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History of the Salaryman: Episode 12
by | February 8, 2012 | 64 Comments

Sometimes it takes just one great moment to turn the tables and change our perception of the drama reality we’ve been given, and this episode had one of those great moments. History of the Salaryman is loud when it wants to be, but it’s in the subtlety that this show really shines – even though the very unsubtle visual gags and jokes were enough to have me crying from laughter during the first half of the episode. I just can’t heap enough praise on this show – it’s fun without being fluffy, and entertaining without being too slick. In short, it’s a textbook perfect drama.


Paeng-wol seems to be pretty easygoing for a gangster, and ends up hearing Bang out even after he’s been kidnapped. Bang has done some research on his potential investor, and knows that Paeng-wol suffers from diabetes, giving him the perfect impetus to reveal the prototype for the new medical product: a blood sugar monitor for diabetics which doesn’t require blood to be drawn.

This is a huge plus to Paeng-wol, who claims that he’s used to being stabbed by knives but that he hates needles (ha!). Bang makes a good case as to why his product will hit the jackpot, and Paeng-wol seems to be biting. One of the more compelling points Bang brings up is that Hang-woo will be the one to suffer if this product gets off the ground, since it will have been made from the factory he so forcibly shut down.

Meanwhile, Chairman Jin is getting live updates from Jang Ryang. He’s showing a lot of interest in Bang’s activities, but wonders how Bang is going to get capital for a prototype that’s not even complete…

…Which Paeng-wol finds out at the same time, and he swiftly throws Bang out of the office because of it. Bang insists that he only needs a factory to get the product made, and that Paeng-wol only has to provide it. It’s still a no-go, though Bang vows that he’ll get that funding no matter what.

On Chairman Jin’s side, he confides in Jang Ryang that he’ll invest in Bang’s product if he can manage to get a factory. Jang Ryang wonders if Chairman Jin is being kind to Bang because he knows Yeo-chi is fond of him, though Chairman Jin simply replies that whoever ends up with Yeo-chi must have a superior skillset. In terms of that, Hang-woo has a much better chance.

We get to see Yeo-chi working diligently(?) under Hang-woo’s tutelage(?), which is a big strain for both of them. She gives him a report that he throws on the ground, claiming that she needs to re-learn her own language. She can’t even get basic grammar right.

She struggles to reign in her temper, and manages to keep using extremely formal speech even through extremely grated teeth. She even agrees to re-do the whole project, and has to kneel down to gather the papers in the middle of the conference room. Good god. Who are you, and what did you do with Yeo-chi?

Of course, once she’s outside, she curses the day Hang-woo was ever born. “I’m going to see that you suck my toes!” she grates out, stopping only when she overhears a group of employees whispering about Chairman Jin’s possible blindness. They scatter as soon as they spot Gabi wheeling him down the hallway, and Yeo-chi’s heart looks like it’s breaking once she realizes that her grandfather can’t even see her standing in front of him. He’s become completely blind.

Both her and Gabi exchange knowing looks, with Gabi’s gaze turning from sympathetic to sneering once she’s out of Yeo-chi’s sight.

There’s going to be a board meeting soon, where Chairman Jin is going to have to prove himself to a mass of theorizing executives. Gabi suggests that he do the conference via video, but Chairman Jin knows the sort of sharks he’s dealing with. He’ll have to use the board meeting as a chance to disprove their suspicions, because how he fares will be the turning point as far as Yeo-chi’s future succession goes.

Bum-jeung watches from the doorway, in theoretical plain sight (if Chairman Jin could see, of course). There’s a creepy moment as Gabi wraps her arms around the Chairman and tells him that he’s her one and only, all while keeping her eyes locked with Bum-jeung’s. It’s just as weird as it sounds.

Dead-set on getting Paeng-wol to give him a factory, Bang devises a way to sneak into his office by acting as a deliveryman for a painting. He reveals himself with a heartfelt plea: “Build me a factory!” to Paeng-wol’s utter surprise and dismay. There’s a hilarious visual gag as Paeng-wol and his minions chase Bang around the desk, looking like something out of a The Three Stooges movie. I love it.

Paeng-wol manages to throw Bang out, but Bang is nothing if not determined. So he literally begins to terrorize Paeng-wol, by going everywhere he goes to ask for a factory.

At the hospital:

And the sauna:

And, according to Paeng-wol, Bang has even been showing up in his dreams. HA! These sequences are so well-done and so tightly edited, and I’m still laughing.

To contrast the funny, we cut back to Gabi and Bum-jeung discussing their Chun Ha Takeover Strategy. Her devious plan is to get Yeo-chi and Hang-woo to marry, as that would cause Chairman Jin to change the will that he has locked away in a safety deposit box. But if he can’t see the will, he’ll be depending on Gabi as his proxy… and then they can do whatever they wish with it.

Even Bum-jeung is startled at her ambition, but Gabi is able to win him over with an embrace and a change in tactic, using her feminine wiles perfectly.

