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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 6
by | February 14, 2012 | 185 Comments

So effing good. This episode rules! It’s bromance, romance, and rock ‘n’ roll. What’s not to love? It’s time for the big show, and a big showdown too, but not between the people you think. Sometimes when you don’t work out your issues off the stage, they follow you on, in a big, big way.


Ji-hyuk rounds the corner just in time to see Seung-hoon pull Su-ah into a hug, and scoffs bitterly before stalking away in the other direction. That’s just what you want to see when you got your face beaten into a wall for a girl—her hugging the other guy.

What he doesn’t see is that she pulls away immediately, and backs away as she says goodbye. As soon as she reaches her rooftop she calls Ji-hyuk, and discovers his phone down in the street below.

Ji-hyuk stumbles over to Do-il’s pool hall and collapses on a table before Do-il finally sees his bloodied face. But Ji-hyuk doesn’t want to talk about it, and insists it’s no big deal.

The next morning Su-ah waits outside for Ji-hyuk to come back home, and just misses him yet again. He saunters into school in the foulest mood, pushing his luck with Teacher Grumpypants and wearing band-aids all over his face.

Su-ah waits impatiently, and he finally arrives to class. Ha-jin and Hyun-soo immediately ask what happened to his face, ready to rough up whatever hooligans—er, other hooligans—did this to him. Aw, gotta love bromantic solidarity.

Hyun-soo guesses right away that if it had been neighborhood punks, Ji-hyuk’s fists would’ve been bruised, not his face. He looks up at Su-ah tentatively approaching, and says pointedly that because of someone, scary thugs have been around an awful lot these days.

She comes up to Ji-hyuk and asks if that’s what happened—did he get beaten by the gangsters who were after her? He doesn’t answer. She returns his phone and Hyun-soo tells her to get lost. I do love that he’s antagonistic towards her. It’s a nice internal conflict within the band.

Seung-hoon steps up to defend her, and has a stare-down with Hyun-soo before Ha-jin intervenes to stop them from fighting.

Ji-hyuk’s bad mood hangs over him all the way through practice, and Hyun-soo calls him out on it, asking where his head is at. Ji-hyuk just blows off the rest of practice and storms out.

He walks home in a cloud of angst and sighs on his rooftop, and only heads inside after seeing Su-ah arrive home. She comes knocking a little later, to ask if he’s okay, if he’s not hurt.

He plays it off like it’s no big deal, but he’s gruff with her, or more gruff than usual. She says that they can switch back their rooms, since those guys won’t be around anymore. He jumps to conclusions and scoffs that her prince must’ve arrived, since she’s going to clean up her rooftop life and go back to where she came from.

She asks if he’s mad at her for something, because he’s clearly being passive-aggressive, but he denies it, all while flashing back to her hug with Seung-hoon. He leans in just to ask what on earth he’d be mad about. Rawr. Why you gotta lean in all close like that?

They gather up their things and make the switch, and Su-ah thanks him for his help, saying that she really wouldn’t have gotten through this rough patch without him. But he’s interrupted by a panicked phone call from Ha-jin, saying that Woo-kyung is in trouble. Ji-hyuk dashes off.

He finds Ha-jin trying to pry three angry fangirls off of Woo-kyung, or maybe the other way around; it’s hard to tell ’cause there’s just lots of yelling and screaming and hair-pulling going on. (It’s basically a fight that erupted because they all like Ji-hyuk, while Woo-kyung points out that they so very recently were Byun-hee’s fangirls. Ha.)

Ji-hyuk jumps into the fray, and finally the three of them sit on the steps in the aftermath, to lick their wounds. Ha-jin declares that nothing ever goes right when there are four girls, because girls are best enjoyed separately. Pfft. Spoken like a true playboy.

He jumps up at the sight of more girls passing by, not wanting to waste a good night alone. Well he did have to ditch a noona to help Woo-kyung out, so I guess he’s just righting wrongs?

Woo-kyung buries her head, mortified that Ji-hyuk has seen her like this. She wonders how he could be so flaky on dates, and then show up like clockwork at times like this. Ha. Aw, poor Woo-kyung.

He doesn’t see what’s so embarrassing about it anyway, and pats her on the head like a little puppy. But she points out that she’s embarrassed about everything in front of him—that she doesn’t go to school, that she’s older than him, that she spends her days perming people’s hair.

“When you like somebody, you’re always embarrassed, because you always want to look good in front of them.” She finishes the thought with the even harsher truth: “But you don’t feel like that with me, ever.”

