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Kim Ah-joong and Ji Sung make a sexy movie connection
by | February 13, 2012 | 55 Comments

Casting news: Kim Ah-joong and Ji Sung will be romancing each other in a new movie, a romantic comedy titled My P.S. Partner. Anyone wanna take a guess what the P.S. stands for?

Not photoshop, not parasailing, and not pizza-snacking (what? That’s a thing). In this case it indicates phone sex, and the story kicks off when the two leads are accidentally connected in a wrong number gone…kinky?

Ji Sung plays a man who can’t get over his ex-girlfriend who has insecurities about sex. Kim Ah-joong plays a woman who means to call her indifferent boyfriend and accidentally calls Ji Sung instead. Based on the premise I’m going to presume she engages in naughty talk before realizing she’s sexing up the wrong guy, and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised if the guy doesn’t bother to stop her. It makes for a bit of an embarrassing meet-cute story, but hey, Cupid works in mysterious ways.

This project will give both actors a chance to stretch their comedy muscles, which is fun since both do have pretty good comic timing, even if much of their work has been in serious fare. Kim’s most recent drama was the forensic crime thriller Sign, but she was sweet and endearing in 200 Pound Beauty. And while Ji Sung had done lots of dramatic work in the past (Royal Family, Swallow the Sun), his last drama Protect the Boss showed he has a funnybone and knows how to use it.

My PS Partner plans to begin filming in March.

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55 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kaz

    Pretty interesting.

  2. djes

    ahhaha I thought PS = Plastic Surgery.
    But this sounds cute..and I like Ji Sung.

    • 2.1 Laica

      Haha that was my first thought too. I had visions of them in matching bandages and sunglasses…

    • 2.2 gingeranna

      And since the girl looks like she just got a whole bunch of services, I also thought that! πŸ˜€

      • 2.2.1 canxi

        I think that’s just the weird lighting on that picture. Google her O:

    • 2.3 Carinne

      Have to agree, that pic of KAJ screams your entitled PS. One of these days she might turn into Cat Lady as the end result of an obsession. Sad.

      This story has a strong lead, KAJ played a phone sex operator in 200 Pound Beauty, so she’s got it down, and substituting Ju Jin Mo for Ji Sung on the receiving end of such booty calls are a sure winner.

      You know what this means ladies? I want a journalist to confirm, and ask Ji Sung if in real life he PS with his gf/fiancΓ© (and how often)?? Dang, I’m totally green with envy now!

      • 2.3.1 JoAnne

        *fans self while hyperventilating*

  3. Mystisith

    That’s a WINNING pitch in my book, and i love this cast, so go PS Partner ! Multi layered conversations, sex doctor and funny situations… Yoboseo ??

    • 3.1 JoAnne

      Yobo-hubba, hubba!

      He’s so adorable in that hat…

      I do hope they meet soon in the movie because half of what I love about him is the way he looks at his partner. Since, you know, he can’t be looking at me.

  4. jojo

    LOL immediately thought phone sex, which tells you where my mind is…

    • 4.1 sugarpunch

      OHHHHHHHH. i was wrecking my brain as to what P.S. means. -.- hahahhahaa. thanks for the enlightenment;)

  5. graygirl

    Gonna watch this when it releases!

  6. Brandi

    Sounds interesting. I’m a bit confused by this sentence, though: “Ji Sung plays a man who can’t get over his ex-girlfriend who has insecurities about sex.” Who has insecurities about sex? His ex-girlfriend? Him? Because if he has insecurities, how does he get (deeply) involved in the phone sex plot?

    • 6.1 canxi

      Ji Sung’s characters has the insecurities (it may be why his girlfriend dumped him). And Kim Ah-Jong’s character initiates the phone sex–by accident,lol.

  7. DramaticTeacher

    This sounds story like a lot like a thai movie I watched. Think it’s gonna be great

  8. deeko

    I love Ji Sung! But not so sure about this…

  9. KDaddict

    Is Ji Sung getting sexier as he gets older? Or is it just my mind seeing what it wants to see?

    • 9.1 Mystisith

      Hello you ! Yep, i also prefer him now. Maybe a new found self confidence. And that smile… He looks like Lee Byung Hun on that pic. ( Not the worst comparison in my book ).

      • 9.1.1 really!!

        not the worst comparison, except for LBH, who’s so much hotter than Ji Sung. I’m looking forward to this, because he was really funny in Protect the Boss.

  10. 10 Mawiie

    I was thinking about “physically sexy” so it’s not really better xD

  11. 11 queencircles

    I loved him in protect the boss! So cute.

  12. 12 Cynthia

    I’m glad to see that the PS stands for Phone Sex, ’cause my first read was ‘My Post Script Partner’ – and that would have been just plain silly. Correct, but silly.

