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Hanbando / Korean Peninsula: Episodes 1-2
by | February 11, 2012 | 36 Comments

Rather than a recap, this is more of a first impressions/summary of the first two episodes. In fact, the first two episodes were short enough that I don’t think it merits a full recap. If you’re a fan of IRIS and ATHENA, you might enjoy this one. If you love Hwang Jung Min, you’re probably bound to watch this no matter what. I’m none of the above, but I sure am an action/political thriller junkie!!

The Premise

We begin with a recap on the Korean War in 1950, and how it tore a peninsula apart. Peace talks have been ongoing, and in this drama’s reality, Korea is edging ever closer to unification. If you have the South Korean President KANG DAE HYUN played by Lee Soon Jae, any leader is gonna want to be allies with him; he’s the High Kick grandpa! In an effort to mediate the process towards One Korea, both President Kang and Supreme Leader KIM TAE SUNG (Seo Tae Hwa) have begun an offshore project to find a new source of energy for all.

This new source of energy is methane hydrate, to be found in the deep depths of the ocean. The offshore base is headed by SUH MYUNG JOON (Hwang Jung Min), a fair-minded scientist who treats his workers well no matter which Korea they came from. It’s a good thing he’s so strict too; his workers all like to battle out their rivalries at any moment, from morning exercises to break time for a soccer game. But they all love and respect Myung Joon, especially North Korean driller PARK KWANG TAE (Choi Jae Hwan), who is Myung Joon’s favorite.

Also on this base is LIM JIN JAE (Kim Jung Eun), a scientist from North Korea whose father is in the government. While it’s not yet defined exactly who her father is, my guess is it’s LIM CHUL WOO (Park Chan Hwan), the North Korean diplomat/envoy to South Korea. Jin Jae and Chul Woo both share a similar aspiration for peace along with Supreme Leader Kim Tae Sung. However, they are surrounded by others who would rather keep the two countries apart – notably, JO GOOK CHUL (Jung Sung Mo), who is in charge of the military and therefore holds a lot more power than others would like.


But Myung Joon isn’t the only one there to help keep the peace between his men. North Korea has a small team of soldiers, headed by MIN DONG KI (Kwak Hee Sung), who looks to harbor a tiny crush on Jin Jae. South Korea has their men in black, headed by NIS agent KANG DONG WON (Ji Hoo).

The Episodes

In an act of goodwill between the two countries, North and South Korea have combined their soccer teams for one team to represent Unified Korea in the World Cup. Kim Tae Sung and Kang Dae Hyun have also come together in Seoul to meet for the summit talks. While the Supreme Leader is away, Jo Gook Chul will play: he assembles his special forces for a special attack.

Meanwhile on the North-South Co-op Research Base, there’s an emergency leak. One of the pipes have burst, and all the workers rush down to the pool to help fix the situation. Myung Joon is the quickest to act, and he’s already in his wetsuit and getting his oxygen tanks. Jin Jae tries to stop him, saying that they just have to wait 40 more minutes for the professionals to come back on the base. That’s 40 minutes too late for him, and he descends into the waters using a metal elevator.

Of course once his men realize he just went ahead alone, they freak out and start rushing to get their things together. Two of them go down the elevator – but the gates are stuck! Instead of taking the time to help open the gate, Myung Joon leaves them inside the elevator and goes to find the broken pipe himself.

He tries to cover up the hole with a metal plate and weld it shut, but the force of the bubbles only makes the hole expand. Thrown back by a sudden blast, Myung Joon’s oxygen tanks get stuck in another set of pipes. Sigh…Good job leader – this is why you should never act alone. Myung Joon quickly frees himself from the straps and swims forward, using whatever saved up oxygen he has to finish the job.

Worried about him, Jin Jae hurries to get a suit on too, but Dong Ki stops her. She shouldn’t help, and South Koreans should stop acting like they’re heroes.

Myung Joon only has so much air inside him, and he faints in the water, unable to completely finish welding the metal piece. His men all freak out again, and the elevator with the two other workers is finally raised so that they can fix the door. (Why didn’t you do this ten minutes earlier?!)

But just when you think all hope is lost, Myung Joon is revived; it’s Dong Ki, acting all hero-like. He gives his oxygen tank to Myung Joon and hands him back the welder, then floats back up to the surface. Myung Joon finishes his task, and he swims back up, this time popping up near the research center’s base platform. Everyone celebrates his miraculous victory while the silent hero, Dong Ki, watches from the distance.

