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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 9
by | February 27, 2012 | 113 Comments

It’s time for a little taste of success after all the setbacks and trials our boys have been through, which means that we get to bask in the satisfaction of watching our boys do well, while their detractors simmer in jealousy. Yeah, it’s pretty damn gratifying.

But given that we’re just halfway through with the show, I’m thinking this is the calm before the storm, and while this episode brings us lighthearted fun and bonding moments, we can see the dark clouds gathering on the horizon. Hold me.


Loveholics – “바람이 참 매섭다” (The wind is bitterly cold) which is sung in this episode. [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Ji-hyuk admits to Su-ah that liking her is driving him crazy. It’s a hard thing for him to confess, but it’s a necessary step if they’re going to have a real relationship instead of dancing around the issue forever. Afterward, they sit together on the roof in that nervous-giddy-awkward way of new relationships and she congratulates him on the album contract.

He tells her the company wants them to move into the dormitory, right away. So while he and Su-ah return to their respective rooms smiling and giddy, they’re also bummed at the end to their shared rooftop intimacy.

The boys arrive at their new digs, ready to declare it home sweet home. They find a stern manager waiting for them, filling them in on their first practice session. The boys basically shrug and ignore him, turning to room selection. Kyung-jong darts ahead and claims a top bunk, Ha-jin the bottom bed. No use breaking up this dynamic duo, and the other three claim the other room.

The boys unpack, and how much do I love Kyung-jong’s reaction to Ha-jin’s beauty products? Aw, did the Busan boy (Busan stereotype = masculine, tough) not know his other half was so metrosexual? Ha-jin dumps out his clothes onto the floor, and Kyung-jong tidily folds them. Oh, this honeymoon period’s going to be a hoot.

The band’s disapproving manager informs them that their tardiness to rehearsal has earned them a grounding; they’re forbidden from leaving without permission. The guys barely pay any attention, quipping that they feel like they’re idol trainees. (Hm, is this an impending conflict? I’m already picturing how they’ll react to being remade into shiny idol versions.)

The manager hands out their schedule, which has them at school only for the bare minimum. He wonders, “What the heck did you do at school that the teachers are glad you’ll be attending less?” Ha.

The manager warns that if they break rules, they’ll find more rules tacked on. Ji-hyuk says, “If we’re talking rules, it won’t be long before we’re packing our bags.”

I love the manager hyung’s exasperation at how hard it is to corral the boys. He complains that getting them up in the mornings is a daily battle, and is trying to get them ready for one of their rare school days. They all balk, but Ji-hyuk suddenly changes his mind and agrees to go, saying that naturally students should go to school. I’m sure a certain pretty girl has nothing to do with it.

Off they go. In class, Ha-jin receives a gift from a girl congratulating them on their contract and shows off his new shoes, bought with his contract money, and scoffs at Ji-hyuk’s old ratty pair.

Ji-hyuk catches Su-ah’s eye and surreptitiously points to the door to mean Meet me outside, which is hilarious because he’s the furthest thing from smooth about it. Fortunately for him Ha-jin remains oblivious, but Seung-hoon picks up on the exchange.

They talk in the stairwell, and Ji-hyuk asks how she’s doing. I love watching him try to maintain his gruff demeanor despite his embarrassment, and he speed-mumbles, “If anything happens, call me, or-if-you-miss-me-then-call-me, take care.” And he darts off. So cute.

Noona CEO, whose name is apparently Hae-ri (hence the HR in the company name), introduces Seung-hoon to Kim Ye-rim, who’s pleased to be working with the famed genius songwriter. But his mood sours when Ye-rim asks about Eye Candy, since she’s a fan.

The meeting is interrupted by a call informing Hae-ri that the beleaguered manager has quit, unable to deal with Eye Candy. She assigns a new manager to take over and “tame those kids,” which lasts about two seconds before he quits as well, bringing on No. 3.

The third manager faces similar difficulty, because none of these management tactics works on a group who knows their contract is for one single only. They’re ready to leave HR as soon as it’s done, so they’re not going to bend over backwards to follow arbitrary rules.

The manager tells them to look at the big picture, the long road. If they do well, a regular contract may be next — a prospect that registers in particular with Hyun-soo. Ji-hyuk agrees to follow the rules for now, as long as they don’t make them do “weird stuff.” Like act, or dance. Ha.

With that, the boys are dressed up and prepped for their first photo shoot. Rawr.

Deo-mi has a few grudging compliments for Eye Candy’s “improvement.” Su-ah doesn’t see much difference, but Deo-mi says that before, they were “totally different from us,” and now “they’ve come over to our side.” Ugh. The fact that Su-ah grimaces endears her to me.

Deo-mi says they’re still a ways off from following Seung-hoon, to which Su-ah says that following has nothing to do with it — Eye Candy’s doing their own thing, and so is Seung-hoon. At that point, they spot Seung-hoon approaching down the hall, but he walks by and totally ignores Su-ah’s wave.

Pyo-joo and Maro find Seung-hoon in the music room, and tensions are still high. Pyo-joo demands the practice room key — this space is for bands, and Seung-hoon isn’t in one anymore.

Seung-hoon tosses the key silently, not answering Maro’s question of whether he feels the need to go this far in order to beat the other guys. Pyo-joo angrily says that he played the bass for Seung-hoon, challenging him for ditching them so easily after all the time they spent together.

Seung-hoon looks a little conflicted, but his answer is dispassionate: Spending a lot of time together necessarily doesn’t give it importance. He’s decided to start over on his own, to find what he really wants. He asks, “How long are you going to live as my underlings?”

He makes a valid point, but damn if it’s not the coldest way to make it. Even Maro reacts, telling Seung-hoon to back off because he’s at his limit too. Seung-hoon replies that he doesn’t care. Yeesh.