Gabi’s been really preying on Yeo-chi’s emotionally weak state as of late, and turns on the warm motherly charm the second she’s around Yeo-chi. She uses reverse psychology to suggest to Yeo-chi that Hang-woo is exerting his authority over her in an effort to tame her, and the effect works. Yeo-chi is determined to be the one doing the taming.

This effectively propels Yeo-chi to pay a visit to Hang-woo in the wee hours of the morning, brandishing her newly-finished report and her cutest, most formal tone.

In an effort to get Yeo-chi out of his apartment, Hang-woo starts to undress – claiming that he’s always naked at home. When he reaches to take off his pants, Yeo-chi reacts by pulling out her camera phone and leveling him in the middle of the shot. She thinks he’ll make a great addition to the company homepage, as all the female employees are sure to faint. Haha.

Knowing that he’s lost this one, Hang-woo grimly puts his shirt back on. There’s no way he’s going to get out of reading her report now, so he sits down to review it in full. By the time he’s done and about to tell her how much it sucked (even though it was readable this time), she’s fallen asleep on his couch.

She won’t wake up, and Hang-woo is forced to grudgingly carry her to his bed. He seems like a neat freak, so when Yeo-chi starts drooling in her sleep he tries to wipe her mouth – only to have her snore/spit in his face in return. Poor guy can’t catch a break.

Things take a serious turn when she murmurs the word “Grandpa” in her sleep. It’s almost as if Hang-woo forgot just who he was out for revenge on, but the look on his face tells us that he’s just been reminded.

Yeo-chi is woken up the next morning by a call from Woo-hee, who was only doing the job Hang-woo told her to do (by calling him at six a.m. every day). Woo-hee is understandably surprised to find Yeo-chi on the other end of the line, but isn’t really in a position to say anything about it.

On her way out, Yeo-chi spots Hang-woo on the couch. She seems pleased with the fact that he sacrificed his bed for her, and takes the opportunity to get an up close and personal look at his face… only to find that he’s awake, and well aware of her proximity. “I’ll make this very clear,” he says. “Don’t expect anything from me.”

Yeo-chi’s response? She gives him a hard pinch in the side. Ha! These two are a lot of fun.

Woo-hee shows up to work in an outfit that isn’t exactly indecent, but it certainly shows a lot of leg. She understandably draws the attention of every male employee in the lobby, which sets Hang-woo’s temper on fire. He really is the king of funny facial expressions, though, because that face he makes when he realizes the men downstairs can see up her skirt? Priceless. Literally priceless.

He jumps all over her once they’re in his office, demanding that she no longer wear things the size of his hand. He also chides her about missing the call this morning, though he presumably knows she talked with Yeo-chi instead. From now on, unless she speaks directly with him, the call doesn’t count.

It’s time for the board meeting, and all eyes are fixated on Chairman Jin. Miraculously, he does exactly what he set out to do – to disprove everyone’s suspicions about his blindness. He blames his leg (with the cast still on) as the source of his trouble, and in front of all those present, he displays the coordination necessary to pour himself a glass of water. No one can really doubt that he has to be able to see in order to perform a task like that, and the meeting is effectively over.

Yeo-chi is full of pride for her grandfather, who later tells her that he practiced the routine carefully. He wants her to remember today – because what millions of dollars couldn’t resolve, he managed to solve with only a bottle of water. Gabi, however, is upset to hear about the fact that he practiced… because it was something in his schedule that he kept from her. Uh oh.

Hang-woo and Bum-jeung have effectively been taken by surprise at Chairman Jin’s stunt. “An illness doesn’t turn a tiger into a cat,” Bum-jeung says, and it seems like an incredibly wise assumption. He’s right – they’ve been underestimating Chairman Jin so far.

With that in mind, Bum-jeung broaches the topic of marriage with Yeo-chi to Hang-woo. He can accomplish everything he needs to by becoming Chairman Jin’s son-in-law, though Hang-woo scoffs at this claim. He’s firm in his belief that he can accomplish whatever he needs to on his own.

Once Bum-jeung leaves, Hang-woo receives an unexpected visitor in the form of Shin. And from his facial expression, he’s not happy about it.

Shin is there to collect on a promise Hang-woo made to him about permanent employment at Chun Ha, although Hang-woo has no intentions on keeping that promise. He reminds Shin that he is in no position to ask for anything, and throws money at him along with some terse words.

It’s a shame for Hang-woo, since he’s just missed out on getting the blueprint for the project he’s been working on. Woo-hee overhears Shin mention the word ‘blueprint’ and immediately takes action, grabbing him by the ear so he can’t use playing dumb as an excuse. She’s determined to get that blueprint.

Bang has been unable to pay Bun-kwae for all the driving he’s been doing, so while they’re parked he takes the time to flip through all of the IOUs Bang has given him – which amount to a whopping $2,000. They’re there to stalk Paeng-wol, but end up witnessing a scene where the gangster/businessman is suddenly surrounded by a rival band of gangsters. Bun-kwae is completely fine with ducking for cover, but Bang sees a golden opportunity. If he intervenes and saves Paeng-wol’s life here, he’s bound to be given a factory, right?

