a hint to the boys, saying that Su-geun is likely to guess correctly. He says this because it looked like Su-geun got his wedding/ring gesture, but then the boys waaaay overthink it, wondering if it’s a birthday thing since it’s Su-geun’s birthday. No! Then Jong-min wonders, “But he was running. Where was he running to?”

girlfriday: They decide that he was running to give the ring in a box (see I knew that box would trip them up) and land on: Propose.

javabeans: Third time’s the charm! Ji-won motions to wedding ring, shoves writer Dae-joo at them (who recently married), then points up into the sky.

girlfriday: Yay! Man, that was the hardest way to play charades ever.

javabeans: Their last mission is a riff on one of their previous challenges — the go-to-a-public-place-and-not-be-recognized task. Only, this time they’ll all file into a movie theater 5 or 10 minutes into the show, and the mission fails if one person’s name is called. Can you imagine the mayhem if they’re discovered, though? Stuck in a row with nowhere to go.

girlfriday: Ten minutes before the show starts is basically setting them up to fail. Ji-won guesses as much–that they’re all sleeping outside tonight. They file into the back and Na PD hands them their tickets to Dancing Queen, and Tae-woong gives an adorable little cheer for his noona’s movie.

javabeans: The guys bundle up and borrow hats, which leads to the comment that they look like gangsters, haha. They head into the theater where the previews have already begun, and duck inside, prepared to shush anybody who looks like they’re going to say a name.

girlfriday: Oy they have to crawl over people to get to their seats, which is sure to get them noticed.

javabeans: The woman to Tae-woong’s left seems to recognize him, and starts to motion to him. He hurriedly puts a finger to his lips and goes, “Shh!” Hahaha. Trouble is, Su-geun had to go to the bathroom and is now separated from the group and has to join them late. A second chance to draw attention.

girlfriday: He safely gets to his seat, but then a few minutes later, a couple approaches, saying that they’re sitting in their seats. Oh no. He’s totally looking Jong-min straight in the eyes, but maybe he doesn’t want to cause a ruckus, ‘cause they just sit down one row behind.

javabeans: And then the person behind Su-geun leans forward and asks, “Excuse me, are you from 1N2D?” Eep! At least they didn’t say a name, and Su-geun ignores the question.

girlfriday: It’s his fault for looking back, because apparently the woman was kicking his chair, but that gave her cause to talk to him.

javabeans: Aw, how cute. The movie starts and there’s a reference in the dialogue to Kang Ho-dong, and the guys all giggle.

girlfriday: They start to settle in and watch the film, but then suddenly the screen goes black. It’s dark for a few seconds, and then words pop up: “You’re surprised that the screen went dark, aren’t you?” What?

javabeans: The onscreen descriptions match what happened earlier in the screening — someone’s tapping your chair, a couple tries to take your seat. The guys start clueing in to something going on, being pre-planned, and then — aw, then the real show begins, highlighting the last five years of 1N2D.

girlfriday: *sniff sniff* Aw man, as if I weren’t already gonna cry, they do this?

javabeans: It’s super sweet. The guys suspected they’d prepare some kind of event for the last trip, but it speaks to the show’s constant idea-machine that they can still surprise them. And it’s sweet to include fans in the last event, who’ve been bussed in.

girlfriday: Flashback to early that morning, when the crew was busy setting up the whole charade, with actors playing each part like the chair-kicker and seat-stealers, all made up of 1N2D fans. They even get coached on their movie-reactions, which cracks me up because the boys were commenting on how strange this audience was, like their reactions seemed over-the-top. The reel continues: “It’s annoying to be asked to standby at 4am, pay for breakfast with your own wallet, or have members who get the quizzes wrong, isn’t it? But when these things pass, they all become memories.”

javabeans: A long montage screens highlights from over the years. Are you sobbing through them?

girlfriday: NO! *hides mountain of tissues*

javabeans: They’re super touching, although most of the scenes I don’t recognize so I don’t get the same emotional kick. After that ends, a second part of the screening starts up, this time reminding us that Su-geun was once criticized for not being funny enough, but now he’s become one of the top MCs around. Then there’s Seung-gi, who spent half his twenties on the show. Wow, that’s a reel of bad haircuts if anything. “Uhm Jung-hwa’s little brother” became “1N2D’s Uhm Tae-woong,” Jong-min went to army and back, and Ji-won ruined his pretty image, but is a choding through and through.

