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History of the Salaryman: Episode 18
by | February 29, 2012 | 99 Comments

Bang gets to enjoy a taste of the high life, replete with guyliner and questionable women at his beck and call. Hang-woo stirs the hornet’s nest that is Bang And Friends, Gabi gets greedy, and Yeo-chi contemplates murder via blunt force trauma. What does it all mean? Maybe that Hang-woo needs to stop romancin’ and get his head in the game, because Bang is a more capable opponent than he’d probably like to admit.


Bang drags Yeo-chi away kicking and screaming, leaving Gabi and her stunned executives with an apology. Oh, Yeo-chi, drinking during the daytime again. What are you gonna do, right?

He takes her into the parking garage where she starts bawling. She repeatedly tries to fend him off so she can go beat the tar out of Gabi for murdering her beloved Grandpa, even going so far as to slap and hit him. Bang takes it all like a champion and just holds her still. Eventually, she breaks down into gut-wrenching sobs that just rip my heart into shreds. Bang can only try to snap her out of it.

Bang: “Hit me. Hit me. Like this. Hit me like this. If this will dispel your anger… I’ll take a thousand hits even. Hit me to your fill! What are you doing not hitting? Hit me!”

Yeo-chi’s lost her spirit, though, and refuses to hit him. She cries for her grandpa over and over again, screaming out in anguish. And doing a great job of it, too.

Bang manages to get her home, but Yeo-chi remains completely silent and just heads for bed. In order to keep an eye on her, Bang declares that he’s not moving one inch and plops down next to her.

Drinking alone in a bar, Hang-woo flashes back to all the different schemes he’d devised for Woo-hee to happen upon the engagement ring… but because she kept ignoring him, every scheme failed. Resigned and bitter, Hang-woo declares that he understands now why men dump her. “Never. I will never see your face again,” he promises to her. “Until you beg for forgiveness from me, never will be the case where I look for you first. Never.”

Cut to: Hang-woo looking for her first by banging on her front door. HA! Of course, he’s come to officially declare that he is seceding from the Woo-hee Nation and that he’ll never come looking for her first again. Unfortunately he gets a stomach upset and rushes to her bathroom only to pass out once he’s inside, leaving Woo-hee locked out.

Bang is being the usual Bang, and cooks meat in Yeo-chi’s room as an attempt to get her out of her funk. He basically puts on a very convincing Meat CF in her apartment, and when even that doesn’t work, he feigns choking in an effort to get her to look his way. She does, and he hilariously drops the act in the blink of an eye. Great comedic timing, these two.

Yeo-chi says that she doesn’t deserve to drink water, considering what a useless grandchild she was while Grandpa Jin was alive – and even now that he’s dead, she can’t do anything for him. When she keeps refusing to eat, Bang gives her an ultimatum: “Are you going to eat the meat? Or are you going to kiss me?” Each time he asks again, he makes the kiss sound more detailed and raunchy, until she finally relents and eats. Happy, Bang promises her that they’ll do the kiss later on. (So. Cute.)

Meanwhile, Hang-woo finally emerges from Woo-hee’s bathroom a hot mess. His attempts to sneak out are caught by an indifferent Woo-hee, who indifferently tells him that there’s an indifferent meal on the dining room table. He’s touched by the gesture and tears into the food, adorably quieting his eating sounds when she brings attention to them. Though she’s not sleeping, her expression never changes during the exchange so there’s no telling how she’s feeling.

Yeo-chi and Bang have a mutual information exchange over a gallon of not-Baskin-Robbins (how on earth are we to clearly see the brand with those tiny stickers?), where she finally explains that the whole alcoholism/crazy person business was a ruse. She worries that Hang-woo is after Bang’s company, a concern that Bang simply laughs off. Paeng Seong could be demolished by a fire, he says, but not someone like Hang-woo. Eek, I hope that’s not foreshadowing.

Gabi, Hang-woo, and Bum-jeung meet to discuss Paeng Seong’s takedown. It’s going to take a lot of money, but Gabi could care less. Money is easy, time is not, so the worst sin Hang-woo can commit is to drag the fight out longer than it needs to be.

Bum-jeung expresses concern that they might turn public opinion against them by going after Paeng Seong, and Gabi uses harsh words with an equally harsh demeanor to quiet him down. This much is definitely clear: it’s Gabi’s way, or no way. Who’s surprised?

Gabi calls Yeo-chi for a meeting while getting a private massage, and immediately tells her to pull the out the investment money her Grandpa put into Paeng Seong and give it to her. Yeo-chi defers by saying that it’s not exactly her money, to which Gabi cruelly replies, “Your grandpa is dead! He’s dead, so it’s your money.”

These words strike Yeo-chi in the heart, and she begins to eye a large black stone laying right next to a prone Gabi… No, Yeo-chi! Don’t do it!

She even picks the stone up as if she’s going to smash it right into Gabi’s skull when Gabi has the audacity to order Yeo-chi to massage her shoulders. Thankfully, she comes to her senses and puts the stone down. Gabi wonders if all this contact Yeo-chi’s had with Bang means that she’s spying for him… a claim which Yeo-chi vehemently denies. Even so, Gabi claims, she should turn over that investment money or lose it forever. Paeng Seong will soon be ruined.

Yeo-chi goes straight to Bang to explain the situation, completely avoiding noble idiocy territory for the simple idea that two heads are better than one. Thank goodness for small favors. She doesn’t want to pull out the money and leave Bang penniless, even though Bang thinks that’s the right thing to do. More so than keeping the investment money, keeping Gabi’s trust will be more beneficial to her in the long run.

Bun-kwae isn’t happy about the decision, noting that when it comes to Bang, whatever Yeo-chi says goes. Further discussion is cut short by a call Bang gets from the general manager – Hang-woo is on the move, buying Paeng Seong bonds left and right. Uh oh.

Bang & Co. play spies, witnessing both Hang-woo and Bum-jeung conducting business deals for Paeng Seong bonds. Jang Ryang, ever the wise businessman, tells the team that there’s no way to stop Hang-woo. “It’s as if he’s inhaling them,” Jang Ryang says. If he manages to get his hands on over 80% of the bonds and forces Paeng Seong into bankruptcy, there’s no way they can recover.

Everyone wonders at the injustice of it all – how can a big company like Chun Ha get away with such a thing? Jang Ryang says it’s simple when Chun Ha has money to burn. They can’t stop Chun Ha from spending money, can they?

For now our heroes are left powerless, without a visible way out of the trap being laid for them.

In another room of the same restaurant, Hang-woo & Co. are sharing a toast over their assured chances of success. Even though public opinion has turned against them, Bum-jeung advises Hang-woo to finish Paeng Seong’s execution swiftly nonetheless. Woo-hee is the only somber one at the table, torn between her loyalty to Chun Ha as an employee and her friendship to Bang.

Woo-hee and Yeo-chi run into each other in the ladies’ room, where Yeo-chi becomes aware that Hang-woo is merely rooms away. With this information Bun-kwae suggests a supposedly brilliant plan – he and Bang can do what they used to do best… by kneeling and begging. Ha. But it’s with resolve that Bang gets up to face his mortal enemy, only we don’t know what he plans to do.

They crash Hang-woo’s private party and greet him jovially, but Hang-woo simply returns that Bang shouldn’t be drinking at a time like this. He continues to exchange veiled yet demeaning insults, not even blinking an eye when Bun-kwae falls to his knees to beg. If they planned on doing that, Hang-woo says, then shouldn’t Bang kneel too? Or has hearing the word “president” gone to his head? Bang’s stare remains dark, and Yeo-chi watches from the doorway as he starts to crouch down, her face cringing at the possible humiliation. Don’t do it, Bang!