He just brushes it off as too complicated a way to think of things, true to form. She gets up to go home, and refuses to let him walk her there. She’s been embarrassed enough for one night, and wants it to end there.

At school the next day, news breaks that Su-ah’s dad has been hauled away in handcuffs and detained, and things go from bad to worse for her. Both Seung-hoon and Ji-hyuk note the new development silently. At least he knows the real reason why she’s not worried about the gangsters anymore.

Ha-jin and Kyung-jong shoot the breeze, and note Su-ah’s situation with some sympathy. Ha-jin sighs that the Rooftop Roomies situation is wasted on Ji-hyuk, because if he were there, he’d certainly comfort her. Yeah, I BET you would.

Kyung-jong just very innocently points out that it can’t be, because she’s Byung-hee’s muse. Ha-jin calls him naïve—affection is bound to grow when they see each other every day, living side by side. He jokingly imagines them as the Rooftop Couple.

What they don’t notice is that Pyo-joo has overheard their entire conversation with an evil glint in his eye. Uh-oh.

In gym class the teacher tells them to pair up, and Pyo-joo comes up behind Su-ah, shoving her right into Ji-hyuk’s arms. He calls them the Rooftop Couple and says that “like should be with like.”

He announces loud and clear for the whole class to hear that they live in a house so small they can’t even stretch their legs, scoffing that it might as well be a doghouse. Ji-hyuk grabs a nearby basketball… and chucks it right at Pyo-joo’s head. Damn, that’s satisfying.

They get up in each other’s faces, but then the teacher comes over. So Ji-hyuk reaches in for a hug as he says loudly, “I’m sorry,” while whispering into Pyo-joo’s ear to shut his trap or he’ll make him shut it. Okay, that’s even MORE satisfying.

With that, Ji-hyuk storms out of class. This time, it’s the girls’ turn to be nasty, as they gather around Su-ah and call her the Jungsang Two-Timer. Deo-mi rushes up to defend her, only her defense is that Seung-hoon declared in front of everyone that Su-ah is his girlfriend.

But what I love about Su-ah is that she stands up for herself. She looks the meangirl straight in the eyes and says yes, her father went bankrupt, yes she lives in a rooftop room… anything else she’d like to know?

She adds that for the record, the too-good-for-her Seung-hoon is not her boyfriend… which is right when Seung-hoon walks into class. Awkward.

Seung-hoon corners Ji-hyuk in the bathroom to tell him to stop telling everyone about the rooftop because he’s just making things harder for Su-ah. Ji-hyuk just laughs, wondering why the kids at this school have so many secrets. “I’ve never once been embarrassed about the fact that I live in a rooftop room.”

He doesn’t see what the big frickin’ deal is, because it’s true. He lives in a rooftop room. She lives in a rooftop room. Who cares? But the kicker, he points out, is that Seung-hoon DOES seem to care, because he’s embarrassed. Ooooh. One point, Ji-hyuk.

He wonders why Su-ah was so reluctant to tell him where she was living, and the reason is obvious—Seung-hoon is no different from the other kids at this school. He continues in his relaxed I’m-too-cool-for-this-shit tone that Seung-hoon shouldn’t waste his energy posturing in front of him, and should shut Pyo-joo up instead.

Seung-hoon calls after him to say they’ll see who’s the bigger help to Su-ah, but dude, you’ve already lost that game. He warns Pyo-joo to stop pestering Su-ah, and says it’s his final warning. Hasn’t this guy had one too many final warnings?

Seung-hoon waits outside for Su-ah to finish her shift at the restaurant, and tells her that she was really brave today. He remembers that she was always really brave, recalling the time she saved him from ridicule and piggybacked him away, when they were young and he was shorter than her. Aw.

He admits that he doesn’t mind being thought of as her boyfriend, and she tells him that he’s a really good friend, but she doesn’t want to hide behind him anymore. She does promise him that she’ll show up to the rock festival, though I don’t think she’s goin’ there to see you, buddy.

Eye Candy scrapes through another practice feeling off, and Ha-jin tells Hyun-soo to give it up and just let Ji-hyuk do the guitar solo. Ooh. Ouch. Hyun-soo just ice-beams him and Kyung-jong reminds the guys that Hyun-soo’s just been really busy taking care of his sister and stuff.

The festival’s in two days so everyone’s on edge, and Ji-hyuk abruptly puts an end to practice for the day, telling Hyun-soo to put in more solo practice time. To that end, Hyun-soo skips school the next day, not moving an inch from their practice space, and not even answering the guys’ calls.