girlfriday: Aw, man, Papa Bear Ho-dong piggybacking Baby Bear Ji-won just gets me in the heart. I miss that bromance so much. It ends with a hilarious long list of where everyone “went,” like Hong-chul who went to Infinity Challenge, Mong who “only sits at home” (aw), Kim C who went to Germany, the PDs who went to other networks, and Dae-ju who went and got married. It ends with: “And Ho-dong retired.”

javabeans: The lights go up, the song ends, and the guys take a bow to clapping fans, wiping at their eyes. Na PD starts to emcee, but has to stop because he’s crying too. The sound of his breaking voice gets everyone worried — it’s like when you’re a kid and you see your dad crying for the first time, and it’s strange and weird.

girlfriday: Auuuugh, I’m a mess. Watching Na PD cry just does me in. *whimper* The montage made me cry, but Na PD falling apart has me bawling.

javabeans: Then the five members take the stage and each go through a short speech about their feelings on the end. Su-geun starts off with a few light jokes that get people laughing, and ends on tears. Seung-gi is really subdued, for once not in his MC mode, which somehow makes it feel more real. And Ji-won says, “I feel like I’ve graduated from elementary school.”

girlfriday: That’s so cute. Jong-min confesses how hard it was for him when he returned from the army and couldn’t get back in his groove, breaking down in tears. But the fans speak up and encourage him, which is really sweet.

javabeans: I feel so terrible for him, because he’s so sincere and says how he spent so much of the last two years feeling sorry to everyone — the other members, and the PDs. He ends with “I’m sorry and thank you.” The thing about Jong-min is, he’s terrible with words but you can always see his sincerity anyway.

girlfriday: Tae-woong says he was worried that he wouldn’t be sad because he’s the newbie, but he says that a year is actually a long time, and that he must’ve grown attached, voice breaking as he starts to cry. Su-geun quips that somehow, the three guys who are remaining on the show are the ones crying. HA.

javabeans: Seung-gi joke-wonders why he and Ji-won aren’t crying, and Su-geun quips, “It’s because we’re thinking of all the suffering ahead of us.”

girlfriday: They call Na PD up to the stage, who wipes his tears and thanks them for their hard work over the years. He thanks the fans for their help with the big event, and that wraps up Part 1 of the Finale. I don’t even know if HAVE any tears left for Part 2.


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  1. Ace

    Aaaw. I didn’t think I’d cry too since I’ve been a casual watcher, but just from reading the recaps….*lip quiver**sniff*

    • 1.1 reglest

      I suggest you to watch the highlight video…no matter how many times I rewatch it, my tears keep falling TT___TT

    • 1.2 [email protected]

      You may download using torrents the 2D1N episodes from 2011-04-10 thru 2011-12-18 with English Subs at d-addicts. on mp4 format. It’s 23+ GBs The seeding will be done for a limited time.

      • 1.2.1 sam

        hi lisa, do you know of any sites with torrents about the later episodes with eng subs? thanks!

        • [email protected]

          Here you’ll find more recent episodes, but the most recent one is Part 1 of the Friends Special. This last episode might take at least a month to be available with English subs.

        • otchosais

          hi! you can try going to

          they have OLD episodes.. that you can DL from MU, etc.. 🙂

    • 1.3 Bebe

      Was watching 1N2D way back when they first started… When I just dont get it whts the show all abt. Over the years you watched all the cast changes, funny eating games, the beauty of Korea, the specials ……… and many more…. Now all coming to the end….. Kinda sad… I will miss the old cast…. I guess its true they said, gud things have to end when u r up high and make ways for new ones…. …… *sob……..*sniff…..sniff…… *tissue please…….

    • 1.4 Jossy

      Augh I cried reading this recap. 3&1/2 years I’ve been an avid fan of this show and it kinda breaks my heart.. Ugh who am I kidding, one shots on me *sooobssss*

  2. reglest

    JB!! How could you not cry??!!