At the last moment, Bang feigns pain in his knee and says that his doctor told him that he couldn’t kneel. Coolly, he grabs a cup of water and just throws the contents at Hang-woo’s face under the pretense that he’ll pour himself a fresh glass… but then he throws that cup of water on Hang-woo, too. Hooray for Bang!

He chides Hang-woo on using such a huge company to go after a tiny enterprise, and gives his own declaration of war – he will not go down without a fight. He leaves Hang-woo drenched and stewing, and Hang-woo swiftly declares that he’ll buy all Paeng Seong’s bonds and raze the company to the ground.

In the car, Woo-hee gently broaches the subject of Hang-woo’s insistence on ruining Bang’s company. Proving that she has a heart (although we knew this before), she wonders if having Chun Ha destroy a small company like Paeng Seong is really the right thing to do. Incensed that she might be siding with Bang instead of him, Hang-woo does what all grown men do when they’re upset… by dumping a bewildered Woo-hee on the side of the road. Hang-woo, I am going to have to dock some points on this one.

I love that he thinks about calling her while he’s warm and cozy at home, but stops himself by insisting that a man must have his pride. Dude, you left her on the side of the road.

Woo-hee ends up at a department store, perhaps to do some retail therapy, and finds out from the employee that the last time she’d been gifted ten outfits wasn’t a storewide event after all. Someone tall, dark, and handsome paid on her behalf. Woo-hee only has to show a picture of Hang-woo to get confirmation, and heads straight to his apartment to set the record straight on his feelings for her.

Unfortunately, she sees Gabi in Hang-woo’s hallway and swiftly scuttles into hiding. When the doorbell rings Hang-woo wears a gratified smile like he’s earned it, expecting Woo-hee to be on the other end. To his dismay, Gabi is in her place. Yikes.

Gabi pretty much invites herself inside, while Woo-hee wrings her hands in the hallway, worried that Gabi is thinking of seducing Hang-woo. She’s right on the mark, as we find Gabi turning on the feminine charms inside. At Hang-woo’s attempts to rebuff her she pulls the dead brother/cousin card, acting all lovesick and sad. They’ve both lost a person near and dear to them, she claims. Urgh, what a sociopath.

Reaching a hand out to touch Hang-woo’s face, Gabi croons, “When you’re lonely, call me. Perhaps we could be Hang-ryang to each other.”

Oh, gross. Seriously gross. At least Hang-woo seems to think the same, and he formally ushers Gabi out. Woo-hee overhears a conversation Gabi has on the phone about how Hang-woo is no longer a threat, since he’s achieved vengeance for his father in Chairman Jin’s death. Woo-hee processes this information pretty fast, deducing that Chairman Jin must have had something to do with the death of Hang-woo’s father.

Hang-woo finds her outside his door, and the shock causes her to twist her ankle. There’s no hard feelings about the highway incident as he tends to her foot, and Woo-hee broaches the subject of how much Hang-woo trusts Gabi. He doesn’t answer her question.

Hang-woo: “I would like you to trust me no matter what. No matter how much others int he world curse me and hate me, I just need you to take my side. Then, I won’t need to be scared of anything.”

Clearly moved, Woo-hee tries to muster up the courage to confess her feelings. In the end, though, she can only thank him for treating her ankle.

Bang and Jang Ryang discuss strategies, although the options are limited. Bang’s conclusion? Because all is fair before money, Hang-woo will certainly take Paeng Seong. Since it’s getting taken from him anyway, Bang decides that he’ll give Paeng Seong in exchange for Chun Ha. Wait, what?

He whispers the exact strategy to Jang Ryang (we don’t hear it), and the latter reels back. Bang wants to commit fraud? Bang defends his decision, saying that what Hang-woo and Chun Ha are doing is real fraud. Stealing what others have built with blood, sweat, and tears, that’s fraud. What he’s planning to do will pale in comparison.

Hang-woo discusses the money needed to take down Paeng Seong with Gabi, who readily agrees to give all that he needs. At least he finally seems to be recognizing Bang as a capable foe, since he orders Bum-jeung to have someone keep an eye on him. Bang isn’t the type to go down without a fight. (And you just figured that out now?)

Suddenly, Bang shows up to a fancy club in an incredibly fancy car, wearing fancy clothes while he throws money at a gaggle of women. This must be all part of his plan, but it’s certainly funny to see him dressed like a pimp. Hang-woo and Bum-jeung are well aware, and don’t even think twice about the fact that this could all be an elaborate deception. Hang-woo simply thinks that Bang has finally realized how nice money is.

The partying isn’t all, it seems – Bang has also started dabbling in gambling. Apparently being taken seriously as a gambler involves some heavy guyliner, which is just hilarious to see on Bang.

Yeo-chi goes Bang Hunting, and is surprised to hear of all his expensive escapades. In disbelief, she says, “When one thinks of Yoo Bang, one thinks of earnestness and austerity. He’s notorious for those, no?” Shin replies, “Now it’s arrogance and extravagance. He’s the symbol of hedonism.”

We see our symbol of hedonism partying with a bunch of girls who call him oppa, and for each compliment he hands out large sums of cash. Yeo-chi crashes the party, cursing up a proper storm to send the girls on their way. Instead of calling Bang out, however, she thinks he’s lapsed into temporary insanity because of her and begins to profusely apologize.

The best thing? She calls him by his name, but Bang replies that he’s changed that tacky name (which we know means breasts) to something much more fitting: Versailles. Yes, he named himself Versailles. Versailles Yoo, to be exact. Yeo-chi and Bun-kwae take turns crying over Versailles, hoping that he’ll come back to himself. This is too funny.

Meanwhile, Hang-woo gets the bad news that more and more bonds keep popping up for Paeng Seong. Initially he’d estimated that they’d spend twenty-five million, then it turned into thirty million, and now it’s thirty-five million. Something is fishy about all this, but our Wall Street trained Hang-woo has no idea, and says that they’ll spend whatever they need to get hold of Paeng Seong.

Yeo-chi and Bun-kwae are forced to look on as Bang – or is it still Versailles? – proves that he has no talent for golfing. Jang Ryang just happens to show up at the same range, and a desperate Yeo-chi asks him to do something about Bang, who’s clearly lost his mind. Jang Ryang tries to sneak out before he can be seen, but Bang closes in on him and they get into it about some money that Jang Ryang supposedly owes him.

None of our characters have caught on to how uncharacteristic this is for both Bang and Jang Ryang, who take their fight into the locker room. Curiously enough, they’re being spied on by a shady-looking minion.

Of course Bang and Jang Ryang aren’t fighting, but discussing strategy instead. They know they were being spied on, and Jang Ryang reveals how they’ve been managing to up the bonds price for Chun Ha – by creating phantom bond holders, and thus phantom bonds. Apparently Hang-woo can’t tell the difference, and so he keeps spending, landing him right in the trap Bang and Jang Ryang have laid for him. But before Hang-woo catches on, Jang Ryang warns, they need to move to the next phase: Mo Gabi.

Bang rightfully worries whether Gabi will be so easily fooled. Jang Ryang: “She’s a woman with a great sense of vanity. She’s like an active volcano spewing out greed ever since she became Chairwoman.” Right on, Jang Ryang.

At an unspecified later time, Yeo-chi meets with Gabi and Bum-jeung, who decide to bring her along to a place Gabi describes as a “high class playground.” It’s an auction, and Gabi is unhappy to find herself seated right next to Bang.

A painting goes on sale, starting at three-hundred thousand dollars. When Bang places a bid, Gabi is not to be outdone and the two enter in a fierce bidding war. Yeo-chi looks in in bafflement as the price goes up to two million dollars… a bid put in by Gabi. With a smile on his face, Bang raises his paddle only to declare that he’s not buying, footing Gabi with an incredibly hefty bill.