I don’t know if Bun-kwae agrees with him, but Bang enters into the fray either way. At least Bun-kwae calls in police backup for Bang, who doesn’t look like he’s getting beaten by the gang as much as just getting detained. However, he does create an avenue for Paeng-wol to make an escape.

Woo-hee sets herself to negotiating the blueprint out of Shin’s hands, by promising him a job under Bang. Shin seems uneasy at first, claiming that he’s been deceived a lot in life, but his other options are pretty slim. The two of them are interrupted by a call that Bang is back in the hospital.

Paeng-wol has the good sense to feel indebted to Bang, who’s lying with medical braces on in a hospital room. He grabs Paeng-wol by the ear in an effort to bring him closer, whispering: “Factory. You’ll give me a factory, right? My wish… before I die…” He sounds totally pitiful and miserable, and Paeng-wol caves. He’ll give Bang the factory.

…Except that Paeng-wol seems to believe that Bang is honestly going to die, and holds a prayer service with his minion so that Bang can go peacefully into heaven. He changes his tune when a nurse comes in to reveal that Bang is faking everything – he’s only got a couple of minor scrapes and bruises.

Paeng-wol is not to be swayed, and makes a run for it from the hospital room. Bang takes out his frustration on Bun-kwae, who was supposed to keep the nurse away. But Bun-kwae gets a reprieve the moment Bang spots Shin nearby, as he attacks the man who’s caused him so much grief. Where is his blueprint?!

Woo-hee finally speaks up, and swiftly hands over the mystical document that will solve all of their problems. Everyone cheers, which Paeng-wol hears with some interest from around the corner, as he wonders if they really have the blueprint in their hands.

It’s a great moment for Bang, as he’s now able to embark on the next stage of his plan – creating the business. Paeng-wol seems all set to invest now that they have the blueprint in their hands, and even though they’re missing Chief Oh, they still have Woo-hee’s sunbae. He’s able to make a working prototype of the product, and they successfully test it on Paeng-wol.

In an even greater moment, Bang gets to fulfill his dream of saving all the former factory protesters. He sends Shin out on an errand to track down every fired worker from the Incheon factory so that they can be handed an invitation for employment under his shiny new company.

We find everyone gathered in the factory, waiting to be told why they’ve been called. Shin announces that the president has arrived… and it’s none other than our hero.

In a triumphant scene, Bang gets to address the crowd of new employees he has gathered. He remembers everyone’s name and the names of their family members – perfectly personifying a personable president (try saying that seven times). He knows that they’ve been through suffering together and that they’ve been cast away by Chun Ha, which is why he’s named the company Paeng Seong Enterprise (which includes the words for ‘thrown out’ and ‘successful’ all in one).

He promises them that they’ll all share in profit if profit is to be made, and that no one will be unjustly fired. Here is a company where the people will be valued over profit, as they will now become the company’s greatest asset. Not technology, not products, but people. Aww.

This scene isn’t played with Extra Gravitas, and I almost feel like it should be – just because it’s such a cathartic moment for Bang and his struggles. He’s finally on the other side of the fence, in a position of power that allows him to help people on his own merit rather than always relying on others. The part where he’s hoisted up by a crowd of happy employees just makes me smile.

Chairman Jin, meanwhile, keeps his stream of information on Bang open via Jang Ryang. It seems like Jang Ryang working again for the Chairman is being kept a secret from the rest of the company, since no one else has made a peep about it. This is made clear when Chairman Jin confesses that he doesn’t know who to trust within the company. But in regards to Bang, he’s going to look into the matter personally to see if he has any plans on investing.

Yeo-chi finds herself on a blind date, except that she can’t even focus when she’s sure that she’s going crazy – she keeps hearing Bang’s voice laughing in her head. As it turns out, she’s hearing it because he’s actually sitting in that same restaurant laughing it up nearby… but by the time she turns around, he’s gone. I love her facial expressions throughout this whole scene.

Hang-woo, meanwhile, has had his eyes on the same prize as Bang – the Blood-Free Blood Monitor – only to find that the patent has already been set by someone else. Hang-woo is dismayed to hear this news, but claims that they’ll just buy it from whoever owns it. Woo-hee looks nervous.

In a scene that seems suspiciously orchestrated by both Chairman Jin and Jang Ryang, Bang ends up running into a helplessly blind Chairman Jin. Out of worry, he finds himself chasing the Chairman all over the place, even getting beaten, until they both settle in at a table. Chairman Jin makes it seem as though this all happened by chance, even though Bang is suspicious that he’d be out, alone, all while being blind as a bat.

Chairman Jin is being surprisingly cute, as he bickers with Bang over who really owns that product, if it was made in his factory and all. Even though Chairman Jin isn’t allowing anyone within the company to know about his blindness, he freely shares that information with Bang. I wonder what caused his change of heart.

Bang is reluctant to help the man who caused had his colleagues ruthlessly beaten and who had him sent to jail. He can’t help being a good person, though, when Chairman Jin pulls a “poor me” by stumbling around while blind. This takes them to a restaurant, where of course Chairman Jin has decided to eat ssambap – a meal which requires all sorts of hand-eye coordination that he doesn’t possess. Out of pity, Bang ends up hand-feeding him. This whole scene is adorable, especially with their bickering. It’s like they’re kids.