When Myung Joon is dried off and changed, he sees Jin Jae waiting for him on one of the decks. And she slaps him. Nice. He walks off coolly. Jerk. She catches up to him, and orders him to go to the pressurized chamber so that he can recover from his quick resurfacing to the top.

He later reports to Chief Secretary PARK DO MYUNG (Jo Sung Ha!) about the incident, and reassures him that all will be back to normal by the following day. But not all is peaceful on this little base – Dong Ki is pressuring Jin Jae to steal the core technology for the methane hydrate. The only person with access to it is Myung Joon, and he keeps the information locked up in his safe on a disk drive. Dong Ki claims it’s an order from the top, but Jin Jae is highly doubtful. Would her father and Kim Tae Sung really jeopardize potential peace by ordering this?

Oh, and did I mention that Myung Joon and Jin Jae are in love? Myung Joon even had a ring sent over to him via post, and he keeps it in his pocket, waiting for the right moment to propose.

The characters that really grab my attention are the workers – especially the rivalry between the North and South Korean workers. Kwang Tae, along with JO GAP SUK and KIM HO TAEK are the oddball trio – comedic in their desperation for some chocopies, fervently respect Myung Joon, and love a good fight against the South Koreans. In fact, as they all watch the World Cup game together, both sides scream their own cheers for their players – even though they’re on the same team!

But back to the core of the story – which is Jin Jae and whether or not she’ll steal the information. She approaches Myung Joon about sharing the core technology with her as an act of trust and goodwill. However Myung Joon says that he can’t disclose the information to her. When peace and unification occurs, the disclosure will happen automatically, so she might as well wait till then.

But Jin Jae twists his words and makes it personal: it’s not about the political situation they’re in, but it’s because he can’t trust her. Yeah, yeah, whatever – Myung Joon’s just following the rules, lady.

The CIA East Asian department detects movement by the border on the North Korean side and immediately notifies the South Korean government. They think that the summit conference was just a ruse for this attack. Kang Dae Hyun’s generals want to act, but he stops them. He wants confirmation from Kim Tae Sung first, as he doesn’t believe the Supreme Leader would order such a thing.

Just as tensions rise between the two countries, so do the tensions in the lunch room of the North-South Co-op base. The soccer match they’re watching is heating up, and the men all get into a fight over which Korea has the better players. When the TV loses reception at a crucial moment, it devolves into a schoolyard brawl, and so Min Dong Ki marches in with his team and fires his gun to restore order. That alerts Dong Won and his team, and they end up in a standoff.

Trust Myung Joon to come in between the guns and order the two to stand down. Neither side dares to, since they really hate each other, but order is restored when the TV gets its reception back. Who knew TV could be so powerful? And what’s more, the Unified Korea team scores another goal, and everyone goes back to hugging each other.

Meanwhile, Chul Woo is trying to order the other officials to revoke their orders. They openly defy him, refusing to stop the troops from moving. Little does he know, each and every one of these officials are defying him because they have a gun to their head: Gook Chul.

Kang Dae Hyun continues with his celebratory banquet with Kim Tae Sung, and they receive a report from Myung Joon at the base. In front of everyone that is important, Myung Joon reports that starting tomorrow, the base will begin producing methane hydrate by drilling it from below the sea and processing it. The energy source will be so powerful that Koreans won’t have to worry about energy for the next 100 years. Quite an achievement, no?

So that evening, the research base hold their own party. While Myung Joon makes sure that his oddball trio doesn’t drink too much soju, Jin Jae wanders around alone, wondering whether she should betray her country or betray the man she loves. She spies Myung Joon scribbling on a piece of paper, and when he hides it from her, she becomes suspicious. He really doesn’t trust her, does he?

Myung Joon and I become exasperated – really?! This issue again?! How long have you known each other?! 10 years?! And now you’re wondering if he has trust issues!? Well – all this doubt in her mind certainly helps her decide to steal the technology.

That evening, the oddball trio is supposed to be on watch and check the equipment. However, they get tempted by a little bottle called soju, and go off into their rooms for a bit to drink and sing. One of the scientists, GOO YEON CHUL, takes the opportunity to sabotage the pipes and plant a bomb on one of the underwater pipes – all under Dong Ki’s supervision.