He congratulates her, but not before wondering if she might have overdone it today. Ha. She levels a murderous look at him, and he merely laughs it off. He’s won this one, after all.

Gabi is well aware of this fact, so hearing it again from Bum-jeung’s lips only adds fuel to the fire. Her spending is out of control, and at this rate she’ll have to start selling stocks. She warns him to stay quiet but he persists, telling her that what he needs now isn’t some expensive painting, but self-restraint. If he can’t tell her to shape up, who can? In a rage, she knocks down her two-million-dollar painting.

“Don’t delude yourself, Park Bum-jeung,” Gabi warns. “I never, for one moment, liked you.” Burn. Bum-jeung is not to be deterred, and tries entreating to the Gabi he knew before – the one who used to be human. It’s no use. He leaves her alone in to coo over her expensive painting in the same spot where she killed Chairman Jin.

She’s called away for an extravagant dinner with Jang Ryang, who’s always there to assure her that she’s spending just the right amount. In fact, he’s got some possible investment opportunities that can net her 200% profit. I love this scene, you can literally see Jang Ryang pulling the strings. He’s got her hook, line, and sinker. She’ll invest.

Bum-jeung contemplates Chairman Jin’s will in darkness, hoping to himself that Gabi’s actions won’t force him to use it against her. Bum-jeung, what other bad things does she have to do in order for you to turn that will over? Punt some puppies?

He gets a call from Yeo-chi, who wants to meet with him personally in order to discuss her Grandpa’s chauffeur. Judging by the fact that Bang is sitting next to her, she must have heard the truth about his Versailles persona by now. I wonder if they know about all the secrets Bum-jeung is hiding, since I doubt Yeo-chi is calling him about the chauffeur.

Hang-woo has Woo-hee on the phone as he tells her to search his desk drawers for a box. As she looks for it he approaches from behind, though she remains unaware. As per his orders she opens the ring box and thinks it’s just a ring, until she turns around to come face to face with Hang-woo. Finally, he gets his proposal. We don’t get to see how it turns out yet, but Woo-hee doesn’t seem to look displeased.

Bum-jeung, meanwhile, goes to the place where he’s to meet Yeo-chi and finds Bang – er, Versailles – there waiting.


I was holding out commentary on last episode’s unanswered questions in the hopes that we’d have some answers today – but alas, no dice. We still don’t know exactly who tipped Bang off on Chairman Jin’s murder, what files Yeo-chi was pilfering from Bum-jeung, and without hide nor hair of Taeyang Group’s Sa-yeol to be seen today I’m sure now that his character was given a romantic angle with Woo-hee just to stretch out some screen time. There’s certainly time for them to explain these questions in the coming episodes, and maybe that’s the point. (Maybe.)

Surprisingly enough, Hang-woo’s character remains something of a mystery. This may all tie into the fact that Bang is simply far smarter and much more capable than he was presented as at the start of the series. He has Jang Ryang there as the business-savvy sage to help him out, but for the most part, he’s coming up with all the solutions to the problems Hang-woo gives him on his own. This is supposed to be the same man who consistently failed the corporate entrance exams year after year? There was a point during the series where Bang claimed his memory had improved due to the Eternal Youth drug, but it seems like we’re simply supposed to buy that he’s just become infinitely more capable. That’s fine, because I love Bang. (And especially with all his cute antics today, who could resist?) I’ll buy the idea that he just never had the right opportunities to showcase his capabilities before, and that Hang-woo’s just had it incredibly easy up till now.

That being said, it’s interesting that Hang-woo consistently gets one-upped by Bang every single time. It may take Bang a little while, but he always wins. His excellently-made plan this episode was a joy to watch but also left me wondering why Hang-woo doesn’t suspect even one iota of trickery. It took Hang-woo this long to realize that he underestimates his enemies, yet he still gets consistently fooled. It’ll be interesting to see how he becomes a worthy opponent for the final showdown, and I hope Salaryman will make me eat my words about Hang-woo’s toothlessness. Maybe he’ll surprise us, and show us that he’s been playing Gabi all along. (I can hope!)

I loved that we could see the subtext of all the conversations pointing back to Bang’s master plan, and how well his whole team works together. It’s brilliant thinking to just poke a hole in Chun Ha so that it bleeds money, because money seems to be the only thing Chun Ha has against Paeng Seong. Now that Bang is evening out the playing field, taking hold of Chun Ha doesn’t seem like such a pipe dream after all.


99 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Linda121

    I love Bang!! Or should I say Versailles? Haha too funny

  2. Carrie

    I take it that Gabi overspending on the painting is supposed to be a “win” for Bang but I wonder just HOW a mere 2 mil. will poke a hole in the millions of millions that Gabi (or the company) seems to have to buy up all those bonds.

    I hope Gabi gets put away soon (no more than 4 episodes).

    • 2.1 ahjummabunny

      remember her closet full of new designer duds, her 5 million yacht and all the other expensive things that jang lyang has been telling her fit her status?

      • 2.1.1 bjharm

        the company before was worth an amount in the billions. But that is stocks and the like not hard cash. Indeed i believe when big companies need hard cash they simply borrow it from someone as they would only have enough hard cash around to pay ongoing costs. Cash sitting around earns nothing after all. So I am guessing they planing on making the company spend it ongoing hard cash reserves and force them to borrow or use stocks to raise more? I am still at a loss at how this is going to give Bang control of the company because the amount is still only a pittance against the net worth of the company.

        • gustave154

          its just a show. no need to get so detailed jeeze…

        • KK

          Liquidity crisis? That’s plausible. Yoo Bang is creating phantom bonds, so maybe it’s a Three Kingdoms strategy (Kong Ming Jie Jian/Kong Ming Borrows Arrows). That props up Yoo Bang with Chun Ha’s own money, pushes Chun Ha into a liquidity crunch and raises Chun Ha’s borrowing cost since the public thinks they are a mismanaged company. Yoo Bang steps in as the lender of last resort/white knight to buy out the company for a mere few million dollars.

          Or like the guy below me said, it’s just a show and we’re being too detailed, haha.

  3. sy

    Versailles Yoo FTW!!!!!!
    This has got to be the funniest episode to date!
    Also thanks so much for the wonderful recaps dearie 🙂

  4. Janet

    this reminds me a little bit of Story of a Man and the awesome financial warfare it had goin on, but a whole lot lighter. bang is awesome. 😀

  5. milkmustache

    Oh my. Bang with guyliner is DAEBAK!

    And Versailles? I think I’d take Yoo Bang over that, even though it means breasts.

  6. c3s

    JRW is daebak (as Koreans say)…the emotion she evokes is so raw I couldn’t help but tear up. I’ll prolly do the same thing and lose all sense of right and wrong, should and should not do if I was in her shoes (that is if the shock doesn’t kill me). On a lighter note, though, YB’s trickery to make her eat is giggle-worthy, kiss or eat, saliva or the yummy korean beef? Hahahaha.

    I’m bit confuse (maybe its just my ignorance on how the real biz world churn) how the brilliant-Stanford-grad HW could miss YB’s strategy of bleeding ChunHa finances. Or is this HW showing that he’s not really aboard crazy-murderer Mo Gabi’s boat, I hope so. Ohhhbut we’re gonna see some movement in his love for HW, that was really cute how he made her look for ring box. Hope that settle everything between their relationship and none of those misunderstanding/confusion blah blah coz it’s been drag on too long already.

    And about YB, he’s just one crazy *bleep* bleeep*bleep*

    • 6.1 ahjummabunny

      what hang woo is doing is illegal. The bonds that were sold to him are for to those investors are supposed to be returned to the company- it’s like a promissory note. So, any information he may get about those bonds has to be done softly and easily so as not to alert anyone so he’s not looking into where they come from to see if they are real as that would require official documents and declaration of intent- which a company shouldn’t do. chun ha is also using slush fund money, which is why the investment jang ryang mentions is even more interesting to mo gabi gabi.

