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History of the Salaryman: Episode 17
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Finally an essential secret is revealed, leaving Yeo-chi stewing in her rage with unknown – and probably epic – possibilities. Hang-woo is brought face to face with a past it seems like he’d rather have left alone, and poor Bang just can’t be left to go about his business. Luckily he’s got some help from some faces we know (and some faces we aren’t as familiar with), along with the support of our red-headed master of deception, Yeo-chi. Onward, to battle!


Gabi shows up at Bang’s hotel room to get the fax straight (I know, I couldn’t it), and doesn’t blink an eye when she sees him. Bang plays it pretty cool himself, answering Gabi’s first question about what the fax was all about with, “Did you only get half the fax? But it’s written on it that you’re the murderer.” All matter of fact, with a smile to spare. So here’s what he wants to know – how did she kill the Chairman? Was it the insulin?

With her gaze leveled on him, she answers a phone call that lets us know she’s got the police outside, waiting only for her signal to come in and apprehend Bang – but only once she’s determined him to be the perpetrator. She plays everything straight, claiming that she won’t forgive the person who might have murdered the Chairman. He lets her know that he received a tip that she’s the one who murdered the Chairman – so that’s either the truth, or someone is out to frame her. He offers his services to help her look into it, and she simply tears up the fax in reply before leaving.

Jang Ryang has overheard the entire conversation from the other room. Didn’t he tell Bang that Gabi was no easy feat? Even Bang is left doubtful as to Gabi’s innocence, so Jang Ryang submits a stratagem for Bang’s approval: ‘Disturb the water and catch a fish,’ meaning that if they create confusion for Gabi, she’ll start to suspect those around her for treason. That’s how they’ll attack.

We see that stratagem working to perfect effect only moments later, as Gabi begins to wonder who could have betrayed her. Her driver/minion? No, too easy. Bum-jeung? He’d betray her and then some. She needs someone stronger to protect her… someone like Hang-woo. Uh oh.

Cue Hang-woo, who’s spending some quality time at his brother’s grave. He’s there to report that Chairman Jin has died a wretched death, finally receiving the end that Hang-woo longed for. Curiously, he finds that someone has already left a flower… and a ring, engraved with ‘Love Forever.’ Eh? He speaks to an employee there, who tells him that a woman has been coming for weeks, holding a picture of his brother and crying. And of course, around the corner, we see a slyly grinning Gabi. I see what’s going on here, Gabi… and it’s pretty ingenious.

Back at work, a viciously shaking Yeo-chi finds all her fellow employees badmouthing her to kingdom come. They even speak loud enough for her to hear, perhaps thinking that she’s so lost in her alcoholism that she wouldn’t be able to understand anyway. Props to Yeo-chi, who’s putting on a convincing act. She even pulls out a tiny bottle of liquor and drinks it in front of everyone, adding fuel to the fire she started.

Gabi is gleefully picking out snazzy outfits, ala Yeo-chi Version 1.0, and doing some serious backpedalling with Bum-jeung, who notes that she’s different from before. Pulling out the skinship, Gabi coyly tells him that she’s just been too busy to pay him the attention he deserves lately, and that he’s the only one she can trust. So, on that note, can he do something about Yeo-chi? Something like getting her out of the company, perhaps? Bum-jeung agrees to the task but looks conflicted, as usual.

Hang-woo’s unnamed colleague comes bearing flowers to a surprised Woo-hee, although he doesn’t think she should be… he’s been sending her bouquets for a while that have been intercepted by an unnamed third party. That third party (Hang-woo) stands in the doorway stewing in jealousy. When Unnamed Colleague asks her to dinner, she chances a look to Hang-woo, who asks, “What? You’re going to go?” as if in total disbelief. Much to his chagrin, she goes.

HA! We cut to a restaurant, where both men have taken Woo-hee out to dinner. Both of them even pull chairs out for her at the same time. Unnamed Colleague finally gets a name – BOK SA-YEOL – and he and Hang-woo commence in a stand-off, replete with butter knives, over Woo-hee. Sa-yeol wants her to work for him at Taeyang Group, and offers her more benefits than Hang-woo. Throughout this exchange, Woo-hee looks mighty uncomfortable.

They even drag her to a shopping mall, both of them arguing over which purse suits her best without asking her what she likes best. Alright, boys, put ’em away. And not just the butter knives.

Understandably, Woo-hee leaves both of them stranded in the store, fed up with their pissing contest. Judging by Hang-woo’s overtly jealous reactions, Sa-yeol wonders if Hang-woo’s feeling are actually (gasp!) sincere.

