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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 5
by | February 13, 2012 | 133 Comments

Fun fun! As much as the polar-opposites rivalry between the street rats and the prep boys is driving the conflict bus, it’s also fun to see where the worlds collide and/or mesh. And how that can sometimes spur other, unexpected conflicts on the side.


Sung Joon – “무단횡단” (Jaywalking), the song that the boys enter into the festival.
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With only a minute left before they forfeit the play-off, Ji-hyuk makes his decision and grab’s Su-ah’s hand. Already the students are reacting to the news flash that her Dad’s gone bankrupt, and as they race outside, they just barely escape the loan shark gangsters on Maro’s borrowed motorcycle.

The boys of both Eye Candy and Strawberry Fields follow them outside, just in time to see them driving off.

Stopping for a break under a bridge, both Ji-hyuk and Su-ah eye their phones with dismay, ignoring calls — him from Do-il, and her from Seung-hoon.

Su-ah says bitterly that her schoolmates must all be giddy with the gossip about her family’s ruin. He says she should’ve told them earlier since this was bound to come out, but she says she wanted to hide it if she could, at least till graduation. That she wanted to forget her predicament.

Ji-hyuk sees that she’s on the brink of tears and says forcefully, “What’s wrong with living in a rooftop room? You won’t starve or freeze to death. That’s how we all live, every day. We live fifty thousand times more energetically than those chicken farm chicken-heads! We live just fine!”

The tears fall anyway. Ji-hyuk pats her on the shoulder with adorable awkwardness, letting her cry.

Ji-hyuk drops Su-ah off at her restaurant job, where Seung-hoon is waiting. He tells Ji-hyuk he’s done enough playing of the black knight today, and Ji-hyuk leaves the pair. Su-ah promises to tell Seung-hoon the details later and heads in to work, leaving him frustrated and out of the loop.

The Eye Candy boys also stew in frustration at the pool hall, where Ji-hyuk finds them. They glare and demand an explanation. So what if that girl was in trouble — who is he to swoop in as her rescuer? Ji-hyuk fumbles for a plausible excuse and lands on, “She’s Byung-hee’s muse!”

Funny enough, that’s the one argument that might work — they understand loyalty to Byung-hee. Ji-hyuk isn’t too convincing (he can’t meet their eyes) and Hyun-soo approaches suspiciously, asking if it’s true. Ji-hyuk scoffs, “Of course. Why would I save her?” as though she’s nothing to him, and Hyun-soo backs off saying he’ll believe it this time. But he’d better not change his tune later.

Hyun-soo’s feeling aggressive today, because he turns his controlled anger to Ha-jin next, telling him to keep his mouth shut today since it was his bass strings that put them in this situation to begin with.

After Ji-hyuk leaves, Do-il comments that he must really be feeling sorry, because he’s never this flustered around them.

Seung-hoon waits till Su-ah’s done with work so they can talk. He’s disappointed that Su-ah didn’t tell him the truth, but she says that admitting it would have made it real. Then she cheers up and uses Ji-hyuk’s words about not freezing or starving just because she’s living on a rooftop: “Don’t worry. I’ll be just fine, living fifty thousand times more energetically.”

Su-ah asks for a favor, and Seung-hoon readily agrees to help. She says that it was her fault the band performance got cancelled, so can they just share the practice space? Seung-hoon’s disappointed that the favor has to do with those guys, but reluctantly agrees to consider it.

Ji-hyuk finds Su-ah listening to music in the neighborhood convenience store, because she’s afraid to face gangsters if they come by tonight. She explains that this song has the ability to make her feel better, but she doesn’t let him see what it is, calling it a secret.

She tries repeatedly to call her father, but he’s been frustratingly out of touch, and she can only leave a message.

Ji-hyuk leaves Su-ah at the store, but soon comes running back to tell her (in his gruff, “I totally didn’t do this to be nice or anything” way) that he checked and no gangsters are around. But just in case, he suggests they switch rooms temporarily.

They pack up the basics and make the swap. Su-ah calls Ji-hyuk to propose that they keep from looking through each other’s things. He agrees to it, while opening her drawer, ha.

He knocks something over and she asks sharply, “What are you doing in my room?!” HA. It’s going to be impossible not to look around, but I love that this occurs to them only after the fact. She especially tells him not to look at her drawings, just as he picks up the dropped nude figure sketch from the floor.

Yet that probably isn’t as embarrassing as the next sketch, which is of his friends, picturing them lighting their sparklers and sending up the sparks to Byung-hee in the sky.

The next day at school, Su-ah finds herself the new object of ridicule, and Pyo-joo tosses a chalkboard eraser at her head. He must have disliked her for a while but now he lets his true feelings show, sneering that she was too busy flirting to do her eraser-cleaning duties. He moves to throw another one at her, but his arm is blocked by Ji-hyuk, and Su-ah hurries out crying.

Seung-hoon arrives as Su-ah leaves, and Pyo-joo tells him that Su-ah’s been playing with him. Seung-hoon warns him that if he lays a finger on “my girlfriend” again, he won’t be forgiven. Ji-hyuk looks up at mention of “girlfriend,” and the other students take note of Seung-hoon putting an official stamp on their relationship for the first time.

Deo-mi finds Su-ah in the bathroom and apologizes for her behavior, now that she understands why Su-ah’s been so unavailable lately. She hugs her and says, “I wasn’t even a proper friend!” At least you know it, honey. But she adds that she’s envious of one thing, because Seung-hoon just defended her to the class, calling himself her boyfriend.