Against Bang’s wishes, Chairman Jin orders soju… and next thing we know, Bang is piggybacking a helplessly drunk Chairman Jin into the night. HA. Chairman Jin is having such a good time, and so am I.

Hang-woo gets some bad news when he hears that it’s Chief Oh’s wife that owns the patent for the Blood-Free Blood Monitor, and that the company behind it… is owned by Bang. Well, Hang-woo, you made your own bed. Now sleep in it.

Speaking of, Gabi’s wiles seem to be coming back to bite her in the form of an extra-friendly Bum-jeung. He’s taken all of her flirting seriously, though we know it’s all been a game for her. Well, Gabi, you’ve made your bed. Now you might have to sleep with someone in it.

She’s playing Chairman Jin in plain sight (hee), by using his blindness to sign off on things he probably wouldn’t have if he could, you know, read. She assures him that she’s been reading over everything carefully, but a conversation with So Ha reveals that she’s exploiting this situation for all it’s worth.

It seems like Chairman Jin is starting to suspect Gabi, at least, because he doesn’t let her in on his plans and has Yeo-chi drive him to an unspecified location instead.

…And in the car, Chairman Jin clearly sees a speck of something on Yeo-chi’s jacket, and takes it off. Ohh! I can’t say I knew it because I didn’t know it, I only suspected. Chairman Jin can actually see, and probably has been fooling everyone this whole time.

Left alone in his office, Gabi allows herself to sink into the Chairman’s seat and laugh maniacally. Oh dear. Her merry time is cut short by a call, presumably updating her on the Chairman’s whereabouts when he wouldn’t update her himself. Obviously, the news dismays her.

Chairman Jin, meanwhile, seems happy as a clam hat he’s arranging a special meeting. Yeo-chi has no idea what this whole thing is about, and we intercut from seeing their arrival to seeing Bang and Bun-kwae readying for a meeting with a potential big investor. One that has a power to solve all their problems with one fell swoop.

Yeo-chi opens the door first, revealing Bang waiting inside.


The tables are turned! I honestly should have expected this to be the case, since I’ve seen a tactic like this used before by wily chairmen in dramas – the most recent memory being Baker King Kim Tak Gu. Still, I remember knowing that the sickness was a fake-out in that drama – and while I wondered if that was on the table for Salaryman, I was still pleasantly shocked when the big reveal happened. Lee Deok-hwa was certainly balancing a good deal this episode, as an actor playing a character who’s fooling everyone into believing that he’s blind, all while secretly gathering intel on everyone closest to him.

In true Salaryman style, we now get a new piece of information that shapes the way we perceived everything before, and everything to come. Now everything with Chairman Jin’s sudden attitude change toward Bang makes sense – because although I had simply gone along with it the last episode, I was a little curious as to how he went from being unable to stand the sight of Bang to being so invested in his every move. Chairman Jin now has a better idea of who’s on his side and who isn’t, and it might be that now that he sees Bang as the only genuine person around (aside from Yeo-chi, of course). This effectively changes the whole power dynamic, and I am so unbelievably excited.

This was an interesting episode for our antagonists, and Gabi in particular, as she sort of left the realm of subtlety to go into full-on villainous assault mode. I was starting to believe that her plan was pretty foolproof, but that was back when I believed Chairman Jin was actually blind. I do love that Hang-woo has unknowingly helped his own enemy multiple times now, because all the people he’s wronged have now gone over to Bang’s side. It seems like Hang-woo isn’t yet aware that he’s not the only one who can harbor thoughts of vengeance, so it will be interesting to see that realization come back to bite him – because it’s not a matter of If, it’s a matter of When.


64 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Leona

    I can’t decide about this ep: kinky or hilarious

    • 1.1 Molly

      I KNOW. I’m absolutely hooked on this drama.

      Question: what happened to the Eternal Youth? I can’t remember when the transition to the blueprints occur? I’m just a bit confused on all the corporate machinations now…

      • 1.1.1 kirst3n

        Yeah, I was wondering about that one too. *scratches head*

      • 1.1.2 ahjummabunny

        the lab burned down and the first round of drug trials and possibly even the second round of drug trials are over. They’ve documented the side effects so I guess they’re going back to the drawing board. I think it’s okay for them to reassess the whole company’s financial situation and work on rectifying it. I do wish the factory issues were wrapped up a bit faster there wasn’t very much that happened while he was there.

  2. Cinderella

    God, I am so loving every turn in this drama! It’s been keeping me on the edge of my seat…

    BTW, did anyone see the last scene this week when Hang-woo takes Woo-hee out to a grill restaurant (similar to the one our four leads went to) and Hang-woo is so intent on being better than Bang that he actually begins to somewhat practice how to grill meat only to burn it and cause their section to be filled with smoke… Loved that scene!

    Another part that I love this drama (which is also something Heads pointed out) is the fact that even our villains seem like real people. They’re not just textbook villains out for their own good they’re also real people who go through awkward, funny moments… who also aren’t completely evil, aside from when its concerning their evil goal that is. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m not hating on Hang-woo.

