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Rooftop couple cuddle up for poster shoots
by | February 23, 2012 | 118 Comments

javabeans: Amazing what a little chemistry will do! Case in point: Yoochun and Han Ji-min for Rooftop Prince. See, I have no problem with age gaps when the couple itself looks so adorable. Not all stiff and scary like with Lee Da-hae in Ripley.

girlfriday: Yeah they had the chemistry of… two… un-reacty substances, even when using a bunsen burner.

javabeans: Now there’s a drama where I wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d thrown a fauxcest storyline our way, because that’s the vibe I got. If a noona coldly used her little brother for monetary gain, that is.

girlfriday: Though in that case we’d have to compare it to the awesome noona-dongseng pairing between his little bro and Su Ae in Thousand Day Promise. I wanted her to adopt him.

javabeans: I still think it’s weird when you see the Yoobros together, because I get so used to thinking of Yoochun as the dongsaeng, and then I have to recalibrate my brain to remember that in some cases he’s the hyung.

girlfriday: That’s better than me, who still thinks they’re the same person.

javabeans: I can tell the Yoobros apart, but sometimes I still wonder how Yoochun can be in JYJ and Shinhwa at the same time.

girlfriday: Totally. When I didn’t know who he was (before he was in dramas), and then he showed up, I was like hey, Andy!

javabeans: Right? Like, dude, how come you haven’t aged in fifteen years?

girlfriday: And… I thought you were in the army?

javabeans: Maybe THEY’ve figured out the doorway to the fourth dimension.

girlfriday: Or at least a Duplicator.

javabeans: Maybe that explains the plot of this drama. He finds a pathway through the fourth dimension (Princey Goes Modern), and she gets a Duplicator (Princess Gets A New Body).

girlfriday: Yeah that would help, because I still have yet to understand how he thinks traveling forward a few centuries is the ticket to finding his lost princess.

javabeans: I love how she’s all like, “Ooh, I love you and I want to hold and squeeze you!” And he’s like, “Ehn. I’m not your puppy!” And she’s like, “Of course you are. Shut up and let me hug you.” Just like all the fan-noonas out there in the world.

girlfriday: Looks like she’s playing puppy too, all you’re-my-pet in a cardboard box. Maybe the poster concept is Rooftop Pet.

javabeans: Or You’re My Little Prince?

girlfriday: Aw, I love The Little Prince! Too bad he’s not actually from another star, like the Vampidols. Their whole ugly-is-pretty thing was the funniest fish-out-of-water concept I’ve seen in a while. Too bad Yoochun’s not uglier. Wait. Did I just say that?

javabeans: Ha, as if the prince-leapfrogs-centuries-and-gets-poor-and-meets-his-dead-princess’s-double isn’t weird enough for you, you want him to be an alien too? Is that just an excuse for you to “teach” him the ways of our world, like how you must always greet noona with a kiss and a cookie?

girlfriday: I admit to nothing.

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118 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 orenji13

    You probably want to throw Tony Ahn in there too. All three looks alike for me

    And look at our 4 fish in their glorious track suits

  2. 52 geanna

    about HJM PYC pairing, i’m hating and loving it. looking too damn good together that i feel like crying because of jealousy hahahaha!

    Yoochun looks buffer these days~ no longer my skinny micky awww… i love him so so much! it’s been 7 years and i never thought my love for him could grow more and more each day… le sigh~ being a fangirl is too damn hard sometimes~ too hot!

  3. 53 momoisluv

    awwww. the cute is killing me. im uber excited for this drama. and too true about yoochun looking like andy. :))) i first saw andy in wgm with solbi and i was like YOOCHUN! hahaha.

  4. 54 pinkpia

    too cute!!! the whole photoshoot is just adorable. Oh god too much cuteness going on i cannot wipe my smile off my face 🙂 still that’s a very good thing coz not many photoshoot can do that to me except Park Shi Hoo’s shoot with a cat for partner awww i loved those pics. wow it would have been icing on the cake if Han Ji Min also had a cat or two with her in the box. Just saying for my full dose of cuteness unleashed 🙂

  5. 55 mserenity

    YOOBROS LOL..that had me cracking up for hours. YES I also demand drunken podcasts ALL DAY LONG.

  6. 56 nicole

    This is even cuter:)

  7. 57 Jaykah

    Hey he does kinda look like Andy.. crazy how I never thought that when I’m a HUGE fan of Shinhwa and stalked DBSK for a while too bahaha

    Back on topic, they look ADORABLE together! That’s what I’ve always loved about Han Ji min, she’s never awkward with her co stars. It always seems very natural and like they are good friends in real life (Or in Cain and Abel sense, I did hope her and So Ji Sub would date). Her and Micky look sweet though, he looks so good and she is always so damn pretty! I call her little Song Hye Kyo after she played younger Song Hye Kyo in All In and have been a fan of her since then 🙂

  8. 58 purplemay

    no words to describe how adorable, cuddly, cutesy etc this pairing are!!! i just wanna put them in my pocket!!!!!!!!!!! especially YoochuN!!!!!

    +++ the Joseon F4 power ranger boys learning how to eat ramen in a truck! yay!

  9. 59 Momos

    Wow! Chunnie dearest!,,,
    My latest obsession, *your healthy-looking-manly pix grace my laptop n iPad* got hooked since SKKS….
    Lovey dovey jovey bovey sovey Micky Yoo Chun….

  10. 60 Jjoo

    han ji min sometimes resembles han yoo juo(spell?) of dong yi & brilliant legacy! they look cute together – i like mickey so i’ll queue in this drama for zuuuuuuuuure

  11. 61 Yee

    sorry to cuss, but this is the cutest shiit !!! <3
    IMMA CRY ON MY SCREEN NOW because of their chemistry I already see. Let's just hope this drama doesn't make the wrong turn!

  12. 62 Myers

    fighting my dear chunnie 😉 this drama will be daebak! can’t wait for march any longer…

  13. 63 kaye

    I got him confused with Andy, too. Hee.

  14. 64 Keylye

    He’s hot, but she is doing all the work in this photoshoot…

    That said, I’m definitely checking this one out.

  15. 65 blast

    I love you girl .. As much as i adore yoochun you made laugh aloud ..ALONE

    AHH no.. my sister is in the other room ..maybe wondering if im sick again or anything..

    Lolss thr hilarity that you girls are . is just EPIC!!

  16. 66 Pooie

    Wow. And I thought I was the only one who saw the resemblance between Yoochun and Andy.

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