That afternoon, the boys gather for the posting of the rock festival results, anxious to see if they made the cut. Seung-hoon’s disappointed that Strawberry Fields placed fourth, but the bigger shock comes at seeing that Eye Candy — whom they’d assumed wouldn’t even make the cut — is in second place. Booyah!

Ha-jin and Kyung-jong pinch each other’s cheeks to make sure this is real, and the boys break out into cheers. Based on the evaluation online, the judges praised their hooky melody, but said they could use a more explosive guitar sound. The guys look uneasily at Hyun-soo, who’s bothered to be named the weak link.

Seung-hoon also smarts at his band’s critique, which indicates a shaky bass line. That’s Pyo-joo’s purview, and he calls him out on it. (Amusingly, Maro has taken to throwing guitar picks instead of darts, trying to mimic Ji-hyuk, though all of his attempts clatter to the ground.)

Ji-hyuk sets out to soundproof their makeshift studio with egg crates. Woo-kyung guesses he’s going the extra mile because he feels sorry to his bandmates, and is particularly annoyed that some other girl was the reason they lost the practice room. She tells him not to look any other girl in the eye, and Ji-hyuk orders her to leave.

This time they’ve gone through proper channels to use this space. The demolition has been postponed so as long as they’re quiet and pay rent, they can play here. Ji-hyuk figures he’ll keep singing guide vocals for extra cash to pay for it.

They mark festival day on the calendar, which is approaching fast. Woo-kyung points out Valentine’s Day on the calendar and tells Ji-hyuk they’d better do something for real this time, and he hurriedly changes the topic to the competition. Now that they’ve got somebody watching from above, “If we don’t win, he might drag us up with him.”

Their new cheer: “Shut up, and let’s win!”

Seung-hoon’s sister, who works in talent management, listens to the contest band entries in her office. She shuts off Eye Candy’s demo when Seung-hoon enters because it’s against the rules to reveal the entries before the show, particularly to a competitor. Seung-hoon scoffs that nobody’s a worthy competitor for him, but noona says that while Eye Candy may be a little rough around the edges, they have the power to move you.

She tells him lightly that he should be a little worried, but adds that she looks forward most of all to her little bro. He returns, “Are you looking forward to it because I’m your brother, or because of me as a musician?”

And then noona adds that the Eye Candy leader happens to be the guy who sang his guide track. The guide vocal that Su-ah was so enamored of…

That night, Su-ah leaves another drink carton in front of Ji-hyuk’s door (well, hers) before settling in at her temporary digs. She turns on the boom box and enjoys listening to the same demo noona had been listening to. Just as it occurs to her that the voice sounds familiar, Ji-hyuk pounds on the door and she shuts it off.

He takes the CD, and she asks if it’s him singing. He points out that they weren’t supposed to touch each other’s stuff.

More pounding at the door sends them both scrambling, and Ji-hyuk stuffs Su-ah behind a curtain, tossing her stuff after her. (A shoe flies into her head.) The boys and Woo-kyung burst in wanting ramyun, but Ji-hyuk shoves them outside, insisting on hamburgers instead.

But Kyung-jong has to use the bathroom and he turns back, evading Ji-hyuk’s attempts to grab him. That puts him face to face with Su-ah, thankfully before his pants hit the ground. They both scream.

So then Ji-hyuk and Su-ah sit in front of the others like wayward teenagers facing disapproving parents. The explanation sounds outlandish even to them, and Woo-kyung demands to know the real nature of their relationship. She is both furious and jealous, while Ha-jin enjoys every moment.

Do-il says he’d have done the same for Byung-hee’s muse, though, and Ji-hyuk jumps on that excuse. But Su-ah is so contrite that the guys grudgingly back off, after hearing about her situation.

The principal asks for an update on the boys. Teacher Kim says that they must have caught on to the demerits-equal-expulsion plan because they’ve been quiet lately, when in truth it’s him who’s stopped pursuing them so doggedly. The principal warns that weeds must be cut immediately before more spring up, and Teacher Kim meekly agrees to keep his eyes open.

Ji-hyuk has effectively forced his teacher to recall his sense of conscience, but the principal is the real problem. He’s emblematic of the privileged world he serves and calls Su-ah in to reprimand her. While it’s too bad she’s in family trouble, they can’t have gangsters running around the school, can they?

To add to his dickishness quotient, he relieves her of her duties collecting class fees — to remove the temptation of stealing, you know. He says it like he’s doing her a favor, which makes it that much more insulting. At least Teacher Kim hears this with as much distaste as we do; there’s hope for his soul yet.

He finds Do-il fiddling with drumsticks in the hallway and gives him two demerits, though he takes no glee in it. He warns Do-il that he’s got forty demerits now — just twenty shy of expulsion — and urges him to stop doing things that make him stand out. He advises, “Let’s live quietly. Just try doing what the world wants you to do.” After all, they can’t change the world.

It’s both touching and sad to hear Teacher Kim’s resigned advice, because this time I do think he’s worried for the guys’ sake. He says that if he’d known this when he was their age, things would have been different for him too, which means he’s got first-hand understanding of where they’re headed. While his advice is hardly the kind of stuff you’d advocate in a feel-good, follow-your-dreams sort of story, it rings true in the world-weary tones of a teacher who’s seen it all and knows what’s in store for them if they don’t change their ways.

Hyun-soo, meanwhile, has been practicing extra-hard at the guitar, forgoing sleep. It’s enough to make his normally adoring sister clap her hands over her hears and declare, “I hate you oppa.” Aw.