    I’ve collected bucket(s) of tears watching that highlight video!!
    GF!! I’m with you *hugs*
    I start to sob when the montage of picture are showed and break up crying aloud when they told, Jongmin left for army and Mongi replace him, when they throw mongie to the water…

    Please hold me, because I think I’m not in right mind now *srooot*

    • 2.1 SillyRnti can JB not even tear up? Dammit woman, are you a robot?!? I watched the unsubbed version not understanding a word and I had to dab my eyes. of course I discovered the show this year and mainlined all previous episodes in some marathon sessions. I watched a subbed version and practically bawled. Seeing Na PD cry gutted me.

      • 2.1.1 h311ybean

        Just posting to speak up on JB’s behalf. Part of the post above reads: “But I still feel like a casual watcher, and maybe it’s because Ho-dong is gone and the group has changed that I’m not all emotional about this.”

        I can’t claim to know what’s on JB’s mind, but people get attached to things/people/TV shows in their own time so you can’t expect her (or anyone, for that matter) to be in the exact same situation as you.

        I also don’t know if I will feel as badly as a lot of the diehard fans of 1N2D. Please don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the show and do feel bad about it changing so drastically in the coming weeks when I like things the way they are just fine, but like JB, I don’t feel so heavily invested. I’m sure I’ll get affected when I do watch this episode, but please don’t take it against people like me if our sadness about this doesn’t seem as deep or as obvious as those of other fans.

        • reglest

          Easy dear, I just asked how JB doesn’t cry because practically I’m sobbing like hell

          • h311ybean

            No worries – my comment was more for the person who replied to you. I’m definitely not looking to start any arguments with anyone, though! We’re all fans of the show and this blog here 🙂

          • SillyRnti

            Oh h311ybean, I’m just teasing JB. It’s hard to gauge tone on here but the “dammit, are you a robot?” line was said in jest. I know not everyone is as invested as I am and/or prone to tearing up at the littlest thing like I am. 🙂

        • Jossy

          I have to admit if KHD was still part of the show I think the emotion wouldve been even more overwhelming. No offense to the rest of the cast, I love you and I’m still heartbroken but with KHD I wouldn’t be so unattached to the show as I am now, btw I’m still avid about this show, just… Ugh I needa cry again (T_T)

      • 2.1.2 h311ybean

        Looks like I’m unable to reply to your reply to my reply :p so I am just posting here.

        I just wanted to say that you make a great point about not being able to read tone of voice in a written comment. That did occur to me after I had posted my comment. I’m glad we were all able to discuss and clear this up without incident – posting in places where I don’t know anyone or have little control makes me nervous, but I just felt that I had to speak up since I know where JB’s coming from.

        Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

    • 2.2 jane

      I watched the eng subbed episode, I cried like a baby when I watch the clip, especially when Hodong and Mong and Kim C were in the screen. and watching Na PD cried just made it worse..
      one of my favorite variety show! 사랑해요 1박2일! <3

  3. lurker

    Just reading the recap made me cry. And to think I only started watching this after you guys recapped it. I’ll miss these guys T_T

  4. Gdrocks

    Oh man reading this has me crying, I cant imagine how it’s going to be when i actually watch the episode.

    • 4.1 biodrone

      be sure to bring tissue along just in case =)
      i tried not to cry but i did…
      same thing happened to me when i watched Toy Story 3…

  5. hi-there

    i’m with you GF! i was a WRECK/BLUBBERING MESS when i watched this last week.

    towards the end, i could not stop crying. literally…
    it’s probably because for the past 5+ years, i grew up with this show. after FO ended (which also led me to become a blubbering mess) this was the show i fervently watched with no regards to my education whatsoever.

    T___T as happy as i am that its not entirely coming to an end because of the new season, i still can’t help but feel extremely remorseful of how this season ended. i wish it could’ve been like FO’s ending. where the past members came back for one last outing. unfortunately, mongie & hodongie can’t come out. and not sure about Kim C but he left with no problems so he could’ve came out at least, no?

    anyways, i’m actually getting teary while typing this. this show… oh man. it definitely was a huge part of my high school years. (couldn’t survive without watching this every week ;D)

  6. mmmaggie

    *Wipes tears* Na PD crying… oh man. I wasn’t ready for that. This episode killed me, especially the shoutouts to the former members. Ho Dong, Mong…. We love you! Thanks for all the great memories.