The principal hears about both bands entering the festival, and calls them into his office to congratulate them. Well, he congratulates Strawberry Fields. And then he turns to Eye Candy and says that maybe it’d be best if the school only put forth one entry in the competition, yunno, for a united front and all that. URG. Imma throttle you, Turtle Man.

Thankfully Seung-hoon speaks up to put an end to that nonsense, saying that everyone should play fairly. Teacher Kim also pipes up to tell the principal that actually, Eye Candy enters the competition in second place, while Strawberries enter at fourth. The principal clears his throat awkwardly.

Out in the hall the two bands throw insults and challenges back and forth, and Ji-hyuk just tells Seung-hoon to do whatever he wants, like he’s talking at a buzzing fly. Ha, I love that Seung-hoon’s more invested in this rivalry than Ji-hyuk is, because he’s doing this for Byung-hee.

They put in their last practice before the big day, and Ji-hyuk wonders why they’re not even complaining when they’ve never worked this hard before. But Hyun-soo says it’s because they have something to prove, “to Byung-hee.”

Oof, that just gets you in the heart. I love that you think he’s gonna say that they have something to prove to the rich bastards at school, but they don’t—they’re in this for their friend. Ji-hyuk raises his hand, rock on, at the mention of Byung-hee.

He walks home, and Su-ah catches up to him on their street, calling out to him over and over. He wonders why she sounds so excited to see him and tells her to stop being so friendly, especially at school, since “it doesn’t do you any good either.”

But she doesn’t see any reason for that, and says she’s super happy to see him, even if he’s not. She adds that he was right—now that she’s finally told the truth to everyone at school, she feels so much freer.

He asks if she’s going to the rock festival, and she says of course, she begged for the day off because she has a band to cheer on… Eye Candy. He stops in his tracks. You can literally feel the smile about to erupt on his face, only then she tags on, “and Strawberry Fields too.” Aw, you pooped on his parade!

She says she’s been meaning to ask, but does he know of anyone who has the same voice as him? She says that the guy singing Seung-hoon’s song sounds just like him, and lets him listen.

He recognizes it immediately, of course. “Is this that song? The one you like and have been listening to all the time?”

Su-ah: “Yeah. This voice is so strange—when I’m lonely it makes my heart feel warm, and when I’m excited it makes my heart race, and when I’m sad it makes me want to cry.”

He keeps his poker face and wonders why she doesn’t ask Seung-hoon who it is. She says he doesn’t know either. Ji-hyuk finally breaks out into a little secret smile.

They share headphones as they walk home together listening to the song, and Ji-hyuk grins like a fool the whole way. So. Cute.

He wakes up at the crack of dawn the day of the festival, and finds his daily banana milk with a note this time: “Eye Candy Fighting!” He downs it and gives a big roar, ready to conquer the world.

Everyone arrives on time at the venue except for Hyun-soo, who’s got a last-minute sister crisis of course, because this is a drama. The boys call him frantically and make it through rehearsals without him, but soon enough it’s showtime.

Strawberry Fields plays before them. It’s a rather subdued performance for a rock festival, but they do well, and Ji-hyuk watches from the crowd.

They’re almost up and Hyun-soo runs through the streets to get there in time… and nearly gets hit by a van while crossing the street. He rolls to avoid getting hit, and gets a shard of glass in his hand for his trouble. Oh noes.

The van carries a mystery celebrity, who notes him with some curiosity. The manager offers to take Hyun-soo to the hospital, but he takes off running. The boys wait on pins and needles, and Hyun-soo finally arrives, with just seconds to spare.

They go onstage right away, and play Byung-hee’s song, finally in sync and all smiles. Here it is again in case you missed it:

Jaywalking [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Hyun-soo finally gets his guitar riffs just right, and seems happy… except we start to see that his hand is still bleeding, all over his guitar. It gets worse as he continues to play, and it’s starting to worry me—what if he ends up permanently damaging his hand that way? I can barely watch.

It finally comes to the guitar solo and Hyun-soo starts to play it through gritted teeth. His face twists in pain. Ji-hyuk finally has a moment to pause his singing and look over at Hyun-soo, which is when he sees his hand and guitar covered in blood.

Without hesitating, Ji-hyuk stops him in the middle of the song… by man-hugging him until my heart nearly bursts. Everything comes to screeching halt. Hyun-soo struggles, fighting to get free and keep playing like an obstinate fool, but Ji-hyuk just clutches him in that bear-hug, refusing to let go.