Although his friends cheer on his improvement, he’s still dissatisfied. Kyung-jong jokes that his dark circles are so fierce he’s about to shoot “dark beam” lasers from his eyes.

With that, the boys spend the coming days feverishly practicing. Strawberry Fields likewise rehearses busily, determined to win.

It’s early morning when Ji-hyuk stumbles out of practice and runs into Su-ah, who’s heading out for her milk delivery run. Only now does he make the connection, realizing she’d left the cartons outside his door. What, did you just drink it thinking the milk fairy dropped by? This also stirs his memory of the girl at the subway station that night he’d slept on that bench, before they’d officially met. Su-ah: “That beggar was you?”

Su-ah gets good news from her father, who finally calls. It cheers her up, and she finishes her job listening to her special song.

Woo-kyung arrives outside Jungsang High with a group of Eye Candy fangirls, all of whom are here bearing Valentine’s chocolates for their oppas. Oh, that’s adorable. Woo-kyung eyes the chocolates from the girl who’s here for Ji-hyuk and offers to convey them herself, but hilariously, the girl senses danger and refuses to give them up. Smart girl knows to be wary of rival sabotage.

When Su-ah arrives, Woo-kyung confronts her to set the record straight. She’s putting up with their living situation since Su-ah’s in a tough spot, but she warns her not to get any innocent-heroine-damsel-in-distress ideas in her head. In short, “Ji-hyuk is mine!”

Just then the crowd of fangirls mobs the newly arrived Eye Candy boys, squealing and offering their chocolates. Ha-jin loves the attention and accepts his gifts with compliments (“You’re all so pretty!”) while Ji-hyuk pushes away and beelines inside first.

Pyo-joo smirks when Ji-hyuk and Ha-jin enter with their arms full of chocolates, saying that the gifts from their neighborhood girls are cheap, not like the premium stuff sitting on Seung-hoon’s desk. Pyo-joo: “Our girls have things called taste and class.”

But then Ha-jin and Ji-hyuk pull more presents out from inside their desks — from Jungsang girls? HA — and Pyo-joo’s jaw drops. Ji-hyuk: “Your girls’ taste and class don’t seem so different after all.” Ha-jin: “Want one of mine?”

The boys decide it would be best to get an outside opinion to evaluate their performance, and call upon the muse. Ha-jin ignores Ji-hyuk’s protests and invites her to sit in on their rehearsal tonight, but she has plans, though she says it’s not a Valentine’s date. She offers to come by later and heads in to work, eagerly anticipating seeing Dad that night.

Dad waits outside the restaurant for her shift to end, which is where Seung-hoon spots him. Dad thanks Seung-hoon for being so helpful to Su-ah.

Su-ah’s father is full of remorse over subjecting Su-ah to this predicament, but she tells him she’s learning a lot. Now she appreciates everything he’d done in keeping her fed and clothed all this time. Dad tearily tells her that he’s going to admit his wrongs and receive the punishment, then return to her. Does he mean jail time? Su-ah assures him she’ll be strong and live well.

At band rehearsal, the boys wonder what’s keeping Hyun-soo and Su-ah. Woo-kyung has been peevish toward the boys for keeping Ji-hyuk late so they can’t go on a Valentine’s date, missing the part where he probably would have deflected in any case. She glowers at mention of Su-ah, but cheers up when the boys figure she’s out on a date with Seung-hoon — a fact that improves her mood about as much as it worsens Ji-hyuk’s.

The boys call rehearsal quits, and Ji-hyuk sits deflated. He wouldn’t admit he was waiting for Su-ah, but the other guys wonder if anything happened to her. Ha-jin says she’s probably on a romantic night out, but Kyung-jong worries that she might’ve gotten caught by the gangsters again. At that possibility, Ji-hyuk shoots up and bolts out of there with an excuse.

Ha-jin and Kyung-jong head out too, leaving Woo-kyung to sit miserably with the box of chocolates she’s been trying to give Ji-hyuk since morning. Do-il hangs back and notes that she missed her timing “this year, too.” She starts to tear up and says she’d been deliberating all day over the timing, holding back because she didn’t want hers getting mixed with all the others.

Angrily she opens the box and declares that she’ll eat ’em all and finally put an end to this. She shoves chocolate after chocolate into her mouth, brushing away tears.

Ji-hyuk races home and texts Su-ah (“Where are you?”), only to find the two gangsters waiting to ask questions. He tells them the girl moved away, which they seem to buy. Just as Su-ah texts back saying she’s almost home, however, the men recognize him from school. Ji-hyuk runs off, leading them in the opposite direction from Su-ah.

The thugs soon corner Ji-hyuk and give him a good pounding. Thankfully they’re called off by their boss, who informs them that Su-ah’s father has turned himself in. That means they no longer have to squeeze the man’s family for the money, and they retreat.

Seung-hoon walks Su-ah home and urges her again to move in to his sister’s officetel, for her safety. She just thanks him for accompanying her, and he says that every time she thanks him, he feels distance between them.

Ji-hyuk staggers back home, cut up and bloody. The sight of Su-ah standing in front of her gate, safe and sound, makes him smile in relief… until he rounds the corner to see Seung-hoon with her, pulling her to him for a surprise hug.


Su-ah’s secret living situation is something I was afraid might get dragged out, so I found it a relief to have everything come out into the open. Sure, there’s a lot of cuteness to be had in Ji-hyuk and Su-ah sharing this secret, but you can only do so much before you’re circling the same plot point.