    Thank you, javabeans and girlfriday, for recapping this series. It’s been such a great ride. It’s the only Korean show I watch now, or make time to watch. I’m going to be a puddle on the floor during the next episode. Ji Won! Seung Gi! Happy trails to you… *sniff sniff*

  7. Musings


  8. julianna

    omg too much crying!!!!

    • 8.1 julianna

      uhm I’m wondering if you girls will recap the new season of 1N2D? I’m really excited about the new members!! XD

  9. qaseh

    before that , always see kim jong min with smile… i know kjm very struggle in this show. i’m still remember about petition for Kim Jong Min to leave the show. i also read many cooment critism him at happy sunday site. i think member 1n2d and koyote member alot help him… kim jong min i always fan behind you whatever…

  10. 10 ydoodler

    I was just randomly reading this since I’ve never watched 1N2D (but I might since Joo won is joining) and I even cried.

  11. 11 78446

    Oh my god, it really is ending, isn’t it? I watched this show when it still had Hodong, MC Mong and Kim C (the latter, I admit, I did not know was a rock star until SUFBB. I always thought he was an actor) and just read the recaps when I had no access to KBSW anymore. But even to a casual watcher then and subsequent recap reader now, the thought of it ending still makes me cry. Ji-won, Seung-gi, and my favorite evil mastermind Na PD, you will be missed! *sob*

  12. 12 JiHwan

    Oh how I hate sad endings. *cries along with the boys*

  13. 13 Rachael

    Gah, this’ll break me when I finally get to catching up. Thanks so much for the recaps JB and GF!

  14. 14 jen

    omg it’s really been 5 years!
    i happened to come across the show, watched it from when seung gi first got on and afterwards i was hooked

    can’t believe it’s ending, well season 2
    but honestly the friendship was the best

  15. 15 beachkay

    The video is really heartwarming… I really find it hard to let go of these guys ( Ho dong, MC Mong, Kim C, and now Ji won and Seung gi ).

  16. 16 kbap

    Dammit, I was already crying and wiping my eyes just reading this recap! Darned 1n2d. Making me so attached to it. UGH I’m glad the boys will be able to move on and do other things, and advance forward in their careers, but 1n2d ending? *sooob
    At least there’s season 2, which I hope is just as good. (but not better, lol. It’s never gonna be better than the original 1n2d. EVERRRR *is in sentimental-mode
    🙁 Ack! Next week I will bawl like a baby. Even more than I did today.

  17. 17 Ani

    *sniffles* I’m going to miss them. I hope the best for all of them. I’ll miss Jiwon because I’m a Jiwon addict. I hope the best to Seunggi’s future. And look forward to our remaining crew as we head into season 2 soon. I hope we get just as many laughs from Sugeun, adorableness from Taewoong, and sincerity from Jongmin.

    • 17.1 Ani

      Also… I hope to still see Na PD every once in a while, where ever it is his career is taking them. And I’m glad they included the old 1N2D members inside their montage. I miss Mongkey (he’s the reason I started 1N2D), and I miss Kim C and Hodong. I miss everyone, and hope they come back soon.

  18. 18 Kandy

    I need a hug 🙁

    • 18.1 reglest

      *hugs* sob*….

  19. 19 jinkzz


    I still cannot believe that after all these years (and many, many episodes later), N2D as we know it is coming to an end… I was sad watching this episode and couldn’t help but cry with Na PD…It feels like saying goodbye to a really dear friend who is going away indefinitely.

  20. 20 anna

    I went from laughing and giggling to I can’t even see through all my tears right now. 🙁 And we have to go through 1 more episodes. ;v; At least they’re bringing the fun and games back on Sunday, but not going to be enough. I will definitely be crying anyway.

  21. 21 wanne

    Thanks for this recap. I couldnt stop sobbing through out the video and it just got worse when Na PD stop in the middle of his speech and cried.