      • 6.1.1 c3s

        Thnx so much for the explanation, now the vis-a-vis trickery/strategy on both HW and YB makes sense. Though, I’m still hoping that HW is not totally evil and instead of doing a double play against MoGaji 😀

      • 6.1.2 KK

        Promissory notes can be structured such that they are transferrable. So bond holders can resell them to a higher bidder. All depends on how the notes were created.

        Notes can be set up to prevent the bond holder from demanding a balloon payment before term is due, so even if Chun Ha owns majority of the bonds they may not force bankruptcy. That said I’m not an M&A specialist or familiar with Korean finances.

        Why the heck is this discussion going on? =)

  7. Jx

    I’m irritated with woo hee. Is she completely unaware of all the evilness hang woo is doing? she has a good idea about chairman jins death, so she should at least be MORE bothered by the fact that hang woo is working with gabi to destroy paeng song- I don’t feel like she’s showing enough concern for bang, who was her friend before she met hang woo. And when she brings it up, he dumps her on the side of the road. I would be more angry over this than seeing hang woo care for a clearly sick person (yeo chi in the last ep)
    Hang woo is getting on my nerves as well (actually, I’ve never really liked him, since he decided to let himself be completely played by gabi’s tricks. Shouldn’t he know better, especially since hes well aware of gabi’s seducing?) But I hope he remains oblivious until he loses to bang. I can’t wait to see his (and gabi’s) reaction.

  8. Missyu_who

    I agree with your comments Heads! I’ve watched each episode (multiple times…ahem…no, I don’t have a problem at all thankyouverymuch ^_^) but this was the one that made me scratch my head. I know YB liked Yeo Chi in the first few episodes, but that seemed to completely cool off in later ones. Then Yeo Chi starts to like YB…but at what point did they decide to finally like each other? Is this an agreed-upon thing? They’re a couple now? All the skinship and kissing talk caught me totally off guard and then the sudden jump from our other couple just having an attraction to suddenly being at the engagement stage…when did this all happen?!

    I hope everything gets answered in the last few episodes because up until this point, this has been a really great, tightly-written drama that doesn’t pander or talk down to its audience.

    • 8.1 ahjummabunny

      they had that official date!

      • 8.1.1 Missyu_who

        Okay, I’m going to go back and watch the last few episodes. I guess I was questioning how true Yoo Bang’s feelings were for Yeo Chi…it seemed like the writers were really pushing for the Bang-Woo coupling and then suddenly YB and YC were all up on each other and cutesy 🙂

        • ahjummabunny

          you really forgot the beyonnce (sp?) sing off in the car?

        • aili

          I think YB realised what he felt for YC when she disappeared, you know the episodes where she pretended to be an alcoholic and then YB turned into one himself? That was probably a defining turning point for their relationship.

          • Brenda

            That’s what I thought as well. At first I was confused as to who should be coupled with who since Yoo Bang liked Woo Hee for her lady-like-ness.
            I could really tell Yeo Chi like Yoo Bang since she showed her concern for him repeatedly and like you said aili, I think Bang started to realize he had feelings for Yeo Chi when she disappeared.

    • 8.2 Birdie

      I am scratching my head too. I don’t buy the sudden change of affection of Yoo Bang from Woo Hee to Yeo Chi .And, also YB being smarter than HW is a little far off especially in this case of issuing junk bonds. HW with all his training and experience would have spotted this a mile away. Where did Yb get all the money to spend especially if he had returned the 4 million dollars to YC. How did the factory survive without the investment? The plot did seem to have some holes in it. I guess I shouldn’t complain as we were given many well-written, well executed episodes.

      • 8.2.1 bjharm

        anything between Bang and Woo Hee ended when she did that modeling for him. He went in for a kiss, they shared a look and backed off,,naaaa let stick with being friends.

        • Liam_H

          I saw it slightly different. They got in close quarters and backed off from the awkward position of it. Never once thought they were gonna kiss. WH just doesn’t see Bang as anymore than a great friend.

        • ahjummabunny

          I think it started to end when she took the job offer from hang woo ( remember what he didn’t ask her out loud?) and when he bought her the cheap presents but saw the woowoo after her shopping spree. I always saw their relationship as something resulting from what bangi saw as their similar background and outlook ( his speech when he yeochi and yoon vp were looking for the drug) basically they want to be successful. And I think this is why he didn’t ask her not to take the job. The third strike is of course when he asked her to stop being hang woo’s secretary and come to him- which she interpreted as him asking her to work as his secretary while he was proposing slightly. In either case woo hee turned him down. It’s not that I don’t think he had genuine feelings for her, it’s only it had a lot more to do with them not being too far apart in social status.

      • 8.2.2 KK

        Yea with you on the junk bond issue. Haha now that there’s more financial jargon into the show I gotta start poking holes too. No way an experienced Wall St hedge fund manager can’t smell the junk bonds that far away. But smarter ppl on Wall Street have made stupid bets on too.

        The $4MM was seed capital. Not sure how much time passed but since they’ve already started selling the product with a whole bunch of orders from the Chinese, there might be enough float to repay the $4MM.

  9. ahjummabunny

    I was screaming finally we have woowoo couple!!! How ridiculous is the eyeliner bit! I don’t think hang woo is that dumb to believe that gabi gabi was really his hyung’s lover. That is driving me craziest right now. Good Salaryman Week!

    • 9.1 waaw0705

      Yes Indeed it was a good Salaryman Week…and now we have to wait for another week before Monday comes around again=( THank you Heads you are awesome with your recap once again!

  10. 10 Ani

    Pimp Bang, I mean Versailles, is just hilarious. Hahaha. This guy, I swear. XD

  11. 11 Mystisith

    Thanks for the recap !
    Bang as Versailles reminded me of Mickey Rourke. With a less damaged face, but still, going down the wrong lane. Those two are really the masters at deceiving and plotting.
    Am i the only one who finds that Hang Woo has the worst bad luck in the world ? At least when we talk about love life.

  12. 12 Brenda

    Jung Ryeo-won never ceases to amaze me with her acting.
    She just broke my heart with her painful sobs and her cries for her grandfather.

    I really love how the relationship between Bang and Yeo Chi is developing but I hate how all four of our characters are divided into teams of two now.
    I feel like Woo Hee could really be useful with all the knowledge that she has yet she’s not doing anything.

    I don’t understand Hang Woo. I know he pities Yeo Chi that’s why he’s resigned to leaving and not pushing her down even further, but why is he allowing Gabi to use him? He said himself that Gabi is a threat to him as much as she is to Yeo Chi so why isn’t he trying to help her?

    I would really hate if Woo Hee and Hang Woo just up and left for the states and left everything as messy as it is right now.

    I’m actually glad for the extension now since they can elaborate more on how they are going to take Mo Gabi down! I hope it hurts her physically and psychologically when they do since she deserves no less than that for what she has done to Chairman Jin and Yeo Chi!

  13. 13 Christy

    Versailles is so freaking &%%$$#^@ funny! Lee Beom Soo is such an amazing and versatile actor!

  14. 14 John

    Jung Ryu Won is good. Whether she’s making us laugh or cry, she should win some sort of an award when it’s done.

    Woo-hee needs to tell Hang Woo to back off his obsession of trying to ruin Bang if he wants any chance to be with her. That would put him to the test.

    Hang Woo frigging left her on the side of the road ! (you’re way too cute Woo-hee, c’mere baby) That guy is a jackass and a half. He always tries to buy Woo-hee’s heart. He’s a loser Woo-hee, dump his ass. The other guy isn’t worthy of Woo-hee either. She needs a real man, like Bang for instance, but Bang & Yeo-chi are a perfect match.