    In fact, I actually hope that he’ll end up on the same side as Bang, Woo-hee, and Yeo-chi… And that all four of them would go and fight evil corporate chairmans. Now, that would not only be an unstoppable team but also a very entertaining one.

    • 2.1 Ani

      I was thinking Hangwoo was bound to end up on Team Bang. I can’t wait when all 4 of them join forces.

      • 2.1.1 YT629

        Actually I thought that too. I would like it if Hangwoo becomes a part of Team Bang. Maybe it’s because I don’t really see him as a “bad guy” or a villain (watching his expression every time he has to haul a drunk Woo hee up all those stairs alone makes him sympathetic!) This kdrama is too real in its portrayal of various characters for any one character to be a 2-dimensional villain.

        Salaryman’s strength is its expert mixing of genres, which is partly writing, partly execution. Just when you think you have a grasp on the characters and their development, the writer pulls a fast one on you. I’m fully for Yoo bang & Yeochi as a couple and Hang woo & Woo hee as a couple but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the scenes where Yeo chi and Hang woo sneer and gripe at each other. I like that the author takes the usual tropes of korean dramas and mixes it up throughout the 4 characters: Drunk piggy back rides between Woohee and Hang woo, forced physical proximity between Yoo bang and Woo hee, glances at a sleeping person between Yeo chi and Hang woo.

        And of course the ending little scene that always ties into the episode in some way is always hysterical. It reminds me of Oh Pil Seung’s ending scenes.

      • 2.1.2 ahjummabunny

        but why would hang woo join team bang? I’m not sure I know what his goal is anymore? When he was at jang cho(?) it was revenge in the form of chun ha’s demise. when he joined chun ha it seemed like he was going for the chairmanship of that company but if he is, he’s not really doing anything to take it. It’s true he’s sidetracked by being anti-bangi ssi and has sworn to take revenge against bangi, but he relented when bangi begged for his job. It’s not that I expect him to a straight villain anymore it’s only he’s become a somewhat pointless character. Yoo bang doesn’t even see him as an antagonist or rival and that is worrying me because it could mean that his character will tip to evil in the last stand off.

        • mrmz

          I disagree with you, I find Hang woo’s still consistant, which is full of greed and hate, but somewhere there is some conscience and chivalry that wakes up once in a while.
          I think his revenge was always to take over Chun Ha whether through another company or by working there, cuz from what I understood, his father was one of the ppl who established the company, and ended his life bcuz of it. Hang Woo is also a pretty practical guy who doesn’t let his emotions take over him, so he didn’t mind using Bang if it meant finishing off with the factory problem more quietly. Lastly his revenge against bang was to fire him, which could be the worst think ever for anyone when its so hard to get a decent job (ask me :'(), but bang wasn’t affected since he had a plan and didn’t give up (thats what makes him so strong).
          It is a first for me to love all 4 leads in a kdrama for their character, but they were all so well written (and A+ acting)!! I really like so many of the side characters too. I hate Gabi but her character is so interesting I think its more dangerous than Hang Woo!! The Grandpa at times I hate sometimes I love his adorableness.

  3. Carrie

    Heads, thanks so much for your recaps and comments. 🙂 I would constantly refresh the site after I’ve watched the episode to see what you have to say about it.
    This drama is brilliant in that the it’s dark but it’s not melo or anything like that and the humor is just hilarious without being fluff. Like you said, it IS a text perfect drama. This drama really is one of the top in the bunch (of the other dramas airing) so I’m surprised and sad to see that the rating has been less than stellar. 🙁

  4. ahjummabunny

    I was completely fooled by the chairman too! when he poured the water I started to think he might be faking it but I dismissed it. I don’t like mo gabi gaba’s turn this episode it seems silly for someone of her subtle snakeyness to suddenly go all out bad. I can’t help thinking she has something more up her sleeve other than the secret to keep those two men in check when it comes time for her ascension.

  5. blaze

    The doctor scene probably isn’t fake, so the chairman’s sight is probably at least somewhat impaired, but maybe not as much as he lets on. Also on the water glass there was a shiny sticker and Yeo Chi’s speck was shiny too.

    • 5.1 ahjummabunny

      the doctor only says he’s losing his sight and then that scene he has with the mo gabi gabi when she tells him to look at her was for her benefit- because he was setting his plan in motion to see who he can trust.

    • 5.2 taro_milktea

      That’s a very good observation. I was wondering why the camera focused on the sticker on the glass, but didn’t quite figure it you. What you said totally makes sense.

      • 5.2.1 taro_milktea

        Err…I should be “figure it out.”

  6. Jules

    Ah, Yeo-chi. I wonder if she knows/suspects Hang-woo of something? I can’t help but think that she deliberately ‘fell asleep’ at his house to look for evidence… or it could be that I’m simply too mistrustful. *g*

    Thank you for the (very speedy) recap!

  7. harimsam

    I just can’t heap enough praise on this show – it’s fun without being fluffy, and entertaining without being too slick. In short, it’s a textbook perfect drama.

    you definitely summarize everything for me about this series.Thanks Heads.