Seung-hoon finds Ji-hyuk in noona Hae-ri’s office, and asks how the album prep is going. Ji-hyuk tells him to mind his own business, but Seung-hoon stops him short by pointing out that Ji-hyuk’s living in the dorm now… which leaves Su-ah all alone… and does he think he can really protect her, through the end?

Ji-hyuk steps up to Seung-hoon’s face and warns him again to mind his own business.

Recording time. Hyun-soo sings “Somehow, You” while Hae-ri watches from the sound booth with Seung-hoon. She wants to record this song as a duet between Hyun-soo and Ye-rim; she likes the look in his eye, and his vocals are strong. It’s just that he’s overshadowed by Ji-hyuk in the band.

After Hyun-soo finishes, Seung-hoon asks Hyun-soo what he thinks of the song. Hyun-soo retorts, “Why should I have to tell you?” Seung-hoon offers to give Hyun-soo the song, being the songwriter and all — if he wants to hit it big, this’ll help his upward trajectory. Oh no, are you going after the weak link to divide and conquer? Nooooo!

Hyun-soo calls the song cheesy and declares that he’ll make it big on his own, without needing Seung-hoon’s “help.” Yay, for now. But this also gives Seung-hoon a clue: “So it means he does want to hit it big.”

That night, Ha-jin (wearing a nose strip) slips into the kitchen and is startled to find Do-il sleeping on the sofa, who’s more comfortable there after sleeping in the pool hall. Woo-kyung shows up at their door bearing late-night snacks, and the boys dig in. She deflates immediately to hear that Ji-hyuk is out, and nobody knows where he went.

He’s outside Su-ah’s gate, doing exercises to keep warm while he waits for her. And that’s how she finds him, doing push-ups on the wall. He makes up the excuse that he’s just here to pick up… some stuff… that he left behind. Always trying to save face, cool rocker boy. Su-ah knows it and calls his bluff, turning away and saying fine, see ya. Hehe. Serves you right.

Ji-hyuk stops her and angles for an invite, and they head inside for some ramyun. While he’s cooking, Su-ah sneaks over to his shoes and measures the size with her hand. Aw.

She steps outside when her landlady knocks on the door, and Ji-hyuk overhears the conversation: Gangsters came by today and demanded Su-ah’s rental deposit. They went away, but next time, the landlady’s going to give it to them — which means Su-ah will be kicked out. He pretends not to have heard for her sake, but surely this won’t end here.

As they eat, Su-ah asks how he feels about his band’s song being released, saying they’ve already got tons of fans. Ji-hyuk shrugs it off, not really getting why people like them.

Su-ah asks in surprise, “You really don’t know why people watch you and like you? It shows on your faces that you love what you’re doing, that you’re having the time of your lives. But it’s not you alone — you’re all like that together, and that makes it more powerful.”

Woo-kyung heads out, telling Do-il she’s too busy to just wait for Ji-hyuk; she’s working hard on her own life, learning to be a stylist and taking English lessons. He’s happy to hear it, until she adds that she’s doing it so she can follow Ji-hyuk — as his stylist/support team — and that if she doesn’t catch up to him now, she may get left behind entirely. Oh, honey, but there’s one guy ready to take you with him…

Ye-rim records one of Seung-hoon’s songs (it’s “바람이 참 매섭다” aka “The Wind is Bitterly Cold,” by Loveholics with Whale), but he cuts her off, unhappy with her bland interpretation. The Eye Candy guys wait for their turn, and Ha-jin wonders if Seung-hoon is being difficult on purpose to mess with their session.

Seung-hoon says Ye-rim is merely reciting the lyrics. He directs her to think of somebody the song brings to mind, to bring out some feeling in her voice. Ha-jin sends her a cheery wave, ready and willing to inspire, but Ye-rim looks over at Hyun-soo, who’s ignoring her.

Her phrasing is noticeably improved when she tries again, looking straight at Hyun-soo all the while, singing:

Loveholics – “바람이 참 매섭다” (The wind is bitterly cold)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Flowers wither again
The wind blows
Once again, it’s bitterly cold
Then and now, it’s the same rain,
but as ever, it’s unfamiliar

All day long it pours down on me
Until this rain stops
I’ll endure once again
The wind is bitterly cold

Hyun-soo catches her gaze mid-song and holds it, while Ha-jin moons over her, telling Kyung-jong, “The goddess has fallen for me. She’s singing this for me.” Yes, you, the bitterly cold goofball who always smiles and waves at her.

Next, it’s Eye Candy’s turn to record. They get a few measures into “Jaywalking” before the producer steps in, telling them the chords are a mess and need cleaning up: “What the heck IS your music?” Ji-hyuk refuses to change a thing about the song, saying that it’s representative of their band.

The producer tells them to do as they’re told, which raises everyone’s hackles. He declares that they have till tomorrow to persuade him, or he’s gonna “fix” the hell out of their song.

Back at the dorm, Hyun-soo concedes that they’ve always just played without worrying over the technicalities of music, or a band identity. Ha-jin says that as long as people like their music, who cares? Kyung-jong’s worried that Byung-hee’s song is going to get ruined, and Ha-jin says their trusty leader will take care of it, leaving it to Ji-hyuk.

Hyun-soo falls asleep with a smile on his face, which is unusual enough to get his buddies marveling over it. What could he be dreaming of that he’d smile, when he never does so while awake?

Ji-hyuk mulls over the producer’s question about who they are, and what their music is. He thinks back to Byung-hee’s camera introduction that opened Episode 1, when Byung-hee went around asking why the guys are in the band.