    When is Bang going to kiss Yeo-chi?

    Can’t wait until next week.

  15. 15 정남

    I think that is Hang-woo’s character defect his pride will not allow him to see Bang as one on par with him there is also the fact that he blames his “brother’s” death on Bang, he wants to hurt Bang and he’ll do what he has to so he can accomplish that.

    • 15.1 Julian

      Agree. Hubris has and will be his undoing.

    • 15.2 bjharm

      it was actually Hang Woo that set up Bang to cover the murder it not hard to follow the logic and see the only people to blame are indeed Hang Woo and his ‘brother’ and not anyone else.

      • 15.2.1 mihinikki

        Arrhgg! I know if Hang Woo wants to hate anyone it should be himself. All Yoo Bang did was prove his and Yeo Chi’s innocence. YB didn’t push HW’s hyung off the bridge. I just can’t like Hang Woo, nor totally understand why Woo Hee does. And I really did try to like him cause he’s been a gentleman in the past (before this episode anyways) and very handsome…

  16. 16 Laica

    Thanks for the recap! I had neglected this drama for a while and just caught up last week. It’s still good, but it’s not as crazy awesome as it was. It might just be because it’s gotten a lot darker what with our Big Bad villain emerging – it just can’t be as funny and full of antics, but I feel like it’s gotten slower too.

    I was also surprised our main villain isn’t Hang-woo. I don’t mind him being redeemed, in fact I really want him to be, but what’s driving me nuts is how unreadable he is. Out of all the characters we have the least insight into what he is thinking. I want to believe this is all part of the writers’ plan and not an oversight on their part, otherwise why set him up with the dark past and the quest for vengeance, as a rival for Yoo Bang? If he isn’t totally playing Gabi and actually believes her BS story about how she was in love with Hyungnim, I will break up with this show. (Please, let him be smarter than that.)

    I’m also not loving Bang as much as I originally did, and I’m not sure why – maybe because like you, Heads, I wonder where all this business acumen suddenly came from. Or because he’s not such an underdog anymore, he’s a sajang-nim in a suit, and that’s just… way less cool. And he acted all righteous before, but ultimately he’s resorting to the same tricks as everyone else in the corporate world. (I knew all that idealism couldn’t last.) Still, Lee Bum-soo is doing an awesome job as usual, and there were some very cute scenes with Bang and Yeo-chi this episode. I loved the “meat CF” as you put it (LOL!) and the “eat it or I’ll kiss you” part. So sweet.

    And Hang-woo FINALLY got to propose to Woo-hee! Woot! I was getting really tired of them not talking to each other.

    • 16.1 diorama

      Agree with Laica and Heads. I know that this drama is based on the historical Chu-Han Contention and that Liu Bang goes from a commoner to the Han Emperor, but the writers don’t seem to have considered how to make it organic to the modern story. If you look at it in the historical light, we know Bang will win – but the point of the drama is to take us through that journey, not just from history point A to point B.
      Basing the characters on historical figures seems to have curiously made them a little more obscure, Hang Woo in particular. On the other hand, you have a minor character Empress Lu/Yeo Chi who turns out to be utter WIN.

      All in all, though, this is still a fantastic drama. (And who else was cheering for Bang to kiss Yeo Chi?)

      • 16.1.1 harimsam

        me! me! me! (please mr and mrs writers give us a real passionate (blush) kiss from YB and YC) XD.

      • 16.1.2 ahjummabunny

        I’m really anti a bangchi kiss.

      • 16.1.3 subject

        ME TOO! I don’t understand why so much people against Yoo Bang – Yeo Chi kiss! is that cause Lee Bum Soo isn’t handsome enough for you? are romantic moments on the screen (small or big) are dedicated only for the pretty ones? I’m so disappointed! Yoo Bang for me and for so many people around the net is 100 times handsome then Hang Woo. as Yeo Chi said in episode 14’s epilogue to her grandpa.

        GP: Yeo Chi, why do you like Yoo Bang?
        YC:I wonder.
        GP: Is he from a great education background?
        YC: But he graduated from Pabal College.
        GP: Then his family’s very rich?
        YC: Starving poor.
        GP: He’s good to you?
        GP: No, filthy bad. Like I want to beat the crap out of him.
        GP: Then, why kid, are you so enamored of Yoo Bang?
        YC: He is good looking! And tall too. And… And! His accent . . . it’s fatally attractive.
        and her last sentence is: I have such high standards.

        So, with this kind of love, don’t we deserve a kiss? ah?

        *Thanks to dramadramaok for the translation. the dialogue translated by her in VIKI.

        • ahjummabunny

          lol, no it’s not that. I think lee bum soo is unattractive at all, I do think the couple fit together on paper and their interactions feel genuine but I feel like that would all dissolve into giggle fits if I see them actually kiss.

          • subject

            You are a lost case, Dear. I give up.

            (writers, please don’t listen other’s opinion, focus on my words! let them kiss. we’ll manage our laughter after our melting hearts from the precious moment that we are waiting for long 18 episodes.)

      • 16.1.4 Christy

        I want a yoo bang yeo chi kiss!!!

  17. 17 Daniella

    I don’t know why (no matter how evil he may be) but I have so much faith in Hang Woo. I really don’t think he’s that stupid or that evil. Salary Man, in my opinion, does a good job of making us think one way, only to surprise us.

    As for his relationship with Woo Hee (which I am a big fan of, which is perhaps why I have such faith in him), I was really really upset when he made her walk. Not cool at all, no matter how angry you get. I am happy that he finally showed her the ring, but it wasn’t as cool after the car incident. Someone said they’re annoyed by Woo Hee’s indecisiveness (if she’s on Yoo Bang’s or Hang Woo’s side). I understand what this person is saying but I also understand why Woo Hee didn’t stick up for Bang too much. I mean, Hang Woo is her boss, her source of income. I have no doubt in my mind that she’s on Yoo Bang’s side.

    Here’s my (another) theory: After Hang Woo found out about the insulin through Woo Hee, they didn’t really dwell much on Woo Hee and Hang Woo’s reaction after that. I fee like the two are probably working together or plotting something.I refuse to believe Hang Woo is all evil. How can the writers of Salaryman make someone that evil and then just as lovable?

    Anyway, Mo Gabi is just disgusting. When I saw that purple dress she wore to Hang Woo’s and the way she was touching him (the way she touches all her men), I had to close my eyes, because it was just gross. And my darling Yeo Chi, I wanted her to throw that rock or smash Gabi’s head with it so bad, but I’m glad she restrained herself. I totally felt her emotions were portrayed well when she was crying.

    Yoo Bang and that guyliner….I was like, Oh no they didn’t! Love his comedic timing as well as his character. I love him and Yeo Chi’s relationship but I don’t feel it’s romantic…more like siblings to me, but love it none the last.

    I can’t believe there’ only four more episode ): What am I going to do with my life after Salary Man? This is the most I’ve ever commented on this website and it’s all because of this drama!

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      I believe you’re victim of the Shrek Chat Potté Syndrome. Hang Woo can be a total jerk, insensitive, dumb at times. But he is so handsome and has such charisma than you get blind to his weaknesses. I would just love to discover than our woo-woo couple is indeed the head of a master set up to throw Gabi down. And if our four leads are indeed plotting together but militia style ( separated teams, no sharing of infos to avoid leaks and protect everyone involved ), that would made my day. As they say, stay close to your friends and even more to your enemies.