  8. Ani

    WHOA! CHairman Jin is one sly fox. Hahaha. That was so epic. I haven’t been following this show religiously, but I tune in to the recaps every so often, and DAMN! The things going on are totally made of WIN! <3<3<3

  9. Fasiris Fay

    This was SUCH an awesome episode; it was so brimming with new revelations and realisations. I was so shocked by the Chairman pulling that piece of fluff or whatever from YC’s jacket…I definitely didn’t see it coming.

    Also really enjoying Hang-woo’s character. You said it right in the last recap; the best part of this show is the nuances built into each character. None of them are good or bad, but have multiple layers to them.

    I was so ready to hate Hang-woo since the beginning, but then get confused when the director shows him being whiny, funny, smiling, etc. Villains ARE humans after all!

  10. 10 mskololia

    Thanks HeadsNo2. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

    Yay, the chairman can see. I was not sure either, but boom there it is. Those execs will be out who are taking unfair advantage. YESSSSS!!!!!!!

    I like that he also trusts (?) the one exec, Jang Ryang, who he brought back in [on what level unsure because he’s definitely not stationed back in the Group’s headquarters]. The guy gave him is resignation without a whimper and the chairman gave him some advice and turned right around is working with him. Interesting. I like.

    Good stuff. I cannot wait for more goings on now that and YC’s lessons from her gramps.

    • 10.1 mskololia

      * I cannot wait for more goings on now that YC’s receiving lessons from her gramps.


  11. 11 Linda165

    Well I’ll admit it. I was completely fooled by Chairman Jin. I mean COMPLETELY! Thank God I was alone in my office because my scream was very very loud during that reveal.
    For me, I compare this reveal with the one in TWDR when they revealed who Jeong Ki Joon was.

    • 11.1 rumwow

      me, too!! I was fooled, too!!
      I was in the office, too! and I was alone! too much similarities!!
      But I didn’t scream, I just…gasped, I think…

      I was wondering why his sight was deteriorating so fast! just a few days after he was diagnosed, he went blind completely?
      but I never thought he’d FAKE IT!
      that is so cliche, but it’s not! this show is so great in making it!

  12. 12 mihinikki

    This episode ROCKED THE AWESOME! I love the Chairman so much…and too bad about Gabi. I wished she hadn’t done that typical villian cackle. Still, love Yeo chi. I’ve been feeling so deprived of Yeo chi/Bang interactions, but this episode was so good I didn’t miss it so much. Do dramas get much better than this? I shan’t wish for it 😉

  13. 13 pozi

    Chairman Jin is really something, lesson 1, don’t trust your boss,LOL.

  14. 14 mizweng

    THIS EPISODE WAS DAEBAK!!! a whole lot of hilarious moments…LOVE the chairman scene with Yoo Bang as well as Yeo Chi’s with Hang Woo… am so enjoying this drama and I can’t wait for the time our hero falls for our heroine…

  15. 15 lialeah

    Epic episode! And that omg moment when chairman Jin removes the speck of something from yeochi’s jacket. Every turn is unpredictable and the epilogues are so funny too

  16. 16 dingdongbl

    They still gave us hints that the chairman wasn’t blind. rewachting it for the second time I notice that when YC had tears in her eyes and the chairman pass next to her he glances in her direction when he was suppose to be blind.
    well I’m for team YC<3 HW. hehe.

    • 16.1 Linda165

      Also, he saw the woman that got out of the women’s bathroom before he entered it. You can see his head moving as he follows her with his eyes.

  17. 17 Brenda

    I really LOVE this drama. I think it might be because they did an excellent job casting everyone . . . especially the main leads.
    I really admire the leading actresses. I fell in love with Hong Soo-Hyun in the Princess’ Man and I’ve loved Jung Ryeo-Won since I saw her in My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

    I think Yeo Chi would have to be my favorite character, not just because Jung Ryeo-Won plays her but because she’s the one that’s grown the most throughout the series. Even in the beginning when she was still a stuck-up princess with the world at her feet, I found that I loved her ruthlessness, her cattiness, and her natural spunk when it came to getting revenge.

    Not to only compliment Jung Ryeo-Won, but I think she has this charisma onscreen that’s really hard to find in many actors and actresses. When she’s onscreen, she so natural that she just steals the screen. When she laughs, it makes me laugh. When she cries, it breaks my heart. She is one of my favorite actresses, hands down.

    Anyways, I also love the chemistry between all four of the leads. I love their different attitudes towards each other when they are with those they like and when they are with those they hate. . .
    For instance, I love how Hang Woo became a bumbling idiot when he was helping Woo Hee wash the dishes and was trying to ask to bring her home. Likewise, I love how he becomes easy agitated when he see Bang and Woo Hee together and how we saw fear in him when Yeo Chi caught him texting about her when she woke up.
    I love the deep friendship/ connection between Woo Hee and Bang and the bickering that ensues when Yeo Chi is with Hang Woo.

    • 17.1 rumwow

      I seriously love Hangwoo when Woohee’s involved!