My favorite aspect of this is the shakeup in relationship dynamics, not just for Su-ah and Ji-hyuk, but surprisingly for a lot of the supporting characters. Pyo-joo’s hatefulness toward Su-ah came as a surprise to me, because I’d assumed they’d all been in the same clique since kindergarten. I guess I shouldn’t find it surprising that the asshat acts like an ass, but I didn’t think he’d go so far as to outright attack Su-ah. If this drama ends up breaking up the Pyo-joo/Seung-hoon friendship, I’ll consider it a positive thing for Seung-hoon, who seems to possess a decent character, whereas Pyo-joo is rotten to the core.

I’m still not sold on Deo-mi because despite her acceptance of Su-ah, she still seems terribly snooty to our Eye Candy boys, and, well, if that isn’t a sign of bad taste, what is? But she’s at least a step up from Pyo-joo; maybe in Maro territory, where they’re set in their privileged ways but not entirely despicable.

I did also like how this opens the lines of communication between Su-ah and the boys, like Ha-jin approaching her at school. The drama’s done a good job of establishing the invisible class lines so well that I was actually taken aback at that; it felt like that taboo was real, and that they were breaking rules to be openly talking at school. The incredulous look on Deo-mi’s face was enough to tell us she considered this some sort of line-crossing, and it made me like Su-ah all the more for not seeing that line.

Then on the other side, we have Hyun-soo. Oh, pretty, pretty Hyun-soo. You’re going to cause problems, aren’t you?

That pool hall scene had me on edge, because it felt like the boys were close to breaking out into a fight. Everyone was upset with Ji-hyuk for walking out of the practice room, but it was interesting to see their differing reactions to hearing him out — and I love that the drama bothered to take care in establishing distinct reactions, rather than lumping them into one big group of identical emotions.

Hyun-soo is harshest toward Ji-hyuk, and I was nervous when he took a dig at Ji-hyuk’s so-called leadership skills. Especially since I kind of agreed that it wasn’t sporting for the leader to leave his team in the lurch. For now, I’m relieved that there are enough buffer personalities to keep this group in balance — Do-il is calm and logical, while Kyung-jong and Ha-jin are quick to react, but just as quick to restore their good humor.

Hyun-soo, though, exhibits alpha tendencies that are bound to have friction with Ji-hyuk, especially now that you add musical insecurities on top of the mix. Who else winced when that guitar evaluation was read? I felt that dread, which makes me worry for the boys but is also a great move, narratively speaking. It’s just too bad that these people feel so real to me that I don’t want them to clash, even if it’s necessary for the drama to keep going. You can’t break up the bromance!


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  1. guizy93

    i love this episode!1 so much cuteness!!

    • 1.1 Facepalm995

      Ok, first of all, thank you, DramaBeans, for all of your hard work! Secondly, I just couldn’t hold it in anymore and felt like I should share my opinion, even though I know I am just going against the grain. But hear me out objectively:

      After they killed the leader, or somewhere between episodes 4-5, the drama just lost it for me. The first three episodes (I’m talking about the video drama) were so incredibly intense you didn’t even have time to think, there ware explosive group dynamics, funny scenes and unbelievable spontaneousness, so one should think the writers would replace all of these, which were clearly stemming from Pyung Hee, with something equally entertaining, right? To me, everything went down from here onwards (until episode 9, that is to say). Everything started to seem so slow, the group was down because of the whole situation, I get it, but they just did not seem to be the same characters anymore, matters got less serious and more cheesy – and, seriously, the kiss between Jihyuk and Su Ah was just completely unrealistic. At that particular point, to me, it just felt like they did NOT yet have enough reasons or intensity for it – it was forced onto them, to say the least. I felt so disappointed because I was just thinking that I had found a realistic drama, when the characters suddenly started acting all emotionally when they didn’t even have enough premises for that – for example, the tension between Jihyuk and Su Ah would have seemed WAY more believable to me if Jihyuk had thought about her more. It’s the same thing as wanting me to believe Pyung Hee actually loved Su Ah – if he had lived to prove it, maybe, but not when you struggle to show me what a crazy playboy he is and never let me see equally as much of his deepness.

      Now, about the group dynamics, here comes my question: where did all the wittiness, inside jokes and spontaneousness disappear? Every time they remembered to do a ”Shut up and go!” scene I was like ‘Finally…’. Understand what I mean? I have to admit there still were some noteworthy ‘1-3rd episode’-style scenes, such as the jumping in bed to cheer up Hyun Soo one, but did no one else feel a big gap during these episodes? I personally felt really bored with the whole mood…(maybe also because I watched them at marathon-speed – meaning in one day).

      I feel relieved after reading about episode 9, but I still believe that concentrating on the serious matters in their lives more (meaning NOT the love triangles) would certainly have filled the gap. After killing one of the best characters in the show and making rich people poor, you just cannot expect someone to be satisfied with adolescent-life love insecurities and silly pride wars for like 5 episodes…(I did NOT say there were no more serious matters, just that they did not take full advantage of their existence). And, since they had such a brilliant character, they could have developed the story more around Pyun Hee, making more…

  2. MiMi

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      LOL ok one thing that is really bothering me is how Su-ah wears high heels, always. It makes her look like she really wants to grow up really fast and become an adult. Which she probably does, actually…

      • 3.1.1 thekors

        But she was in trainers, in that one scene when she was to weasel her way out of her rooftop home from the 2 gangsters coming to hunt her? So yea, to me she does look her age.

  4. kirara

    been refreshing and waiting for your recap.. its hard to watch a kdrama without subs or recaps.. basically watching it and deciphering what they are saying but all in all good!