      • 17.1.1 ahjummabunny

        I disagree with you. I thought about min woo ( it’s kind of cheap to use a giant character but their sliminess is similar) min woo was a bad guy from the start not only a gang mo rival. he was a bratty entitled kid who grew into a similar adult, while hang woo’s goal was to get revenge for his father that was ruined by jin si hwang. of course when he got bang into the company they became adversaries and one thing led to another and he now blames bang for his cousin’s death. the thing with the factory? it was necessary for him to win so that he could become the vp. it’s not an empire drama but he must have started to make his own slush fund, buy up stocks, line up proxies to do a take over if necessary, but of course mo gabi gabi was smarter than those two and beat them even if she had to do some heavy lifting on her own.
        what I think is missing the most about hang woo is the answer to the question why is he so lacking in social skills. I think it might have something to do with him being revenge obsessed.

    • 17.2 divora

      i totally agree with you. And i think there might be little twist on the next two episodes.

  18. 18 Julian

    Hang Woo is not a good person. Let’s not kid ourselves here. I don’t like how we are to look past his indecent nature just because he can dress well. The minute Woo Hee falls in love with him, I am going to lose respect for her, too. It’s amazing how we can be blinded by the facts: Hang Woo’s only purpose in life was the complete destruction of everything Jin Shi Hwang had. He lived for nothing else and he took great pleasure in the murder of Jin Shi Hwang. And now he’s got a personal vendetta to destroy Yoo Bang. He actually wants them not only to fail but to die or lose everything they have. I don’t like how the writers can make Woo Hee fall in love with him at the mere display of good looks, 10 dresses and perhaps an expensive ring.

    I don’t see a slow process of redemption going on with him. He’s actually still trying to play games with Woo Hee.

    I would have wrote it like this. Hang Woo gets dumped by Woo Hee (she would become independent and follows her own dream instead of being his trophy) and become more fixated on destroying Yoo Bang only to get screwed by Mo Gabi and eventually mercied by Yoo Bang. He does not deserve a happy ending where he gets the girl, the reputation and any credit for taking down the most evil character.

    • 18.1 bjharm

      on the side of Woo Hee one falling in love is not a logical process 🙂 Plus Hang Woo has shown her his vulnerable side even cried in front of her, and you do not have to have watched all that many k-drama to know that always the clincher for the girl to fall for the rich jerk type. I agree he has a lot a bad karma going for him, and unless he plays a big part in bringing down the evil witch I can not see a way out for him.

      • 18.1.1 Julian

        Yeah, I know what you mean about the rich jerk type; however, aren’t they supposed to redeem themselves [through love]? It’s probably the way the writers will do it for Hang Woo but I think even if he does bring down Mo Gabi he still never atoned for his deeds; so I don’t see a changed man in that case.

        I am hoping that this drama offers a hopeful message for the salarymen/women out there in Korea. I don’t see that being complemented with Woo Hee succeeding because she married the self-centered, landed-class VP who was never redeemed. I look to Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi for the hopeful message that your wits, your passion and your values can help you succeed.

        • Laica

          I actually don’t think love redeems someone. You can be evil and still fall in love – it’s how you act towards those other than the one(s) you love that determines what kind of person you are. As much as I love Hang-woo and Woo-hee as a couple, I am hanging that on the condition that there is more going on in Hang-woo’s mind that the viewers don’t know yet, and that he’s going to show some personal growth. If it turns out he’s sincere in helping Mo Gabi, he’s off my good list.

          I have faith in the writers though, that we will get an ending and a journey for our characters that makes sense.

          • Julian

            Agree. I am waiting for this personal growth.

    • 18.2 Liam_H

      I agree HW to me is really unlikeable. He has shown me nothing to show that he deserves WH.

      He leaves a woman on the side of the road in the middle of the night because his pride was hurt. Seriously, he needs to get over himself.

      • 18.2.1 ahjummabunny

        he didn’t leave a woman on the side of the road- he left a person I think it’s something he would do even if woo hee wasn’t a woman.

        • subject

          I don’t get you. are you meant to say that his action of leaving someone (gender doesn’t matter right now) aside of the road is part of his personality and we should accept it?

          let me ask you something. if someone would LEAVE you in the middle of the highway you still accept him as human with flaws? or your crash for Jung Gyu Woon blinds you? you must separate the actor from the character..

          • ahjummabunny

            lol. I don’t have a crush on the actor! What I mean is it is the wrong thing for him to do even if woo hee is a man. while you didn’t say it was wrong for him to leave her there because she is a woman it did seem like it was more wrong for him to do it because she is a woman.

          • Laica

            @ahjummabunny I understand what you’re saying, but actually I think it’s worse to leave a woman on the side of the road in the middle of the night, in a big city, than a man, simply because she’s in more danger of being assaulted.

        • bjharm

          yes but rich jerks leaving girls on the road is pretty much one of the basic in being a k-drama jerk, it would be hard not to think of a rich jerk drama and not also link it with a like scene at some point. And yes the fact she is a woman does make a difference, it is dangerous plus often the girl when dumped is dolled up and wearing high heels!
          It alway struck me as odd as in one scene the guy walks the girl to the door so she is safe then the next tossing them out in the street in the middle of the night with no money..a favourite of angry fathers by the way..all those scene with mother and daughter staying overnight at the suna.

  19. 19 rumwow

    when WooHee showed HangWoo’s picture to the shop assistant, it cracked me up…
    I wonder what kind of picture they took together, but it turned out to be Hangwoo’s trolling Woohee’s selca… that’s hilarious…keke

    • 19.1 Laica

      I know right? It’s the little details like this that take the show to another level of awesome. 🙂

  20. 20 tarianantatoer

    I’ve been marathoning this awesomeness before I go to bed for a couple of days. Thanks for the recap.

  21. 21 aranea

    Thank you HeadsNo2 for another awesome recap. You are doing a wonderful job analyzing Salaryman. However, my take on Bang is slightly different for three reasons:

    1) He was a self proclaimed hoodlum while in school and only agreed to go to college after his father’s death. His passions had been else where. He owes his later success too his new found passion for his family, his co-workers/friends and Yeo-chi. Though obviously exaggerated, his rapid character growth and success seems more reasonable when these factors are considered.

    2) Bang is the poster child for the saying “there is no I in TEAM”. He never puts himself ahead of others. His strength of character has believably turned enemies into trusted allies. He never throws away people, they are a precious treasure that he must guard. The power that he possesses comes from the loyal team that he has built while fighting in the trenches. He loses his fair share, but gains strength from each encounter. He knows that he does not have all the answers and listens to others. Hang-woo is the anti-Bang, almost the exact opposite. People who are not worthy of trust are never really trusted by others. How much faith can a reasonable person place in a not trust worthy person?

    3) “There is no honor among thieves”, even though the antagonist are strong enough to collectively crush Bang, they are so busy plotting against their “supposed allies” that he and his team live on. He sometimes even gains new team members from the enemies collateral damage. Each new acquisition giving him tremendous insight into the enemies inner workings.

    I believe that it is TEAM Bang against Hang-woo. Sure Hang-woo has a collection of people who work for him which maybe called a team. However, anyone who has watched sporting event knows that collection of players doe not a team make. And more often than not a TEAM of weaker determined players can defeat a collection of stronger self centered players. GO TEAM BANG, Fighting…

    • 21.1 Mia

      Good thinking ! And very well put. Your 3 points actually encapsulates the true essence of who Yoo Bang really is – street smart, able to think on his feet, humane, humble and yet with a good sense of self pride…he’s no easy pushover. And let’s not forget his integrity and principle at moments when they count the most.

      The writers have created a character such that many love to root for and have come to love. And being cute-funny in his countrified ways also endears him to us too 🙂

  22. 22 maxmurray

    Oh please.. Hang woo is not pure evil..he was merely blinded by vengeance and sense-of-never-lose..the contrast between him and yoo bang makes the story more interesting..even if the character was less handsome and smart, i’d still love him..don’t hate him coz he’s beautiful..

