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Gong Yoo to go Big for next Hong sisters drama?
by | February 28, 2012 | 168 Comments

Three slices of good news, rolled into one: Gong Yoo‘s coming back to television! The Hong sisters are coming back to television! Lee Min-jung may join one or both of them on television!

The caveat: Neither actor is confirmed yet, although the president of the drama’s production company, Bon Factory, has confirmed making the offer to Gong Yoo and entering negotiations. While his casting isn’t finalized it sounds like a likely go, and the pres added that they’d been considering Gong Yoo for the character from the outset. Lee’s management also confirmed that she’s “seriously considering” the role.

The drama in question is a fantasy romance titled Big (oh, the joke possibilities!) and is the next project to come from the pens of rom-com hitmakers the Hong sisters. In this case that refers to the dynamic duo behind dramas like You’re Beautiful, My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, and Best Love — not to be confused with the other Hong siblings who are writing Lee Seung-gi and Ha Ji-won’s The King 2 Hearts.

The plot: A young 18-year-old facing a stormy time of his life suddenly finds himself a 30-year-old, no doubt drawing on the Hollywood movie Big as inspiration. Gong Yoo doing physical comedy, and going gaga over Lee Min-jung? Yes, please.

An added bonus: The Hongs reteam with a director they worked with on Delightful Girl Chun-hyang, Ji Byung-hyun. He was the second director on that show but, I think, perhaps the one I like better (head director Jeon Ki-sang went on to direct Witch Amusement and Boys Before Flowers, both of which had sucky directing). I’d always loved the fresh, fun directing style in Chun-hyang so this is good news to me.

Gong Yoo and Lee Min-jung are both actors I love, who are talented with comedy as well as dramatic fare. They also tend to have crackling chemistry with co-stars, and imagining them sparking off each other already has me anticipating the match-up. Please oh please let it happen!

It’s been ages since we’ve seen Gong Yoo in a drama (he was drafted for army duty right after hitting a career high with Coffee Prince), and although he already made his screen comeback with the acclaimed Crucible, this’ll be his first TV gig in five years. I know a certain co-blogger who may be jumping up and down at the news. Just be sure to maintain a safe distance from Mr. Big if you want to keep all your fingers.

Big is looking at a June premiere.

Via E Daily, Star News


168 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. blyssxoxo

    Yeah!! Love them both to bits! Pls take the project!

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      I hate getting my hopes up but this is just too tempting!! Gahhh. I absolutely adore Lee Min-jung and a rom-com is totally her thing (none of that Midas nonsense). Her joining the Hong Sisters and Gong Yoo would be perfeeeect. Make it happen drama gods!

  2. jackie9c

    please please please let this happen…. i love them both….that would be a must see drama for sure

  3. Petirrojo

    Be still my heart!!!! Gong Yoo watching for hours on end? Hong Sister mayhem? Moaaaaarrrrrr!!!!

  4. A-M

    Whoa. He looks so manly in that photo.

  5. BellaMafia

    Thank you for the clarification. I always thought the writers are the same with King 2 hearts. So, the writers for King 2 hearts, are they also sisters? just like the other Hong sisters? arggh.. got myself confused.

    • 5.1 Laica

      They are the sisters who wrote Beethoven Virus, yes.

  6. Christy

    This piece of news is making me feel happy as a clam!

  7. Lady Seoul

    YES PLEASE CONFIRM IT NOW! I will be in a total high if these two are confirmed! LOVE both of them so dearly!

  8. obsession

    oh please make this for real! i’ve been waiting for Gong Yoo to make me gugu gaga on my tv screen all over again…

  9. Laica

    Love these two! It all depends on chemistry, with a Hong sisters drama. I was amazed at the almost anti-chemistry Lee Min-jung had with Jank Hyuk in Midas, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. It was actually almost gross to think of them as a couple, much as I adore them separately. Just goes to show that you can never tell.

    Though honestly, just having Gong Yoo back on the small screen will be such a treat that I don’t care if his co-star is a potato plant. (Or whatever the Great Symbol of Love and Fate ends up being this time around.)

    *does a happy dance*

    • 9.1 diorama

      Lol, you did the happy dance? I had to stop reading and roll around on my carpet to really let out my glee. Hong Sisters! Gong Yoo! Hong sisters!! Gong Yoo!! Ho- you get it.

