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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 8
by | February 21, 2012 | 166 Comments

This show breaks my heart, in the best way. The boys face their first brush with success, and it tests their loyalty, one by one. Our major relationships encounter some crossroads as well, as Su-ah makes a decision and Ji-hyuk finally confronts the question he’s been too scared to face about Su-ah: is liking her the same as betraying his bestie Byung-hee?


Hot Potato – “고백” (Confession) — in honor of Kim C’s cameo [ Download ]

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Seung-hoon’s noona at HR Entertainment offers them the contract—for Ji-hyuk and Hyun-soo—and tells them to think it over. Ji-hyuk says it’s not necessary, and rips it up in her face. Kyung-jong can barely hide his smile. Aw.

They get up to walk out, and she tells them she’ll be here when they change their minds. “Think carefully, whether you’re doing music because you want friends, or if you have friends because you want to make music.”

Er… how ’bout you have both, lady? Not everyone’s gotta be a hermitty genius who gave up bromance for rock. Once they’re gone, she makes a call to someone saying that she’s got a band worth seeing. Hm.

They trudge back to their basement, where Woo-kyung is on pins and needles, ready to celebrate their new success. They tell her what happened, Kyung-jong happily reliving Ji-hyuk’s loyalty…

But Woo-kyung turns it around on them, asking if they’re really Ji-hyuk’s friends. She asks what the big deal is to be separated now, when they really should be scrambling to help any one of them get up out of this basement.

She actually says the words, “You’re blocking Ji-hyuk’s path,” and Ji-hyuk grits through his teeth for her to stop and walks out. Hyun-soo sighs, and I’m thinking he’s not entirely on Ji-hyuk’s wavelength on this. Urg, I’m scared he’s going to cut loose and take the deal.

While Hyun-soo sleeps, his mom comes in and finds the HR Ent contract sitting pristinely on his desk. Oh noes! Don’t do it, Hyun-soo! She tells his dad excitedly, and Hyun-soo sighs, clearly thinking about signing it.

Ji-hyuk walks home and Su-ah catches up to him and calls out his name. He doesn’t turn around so she runs up, winding up to throw an egg at his head… I hope that’s hard-boiled… But he turns around just in time to catch her egg-handed.

She erupts into hiccups immediately, and tries to cover it up by casually offering him an egg. He takes it, and then cracks it on her head. Hee. She frowns that she’s always the victim, but he says hey, at least her hiccups went away.

Ha, that is the very definition of the Korean saying, to give the illness and then the medicine. He smiles and says he was having a crap day, but she just made it better. In her room, she smiles at her bag of eggs, and then sees Seung-hoon’s notebook. She puts it in her bag, clearly having made some sort of decision about it.

At school, Eye Candy continues to music-video-strut down the halls because pretty people just walk in slow motion, don’t you know. The girls squeal in delight, and one decides bravely that she should ask for their autographs before they become too famous.

So her friend launches her into their path, where Hyun-soo gives her an icy stare, and then Ha-jin stops to coo over her and make sure she’s okay. Ha. So true to form. Strawberry Fields looks on jealously.

The rumor of their HR Ent contract has spread throughout school, and Pyo-joo asks if Seung-hoon’s sister would really betray them, as if brotherly loyalty would mean anything to her. Seung-hoon just sighs and walks away.

But the contract continues to loom over Eye Candy’s heads, and things finally come to a head between Ha-jin and Hyun-soo, who still haven’t quite smoothed things over fully since the festival.

Ha-jin says that if someone hadn’t messed up their concert, she would’ve witnessed his awesome bass skills. Hyun-soo gets the implication loud and clear: it’s all his fault. Ha-jin asks if he’s not really dying to sign the contract and go be famous, and Hyun-soo speaks frankly that of course he does—is that so wrong?

What’s great is that you can see plainly both sides of the argument and why they’re both right. But it kills me that the group is getting fractured more and more by the day. Ji-hyuk tries to stop them, and finally Do-il gets fed up and stalks off silently.

Su-ah comes to Seung-hoon’s practice room, his notebook and mp3 player in hand. She sits down at the piano and starts tinkering away, and suddenly Seung-hoon appears behind her, wrapping his arms around her to play the song for her.

She stops and tells him that he sure has a way of stealing her thunder, and he just says he thought she wanted to hear that song. She points out that this is exactly his problem—he doesn’t consider what the other person wants, and just DOES.

Seung-hoon doesn’t get it: “Isn’t that more convenient?” Because of course, pampered rich boy doesn’t understand why a girl wouldn’t just want things to be easier. Sigh.

She gives him back his class notes and the mp3 player, which she says she lost, but has replaced with money from her part-time job. She tells him that she didn’t realize how much she had been accepting from him without thinking about it, and adds that she won’t be accepting anything from him anymore. “Because I can’t accept your heart.”

Oh thank GAWD. I really thought she might ride the wishy-washy two-timing train for a while longer. He asks, “Is it because you’ve found someone else you like?” She pauses… “I think I have.” Wow, I didn’t expect her to say that. I like her even more.

Do-il tells Ji-hyuk to stop thinking of them and just sign the contract. Ji-hyuk sighs, running his hand along one of the pool tables, recalling Byung-hee. He says so what—he’d get up on stage to sing, and Hyun-soo would play guitar… but who would play the drums?

“I can’t sing unless YOU play the drums, you ass.” Pfft. I’m laughing and crying at the same time.

Do-il smiles, and Ji-hyuk says that if they want to show Byung-hee’s music to the world, they’ll need that witch, but no matter what, “We run together.” He calls the band for a meeting.

Ji-hyuk announces that they will get a five-member contract out of “that witch.” She’s never really seen a true performance from them, so they’ll show her what they’re really made of, and if she still says no, then they’ll have tried their best and can give up cleanly.

Suddenly a strange man pops up, “You’re gonna give up that easily? Hey, do you have any booze around here?” The boys jump back in shock. OMG, it’s Kim C!! Kim C’s back on my tv? Oh happy day.

They ask who the weirdo ajusshi is, and then Do-il does a double take: “Isn’t that… Rock Kim?” They stare dumbfounded, rubbing their eyes, and Rock Kim scoffs, “Have you seen a ghost?”