And Hang-woo, like a thief in the night, leaves a shopping bag hanging on her door with the following words spoken like a prayer/incantation: “All men are thieves, Cha Woo-hee. Don’t be fooled by punks like Bok Sa-yeol no matter what.” Woo-hee is happy to find the purse the next morning, though she’s a bit bummed to find no note inside. More than material things, she’d rather know how Hang-woo really feels.

Yeo-chi is being treated like a third-rate intern at work, forced by her colleagues to do menial labor like bring coffee, make copies, shred papers. She can’t do one thing right, and takes all her coworkers’ criticism like a champion even as Hang-woo looks on, seemingly incensed by their behavior toward her. She ends up shredding what she should copy, and copying what she should shred. Even after she takes the time to glue a shredded sheet of paper back together, her coworker still gets upset. Alright, that file clearly came out of a computer, and this is a fully functioning office. Could he not just print another?

Just kidding – he claims the original file was deleted. Still, he treats Yeo-chi like a child by punishing her with a finger to the forehead, generally demeaning her in front of everyone. She keeps up the drunk act long enough for Bum-jeung to see her, and he threatens to fire her if she doesn’t pull through on the presentation tomorrow.

Through flash back we get a reveal – Yeo-chi was the one to copy the file from her coworker’s computer before deleting it, leaving her with the only living copy. To what end we’re not yet sure, but while she’s doing some corporate espionage in a dark room, she gets a call from Bang.

Their banter is cute, since Bang’s reaction to her “I’m busy” tone is to ask her if she’s pooping – what else could she be doing to make her so busy? Ha. She ends the conversation quickly, since she’s got to finish moving files to a USB drive… and as she leaves the dark room, the nameplate on the desk reveals that she was stealing from none other than Bum-jeung’s computer.

Bang takes her out for dinner, and I think it’s adorable that they’re eating ssambap, Chairman Jin’s favorite dish during his blind stint. He wonders why Yeo-chi decided to go back to work for Chun Ha – if she needed a job, she could have just gone to work for him. She tells him that Chun Ha was the company her Grandpa created, and to leave it would be like leaving it forever. Aww.

Perhaps Bang hasn’t gotten over his recent alcoholic binge, since he starts downing soju right in front of her. He claims it’s because of her, that he’s so worried he can’t even think straight. And he did get a prescription for his alcoholism, thank you very much. Unfortunately that prescription was: Less Yeo-chi. Since that’s not going to happen, he might as well drink. Hee.

However, they remain completely unaware that they’re being watched and photographed by a shady-looking guy from a shady-looking vantage point.

Yeo-chi drags a hilariously drunk Bang to his makeshift home in his office, but he won’t stay down – insisting that they sleep together, or that he has something to say. Eventually Yeo-chi uses the phrase “Red sun”, which Bang’s hypnotherapist used in a previous epilogue. The words, and the snapping of her fingers, cause Bang to instantly go out like a light. While he snores, she looks at him with an affectionate smile. “Thank you, Yoo Bang. If you were not here, what would I do?”

And while Bang sleeps it off, Yeo-chi busies herself with the files she’s pilfered onto her USB drive. She’s certainly got something brewing, but what?

Gabi has been busy buying twelve-million-dollar mansions in California, and even wants a private plane. Bum-jeung knows that her spending is out of control, and is miffed when she sends him away in favor of Jang Ryang, who uses blatant flattery to get on her good side before letting it slip that he’s a member of a fabulous yacht club, and that they’d simply love to have her.

Clearly happy at the prospect of being accepted into high social circles, Gabi does falter when she realizes that she doesn’t actually own a yacht. That’s no problem according to Jang Ryang – she can just buy one! I love all the subtext going on in these conversations, since we know exactly what Jang Ryang is doing here.

Bum-jeung is shocked to hear from So Ha that the upcoming personnel reorganization might include doing away with the strategic resources department altogether – a move that would consolidate all that department’s power into Hang-woo’s hands. Uh oh.

In his car, Bum-jeung pulls out a manilla folder from the glove box. A flash back reveals that it’s Chairman Jin’s real written will, which Bum-jeung got his hands on for a hefty sum. Double uh oh. He’s way too volatile a person for such volatile information.

Hang-woo has been in a foul mood these days, so his reaction to finding Yeo-chi’s coworkers badmouthing her again while Yeo-chi is passed out on her desk is to throw her into his office for a private talk. Why is she even there if she’s going to be like this? Does she need money?