    • 22.1 dancinfff

      That is how I feel about Yoo Bang. I hate to say looks mattered to me when I started watching, but I really wasn’t interested until like the 3/4th episodes when it started showing how amazing Yoo Bang, not that he wasn’t amazing before. His character has grown to be really handsome, no matter what he looks like. I really appreciate Lee Bom Soo for portraying that through Yoo Bang.

      I’m not supporting Hang Woo because he’s handsome. In fact, I thought he was weird looking in the beginning as well, but his character and vulnerable side grew on me and that vulnerability is really what still has me clinging to him. I’m not ignoring Hang Woo’s evil side, but I’m really convinced that ever since Jin died, everything he’s doing now is an act….I guess we all have to wait and see.

  23. 23 Liam_H

    Not sure if this serious but that seems to be the abusive wife argument. He really loves but every time he hits me its okay, he doesn’t mean it.

    Blinded by vengeance and sense-of-never-lose? I believe that called unjustified spite and selfish pride. He wants revenge on YB for what happened to his brother even though they set him up to be framed for murder.

    • 23.1 ahjummabunny

      I don’t think most people talk like that, I mean if you have to take revenge I don’t see you going around announcing it. You’re forgetting that the chairman/chun ha started it with hang woo ( he was the one going for revenge). When yoo bang started to become chun ha to him that’s when yoo bang also became the enemy. Hang woo is the guy we would normally root for- he had to take revenge for his wronged father, he tried but someone got in his way, his cousin did something in an attempt to help him who else should he frame but his enemy! I know I’m clouded by my jung gyu woon love ( I can’t help it, he is my first kdrama love) but I also think there are objective redemptive points to his character.

      • 23.1.1 정남

        I don’t think from the beginning he seen Bang as Chun-Ha he seen him as a pawn that he could use as he liked and when he started to act on his own he though he could destroy him at his discretion. This is his underlying problem, like Frankenstein’s monster Bang will most likely end up destroying his “maker” I don’t really like Hang-woo as a character, I never understood how a few sweet moments with a girl can redeem someone who throws people away when they become useless or pins murder on them.

        • subject

          Agree with everything you wrote about Hang Woo. I’m not his fan also and really think that his actions now against Yoo Bang’s company, and all the bad things in the past (like leaving Woo Hee to die in the burning building – I wonder how she’ll react if she’ll discover that!) are indicate the true nature of Hang Woo. you can’t separate his romantic moments from his outside behavior. let’s say, Hang Woo is like Tony Soprano or any other gangster, cause each and everyone of them have a soft spot for someone special and tough/mean to others.

          And that’s why I’m shipping Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi. as humans, they aren’t perfect, but they’re PERFECT for each other.

        • ahjummabunny

          I’d say bang became chun ha to hang woo when he tried to stop him from lighting the fire. if you remember it was just about that time that bang started to distrust that han shin was really from the intelligence agency.

  24. 24 hamsandwich

    What I find so refreshing about this drama is that they don’t exactly spell things out, and that we find out lots has been going on the background that we don’t exactly get to see, but is still affecting the plot (like the ‘lil episode prologues). I hope this will explain some of the plot holes in the future, and finish rounding out some of the characters. I have faith in Hang woo being more than a thorn in Bang’s side, but I agree with those of you who are confused as to why he’s being so underutilized as either a villian or a good guy.

    • 24.1 HeadsNo2

      hamsandwich, I’ve been wanting to say this for a while: I adore your screen name. That is all.

      • 24.1.1 hamsandwich

        *blushes* thank you. and I adore your recaps.

  25. 25 ingridine

    Hang Woo ………….. I’m sure he’s playing Gabi ! just remember in episode 17 ! he told his hyung to forgive him …so i think he’s helping YC (she has no family like him)

    I really his character because he’s more complex than YB (even if YB is cute and genuine)

    • 25.1 bjharm

      hmm I took that forgive me hyung to mean he was giving up on reclaiming the company and heading back to the USA with WH

  26. 26 mskololia

    Another great episode. Love these characters.

    It looks like YB and HW are bouncing off each other to take control of the Group for YC. Yay team!

    I love this subterfuge the guys are doing if it is one…..It seems like one only because they keep raising the stakes where YB will be able to grab more of the Group back from Mo Gabi’s greedy little fingers….. 🙂

    Thanks HeadsNo2 for the recap!

  27. 27 Nida

    Okay, the scene where HW left WH on the side of the road…that’s like the worst thing you could do to someone you supposedly “love.” There was another comment regarding it, comparing it to the abused wife argument and I agree with that. I mean right now, he just left her one the side of the road b/c his pride couldn’t stand him or whatever. Who’s to say that if the get married and then 10 years down the road, he actually starts hurting (like beating up) b/c she might say something against his pride. What they need right now is an honest, non judgemental conversation right now. I mean for crying out loud, they’re adults for God’s sake, talk !! why don’t you! express yourself. Tell her how you feel, what’s the worst that can happen. And if she rejects you and your pride can’t take it, you can just go to america, you big man baby!!!

    HW’s attitude is seriously getting on my last nerves. His character’s is quite frustrating. If the woowoo couple just conveyed their feelings to eachother, the sailing would be much smoother. (kinda like what YB/YC have right now)

    • 27.1 cami

      Have to agree, that scene left me pissed! This guy has a huge problem with communication! That would be a deal-breaker for me.

      His grand gesture with the ring seems more like a huge copout. Actions don’t always speak louder than words. What happened to telling her how you feel and finding out if she feels the same. Dating? Hello??

  28. 28 Nida

    Okay, the scene where HW left WH on the side of the road…that’s like the worst thing you could do to someone you supposedly “love.” There was another comment regarding it, comparing it to the abused wife argument and I agree with that. I mean right now, he just left her one the side of the road b/c his pride couldn’t stand him or whatever. Who’s to say that if the get married and then 10 years down the road, he actually starts hurting (like beating up) b/c she might say something against his pride. What they need right now is an honest, non judgmental conversation right now. I mean for crying out loud, they’re adults for God’s sake, talk !! why don’t you! express yourself. Tell her how you feel, what’s the worst that can happen. And if she rejects you and your pride can’t take it, you can just go to america, you big man baby!!!

    HW’s attitude is seriously getting on my last nerves. His character’s is quite frustrating. If the woowoo couple just conveyed their feelings to eachother, the sailing would be much smoother. (kinda like what YB/YC have right now)

  29. 29 Laica

    Completely unrelated to the episode, but it’s nice to see so many guys commenting on a kdrama recap. I guess it goes to show what a wide appeal Salaryman has. I love this show!

    • 29.1 Liam_H

      This is like the only 2nd kdrama I’ve seen or will see in its entirety. Only reason I found about this show was reading the recap of Episode 1 here which I found pretty hilarious. So I gave the show a shot. Been hooked ever since, so I thank dramabeans for that.

    • 29.2 dancinfff

      Totally agree! I love the back and forth argument and how everything is being so open minded (as we’re not attacking each other’s ideas)(:

  30. 30 mud

    And I missed the wacky so, so much! Versailles = Love. And the dignified, weak kneed Bang is the best!

    Yeo-chi’s parking lot grieving was also heartbreaking. Did anyone else think of “I’m Sorry, I Love You” when Bang was asking her to either eat the meat or kiss her? Keke, those two are adorable.

    I gotta agree with Heads on the Bang vs. Hang-woo front. Although I think those written corporate exams may not have been Bang’s forte and he’s getting a nice grip on the corporate world now, it still baffles me just how much of a worthy opponent he has become for Hang-woo. I mean, I love that our hero is winning every time because I love Bang’s earnestness, but this is the Wall Street genius he’s going up against, right? I’m going to chalk these weaker points and the sudden love rivalry from ep17 to be a consequence of the extension. Here’s hoping History of the Salaryman will come back strong for its remaining episodes.