    This was such a very well done farewell episode all around, I couldnt wish for more. To be able to reminiscing the memories together with the members and staffs, eventhough the old members were not present, I could feel their presence when watching the video. I’m just glad that they mention Mong as well.

    The show has opened a youtube channel and uploaded the video shown in this episode. You can watch it here where 1n2dfansubs has subbed it:

  22. 22 Arhazivory

    cried watching the raw

    cried reading the recap

    will cry when its subbed. T_T

  23. 23 Deets

    Me too. Cried (sobbing, actually) watching the raw. Cried again watching the video highlight. And again reading the recap. And the fact that they didn’t forget about all the former members, MC Mong in particular. They even included clips of him in, albeit without his face showing. Bless them. Don’t know how Lee Seung Gi and Eun Ji Won could be so composed, shouldn’t they be more invested in the show than us fans? Or are they really glad that it’s over?

    • 23.1 kbap

      Awww I doubt that they’re glad it’s over, honey. In the preview I saw them crying *sob. But at the same time they should move on, because they’re limited in doing other things because of 1n2d (Like Seung-gi had to have a crazy schedule in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho so that he could also participate in 1n2d) And yes, I’m glad they didn’t forgot Kim C or our wild Mongkey. And god, after watching the episode I took a shower (usually it distracts me) and I was still crying. Five years have passed too fast… :'(
      Oh my god, I’m crying again. Dammit. Ugh. I never think I’ve ever cried this much in another show, whether it’s drama or not. Sigh, I used to think that this show would never end, lol. God now I’m reduced to a blubbering mess. :'(

    • 23.2 reglest

      Some fans enlarge seunggi’s photo, and we can see his eyes are brimming tears:

      Don’t know about Jiwon’s but I’m sure he too. They seem hold it

  24. 24 Timloo

    A lot of tears have been spilled this week.. A lot of tears will be cried this sunday… WAHAHAHAHA (TT_TT)

    I even cried watching the preview of the last episode.. I’m headed for doom and despair.

    A huuuuuuge THANKS to dramabeans for recapping this, or I would never have started watching, and would have laughed much less this past year+.

  25. 25 Kay47

    Tae-woong is ridiculously hot in that last photo!

  26. 26 TamTam

    Man, never thought this show would be over. And I thought JiWon has a LIFETIME contract! I didn’t think Seungi would go either, but I think it’s mainly bc of Na PD that the two are leaving, honestly.

    I still remember the golden era of Kim C, MC Mong and Ho-Dong. The original OB vs. YB, seop seop brothers, the very first viewer’s tour, and all of their little cliques and inside jokes… I’m glad none of the guys and Na PD forgot about them.

    I’m glad to see you guys recapping it, although I lost interest after Mong left, it was nice to be reminded that this show still went on. I’m not that attached to Jongming or Taewoong so I wasn’t that emotional about this final send off, but that clip and seeing their reaction got me a little misty eyed.

    BTW, Suguen seems like he’ll MC anything nowadays, but I think he’s the most sentimental of them all, so it also seems like he’s staying to hold the show together.

  27. 27 dea

    Thank you for the recaps, JB & GF.

    Whose idea was it to do charades in two moving cable cars? It’s brilliant idea which made Eun Choding went crazy hehe… If he didn’t grab Daeju, I don’t know how long they would be there guessing the charade.

    The farewell party with the fans did make me cry too T__T Even though I barely understood, but seeing Jongmin tears did break my heart. Then, PD Na cried.

    Jiwon & Seunggi were so composed in delivering their speech; but watching the preview and seeing their tears T__T I guess they hold their tears until the end of the filming.

    It seems like it’s only yesterday when they announced that they would end the show in 6 months, and now, tomorrow will be their last episode. Glad that 3 of them are still continuing their journey and wish them all the very best in maintaining the legacy of 1n2d.

  28. 28 Jeff

    I’ve never seen the show, but reading a few of the recaps and seeing a couple of clips on Youtube it seems like it would be really fun to watch. There’s something I just love about watching a group of guys just having fun. That’s why I like Top Gear, even though I’m not into cars. It’s just a blast to watch people be themselves on screen.