Ji-hyuk asks Do-il what kind of music Byung-hee would’ve wanted to make. Do-il tells him to think of what music he wants to make, because he and Byung-hee always wrote the band’s songs. So Ji-hyuk considers this, recalling Su-ah’s comments about them enjoying the hell out of their music, and decides, “That’s it, muse.”

Su-ah, meanwhile, buys a pair of shoes and sets to work adorning them with a hand-painted picture of a guitar on the side, replete with Eye Candy’s trademark sparkly-eyed skull and crossbones. I don’t know if shiny beads will be manly enough for our scruffy leader, but it’s an adorable gesture.

Ji-hyuk meets with CEO Hae-ri, who fills him in on the promo activities to come. Ji-hyuk is onboard until she shows them the album cover… on which their new identity has been emblazoned: Black Heart.

He protests, saying that Eye Candy isn’t Hae-ri’s. She replies, “I think it is. It’s mine, which is why I want to turn it into the best.” She thought he’d be embarrassed of the name Eye Candy, all cockiness and swagger, but she backs down about the name — for now. They can revisit the issue at a later date.

Ji-hyuk informs Hae-ri that the boys have no intention of staying with HR beyond this single, so she can put to bed any plans to reinvent them. She asks if he’s so confident that they can succeed without making any adjustments, and he replies that it’s not a matter of confidence: “If Eye Candy doesn’t stay as it is now, it has no meaning.”

She asks, “You could succeed if you let go of just a little of your stubbornness — won’t you think of your future?” Ji-hyuk answers that he doesn’t really care about whether other people will like them: “It’s just that making music with my friends is fun and thrilling and exciting. I’ll think about the future when it comes.”

She asks why he’s so fixated on his friends. Ji-hyuk answers after a beat, “Because without them, I have nothing.”

Hae-ri relents. This single will be a test of their potential, to see how far they go as themselves. Ji-hyuk thanks her, relieved, but she adds that it’ll also be a test of how far their lack of ambition can take them.

While awaiting their recording session, Hyun-soo’s already pulling away from the pack, saying maybe they should let the pros edit the song. I don’t like the look on his face when the producer declares that Ji-hyuk somehow persuaded the CEO to let them do it their way; it makes me nervous.

Enter Rock Kim, here at Hae-ri’s request. The producer entreats him to convince the guys to revise the song, but Rock Kim says to just record the sucker, keeping alive the spirit of the original.

As they record, Ji-hyuk keeps key memories fresh in his mind — of hanging out with his friends, of playing onstage with the band, of Byung-hee leading them.

Rock Kim leaves them with a backhanded compliment (or as I call it, a nonpliment), saying they had serious attitude today — it’s both an insult (you punks, full of hot air) and grudging praise (but you rocked it).

Time for the single to go on sale, and the guys gather around a computer at midnight on the big day, counting down. Refresh, click, cheer!

The song circulates fast, and even Maro starts strumming the chords, telling Pyo-joo that the song’s addictive. Pyo-joo claps his hands over his ears, refusing to listen. Haha, you big wuss.

Poor Teacher Kim is still on the hunt for a job, though he hides this fact from his beloved daughter. He scours the internet for job postings and lies to his daughter about how well he’s doing, though he takes a moment to read the news of Eye Candy’s chart success, smiling in approval.

Su-ah and Deo-mi perk up to hear the song even playing in a cafe. Su-ah frowns when the nearby table of schoolgirls “claim” Ji-hyuk, though she’s happy to let ’em dream on about Hyun-soo and Ha-jin. Deo-mi says that the guys are starting to get the star treatment, and pulling away into the distance. And when was it that you were so sure they’d never make it “up” to your level, hm?

Su-ah looks worried about that, perhaps fearing that distance. So when Ji-hyuk texts her to say he’ll drop by later, she cheers up.

Woo-kyung and her friend excitedly head over to hang out with the band. The boys have been busy promoting their single so tonight’s a rare free night. As they walk along, though, a group of girls gives them the evil eye — the same ladies who previously fought with Woo-kyung. It looks like we’re heading for a Round 2…

The Eye Candy boys, minus Ji-hyuk, hang out in the pool hall. They wonder where Ji-hyuk is, just as Kyung-jong gets a call alerting them to Woo-kyung’s brewing fight.

Hyun-soo wonders if they should stay out of trouble, but Do-il tears out of there the instant he hears, always hypersensitive to issues about Woo-kyung. The others follow, Hyun-soo most reluctantly.

Su-ah arrives at home to find her belongings packed and stacked outside on the roof. Looks like the gangsters came back, and the landlady caved. Damn. From rooftop to homeless.

Ji-hyuk is at the convenience store picking up snacks when his friends call, and he darts off… leaving his phone behind accidentally. No! When Su-ah calls, she gets no response. Am I gonna have to chain that phone to you, Ji-hyuk?

Woo-kyung finds herself cornered not only by the girls but also their angry boyfriends, here to defend their girls’ honor. Her friend warns that the band is on their way, but Woo-kyung flips, worried about getting them in trouble right when they’re on the brink of success.

The boyfriends aren’t intimidated and grab Woo-kyung. Seriously, you’re going to prove your worth to your woman by beating up another woman? I guess if your girl finds that romantic, it just shows you what kind of people we’re dealing with here.

Thankfully the Eye Candy boys arrive in time to take over the fight, joined belatedly by Ji-hyuk. It’s a pretty easy battle and the boyfriends go down easily.

After the fighting’s over and the other gang has beat it, our boys are sporting minor cuts but feeling pretty good about the outcome. The mood is positively upbeat.

Woo-kyung says that Ji-hyuk shouldn’t have come and endangered their band’s future, and starts crying as she admits she was really scared. He pats her on the shoulder to comfort her and Do-il looks away. Always there for her, but never first choice.

And then… the sound of a siren blares as a police car pulls up. Fuuuuck.