    I can’t wait for this trio romance to envelope.. we can see that Su-ah is torn between both men and both have been doing their good share of being the knight.. although Ji Hyuk has done a better job as shown in this episode..:D

    Thank you for the fast recaps!! cant wait for the next episode!

    • 4.1 MsB

      I don’t think she is torn. She values Seung-Hoon friendship more. I don’t get the impression she is interested in being his girlfriend.

  5. MJP

    I wasn’t to thrilled with this episode. It didn’t really keep my attention.

    • 5.1 MJP

      I probably won’t continue watching unless something about the storyline intrigues me a bit more than it has thus far.

      I hope everyone else enjoys the story!

  6. Alvina

    This drama is just so… high school. I mean that in a good way. I can actually imagine these people as the friends I used to have back then, and it’s incredibly brilliant. Thank you for the recap!


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    I was also nervous about Hyunsoo’s reaction since he pushed jihyuk with a pool stick. It’s a good thing that Jihyuk didn’t get short-tempered on that.

    I just love this drama.

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    I was initially worried about L playing Hyun-soo (even though I’m a fan), but I’m really happy with the way that he’s portraying him so far. Sure, he’s the ice prince, and honestly I thought that meant he would just have to be cool and not act; however, he has this cold, menacing intensity just bubbling underneath ALL THE TIME. And it’s really great. Also, he has a really unique and super cool speaking voice.

    I’m still in love with this show, and cannot wait for tomorrow’s episode. EEK!

    • 8.1 hanie

      me too. I kinda (lovingly, of course) cringe when they announced L taken another drama since Jiu didn’t do it for me. Yes he is hot with blonde wig + nunchuck-ing while half asleep but it will only work for like…15 minutes.

      I’m happy and surprised L can carry Hyunsoo’s character quite well. I’m looking forward to background story on his anger, hopefully in next few episode. Hopefully they give him more screen time for him to showcase his improved-guitar-skill too.

    • 8.2 iDK

      Took the words out of my brain. 😀 L is doing a good job.

    • 8.3 Cam

      Yea yea!! I really enjoy watching Infinite member “L” is really doing so wonderful job for playing as Hyun Soo. I can’t believe that he really blew my mind…so…impressively! Fufu ~ This drama is really freaking good, of course.

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    i really like how the plot thickens every episode. i LOLed at “Don’t break the bromance!” because i was thinking the exact same thing! hahaha!

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    gotta say, i LOVE the teacher kim angle. i’m actually really excited to see if he’ll pull through for the boys somehow, someway.

    nervous for the brotherhood but i hope they hold out.

    • 14.1 Ani

      Hahaha. I was just now trying to figure out if I like Su-ah too. But I have to agree, I’m loving the Teacher Kim angle too. I liked him when he put Jihyuk in a headlock, wanted to kick him when he was being a douche, and then totally fell in love with where his character is heading. He’s still got a ways to go, but I feel he is the first character so far that has shown such growth in over just a few episodes. I also like it that the drama is setting him up to be an adult ally to these boys. <3

    • 14.2 kewbie

      I’m just “okay” with Su-ah right now. I neither love her nor hate her. I know she’s supposed to get with Ji-hyuk, but I feel like she’s a bit lukewarm towards him. I’d like to see her live as passionately as a rocker girlfriend can live, but it’s like she can’t quite make up her mind. I hope she resolves this soon.

      I wasn’t expecting to read about Teacher Kim. I think he’s kinda seeing the rich school principal’s attitude and doesn’t necessarily agree with it. I like that he is driven to help them nowadays. Who knows, maybe he’ll be an advocate for them in the future.

      • 14.2.1 78446

        Su-ah’s growing on me. And her acting has improved a lot from the first two episodes (there were some scenes she had in eps 1-2 where I was cringing) so I’m starting to warm up to her. She IS going to be a major source of conflict along the line so the fact that she can hang in there and quietly absorb all that angst and testosterone coming her way is fine by me. But if she can dish it out (or as you put it “live as passionately” 🙂 ) like the rest of them, then so much the better.

  15. 15 Ani

    I think at the end of all this, when they’ve aired out their feelings and patched up any holes in their wall of friendship, that Eye Candy will come out stronger and more united. They just have to make it through the storm. I find that I like Su-ah for how she doesn’t discriminate against the boys and how she is NO princess who is above working her way through these tough times. At the same time I haven’t exactly warmed to her. It’s like appreciating a person’s virtues, without actually liking them and I wonder if part of my reaction is to be blamed on the fact that I still haven’t watched episode 3 and 4. Hopefully, I’ll have caught up by the end of the week. But for now, I’m not feeling the vibes from her through the recaps – despite how jb and girlfriday have painted her in a positive light. Hopefully after catching up on my viewing, I will start liking Su-ah too.

    • 15.1 Ani

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      • 15.1.1 nonski

        hi Ani… me here again~~~

        oh how i love Do-il and i so symphatize with him over Woo-kyung…. why don;t he just give a go for it?

        • Ani

          WAH! nonski, as they say on the island “long time no kine speak”. Hahaha. I don’t know how he’s doing as an actor, but as a character, sigh, I feel his pain. Part of me wants him to just go for it. The other part of me is all “don’t do it! What if she rejects you? What is she says no?” Here’s to hoping. X)

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      That said, I think he’s a really interesting character and I want to learn more about him.

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    Oy, lol at the “Oh, pretty, pretty Hyun-soo”. He is distractingly pretty, isn’t he? Almost makes me want to start listening to idol pop. Hee.