He says that he heard they were the neighborhood punks so he came to check them out, but they look on the verge of breaking up. “There’s no fun, no booze… I’m outta here.” He says they should call him when they break up and want to sell off their instruments—he’ll get them a good deal.

They stand there bewildered, wondering if they just hallucinated, musing that there’s no way Rock Kim would be in Korea. Hey, I’m as surprised as you are. I thought Kim C was in Germany. They wonder if maybe it was just some guy that looks like him.

Ji-hyuk says it doesn’t matter, ’cause if they don’t want to end up selling their instruments like the man said, then they have to work their asses off, do or die. Hyun-soo and Ha-jin look over at each other… and break into smiles. Yay!

Ji-hyuk throws his fist in the center, and they join in. Kyung-jong throws in his other hand too, “This one’s Byung-hee’s.” Urrrrumph. I’m not crying!

Ji-hyuk: “Shut up, and run!” And run they do, each logging in more practice time than ever.

Meanwhile the HR Witch fields a call from a music program PD who wants to feature Eye Candy, but she says it’s still early and they’re not hurrying to put them out there too soon. Hm, why are you acting like their agent when you’re not their agent?

At school, Teacher Kim overhears Pyo-joo and Maro griping about Eye Candy, calling them the poor kids, and Teach gets all huffy. They treat him like a bug, so he yells at them not to disrespect a teacher, and brings Pyo-joo down to the ground.

That of course causes a giant fuss, with students taking pictures and Pyo-joo just laughing. Ji-hyuk runs up and holds Teach back, but I think the damage is already done. Argh. Just when he was turning around to be a good person, too! Is he gonna lose his job over this?

Seung-hoon storms into noona’s office to ask why Eye Candy, and she just breezes that she’s planning to make something out of them, and besides, it’s not like she can sign Little Bro, not with Dad looming over them with his big plans.

He blows up at her, asking why them, but that just makes her want to sign Eye Candy even more, guessing that Seung-hoon sees something in them too. He says that they’re just kids playing around with instruments, but she sees the appeal in that—they know how to have fun, which in itself is a talent. She leaves him fuming.

Eye Candy practice their hearts out, feeling ready to go find that witch and show her what they’ve got. No need though, ’cause she comes walking right into their basement, having heard them play already.

She says they’ll take it slow and offers to put out their single. The boys cheer, and Do-il asks to be sure—is she acknowledging their skill, on drums, bass, and keyboard? She smiles.

Flashback to her office, where Rock Kim sits watching their festival performance. So he’s the sunbae she called after all. He tells her not to split them up, and she’s shocked that he’s figured that out already.

He points to his head, “You may have this, but you’re a little lacking here,” and points to his heart. “There are times when the heart wins out over the head.”

Back with the boys, she answers that they can go ahead and consider it an acknowledgment of their talents.

They go back to rejoicing, only to have Noona’s assistant remind them to show up with their parents, since minors can’t sign contracts without their parents’ permission. That brings them back down to earth pretty damn fast.

It’s clearly a bigger issue for some of our boys, like Do-il and Ji-hyuk, who look at each other and sigh.

Su-ah waits on her rooftop for Ji-hyuk to come home, giggling when she sees him down below. She runs up to him outside his door, hands him a banana milk, and then cracks an egg on his head.

She giggles, “It’s revenge!” and sticks out her tongue before running away. How cute are you? He goes running after her.

He chases her down into the street, where they run smack dab into Do-il, Woo-kyung, Ha-jin, and Kyung-jong, on their way to throw a party. Woo-kyung makes her disappointment clear, and Ha-jin adds insult to injury by noting that they look just like they were in the middle of a round of catch-me-if-you-can.

Ji-hyuk comes up with a lame excuse about her needing to borrow something, and tells Su-ah to go home. Kyung-jong invites her along, since she’s Byung-hee’s muse, but Ji-hyuk grumbles, sighing at that tired use of “Byung-hee’s muse.” Aw. She clearly hears it as I’m sick and tired of you, which is so not what he’s saying.

They awkwardly part ways, leaving Su-ah alone in the street. Woo-kyung trails behind and Do-il waits for her, of course, letting her vent. She sighs that Ji-hyuk was smiling—he never smiles like that when he’s with her.

Do-il says it’s probably just ’cause they’re neighbors and they’re friendly, but Woo-kyung knows better and says it makes her nervous.

Su-ah stands outside on her rooftop, listening to the happy ruckus coming from Ji-hyuk’s room, feeling lonelier than ever.

At school, the video of Teacher Kim’s unfortunate outburst spreads, and Kyung-jong admits to feeling kinda sad about it. Ha-jin: “Do you want him following us around for the rest of our lives?” Kyung-jong: “No, not that… but still…” The conversation shifts to parents, and Do-il asks Ji-hyuk if he called his mom. No answer, just an exit. Ruh-roh.

Teacher Kim gets his ass handed to him by the principal, with Pyo-joo and Maro snickering behind him, no less. He begs to keep his job, and the principal says he can, but he’ll have to take a six-month leave. Poor Teacher Grumpypants.

It’s contract-signing time for the boys, as they each show up with their parents. Haha, the array of family members is truly comical. Hyun-soo shows up with his nightclub-singer parents, whom we’ve met before.

Ye-rim sees him come in and grabs his hand, asking if he’s okay now, if he can still play guitar. He treats her as icily as ever, and she apologizes again for that night.

Ha-jin shows up with his gaggle of noonas in tow, (this time his real ones, not the sugar-mamma kind), and Kyung-jong comes with his embarrassingly loud mommy.

Do-il and Ji-hyuk trail behind, no parents in sight. They ask each other if anyone will show. Shoulder shrugs all around. But the next to enter is a scary-looking mob boss with two henchmen on either side of him, so I guess Do-il’s dad is a rather supportive mobster daddy after all.

It’s even funnier when they all get into a room together, like they’re competing for most embarrassing parent of the year. Each of the boys takes his turn cringing. It’s a hilarious mess of “My baby’s a born singer,” and “My baby needs skincare,” and “Mo~m, just sign it and go home!” Pffft.

But it’s also really sweet, ’cause sure they’re embarrassing, but they’re all really supportive and loving, except for Do-il’s dad who kind of talks about him like an underling proposing a business deal rather than a son. But hey, he showed up and pushed his gangster weight around.

