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More cable disappointments: You’re Here gets the ax
by | February 27, 2012 | 12 Comments

I talked about cable programs underperforming recently, so it shouldn’t come as a huge shock that You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here, the daily MBN sitcom about a group of 30-ish single friends, is getting the big ol’ cutdown. But while I’m not shocked, I’m still a little surprised at the drastic measure: Instead of 120 episodes as planned, it’ll be ending on Episode 60. This week!

According to a source with MBN, the biggest reason is the low ratings. None of MBN’s programs have been strong on that front, but apparently You’re Here has been lower than its other shows. Vampire Idol and army sitcom Bolder By the Day have been averaging 0.3% to 0.5% ratings (though Vampire has spiked above that on occasion, and has the benefit of being a youthful buzz show). By comparison, You’re Here kicked off last December with a 0.396%, but dropped in the new year to 0.2%, and more recently down to 0.1%.

I file this one into the “expected, but still a bummer” category. I’ve been watching the show pretty consistently (though I’m currently about two weeks behind), and found it to be silly light fun. There’s really not much depth to the show and the plots are simple and obvious, but the characters are fun, and the actors engaging. I like that in contrast to the miniseries/big-budget drama norm, there’s no big angst here; characters develop feelings gradually and deal with conflicts in low-key, amusing ways.

The show really picked up after Jeon Tae-soo joined the cast around the Episode 20 mark, with his quirky, random personality as the unflappable, 4-D doctor who falls asleep anywhere and annoys the ever-loving bejeezus out of our OCD lawyer hero Jin Yi-han. Jeon expresses interest in Lee Soo-kyung just as Jin realizes his own attraction for her, his lifelong best friend. To add to that conflict are the silly hijinks that come when the boys become roommies and start borrowing each other’s underwear and engaging in an annoy-off to out-pester the other. So stupidly cute.

On the other hand, with the show ending so soon, it ought to be a lot easier to write up, so maybe this calls for a series wrap-up. Soon. Ish. When I find some extra time lying around, doin’ nothin’.

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12 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ani

    Poor Jin Yi-han. I really hope he picks a project soon that’ll help his star rise a bit more. I like him and hope for the best for him.

    Funny how he and his bud Lee Jung (another one I like) from National Heroes are on the same station show wise, but one is surviving and the other…. Well the other got axed pretty much. But maybe he’ll be able to make bank next time. Fighting!

  2. msjoe42

    If the show doesn’t get ratings then it goes away.
    I hope the show goes out with a high note.

  3. kbap

    Sigh, well another drama wasted…
    I’m not particularly sad about it because I’ve had high hopes for this drama but it dropped after about episode 3. Too bad though, wanted to see Ha Ji-won’s bro more.

  4. Taber

    Korean 30-ish is the rest of the world 10-ish

    • 4.1 malta

      LOL! Kinda true…I hope that’s said with love 🙂

  5. Cynthia

    I’m not too sure I understand what’s going on here.
    Is the show getting the axe solely due to poor ratings or because the drama now includes what seems to be a gay storyline for the 2 male characters?
    Or, perhaps it’s a combination of both?

    • 5.1 Christopher

      I believe what javabeans is saying is that the show is getting the cut for low ratings and as far as I can figure there aren’t any gay characters in the show.

      I was a little confused too by how she said it, but I think she means there are two guys Jeon Tae-soo and Jin Yi-han. They both like the same girl Lee Soo-kyung. Tae-soo is a new doctor who has just met her whereas Yi-han has been her friend for years but has only recently started to notice her.

      So we have a love triangle going. On top of that, we have a lot of hijinks when both guys, who like the same girl, end up rooming together. They end up fighting a lot.

  6. Mystisith

    Lee Soo Kyung has really bad luck with her dramas :
    Can’t Lose had very average ratings (cameo).
    Color of woman lost 4 eps so ended at 20 for the same reasons, and now this one.
    I’m not fan of her, but that must be hard.

    • 6.1 bjharm

      I am a small fan of hers and totally agree. Though Country Calls was a very good drama, well for me, as i like comedy romance the best, but it didnt even make a blimp on the radar in Korea it seems. Indeed Ryu Jin made a joke on happy together? [well some korean variety show] when they where pluging baby faced beauty, that his last show, Country Calls had so little attention even he had forgotten it!

  7. daisy

    such a shame i hope we get to see more Jin Yi Han soon! But nice to know Vampire Idol is doing well (sorta).

  8. ingridine

    Don’t forget recently : Lee Soo Kyung’s success in Daemul and mainly Loving you thousand times (with hottie Jung Gyu Woon) !

    It’s always a lottery game !

    Beautiful LSK : AJA FIGHTING !

  9. cherkell

    Aw, this is kind of a shame… it was on late enough in the evening to where I could actually sit down and watch it (and “Vampire Idol” right afters). But I couldn’t get past that the sets looked like they were built by a Grade 4 class on a budget of $300.00…

    Here’s hoping Jin Yi-han can pick up another project soon — he was totally droolworthy in this little show!! 🙂

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