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Salaryman hits a ratings high, gets extended
by | February 22, 2012 | 72 Comments

Ooh, a late-game reversal! Mondays and Tuesdays have a new (ratings) victor, and it’s History of the Salaryman. The drama has been steadily creeping up in the ratings, but it was this week’s Tuesday episode — the 16th — that brought it from perpetual second place into first, passing MBC’s showbiz period drama Light and Shadow.

The numbers: 19.1% for Salaryman (up from 16.9% the previous day), 18.1% for Light and Shadow, and 7.9% for Dream High 2. (And because it must be said: Yes, I’m still watching Dream High 2, and no, the recent episodes haven’t changed my mind. Are the recent episodes better? Yes, but better is a relative term.)

Thanks to the ratings, Salaryman has now extended its run by two episodes, taking it from the initially planned 20 to 22. With the drama gaining momentum both plot- and ratings-wise, extension talks gained traction in recent weeks, and while I always groan at additional episodes, I have less worries about this drama being extended than others. There have been reports that the production has wanted extra room to fit in all the story they have planned, meaning that in this case it appears they’re extending the run to fit the story, rather than trying to drag story out to fill the space.

I’m behind on Salaryman but I find it a quirky, funny, and highly entertaining screwball drama and judging from HeadsNo2’s responses, it’s a solid, well-executed story. Lee Beom-soo is spot-on as a thick-headed but dogged employee of a large corporation, and Jung Ryeo-won is better than I’ve ever seen her as the foul-mouthed chaebol heir to said corporation. Hong Soo-hyun continues to improve in this new-and-improved part of her career, and Kim Seo-hyung is winning raves for her performance as the uber-competent secretary.

The extension means Salaryman will now end on March 13, and its follow-up drama, Yoo Ah-in and Shin Se-kyung’s Fashion King, will push its premiere back to the following week.

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72 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sammi

    Yay. Love this show!

  2. Jaejoongism

    Best drama of the year (so far)
    and the extension is needed i think
    so much story to cover

    • 2.1 Gab

      More like best drama of all time! πŸ˜€

      • 2.1.1 subject

        Same here. if the writers won’t blow thing in the upcoming 6 episodes and deliver great combine of acting, directing and writing as we used to till now, HOTsm gonna climbing to the top of my all time list.

        Unforgettable characters, unbelievable cast. definitely unique and different from all the K-dramas I’ve seen so far (and believe me, I saw lots of them!)

  3. malta

    Awesome! This show so deserves an extension πŸ™‚

  4. Birdie

    Yes, great drama! I am not for extension, but in this case, the extension will help with the plot. Great acting from all the cast.

  5. Koreandramasrock

    YES!!!!!!!!!! I loooooove this show!!

  6. Christy

    It’s the best drama of the year!!

  7. N

    she’s wearing UEE’s kbs drama awards dress! and the other girl is wearing Yoona’s dress from the SBS Gayo !!

  8. Waaw0705

    I love love love this show. It is brilliantly written, acted n shot. Hands down the best show of 2012 so far in my book!

  9. james

    I initially was not going to watch this drama and only started to when I chanced upon my mum watching an episode in the living room. I would have kicked myself had I missed this. I genuinely think this is one of the best dramas I have watched ever. (And no I’m not one of those people who say that about every new drama). I know the awards are meaningless, but if this drama doesn’t win some at the end of the year I will genuinely be mad!

    • 9.1 mud

      I would have kicked myself too. But I sort of miss the off-kilter tone of the first few episodes when our hero was such an oddball.

  10. 10 Leslie

    I was surprised that so many people from “Giant” are in this drama. Just a random thought.

    • 10.1 diorama

      It’s the same writer-producer/director team that was behind Giant. No complaints from me – all the actors are fantastic πŸ™‚ One of the very few drama extensions that I’m happy about.

  11. 11 dancinfff

    I’m so happy for Salaryman! I was just writing on the recaps for episode 15 about not knowing what I would do once the drama is over, but I’m so glad. Congrats salaryman cast! They deserve all the recognition and even more. Best drama so far this year (I’ve not watched Moon-Sun, not really the sae-guk (?) type.