I love all the relationships, but the more the story progresses, the more I’ve been responding to the Ji-hyuk and Hyun-soo friendship. It’s strange to think they were probably once the closest two, but when you step back they’re probably the least tight pair now.

These two have had such a compellingly layered dynamic all series long, and now that the band is experiencing some movement we’re starting to see their differences stand out in starker contrast. When you’re all at the bottom together with little hope of change, it’s not hard to assume you’re all on the same page, but once you start dangling success and money and future plans in front of them, those discrepancies appear.

The drama has made each band member’s motivations very clear — I love that it’s accomplished in subtle strokes, not hit-you-over-the-head declarations — so we’ve seen this divide widening ever so slightly with each occurrence. To Ji-hyuk, the band is the family he doesn’t have — and more importantly, it’s the family he chose, over the one he was born into that tossed him aside for a new marriage. On the other side of the ring you’ve got Hyun-soo with the adoring family, and for him music is a means of upward mobility.

You can’t blame either guy for his stance, even though it puts them at odds. Yet as we saw in the festival scenes, you know they’ve got each other’s backs when it matters. I have faith their bond will prevail in the end… but it doesn’t keep the conflict from hurting while it lasts. And we haven’t even got to the tough part, I fear.

It’s something that Seung-hoon can sense too, I’m sure. Hyun-soo has enough residual friction with the rich genius prince to reject his song offer flat, but Seung-hoon now knows where the chink in the armor is, and he’s smart enough to know how to work that fissure to his advantage. If he wants to beat Eye Candy, and in particular Ji-hyuk, who’s to say he won’t stoop to picking off those friends, to hit him where it hurts?

It’s interesting that I sort of like Seung-hoon’s shrewdness. I don’t love what he’s doing (or what I suspect he may do in the future), but in the context of battling for ultimate victory, I have to respect the guy who fights smart. Granted he’s wading into some murky waters, but I don’t think he’s playing entirely dirty. The 100% morally upright thing to do would be to fight based on talent only, to step out of Eye Candy’s affairs and let the market decide, right? But people are rarely 100% morally upright (if ever), and barring outright sabotage or subterfuge, I can see where he’s going with this.

I’m simultaneously pleased that Noona sees Hyun-soo’s talents, and nervous because it makes him easier to separate from the pack. Unlike her brother she has no reason to destroy Eye Candy — quite the contrary — but inasmuch as she sees them as commodities more than people, I can totally see her making the calculated business move.

I like that she’s not evil, though, and she knows how to back down. She makes sense, too, in arguing that Eye Candy need only bend a little bit to secure success. Plus, the question of lack of ambition is an intriguing one. What IS it that the boys want? What IS their identity? I suppose the jaded answer is that the product-pushing executives just want to turn the boys into a brand, but I think there’s a legitimate question in there, and one that the boys recognize is something they can’t answer right now.

Having fun is all good and well when that fun is your end goal. But to pursue a career in music? Well, then, you’ve got to cultivate that career. If you want to be a part of showbiz, you’ve got to play the showbiz game — you can’t reject the machine and then expect it to reward you with fame and fortune. So are you in or are you out?

I find it interesting that they (minus Hyun-soo) seem to be okay with having this single and then returning to normal life. I respect that choice, but I also want them to want more for themselves. Or is rock music really not their passion, but just a vehicle for friendship?

It’s a fascinating question, and one that’s bound to cause some tensions in the near future. But once they hammer it out and make some hard decisions — instead of just coasting along together, untested, assuming they’re in accord — it’s also what’ll make ’em stronger.


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        Yeah, I want Do-il just ditch WK in the dust. LOL. but thing part of it’s also partially his fault. Ji-hyuk didn’t confess, but Su-ah did. See? If WK is oblivious of Do-il’s feelings, then he should at least step it up a bit and confess. Though it’s obvious to us how he likes her, she may not be the smartest crayon out of the box :/

        • kewbie

          I agree. It’s getting too out of hand with Woo-kyung. Now I just think she’s deluded. haha…

          As much as I would like to see those two together, I really wouldn’t mind Do-il getting a brand new, totally hot girlfriend.

      • 18.1.2 alua

        Yup, agree. Nothing worse than a clingy person that decides she has to change her life in order to make herself fit with the person she is in love with. That’s bad enough when it’s requited love (motivation to change should not be for someone else, but because you yourself want it), but much much worse when it’s unrequited love as in this case! Girl, he doesn’t like you that way! And he started liking you because you changed yourself for him, he wouldn’t deserve you! (It’s just wrong any way you look at it.)

        Do Il… yeah, because WK is grating on my nerves, I starting to wish he’d find himself someone else (or let himself be found).

    • 18.2 ianne

      I wouldn’t really call Hyunsoo a traitor. One couldn’t fault him for wanting more in life.

      He’s doing music because he loves it and he sees that his talents can take him further. He’s not one to waste his talents and be a bum all his life when he can harness those to give his family a better life.

      I mean, yeah, maybe that’s in conflict with what the other Eye Candy boys want but really now, what do those boys even really want? For the world to hear Byunghee’s song? And then after that, what? What do the want in life again?

      I get that this is a drama but just try to look at it in real life and see which is the better choice.

      I mean, I’d hate to see them all break up, they have great chemistry together. But they can still do music, their music, while being on the way to the top. They just have to stop thinking that music is just some past time that you do with your friends. It’s something that you can harness as a career WHILE still being with your friends.

      • 18.2.1 Lava

        Although, Hyunsoo did only start music because he wanted to fit in with Byunghee and Jihyuk, so no matter his actual intention it still looks as if he’s just out to win in a way? It’s like he wants to prove to Jihyuk, after all these years, that he can do well without him.