And then we meet PARK HYE JUNG (Jo Yi Jin), an infamous reporter who isn’t afraid to pester people until she gets a story. Her father is also friends with Do Myung, so when he sees her outside Blue House making a report, he greets her like a surrogate daughter.

Her next story is the methane hydrate research base, and so when she arrives via helicopter on the day of the production launch, she expects a warm welcome. Rather, Myung Joon gives her the cold shoulder. He invited her over because he was interested in her. To him, she sounded like the laziest reporter on earth who doesn’t do proper research. Her proposal for an interview included all the restricted and unsafe locations on the base; if she had done her homework, she would know not to ask for those interviews. He kicks her out of the control room – that room is restricted for the next hour. Heh.

And then suddenly, we have war. North Korean warships blasting off their long range cannons at South Korea is a practical declaration of war. Once again, Kang Dae Hyun stops his troops from firing back.

The Supreme Leader is informed of the situation, which completely appalls him because he didn’t order such an attack. (Chul Gook did.) Because of this, the summit talks are called off, and Kim Tae Sung rushes back home to figure out what’s going on. Meanwhile Kang Dae Hyun’s political opponents (who want to beat him in election time) are hoping that this fiasco will make him lose popularity with the people.

Just as things are falling apart politically, there’s an explosion on the research base. All the workers, including Myung Joon, hurry to lower the pressure in the pipes and control the damage. Jin Jae is rushing to go help as well, but Dong Ki stops her – they had planted this diversion so that she could go to Myung Joon’s office and steal the core technology.She heads over, but doesn’t find the disk drive that holds all the information on his desk.

Once the damage is under control, Myung Joon turns to berate his oddball trio. They should have checked the pipes and made sure everything was in proper working order. If they did their jobs, no one would have gotten hurt, and they wouldn’t have had this fiasco (with a reporter on deck, to boot!). As much as it pains him, he fires all of them.

Some of the North Korean scientists get riled up, thinking that Myung Joon is just being biased against North Koreans. However, Kwang Tae defends Myung Joon’s decision; though he, Gap Suk, and Ho Taek are deeply sorry, they know that if a South Korean made the mistake, Myung Joon would have fired him too. Sticking to his decision, Myung Joon walks away.

Back in his office, Jin Jae looks around the room and notices a photo of him and his daughter hanging crookedly on the wall. She lifts it up, and reveals the safe. Determining that the password must have about 4 digits, she begins running through her mind all the possible combinations Myung Joon could have used.

Well – she better hurry, because Myung Joon is on his way to his office. DUN DUN DUN!


This drama is like IRIS in concept and ATHENA in storyline, but with none of the tension. Episode 1 and 2 had plenty of overlap plot-wise, and it was mostly a set-up for bigger things to come.

I’ll start with the good points about the drama. For starters, I’m now kind of curious now how Myung Joon ends up being the president of all of Korea (according to the drama’s synopsis), since he’s just the head of a research base right now with little political inclinations. I’m also curious at how Chul Gook’s little military stunt will affect the whole unification issue. He’s pretty much destroyed the fragile trust between the two countries, so something remarkable needs to happen for the two countries to unite. I hope the drama is not about how the two countries will unite, but what happens after the two countries unite. If we’re going to be in this fictional world, then I’d like for it to be as fictional as possible. I’d like to see how reunification would change Korea and the rest of the world; there’s plenty of drama there that would be more creative than your usual “spy-and-steal” fare.

Now on to the bad – and yes, there are bad sides to it. I will start with the leads, Hwang Jung Min and Kim Jung Eun. The two of them have little chemistry, and I can’t believe for one second that they’re in love. Though we get flashbacks of the two of them courting (as one would if you’re both highly intelligent scientists stuck on an industrial offshore base), they treat each other quite coldly and indifferently in the present time. Did they break up? Or are they hiding their relationship from their coworkers? Either way, I would expect a little more affection between a couple that’s about to be engaged.

Also – Kim Jung Eun’s acting? I expected more from her. She was more believable as a lawyer’s wife-turned-rock star in I Am Legend than she is a scientist with conflicting loyalties. She always looks like she’s about to smile… even during serious moments.