    If you have not started on this show, you need to get to it now! Lucky for you, there’s an extension too πŸ˜‰ So happy! Thank you for sharing. I text-ed my friend to let her know, haha!

  12. 12 mskololia

    Hehehehehe…Yessssss, my pretty.

  13. 13 Mystisith

    Normally i loathe extensions, but for this one i will make an exception ( + 2 eps sounds reasonable ). The plot needs it, and the characters also.
    It gives a respite of 1 week to Fashion King : Everybody’s happy.
    And JB, i agree with you about DH2 : Small improvements, but still some major flaws. We are midway, and i still don’t see the finality of the story. What bugs me the most is the lack of likeable characters : I mean, we have partial explanations for their bad actions, but it’s like all Kirin School is populated by jerks and witches. Overdose i say. I read somewhere than some netizens call it War and Peace, and it’s exactly that. Nothing to recap if you ask me. The Dream High has become Depress Now. I will watch till the end by curiosity, but i have absolutely no connection to the characters ( compared to Shut up !, ouch… ).

    • 13.1 Mystisith

      OK. I’ve just seen ep 8 of DH2, and something wonderful happened that forces me to correct my previous comment : Everyone is getting nice, the tone is lighter and the hopes and dreams are back on track ! And we have a Hot Teach searching for Super Idols, who spotted our Genius Reluctant Idol with a dark past. I want to know who’s that actor playing laser eyes teach, i’m sure i saw him before but i can’t remember.
      It’s like a 180 Β° turn, the mountain’s peak emerging from the clouds. Yes i rubbed my eyes, and checked my ears. Seriously everyone, if you gave up, just watch that ep and you’ll be floored.
      I ask again : What happened ?? Thanks dramagods, my faith has returned !!

      • 13.1.1 Linda165

        He’s the weird writer from Twinkle Twinkle/All that Glitters. The one that was in the last 2 or 3 episodes. The one with the fake mole!

      • 13.1.2 JoAnne

        He’s in something else, too – because I haven’t seen Twinkle Twinkle and he looks really familiar.

        Am I seriously alone in thinking Principle Jung is ahjussi hotness?

        • Linda165

          I just realized that he is the hilarious Hong Kyu-Tae from Moon/Sun.


          I think the principal just “refreshed” his face, because he didn’t look that… well, refreshed, in Lie to Me πŸ™‚

    • 13.2 dbsklove

      I admit dream high 2 is getting better now but…

      it’s so weird O.O esp how JB seems to SUDDENLY like HS. . . it’s not like I like SLOW relationship progression, but I don’t like it when I can’t understand why he likes her… like we don’t really get any hints….



      (it’s because I basically live off your recaps/reviews. they are my daily doses of goodness :D)

      • 13.2.1 JoAnne

        At the end of Ep 8 last night I thought to myself, ‘Dammit, I really like that JB kid. But I want Rocker Boy to get Shin Hae. I don’t know which one will end up with her. SUCKED IN AGAIN.’

  14. 14 peter

    recommended this k-drama for those who wants laugh out loud for life.

  15. 15 John

    I love HOTS. It’s a perfectly balanced mixture of drama and humor. Not so heavy that it’s a downer and not too silly to be taken seriously.

  16. 16 peter

    I hope the extension will not over drag the story. πŸ˜€

  17. 17 chillinducky

    I love this show! I hope the extension is a good thing!

  18. 18 Fasiris Fay

    Oh yes! LOVE this show to bits! Am hoping the extension doesn’t hurt the story…

    Also loving that cute BTS pic in the middle! Really love CHW in recent episodes πŸ˜€

  19. 19 soomp

    yay but boo but yay πŸ˜€ such a cool and different show – hope more people in the international k-drama community pick it up!

  20. 20 anotheraddict

    YAY! for extensions that are story-driven– BOO! for all other extensions.