      • 9.1.1 Laica

        Haha! Well I’m not a huge fan of the Hong Sisters, so I guess I had mixed feelings, but I’m VERY happy to see GY again! 🙂

  10. 10 Raine

    I’m watching Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy right now and I was just wondering when he’d be back! Poifect timing! Big was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Every time I go to FAO Schwartz, my sister and I play chopsticks and heart and soul. haha.

    • 10.1 sleeplessinwgtn

      Oh, I love Tom Hanks in BIG! I love the story, too.

      I think they must have made the guy 18 year old to begin with so they can also use GY as an 18-yr old. He was so good in BT&SC. Love that drama, esp. towards the end.

  11. 11 JD


    YEEYEE PLZ LET THIS HAPPEN! *crosses fingers*

  12. 12 Julie

    oh please, if there really is someone up there, now would be the perfect time to make one of my dreams come true !

  13. 13 mmmaggie


    Gong Yoo is the only person who can make me abuse my caps lock. Gong Yoo + Hong Sisters?!?!?! *HEAD EXPLODES*

  14. 14 starrynighttt

    YES PLEASE!!! OMG GONG YOO + LEE MIN JUNG would be so coool ^^ hope they will be confirmed 🙂

    • 14.1 Alexis

      YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I feel you!! 😀

    • 14.2 Cam

      Me second too!!! BANZAI!!! \^_^/

  15. 15 Mystisith

    I will do the happy dance when ? will be replaced by !
    Gong Yoo needs something light after Crucible. On a shallow note, he’s smexy in that black suit.
    And those Hong sisters here are dear to my heart. So, bring it on.

    • 15.1 Raine

      Here here!

  16. 16 anotheraddict

    omg omg omg omg omg! Dare I get my hopes up? This could be off-the-charts awesome. I super-love LMJ and GY, and you’re right, they should have amazing chemistry together. And put them together in what sounds like a really cute Hong Sisters rom-com? Seriously,what could be better than that? omg!!!!!!

    • 16.1 Llamaesque

      Knowing how musical-chairs-y drama casting is, I almost wish I hadn’t read this post. I’m going to need sedation if this doesn’t pan out =X Gong Yoo! Hong sisters!!! GONG YOO!!

  17. 17 Yannie

    OMG!!! AHHH Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung wow OTP heaven!

  18. 18 leonardswench

    whistling “Dixie” and making citrus kimchee and a torte to celebrate … who lit the fires under the drama gods to make this happen???

    • 18.1 birdscout

      @ leonardswench:May I ask what citrus kimchee is?

      And, YAY! for this pairing in a Hong sisters drama! “My Girl” and “Delightful Girl” are the two dramas that started my addiction 🙂

  19. 19 Yannie

    OMG Gong Yoo!!! I am soooo excited!!!

  20. 20 jollyroger

    Omaygad. Love the plot!! Aaah!! I’m so excited! GONG YOOOOOOOO! <3

  21. 21 kbap

    Can’t wait! Haven’t seen the actress in anything yet (I know! Hard to believe, but I didn’t watch Boys Over Flowers), but I love Gong-yoo. Wow, this and Arang? This summer’s gonna be great 😉

    • 21.1 Koreandramasrock

      She was GREAT in Smile you and the movie Cyrano.

  22. 22 Ennayra

    Ah Gong Yoo!!!!

    • 22.1 AnotherFan

      Well said…

  23. 23 Abbie

    Yes! I loved him in Coffee Prince, my second drama (?) after Boys Before Flowers. I hope he does it!

    • 23.1 mihinikki

      Coffee Prince was my second drama after BOF too. And Choi Han Gyul is still my #1 lead guy ever…ahhh, his mournful looks of angst almost KILLED me. And also, how he was so affectionate with mom and grandma I died again.

  24. 24 djinni

    oh, please, drama gods! im not willing to give you my first born, but i will give you back rubs for life if you make this happen!

  25. 25 Saima

    oohh NICEE!! Today’s a good day….Big Bang made a daebak comeback and Gong Yoo in a K-drama after an age!! yayyyyy

  26. 26 Koreandramasrock

    OMONA!!! If this is true.. I will just DIE!!