Through all the hubbub, Ji-hyuk hangs back in the corner, totally alone. Gah, somebody hug him, please.

It doesn’t look like anyone’s gonna show, but then the assistant walks in and hands over Ji-hyuk’s contract, signed by Mom and delivered via lawyer. Aw, puppy. Well, at least she signed.

But the meeting gets cut short with a news bomb: Seung-hoon’s name gets splashed all over the internet as the mysterious “genius songwriter” Ryu. Guess he’s figured out ways to circumvent Noona after all.

The school buzzes with the news, and when Noona calls, Seung-hoon says she might be afraid of Daddy, but he’s not. “From now on, I’m not going to hide the things that I want to have, and want to do.”

Pyo-joo and Maro walk in, just as surprised as everyone else. They ask eagerly if this means he’ll debut now, and wonder what they should do to prepare. But Seung-hoon cuts them off, “I debut alone.”

Oh dayum. And herein lies the difference between Ji-hyuk and Seung-hoon. His friends gape, asking what they are, what Strawberry Fields is, then. Seung-hoon: “A high school memory.” He lays it out plainly, that his future road isn’t one they can share. Pyo-joo fumes, and Maro smirks, “How like you,” disappointed but hardly surprised.

Su-ah sits in a café, mulling over the news that Eye Candy signed contracts, which Ji-hyuk never told her. She thinks back to his dismissal the other night, when he said he was sick and tired of her being called Byung-hee’s muse. Aw, if you only knew why.

The boys celebrate their success over chicken in their basement, and talk turns to Seung-hoon. Kyung-jong says that Su-ah must be happy since they’re dating, and Ji-hyuk oh-so-casually mentions that she denied it in front of all of them.

But they all agree that was probably bullshit, which annoys him enough to get up and leave. Heh.

Su-ah comes home to find Seung-hoon waiting for her. He says that he rushed things and that he’ll wait for her. She tells him not to. Good girl.

But he’s not about to take no for an answer (grar) and takes her hand: “I’m not going to back down now.”

Suddenly Ji-hyuk calls out, “Let go of that hand.” Su-ah pulls her hand away. Seung-hoon tells Ji-hyuk to go home, while Su-ah tells Seung-hoon to go home.

But Ji-hyuk’s already in a foul mood and he spits out, “This is why school’s lined with rumors. You’re running around stuck together, and still, you’re gonna say that there’s nothing between you two?”

Oh, foot in mouth, buddy.

That pisses her off royally, so she fires back, “What’s it to you whether or not we date? I’m plenty tired these days without either of you, so you can both leave me alone.”

While all this has been going on, Woo-kyung has arrived just behind Ji-hyuk, and she calls out to him now. Seung-hoon sees her and laughs, as he turns to go.

Woo-kyung follows Ji-hyuk upstairs and says “Not her.” She says it’s not the first time she’s dealt with some other girl being by his side, but this one’s different: “She’s the girl that Byung-hee liked!”

She asks if he can tell the other guys about her. He can’t answer. She warns him to end it. Aw, I get that it’s not the most kosher of girlfriend choices, but it’s not like Byung-hee had anything but a totally one-sided fantasy crush on the girl. Clearly, this is more about dealing with the fact that Byung-hee’s gone than it is about moving in on his girl.

Teacher Kim fills his evenings with a new part-time job as a designated driver, and gets called to pick up Rock Kim… who recognizes him immediately as Kim Soo-bo, a drummer who used to play at the same clubs he did back in the day. Awwww, yeah! Teach rocks out? Nice.

This time it’s Ji-hyuk’s turn to wait for Su-ah on his rooftop, calling her over and over again, to no avail. He tries to sleep but can’t do that either, and ends up running like crazy to her restaurant, and waiting there until close.

She finally comes out after what seems like an eternity, and he trails after her, asking if she’s mad. She gives him the silent treatment, so he asks peevishly why she isn’t answering her phone.

Su-ah: “You told me not to go anywhere! You made it so that I wouldn’t go anywhere and now you’re sick of me?”

He tries to explain that, but she just says he’s always doing whatever he feels like: “So now I’m not going to be swayed by you anymore.”

She whirls around to go but he stops her, turning her back to face him. Ji-hyuk: “I don’t know how things will turn out either! Whether this is right… my head is upside-down and backwards… I’m going crazy! I’m going crazy… because I like you.”


Yay, good for you for confessing your feelings. Because as much as we see the drama from Ji-hyuk’s point of view, Su-ah has no cause to believe he’s anything other than a big ol’ playboy flirt, given his actions. Yeah, Seung-hoon’s always around, but so is Woo-kyung, not to mention the groups of screaming girls left and right. He certainly needs to do more to win her, especially now that she’s turned Seung-hoon down. (My one massive gripe is that the result of her being very clear in rejecting him is that he just becomes more dogged. Hello, message! How many ways can a girl say no before you become creepy?)

The question of her being Byung-hee’s muse is an interesting one, I think, not because he’s got some claim to her from beyond the grave, but because it makes Ji-hyuk face the fact that Byung-hee’s gone. The boys sort of function with that heart-wrenching thing they do, like including Byung-hee in group fist-bumps, as if he’s still there. They have to, and it fuels them in a positive way to live out his dream and put his music out in the world.

But it’s going to cause a problem when they find out that Ji-hyuk’s in love with Byung-hee’s muse – like he’s saying that Byung-hee is gone even though they’re acting like Byung-hee is with them, every day. It already breaks my heart knowing the clash that’ll come of it, which is why I get his conflict, and love where they’re going with it, much more than the traditional Seung-hoon/Woo-kyung love square.

I really like all the ways the boys’ loyalty gets tested, whether it’s bloody concerts or contracts for fame and fortune. It says so much about Ji-hyuk that he never considers signing alone as an option, compared to Seung-hoon, who actively sheds his bandmates even though no one is asking him to. I like the range of conflict within Eye Candy too, and I don’t fault Hyun-soo for being tempted to sign without them, though I’m severely relieved he never got a chance to. His ups and downs with Ha-jin always keep me on edge in a good way, because I never know how far one of them will go in blaming the other or spitting out something hateful that they can’t take back.