  19. 19 An

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  20. 20 Sonia

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    and i clicked. -_-


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    Thanks for the recap JB!

    • 25.1 Ace

      BTW, the song Hyun-soo sung 어쩌다 널’s English title here is Suddenly, You but in the lyrics edition it’s Somehow, You? Just wondering which is the right translation so I could also update my playlist…Thanks!

      • 25.1.1 doremii

        어쩌다 indicates uncertainty or a lack of one’s intention. It’s along the lines of accidentally/by chance/somehow. I guess I could see “suddenly” as an interpretation of it, but I wouldn’t say that’s its direct translation.

  26. 26 Fia

    I love how the story is evolving and enjoy the fast pacing. The one thing that keeps me at the edge of my seat is the dynamics between the band. I know that they love each other, but anytime a situation arises I’m afraid two or more members will just spontaneously combust in argument. It makes me afraid to keep watching because I like happy and rainbows and fun always, but I can’t look away.

    Basically I want them to become super famous but not care about the fame, super rich but not care about the money, keep making gritty rock and roll and stay together forever without ever fighting. Is that too much to ask?

    I guess that would take the drama out of this drama, though. Ahh whatever, I guess the only thing I can do is “Shut up and rock.”

    • 26.1 ianne

      I feel the same way. I always feel like Hajin and Hyunsoo will suddenly launch at each other in every scene and grab each other’s collars and just beat each other to a pulp. The tension between those two is just wow.

      • 26.1.1 Venus

        I agree…Haji and HS tension has been mounting for a while now, I can’t wait to see who will throw the first punch.

  27. 27 anna

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    Giggling, oh subtext.

    • 27.1 JoAnne

      I’d have pictured Ha Jin as a top (bunk) but maybe that’s just because he’s bigger…it’s true that tiny little Kyung Jong seems to put him in his place pretty often, though. Which is adorable.

      • 27.1.1 kbap

        Oh my god I love those two. They’re the cutest couple ever! And I like how they’re not always chummy buddies either, and their friendship is portrayed realistically, like they don’t always get along. And don’t you just love how Kyung-jong is folding the clothes? (like such a good wifey, is what my brain is saying.)

        • JoAnne

          Yes! He is the sweetest little bit of fluff I have EVER seen.

    • 27.2 song pong


      maybe they could switch. the beds, I mean! *ehem*

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    thanks for the recap! WHEE!

    • 28.1 maria

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    • 31.1 shl

      But that gives her a legitimate reason to move into Ji-hyuk’s apartment, since he’s in a dorm and all, yes . . . .?

    • 31.2 po

      She can afford rent but was eventually kicked out because those gangsters from before came and demanded her rent money from the landlady. The landlady eventually caved cause she was scared and didn’t want to deal with them anymore.

  32. 32 LadyIgraine

    i’ve been waiting for this episode’s recap, so thank u javabeans.

    hyunsoo’s definitely a double-edge sword in the making, and his desire for fame is starting to become more and more prominent as the episodes progress. can’t say i blame the guy, he wants to put his parents on retirement (which i would love to do when i win the lotto) and give them a comfortable life. but at the same time, he’s threading on breaking the friendship that jihyuk has treasured since day one in exchange for that fame. i hope hyunsoo will find a way to reach his goal, without having to betray the band. either way, its going to be an interesting character development for him and for all the boys.

    just some minor things that i caught on, and some have commented on. is it true that in korean culture, its bad luck to give shoes as a present to someone? they said that the recipient will walk away from your life. i know in my culture, if you give any footwear as a present, the recipient must give the gift giver a coin to ward off bad luck – but i never really get the meaning of it. doesn’t it feel like suah giving jihyuk shoes as a present sort of foreshadowing about their future relationship. i hope not…i want them to stay together, but seeing the preview for ep.10, i get the chills seeing her being surrounded by the sea of fangirls and jihyuk didn’t see her.

    • 32.1 trixicopper

      It’s why I cringe every time someone buys shoes. Noooo! Not shoes! If they are gonna buy shoes , they ought to just start hanging out at the River of Doom now and avoid the rush. 🙂

    • 32.2 kbap

      Well, (talking bout these so I can spew and pretend to be smart) I know the Chinese/Taiwanese does, since yes, the shoes mean that they’ll grow farther away. Just like you can’t actually give people a lot of different items, like a watch/clock for example. In Chinese “zhong (鐘)” = clock, but “song zhong (送終)” means to pay your last respects to the dead, so if you give a clock as a present it kind of means that they’re dead (it’s just bad in general, they’re not literally dead nor do you wish them to die, hopefully. I’m not very good at explaining). Same with the knife, there’s all sorts of meanings. Like I think knife is meaning that you “chop/cut” your relationship in two, breaking off the friendship. This is why my mom always pays her friends back who intended to give it to her as a present. 😉 And yeah, dating a star is not easy…but Su-ah fighting!

      • 32.2.1 LadyIgraine

        ikr. and after seeing ep.10, i can see it happening. i also saw the casts members getting interviewed about the show and a little bit about each of them. jung ui chul was asked what will happen to his character in future episodes, he said that there’s still a chance of him getting the girl. O_o “uh-oh!”

        here’s the 2 part bts interview:



        • kbap

          Noooo! That. Sucks. *sob.

          • LadyIgraine

            well, we don’t know what the writer(s) have up on its sleeve. i would want the the two to be together too, but the writer(s) can’t leave out seunghoon in the dust. so i’m guessing, they’ll play more of love rivalry until the very end.

            right now, suah being alone and not being able to spend more time w/ jihyuk would be a perfect opportunity for seunghoon to be by her side. i just hope she doesn’t waver any feelings toward seunghoon.