    • 26.1 Koreandramasrock

      Die happy that is…

  27. 27 Musings


    Hong sisters and Gong Yoo?! I’m a blubbering mess.

  28. 28 jandoe

    love the casting but honestly.. i’m so tired of the Hong’s sister. they’re crafty and talented, no doubt, but I feel like their dramas tend to do an declining slope in terms of my interest – the first half will be like crack, but they don’t stick. the past two have pretty much been this way and plenty times I’m just going “didn’t we see/hear this before?” in their previous one.

    If they score Gong Yoo, I genuinely hope they’ll up their ante!

    • 28.1 Laica

      Yeah, I’m kind of with you on this one. Hong sisters’ dramas tend to lose me about 3/4 of the way through. I can’t think of one ending that I really loved – except maybe YB. They’re hilarious and clever, but I sometimes feel like there’s a lot of missing background/character development… I don’t know. It’s hard to put my finger on it. I feel like they do the funny part of the rom-com really well – almost genius. But when things get serious, I find myself losing my love for the OTP. Dunno.

      Still, I’m excited to see Gong Yoo again! And who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us this time? The premise sounds really fun.

      • 28.1.1 Ani

        Agree with you both there. I still hold out that Delightful Girl Chunyang and Fantasy Couple as my favorite Hong Sisters dramas that I’ve seen through and through, and more than once. Especially Fantasy Couple since it’s an all time fave for me. You’re Beautiful just went meh for me, although I did enjoy Gumiho – but I love fantasy stuff like that – even if I did start skipping episodes or fast forwarding stuff. Best Love was all about Gong Hyojin for me – chocopies anyone?

        But I think with Gong Yoo, I might check in again for another one. But I hate the BIG idea since doesn’t that mean they don’t become a couple in the end when he becomes 18 again? Sigh. Now I really have to see it.

        • Mary

          Back to 18 can be a platform for all kinds of Noona jokes, right? 😀

          And JB, I think this should be 4 good newses rolled into one.

          The non-WYH director from DGCH is another good news in itself!

  29. 29 Linda165


  30. 30 Ace

    I haven’t been that much excited about casting of other upcoming dramas, either I don’t like one of the leads or the story’s not really my thing, but this! Hong Sisters + Lee Min Jung + Gong Yoo! Make this happen please! See, my dream cast is if The Lee MinHot paired up with LMJ in a Hong Sisters drama, but I’ll take this pairing too! Been so long since I’ve seen Gong Yoo on my computer screen. 😉

  31. 31 Gab

    I’m all over this.

  32. 32 more

    doesnet sound like an interesting plot but ok

  33. 33 Celest

    So…does a Korea have a toy store that has a huge piano floor? Because that scene NEEDS to happen.

    • 33.1 sofia

      Can’t wait to see Gong Yoo do this scene…

  34. 34 lovedramas

    Gong Yoo on the small screen – please make it happen drama gods!! LMJ as his costar is icing on the cake. I love her spunky personality in the various shows I’ve seen her on. 🙂 Hoping this works out.

  35. 35 Gabitis

    Pls, pls, pretty, super extra pretty please Drama Gods!!!!!!!!!!! Make this happen!!!!!!!!!!

    Let us all pray!

  36. 36 danna

    A fantasy romance??…here we go again…how many of these have we had in the last twelve months??…I blame it Secret Garden..on the other hand..Gong Yoo + Hong Sisters= Comic Gold

  37. 37 Cabbage

    Yippiyayah! If this happens, I’ll throw a chocolate party in celebration. If this is a tease, I’ll cure my broken heart with chocolate. Either way, there will be chocolate.
    Interestingly enough, I just finished Fantasy Couple, which was based on the 80s movie Overboard, and I liked the way they paid homage, but dug deeper into the issues. This could be very, very good.

  38. 38 trixicopper

    That strange noise you hear is my little fangirl heart squeeing out of control! 🙂

  39. 39 Cruelsummer

    *Dancing a jig*

    Gong Yoo in a Hong Sisters drama?! There’s no way I’m kicking this addiction now.

    Not too sure about the plot though. If you live on this Earth long enough you’ll know that there is very little difference between an 18 yr old man and a 30 year old man 🙂 It worked for ‘Big’ because he was a 13 year old trapped in a 30 yr old body.