  31. 31 kd101

    Hahaha. Retail therapy! HeadsNo2, now I officially love you.

  32. 32 BusinessGraduates

    Bang is a business graduate of course he should know the basic of of running the business even if he just set up his business.Streetsmart is not something you can learn in the textbook you need to experience the life.If Bang was never been to college then it is very impossible for him to understand the nuance of the business rule in such a short time.Yes the new plot mirroring the essence of wall street but this kind of thing is not new lots of company experience it when the same thing happened but as a show of only 22 eps how can the writers be so delicate in showing the success story of Bang but for someone like me i am a business major graduates not from stanford of course just a local University but the standard is not far behind the Bang success story is not really a miracle its just a matter of getting the right opportunity and make it work.I don’t think he spend all the time in the small office sitting while twiddling his thumb a businessman like him who is hungry for success must be very busy learning and planning as well so it is not fair to think that it is impossible for him to upstage HW just because HW had more credentials more than his.

    Hang Woo lives in well structured life.Ever since he was a child he had live in rules and well manage household.As a straight A student he went to best school receive the best education theorically.He eventually was scouted as soon as he finish his education.He had been appreciate for his brilliant background and achievement.The problem with his character he tends to look down on people he was so deluded with his plan to take revenge he forgot that not everything can be solved according to textbook remember how Chairman Jin decided to interfere and take his own action when he failed to stop the closing of the factory in Incheon just because he act by the rule.

    Maybe the explanation bothers some people. The success story in business world is not limited they can come from various stage of life and background most of them succeed in something that they like and good at, that coming from getting the right opportunity.Most of the success story coming from the humble beginning.I just wanna explains that success is not only for those who had the best in life because life is full of surprises and its usually the matter of be at the right place and the time.

    • 32.1 ahjummabunny

      I think what people remember most about bang is the idiot in the cafe mooning at yeo chi and the idiot laughing up a storm during the drug trial. It is why we warmed to him. The new bang is almost a new character. I can somewhat bridge the two guys starting with when he figures our that hang woo is the one behind the fire and attempting to talk woo hee into giving back the stolen drug. I don’t think the factory experience could’ve really had such a profound effect on him but factories do produce things so . . .

    • 32.2 Mia

      Spot on about making it when the time and place is right for those who could recognize and seize on opportunities that happened to come around.

      There are many examples in real life where playing by the rules and book proved to be too rigid and hence lose out to the street-smarts.

  33. 33 Lilian

    Among the 4 main characters the weakest in terms of development is definitely Hang Woo! Hope they develop his character more…..And Yeo Chi and Bang have awesome chemistry =)

    • 33.1 dancinfff

      I think Woo Hee too. I love the Woo couple but neither of them have really change, especially woo hee in my opinion (:

  34. 34 MsB

    I think the person who told Bang is the one you least expect….Hang Woo! Sure he wanted revenge, but murder. No! That character flaw is not there. I really, really liked this episode. I hated to see it end!!

  35. 35 alove

    I always think back to the beginning of this drama in which I was vaguely uninterested during the first few episodes but I kept watching because it had a lot of moments that were just outlandishly funny. Its kept its hilarity pretty consistent but now it feels like an entirely different drama. The story has gone all over the place but it’s still fun and in my opinion, better than when it began.

  36. 36 harimsam

    this is what simple minded like me think on how does YB plan is going to be unheard by HW its because he target on GB weakness as we all know nowadays GB has been shopping spree and mingle with all the high class folk.You can have billion or gaziliion of dollars but it will not guarantee the money will not gone or finish.

    Chun Ha maybe make million of dollars with all the company business but the bigger the company more capital will be needed to manage it.It may seem harmless but overspending is a habit that stays and it’ll eat you alive and the more debt you make the more money you want to spend elsewhere to generate more money.JR is offering an opportunity to GB to get back the money she had lost in the auction.While on that YB will keep on his acting and YC is going to complete the charade. 4 eps before finale the drama is supposed to move away from the early narrative to focus on the ultimate battle its either do or die for both side.The writers still won’t forget to get the romance continue and give us the final ending.

    • 36.1 mskololia

      I actually think JR will trick Mo Ga i by taking Chun Ha’s stock for payment and have Mo Gabi sustain a considerable loss and wrench more power away from her and back to YC.

      YC can use the $4m to purchase her grandfather’s stock back to pay the debt or sth like that…. 🙂

  37. 37 HK

    I thought that the documents that Yeochi was stealing could be related to car engine techonology that Chun Ha filched from Taeyang. Since we’re led to believe that she’s been strategizing with Jang Ryang, he would have told her to get those documents in case Team Yoo Bang needs leverage against Chun Ha/Hang Woo.

    We have to wonder how Jang Ryang got those documents. I don’t think he would have taken them himself as insurance against the company since he still had strong loyalty to Chairman Jin when and after he resigned from the company. Also, since Yeochi told Bang that she hasn’t been able to do much since entering the company, I would think that the documents she took wasn’t part of some grand plan to get back at Mo Gabi.

    An unrelated note about Hang Woo/Woo Hee (I know, I keep meaning to stop dwelling on their faults, but I can’t seem to stop just yet!): for me, more than disliking their actual characters, I’m disappointed with how they’re written. I mean that their characters seem have have contradictions that are a result of the writers’ indecision of where to take them, rather than the characters being written as complex, multi-dimensional characters. I think that a number of viewers feel conflicted about Hang Woo and Woo Hee because the writers keep changing the direction of their characters based on what they need from the moment, rather than allowing the characters to develop organically, in a way that would make sense to us.

    I mean, Woo Hee did start as a character who was not entirely sympathetic. She stole the eternal youth sample for money because she was so tired of being so poor. And this part of her leads her to start liking Hang Woo when she finds out how accomplished and rich he is. And I suppose her materialistic side also leads her to have soft feelings for him when she finds out he financed her shopping spree. But then, she has those moments of standing up against him and proclaiming her pride, and these moments just ring false for me. I feel like the writers are making her resist his charms at crucial moments just to keep this side story going, rather than because it makes sense. (I also have similar thoughts about Hang Woo’s character development.) And that’s why I just can’t get on board with the HW/WH couple. I just wish the writers hadn’t gone there at all.

  38. 38 oramylove

    yes… its cute… and … yes! its gross… gosh. cant say more!!! love you headsno2 for recapping!!! love this show to pieces!!!

  39. 39 loyalfan_1

    Ryeo Won Jung played the role as Yeo Chi is a very strong will person. At one hand she showed that she is an alcoholic but she worked hard at night. Her strong side is hidden while she let herself to be seen as weak and ignorant. She play her cards well to destroy Ga Bi at the last moment. That’s awesome.
    This drama is the new era drama for this millenium. It has moved away from the streotyped where you can guess romance is in the air. This is the best drama of year 2012.
    RW did an excellent job in this most beautiful romantic drama. Her combination with BS blends well that made this drama as the best. She created history for herself through her efforts while gaining new experiences and wider horizons. Truly RW is the Princess of romantic Comedy.
    Love GW and SH cuz they portayed excellent skills which made this drama ever so successful. Would love this see this type of drama again. Fantastic job to all who made Salaryman to be the number 1 drama of year 2012.

  40. 40 Jae Shin

    When Woo-hee was wondering if Mo Gabi came to Hang-woo to seduce him, I was totally thinking in a Lee Kang-to voice: “Bingo!” ^_^

  41. 41 and

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    Engine Optimization? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good gains.

    If you know of any please share. Cheers!

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