Acting drunk, Yeo-chi wonders if he’d give some to her if she asked. In return, Hang-woo throws a pile of bills at her… which Yeo-chi doesn’t hesitate to pick up. Woo-hee watches from the doorway, her expression a mix of jealousy and hurt. Even though this is all an act on Yeo-chi’s part, there’s something terribly sad about the way she picks up the money.

It seems like Hang-woo just wanted to trigger Yeo-chi’s pride to snap her out of it, but it’s not happening. Hang-woo asks, and rightfully so, “Where the hell did that snooty Baek Yeo-chi go?” Yeo-chi: “Oh, that Baek Yeo-chi! That Baek Yeo-chi, she… she is dead.”

Hang-woo and Woo-hee both look on, unclear as to what can be done with Yeo-chi. Aww, I feel bad that neither of them knows the truth. Later, Hang-woo finds Yeo-chi sleeping in the lobby with a fever. (Wait, so she’s actually sick?) Without hesitating, he piggybacks her away while poor Woo-hee stays relegated to do some Sad Staring.

Hang-woo has taken Yeo-chi to the hospital, where she remains unconscious with an IV drip as the doctor discusses the secret of Chairman Jin’s insulin murder with Hang-woo.

The doctor insists that Yeo-chi must be told, but Hang-woo insists just as firmly that in her current condition, the shock would be too much. He’s trying to safeguard her well-being by keeping the secret, it seems, and when he shows concern enough to wipe her brow with his own handkerchief Woo-hee slides open the door to see the scene. Oh, not again.

Woo-hee takes things the wrong way, and thinks to herself that Hang-woo must like Yeo-chi and that he’s been playing with her all along. Oy vey.

Back in the hospital room, Hang-woo places a call and says he’ll accept the offer to go back to the U.S. When asked about the woman he was supposed to take with him, he looks down to Yeo-chi as he says that he hasn’t proposed to her yet.

He finds Woo-hee already drinking at their usual bar, and is quick to pick up on her bad mood. When asked why she’s in a bad mood, she simply replies: “I’m always in a bad mood.” Three hundred days out of the year, apparently. And out of the remaining sixty-five, she can’t remember fifty because she’s normally too drunk.

Hang-woo clearly doesn’t get that he’s the source of her ire as he asks her what she thinks about moving to the U.S. On days like this she certainly wants to, she replies. When he asks her if she would like to go with him, she levels him with a death glare. “Why do I want to go to the U.S.? Because I don’t want to see the sight of you! But you say to go together? You go alone, and don’t ever appear in front of my eyes again.” Hang-woo is, of course, completely dumbfounded at her reaction, and doesn’t try to stop her when she leaves.

To no one’s surprise, the man taking pictures of Bang and Yeo-chi together reports to Gabi. She’s uneasy about Bang ever since he made the murder accusation, since she remembers that he looked at her like she was the murderer. Regardless, she still wants to find Chairman Jin’s will at all costs, even if it doesn’t exist.

Hang-woo comes in with a grim expression, handing over his formal letter of resignation. He’ll be going back to the U.S. within a month, and leaves it at that. Gabi is not pleased about this fact, and wonders if Hang-woo thought she would let him off this easily.

In the car, Hang-woo smiles at the sight of a ring he’s clearly bought to propose to Woo-hee… but gets a call from an employee at his brother/cousin’s gravesite that the woman who’s been leaving flowers is currently there. When he makes it to the site, his steps slow as he approaches a woman mourning his brother/cousin with a veil…

…And Gabi turns around, a tear falling from her eye. We knew this was coming, but good gracious, this woman is something awful.

They retire somewhere more private, and Gabi produces a ring she wears around her neck identical to the one Hang-woo found at Hang-ryang’s grave. She paints herself like a grieving widow, claiming that her secret affair with Hang-ryang was difficult, but they were blissful. Oh, vomit.

She doesn’t waste time to get to the point – how could he disgrace his brother by running away to the U.S.? Gabi: “Even if it’s only for me, don’t leave, please.” Gabi need only fan the flame that Bang is responsible for Hang-ryang’s suicide to get Hang-woo back on board. He says he’ll stay until Bang is brought low and Chun Ha stabilized. Well, that was easy.

Bang is shocked to receive a certified document from Chun Ha claiming that he owes them thirty million dollars in reparation for stealing their patent for the blood sugar monitor. Hang-woo calls right on time to inform Bang that he’s playing nice – there are ninety-nine other ways he could bring Paeng Seong Enterprise down. In short, this is a declaration of war.

Bum-jeung thinks that this will be adequate payback for the humiliation they suffered at Bang’s hands. Hang-woo insists that this isn’t about humiliation, and that he will massacre Paeng Seong Enterprise. He is talking scorched earth here, people.