    • 39.1 Ace

      Yeah, guys are all the same no matter the age. But. I think the 18 year-old will be a lot more charming than the 30yo. [See Hyun Bin’s character in SG when he had that temporary amnesia trope thingie. He was still an ass, but he was a different kind of charming ass than his older self. ;)]

  40. 40 Jfk707

    Please please let it happen. Im missing Gong Yoo in the dramaland.

  41. 41 pumpkinattack

    Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out.

  42. 42 coconutjuice

    YES YES YES…pleaseeeeeeee!!!

  43. 43 VanillaSalt

    Omg please let this happen! ok i ‘m hoping this one has a happy ending, because in the Tom Hanks version he goes back to being a kid.

    • 43.1 tracnhi

      Yes happy ending please. And it’ll be fine when he turn back to 18 if she was say 23 or 24ish. Then we will have a noona-dongsang. lol oh what fun!! Please let it happen. Love them both!!!

  44. 44 kewbie

    Fangirl mode:

    Ohhh that would be sooooooo cuuuuuuteee!!

    Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease say yes, you two!

  45. 45 Daniela

    My prayers have been heard. Gong Yoo (almost) in a drama. In television again. 16 episodes of Gong Yoo. Thank you drama Gods. If this gets confirm, I will be good…until June.

  46. 46 xylophonic

    I think I might cry, I’m so excited. Guys, if this doesn’t work out, me and dramas…well, let’s say we might go on a break. UNTIL I SEE GONG YOO ON MY SCREEN.

    My god. 2007…it’s been too long.

  47. 47 Noelle

    Oh my pearls! Can it be? Gong Yoo we’ve all missed you!

  48. 48 Mr Bloo

    Ahh “Big”, the last scene where Elizabeth Perkins watched him changed back into his 13 yr old self as he was walking back to his house was really poignant.

    Hmmm… LMJ and GY in a drama together? They are both models for the Mind Bridge clothing line and , while they are good-looking people individually, I never sense much of a chemistry between them in their ads. But I may be proven wrong with the drama.

    And as someone commented before me @ Cruelsummer, there really “is very little difference betwen an 18 yr old man and a 30 yr old man”… how absolutely true!!!

    • 48.1 mud

      My thoughts precisely about their chemistry! The first thing that popped into my head was their total lack of chemistry in the Mind Bridge photos. I didn’t even get friend-level vibes, just modelling-clothing-is-my-job vibes. I hope to be proven wrong. Also, it may be those accompanying photos what with Gong Yoo working the ‘stache and Lee Min-jung always looking young, but I feel like she may be a bit on the young side to be romanced by Gong Yoo. I dunno… Though I am excited for Gong Yoo to be back on the small screen. Now if only Lee Min-ki would do the same thing.

    • 48.2 canxi

      Oh I’ve seen those Mind Bridge photos too,I think. but I think they GY and LMJ were shot separately and then photoshopped together. So that could be why…

      I think they’d be really cute, though. I mean I think Gong Yoo makes any of his co-stars compatible with him. The man is like your favorite pair of jeans. Just always the perfect fit no matter what you’ve been doing with them…wait. That sounded a little dirty…

  49. 49 VV

    Anyone would be a fool to turn down a Hong sisters’ drama. I really, really hope they do it because a Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung Drama pairing would be so awesome to behold!

  50. 50 girlatsea


    • 50.1 girlatsea

      Omgsh, I’m sorry. I just love Lee Min-jung and Gong Yoo so much. And in a Hong Sisters drama? LET ME DIE.

      Though, I’ll be the first to admit that Best Love kind of lost me… It sort of gives me hope that they’re working with one of the DGCH directors. It’s almost as if they’re going back to their roots. And since MY GIRL continues to be my favorite drama in the history of the world, I consider this a good thing. (BUT I just looked it up and My Girl was directed by just the Witch Amusement director/not the one directing this one, hmm.)

      Anyway, I hope this happens.

      • 50.1.1 taraLuvJJ

        i thought it was just me whom didn’t enjoy best love.. this drama bored me to death, i don’t know there’s something about dokko jin that botter me.. i’m hong sisters fans so i’m exited about this pairing 😉

      • 50.1.2 Peeps

        LOL gurl, don’t be dyin’ before the drama even starts! Or you’ll just be cursin’ yourself in heaven…

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