The Do-il/Ji-hyuk friendship has also been one of my favorite developments so far, and though it’s a subtler one with fewer fireworks, I like how they support each other quietly. They’re both taciturn guys anyway, so I like that their friendship is one of silent knowing looks, like being the odd ones out when it comes time for embarrassing parent meetings, or sharing a memory of Byung-hee. That’s why it kills me when Ji-hyuk tells him directly in so many words that he can’t sing unless Do-il plays the drums, to make it clear he’s not going anywhere without him.

I don’t know if Rock Kim will be hanging around for more episodes, or if Teacher Kim’s rock past means the guru mantle has been passed to him, but either way I’m excited for the prospect of a mentor for these guys. Bring on the rock guru hijinks, karate-kid-style!


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      Then Ji-hyuk and Su-ah flirting with eggs. Jeez, who knew how cute that could be?

      I’m not liking the direction that Seung-hoon is going. I don’t want him to turn into a stalker or some bs like that. I guess as a rich dude, he is so used to getting what he wants that he has a hard time giving up. He can’t quit you, Su-ah!

      Speaking of giving up, Woo-kyung isn’t rich like Seung-hoon, but yet she is holding onto Ji-hyuk with everything she’s got, even though it’s obvious that she knows he’s not into her. Her conversation Ji-hyuk was interesting — saying how she’s seen other chicks hang around him means that she’s had her eye on him for awhile. (Makes me wonder how long Do-il has had his eye on her.)

      And this Rock Kim/Kim C guy…I have no idea who he is, I like the addition of this guy to the story. He really does have that indie rocker aura. I hope he shows up in future episodes as well…at least as a mentor or something like that. I like how they made him Seung-hoon’s sister’s sunbae. It means she respects him to some extent — which means in the future if she tries some funny business with the Eye Candy guys, he could possibly step in and run interference.

      Gosh, so much more to say but I will probably drop down the page and comment there. I am loving this show and this particular recap and comments. Thanks, tvN! Thanks, Dramabeans!

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      I fourth (? is this what I’m supposed so say? wait…second, third, fourth…OK got it) that. His put-both-fists-in-for-Byung-hee? Broke my heart. When he called Ha-jin rude for hurting peoples’ feelings? I swear I love him so much. He’s so cute!
      And I also wonder how Ji-hyuk’s mommy issues will play out. At least (?) it’s not the more common (I think) daddy issues. *sigh, Do-il has the daddy issues in this case, lol. But still, I have faith that it’ll go through very smoothly, and plus, we’re only half done with this drama (yes! I will relish these next weeks and cry when this drama is done. like CRY. you know what happens when a druggie doesn’t get his drugs. And this thing is my crack, lol. I’m addicted to it.)

      • 15.3.1 MsB

        I fifth it! The picture scene is one of the most memorable!

    • 15.4 ladida

      I…sixth it? I adore this guy. I think I’ve said this before, but he’s like the squishy marshmallow center of the group, all sweet and loving. What I love most about him is that he’s just so open with his obvious affection for his friends. And he doesn’t stop there, either! He wants his friends to care about others, too! Even more than that is that I think Kim Min Seok’s portrayal is the most effortless of all the actors, though that may be because his character was tailored for him. Either way, it’s working.

      Mmm, and yes, I’m literally rubbing my hands in anticipation of the fleshing out of Ji Hyuk’s family situation. I love how we got to see their families in this episode: Ji Hyk and Do Il have serious parental issues, but it’s nice to see that the rest of the boys are loved and cared for. It’ll be interesting to see how his mother essentially abandoning him will be played off with Su Ah’s father doing the same to her. I get the feeling that his mother married into a wealthy family, so they both have this relationship to money where they realize how simultaneously thin and thick the barrier is between having it and not having it: Su Ah fell from it and Ji Hyuk was left for it.

      You know what else I loved this episode? That 2 seconds when Su Ah was playing the piano. I want SO MUCH for the show to incorporate her artistic abilities, to allow her character some of the goals and dreams the boys have. And then Seung Hoon just swooped in and took over. That, I think, is emblematic of his character. He is turned completely inward, focused on what he wants and not really caring about how his desires effect tose around him. That act is the same as when he just forges ahead with his musical career, leaving his “friends” in the dust. How ominous is it that he just doesn’t see to care that Su Ah does not want him back? Now–oh god I might get flamed for this!–this kind of reminds me of Byung Hee’s interactions with Su Ah, and how totally one sided they were. He didn’t even seem to recognize that there was the possibility of Su Ah not liking him back. And now his actions are coming back to keep our girl (and Ji Hyuk) from getting some. Hrmph.

  16. 16 kyary


    Omg but Seung Hoon is really getting on my nerves. I despise guys who can’t take no for an answer. I know this guy that has liked me since last year and he still tries to ask me out which is super annoying. I imagine that might be how Su Ah feels or how she’s going to feel in the future. Then again, she’s just so nice and they’ve been friends for so long…

    Can’t wait for episode 9!!

    • 16.1 alua

      Seung Hoon is starting to get on my nerves too. “No” means “no” – ugh! He has heard it more than once, and that’s enough. And the ‘being rich and used to get everything’, I am sorry, is NOT an excuse.

      He needs to realise the more he pursues her, the more he will drive her away. All the guys in my life that didn’t take “no” for an answer (not that many, just 2 really) I just cut them out of my life. It’s sad to lose friendships that way, but SH has to think about what’s more important to him – his friendship with SA or forcing his feelings onto her when he already knows that she likes someone else (heck, he knows who she likes!).

      The only excuse he has is that he’s in high school (although he looks older than that to me), and at an age where you learn these things… BUT, Su Ah has said “no” a few times already and he should have heard that by now.

    • 16.2 MsB

      Yeah but stalker much? Seung Hoon is going to take a bad turn soon in my estimation!

  17. 17 Abbie

    Poor Eye Candy boys. That’s all I can say.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  18. 18 Natasha

    Thank you! Thank you! I wanted to watch the raw episode but I need the recap to at least have a general idea of what’s happening:P

  19. 19 shl

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  20. 20 78446

    Thanks for the recap, GF! Actually, it’s not so much the “Byung-hee’s muse” problem that’s bothering me, than Ji-hyuk not being clear with Woo-kyung about him not liking her that way. I’m pretty sure Woo-kyung already knows that, and Ji-hyuk maybe doesn’t wanna hurt her feelings, but still. Girl’s starting to get clingy, in a bad way.