It’s long moment before the feral Hyun-soo finally calms down and lets Ji-hyuk win. He heads offstage in defeat, and Ji-hyuk looks out at the stunned audience.

He cues the rest of the guys, who are just as gobsmacked as the crowd, and they start playing where they left off, and finish the song. Ji-hyuk gives a bitter smile at the end before turning to walk off the stage. Urg, what a heart-wrenching performance.

And then as the judges (including Seung-hoon’s sister) tally the scores, the girl whose van nearly hit Hyun-soo takes to the stage for a special appearance. She’s announced as Kim Ye-rim (played by Kim Ye-rim, from Superstar K3).

The winner is announced: Strawberry Fields. The crowd cheers happily, though Seung-hoon doesn’t really look too ecstatic. Maybe he’s just used to winning and it doesn’t really mean much to him, or maybe he knows they would’ve lost had Eye Candy not caused the big commotion onstage? Who knows.

Su-ah smiles and cheers them on, but immediately starts looking around for Ji-hyuk.

Backstage the rest of the boys sigh at Hyun-soo’s doggedness to keep playing with a bloodied hand, and Do-il says it’s a good thing Ji-hyuk stopped him when he did. Hyun-soo doesn’t say anything, and just asks, “Where’s Ji-hyuk?”

Waah, what is it about that moment that kills me? I think I was scared that Hyun-soo might still be angry at Ji-hyuk (even though he’d have no right to be) but when he looks for him like that, it’s a sign that there’s no love lost in that bromance. The guys tell him that Ji-hyuk went home right away, wanting to be alone. Aw.

They head out, and Ye-rim comes to ask Hyun-soo if he’s okay. The other guys recognize her right away as a big star, but Hyun-soo just gives her his trademark icy stare-down and walks right past her.

She tells him that she’s sorry but that just unleashes his anger. He asks what sorry’s gonna do—is it going to put them back onstage or give them the win? “I wanted to give my friend one last gift, but it’s all ruined because of me. I’m about to go crazy right now so shut up and get lost!” I could swear he silently mouths shibal at the end of it, but maybe not.

Su-ah skips out on Strawberry Fields’ after-party and heads home, shocked to find Ji-hyuk standing up on top of his roof—the roof of the rooftop room, to be exact. She hurries upstairs and calls him down from there.

He says everything looks different from up here. He wonders how different things look when you’re looking down from the heavens. “What do you think it’s like… the world that Byung-hee sees? He saw our performance today, you think?”

He tells her she should come up too, “You can see all the things you couldn’t see before.” In this moment he has a bit of that Byung-hee flair.

Su-ah climbs up the ladder, though she’s too scared to make it all the way to the top without his help. He wonders why she came up here when she’s clearly afraid. Su-ah: “Because you wouldn’t come down.”

He asks why that matters to her—what is he, for her to care one way or the other? Su-ah: “Because I want to be with you.” Huck!

Without another word, he looks her in the eyes, and reaches for her hand, interlocking his fingers in hers. Goddamn that’s hot.

And with his other hand he pulls her in for a kiss. And then another.

That’s it. I’m moving to a rooftop immediately.


I swear, if it’s one thing Jane Austen had right, it’s that a hand-hold can be just as hot as a kiss, and then some. Not that I would give back being in this century and having my kisses onscreen, mind you (blashphemy!), but there’s something so electrifying about that hand-hold that says everything, no kisses needed.

I love that Su-ah says it first. What’s nice about this pairing is that their feelings actually grew at the same time, so neither of them was pining away in secret while the other remained clueless. Ji-hyuk could’ve easily admitted his feelings first, but I like that she’s the more assertive one.

What feels genuine about her character is that she’s not too cool for school. She wants the normal things a teenager wants—to be liked, to get by without being labeled a laughingstock. If she were just a rebel to begin with, it wouldn’t mean as much when she starts to let it go and stands up for who she is, what she wants, who she wants to hang out with. Her choosing Ji-hyuk means more than liking him; it means she’s finally owning up to who she really is.

But the real heart of the episode was in the Hyun-soo/Ji-hyuk bromance, which is one of my favorite relationships of the show. It’s nice to have a character within the group cause some friction among the boys, and Hyun-soo is a fantastic character because he’s got a bit of that instability and mystery that Byung-hee had – you’re never quite sure when he’s gonna fly off the handle.