          • kbap

            I know, I was just moaning because they’re so cute together. And yes, hopefully her feelings don’t waver. I don’t know but Seung-hoon is just so…inflexible. Like he can’t accept her for anything besides the rich her. Like he’s ashamed of her living on a rooftop. Hopefully Ji-hyuk has a stronger tie with her…plus he’s like a magnet 😛

          • alua

            I hope her feelings don’t waver. But I don’t feel they will. She never liked Seung Hoon that way, and she’s been pretty honest with her feelings about Ji Hyuk (and lack of romantic feelings for SH). She doesn’t seem to be playing games – she knows what her heart is telling her, even if she has to figure out the details of how to be in the relationship.

  33. 33 hybrid hikikomori

    i get a feeling their former teacher kim will be their manager..he’s the only one who can tame them…

  34. 34 song pong

    thank you for the recap, there are no words to describe my love for this show. One thing that bugs me a tiny little bit is that Ji-hyuk and Su-ah are so timid and shy with each other. I know their relationship is just starting, but I wish to see them more comfortable with each other, more skin contact, hugs etc. They’re sort of awkward imo.

    • 34.1 kbap

      but that’s what makes them utterly cute is what I think. Like they’re both like “I like you,” but they’re just so awkward around each other it’s adorable. (I know, my logic doesn’t make sense.) But yeah, some more kisses/hugs/pecks would be nice.

      • 34.1.1 kewbie

        They are so cute. I actually like their awkward moments together. I am just afraid what will happen now that Eye Candy is more well-known and Ji-Hyuk can’t be there as much for Su-ah. Might not be that cute anymore!

        • kbap

          then should I wish for hot…? Lol Sigh. Hopefully they work out some way for Su-ah and Ji-hyuk to be able to go out. I have faith in you, Drama..!!
          Though (no offense) the bromance/friendship between the boys is what really draws me into this drama, not necessarily the romance, though it’s cute.

  35. 35 Maymay

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  36. 36 sally_b

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    Random thoughts:

    * moving into the dorm had adorable moments – claiming the top bunk….beauty products…everyone stuffed onto one sofa like a basket of puppies ~ love.

    * photoshoot – choosing clothes & teasing each other, mugging for the camera

    * Su-ah sneakily sizing-up Ji-Hyuk’s old sneakers (though I’m going to have to deduct cool-chick points for her choosing to ‘bedazzle’ them)
    “Su-ah, honey, he’s a rocker …not a toddler. You can’t put sparkles on his shoes and expect him to maintain his COOL”…heehee

    * (this is a bit mean) but…I want to take Do-mi’s giant boogle-eye glasses off her face and stomp on them. really, WHO told her those look good?

    * It’s TIME for Do-il to step-up and tell Woo-Kyung he’s *got the flutters* for her. Ji-Hyuk keeps enabling her to be a pity-party …which is good for no one.
    Once the band does make it big — if Woo-Kung changes love interest at that point it will make her look like nothing more than a groupie, which is sad, because even though we KNOW why she hangs with them — she is still *kinda* genuinely, one of the gang.

    Dudes…either on or BOTH of you need to CLUE Woo-Kyung…sooner, rather than later, please.

    • 36.1 sally_b

      * Dudes…either one or BOTH

    • 36.2 buttrcup

      Yeeeeees, I want Do-il to AT LEAST try and make a effort. I mean it breaks my heart ever so seeing him fading in the background with his one-sided crush (Which ofc means he majorly lurrrves her) Hee.

      I know, I know; it’s not as easy as it seems but my gosh, what is he going to expect from not even trying? Hint a little more, yuno; go in for the kill.

      Also, LOL on the Deo-Mi comment.

      • 36.2.1 kewbie

        I’m thinking that since Do-il doesn’t know that Ji-hyuk is involved with Su-ah, he probably thinks there’s a chance that Ji-hyuk might like her back so he probably doesn’t want to step on Ji-hyuk’s toes. Boy, will he and the other guys be in for a surprise when they find out that Ji-hyuk and Su-ah like each other. I do think it would be interesting, though if Do-il did step up and tell Woo-kyung about her feelings. I don’t know how she’ll respond to that — probably in a weird way.

        • A-M

          I always get the impression though that he suspects something is going on. The camera tends to go to him for a silent reaction when the other boys are wondering where Ji-hyuk is (with Su-ah).

          • alua

            Yeah… me too. At least Do Il is more clued in than the other guys who all seem to have pancakes on their eyes!

            Maybe there is something else holding him back, something that explains why WK is so hung up on Ji-hyuk (maybe a backstory of him saving her or something???).

            But it’s a bit funny… Do Il is the quiet one, but than at the same time he does speak up when it matters. He should be starting to get a clue that it is at that point with WK – something NEEDS to be said, the sooner the better.

          • A-M

            @alua I agree with you, there probably is some backstory about why Do-Il is holding back and why Woo-kyung is so totally hooked on Ji-Hyuk despite him not really encouraging her (that we’ve seen).

            hee hee pancakes over their eyes. lovei t.

          • alua

            It was pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) here the other day… I think that’s where that image came from.

            Of course, in real life, I totally forgot it was pancake day!

  37. 37 JaeDe

    I’m thinking Teacher Kim is going to end up being their manager, let’s face, he’s the only one to deal with these boneheads.
    I loved this episode, these boys are too cute.They remind me of dogs in a pound, you wanna take every single one of them home and love them to death.

    • 37.1 redfox

      yeah, when Hae-Ri is counting manager no. 46 already she´ll have to turn to Ol Reliable Kim.