    I have a couple of minor gripes about this show, but in general, I’m enjoying it immensely and am so impressed by the quality of the production. (I’m also really impressed by the quality of the recaps! :D) What a wonderful ride it’s been so far.

  21. 21 Saima

    I haven’t started watching Salaryman…will do soon! I started watching DH2 with Ep 7. Yes, my drama-watching etiquette is really weird and all over the place. So, am I the only one who doesn’t want JB to end up with Sora’s character. The other guy is shooo adorable!! ugh, the concluding scene of Ep 8 ticked me off big time!! Blerghhhhhh, i mean JB’s cute and all but somehow meh-worthy to me. Is the guy playing JB an idol as well?!

    • 21.1 ~Feather~

      first, i must say that i haven’t started watching dream high 2, but i have been reading the recaps.
      I’m with you on not wanting JB with Sora’s character. from reading the recaps alone, i prefer the other guy (I’m bad with names-more of a visual person) Yeah, the guy playing JB is an idol, but i haven’t listened to his group so i don’t know what its called. the other guy is part of 2AM, they are a ballad group made b/c of their voices, the other part is called 2PM for their dancing.

  22. 22 lenrasoon

    thank God! i don’t even know what to do when it ends Salaryman.

  23. 23 Nida

    If it means I get to see more of Jung Gyu Woon then I’m all for it!!! <3 <3 <3

  24. 24 Lady Seoul

    AWESOME! I LOVE this drama! I’m a happy camper w/ this extension. I cringe at extensions too because for some reason they don’t know how to make it look better but get more money kinda thing, since javabeans mentioned they couldn’t fit their whole story… I’m excited to see it! ^_^

  25. 25 Rachael

    I’m still catching up (not allowing myself recaps now from the awesome HeadsNo2 until I hit the same episode as added incentive), but I think the extension is a good idea for this drama considering it does have tons of plot to wedge in there. Really prefer when it’s more that problem instead of “how do we stretch this out without really introducing something new” approach.

  26. 26 Brenda

    Aww, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this.

    I certainly adore the and I hope the extension really will elaborate on the story more.
    Plus, there’s never going to be enough Bang, Yeo Chi, Woo Hee, and Hang Woo to go around =D

  27. 27 kaedejun

    The last picture – Kim So Yeon wore that dress Hong Soo Hyun is wearing. I KNOW she wore that dress – somewhere…

  28. 28 Arhazivory

    Just started this one, so I’m only at ep 3. How do you know a drama has really hit that spot with you? When it invades your dreams.

    Salaryman has hit the spot. I can’t wait to catch up. XD

  29. 29 DB5K

    I’m not as worried about this drama getting an extension because of the nature of it’s plot structure. Whenever a new development appears, the plot veers wildly off course into new territory. If you were to graph this drama’s plot movements it would be a fractal. It’s a bit bewildering since some plot elements never get resolved or fully matured, but since the plot’s movements have been erratic for the past 10 episodes, at least it has been…consistent. Consistently erratic xD

    I’m so glad Salaryman is almost at the 20% mark. It has one of the most AMAZZING casts I have seen in a long time. It’s nice when a great, albeit eccentric, drama is acknowledged by the public. It frustrates me whenever a clearly well made drama does poorly in ratings. The answer to Salaryman’s recent ratings success, however, is the makjang, comfortable, familiar yet ever so addicting makjang~~

  30. 30 all4movies

    A drama being extended for the right reasons, what is happening in kdramaland?


  31. 31 hamsandwich

    wooo hooo!!

  32. 32 Ace

    Random thought: with the mess that was LTM last year, and my aversion to any future dramas by its lead actors, it’s the opposite reaction for me for the second leads: Sung Joon in SU:FBB and Hong Soo-hyun in HOTS (though it started with TPM). I’m loving them and their dramas, really impressed with their work, and embarrassed that they were associated with LTM. πŸ˜‰

    Jung Ryeo-won’s one of the most memorable female leads for me. She’s awesome. Or her character Yeo-chi is.

    Re: DH2 – kinda sad that it still sucks but I’m not surprised.