Bun-kwae and Shin worry over what they can do against such a large-scale lawsuit, but Bang keeps his wits about him. They don’t have the money to fight Chun Ha head to head, but they can use the press in their favor. Everyone roots for the underdog, right?

Different news organizations start giving their predictions about Chun Ha and Paeng Seong’s future, with one expert stating that this will probably turn into a war with Chun Ha and Taeyang Group, who’s allied with Bang’s company.

Cut to: an actual fight between Sa-yeol (of Taeyang Group) and Hang-woo, which Woo-hee effectively breaks up with some crude language and a very unladylike voice. Ha! Both men are equally shocked. Hang-woo insists that he’ll take this to the end, which doesn’t bode well for Sa-yeol. It is on.

While Bang asks Sa-yeol how the conversation with Hang-woo went (answer: not well), the expert from the news station talks about the possible outcome of the fight. Paeng Seong would have a good chance, except for the fact that they first developed the product at Chun Ha’s Incheon Factory, which means Chun Ha theoretically invented it. That’s bad news for our hero.

Bang has already received the bad news, as he’s in grim spirits later that night. Yeo-chi arrives to try and cheer him up, but he’s already spoken to a legal consultant and the chances of them coming out of this unscathed are pretty low. He’s at risk of losing everything.

Adorably, Yeo-chi clears a spot on her shoulder for Bang to rest on. “Honestly,” he says, “if someone’s to lean on someone, it should be you. The Chairman’s passed away, and it’s been so hard on you.” Despite her claims to the contrary, he still makes it so that she’s resting on his shoulder for support. Aww. Cute.

Meanwhile, Woo-hee continues to give Hang-woo the Formal Treatment, using nothing but formal speech and nothing beyond absolutely necessary contact. There’s a moment when he’s asleep that she seems to contemplate kissing him, but she decides against it.

He knows she’s mad at him, but can’t get an answer out of her as to the why of it all. Sighing, he pulls out the engagement ring and wonders when her mood will be good enough for him to give it to her.

I love that Jang Ryang gets the role of a wise sage, giving Bang pieces to solve his business puzzles without doing big reveals that insult his intelligence. Bang looks for the obvious solution first – whether Jang Ryang happens to have thirty-million dollars offhand he can borrow (he doesn’t) – and scoffs when Jang Ryang hands him a briefcase full of car engine reports.

As it turns out, Chun Ha was once responsible for stealing car engine technology from Taeyang Group, and now Bang has all the documents to prove it. This is what Jang Ryang meant when he said that winning without a fight puts them at the best chance for victory – and this just puts Team Bang on a more even playing field.

Woo-hee is still tight-lipped around Hang-woo, and for the life of him he can’t figure out why. He tables it for a later date since he’s got the court hearing on the patent case to attend… but Bum-jeung comes in with some bad news. He hands over a folder containing Taeyang Group’s patent lawsuit against Chun Ha, and right at that moment Bang calls.

In a perfect mirror to Hang-woo’s move earlier in the episode, Bang uses Hang-woo’s exact words against him as he asks if the documents are to his liking. Bang says, “If you cancel the patent suit, their side says they can cancel too. What do you think?” Checkmate!

Gabi is absolutely incensed to find that they’ve lost to Bang again. But Hang-woo assures her that he only used one out of ninety-nine methods to bring Paeng Seong down. Now he’ll use the most fatal and sure-fire method.

Yeo-chi goes to visit the doctor, who says that he thought hard about whether to tell her (about Chairman Jin’s murder) or not… but decided that he must. Next we see Yeo-chi, she’s stalking through the lobby of Chun Ha. In voice over/flash back, the doctor tells her that Gabi was in charge of Chairman Jin’s insulin, the very same insulin that killed him.

She spots Gabi in the lobby, and begins stalking toward her, with tears in her eyes and rage oozing from her pores. It looks as if she’s about to punch Gabi… but at the last minute Bang arrives, and puts a hand over her mouth in order to restrain her.


I thought this episode was the least enjoyable out of all we’ve seen so far, but “least enjoyable” in Salaryman terms still means “completely cwesome” in general dramaland, so we’re not in troubled waters yet. With such an assured team, I doubt that we’ll ever be.

But in the coolest news of this episode… Yeo-chi knows! Huzzah!