  38. 38 redfox

    really, I feel like I am watching real-time events. it is not like a drama, it is like “the events of the week in the life of a band”. I like that a lot. It feel very real.
    and the downside of real is I worry and fret over the possible non-desireable changes for real.
    little moments I loved
    Kyung-Jong trying to sculpt a smile for Do-Il (heheheh) and stopping the stylist from cutting Do-Ils hair. The smallest but the bravest, that Kyung-Jong!
    The nose strip on Ha-Jin – probablyu he is copying his noonas!!!
    Ji-Hyuks awkwardness with Su-Ah. I like that is is not all big words and declarations in their relationship like in dramas usually
    not that I liked it but the producing teams´ claim over the band was a given. it would be more surprising if they acted like they didnt own everything. we know how it goes. never fret: here, in Estonia, an indie-band going their own path is being successfull. wait, should I have doubts. maybe even the “independently creative” image can be carefully slyly branded? anyway, I hope they dont let themselves be turned into something they are not and that even if Hyun-Soo tries out a separate path, he´ll realize it doesnt fit his nature. although he was most comfortable on the photo shoot.
    I did not like the Woo-Kyung konflict and I dont see the logic in that plotline. she is not worth all the sweat if you ask me, she should stand her own ground, let go and move on, make something of herself for her own sake, not cling to the connection with the band. the way she is now….mäh. be a stronger person!

    the laconic style of the dorm is great. “you are nothing yet!” it says.

    well´lets see. the nosy Hae-Ri chick will have to acknowledge that if it werent for the bands rebellious aura, Ji-Hyuks scruffy charm and every single boys´ personal input, there would be nothing for her to sell or fantasize of producing. if she clings to an accidental find like that, she is a bad producer. uggh it is not your doings! come down to Earth!

    in the end, love is all we need aka it is the fans that turn a band into a wave. the boys need to step up too and decide how they are going to surf their high wave. thing is…. the bext wave may be bigger, and if you go with this one, you might love the better one to a competing surfer….

    • 38.1 redfox

      typos: I meant “the next wave might be bigger” and “might lose the bigger wave” not bext and love

    • 38.2 ianne

      “maybe even the “independently creative” image can be carefully slyly branded”

      Basically this. The singers who have a following here are the bands that went from indie to mainstream and they each have their own unique and distinct style of music. Not really necessarily conforming to the norms, if you ask me.

      If they play this right, it might just work.

  39. 39 Dorotka

    Hmm, can’t say I liked their new looks. Much prefer the old raw non-idol rocky looks, especially for Ji Hyuk.
    Like Su Ah’s straight hair though, reminds me very much of Ha ji Won.

    Favourite scene: Ji Hyuk signaling Su Ah to meet outside and their lovely awkward meeting on the stairs.

    I know some conflicts and angst must come, bud please, please, stay together, Eye Candy!!!

  40. 40 Jaykah

    Bloody Hyun Soo.. I’m going to be so mad if or when you go bad! Hopefully if he does then at the end he regrets it and makes it up to the boys.

    I just don’t want to see a sad Ji Hyuk, I’m crazily in love with Sung Joon and his character! He is just do loyal it makes me want to cry.

  41. 41 minnie

    Im really scared of whats going to happen. Its still episode 9! Im sure they’re going to give us a happy ending.

    Still, I cant watch Eye Candy get more fractured day by day, after Byung Hee is gone.

    But, I really love Ji Hyuk and Su ah’s cute moments 🙂

  42. 42 Ariel

    I like that Hyun-soo will be the question mark that ask how far they are willing to take this opportunity, because he’s the one who seems to need it the most. This drama does not throw random scenes, there is always a thought process behind it. When were first introduced to Hyun-soo’s parents they were bowing their heads and taking the abuse of their boss while defending the talent of their son. The adorable relationship between Hyun-soo and his sister and the foreboding scene of Hyun-soo running while piggybacking his sister. If Hyun-soo wants to succeed for his family thats one compelling reason to break away from the group ang go at it alone. But then when you look at his character he’s the most emotionally needy of the bunch. The rest of the guys are able to adjust themselves to his taciturn ways but will he be able to adjust himself to fit the industry.
    Whatever conflict this drama churns up between Hyun-soo and Ji-hyuk I think bromance will always win in the end. Ji-hyuk will always protect his family because in the end thats the most important part of him. I can’t wait for the angst to begin.
    Does anyone want to bet that Teacher Kim will become their manager and Rock Kim will be their mentor.

    • 42.1 ianne

      Glad someone thinks the same way.

      One can’t really fault him for wanting more when he is fully capable of going further in life. He has his family to support. JiHyuk sees the band as his family but Hyunsoo has his own real family.

      Yeah, Hyunsoo’s friends are very important to him. I mean, heck, the reason why he learned to play the guitar was because he didn’t want to lose JiHyuk as a friend but look where they are now. JiHyuk and him barely has any connection other than friends being in the same band. He’s somewhat even closer to Do-Il and Kyungjong, and even those guys still aren’t as close to him as one might label a “best friend”.

      So while he loves doing music with his friends, I can’t help but shake the feeling that he still always feel left out. He’s always still second best, not a good enough friend that his best friend have to trade him for another which leads to him learning how to play the guitar, then not a good enough guitarist that he has to feign sickness just to practice all day. It’s like, everything he has done is not good enough.

      But as Evil Witch Sister have said, he has a strong voice, he’s just being overshadowed by JiHyuk in the band.

      I don’t want the guys to break up. I just wish they’d really decide what they want in life. A little direction would be great, guys. Which is why I think it would be great to have Teacher Kim be their manager as well!

  43. 43 buttrcup

    Shiiiiiit! Why does this always have to happen to them? Gee friggin’ whiz. I’m so pumped for the next ep.

    GAH! The moments where Su-Ah and Ji-Hyuk are together are just adorable; he’s like a hunk of awesomeness wrapped in a bow. Same thing could be said about Kyun-Joon and Ha-Jing (budding-bromance that is) -Just clarifying.