    Thanks for the recap!

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        Thanks for the early morning laugh!

        • kewbie

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      OHHHH BOYYYYY!!! I AM in trouble!! heh. For the past couple of weeks haven’t watched a single episode of any K-drama. And, now I am LITERALLY shaking with excitement over their return which happens, ummm, in exactly 2 weeks!! Yes, it’s been a mere two weeks since I discovered BB ‘n I have been YT’ing them at an embarassing rate!! This feeling of CANNOT HAVE ENOUGH is familiar. Addiction to BB ===== Addiction to K-dramas!! And, guess what being addicted to BB is not a bad thing after all! 😀

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        and being addicted to BB is never a bad thing!!! Btw im totally daesung biased 😀

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        • Saima

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          • Zain

            Crazy by teen top reminds me so much of last farewell by Bigbang. probably because they were both produced by Brave Brothers. I still prefer last farewell but teen top isn’t bad, and I am pretty sure they all look up to big bang. They covered most of their songs like sunset glow and lies. I like most of the artists you listed. Ft island and Cnblue are awesome. And se7en and gummy are both amazing vocalists. 2am I like musically while 2pm I like because they are goofy and drool worthy. Junsu and Wooyoung are my favorites because they are both talented and hot. Though the rest are drool worthy hot. I also enjoy IU and 4men. Brown eyed girls are amazing. However, the two groups I am completely obsessed with are 2ne1 and big bang. Bigbang especially and my bias is TOP though vocally I adore Daesung’s voice. TOP’s rapping awesome compared to other idol rappers and his gorgeous eyes and deep voice are what made me fall for him. He is my number one bias in kpop. Another rapper/songwriter i adore is Tablo. His last album was beautiful. Kpop is fun even if it can be cheesy and you never know when you’ll find a gem. I want to thank Javabeans too for introducing me to some awesome indie bands like standing egg, vodka rain, and 10cm. She has exceptional taste in music.

      • 19.2.3 Cruelsummer

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        Not to be OT, but does anyone have any recommendations? Something that won’t make me cringe too bad.

        • JoAnne

          I have a playlist on Youtube that’s a combo of OST and KPop with (very new to me) a bit of Taiwanese stuff from Ring Ring Bell. I keep my list private, but I’ll go through it later and list some names. I will say that the ones I mentioned above are in heavy rotation, along with Rain. For him, I definitely like the ballads more than the dance stuff.

          • Cruelsummer

            I like Rain’s ballads as well. I thought I was just being pervy, lol.

          • JoAnne

            @CruelSummer No matter how old you are, lusting after a 30 year old man isn’t pervy. Lusting after 17 year old boys in red docs who have shaggy hair and aviator frames just is. I’m going to hell.

          • Cruelsummer

            That’s exactly why I tried to stay away from Kpop, lol.

          • Little Lulu

            @JoAnne, Can I go with you?

        • Saima

          I’ve just been listening to Big Bang with ‘lil bit of 2NE1 thrown in there as well. Altho I don’t ID with SNSD, SHINEE or SJ (who I listened to previously) perhaps you may give them a try?! BB totally jumped at me coz they were JUST 5 guys who physically looked diff. from e/o and had diff. looks. Also, GD (and/or TOP) produces a LOT of their music…which impressed me a lot.

          So, when I was checking out OB, in another life, Joo won had performed “Look at me, gwisoon” and I totally loved it….it was funny and spunky. I was later floored when I discovered that Daesung IS the singer and GD had produced/gifted it to him since Dae loves Trot music. A little backstory: I think 4-5 yrs ago BB appeared on this show wherein they had to compete with e/o on this faux- date. Poor boys were shown a pix of a striking gurl and they were pumped only to be tricked when her ‘not as striking’ friend (ughhh, the audience knows at this point that the friend will be eliminating the guys until the penultimate round) shows up. This friend named GWISOON eliminates GD then Daesung, heh. Upon his return from the date GD expresses his dismay and hurt on him being eliminated so early (we find out he’s saying the truth via the lie detector test). Later when they discover that Gwisoon is not the gurl, GD and Dae go, “We miss you, Gwisson noona!!”, GD esp is crushed, and he announces right on the spot, “Please look fwd to our 4th single soon!!”, the host looks surprised and asks what will it be called….and GD quickly comes up with the title, “Look at me, Gwisoon”, HAAAAA!! The guy even came up with the rough tune/music right then and there. Which I thought to be very impressive!! You should check out Dae performing on stage coz this song is MEANT to be performed. He’s hilarious and the crowd can’t get enoughhhh….

          Yeah, anybody who lends me a ear these days will regret it!! 🙂

          • Saima

            Also, love that they keep fan service to a minimum!

        • Bluefyre

          JYJ’s songs are far from cringe worthy 🙂
          Their OSTs are great as well.

          Glancing at my phone playlists, I have JYJ, 2NE1, Big Bang, 4 Men, Brown Eyed Girls, SPICA, Lim Jong Hee, Navi, Shin Hyesung, Brian Joo, Hwanhee, Wheesung, Standing Egg, Tearliner, and Shinhwa. I can vouch for all of them. They have great music!

        • PurpleLlama

          If you want Infinite suggestions (the band L is in), I suggest Come Back Again, Hysterie, Voice of My Heart, Be Mine, Paradise, I Don’t Know…yeah, just from the top of my head, those are some songs I like by them.

        • Cruelsummer

          Thanks Everyone for the the suggestions. I’m going to be busy on Youtube tonight.