Though Sa-yeol’s interest in Woo-hee has been established in some earlier episodes, I don’t know why the scenes where he fought for her against Hang-woo struck me as odd. He doesn’t want Woo-hee strictly for romance’s sake (since he also wants her for Taeyang Group) but it seems like they introduced a romantic rival for Hang-woo strictly because Bang is now out of the running. We’ll see how it plays out in future episodes, and if Sa-yeol’s role is meant to grow.

To have Hang-woo decide that he no longer wants to take over Chun Ha seemed organic to his character, as he seems to have lost a lot of his fighting spirit lately. Gabi’s plot to get him back on track was certainly an interesting one, but Hang-woo turned around so fast that I had drama whiplash. So he went from wanting to pull out altogether to suddenly remembering that he needed vengeance for his brother? It’s going to be a little difficult to pull off, since many of you aptly noted that Hang-woo did start out as a decently bad guy – and it’s true. Whether his character arc of turning into more of a nice, tolerable guy was strictly planned or not remains unknown, but either way, he did sort of become so nice that his turn back to vengeance seems like a step backward in terms of the growth we’ve seen so far. Unless the Nice Guy path he’s taken was just a momentary foray, and he was never supposed to have changed at all.

It makes sense, given that the original Chu-Han Contention had Bang’s counterpart going head to head with Hang-woo’s counterpart. For a while I was convinced that Salaryman might eschew that route for a different ending, but it seems like that’s where we’re headed. It’ll be a dark road ahead for Hang-woo, but I’m ready.


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  1. Fasiris Fay

    LOVED this episode! thanks so much for the recap…you rock!! 😀

  2. Angel

    Thanks for the recap!

  3. mayz

    God I really wish Hang woo and Yeo chi get together but I think I should stop hoping 🙁 but Gosh what a lovely couple the make !!

    • 3.1 ingridine

      You’re right the 2 couples are so sweet

      but i prefer HW/WH “hard to get” ! ^^

      great episode like always !!!

  4. diorama

    Thank you for the fast recap!

    I was relieved that Bang and Hang Woo are finally going head to head in this episode. With only six episodes left, I was wondering how they were going to fit in this epic battle. Most dramas seem short on story for their length of episodes, but this one seems too much.

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    Thank you HeadsNo2! I always wait for your recap. And yes somehow I find myself wanting HW to like YC too

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    I have to agree with Mayz on this one. I think Hang woo and Yeo chi definitely have chemistry. if only…

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    Great episode! Thank you for the fantastic recap!

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    Disagree with a lot of people here. YB/YC seem far more interesting and feels right compared to HW/YC.

  9. subject

    sometimes I feel sorry when I see how much effort you put to write this remarkable recap, HeadsNo2, and to realize once again, how much HOTsm is not popular among other dramas which sharing the screen with her. but I deeply know that one day, almost all the young people who ignored HOTsm and preferred to watch DH2 or SHFBB, will grow up and understand that HOTsm is one of (if not THE) best k-dramas ever written, directed and played. what always comfort me is how good HOTsm succeed in Korea, after all, she is leading the rating list!

    I’ll start with the last scene. OMG, my heart itch when Yeo Chi went to confront Mo Gabi. I felt so sorry for her! and although, exposing herself so early in the “game” by exposing Mo Gabi as a murderer, I understand the instinct reaction. thanks god Yoo Bang came at the right moment to take her away before all her hard work will go down the drain.

    I know. both couples have their shippers. most of the viewers love both of them with a slight preference for one or another couple. but, I am all for Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi with a huge preference! Yes, Hang Woo and Woo Hee are cute together, but I saw so many dramas where the couple played hide and seek, which makes me a little bored. maybe I just LOVE the progress that Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi made, they totally melt me this episode!

    I don’t understand why Park Bum Jeung is still loyal to Mo Gabi, after all she snatch the leading and underrated him. he also aware to her uncontrol money spending and the fact she is using guys for her benefits.

    Somehow, I believe that all the 3 leaders (beside Woo Hee) are pretending right now. they are all trying to collect as much information as the can with multi technics without exposing themself to each other. I find it hard to believe that Hang Woo return to be evil, or maybe I’m just naive.

    Thanks for the great recap, HeadsNo2, and thanks for choosing Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi for the leading picture, they look awesome together.

    • 9.1 twentyonebuds

      I agree! Yeo Chi and Yoo Bang are just adorable together and they had me squeeling over their cuteness in this episode.

      I also don’t think Hang Woo will go all evil.. although like Heads said the sudden change of mind and then changing it back seemed a bit too sudden to me too, since it he didn’t totally buy Mo Ga Bi’s bait.. It was a personal decision with minimal influence.
      Also, HW trying to propose already? I would laugh if she turned him down and gave him a smack of the reality of being in a relationship with someone because just another Happily Ever After ending, especially from HOTSm would be disappointing. I like to think that seeing Yeo Chi deteriorating is troubling HW’s conscience, which is a step towards the right rather than revenge. Plus, it was gratifying because I love Yeo Chi!

