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Im Shi-wan goes from Moon/Sun to Equator Man
by | February 14, 2012 | 32 Comments

He played young Yeom in The Moon That Embraces the Sun, the young upright scholar who walked around bathed in luminous backlighting and entranced court ladies everywhere. Now idol-actor Im Shi-wan has been cast in the upcoming Equator Man, which will mark his second drama role.

Equator Man is the straight-up melodrama from the writer of Women in the Sun starring Uhm Tae-woong as a poor-boy-turned-CEO. The hero finds himself in a fierce rivalry with his best friend from childhood, whom he’d known since growing up at an orphanage after his father was killed. But Im Shi-wan won’t be acting with Uhm, since he’ll play the childhood role of Uhm’s rival-friend. No word yet on who will play his character in adulthood.

Too bad Baek Sung-hyun is now out of the running for playing young Uhm Tae-woong, so Im Shi-wan won’t get to act with him, either. According to his reps, Baek had considered the role when it was supposed to take up the first four weeks (7 to 8 episodes), but once that got cut down to four episodes instead, he decided against it. Baek is starting to graduate to leading man material himself, so perhaps those potatoes be too small.

Equator Man is a KBS series that’ll take up residence on Wednesday and Thursday nights, following the soon-to-wrap Wild Romance. Unintentionally hilariously, the four-episode drama that airs after Wild is called Normal Romance, which will then be followed by Equator Man on on March 14.

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32 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. FlexibleSamurai

    I loved him in Moon/Sun. I am happy to see him in another drama

  2. Alvina

    He’s just so pretty!!! And, he looks really good doing historicals ๐Ÿ˜€
    Nothing else to say *moves on*

  3. stars4u

    I loved him in his role in Moon Sun!!!
    Excited how he’ll be in this project.

  4. DramaticTeacher

    *squeel* so pretty!

  5. Gulsan

    He looks dashing XD just checked on him, he’s just three years younger than me,thanks God since lately i have been in too many noona dongseng relationships XD

    • 5.1 Gulsan

      Correction: * just three days * ๐Ÿ˜‰ His beauty blinded my mind ^^

    • 5.2 Kiara

      Lol you are not alone.

  6. Carinne

    He is worth all the sparkles shimmering in awe.

  7. obsidian

    He was wonderful in Moon/Sun. I’m glad that he’s able to expand his experience.

  8. hpn88

    They should get Lee Je-hoon (sp?) the kid who plays young Uhm Tae-woong in Intro to Architecture to play young UTW in this drama.
    At the rate UTW is making dramas/movies, he could have a career just doing young UTW roles. lol

    • 8.1 muchadoboutlove

      LOL you got that right ๐Ÿ˜€ but LJH is going to be busy with Fashion King alongside YAI if I’m not mistaken..

    • 8.2 crysalide

      LJH is leading man material and i don’t think he will do small parts like since he’s already establish to be a great actor plus he’s too old (1984) although he does look younger.

  9. Banu

    The four are staring to shine.. ^__^ hope to see him in leading roles

  10. 10 Cam

    Aww for Baek Sung Hyun ~ I thought I was looking forward to this, of course. =/ However, I am so happy to hear this drama news about Im Shi Wan (he’s doing so great job in MoonSun drama) & he will able to become so rising ‘popularity’ actor someday!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. 11 Trina

    I will be watching his part only… =)

  12. 12 Aternall

    I liked him in Moon/ Sun ๐Ÿ˜€ hehhe looking forward for his future project. can’t wait :>

  13. 13 comradeS

    I was really looking forward to seeing Baek Sung-hyun too… but that’s mostly okay, because now I can enjoy Im Shi-wan in the youngling episodes.

  14. 14 Miky

    I really liked him in Moon/Sun and i’m kinda dissapointed in his adult version…

  15. 15 nobodyimportant

    excuse my spazzing. i decided to stop being a silent reader n show some spazzing for Siwan. i’m still so surprised at this news. though after the Moon Sun popularity…i shouldn’t be surprised.
    so he’s playing some sort of bad guy? since he’s gonna rival the hero? o wait…best friend in childhood..so maybe he’s still playing good guy…
    honestly i’m a little nervous but hope he’d be able to pull it off…since his heo yeom role is pretty much the sageuk version of himself. lol….Mr. Perfect with a lil cluelessness.
    i’m actually a fan of the group he’s in. they’re all good singers n i especially adore Siwan’s voice.
    before Moon Sun, he had a cameo in drama Gloria with his group members. (they have cameos in several dramas but i’m not sure if he’s included)
    anyway, i’m glad he’s still not jumping into humongous roles right away despite the sudden popularity….it’d be better for him to learn with experience…
    anticipating this now….n curious abt his adult counterpart as well….
    thanks for the news.

    ps: i love the first sentence of this article though….still crack up at the thought of the lights..it will forever be his trademark..lol.

  16. 16 djinni

    soooo pretty. ehem.. what were you saying?

  17. 17 girlatsea

    Loved him in Moon/Sun (a lot more than the adult version anyway). He was surprisingly charming.

  18. 18 partypapercrown

    gosh, this guy’s pretty!!

  19. 19 pohonphee


  20. 20 Shena

    Spazzing!!! He won’t dissappoint.

  21. 21 jazza

    I’m excited to watch him again!

  22. 22 Ahjumma

    LOL at Normal Romance

  23. 23 bkhan

    LOL!!!! Normal Romance…I guess calling it “romance” would be too vague so they needed to add in the “Normal” to spice it up n get people interested!!!!

  24. 24 Viki

    Siwan oppa…my bias in ZE:A…I am so glad he’s starting to act now…although he should start getting some second-lead roles!!! for maybe a small drama

    • 24.1 nobodyimportant

      i think it’s still too early for him to climb up to second-lead already. Siwan would definitely freak out at the huge burdensome expectations of a big role. i think it’s good he gets to build up his confidence n acting skill from small roles. this kind of experiences would be most beneficial for him^^.(n i don’t want to see him bashed as just another idol actor who gets the easy way up)

  25. 25 sally_b

    Siwan …is *just bordering* an inappropriate age for me…but OH


    he HAS that thing I like.

    come to Noona. ( ๏ฝกโ— โ€ฟโ— ๏ฝก)โ™ก …I’ll cook for you.

  26. 26 Marj--x

    This guy’s tooooo pretty!
    Hahaa, that is all ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. 27 Shosh

    nose bleeding……..

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