It gives the band an edge and a feeling of unease, which I think plays nicely to keep them from being too easy a friendship. Yes, they’d go to the ends of the earth for each other, but they aren’t always going to be happy playtime pals either. Hyun-soo’s conflict with Ji-hyuk has been escalating since the beginning of the show, but what I love is that the concert-bloody-hand resolution was unexpected.

I figured he’d be late and all that typical stuff, but I didn’t expect their tense and fractured relationship to take a dramatic turn in the middle of the freaking song, for crying out loud. But if it’s one thing that marks Ji-hyuk as a leader, it’s that he puts people before everything else. Yes, they’re here for the music, and yes, they made a promise to Byung-hee. But Hyun-soo matters more in that moment.

It’s what he did for Su-ah once, but this time it’s the full impact of that kind of gesture—because it’s official, onstage, and because no one else could’ve done it. It’s the very thing that causes them to fight every day, that ends up being the only thing to save Hyun-soo from himself: Ji-hyuk’s just as stubborn an ass as he is. Sealed with a hug. And they say two alphas can’t get along.

The best part is that Ji-hyuk still finishes the song. That totally wrenches my heart, because they know it doesn’t matter—they’re not going to win—but they still play anyway, to keep their promise to Byung-hee. Rock on.


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  1. 51 Arile

    Stands up and clap, clap, clap, clap….

  2. 52 SJ

    i swear every time these boys said something “for Byung Hee”, my tears came gushing out like pregnant Huang He River. i don’t expect Byung Hee’s character and spirit to deeply affect me… not to such an extend. Lee Min Ki did justice to the character. oh my, i love their bromances, tensed bromance, and heavenly bromances. and Su Ah is coming off as a really different personality from what i assumed earlier. love her a lot.

  3. 53 redfox

    I don´t think I have seen a more realistic kdrama before (not that it is totally realistic. but it feels like life).
    although the fact that gangsters can beat up a teenager I still dont get it. maybe I am naive. But how can that happen in any part of the world, a full grown (overgrown butthead) man attacking a boy? and because of another grownup nonetheless? wtf. not in my home land. that must be made up for Korea, right?

    and there will be other chances to shine so I am glad the boys have got their priorities straight. It is more important to care for a person than for stardom. what is so sweet is that the stardom dream is also for a friend. two equal missions competing.

    and what I personally get a kick out of is that JiHyuk looks a lot like my cousin! like A LOT. thats so weird, but also cool. although my cousin is a computer nerd and doesnt have anything to do with music.

    • 53.1 JoAnne

      A hot computer nerd? sounds good!

      • 53.1.1 kbap

        Mmmm, more than good. A hot guy who could fix my computer of all the viruses that come from the obscure sites I stupidly decide to download drama/movies? Sounds awesome 🙂

  4. 54 sally_b

    RE: (not that it is totally realistic. but it feels like life).

    I think that may have something to do with the camera-work being herky-jerky…like a documentary.

    It works mostly …but there are times, when it makes me a little sea-sick. Overall, the filming seems to have a rough edge…as it should, so yeah—good observation. 🙂

    RE: “although the fact that gangsters can beat up a teenager I still dont get it…..edit……wtf. not in my home land. that must be made up for Korea, right”

    agreed. Definitely a thing I’ve noticed in Kdramas…is elders (gangsters or otherwise) getting a free pass to *wail* on younger people.

    Honestly…in the west, if an elder raised a hand to a younger in anger, they’d probably get their asses kicked.

    I’ll mark this up to …um…cultural difference (?) please feel free to correct me ~

    • 54.1 psst

      puhaha, gangsters beat on youngsters, don’t you get that’s for just drama? you must be naive or something to believe everything in the drama .

  5. 55 purplegongju

    thank you this is such a frickin awesome dramaaaa!!! sungjoon and myungsoo is just blowing this drama away. the bromance!! the hot ending. omg love this ep. now i wanna rewatch it again. hahaha. and i love sungjoon’s voice. rawr. i want a jihyuk please.

  6. 56 purplegongju

    i think its realistic in the sense of the feelings and emotions of people and of friends. this is probably a reality to some too. at one point we’ve been there the against the world feeling, rebel to a point and such things teen or adult. i can relate to them to a certain degree as well. yeah ok i love this drama. how the story is told and acting ahhh ok enough spazz.