      But maan, I love this drama so much. Thanks for the recap Heads 🙂

      • 9.1.1 subject

        Maybe you right about Hang Woo and as I wrote, I am just naive to believe that he changed again.

        There is something who bother me and no one mention it about the wedding ring or general proposal. Hang Woo and Woo Hee never dated, unless we acknowledge the gym workout, carrying each other after drinking and stalking as dating. I know Hang Woo have huge crash on Woo Hee, but from that point to a proposal is a LONG way to go. it took me awhile to accept the “virginity” scenes and the fact they so conservative and stiff about mingling before marriage, but proposal without even kissing and dating is way too much for me. ah, maybe I saw too much “dirty” relationships of the western world, but I still find this very strange.

        • ahjummabunny

          I think hang woo has done a few grand gestures that he should get some credit for- I don’t think proposing is the same as getting married and there’s no reason they can’t date officially after he makes this big of a gesture. I mean if that isn’t a confession of feelings I don’t know what is!

          • subject

            I’m sorry, can’t accept the proposal as confession of feelings. if someone wants to confess, there are lots of ways to do it. proposal is a stage way after dating and knowing each other as partners. I’m not saying it’s a rule but it’s definitely necessarily. I know for sure, if someone would propose to me base on the interaction we’ve seen so far between Hang Woo and Woo Hee, I’ll think he’s crazy and deluded even if I also have crash on him.

          • Liam_H


  10. 10 DramaticTeacher

    I was also rooting for Yeo Chi and HangWoo

  11. 11 Fasiris Fay

    Am I the only one rooting for WH and HW? I really love the side of HW that WH brings out, making him act like a child sometimes, as he tries to impress her and make her happy. I love the contradictions in his character…definitely makes for more enjoyable watching!!

    I also support YB and YC, but they sort of slowed down in recent episodes. I was happy to see them got some airtime together this week.

    • 11.1 Linda165

      I’m in your camp.

    • 11.2 ahjummabunny

      am I the only one that DOESN’T want to see a bangchi kiss? I mean I like them together, but no kissing please!

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      I like romantic comedies, but weirdly, I don’t like how the show is getting more and more filled with repetitive romantic scenes at the expense of plot development. If you take out the couple moments in this episode, there’s not much left. And as someone mentioned below, Woo Hee’s character is getting less interesting treatment: after all, we’ve seen she is more than a pretty thing in search for a guy who can buy her brand-named purses, arumph!
      Actually, I wouldn’t mind the romantic HW/WH scenes so much, if only they addressed the schizophrenic opposition between Hang Woo the cute, dorky guy who crushes on WH, and HW the merciless guy out to destroy Jin Shi Hwang and Chun Ha group.

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    And who told Bang about the insulin? the only person i can think of would be Hang Woo or Woo Hee and if it was the latter did she told him personally? omg i have so many questions.

    Thanks for the recap HeadsNo2!

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    Why is everyone shipping HW and YC? I don’t get it….It’s hard not to make crazy predictions or assumptions so bare with me as I share my opinions.

    I think Hang Woo felt for Yeo Chi in this episodes because he probably sees himself in her when he lost his dad. I don’t think it’s because he likes her. I’m kinda mad that Woo Hee got upset with him, which I really didn’t understand why. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that he likes her. If anybody is playing games, I think it’s her (I mean, she did reject his kiss)…I’m sorry Woo Hee, I still love youu~!

    The fillers were very evident in this story HeadNo2. I’m usually very bad at seeing filler but the restaurant scene with Sa Yeol (he is soo hot) and the butter knife scene (hilarious) was probably unnecessary.

    I’m mad at Hang Woo for falling for Mo Gabi’s trickery, and suddenly turning back into psycho Hang Woo whom I’ve turned blind eyes and deaf ears too, but now it’s really hard to ignore when he’s being evil. I hope he’s not really falling for it, but has a plan or something.

    It was so awesome when Yeo Chi was about to hit Gabi. I was like, heck to the yes! I felt the emotions she was portraying! Loved when Yoo Bang grabs her but now Gabi will think he told her about the insulin and then Gabs will try even harder to split them up.

    Great episode as always, just some very smart characters not acting very smart (Woo Hee’ jealousy, Hang Woo working with Gabi, and even Gabi wasting the company’s money on trivial things). I don’t know why I always end up writing essays when I’m on here, but thank you for the Recaps! Going to watch ep 18 now!