The pacing of this drama is inconsistent as well. While I want to feel the tension of the situation, the frenetic jumping between scenes and locations makes me lose my focus. Who is that again? Whose side is he on? What just happened? Why is she in that room? Is this happening at the same time!? There are also overlapping scenes and dialogue from episode 1 to episode 2, so for the first fifteen minutes of episode 1, I kept wondering, “Why am I watching this again?” I don’t feel the tension or the anticipation that I think I should from these scenes, and it doesn’t help that there are plenty of slow moments where Jin Jae and Myung Joon stare at each other from a distance.

There is simply something off in the way that the story is being told. Perhaps the writers want to place us right in the middle of things – a way to “cut to the chase.” But they are also giving both the romance and the political thriller sides equal attention, which is a bit unwieldy. I would have preferred if they really set up the political situation, and made the romance a smaller part of it. Maybe they’re trying to make the romance between Jin Jae and Myung Joon an allegory to the ties between North and South Korea; the research base and the two countries are already allegories of each other. Unfortunately, I’m already getting annoyed by Jin Jae’s constant, “Do you trust me?” questions.

I honestly didn’t have high expectations with this drama, but I really wanted to tune in anyways. It’s a drama that I usually would go for, based on my past viewing history, and it is beautifully shot. However, I won’t be recapping this series. I do hope it gets better, because it has a promising premise. But my hopes aren’t that high.


36 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mystisith

    Thanks kaedejun for that intro / review / recap. The trailer picked my interest, but it seems you score it 50/50. I tend to share your taste and observations, so i will give it a try but with reasonable expectations.
    Ps :Oh noh ! The OldCroak. That actor is stalking me everywhere lately. Let’s see what i can do : Salt, garlic, voodoo dolls, holy water….

    • 1.1 YY

      Mystisith, by “Old Croak” I hope you are not referring to my dear Grandpa oppa. Grandpa oppa’s voice is deep, gravelly and oppa-ish. Maybe you mean “Old Oak”? Because I’ll bet if oaks could talk, they would all talk like Grandpa oppa.

      • 1.1.1 Mystisith

        YY, it’s the man on the second pic. If you like him, please KEEP him for yourself 🙂 Only those who watched A Thousand Kisses can understand my disgust ( maybe a time jump of several years will solve my trauma ). I will take more pleasant arabojis to keep me company : Those 2 funny guys from Fermentation Family for ex.

        • YY

          Oh, ok….*embarrassed*…..sorry, I’m ultra sensitive when it comes to my oppa. Pls understand.

      • 1.1.2 anotheraddict

        Oh, YY… you cracketh me upeth something good. Brilliant response! It’s obviously not for naught that you’re the president of the I Love Oppa Grandpa Fan Club.

        • YY

          anotheraddict, let me tell you more about the amazing I Love Oppa Grandpa Fan Club.

          Membership tally as on Feb 12 2012: 1 (me)

          Yeah, it’s a bit depressing, but hey, it’s early in the year yet!

          I’ve had a Fan Club meeting with myself (saves so much time and tension when you’re President and the sole member) and we, namely, I and me, have decided to make you, yes, YOU!!!!!! An Honorary Member for life! All fees waivered! How about that! *beaming* Welcome, Member! *Croaking eight times in salute*

      • 1.1.3 JiHwan

        Lee Soon Jae Harabojji is my hero and I adore him to pieces. That’s a face that I would NOT mind seeing everywhere.

        • YY

          I hereby declare you, JiHwan, Second Honorary Member for Life of the I Love Oppa Grandpa Fan Club. You have good taste coupled with a fine and discerning mind. Welcome, Member! *Croaking eight times in salute* coughspluttercoughcough

  2. YY

    Oh look! It’s Grandpa oppa! Pls don’t kill him off again. I can’t take it anymore.

  3. redfox

    do I see Dokko-hair? almost.

    • 3.1 mary

      HAHAHA spotted!

  4. Cool

    If you’re a fan of iris and athena, you might NOT enjoy this one. This is the correct sentence. (hint: this one is actually a good series,so iris and athena fans would probably be disappointed)

    • 4.1 Ace

      “If you’re a fan of iris and athena…” – my first thought was, Athena has fans? 😉

      • 4.1.1 Mystisith

        Glad to see i’m not the only mean person on that thread…

  5. Cynthia


    Just seeing that OldToad from ATK (aka: the Black Hole of Despair) is in this, is enough for me. It’s too soon to see his face again. I need time to recover.