    • 28.1 Deets

      I know this has nothing to do with 1N2D, but Oh my gawd, Top Gear! Me too! Jeremy Clarkson and his tight white jeans have brought so many pleasures to housewives all across England! (and Scotland and Wales too I don’t doubt). Brilliant!

  29. 29 Mari

    They are so attached to each other and to the shows.
    It is so heartwarming seeing them doing it with such sincerity.

  30. 30 doyz

    1n2d is more than just a show to me. It’s like a friend who never fails to make me laugh. Thank you jiwon, seunggi, hodong, mong, sugeun, kim c and pd na.

  31. 31 Raitei

    So much emotions pouring. I don’t regularly watch 1N2D; I often just read the recaps here, but wow, did that touch my heart or what?! I cried buckets seeing their reactions and emotions as they end this season.

    But always, ends are merely veiled beginnings. I look forward to how each of them keep their bond after the show ends, and how those who are left and those who will come as new will lead a new season of this awesome show.

  32. 32 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the recap Dramabeans Dream Team:)

    Definitely going to have to buy in some extra tissues for the subbed episode.

  33. 33 biankoy

    aww.. heart break </3

  34. 34 maeumi

    I’m bawling all over the floor already. I’m gonna miss everyone especially Na PD so much. This show will never be the same again.

  35. 35 kimchii

    awwww..I’ve been watching 2d1n since Kim C and Mc Mong were in it. I’ve been watching lots of other korean variety shows but 2d1n is still the top of my list.
    awww..finally the separation moment has come.I’m gonna be sooooo sad..
    but I’ll be watching the next season and hoping that it will be as good as this one.
    2d1n, goodbye. Thanks for all the laughter and the tears.
    I love you guys.

  36. 36 No!Whoaaa...Yes.More.

    I started to watch because of (my one and only) UTW, so I didn’t really care who the other members are…but now I understand your grief.
    And agree, Taewoong IS ridiculously HOT on the last picture. Yum-yum.

  37. 37 Alvina

    *Tears falling*

    I’m glad that they mentioned the past members because I was worried they “wouldnt go there”, since some of them are caught up in real life drama.

    This is really terribly sad, and it always captures my heart when a show ends…which is ridiculous because it’s ~just a TV programme~. I’ve watched 1N2D since practically the beginning, and followed the boys on their journey, and seen them grow into the people they are now. Soo many things have changed and I think it’s the nostalgia hitting me more than anything.

    I mean, I was 16 when I started watching and now I’m in my twenties. I feel like I’ve grown up with them too 🙁

  38. 38 lovin it

    ack i’m going to be sooo sad tomorrow.
    last week i forgot to get tissues prepared and i was a mess!

    the papa bear and baby bear scene gets to me every time

    🙁 🙁 🙁
    1n2d is probably the only variety show ever to have this big of an impact on everyone. gonna miss 1n2d like crazy.

  39. 39 gustave154

    Cried bucketloads… Been watching the show for 5 years now..
    Thanks for all the memories 1N2D.. .

  40. 40 Emelita

    Time passes so fast: half a decade has gone by since I started watching this variety show. And by next week, it’d be curtain call for the 1N2D as we know it. Sad.

  41. 41 marie*

    “Na PD falling apart has me bawling.” – that’s right, me too. I’m so glad I didn’t read any news related to their 1N2D surprise in the theatre, because that would have totally spoiled the moment for me. Such suspense and then surprise!

    I felt so sorry for Kim Jong-min. He’s such a sweet guy, he lost so much confidence but still carries on – who can possibly hate this guy?? I hope the second season will be a good opportunity for him to improve.

    Although I started watching the show four years ago because of Lee Seung-gi, I think I will miss Eun Ji-won the most; he really changed a lot in a good way, and I will definitely miss his Cho-ding/genius-won personality on the show.

    Definitely need to prepare for the tear-jerking last episode of original 1N2D..

  42. 42 reglest

    Some fans enlarge seunggi’s pic, and his eyes are brimming tears:

    I’m pretty sure Jiwon too,but they hold it

  43. 43 Why, Ji-won, why?

    I more or less know why Seung-gi is leaving (new role as a king, promoting album in Japan), but why is Ji-won leaving? Is he just tired of being food-deprived?