    • 13.1 Jx

      Your last paragraph….. Exactly the things that upset me too!!

    • 13.2 Jenna

      Gabi wasting co.money? Nah….this is the ‘mousy’ secretary taking all the ‘abuse’ of the old man and now, drunken with power, give in to her fantasy to indulge in her idea of the cavorting in the playground of the rich and beautiful ! So this turn of event is plausible and believable.

      And Woo Hee being jealous….. there are enough scenes of HW and YC ‘cozy’ together, witnessed by WH to justify her jealousy….the gorgeous ballroom dance scene, the tender way HW wiping YC’s forehead, etc etc. Which girl who’s clearly in love wouldn’t get jealous, esp when YC is difinately in HW’s league and both from the same strata of society?

      As for HW working for Gabi…..this i will concede is a bit lame. So Salaryman is not without flaws. But overall, still daebak, as all agreed 🙂

  14. 14 Jx

    I’m disappointed in hang woo… Just when I was starting to like him (since he was so evil in the beginning) he turns to gabi….
    Knowing all the things she’s done and aware of her manipulative ways, how could he be such easy prey for gabi.. I expected him to be more wary at least!

    And one thing I’m confused about: what was the point of hinting the hang woo yeo chi loveline if it wasn’t going to do anything? When he first stared at her (and woo hee got upset as usual) I thought it was really random too…

    Also, bum jeung has the will!!!! I hope he turns good… But I doubt he will ):

    • 14.1 ahjummabunny

      I was GOBSMACKED! about that bom jong-will-having-hiding scene! omona!

  15. 15 Gab

    Thanks so much for the speedy recap! I love watching it and then coming here to read about it 🙂

    Anyways. Story-wise…. Rawr. The climax from the previous episodes was leading to an epic Gabi showdown by our 4 main leads… but it seems like with the extension, Gabi’s take-down has been put on the back burner. I don’t like Hang Woo’s step backwards in character development; it felt like he just flipped right back to ‘evil’ scheming Bang take-down mode. Major dislike.

    There were also many unresolved/glossed over details in this episode: like Yeo-Chi’s deleting of the files and then printing it out again?? (if she’s doing some spying, she could’ve just copied the manager’s files…?) and Bang’s part in the insulin fiasco – that plot point was dropped after the first scene…

    Hope ep 18 will be better, but I majorly dislike this new curve ball – HW/Bang faceoff – they’re throwing at us before Gabi’s takedown. 🙁

    • 15.1 dancinfff

      After watching all the surprising turns, I feel like all of this stuff will come back in the later episodes.
      Ugh, I’m getting anxious now that there’s only four episodes left. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.

  16. 16 kyuu

    Who’s the actor that plays Bok Sa Yeol?? He is so hot!!

    This was an okay episode. Not too much going on in this one. Just finished episode 18, though, and it was awesome and intense!

    • 16.1 dee

      he’s Kang Kyung Joon

      i love him too ….. iam ok if he with WooHee xD

  17. 17 mskololia

    Thanks HeadsNo2.

    Is it too much to hope that YB and HW are working together in this charade of “99 ways to destroy your enemy” to right-wrongs committed by the Group and so undermine Mo Gabi under her watchful nose? The switching sides by HW did give me “whiplash” too. He’s not stupid. A softy maybe, but he’s not stupid by a long shot.

    Flaunting her power with extravagant spending is painful to watch. I want this woman flushed down the proverbial toilet….

  18. 18 Ani


    I love that you’re totally loving the show and recapping it. XD It makes reading it even more enjoyable. Bang and Yeochi could do so much damage if they teamed up. So I vote Yeochi recruits Bang and Woohee too!

  19. 19 Taber

    I think Hang Woo knows that Gabi is lying!

  20. 20 bjharm

    for me I can see the cracks starting to appear in this drama. That not to say it is still not better than most, but you can see them starting to use the old 101 of K-drama plot device more and more often, and they still have six episodes to go. How can they stretch out the story line for that long? Unless they get the power struggle over and leave the last few episodes to make everyone lovey dovey. Gabi so over the top there no way I can see her lasting the full six episodes on the story arc they have now! I can also smell a repeat plot line with the bad guy turning and giving the side of good that one bit of information they need to turn the battle their side, just at that spy turned and gave Bang the blueprints so may Bum-jeung turn and use the Will to turn the tables, and both for the same reason too!