      • 19.2.4 Little Lulu

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    • 24.2 Cruelsummer

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      • 24.2.1 JoAnne

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    The members of Eye Candy are greasers who has a lot of freedom, unwaveringly loyal or faithful friends, people they loves and who love them. Things that are important to 1 member are the things that are important to the others.

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    I was thinking about Woo-kyung and her unrequited love for Ji-hyuk. I wonder if he must have made it seem as if he liked her in the past, because she is really crushing on him pretty hard, saying that they better do something for Valentine’s Day this time around. Notice he avoids responding to that. It’s almost like he’s leading her on in a way, because he won’t tell her straight up, hey, I don’t like you like way. Sucks for her, really, and it sucks for Do-il, too, because since he likes Woo-kyung, he may get frustrated with Ji-hyuk for not telling her that he isn’t interested in her the way she’s interested in him. If he keeps stringing her along, even if it’s not on purpose, there’s no way she’ll even look at Do-il, let alone any other guy. Woo-kyung, snap out of it, girl! I mean, really, would it be so bad to be held tight by the pretty Do-il and all his shiny Pantene hair and smoldering eyes? Seriously!

    • 31.1 JoAnne

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      Another early morning giggle! He does have really pretty hair. It’s so funny to me too because he has only that little bit of American in him but he totally does not look Korean to me, or even Asian. You could plop him down on any street in the States and have him speaking English and no one would ever think he was anything but the kid next door.

      • 31.1.1 Cruelsummer

        Seriously. He looks like the first chair drummer from my high school band class that I had a major crush on.

        What is Woo-Kyung thinking?! Every girl wants to bang the drummer. Even if you have a crush on the lead, there’s always room for the drummer… like Jello 🙂

        • JoAnne

          OMG…now that you mention it, he does look like one of my highschool boyfriends (hair exact, strong jaw exact, silent exact…nothing else at all similar). Sigh…Tall, broad shouldered, baseball player…rarely talked, loved to kiss. Sigh again.

          • MsB

            Ladies, you are killing me!! HAHAHA!

      • 31.1.2 kewbie

        I’ve seen baby pictures and kid pictures of Lee Hyun-jae (Do-il) and he looks a heck of a lot more Korean. By the time he hits his teens he’s grown out of it.

  32. 32 Azura Skylla

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    • 32.1 cactus_alien

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    Even though they’re all besties they can still have tension and fight amongst each other. It is weird that I can appreciate that? To me it makes it more real. You know the best friend you can give crap to but at the end of the day you all still love each other?
    But I agree Hyun-soo’s attitude is a little worrisome-from past episodes and ones to come. You just wonder why he’s so desperate to prove himself, and who he’s doing it for. While it’s a good source of conflict and plot It does worry me about how it’s going to test the bond of our boys-along with everything else being thrown at them story-wise.
    In short, not the bromance!

    • 33.1 kbap

      Agreed. This show has made me love certain things (like rock, for example) to a scary degree. And I also do love how the friends could fight but still love each other. Like how I practically blew up in my soulmate’s (not literally, hee. I wish.) face yesterday. And I still love him, lol. (*ahem, not in the way that makes all little kids’ eyes bug and mouths hang. like he’s my annoying big brother way that always makes fun of me 🙁 ). I think (I think someone already mentioned this?) that the boys will grow stronger and have a tighter bond if their problem is resolved in the right way (unlike Bleak Night, for example, but that’s more extreme).

    • 33.2 kewbie

      I hate to say it, but me, too. I’m a resident of K-drama Cougartown. Why do these guys have to be so pretty, and cute and have that awesome bromance thing going on and have laser eyes/icy stares/longing looks. Sheesh…K-drama Cougars Anonymous, anyone?

      The tension that these guys have makes it show even more awesome, with them trying to work out their problems with their Alpha-dog-ness — especially Hyun-soo and Ji-hyuk. Ji-hyuk really has that starving artist thing going on after Byung-hee. I like his passionate and angsty thing he has going on, and I like Hyun-soo’s angry determination. I love them all for different reasons, but I see the tension coming from these two the most. Looking forward to next week already.

      • 33.2.1 MsB

        Me too! I’m joining the Cougar train!

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    I’m glad that Su-Ah is not the typical female lead. ^^
    I love seeing her with Jihyuk they look so good. Urrgghh ♥
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    I am starting to think of Seung hoo as a 2nd lead instead of a bad guy, as well. He seems decent enough. >.>

    can’t wait for the next recap!

    • 37.1 JoAnne

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    something that just stuck out to me in this episode is hyun-soo (L). i was really worried for the guy at first – being an INSPIRIT and all, i don’t want him to have a hard time getting criticism for his acting. i mean it’s myung-soo. the FACE of infinite. but i think i can relax now. he’s doing great so far, and i think he’s starting to feel more comfortable in his character’s grounds.

    i love the clash between the two bands and the boys within the group. and i’m incredibly happy that they are constantly moving the story forward. every episode feels extremely fresh, i’m always pumping my fists in the air because it’s so good.

    thank you for the recap 😉

  39. 39 nuri

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    I don’t want to sound like a bad person, but I was hoping that Ji Hyuk and Hyun Soo would fight it out then move on. So any tension is clear.

    Sung Joon got that bad boy attitude just at the right amount for girls to worship him. By girls I meant me.

    • 39.1 Czmych

      I agree… I think that a real, not only on the music ground, fist fight between Ji Hyuk and Hyun Soo is unavoidable. It necessary as a climax of their relationship after which their bromance can start.