    I wish that the new PD would not make that (being food-deprived) the main feature of the show. I, for one, find it stressful. I think more missions, races, rewards, and surprises would be much more fun.

    I really think that Ho-dong left, in part, because of the food deprivation, and also because of some of the harsh punishments. Remember him sweating and working hard in the field picking watermelons? For a person of his age and weight, that was just too hard. I think it was shortly after that, that he left the show.

    • 43.1 Alvina

      Ho Dong left because of the scandal; he left all of his variety shows at the same time.

      Ji-Won, I think, remarked that he was upset that younger fans think of him as a comedian instead of a musician. That, coupled with the fact that he didnt have a break after he got married, probably made him want to take a break and focus on other things? I dunno… I can’t see him leaving the variety show scene for long though, especially because being a “regular” is more viable these days than a music career.

    • 43.2 reglest

      As Alvina said, Hodong left because of scandal, and more over, there is a disgusting petition that want him to left entertainment.
      Per Jiwon, I think what Alvina sais is true, I remember one reporter make an article stating Jiwon as comedian which later he tweet a bit angry. I understand about his case, he is a musician, since debut and until now, being an entertainer (not comedian) is just one of his ‘talent’ or what we called so.

      LOL, if you think food deprivation as the cause, they should had left at the much earlier episode, when PD Lee Myung Han is still around. Food is absolutely restricted (and forbidden, as well as wallet) that time, so bad restricted to the extent Mong sneak food or money, and the staff chase the member when they are seeking food

      *sob* after writing that I think I need to cry more …excuse me *sobbing in the corner*

  44. 44 kimjandi

    man, i wasn’t able to finish reading this article….coz i started crying after reading the part where the movie screen went dark. i guess i’m not ready to face the reality yet that it really is goodbye to the original 1N2D. watching them for 3 years made them a part of my life… aww man this really sucks…. hope they will re group someday. 1N2D FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 45 otchosais

    waaahh!!! what’s with me???!!! I am crying just by reading your recap?~~~

    waaahh!!! what more if I am able to watch the uncut version of this 2nd to the last episode of 1n2d????

    waaahh!!! If only no one leaves..

    and they just add new members.. that will be MORE fun!!!


    1n2d really ROCKS!!! no one can ever be as good as this! 🙂

  46. 46 bakedshrimp

    This is really touching. Reading this post suddenly made me realize that it’s hard to let go of the 1N2D that we’ve loved over the years – because we’ve seen the growth of these guys. There’s a sense of loving familiarity there. Sigh.

  47. 47 koreancraze

    i just finished watching today’s episode and i cried my eyes out even though i didnt understand what they were saying… i had to read the recap here again for last week’s episode.. i’ll wait for the recap for today’s episode.. im pretty sure i will be bawling like a baby when i read it 🙁

    even though i only started watching this show last year… i’ve grown attached to the group of hodong, kim c, sugeun, jiwon, mc mong and seunggi.. also to sanggeunie, lee pd, na pd, shin pd, writer lee, daeju, and to other pds, writers, cameramen and staff from older episodes..

    for me, they are the golden people that made 1n2d so beloved!! the older episodes helped me get through a depressing moment in my life.. and i’m so thankful for that!!!

    thank you 1n2d!!! i’m missing you already 🙁

  48. 48 giddy

    I’m crying just reading the re-cap; don’t know what kind of condition I’ll be in when I watch the actual episode when it airs three weeks from now. For the past three years, 1N2D has been my weekly laugh out loud hour–nothing else can leave me in such a state.

    The transition after Kim C and Mong was hard, losing Ho Dong was excruciating, but I will continue even after we Seungi and Ji Won leave, in the hopes that a new magic will emerge. But with Na PD, I’m going to try hard to keep an open mind, because that man is a genius!

  49. 49 Anu

    Am gonna miss this soooo much…even though season 2 is coming up, its just not gonna be the same…
    When will I see the evil mastermind Na PD and the genius jiwon again?? Seunggi will at least be there as a king;)

  50. 50 sesamepixie

    *Sniff…* *Sniff…* *BAWLING!!!!!!*

    Need to take a break from the screen as my eyes are brimming with tears that I cant continue to read…

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