  21. 21 elle loves kdrama

    Thanks for another great recap!
    I still love the show, but I am ready for couples to officially be formed. We are already in ep 17 and NO (not stolen) kiss? Again, the show is still amazing, but it’s about time to kick up the romance department 🙂

  22. 22 Verónica

    I have the impression than more than going back to being “evil”, Hang Woo has some sort of plan not to destroy Yoo Bang, but perhaps to help Yeon Chi to regain what is hers. In the end, he wanted to destroy his grandpa, not her.

    This ep was somewhat odd in its development compared to the previous ones, but it was fun to watch. I can understand that dramas can’t be completely perfect, but there’s a difference between having blah characters and having awesome characters like Salaryman, that are able to save the story even when there isn’t much to tell anymore. 🙂

  23. 23 hamsandwich

    Thanks for the recap!!

  24. 24 Rai-Rai

    My highlight of the episode is when “drunk” Yeo Chi says “Yeo Chi is Man Chi (drunk)…needs to Sook Chi (sober up)”, I love this girl…Was anyone else thrown by Hang Woo’s plan to propose to Woo Hee? I know I was…

  25. 25 KDrama Fan

    Thank you Heads. Another awesome recap:)

  26. 26 niKai

    the plot isn’t perfectly written in my opinion, but the two lead characters (namely YeoChi and Bang) are so winning you sometimes forget its inadequacy. The characters are more interesting than the story.

  27. 27 harimsam

    for those who not satisfied with eps 17 you’ll have to watch eps 18 its rocking awesome full of laugh and YB and YC togetherness completes with the bling-bling and the bleeping over and over ha ha ha you all gotta watch it to redeem eps 17 letdown.

  28. 28 KDaddict

    This series is fantastic, but in the last few eps, Woo Hee has gotten much less interesting. What happened to the capable woman who was the research team leader, who got things done, stole the miracle drug for sale to the Chairman’s son, n who befriended Yoo Bang? She was a go-getter. Since she became Hang Woo sec, she has grown apart fr YB, sits on vital info that she has come into, n just stews in her jealousy of HW’s supposed interest in YC. Why not share some of that info on MoGB w YB? Why not tell HW what she heard MoGB say on the phone outside his apt?
    The interesting scenes belong to YC in the last two eps. But it doesn’t mean WH has to play dead.

  29. 29 Jbnyc

    I am loving this series. So funny. I think that Bang and yoo shi are the cutest couple I’ve seen in awhile.

  30. 30 ahjummabunny

    paso! paso! I finally saw it last night! Did anyone see the epilogue of this episode, cuteness! I love how things are going. I was blown away by gabi’s hang woo block! I thought she would just have him chase shadows, but to go that route! wah she is awesome. I only wish they didn’t let her degenerate like such a silly person.

  31. 31 John

    Heads, thanks for the recap.

    I see Hang Woo falling for Mo Gabi’s , * I was your brother/cousin’s lover * sort of like her telling him that a deer is a horse.

    How could he fall for that so easily?

  32. 32 Lilian

    Cuteness overload between the Yeochi and Bang couple! Love how Bang treats her =)

    • 32.1 ahjummabunny

      yeah I always think, he’s so right for her.

  33. 33 c3s

    In ur face Mo Gaji, err, Mo Gabi!!! I’m not surprise many here really express strong negative feelings toward her…the actress’s really good at playing roles that makes u just want to throw the remote at the t.v. (poor tele 🙂 I remember her when she was playing Aeri in Wife’s Seduction, she’s really hateful in that drama too.

    And those two guys squabbling for WooHee’s affection/attention is hilarious. But I just hope she declare her feeling and not toy with the boys. The Taeyang heir’s pretty cute too.

    YeoChi’s ire is on next ep. I can’t wait to hear her cuss Mo Gabi off this planet (but of course don’t think that’s gonna happen).

  34. 34 mud

    Thank you for the recap, Heads! I completely agree with you about the drama whiplash on Hang Woo’s character change. He should know Gabi is one sly fox, so it struck me as odd that he would put so much trust into her without doing some snooping of his own. Afterall, private investigators/ sleuthing is a staple in this drama.

    This episode was definitely my least favourite. It may be due to the lack of Bang. But in general, I’m finding the drama losing its steam and funny bone. I realize the death was a BIG issue, but still, they did such a wonderful job at balancing humor and heart in the previous episodes. Bring back the funny & heart!

  35. 35 oramylove

    love this show… regardless… whatever… just loving every minute of it!!!

  36. 36 Jae Shin

    Reading the recap (Thank you so much, HeadsNo2! I really enjoy reading your recaps) and watching the episode at the same time… ^_^

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