    • 12.1 JoAnne

      That was my first thought too and for a moment I stared at his sweet face and thought hmm…is it someone he gets together with kind of as an afterthought? Or after a long relationship with someone else?

      but phone sex! yay!

    • 12.2 shirin-noona

      Mine too!

    • 12.3 ~Feather~

      same here!

  13. 13 Jomo

    I am imagining HIS voice doing the giving for the phone sex.

    I LOVED when he said, “Eun-seol” in his quiet, desparately in love way. *sigh*

    Sooo niiiiiiiiiice.

    • 13.1 Cruelsummer

      His voice is amazing! Phone sex is cheesy as hell, but I’m in.

    • 13.2 Mystisith

      Jomo and sensual / deep / husky voices… We all know it produces fireworks. πŸ™‚
      That said, i’m on the same boat.

      • 13.2.1 inthenamE

        I must confess my imagination’s going wild…omg…Ji Sung and his voice…

    • 13.3 JoAnne

      Oh, I think I raved about that voice during the PTB open threads, LOL.

      Cannot wait to see this.

    • 13.4 anotheraddict

      Yes! He has the perfect voice for… you know… pizza snacking! That voice + his intelligence, mischievousness, and ardor = my kind of catnip. I’m not sure about the pairing though– he’s a high-octane guy, and she was more of a low-energy sort in the two dramas I’ve seen her in. For this kind of a role, he really needs someone who can keep up with him. I hope they prove me wrong and that their chemistry does sizzle, but it feels like this may be another Dokko Jin/Ae Jung kind of OTP.

  14. 14 Banu

    hahah I smiled when I read this >> looks funny..

  15. 15 dramafever

    aww yes man!! just the other day i was rewatching a Sign ep and wondering when Kim’s gonna make a comeback and here it is..and with one of my favourite actors!

    I smell awesome already. Definitely must watch this and Introduction To Architecture.

  16. 16 Noelle

    God for a second there I thought that was Naohito. This looks cute. I liked her a lot in That Fool and Sign.

  17. 17 MsB

    Sounds interesting. Can’t wait

  18. 18 mibihiugbjkb

    I would have never imagined this pairing.
    PLASTIC SURGEY aha. It would have been funny if it was the meaning since KAJ was in 200 pound beauty. I love all the influx of romcoms coming this year.

  19. 19 canxi

    I thought it was “Post Script” and was like “…this is a very awkward title, Korea…” But NOW I get it, hahaha. I wanna watch it!

  20. 20 shiitake

    i wonder if this is a remake of a Thai film..same theme.. check it out on viki πŸ™‚

  21. 21 cactus_alien

    great story-line.. weew~~ lol

  22. 22 Cam

    Gosh ~ Gooossh…..Aiyhoo….(shakes head w/ beams) That’d be interesting storyline between Kim Ah Joong and Ji Sung in a comedy movie…..also, it’s about “P.S” Partner…..Hahaha! ! ! ! (laughs fade away) O_o

    • 22.1 Suni

      Of course! How concerned! πŸ˜‰ I am sure that everyone might be out of control when they heard about this new between KAJ and JS, oh my goooodness.

  23. 23 me

    i love ji sung!

  24. 24 Amber

    I’ll probably watch this, but i don’t know if I’ll admit it to anybody πŸ˜‰

  25. 25 KDrama Fan

    I got the sex for s part but could only think of plastic for the p-made me think of credit cards and other unsavory things-eeew!

    The photos are too cute for those so I’m glad I was wrong:)

    But phone sex?! In a Korean movie!? Wow!!

    • 25.1 LMAO

      Korean movies have too much nudity and sex scenes unlike dramas.

  26. 26 Diditoluv

    The title sounds thrilling and exciting…hehe..

  27. 27 malta

    This should be good. Hopefully they’ll do it right!

  28. 28 Alixana

    I never would have guessed P.S. stands for phone sex. I first thought it stands for post scriptum and my second guess was Play Station. πŸ˜› Even when I saw the word phone, my mind kept coming up with the strangest answers as to what “S.” stands for.

    I’m an idiot.

    But hey, I thought for years that SM stands for Sailor Moon and I was always surprised at how many people knew and liked Sailor Moon.

    • 28.1 JoAnne


  29. 29 angelyurihuynh

    that’s cute_sexy couple ^^~…I think Ji Sung so handsome and ah young sweet girl…can’t wait movie

  30. 30 mocya

    It’ll be on my must watch list for sure. Ji Sung shows off his amazing comedic chops in Protect the Boss. Just can’t wait!

  31. 31 Teresa


  32. 32 eunhye

    haha- wasn’t she also a phone sex worker? (i don’t know what they’re called) in 200 pounds beauty…

    can’t wait for the movie though sounds intriguing ^^

  33. 33 mohd falmi fami


  34. 34 anton

    where can i watch it for free?

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