    • 32.1 saripah_supinah

      Yes, I think im loving JRW more.. love every Yoe Chi’s moments and her cursing !!!

  33. 33 bjharm

    kind of like Baby Faced Beauty, not great rating to start with then building up each episode and now to the top rating for its time slot. I do feel the show starting to falter though but it like it starting to come down to ‘normal’ k drama rather than a real ‘low’.

  34. 34 pigeon

    Absolutely one of my best drama for 2012…..

  35. 35 Mari

    Lee Beom-soo is so theatrical which can border to overact in other drama, but here it is so fit in because the entire drama is so theatrical too.

    Never see such bizarre characters like Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi. Love them! So YAY for extension!

  36. 36 Nokcha

    I started watching this and enjoyed it, but I just can’t watch Jung Ryeo-Won. Would’ve prefered Lee Si Young, who is killing it on Wild Romance.

  37. 37 barwnkesteven

    I think we’re being a bit too hard on DH2. The first couple of episodes were a bit odd…and off somehow. But by eps 4-5-6, I felt it was more or less back on track. The significant fault I still see is that the adult story lines don’t have any weight for me. In DH, I was interested in the adults almost as much as the kids. In DH2, I just don’t understand what the adults are there for. The students however have righted their ship, in my eyes anyway. I actually do care what happens to them (a big improvement from wondering what it was all about other than lots of musical numbers).

    Nobody will ever be Song Sam Dong again, I can’t blame these kids for not being able to do the (near) impossible.

    • 37.1 JoAnne

      You’ve hit the nail on the head with that one. I like DH2. If it were not for DH, I would probably love DH2. But no one will ever be Sam Dong, or the Milky Couple…or even my first view of JYP.

  38. 38 lovepark

    Lee Bum-soo does it again!

    • 38.1 harimsam

      yes he is!!

  39. 39 omo

    This extension basically spells “death” for DH2’s finale ratings. I’m so glad that it is the writers and production asking for this extension rather than the broadcasting station. That’s definitely a good thing. This series is so underrated in that it deserves the ratings that MoonSun is getting. Salaryman hwaiting!!

  40. 40 canxi

    That means I have to wait longer to watch it T_T
    Well, a week longer.

    Lol, darn my don’t-watch-a-drama-till-it’s-over rule.

    I’d rather wait a couple months for 20 episodes than wait a week for 2 D:

  41. 41 mari

    YAY! this drama deserves to be on TOP!!! period!!!!!!

  42. 42 laos7

    Yes!! More Salaryman crack for all of us πŸ˜€

  43. 43 Ellie

    Jesus Christmas Hallelujah!

  44. 44 mjfan

    I think am gonna watch this drama after it ends , I have read some recaps but still not watching , I think I will commit now !!!

  45. 45 zerapink

    The show is a blast! perhaps the best comedy ever in Kdramaland! It was naturally funny and some scenes were just crazily hilarious. No questions about the actors..they’re fantastic! I would never forget LBS laughing & JRW cursing especially the Jesus Christmas..hahahhaha

  46. 46 okdubu

    no mentionings of jung kyeowon? T_T

  47. 47 Lovebug

    This makes me soo Happy! I WANT MOARRRR! This show and all the leads are killing it!

  48. 48 Daisy

    BEST drama of early 2012 hands down. I’m going to have major withdrawals when it’s over though. πŸ™

  49. 49 yukisama69

    I hadn’t even considered watching this, but I decided to read up on it on dramabeans and guess what? I’m sold! Time to get crackin’ and watch.

    thanks ^__^

  50. 50 VerΓ³nica

    “Salaryman” made me leave “Padam Padam” behind(not that I wanted to, but college is KI-LLING me!), so that means one thing: it IS the best drama I’ve seen recently. I have laughed and giggled and squealed at every single episode like crazy, it is so well written that nothing seems like filler, and it is so flawlessly acted that you get completely sucked up with their situations and craziness, specially Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi’s. But Hang Woo has his moments too, ep 16 at the hospital he was too damn funny!!! Hands down, best drama!!! πŸ˜€

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