  7. 57 tomatan

    why is it that after reading this recap I felt like crying? lol.
    great episode 😀

  8. 58 Ani

    Mother of MOSES! This was one badass bromance episode. <3

    • 58.1 Ani

      No really, whoever said two alphas can’t be in the same group? That’s only a dating rule, a la How I met Your Mother. I am enjoying the different members in the group, and loving the dangerous vibes just emanating off of Hyunsoo. I can’t say I know how Myungsoo is doing as an actor, but I am loving the character and this is an instance where I can easily turn a blind eye towards any acting mess ups – but I say that now because I am 4 episodes behind. Argh.

      Also, throwing out some Do-il love. Let’s hope for some development along the Wookyung front. X)

      • 58.1.1 thekors

        Yea I love the fact that there are 2 alpha males in the group, yet you have those two in the form of Ha Jin and Kyung Jong ever so ready to inject humor in certain situations, at the right time.

      • 58.1.2 kewbie

        Haha…I was looking for some Do-il/Woo-kyung interaction last episode, too, but this was clearly the Hyun-soo/Ji-hyuk and Ji-Hyuk/Su-ah show!

        I never knew Hyun-soo could act so angrily. He really and truly has some deep anger and frustrations inside him which just exploded last night.

        I love that Ji-hyuk showed how much he cared about Hyun-soo during the concert when his hand was bleeding, and I really appreciate how Hyun-soo really wanted to work hard to improve his performance.

        Since Hyun-soo couldn’t really be mad at Ji-hyuk this episode, he had to take it out on Ye-rim. I hope he doesn’t stay cold towards her.

        Finally…that kiss was sooo…DAEBAK. I felt myself tense up when he took her hand and locked fingers. Oooh baby. Let’s hope Su-ah is not afraid to let other people know about her relationship with Ji-hyuk.

  9. 59 A_Donuts

    OMG! THEY KISSED! It’s so early in the drama though. lots of heartbreak to follow. that Hyun-soo will end up being nothing but trouble but I think that everyting will eventually end well.

    Ji-hyuk and Su-ah hwaiting!

    • 59.1 A_Donuts

      I also love how Su-ah was the first to admit her feelings not the other way around.

  10. 60 Dorotka

    Thanks Girlfriday for the recap. I couldn’t say it better than you did. The Hyun Soo & Ji Hyuk touching bromance, Su Ah standing up for herself… and the hand-hold…

    …and I love Jane Austen…

    Although happy with this episode, still would like to see more about Su Ah’s and Seung Hoon’s past, why is Su Ah different from the snobbish girls in the class… and of course much more about the boys and their families.

    Well, isn’t this actually great? The drama makes us care for ALL characters! I even care a bit for the teacher…

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    Awwww, so good it hurts!! Loving this romance, you go girl! Get your man!

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    does anyone else think ji hyuk looks A LOT like oguri shun? sometimes i have to remind myself that i’m not watching Gokusen lol

    that said, wow this turned out to be such a good drama, havent been hooked on a drama like this since city hunter. and hyun soo..so pretty, i didnt know he’s from infinite til i looked him up

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    bromance oh bromance , one of the most beautiful rare thing in this world , even more so than romance to me !

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    Can I just say that I love Su-Ah’s smurfette shirt? It’s just GAH! Adorable and I want one 😀

    Ohmygoodiegoodnes, I have now jumped aboard the Ji-Hyuk ship. Screw Se -no, not even that, I still have a spot for him too…just in case- but awww Ji-Hyuk. Dat manhug <3 I love Su-Ah too, she's just brilliant, I have to give her cred since this is her first acting role. She's better then I thought she'd be, which is good

    As for Hyun-Soo… I'm having slightly mixed feelings about that kid. I'm not sure where is intentions fully lie. Like there's a bigger role for him to play as a possible, well yunno ass? But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt since his momentary intention was purely for the boys and I love that, I do but I just can't shake of this feeling that he'll … nevermind I'll just shut up and say what I was meant to say about the recap. Like anywho, what am I blabbing about? I haven't even mentioned the best part of the whole thing… THE FUCKING KISS <333333333 I melted, GAH! Ji-Hyuk-Su-Ah, you two are just adooooooooooorable

    Haha, loved the recap hun xD

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    I feel bad for Woo Kyung, hopefulle she gets a happyile ever after with Do-Il 🙂

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    For the future I would like to see more Do-il, and his family dynamic (with his fighter dad).

    As for Woo-kyung, am I the only one who finds her annoying, and becoming more of a pointless character?

    • 89.1 kewbie

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    sungjoon isn’t new to the camaraderie/bromance type of relationship in dramas. and i think his tenure in “white christmas” helped him develop an easier way to express his character really well on “shut up flower boy band.”

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