    As for Woo-Kyung, guuuuurl do you want me to come there and literally spell it out for you that you have a perfectly-gorgeous-guy-who-is-totally-in-love-with-you just there for you? Bc I will!!!

    Seung-Hoon, stop making me dislike you, bc if you’re the main cause -err, well the root for Hyun-Soo (possibly?) going solo you will have a -1 fan. Seriously.

    Annnnnnnnnd Hyun-Soo, -tsk tsk- boy you better stay with the boys… Please?

    OMO! I have an assignment due next week and I’m on here. Great, still worth it though xD Thanks for the recap hun, looooove eeeet <3

  44. 44 IBELIS

    Thanks for the recap

    I think that after Hyun soo saw his parents being berated by the boss he mad a decision that his life would not be like theirs, and this makes him think of his own future first.
    Also when Jihyuk left him behind to do music that changed their relationship, and he began to look at him separate from himself.

    As for thinking about their future they are typical teenagers that haven’t found the thing that motivates them. Along with the fact that they have never received support and encouragement from any of the adults in their lives.

    Jihyuk and Do il are also different from the other three in as they have money in their families whether they are benefiting from it they know it’s there.

    • 44.1 ianne

      I also think that all the scenes with his parents shows that he wants more in his life because he wants to go further for his family cause his family is really important to him.

      In the bar scene you mentioned, his parents were trying to defend his talents to the boss. In the signing of the contract, his father says that he’s always wanted to be a singer and not only can he play the guitar, he can also sing and dance! His family believes in him and I don’t think he;d want to let his family down. Because he always puts his family first (remember why he got hit by Yerim’s van? yup, because of his sister).

      And yeah, typical teenagers indeed. And I agree on the “no encouragement and support” part. No adult has ever really looked at them and treated their music seriously before, so there really is no drive for them yet before this. The thing driving them forward for now is Byunghee. They want the world to hear Byunghee’s music. But as I’ve said above, after that, what?

  45. 45 minnie

    man, im worried about Hyunsoo and Ha Jin.
    im not worried about Ji Hyuk because he wont ever leave his friends. but ha jin and hyunsoo are exceptional. since they moved to the dorm, im really worried for this two.
    and jihyuk-su ah in the ep 10 preview… nothing is going to happen right? he doesnt see her because of the fans but i still feel that Su Ah is going to worry about their distance.
    geez, its always distance right? Youre Beautiful, Secret Garden, etc.

  46. 46 Ayumi

    Oh well haha here I am again.

    Goodness this drama’s keeping me waiting each and every time. I can feel Hyunsoo’s brimming desire here despite the bond he holds with the band. He’s definitely worth looking out for since he definitely differs in terms of perspective with Jihyuk. Their personalities are going to clash. I can tell that much and SeungHoon would be there to catch that moment.

    ARGH. Hyunsoo’s going to be sort of an Anti-hero if that happens. His desires will definitely bring him somewhere but I keep hoping that my heart won’t bleed too much once I see the storm within Eye Candy.

    Jihyuk and Su ah are definitely <3 CUTE. I have a soft spot for this tsundere Jihyuk HAHA. What am I gonna do with you??

    Hajin and Kyungjoon never fail to fulfill the bromance part. They're so right for each other(LOL that sounded weird xD).

    No one comments that much about that one moment of Yerim and Hyunsoo. Those gazes would melt and break a thousand hearts. I love how this drama portrays this pairing. I thought the drama would sort of put a miracle for them to suddenly have a moment but NOOO it came off rather mystique and natural HAHA. Also they show how the angst within Hyunsoo shows but he's also letting his guard down within that time frame while he surfacing that "I don't care" attitude.

    OH WELL this became an essay HAHA

  47. 47 Ayumi

    *while he’s

  48. 48 maria

    no one probably cares but I’m shipping hyun soo and ye rim already lol

    • 48.1 kewbie

      Oh no, you’re not the only one. I’m on the Hyun-soo/Yerim train, too. 🙂

    • 48.2 angela

      I’m shipping them too XD

    • 48.3 ~Feather~

      NEVER! He’s MINE!!!

  49. 49 ianne

    I’d love to see how they would present and handle the Hyunsoo-TheRest conflict. I mean, don’t tell me no one hasn’t seen it coming. Since day one they’ve been setting up the stage for it. That scene at the bar with his parents, his relationship with his sister, how the reason why he was shit by Yerim’s van was also because of his sister, how loving his parents are to him, how much they believe and support his talents and dreams.

    While I’m sure it’s going to be a rough ride for the boys, and boy will it hurt, I think it would help the boys rearrange their thoughts and really think about their future. I mean, it’s gotta happen.

  50. 50 sookie

    I will be waiting to see Ji-Hyuk and Hyun-soo’s conflict as there have been enough indicators about Hyun-soo’s mild envy towards his friend’s talent. He makes a comment about how Ji-Hyuk was able to pick up tune fast and play it like a pro while he had practiced it for entire night.

    It could be also the time when all their old conflicts would be dealt in open especially when Hyun-soo is offered a chance which may seem like the exact thing that will help him to surpass his friend.

    What did Su-Ah answer Ji-Hyuk? Looks like they just want to acknowledge their mutual attraction and see how that goes.

    • 50.1 PurpleLlama

      Hmm, I don’t think that Hyun-soo is looking to surpass Jihyuk necessarily. He wants to succeed, yes, but I don’t think surpassing Jihyuk is the reason. He wants to be able to support his family and succeed in music the way his parents couldn’t. It would be great if the other boys had the same ambitions, but they don’t, so it seems like Hyun-soo is the “traitor” here, but it’s just a difference of perspectives really.

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