    By the way, does anyone know why they call the teacher “Shilba”? And why Ji-hyuk calls Do-il “Kulchang”?

    • 20.1 javabeans

      I think the reason for the teacher’s nickname is because Shilba = Silva, aka the MMA fighter. In an early episode the boys grumble about how he thinks he’s all badass, always hitting them.

      They call Do-il “Do-jjang” sometimes (jjang meaning leader or no. 1), as a joke after finding out that his dad is a bigshot mobster. They’re poking fun, pretending to suck up.

      • 20.1.1 78446

        Ohhh, I get it. SilVA. DO-jjang. Lol, I need to get my ears cleaned. Thanks for the info, JB!

    • 20.2 sally_b

      re: “Ji-hyuk not being clear with Woo-kyung about him not liking her that way.”


      I see the Woo-kyung-character in a lot of dramas…the girl who thinks she can stay one step ahead of her rivals for affection.
      …that if she can just deflect enough and wait long enough….HE will eventually become her man. (as if)

      This girl needs a close girlfriend to sit her down and lay out some tough-love advice, because as you mentioned, Ji-hyuk is just going to tip-toe around the situation. I don’t know if that makes him kind…or a wuss. 😉

      • 20.2.1 78446

        Here’s the thing: I really like Woo-kyung. I love a girl who can just hang like one of the boys. And as clingy as she’s getting, I kinda get it. It’s not like Ji-hyuk ever told her to back off. Which he really should, if he truly cares about her. Yes, the rejection will hurt pretty bad but not as bad as (indirectly and/or passively) leading her on. And I have a feeling Do-il will be there to help her cope with it anyway ;). I can’t believe I’m saying this but c’mon Ji-hyuk! Man up and break a girl’s heart.

        • FunnyBunny

          It’s because he doesn’t want to be the meanie who stomps all over her feelings. Ugh we get it, you wanna be nice to her.
          He can face off with the toughest bad boys around, kicking ass and whatnot but when it comes to feelings, he’s kind of a wuss.
          But I agree it doesn’t do either of them any good by stringing Woo-kyung along, even if it’s not intentional.

          • crazymouse

            i think that girl should be able to take a hint!C’mon its obvious he isn’t interested in her.Does she really need him to spell it out?

          • kewbie

            One would think that Woo-kyung would be able to take a hint, but just the fact that she said to Ji-hyuk (per GF’s recap) that she’s dealt with other girls being by his side tells me that she can’t. So the answer is, yes, Ji-hyuk (or someone that she trusts) needs to spell it out for her in big ass neon letters. I’d like to see Ji-hyuk to do it because he’s been so passive about it, and yeah he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings but enough is enough. This is cause for future problems because Do-il likes Woo-kyung, and he may eventually become frustrated with both of them — with Ji-hyuk coz he’s been inadvertently and/or unintentionally stringing Woo-kyung along, and with Woo-kyung because she won’t wake up from her Ji-hyuk dream. I feel bad for Do-il actually. I just don’t want his unrequited love story to drag out, especially since they’ve dealt with Ji-hyuk’s and Su-ah’s relationship more actively and quickly.

          • MsB

            As the movie implied, He’s Just No into You. I like Woo-Kyung but baby, the writing is on the wall!

      • 20.2.2 alua

        I don’t particularly care for Woo-kyung. She’s kind of flat to me at the moment (not sure why).

        I do think that Ji-hyuk needs to man up and tell her he doesn’t see her in ‘that’ way, regardless what their background story is and for whatever reason he has been tiptoeing around the issue up to now.

        That said, Woo-kyung already knows that Ji-hyuk isn’t into her AND that he likes someone else, and her clinginess is ANNOYING!

        Even if she outlasts all other girls just by waiting long enough, she has to realise that still doesn’t make it ‘love’. But yeah, there are a lot of dramas like that. ATK had secondary character like that, who, however, was far, far worse… Woo-kyung is, at least a normal person, while YK in ATK was a totally evil psycho…. at least we escape that here! I would much rather have a Protect-the-Boss twist here again, with love rivals becoming friends. Doubt that will happen, probably WK will give up at some point and start noticing Do-il…

    • 20.3 soserious

      i know that what you mean about woo-kyung. but something tells me that ji-hyuk is sort of aware of do-il’s feelings for woo-kyung. i’m not entirely sure, but that’s the feeling i’m getting. he doesn’t reject her so plainly because if ji-hyuk were to hurt woo-kyung or push her away (to do-il), it would make do-il angry at ji-hyuk or hurt do-il’s pride.

    • 20.4 ladida

      The thing about Woo Kyung is that she’s not “just” a girl who has a crush on Ji Hyuk, like the band’s fans or Ha Jin’s many lady friends. She’s kind of like an extension of the band. She’s friends with all the guys, she’s from the same neighborhood and social class, she was friends with Byung Hee, and she supports the band. She’s kind of like a groupie-cum-manager when it comes to them. Whenever they have a problem, she jumps at the chance to help them, even holding the police off for them. I like her inclusion in the story. She’s a nice contrast to all the screaming fans: she’s actually got a substantial, mutual relationship with the band members, like Su Ah.

      But yeah, I agree with everyone else that Ji Hyuk should make his relationship with her clear, especially in light of how Su Ah turned down Seung Hoon. I feel more for her than I do for Seung Hoon, though, because even though she’s selfish about her feelings, I can see that her hurt will have more of an impact on her than Seung Hoon’s will have on him. Su Ah’s rejection of Seung Hoon is just that for him: Su Ah rejecting him. But Ji Hyuk’s rejection of Woo Kyung means a lot more for her, it’ll be devastating; it means guys in general don’t like her, which I glean from her statement that guys always choose girls like Su Ah over girls like her. I feel like this has happened to her before, and that’s why she’s unable to notice Do Il’s affection for her (although he’s pretty repressed.)

  21. 21 kirara

    I am sooo addicted to this drama..Its making me crazy.. I even had a dream about it last night!