    Also, a big, red flag (for me) is if I have difficulty following the plot description while reading a clear recap – I know it’ll involve a lot of me going “huh?” while watching. That’s just irritating.

    And lastly – YAH! I liked Iris and Athena. So, there!!

  6. glace

    I didn’t like episode 1 at all. I loved HJM, but the lead actress was so terrible! The whole thing seems really depressing too. I dropped it.

  7. houstontwin

    Sadly, I think that your evaluation is on target! I was very disappointed. I am a big fan of the lead actor and I might continue to follow the series, fast forwarding to watch his scenes.

  8. Birdie

    You are right on in your comments. I watched episode 1 . This is one of the few dramas with a first episode that left me with nothing-on excitement like Iris, no interest in knowing the rest of the story, no interest in the loveline of the leads, no eye-candy, no laughs,etc.

  9. anotheraddict

    Thanks kaedejun~ your first impression comments were most helpful and are much appreciated. I’ll pass on this one for now.

  10. 10 Yami

    MIN DONG KI , Is it just me or is that NOT a standard North Korean soldier haircut? Just asking

    • 10.1 Rai-Rai

      It’s not just you, that haircut is so off…that little detail is throwing off the whole vibe…

  11. 11 A_Donuts

    Thanks for the recap. It looks pretty good. Are you going to continue or was this a one off recap?

  12. 12 kayana20

    I loved it and so did the viewers who made it number 1 on the premiere night. Man I am upset everyone is coming at it so hard. It’s the first 2 episodes give it a chance.

    Also Jin jae and Myung Hoon have been in love for 10 years but have separated because of a misunderstanding when she was supposed to leave with him.That is why she keeps asking him about trust and later because she doesn’t know the real reason why he stood her up all those years ago.I am not going to spoil it though because even though it’s in the preview their might be more to that story too.

    It’s an action and romance it won’t be perfect. Thank you for the recap you just made me love it more and while this might be a one off recap I know in future I will think constructively like you. I cannot wait to watch more.

    I love action drama’s and while it is kinda hectic at times the actors keep me watching.

  13. 13 kayana20

    Also I just wanna say these comments are epic too because the action scenes are sketchy and hilarious. Noo Athena did not have fans but they had people shipping nonexistent couple. I loved that ending but it made no sense at all. That is why I cannot watch Athena again.Too many loose and unnecessary endings. KJE and HJM fighting!

  14. 14 Noelle

    Eh. Love love HJM but I’m sitting this out.

  15. 15 charmed

    I like kim jung eun here. i only watch this series because she’s here… great acting!!! and beside the story is only starting.. just give korean peninsula a break…. 🙂

  16. 16 lula

    i like kje very much she is great actress

  17. 17 SAIPAN

    I am watching this because of KJE…. and will continue watching it until the end of the series.

  18. 18 MsB

    I am a Kim Jung Eun fan. Agree, epi 1 and 2 were not her strongest but admittedly, the following episodes got really good. Episode 6 was the absolute best and solidified me continuing to watch until the end.

  19. 19 MsB

    I will continue to post why I think this is a good drama. Episode 12 was phenomenal! Hwang Jung-Min was amazing! If you could watch this episode and not imagine this man as President and not drop a single tear, I don’t know what to say! I have to say, this drama alone is helping me understand a lot about the North/South conflict. Its my first drama that really focuses on the divide. Spy Myung Wol, I’ve seen but that really was more of a romance. Kwak Hee-Sung who plays Dong-Ki, I expect to see him in the future. His character is such you want to hate him but at the same time……

  20. 20 SAIPAN

    Ep 11 and 12 were both excellent! Very touching!
    Makes me more excited as to what will happen next.

  21. 21 entwyf

    I have been watching Korean Peninsula because of what the show is trying to achieve, not because of what it achieves.

    The show is trying to be big, historical, and thought-provoking.

    The tragic political and personal legacy of the Korean War has affected the lives, hopes, and dreams of millions of people on both sides of the DMZ for sixty-plus years.

    Individual families have been emotionally bleeding out for at least three generations because the division of the country wrenched them apart.

    An entire culture has been in quiet agony on both sides. Should we bomb the bastards on the other side and be done with it? But the bastards on the other side are us.