  18. 18 Carrie

    Anyone totally cracked up at how Shin is now Bang’s right hand man? LOL. I was so pissed at him and had absolutely no sympathy for that bumbling man but now that he’s on the right side, I laugh. Thought it was so funny how he delivered the invites like a little undercover man-shades and all. haha.

    It’s so nice seeing so many people on Bang’s side now! He’s even the PRESIDENT now. 😀

  19. 19 anotheraddict

    ♫ Heaven, I’m in Heaven… ♫ Seriously, this was one of the most delightful drama episodes for me evah! There were so many great scenes: Bang’s hilarious pursuit of (the adorable) Paeng Wol, Hang Woo trying to block the ogling of Woo-Hee’s legs, Jin and Bang’s bickering at the restaurant, the piggyback, and of course, the “gotcha!” moment. But what really excited me was the feeling that the underdog is finally getting recognized for being the Everyman hero that he is– at last, the phoenix is rising! And the fact that this is occurring in the context of a people-over-profit message makes it doubly delicious.

    The blindness twist was daebak. I realized that metaphorically speaking, Chairman Jin’s blindness was real: he was blind to the hidden agendas of many of the people closest to him, blind to the value of his employees, and blind to what really matters. His telling YC that this time, he was investing in a person rather than a company, shows how much he’s changing. Loved the smile on his face as he was “delivering” YC to Bang.

    ♥ this episode, ♥ the drama, ♥ the recap. Thanks, HeadsNo2– you are a gem! Well, Gabi, you’ve made your bed. Now you might have to sleep with someone in it. Hahaha! 😀

    • 19.1 dancinfff

      So true about the metaphor! Thanks for sharing!

    • 19.2 Mystisith

      Wow ! This is love or i don’t understand anything. 🙂
      People are so radiant when they’re in love…

  20. 20 Devin

    I was looking forward to you mentioning how Bag reacted when the Chairman brought up Yeo Chi…..he was so flustered and surprised, evidently shown by his expression. The boob totally misses her….and the ending cut was just amazing. Hahahahahahaahahah!!!!! Side note: Chairman was just too adorable in this episode.

  21. 21 dancinfff

    This was my favorite episode thus far. I don’t want it to enddddd! Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. How is this show doing in ratings because it deserves really good rating. Best Realistic Drama in the KDrama world I’ve ever watched. Is it me or is Yoo Bang becoming more handsome lately? I just love him.

    And I totally agree about Hang Woo when Woo Hee came to work dressed like that. He’s really cute when he’s not being evil and all. I wasn’t really attracted to him at first (I thought he was a Choi Si Won defect; they kinda look alike to me, lol) but now I’m in love, haha! I kept rewinding it because it was sooo funny.

    And Chairman Jin! I’m so happy about the reversal. How could Yeo Chi not notice that he picked up the speck? I love how everything is just so surprising at every turn. I’m surprised that Yoo Bang forgave Han Shin so easily though.

    This show is Daebak!!

    • 21.1 ahjummabunny

      I think yeo chi is in on it too. she supposedly practiced with him the water pouring.

  22. 22 bjharm

    pity about Gabi though you could see it coming she gone from cool to just one of the other greedy company people fighting for power to downright baddie and now full on crazy villainess. I can see they needed a super villain to offset Hang Woo and thus let him be more a ‘good’ guy but wish they had picked someone else, ow well.
    As for the grandpa he is not faking his illness he really is sick and I would guess has moment where he is losing his vision, he just over playing it as if the illness had run it course as his doctor said it would, thus playing it clever by even using his illness to protect his company. And did not that end meeting grandpa setup with Bang and Yeo Chi look like one of those marriage meeting to anyone else? just saying ….

    • 22.1 harimsam

      that’s how i feel when seeing the last scene too especially looking at grandpa Jin face smiling widely when YC walks and open the door knob only to find YB getting ready to welcome the most important guest of his life ahhh i just love how they used the music score that works well with scene to heightened the surprised.Followed by the well made epilogue that looks like its giving some hints on YC and YB development.Maybe i am reading too much into the scene but what can i do when that’s what i’ve been hoping for ha ha ha its not like its going to be bamm i love you idiots marry me now! No way i will not allowed that to happened after all the journey YB should starts to appreciate and learns to love YC and the starting points is here we’ll see what’s possiblities will come starting next week.YB,YC hwaiting.

  23. 23 anna

    I think the audience agreed, this episode’s rating is at 19.4! Congrats, so truly deserved.

    • 23.1 Verónica

      Really? YAYYYY, this drama deserves to be seen by everyone, it’s funny without even trying, flawelessly acted and written, and is full of heart!! Let’s push it to 100% worldwide rating, hahaha… 🙂

    • 23.2 lenrasoon

      yes! i was so happy when i saw the ratings went up, definitely deserves.

  24. 24 starfield

    Thank you HeadsNo2 for the great recap !
    This episode has got to be one of my absolute favorite Kdrama episode ever. Everything progressed at high speed and yet nothing felt rushed, there are so many different factors, and players with their own agenda at work right now I’m just dying to see the next episode!