    I dont understand any korean but I have to watch the drama.. so I go and watch it RAW and just watching their emotions I can kinda get what they are discussing but It KILLS ME not knowing what they are saying or talking about… but your recaps are a lifesaver.. the wait is hard but the end result is satisfying.. THANK You for writing this for those of us non korean speakers. 🙂

    The one scene where I was LOLing was when the love square showed up.. Su-ah then Seung Hoon, then Ji Hyuk follows and then Woo Kyung.. the 4 were literally staring at each other and going.. “OH geez’ and then they left in the same order they came, Su-ah was like “I’m out!” and then Seung Hoon was like.. “REALLY Ji Hyuk?” and then Ji Hyuk was like.. leave me alone..to Woo Kyung.. such awkwardness between the 4 but at the same time HILARIOUS!! 😀

    Thank you again and its going to suck we have to wait another Monday and Tuesday to come by. 🙂

  22. 22 missbess

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  23. 23 booklver21

    LOVE SUFBB!! I have been waiting for this recap since last tuesdays recap. Gosh, Ji Hyuk is so mmmm. Do Il, I just wanna hold him. I like that woo Kyung is so close with the guys, but what she did was petty. Su Ah is kick ass. I really wanna see Ji Hyuks mother. Thanks for the recaps. I can not wait until monday again. Gah I hate waiting.

  24. 24 hanie

    Can I be an emo bitch here??? I cry a bit when I saw Kim C. Gahhhhh… I miss him sooo much, there are no news about him & didn’t even know that he holed up in Germany. Kim C, please stay for few episodes, at least. I miss you so much!!!!

    can’t even concentrate reading the recaps.

    • 24.1 V

      Umm, confession time: Who is Rock Kim and why is he famous? TIA!

      • 24.1.1 girlfriday

        Rock Kim’s a fictional character, so who knows. Just an elusive rocker who came from the same neighborhood as Teach and the boys.

        But Kim C is the lead singer of indie band Hot Potato, and one of the old-school members of variety show 1 Night 2 Days. Hot Potato video featuring Kim C and puppies:


        • hanie

          agreed with everything girlfriday said.
          Kim C band, Hot Potato is quite famous k-indie band. They already produced several albums (I have 3 but I think they have more than that). Try check them out, they are good, according to my taste, that is =)
          I remember bawling my eyes out on his last episode of 1N2D, such a distant memory… I like him in 1N2D since he is the calm, shy, quiet, level headed ones while the others are loud/funny ones. He can be funny but mostly he is just so awkward, its cute.

        • alua

          Thanks! I was clueless about this too…

    • 24.2 Jossy

      Just when I thought this drama couldn’t get better, they go ahead and throw Kim-C into the mix! Gah I’ve missed seeing him on 1n2d. I legit cried when he left (T_T)… But he’s here! Yay!
      And for those of you who are unfamiliar with him he’s the frontman of Indie Band – Hot Potato.
      Ugh one of their songs ‘Rain Tears’ got a 1n2d MV remake which was totally Lol and a 1n2d classic…
      Gah good times señor

  25. 25 Ti

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    sometimes I feel bad for Seung Hoon though…

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    I LOVE IT!!!

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  29. 29 Hillary

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  30. 30 Ani

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    I feel it is my duty to include Do-il in all my posts for this show. Why? Because he doesn’t seem to get enough love yo. I love how he has a mobster background through his father. I sure hope Wookyung realizes what she’s missing out on. I love how Hajin has real noonas – it explains so much! They have such funny family members! XD

    • 30.1 kewbie

      Haha thank you for including Do-il in all your SUFBB posts! I was thinking about you last Open Thread Friday (#227, I think) when I posted that H&T picture of him. I agree, he certainly doesn’t get enough love — which is why Woo-kyung, girlfriend, you need to wake up and feel his drummer arms or something! Snap out of the Ji-hyuk funk!

      • 30.1.1 ladida

        My (entirely, gloriously superficial) addition to the Do Il Appreciation Thread: he has got THE BEST hair. Especially when he’s standing next to Ji Hyuk and his frizzied mane, and he whips his hair to the side and shows off his jawline. I mean, damn.

        • Kaye

          Wholeheartedly agree with this thread/comment. He’s absolutely gorgeous and when he smiles :Q____

          And and and I love his hair tied up, I kinda flail to myself whenever he (in those rare times) has it up.

        • jubilantia

          Right? He’s got some serious Fabio hair going on. Although I’m afraid they’re having him be quiet because maybe his acting skills aren’t all that good.

  31. 31 stars4u

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    I wonder what’s the story behind Ji-hyuk’s parents…
    When I saw the preview for today’s episode I was like “Isn’t that KimC?” It’s been so long since I last saw him… I miss seeing him in 1N2D!!

  32. 32 judith

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    Or I can just watch this episode unsubbed.

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    Seung-Hoon why are you doing this to yourself? =/ Anyway… super awesome recap. I need to watch it to fully comprehend the emotions in the photo’s of your recap.

    I mean reading it makes my heart queasy and I do get a little emotional at how the boys -Ji-Hyuk ofc when his parents are all AWOL- portray their emotions through their facial expressions.

    GAH! Why must I wait a further week D: /Sad

    -Haa! Do-il’s dad is a badass. I love it!

  34. 34 cheekbones

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  35. 35 kim

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    I’m wondering if Ji Hyuk parents will appear on screen that will be against Ji Hyuk and Su-ah dating, because parents against their childeren boyfriend/girlfriend is very common in kdramaworld LOL

  36. 36 Brenda

    I really enjoy this drama and surprisingly it’s moving at a really quick pace too, so bonus 🙂

    For some reason I’m really interested in learning who Ji Hyuk’s parents are. I want to know why he’s so alone and who they are financially. If he is from a chaebol family then it would make me want to rub it in Seubg Hoon and Pyo Jo’s face since I’ve wanted to punch them since beginning of the drama.

    Seung Hoon was the one that said there’s nothing worth fighting for; if that thing isn’t willing to stay then he’s not going to fight for it.
    I get that him stating that at the beginning is a way of showing us his character growth but since he annoys me, I say he should act on it so he doesn’t have to eat his words later.

    I don’t find anything wrong with Ji Hyuk liking Su Ah. Not because they are the main pairing but because Byung Hee is gone. And as wrong as this sounds, Byung Hee would’ve wanted Su Ah to choose Ji Hyuk then to choose Seung Hoon anyway. Plus, like Javabeans has pointed out, the one who showed initial chemistry with Su Ah was Ji Hyuk whereas Byung Hee had a one-sided crush.