    I like the idea that the hero and heroine of KP are basically ordinary folks who are struggling with these personal and cultural realities. They find themselves confronting big issues because they want the opportunity to live regular lives in peace, and they understand that it’s the same for their so-called enemies.

    They also understand that, whatever any government does and says on any issue, dedicated politicians and government officials rarely have the best interests of ordinary citizens heart.

    KP is really pushing the idea that the answer to life’s big scary issues is little people standing firm for great ideas. And every once in a while, there will be a scene or a statement that expresses that in a really powerful way.

    But it seems to me most of the time that the witers, directors, and actors are avoiding a powerful presentation of anything. Maybe somebody said, “We have a message; we don’t want the actors’ personalities and interactions to detract from that, so keep everything low-key.”

    Or maybe somebody said, “The main characters are supposed to be ordinary people; we know that ordinary people have been dealing with the whole North-South thing for years, keeping everything inside, just being stoic about it, so keep everything low-key.”

    Or maybe somebody said, “We haven’t decided if we want this to be a spy thriller, a romance, or a feel-good family program, so until we figure out what we’re doing, just keep everything low-key.”

    There is also a certain lack of attention to details in certain areas. I know that they have to make do with a fake North Korea since they obviously couldn’t film in Pyongyang. I’m sure nobody said, yeah, everybody come up from Seoul for a weekend and film some scenes. But the show’s make-believe North Korea is laughable.

    For instance, I’m pretty sure that men in the North Korean army don’t (like Min Dong Ki) wear hair cuts out of a Japanese manga and women don’t (like Lim Jin Jae’s mother) wear uniforms (with expensive pseudo-Nazi boots) that show off busty figures.

    I am also mildly annoyed and distracted by the fact that heroine Lim Jin Jae has eyeliner on in every scene. It doesn’t matter if she’s being electro-shocked, riding a train across Romania, lying on the floor in a dirty cell, jumping off a balcony in her underwear, or whatever. Her eyeliner must be tattooed on.

    And the guy playing her father. Yeah, I believe he’s an old guy who’s seen more than his share of pain and sorrow . . . because he’s wearing that grey wig.

    I also find myself annoyed by the unequal division of pain. While Suh Myung-Joon gets eggs thrown at him, broods about war and peace, and stares across the DMZ, “his girl” is getting the shit kicked out of her in every other scene.

    I know North Korea–at least the government–is the bad guy here, and Lim Jin Jae’s torture fest does underscore the idea of how desperate ordinary people are to find a way to restore peace and reunite North and South. But most often, the whole “you cannot break me” routine reads like gratuitous sado-masochism.

    I’ll keep watching KP because the occasional great moments are worth all the not-so-great ones. And who knows, maybe, just maybe a whole episode will surprise everyone before the end.

    • 21.1 MsB

      “I also find myself annoyed by the unequal division of pain. While Suh Myung-Joon gets eggs thrown at him, broods about war and peace, and stares across the DMZ, “his girl” is getting the shit kicked out of her in every other scene.” — I don’t claim to know anything about North and South Korean other than what I have read in the newspapers but doesn’t that represent the differences between the two? I also did not notice the eyeliner until you said something! But I still like it, and can’t wait for episode 16!!

  22. 22 Anna

    Anyone know where it is possible to download the english subs for this? I have the complete episodes up to episode 15, but only have the RAW for 16-18, and can’t find the subs anywhere for them.

    • 22.1 Anna

      Yeah, I was in the same situation, only had the RAW for 16-18. I decided as a temporary measure to download 16-18 from Dramacrazy which are hardsubbed. Unfortunately, these episodes are in 4 or 5 parts, but using a video converter programme, I combined the separate parts and made them into 3 complete episodes in .avi format. The quality is not brilliant, but it is watchable, and will do only until/if the sub files become available.

  23. 23 MsB

    Overall, it was a great drama! As I have stated before, I am not always about the romance. If a drama is presented to be interesting and a learning experience for me, I can enjoy it just as much. Episode 18, even though it was rushed, I felt they did a great job tying up a lot of lose ends. What we did not get to see was the steps to fulfill the unification of Korea. I believe if East/West Germany can unify, so will Korea one day. Hopefully, we will all be alive to see it. After spending 4 years in Germany during the cold war, I never thought I would see the Berlin wall come down. Sad to see Peninsula go but look forward to other dramas like this!!

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