    I really don’t think this drama is going to cop out on its viewers by pulling a simple “good” trumping “evil”. I am surprised that many seem so eager to embrace Chairman Jin- the cold, ruthless businessman who probably has indirectly caused three deaths, laid off god-knows-how-many employees who did no wrong, and most likely deserves the disloyalty from his subordinates because he himself has shown them no respect.

    It’s not that I don’t like chairman Jin, quite on the contrary, I love this unpredictable character to pieces! It’s just that I’m not sold on anyone siding with the hero/heroine automatically being considered one of the good guys, and everyone in the opposing camp being labeled the villains =D To me, they are all *people* of varying shades of grey in terms of moral compasses, and that’s what makes this drama so very very special <3

    There are so many things to love in this episode: Bang's hilarious (and creepy) stalking of Paeng-wol, Bang's speech in front of his employees, CHAIRMAN JIN and everything he does (haha), Hang Woo covering Woo Hee's butt with his suitcase, Yeo Chi being positive that she's gone crazy, Gabi's evil queen style laughs and my favorite- Yeo Chi invading Hang Woo's apartment. I repeated Hang Woo's yelp from Yeo Chi's pinch at least 10 times- Jung Gyu Woon is truly a magnificent actor (and like Heads said, king of funny faces), I am in love with him XD

    Why can't tomorrow be Monday??

  25. 25 John

    Heads, your choice of screen shots are spot on. Yeo-chi rocks!

    I can hardly wait until next week.

    The writers have done a fantastic job.

    Woo-hee’s scant skirt, Yeo-chi answering Hang-woo’s phone, Bang’s fake injury scheme. These aren’t vital to the story but they add so much to the story.

    Gabi’s evil after all? She’s realizing that she’s been out foxed and what seemed like a sure thing is slipping through her greedy fingers. So many twists.

  26. 26 Marina

    I absolutely love how this drama keeps me guessing. As soon as I think I have someone figured out, something comes along to second guess my previous assumptions or throw them completely out the window.
    I like that even the villains can have “good” moments or even “good” characters can cross over to the dark side. There is so much gray area – no clear cut/caricaturized versions of hero(ines) and villains, just like in real life. Your intentions can be good to someone but from another perspective it can be seen as bad/selfish/etc.

  27. 27 mskololia

    After finishing watching this episode the TV from the other room was on and a commercial with this song was playing, “This is how we do it”.

    And I thought, yes…this is how a drama should be done. *Shakes booty to song*

  28. 28 Yoori

    Am I the only one who thinks Wang Hoo and Yeo Chi would be so much cuter together? There is just something about them that sparks chemistry more than Wang Hoo & Won Hee.

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA. It’s definitely underrated!

    • 28.1 dingdongbl

      NO. You’re not the only one. I ship the couple HW-YC. why? they are just too funny together. I see sparks between them.

  29. 29 ingridine



  30. 30 Bretchops

    You all need to see this. SO FUNNY! Salaryman forever!

    • 30.1 lenrasoon

      lol thaks for sharing this, the craziest teaser i’ve ever saw and i was like “ah~only Salaryman could pull this off”

  31. 31 lenrasoon

    Two things shocked me in this episode, first was Mo Ga Bi making that crazy laugh and i much rather her character keep it subtle ’cause she freak me out lol in that scene, and second was Chairman Jin clue/revelation that he isn’t blind THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING! and the good thing it’s that not even YC knows about it.

    I’m so excited that Bang started his own company now but i know HW won’t leave him alone lol.

    i can’t wait for the next episode, Thank you once again HeadsNo2!

  32. 32 JRW & LBS fan

    Whoa, what’s with the BIG NEW EYEBROWS Jung Ryeo-won is sporting?! Are they supposed to add to the comedic effect?? I can’t wait to buy the series, thanks to the hilarious captions. Just hope it has a good ending; that seems to be the hardest thing for writers to pull off.

  33. 33 JRW & LBS fan

    ~ hilarious captions ~

    oops, meant to say hilarious recaps

  34. 34 Mikimousey

    Such a really entertaining drama. Thanks so much for the recaps!

  35. 35 mantou

    Most amazing k-drama ever! So offbeat, clever and damn entertaining. Yeo chi is my fave! Ryeo won does an amazing job portraying her character. 🙂

  36. 36 Tania Liana

    it’s fun without being fluffy, and entertaining without being too slick. In short, it’s a textbook perfect drama. 😀

  37. 37 Lilian

    oh man! I guessed he wasn’t truly blind! but it is still a nice twist =) and just love the drama’s plot and development. at least here we have a proper story =D I so love that scene with Yeochi and her blind date!

  38. 38 KDrama Fan

    Thanks Heads!

    Another great recap of another fabulous episode!

  39. 39 Suemi

    What was the song played when Yeo chi is about to enter the office where yoo bang is?? I love that song and I cant find it.

  40. 40 harimsam

    that song titled the little match girl sung by Yoon Gun featuring misty of Gavy NJ

    • 40.1 Suemi

      thank you 🙂

  41. 41 oramylove

    i love this show so much.. it makes me giddy… you really cannot hate the villains… (except gabi) excellent show!!

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