    • 36.1 alua

      I agree with you on Ji Hyuk/Su Ah – I don’t think it sounds wrong at all.

      The initially chemistry was always between them (Su Ah fells into Ji Hyuk’s arms when crossing the street, rather than Byung Hee’s), and Su-Ah was Byung Hee’s muse. Which isn’t necessarily the same as a girlfriend (or girl you want as your girlfriend).

      Plus, Byung Hee’s is gone. People have to move on with life. It may seem fast, but since Byung Hee and Su Ah barely knew each other and were never in any sort of relationship, her falling in love with Ji Hyuk isn’t wrong. Nor Ji Hyuk falling in love with her, although he is bound to question the Byung Hee issue more than her. Anyhow, I hope he doesn’t get hung up on it, and just realises that Byung Hee would have wanted him to live life and live the moment.

  37. 37 mysterious

    I could tell Hyun-soo was considering the contract more than Ji-hyuk because as the band was leaving HR he hung back a little longer looking at the contract. But I’m glad they didn’t have to split up. And with Su-ah and Ji-hyuk, even when Byung-hee was alive he didn’t have a claim on her; she thought he was funny, a bit odd, but there was never a connection like with Ji-hyuk. He can only feel guilty toward the dead for so long before it starts to disrupt his life. They have to accept that their friend is dead, remember him with love and fondness, but they still have to live their lives.

  38. 38 cofeeprincess

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  39. 39 FunnyBunny

    Dear Woo-kyung, please stop pursuing Ji-hyuk. He is in now way acting like a true boyfriend because… he ISN’T YOUR BOYFRIEND. I don’t know how to stress that enough. You and Seung-hoon should crack open a copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You” and move on!
    And when you’ve don’t that please please please stop tormenting my Do-il and date him already!
    He’s hot, a total sweetheart, and he digs you-God know why, but he does-you really can’t go wrong with that combination.
    So please stop making him pine for you, it’s upsetting.

    Sincerely FunnyBunny

    • 39.1 alua

      Amen. Especially that bit on cracking open a copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You”!

    • 39.2 ~Feather~


      “You and Seung-hoon should crack open a copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You” and move on!”

      i didn’t know Seung-hoon was also into Ji hyuk!

      • 39.2.1 ~Feather~

        *takes permanent marker and scribbles “She” after “He”

      • 39.2.2 Venus

        Well that explains LOTS of things then…SH is using SA to get to JH WOW talk about love triangle…. 😛 😀

        • Nida

          I approve this love triangle

  40. 40 Nicole

    Thank you for these recaps. I am a longtime visitor but have never posted a comment before. I guess it says something about this show if it has prompted me to finally comment after all this time. ^_^

    I am really loving this drama! I love the feel, from the characters to the cinematography. The only other tvN drama I’ve watched is I Need Romance and I enjoyed that one a lot, too.
    The first thing I am doing on Monday & Tuesday mornings before classes is downloading the new episodes. haha It is times like these that I am glad Korea is 14 hours ahead so I don’t have to wait until the evening. I watch the episodes in the afternoon and then wait until you guys post the recaps at night. I don’t have to use your recaps to understand what’s going on like some of the other readers because I am a Korean-speaker but I love your (both javabeans and girlfriday) writing voices and reading your own thoughts on the plot development. 🙂 Perhaps because I am still a teenager myself (actually, the age of the show characters omg :O!) I harbor similar sentimentality and can relate with the angst.

    I am not very familiar with Kim C so I wasn’t even aware his appearance was a cameo, but in the tiny bit of screen time he took up I really took a liking to his character. I hope he continues his cameo, too!

    As for the boys’ teacher (Silva) having a rock past, I remember him alluding to it while docking some points off from Do-il in one of the earlier episodes (okay, I just went and rewatched the scene – it’s in episode 5). It was the scene where Do-il was fiddling with his drumsticks in the school hallway and Silva came up to offer some words of wisdom on how to live. He called the drumsticks more dangerous than a club and that if he had known that at their age, his situation would be a little different. I don’t know, when I first watched that, my thoughts immediately went to thinking Silva must have drummed in the past. And voila, rock past, here it is!

    I just love all these boys so much, though Ha-jin can be a tool at times (but one look at that pama-head and all is forgiven). Love all the bromance, and omg, Hyun-soo is too pretty to handle. Have to say one of my favorite scenes in this episode was the parentals. LMFAO Kyung-jong’s mother was a hoot. And Do-il’s dad was such a badass. But I am also interested to see how Ji-hyuk’s mommy issues will play out…hmm…

    I hate how Seung-hoon is becoming the cliche groveling second male lead but I try to justify it by remembering how cute he was in Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy.

    Whoa, sorry about the long first comment, whoever bothers to read this.

    Thank you, Dramabeans!

  41. 41 harukikara

    😀 whenever this show is recapped, my day is brightened that much more. I remember watching this for L originally, but all these characters have drawn me in so much, especially Ji-hyuk. Though Hyun-soo is still grabbing most of my attention (/don’t hit the fangirl..)

    But yeah, thank you so much javabeans and girlfriday for the recaps! now back to my rhetorical analysis.

  42. 42 Aimey Trasmonte

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    And I really love his and Ji-hyuk’s friendship. It’s so quiet and sure.

    And Seung-hoon, it wasn’t until this episode that I think you totally suck.

    • 43.1 Venus

      ohh you are not the only one ComradeS! the minute I zoom in to Do Il I was like “WOW Hello Cutie who are you again?”.. LOL he kills me with his prettiness.

  44. 44 ianne

    I’m happy that my prediction of Shilba being a drummer in the past is true 🙂

  45. 45 LadyIgraine

    from my understanding of jihyuk’s parental situation (ep.2), his mother got remarried to a wealthy family. there was a lawyer who came to see him asking him to sign some sort of custody papers in regards to his mother because apparently the sajjangnim (ceo-stepfather) is sick or something like that. he refused to do that and told the lawyer that it has nothing to do with him. i think jihyuk DOES come from a family w/ money, but maybe he doesn’t want to be part of that social circle. hence his rebellious ways. i guess we’ll know more about his personal situation as the series progress.

    favorite scene from this episode has got to be the contract signing w/ family members. the bad boys ended up being embarrassed by their own family members – bragging about each and every one of them, lol. i can see the reason why hajin has become a lady’s man. he’s got 4 sisters who dotes on him because he’s the only boy in the family. kyungjong’s loud busan omma. hyunsoo’s carrying parents. do-il’s gangster papa.

    as for seunghoon; i was hoping that he’s gonna end up becoming friends with the boys, but i guess his character will make a turn for the ‘worst…’maybe?! i think he decided to go on the songwriting path in order to get closer to suah. after all, he’s put up lots of things in order to meet her half-way, but she obviously don’t want anything to do with him anymore. kind of scary how he’ll played out his rivalry w/ jihyuk once they enter HR altogether.