  40. 40 cactus_alien

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    kamshamnidaaa for this awesome (as always) recap 😉

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    • 42.1 sally_b

      @Joy – re: “. though su ah is incredibly likeable and gorgeous, i just wish there was more ooomph to her character”

      ….this is the dilemma for any number of us (presumably women) who crave a feisty female lead character.

      as a KDrama fan…I’ve becomed slightly *numbed* to the dumb that is any female in a show. ( though this could also be applied globally) ….but I agree…that when the male cast is emitting signals to make to drama GLOW….the girls need to step up.

      ….writers don’t fail us now.

      • 42.1.1 Venus

        Hello Ladies,

        I think Su Ah is just the arm candy in this drama, a la Nana is City Hunter. The big Tunas in this pond is our “Eye Candy” boys and their journey. I really like JoBoa as Su Ah she has a nice screen prense and is not over acting, for a rookie I give her lots of props.

  43. 43 Ariel

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    Thanks for the recaps on SUFBB still waiting for the subbed episode, can’t wait.

  44. 44 DB5K

    I’ve always known that the teacher would turn out to be alright. He was just so funny, charismatic, and memorable in the earlier episodes. Even though he was a bit of a jackass, beneath that menacing glare was gruffness and beneath that was someone with a heart, conscience, and intentions to do the right thing and live honestly.

    I suspect that Seung Hoon will eventually be tempted into engaging in foul play when he realizes that Ji Hyuk’s band is going to win and that Su Ah likes Ji Hyuk. I think he’ll listen to Ji Hyuk’s bands’ demo tape or something. This may be the turning point that causes Su Ah to drop Seung Hoon. But yes, I’m sure he will be redeemed in the end.

    Soo Ah is doing alright as well….her character is pretty annoying though.

    And of course the band will temporarily disband. And I bet it will have something to do with Ji Hyuk choosing Su Ah over the band members. You know, hos over bros, lol.

    And can I just say I LOVE Do Il’s lovelorn puppy dog eyes!!!

    I can’t wait for Pyo Joo to get his COMEUPPANCE!!

    And the preview of the next episode hinted that there was a reason L wants to win the competition so much.

    And yes, L is doing is a decent job. However, I think L’s doing a good job because his real personality matches Hyunsoo’s. They’re both cold, awkward, taciturn, aloof and like to act “cool.” It’s strange to read comments spazzing about his looks, though, because I’ve become somewhat immune to them, lol. Wait till you guys see him without his bangs, though!!!

    And please check out Infinite. They are a lovable, goofy group of guys~~ Pretty solid talent-wise as well. Their entertainment company is doing a pretty good job producing for them, too.

    This drama’s alright. I don’t know if I’ll continue to be invested in it until the end, though. 10+ episodes to go, eek.

    • 44.1 hipployta

      But L isn’t any of those things…that was the image Woolim wanted to create for him but it broke down long ago. I remember in Days of Infinite he was laughing about it. When they went on weekly idol the hosts were like, ‘Eh, yeah that image isn’t true.’

      • 44.1.1 kim

        yeah i agree. if you have seen enough shows with infinite, you’d know that myungsoo is actually shy, dorky and clumsy and really likes to cuddle. (no, seriously, he is like, hugging and cuddling sungyeol all the time. all. the. time. 😉

        its just his looks that make him seem cool and unapproachable, but i think his personality is totally different. thats why i think he is doing a great job as an actor, especially in the role of hyunsoo.

    • 44.2 ldsaf

      bout the teacher.. the teacher tells Do-il that he already had 40 demerits, but did the teacher not erase or at least scribble out the points after he talked to Ji Hyuk? plus i want to know the teacher’s back story…

  45. 45 bebe

    From the character description, I read that Ji Hyuk and Hyun Soo are childhood friends and once best friends before Byung Hee came along. His bitterness comes from Byung Hee not only taking away his best friend role but also his musical bond with Ji Hyuk. He is desperate to succeed so he can prove his worthiness to Ji Hyuk and the band members. This is all on the offical website : )

  46. 46 Jaykah

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    I like Ji Hyuk and Su ah, I actually think they have very nice chemistry. Can’t wait to see more cute scenes!! 😀

  47. 47 trotwood

    My favorite character is Ha-Jin! Go Ha-Jin! I love how this drama gives even the secondary, secondary characters notes of characterization. I was afraid that I would not be able to distinguish the “boys in the band,” but they all seem to have their roles and distinct relationships. I loved how he was acting like a seasoned star with their fans and loving the attention, setting up the contrast with Ji-hyuk’s embarassment. I thought he was going to be a typical playboy, but his scene with Su-ra changed that as well.

    • 47.1 JoAnne

      Each boy is appealing in his own way and seems to be acting competently, experienced or not. It may be credit due to the writers, who really seem to give them authentic dialogue and actions. If you are not an experienced actor, it would be easier to play what you know – music, highschool, friend relationships – than something you hadn’t experienced. And thus far where this really shines is the interaction among the boys, although I am loving the small moments where things bleed out to others, as well.

  48. 48 kim

    gaaaaaah i want some alpha-male fighting! jihyuk and hyunsoo…so much underlying emotional potential…

    i just love this drama; the complexity of the characters, the real-worldlyness, the seamless bonding of relations, the down-to-earth dialogues and omg the soundtrack.

    y u only 16eps?!?!

  49. 49 shl

    Thank you for the recaps! I wasn’t originally intending to follow this drama, but your recaps have won me over!

  50. 50 jingyi

    love your recaps and comments!

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