    • 45.1 Venus

      Hi LadyIgraine,

      I like your line of thinking here on regards to SH/JH collaboration on HR. SH is going to try to prove to his sister and dad that he wants to be a real musician and his sister is going to make it difficult to him, by having him work with Eye Candy as their songwriter.

      I think the SH sis is not bad at all, she is a business woman who is doing her job, which is to discovered and developed new talent. We have to remember that the enetertaiment industry is a harsh world, and our Eye Candy are about to enter that world.

      I also get the feeling that JH family is connected to SH family somehow, that my drama six sense talking now.

      Can’t wait till Monday!

      • 45.1.1 LadyIgraine

        “I also get the feeling that JH family is connected to SH family somehow, that my drama six sense talking now.”

        that’s definitely a possibility. they could play something like, jihyuk’s family business has ties with HR as an investor of the company.

        either way, i am definitely now looking forward to mon.-tue. it used to be the most boring days of the week, but now its something i can’t wait to arrive, lol.

  46. 46 soserious

    is it monday yet.

  47. 47 magz

    KIM C!!! it felt really good to see him again, really hopes he sticks around

  48. 48 Carinne

    I’d say I was a bit touched by the band’s existence fueled from BH’s wishes, but after a stretch and yawn, I realize what will happen to the band after the contest? How will the band function afterwards? It’s like you have a dream, but what happens after that dream is fulfilled? Sure, you make another dream but will that carry over a common entity from the first dream, or not? I prefer they not, healthier for them to move forward in life, and not let BH’s death drag weight. I don’t want it to happen, but the show already is going that direction making BH a symbol of obligation. At first, BH was a symbol of commitment and that turned my teary faucet on in a good way, so I hate to see something beautiful turn ugly.

    Sidenote: Since JB and GF cease recapping DH2, I’ll at least point out E08 had a little riff in tribute to Bi/Rain. HELLO! Calling JB, calling Heads, uhm is GF into Rain as well?!? I liked it a lot, and the very ending duet between Nana and that Napoleon Dynamite guy was awesome.

    • 48.1 JoAnne

      At this point, really, really liking DH2. Haven’t finished Ep 8 yet, but now that I know they make a tribute to My Beloved…well, I think really really liking just ratcheted up to love.

    • 48.2 Yubin

      WAIT? You said Napoleon Dynamite???

      • 48.2.1 Carinne

        Yes, I refer Nana’s duet partner be called Napoleon Dynamite. I didn’t really catch his name. I was contemplating between Napoleon Dynamite or Bye-bye Sea lead singer. kkk~

        Sent via my G♡Note

  49. 49 redfox

    my internet went away before, I guess my comment did not arrive. well, my favorite episode! made my heart jump many times. what will hyunsoo do? etc
    I think their parents will act like they are little boys even when they become big stars. that would be fun to see. too bad for JiHyuk – his mother probably signed as “the female person who happened to give birth to thise male individual”. Like whatever he does does not get through to her heart. while even mobsters care enough to show up!
    golden words from the Rock guy.

    to be honest SeungHoon being a jerk to just throw away the other two was unexpected. of course it makes an immediate contrast to JiHyuk but to have it made so clear out of the blue and so harsly, he is a bigger jerk than the king of jerks.

    I really hope Eye Candy doesnt have to sing the songs he will write.

    • 49.1 alua

      Seung Hoon is annoying for not taking Su-Ah’s repeated “no’s” for an answer, but I can’t fully call him a jerk for dumping his friends.

      It’s not nice, but truth be told, their friendship wasn’t very admirable. Certainly Pyo-jo’s treatment of Su-Ah was disgusting, and I would reconsider a friendship over that. That said, there wasn’t anything specific that would justify him dumping his friends at the very moment Seung Hoon does it, which makes his character much less likeable.

      I guess he is experiencing a lot of inner conflict now: his band is less popular than our flower boys, despite having won the rock festival, his friends don’t always act like friends (Pyo-jo’s treatment of Su-Ah) and the girl he wants to be with unfortunately likes someone else.

      At the moment it looks like Seung Hoon could end up being a full-blown antagonist, but I really hope that doesn’t happen. He showed signs of having a decent character in earlier episodes, and if he pulls himself together and gets over personal slights (losing Su-Ah to Ji-hyuk), he might even end up friends with our lovely boys (who have got the BESTED friendship of course, something that Seung Hoon has no understanding of at all). It would require quite a bit of growth in his character, and he’d have to acknowledge that people at his school are pretty shallow, but, honestly, his life could be so much better and happier!

  50. 50 Banana

    I’ve been a silent reader on this site for almost three years but no drama has actually pulled me in to make a comment before (I’m one of those lazy netizens). However Shut Up Flower Boy Band was just too amazing to ignore (I swear being an Inspirit has nothing to do with it *shifty eyes*).

    But seriously, this is the first time in a drama where the girl isn’t portrayed as some annoying damsel in distress and actually acknowledges what her strengths and weaknesses are. My feminist self did the moonwalk (very badly) with my laptop. I thought Su-ah was incredible character in this episode particularly.

    Also, all the main characters seem real and I can actually envision them as the guys who live across the road from me (who are always blasting music out loud and cause a ruckus wherever they go. Curse K-drams for creating an image of them in my mind that stops me from complaining >.<").

    I originally started watching this drama for L (from my Inspirit fandom) but now I can see this drama for it's true worth. I can't wait for next week 😀

    • 50.1 iyra

      me too,i have never commented on any recap,but couldn’t resist doing it for shut up flower boy band..my interest in watching dramas was restored,all thanks to shut up flower boy band!!

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